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For Quality Dairy Products 

MILK DEPT. 254-2547 ICE CREAM DEPT. 254-3291 



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The major sections of this Directory ore arranged in the following order for your ready reference: 

1. INTRODUCTION, index and miscellaneous 





The following list of typical everyday questions will indicate both the types of information available and 
the section (or sections) of the directory in which the information may be found: 


How does he spell hit name? 

Who! it his wife's first nom«? .. 

Where does he live? .. 

Does he own his home? ..-• .. 

Has he o telephone? .*..~.-. 

Who are his neighbors? . 

What does he do for a living? ...-. 

Where does he work? ...-.*. 

Is he the "heod of the house" or a "resider"? 

Ooes he own a business? .. 

Is he a member of a partnership? ...• 

Is he an officer In any corporation? *~. 

Who else ft in the some business or profession? 

What was the name of the widow's husband? 

Quickest way to get there? .. 



How do the streets run? ... ..*. <5 

Who lives at a given address? .. 3 

Is it o "home owners" section . .*— 3 

Just where in the block Is It located? . 3 

What is the nearest street corner? .— 3 

What is the nearest store, church, school, garage, etc.? 5 

If business location, what business? . 3 

If an office bldg., who are in whot room? . 3 

Where are the public and office buildings? 2*3 



What is the complete name? . 2-3 

Who I* the Secretary? .. 3 



What Is the correct name? .—.-. 2-3 

Whot is the correct address? . 2*3 

Have they a telephone? ..*~.. 2*4*3 

Just whot do they do? 2-3 

Is it a Partnership or Corporation? . 3 

Who are the Partners? (If a firm) .... 3 

Who are the Chief Officers? (If Inc.) .. 3 

Who else Is in some or similar lines? . 2 

Whot are their specialties? . 2-3 

Description of their products and/or services 2-3 



To Whom does this telephone number belong? . 4 




What are the various Civic County, Provincial, & Federal 

Government Departments? V...—* 

Whot are their locations? ......—... . 

Who are the Justices, Officials, etc.? .. 

What are the latest population figures? .-. 

What is the latest Statistical and General Gvic Information? 

What ore the Churches, and where located? .~. 

Who are the Pastors? . .- 

What are the names and locations and who ore the 

Principals of the Schools? .—. 

What are the nomes and locations of the Cemeteries? 

Whot are the locations of the Hospitals and Homes? 



1- 3 



2- 3 




TELEPHONE 254-2646 

MIGHT'S 1965 















(1) INDIVIDUALS 18 YEARS OF AGE AND OVER - with occupations, where employed, home address, 
indication as to householder or roomer status and (where applicable) wife's first name in 

(2) BUSINESS AND OTHER ORGANIZATIONS - with names and titles of executives, product or service 

produced or rendered and street address. 


Location and description of each street, points on each street where other streets cross, name of house¬ 
holder at each street number (with telephone number and wife's first name where applicable), also 
indication as to owner or tenant. 


Showing under the proper classified headings the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all business 
and other organizations. 


A listing of telephone numbers in numerical sequence in the Greater Windsor area. 


Containing much information on the Windsor area, together with Civic, County, Provincial and Federal 
Government data. 

PLEASE NOTE: (1) The public is warned that the information in the above sections it compiled from 
original sources, is copyright, and must not be reproduced in any form without the 
written permission of the Publishers 

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City Directory Publishers Since 1875 


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* (Member Association of North American Directory Publishers) 

Copyright, 1965, by Might Directories Limited. 

Introductory, Page 1 

c ^ 

•>, 0^9 i 

AS SA3* 

where to find it 

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Buildings—Office and Public, Classified, Yellow Page 9 

Buyers' Guide Classified, Yellow Pages 1-39 

Cemeteries Classified, Yellow Page 10 

Churches _ Classified, Yellow Page 11 

City Government Introductory, Page 7 

Classified Business Directory 

Classified, Yellow Pages 1-39 

Clubs Classified, Yellow Page 12 

Convents Classified, Yellow Page 15 

County of Essex Introductory, Page 7 

Educational Introductory, Pages 7-8 

Fire Department Introductory, Pages 7-8 

Government of Canada Introductory, Page 6 

Halls Classified, Yellow Page 22 

Hospitals and Homes Classified, Yellow Page 23 

Hotels Classified, Yellow Page 23 

Household Directory Street Guide, Pink Pages 1-167 

Index to Advertisers Page opposite 

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Misc. Information Introductory, Pages 6-8 

Parks and Playgrounds Classified, Yellow Page 29 

Police Department Introductory, Pages 7-8 

Population Introductory, Page 6 

Provincial Government Introductory, Page 6 

Public Bldgs.—(See Buildings—Office and Public) 

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Riverside Introductory, Pages 7-8 

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Street and Avenue Guide Pink Pages 1-167 

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"Who Called Me" Blue Pages 1-191 

Windsor—Canada's Ambassador City 

Introductory, Pages 4-5 

Windsor City Government Introductory, Page 7 

f who’s who / 


Anderson H. S. & Sons Ltd, Front Cover, Also Top Lines 
Argus Protection & Investigotion Service Ltd. Bock Bone 
Arthur Al Reol Estote Front Cover, Also Top Lines 

Bonk of Montreal Alphabetical. White Poge 15 

Bear-Cot Battery & Tire Service Top Lines 

Beaver Lumber Co. Ltd. Top Lines 

Bendo, Lou Realtor Top Lines 

Blak Bros. Bakery Top Lines, Also Top Stencil 

Borden Co. Ltd. Inside Front Cover 

Brokenshire Scarff & Co. Classified, Yellow Page 1 

Canada Permanent Companies Top Lines 

Also Alphabetical, White Page 47 

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Top Lines 

Central Chrysler-Plymouth Ltd., Classified, Yellow Page 4 

Checker Cab Windsor Ltd. Top Lines 

Dosco Industries Ltd., Candn. Bridge Works 

Alphabetical, White Page 47 

Elmwood Casino & Motor Hotel Front Cover, 

Also Top Lines 

FitzGerald Arthur S. & Co. Classified, Yellow Page 1 
Helwig Adjusting Co. Ltd. Classified. Yellow Page 24 

Ingram G. A. (Canada) Ltd., Classified, Yellow Poge 36 

International Customs Brokers Ltd. 

Alphabetical, White Page 141 

Kelly Walter D. Funeral Home Ltd. Top Lines 

Major Realty of Windsor Ltd. Top Lines 

Mario's Tavern Top Lines 

Mark Construction Ltd. Top Lines 

Merlihan & Meriihan Top Lines 

Morden & Helwig Ltd. Classified, Yellow Page 24 

Morris D. E. Funeral Service Top Lines 

National Cor leasing Top Lines 

Nickleson Tool & Die Co. Ltd., Classified, Yellow Page 27 
Norton-Palmer Hotel Classified, Yellow Page 23 

Rawling Clayton B. Insurance Agency Ltd. Front Cover, 

Also Top Lines 

Reaume U. G. Ltd., Classified. Yellow Pages 24 and 32 

Richardson James & Sons Front Stencil, Also Top Lines 

Sawyer Anne Realtor Bottom Stencil, Also Top Lines 

Sivadjian Paul Ltd. Front Cover 

Sterling Building Materials Ltd. Front Cover, 

Alphabetical, White Page 291 
Also Classified, Yellow Poge 32 

Tecumseh Builders Supplies Ltd. Front Cover 

United Dominion Finance Corp. Ltd. Top Lines 

Viscount Motor Hotel Top Lines 

Walker Insurance Agency Ltd. 

Classified, Yellow Page 25 

Windsor Credit Bureau Ltd., Classified, Yellow Page 15 

Windsor Insurance Agency Top Lines 

Windsor Mechanical Contractors Ltd. 

Classified, Yellow Page 31 

Wing J. T. & Co Ltd. Inside Front Cover 

Wright S. Dawson Front Cover, Also Top Lines 


The information in this directory is gathered as far as possible by actual canvass, and is compiled in a way to ensure 
maximum accuracy. We, the publishers, cannot, of course, guarantee the correctness of information furnished us or the 
complete absence of mistakes, hence no responsibility for errors can be or is assumed. We will, however, welcome the bringing 
to our attention of any inaccuracy in order that correction may b» made in the next edition of this directory. 




Windsor, Ontario, is Canada’s largest city on 
the U.S.-Canada border and situated on the 
busiest waterway in the world, the Detroit 
River. During the 1964 season (263 days), 
vessel passages in both directions on this river 
totalled 16,056 (exclusive of passenger and 
sand boats) — an average of 61 passages per 
day, or one vessel every 24 minutes, earning 
a total of over 107 million net tons of cargo. 
On this water-way, plv ships of great lengths, 
some as long as 730 feet, earning iron ore, 
coal, limestone and grain through this great 
inland water route, the Great Lakes System. 
Through the St. Lawrence Seaway, foreign 
vessels carry goods to and from all parts of 
the world. 

It is a geographical coincidence that, in 
Windsor, we are south of the United States 
and between Detroit (metropolitan population 
3,942,000) and Windsor there cross in both 
directions each year over 25 million persons 
(25,268,736 in 1964) of whom over five mil¬ 
lion (5,678,935 in 1964) are American visitors 
to Canada. Both eomunities are connected by 
a railway tunnel, Ambassador Bridge and 
Detroit-Windsor vehicular tunnel. 

Windsor is one of (sixth-1961) Canada’s great 
industrial communities (population 115,284, 
metropolitan 200,000), manufacturing a wide 
variety of products in more than 490 industries. 
During the past year (1964) there has been a 
monthly average of 34,082 (first 4 months- 
1965) people employed in Windsor area in¬ 
dustries. While Windsor is well known for 
automobile manufacturing (Chrysler auto¬ 
mobiles; Ford engines and parts; McKinnon 
Industries — General Motors standard and 
automatic transmissions; Kaiser Jeep vehicles). 

there is also produced here a wide range of 
other products such as pharmaceuticals and 
paints and nationally advertised products like: 
Anacin, Burroughs Machines; “Windsor Salt” 
(rock salt mines here produce more salt than 
all other Canadian salt works and salt mines 
combined). Turns, Toledo Scales. 

Hiram Walker’s "Canadian Club”, Champion 
Spark Plugs, Bicycle Playing Cards, Green 
Giant (canned vegetable and the largest sweet 
com processors in Canada), Carling’s Black 
Label, Dragon Brand Frozen Foods, and many 
other items. According to official estimates for 
1965, Windsor area will spend 87.6 million 
dollars for investment in new industrial con- 
stmetion, machinery, equipment and repairs. 
Chrysler Canada is presently expanding facili¬ 
ties here, and General Motors has announced 
large expansion in the Windsor area for com¬ 
pletion in 1965 (General Motors Trim Limited). 
Windsor was the first to inaugurate (1959) a 
standardized industrial apprenticeship pro¬ 
gramme sponsored by Windsor Chapter, 
Ontario Industrial Education Council. Windsor 
factories continue to add more value to manu¬ 
factured goods, per employee, than their 
counterparts in other Canadian industrial 
centres (1961 - $4,406 latest figure available). 

During 1964, eleven new industries located 
here. Fifteen new plants were built and there 
were 41 plant expansions included among 
1,194,561 square feet of new industrial space 
constructed during the year. Over a ten year 
period (1955-1964), there has been an aver¬ 
age industrial growth of 7.5 acres per year of 
factory space for new plants and expansions; 
this is a total, for the period, of 60 new plants 

and 387 expansions. An annual average of 
594 new dwelling units have been built in the 
Windsor area during the past five years. 

This area is well served by five main railways 
and one terminal line; a transcontinental air 
line (Air Canada); an international air line 
(Canadian Pacific Air Lines Limited: South 
A merica-Mexico-Windsor to Madrid and 
Rome); chartered flights, and highway trans¬ 
port facilities. An extensive expansion pro¬ 
gramme has been completed at the Windsor 
Airport ($1,000,000 new terminal building, 
$1,340,000 in runways). Additional runways 
are planned for the future to accommodate 
enlarged service. Windsor, too, is determined 
to realize every advantage of the St. Lawrence 
Seaway for its port which now provides Great 
Lakes transportation. A Harbour Commission 
is now in operation. The area under its super¬ 
vision has been extended and existing facilities 
are being improved and expanded and new 
port facilities established. In 1964, there were 
329 vessels entering the harbour, handling, 
over the docks, 1,064,910 tons of bulk and 
package cargo. 

The Windsor area is maintaining its pace with 
the amazing growth of Canada and is making 
plans for its optimistic future. The City has 
expanded since the end of World War II under 
a zoning system to protect the stability of resi¬ 
dential, commercial and industrial properties. 

In 1961, the annual average of all taxable in¬ 
comes for the nation was $4,348; for the Pro¬ 
vince of Ontario, $4,498; for Windsor $4,577. 
The 1961 average family income in Windsor 
was $5,384. 

The community is constantly developing a pro¬ 
gramme of progressive capital expenditures on 
a period basis (current 1965-1969 is 
$19,000,000 on which debentures totalling 
$11,506,900 will be issued. The balance of 
$7,493,100 will be financed from the capital 
fund acquired through subsidies, reserve funds 
and loan forgiveness account. As of January 1, 
1959, Windsor inaugurated the Council- 
Manager plan of municipal government which 
has already achieved an outstanding record of 

With all recent improvements (as of December 
31, 1964), the outstanding debenture stock of 
the city being $18,800,000, Windsor has one 
of the lowest ($166.11) per capita gross de¬ 
benture debt among cities in Canada. 

Windsor recently embarked upon a broad 
programme of urban renewal for this area. The 
second project (commercial - institutional - 
residential) in its redevelopment plans, is now 
under way and the first building in this area, 
the Essex County Courts Building, was com¬ 
pleted in 1963. This programme involves about 
nine acres with a total development and con¬ 
struction cost of about $15,000,000. It is con¬ 
templated at the time of writing that a major 
department store chain will be locating on two 
of the blocks within the area, for this year. 


Th* Photographic Survey Corporation Limited. 

In addition to this, construction is now com¬ 
mencing on a 15-story, 200 unit prestige apart¬ 
ment building, 

Windsor's programme of redevelopment and 
beautification, launched in 1956, triggered 
immense private and public interest and invest¬ 
ment in this community. Today's very attrac¬ 
tive Civic Centre was formed around a nucleus 
which began with the new municipal courts 
building and new city hall, completed in 1957 
and 1959 respectively. The Civic Centre pro¬ 
ject is continuing and will eventually be inte¬ 
grated with the important redevelopment 
taking place in the downtown riverfront area. 
Only the initial stages of Windsor's waterfront 
development have been completed: the Clear)' 
Auditorium and Memorial Convention Hall, 
and Dieppe Gardens, completed in 1960, and 
the Hiram Walker Historical Museum, on the 
same site, officially opened May 7, 1958. It 
is little wonder that Windsor has become 
Canada's outstanding international convention 
centre. Further development is being planned 
which includes extensions to existing river¬ 
front parks for a length of two miles westerly 
along the shoreline and the possibility of a 
luxury hotel and a marina* The City has em¬ 
barked on park development along the river¬ 
front. in which about 6 acres will be used for 
a Centennial Project to be completed in mid- 
1966, The City is now calling for proposals 
from major hotel interests to locate in the area 
near the Cleary Auditorium and Memorial 
Convention Halt 

The Windsor area has excellent facilities for 
education of its 56,192 students (J 964-65: 106 
primary schools; 15 secondary schools, inclu¬ 
ding 2 junior vocational schools which opened 
in September, 1963; University of Windsor 
with Holy Redeemer, Canterbury, and Iona 
Colleges as affiliates, and Assumption Uni¬ 
versity of Windsor federated within the new 
University; Western Ontario Institute of Tech¬ 

nology opened here in September, 1958; and 
the Windsor Teachers College opened in Sep¬ 
tember of 1962). Windsor is the first city in 
Ontario to have “language lab” courses in 
elementary and secondary schools. 

Opportunities for all types of recreation are 
available here and for restoration and protec¬ 
tion of health (5 hospitals, one of which com¬ 
prises the Essex County Sanatorium; Victorian 
Order of Nurses and Red Cross Units). All the 
basic, voluntary, health, welfare agencies (20) 
are supported financially by The United Com¬ 
munity Services of Greater Windsor estab¬ 
lished, originally, in 1947. 

There are 161 churches and 4 synagogues in 
the Windsor area, embracing a wide group of 
religious affiliations. 

In the field of sociology, health and welfare, 
Windsor has given a generous share of leader¬ 
ship. In 1949, Windsor established the first 
Child Guidance Clinic in Canada. In 1919 
there was established in the Windsor area, the 
first amalgamated health unit in Canada com¬ 
prising six communities. A larger unit (Metro- 
Windsor-Essex County Health Unit) for the 
entire (Pelee Island excepted) count)' area has 
Wen in operation as of July I, 1964. Windsor 
Medical Sendees Inc. is the first doctor- 
sponsored, prepaid community medical plan in 
Canada. Prescription Services, Inc, (Windsor) 
is the first prepaid, voluntary medical pre¬ 
scription service in existence. The Windsor 
Cancer Clinic, opened in 1935 is one of the 
original cancer clinics sponsored by the Ontario 
Government. Windsor is one of the first four 
Ontario communities to establish (1954) homes 
for senior citizens. At present there are 108 
units for couples and 36 units for individuals. 
In 1955, the first community co-ordinating 
centre for rehabilitation services in Ontario 

was established here. Windsor is among the 
first to have a "Day Centre” for senior citizens. 
Windsor s million dollar Huron Lodge, one of 
the finest homes for the aged in Canada (150- 
bed capacity), was completed in 1961. 

Windsor and Essex County (total population 
263,577) enjoy die news services of an out¬ 
standing Canadian daily newspaper — The 
Windsor Star (winner John A, MacLaren 
Newspaper award in 1965) circulation 82,211; 
ten weeklv newspapers; Radio Stations CBE 
(1550), CKWW (580), CJSP (710) Learning- 
ton; CKLW (800) and CKLW-TV (9) one of 
the most powerful (325,000 watts) television 
stations on the North American Continent. 

In spite of an increasing volume of traffic, 
Windsor's record compares most favourably 
with traffic records of communities of similar 
size. Traffic accidents were held down to 
2,906 and 10 fatalities in 1964. At the Ontario 
Department of Transport Safety' Work Shop 
held here in 1963, Windsor was awarded the 
Pedestrian Safety Award for the third time in 
four years, taking second place only in 1960. 
Area automobile registrations for 1964 totalled 
73,972, Besides this traffic during the past 
year, 1,955,613 U.S. automobiles entered 
Canada at this point. Progressive traffic 
changes and off-street parking facilities are 
being constantly studied and improved, 

Windsors industry is well balanced with a 
prosperous agricultural community in Essex 
County, well known as the “Sun Parlour of 
Canada” where there are produced S3 different 
fruit and vegetable crops. Because of a favour¬ 
able climate (average winter high 33, low 20; 
summer high 79, low 62) fertile soil and a 
long growing season from average of 208 days 
in northern section to 216 days in the south, 
with average of 165 frost-free days, the county 
produces fruit (peaches, pears, apples, cherries) 
and vegetables which reach markets one to 
five weeks earlier than any other area in 
Canada: com, soybeans, wheat, oats, tobacco, 
sweet potatoes, asparagus. Farms here have a 
higher per capita production than anvwhere 
else in Canada. 51 % of total Ontario produc¬ 
tion of field crop tomatoes for canning are 
grown in Essex County, Essex County holds 
second place in the province in acreage de¬ 
voted to fruit trees with peach and dwarf 
apple trees showing consistent gain, 1961 
census figures set a value of 57,644,912 on 
livestock and poultry in Essex County. There 
are nearly 200 acres of land under glass in the 
Sun Parlour of Canada — nearly half of the 
greenhouse area in Canada. These greenhouses 
produce more than $3 million worth of cucum¬ 
bers and tomatoes annual!)'. Floricultural pro¬ 
ducts are becoming increasingly important. 
The largest (105 acres) gladiolus bulb supplier 
in Canada (Noweta Flowers Limited) is loca¬ 
ted in Leamington, which is also the home of 
the world's largest tomato processing plant, 
operated by the H. J. Heinz Company of 
Canada Limited, 

i above Information furnished Umogfi the courtesy of the Windsor Chamber of Commerce.) 

— 5 — 

MIGHT'S 1965 



Copyright, 1965, by Might Directories Limited 


CITY OF WINDSOR - - - - 115,284 




TOWN OF RIVERSIDE - - - 19,498 

The Royal Family 


SECOND (Elizabeth, Alexandra, Mary of Wind¬ 
sor), by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom, 
Canada, and her other Realms and Territories, 
QUEEN, Head of the Commonwealth, defender 
of the Faith. 

Elder daughter of His late Majesty King George 
VI and of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen 
Mother; bom at 17 Bruton Street, London, April 
21, 1926, succeeded to the throne February 6, 
1952, crowned June 2, 1953; having married, 
November 20, 1947, in Westminster Abbey, II.R.H. 
The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., P.C., 
K.T., C.M.B.E., F.R.S. 


H.R.H. The Prince of Wales (Charles, Philip, 
Arthur, George), Earl of Chester, Duke of Corn¬ 
wall and Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick and 
Baron Renfrew, Lord of the Isles and Great 
Steward of Scotland, K.G., bom at Buckingham 
Palace, November 14, 1948. 

H.R.H. Princess Anne, Elizabeth, Alice, Louise, 
bom at Clarence House, August 15, 1950. 

H.R.H Prince Andrew, Albert, Christian, Edward, 
bom at Buckingham Palace, February 19, 1960. 

H.R.H Prince Edward, Antony, Richard, Louis, 
bom at Buckingham Palace, March 10, 1964. 


H.M. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (Eliza¬ 
beth, Angela, Marguerite) (daughter of the 14th 
Earl of Strathmore and Kinghome). Bom August 
4, 1900, married April 26. 1923, Prince Albert, 
Frederick, Arthur, George of Windsor, Duke of 
York, who succeeded to the throne as King George 
VI, December 11, 1936, and died February 6, 

Residences: Clarence House, St. Jame’s, S.W.l; 
Castle of Mey, Caithness Scotland. 


H.R.H Princess Margaret Rose (The Princess 
Margaret Countess of Snowdon), C.I., G.C.V.O. 
Bom at Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland, August 
21, 1930. Married May 6, 1960 to Mr. Antony 
Armstrong-Jones, later created Earl of Snowdon. 

Government of Canada 


(185 Ouellette Ave.) 

Plant Inspection Office, W. R. Code, District 

Health of Animals Branch 
(829 Caron Ave.) 

Clifford A. Mizzen, veterinary inspector. 


(185 Ouellette Ave.) 

W. J. Crabbe, representative. 


Maiden Lane East, Harry Mansfield, Immigra¬ 
tion Officer-in-Charge. 


(Customs and Excise Division) 

185 Ouellette Ave. 

Mervin D. Greene, collector. 


H. O. Merrett, Director of Taxation, 1100 Uni¬ 
versity Avenue w. 


185 Ouellette Ave. 

Donald M. Jeannette, postmaster. 


(1608 Riverside Dr. (R'Side) 


Weights and Measures 

Chas. J. Malone, Inspector, 420 Devonshire rd. 


467 University Ave. W. 


441 University Ave. W. 


185 Ouellette Ave. 

Waldron E. Hussey, Officer-in-Charge Veteran 
Welfare Services. 

Veterans Land Act. 

185 Ouellette Ave. 

Province of Ontario 


Court House 
245 Windsor Avenue 


Jack M. Bevan. Local Director. Office 690 


Provincial Laboratory, 2090 Wyandotte Street 
East. Phone 254-5565, H. O. Shacklcton, B.S.A.. 
DIP, BACT. M.C.I.C. Director. 


Roy J. Bondy, Local Director, Office 669 Tus- 


(Essex County) 

Claude Reese, res Harrow, Phone 738-4271. 
Louis Laforet, Windsor, Phone 945-4156. 

Wm. N. Du Perron, Windsor, Phone CL 4-5745. 


245 Windsor Avenue 

Essex Detachment, Sergeant James Denver, 
Highway 401, Box 910 Essex, Ontario. 


County of Essex 


245 Windsor Avenue 

Sheriff, Bruce A. E. Clouse; Deputy Sheriff, M. 
Rocheleau; County Court Judges, Judge Lawrence 
A. Deziel, senior judge; Sidney L. Clunis, junior 
judge; Bruce J. S. Macdonald, judge; Charles Sale, 
Q.C., Local Registrar, Surrogate Court, County of 
Essex, Clerk, County Court, County of Essex, Offi¬ 
cial Receiver in Bankruptcy, Local Master, Special 
Examiner; Margaret L. Sale, Deputy Local Regis¬ 
trar, S.C.O., Deputy Registrar, Surrogate Court, 
County of Essex, Deputy Clerk, County Court, 
County’ of Essex, Special Examiner. Supervising 
Probation Officer, Harold Flynn; Crown Attorney, 
E. A. Duchesne. 


3277 Sandwich 

County Clerk, C. A. Keeley; County Treasurer, 
Rene Van den Brande; Engineer, Roy R. Lee; 
Probation Officer, Murray J. Smith; Assessors, 
Wilfrid Gravel, chief assessor; Michael Quinn, 


J. A. Hanrahan, Magistrate; Miss Mary Locke, 
J.P., Court Clerk. 


356 Brock 

Alfred H. Stevenson, Q.C., Registrar of Deeds. 


City Hall, City Hall Square 
Windsor Ave., at Park E. 

Mayor—John Wheelton,Q.C. 

City Manager—E. Royden Colter. 

City Clerk—J. B. Adamac. 

Commissioner of Finance—E. J. Langlois. 

Assessment Commissioner—Thomas G. Boyd. 

City Solicitor—James E. Watson. 

Commissioner of Works— Robt. T. Bailey. 

Personnel Director—W. A. Morrison. 

Property Director—S. A. Tarleton. 

Purchasing Agent-N. E. Burbridge. 

Building Commissioner—Patrick Maguire. 

Plumbing Inspector—George E. Robillard. 

Heating Inspectors — George E. Robillard and 
Wilfred Kenney. 

Smoke Abatement Inspector—Patrick Costello. 

Parks & Recreation Commissioner — Harry O. 

Recreation Director—S. Willimott. 

Director of Planning & Urban Renewal—Law¬ 
rence R. Keddy. 

Windsor Planning Board Secretary — J. B. 

Traffic Engineering Director—E. S. Wiley. 

Police Magistrates—Angus W. MacMillan, J. 
Arthur Hanrahan, Fred J. Jasperson. 

Family Court Judge—J. A. Hanrahan. 

Probation Officers—Michael Healy and Mary C. 

Secretary to Police Commission — Lloyd C. 

Chief Constable—Carl W. Farrow, 135 Park 
Street East. 

Director of Social Services—W. G. Gardner, 755 
Louis Avc. 

Fire Chief-R. May, 254 Pitt St. E. 

Director of Civil Defence—H. A. Bird, 711 
Ouellette Ave. 

Market Clerk-S. A. Tarleton, 195 McDougall 

Medical Officer of Health—Dr. J. Howie, 2090 
Wyandotte St. E. 

Sanitary Inspector — Chas. S. Wallace, 2090 
Wyandotte St. E. 

Huron Lodge—1475 Huron Line—Robt. Chap¬ 
pell, Supt. 


Mayor—John Wheelton, Q.C., 2347 Moy Ave. 

Aldermen—Roy A. Battagello, 1632 Victoria 
Ave.; William Benson, 2315 Moy Ave.; Thomas 
R. Brophey, 1368 Bernard Rd.; Don J. Clarke, 
1044 Howard Ave.; Mrs. C. H. Montrose, 1758 
Dacotah Dr.; Roy Perry, D.D.S., 1481 Riverside 
Dr. E.; William C. Riggs, 962 Elsmere Ave.; 
Oliver M. Stonehouse, 1008 Windermere Rd.; 
Frank Wansbrough, 4127 Riverside Dr. E. 


Judge B. J. S. Macdonald, Chairman; Mayor 
W. John Wheelton, Q.C., Mr. Gordon R. Stewart. 
Q.C., Lloyd Lichty, Secretary. 


Office 451 Park West 

Dr. R. J. Whittv, Chairman; Geo. M. Grant, 
Vice-Chairman; Dr.' T. C. White, Director of Edu¬ 
cation; C. R. MacLeod, Assistant Director of Edu¬ 
cation and Superintendent of Public Schools; J. 
Ord, Superintendent of Secondary Schools; J. M. 
Donohue, A. E. Sparling, Assistant Superinten¬ 
dents of Secondary Schools; C. Fisher, Technical 
Co-ordinator; G. H. Budd, G. F. Mann, Assistant 
Superintendents of Public Schools; F. Hodges, 
Business Manager-General; W. G. Abraham, Busi¬ 
ness Manager-Accounting; Lee Vanluven, School 
Attendance Officer; Frank Gough, Superintendent 
of Maintenance. 

Members of the Board 

Dr. R. J. Whittv, Chairman; Geo. M. Grant, 
Vice-Chairman; G. A. Buchanan, D. W. Gray, K. 
C. Hortop; H. J. Lassaline and T. Meconi, Separate 
School Representatives; L. F. Batterson and G. A. 
Lacy, Vocational Representatives. 


No. 1, 254 Pitt East; No. 2, 2296 Richmond; 
No. 3, 1833 Turner Road; No. 4, 2600 College 
Ave. Apparatus Repair Shop, 2274 Richmond St.; 
Signals and Communications Division, 1065 Walker 
Rd.; Fire Prevention Division, 1085 Walker Rd. 

Chief—Raymond May; Deputy Chief, Harold 
Coxon; Assistant Chief, Wilfred Boussev; District 
Chiefs, Wilfred Berthiaume, Armond Boissnneau, 
Joseph Faucher, A. E. Hazel. D. Copeman, Train¬ 
ing Officer; Lawrence A. S. MacDonell, Depart¬ 
ment Secretary; Romeo J. Nantais, Superintendent 
of Apparatus; Arthur Voakes, Superintendent of 
Signals; J. E. Byrne, Chief of Fire Prevention. 


Board: George Marshall, Chairman; Oliver 
Stonehouse, Vice-Chairman; Dr. B. A. Ballard, 
T. R. Brophey, W. E. Dunning, Charles Evans, 
Dr. Roy Perry, Rosaire Rivait, A. M. Simmers. 

Executive: Dr. John Howie, Medical Officer of 
Health and Director; Evelyn R. Dixon, Secretary- 

Main Office: Chest and Special Treatment 
Clinics, 2090 Wyandotte St. East. 

Branch Office; 83 Talbot St. W.» Leamington, 



A. W. MacMillan, J. A. Hanrahan and Fred K. 
Jasperson, Magistrates; Lloyd Lichty, J.P., Court 
Clerk; Wm. A. Hastings, J.P., Asst. Court Clerk; 
Mrs. Edith Ross, Court Reporter; Mrs. June 
McGee, J.P., Clerk Stenographer. 


Carl W. Farrow, Chief; Gordon Preston, Deputy 
Chief; Harold NlacLaren, Inspector of Uniform 
Division; Chris Paget, Inspector of Detectives; 
Gilbert Ouellette, Inspector of Service Division; 
John Williamson, Sergeant Major; Police Building, 
Park East, comer Goyeau. 


Office, 434 Victoria Ave. 

John M. Donohue, Chairman; Gladys Shepley, 
Chief Librarian and Secretary-Treasurer; Anna- 
belle McKillop, Head of Boys’ and Girls’ Depart¬ 
ment; Ian Cowan, Head of Catalogue Department; 
Ruth Heyd, Head of Reference Department; Alan 
Douglas, Curator, Historical Museum. 

Members of the Board 

John M. Donohue, Chairman; May Conncrty, 
Wm. Benson, Stephen Hazen, Mrs. Gordon Kerr, 
L. C. Parent, J. F. Peterson, Maxwell Schott, Ruth 


Office, 707 Tuscarora St. 

Reverend Charles C. Campbell, P.P., Chairman; 
L. Arthur Desmarais, Vice-Chairman & Chairman 
of Finance Committee; George Page, Chairman 
of Teachers’ Comittee & Chairman of Building 
Committee; Patrick L. McManus, Chairman of 
Maintenance Committee; Dr. Marcel P. Picard, 
Chairman of Health and Sports Committee; J. F. 
Johnston, ?. C. Wigglesworth, Henri Gratton, F. 
J. Ryan and Kenneth Robb, Inspectors; Norman R. 
Langlois, Business Administrator and Secretary- 
Treasurer; Wilbert G. Stephens, Attendance 
Officer and Administrative Assistant; Lillian Grier, 
Assistant Secretary. 


Representing Tecumseh, R’Side, Windsor, Ojib- 
way. La Salle, Amherstburg, Sandwich East and 
Sandwich West Townships, office 1007 Canada 
Bldg., Chas. V. Gordon, President; Sydney W. 
White, C.A., Treasurer; H. J. Lassaline, Ceneral 


Commissioners: F. A. Burr, Chairman; Malcolm 
J. Brian, Vice-Chairman; Roy R. Hicks, A. W. 
Green, and Mayor W. J. Wheelton. 

J. E. Teckoe, P.Eng., General Manager; John 
F. Cook, Secretary-Treasurer. 787 Ouellette Ave. 
—Operating Hydro-Electric System & Water 

Town of Riverside 


Town Hall — Lauzon Road 

Mayor—Dr. B. A. Ballard. 

Clerk-Comptroller—R. A. Everett. 

Tax Collector—R. A. Everett. 

Treasurer—Bernadette Martin. 

Chief of Police-Brvce Monaghan. 

M.O.IL—Dr. John Howie. 

Welfare Administratix—Bernadette Martin. 
Assessment Commissioner—Francis J. Fields. 
Municipal Engineer—T. W. Szalay. 

Building Inspector—James Allan. 

Supt. of Board of Works—Guido Fantin. 

Introductory, Page 7 



Mayor-Dr. B. A. Ballard. 

Oerk-Comptroller-R. A. Everett. 

Councilmrn-J P. Mor.ind, C. J. Watson, D. 
Smyth, II. J. Farrow. M. H. MacDonald. 


Howard K. Fncst, Chief; 201 Laporte. 


Chief, Bryce Monaghan; Sergeants, Murray 
Hossell, Linus Dennis; Constables, Allan Varcoe. 
Frank Chauvin, Randall Lowden, John Mowatt, 
Barney Creighton, Desmond Dean, Donald 
Graham, Daniel Stach, James Wirrell, Gerry Mac- 
Eachern, Jas. Kelly, Dave Purton and Norman 
Dayman; Mrs. Thelma Dickie, Secretary. 


1401 Ontario Street 
Riverside, Ontario 

Wm. A. Shaw, Secretary-Treasurer, Phone 


Administration Building, 

136 St. Rose Ave. 

Percy Lafromboise, Secretary-Treasurer. Phone 


1929 Wyandotte Street 

Edmund Cccile, Chairman; Roland C. Mott, 

Commissioner; Basil A. Ballard, D.S.C., Mayor; 
D. D. Mackenzie, Manager; Paul Mailloux, 
Secret ary-T reasurer. 

Sandwich East Township 

(Including District of Remington Park) 


Town Hall — Tecumseh Road East 
at Lauzon 

Reeve-Louis Parent. 

Clcrk-Treasurcr-C. T. Ouellette. 

Deputy Clerk-Trcasurer-John Van Alphcn. 
Road Superintendent-Robt. E. Sampson. 
Welfare Department-Nestor Kostyniuk. 

Head of Sanitation 6 Waste Dept.-Barney 

Police Department, 4667 Tecumseh Rd. East. 
Chief, Ford C. Thurston; Deputy Chief, Harris 
Bickford; Sergeant, Herbert Boyd; Detective, Neil 
Lester; Corporal, Chas. Adam; Constables: Alex. 
Whiteford. Robert Sampson, Blaise Cecile, Edward 
Clough. Harley Curtis. Donald Taylor. Duncan 
Stewart, Jeffrey Thackuk, G. Harris, R. Ganrct, 
Lowel Bickford, Geo. Reaume and J. Parent; 
Secretary, Mrs. Donna Rcnaud. 

Assessment Dept. Acting Commissioner, C. T. 
Ouellette; Assessors, Fred Blain and Glenn 


Reeve, Louis Parent; Deputy Reeve, Barry 
Atkinson; Councillors Jos. Spidolieri, Cyrillc 
Ducharme, Thos S. Toth. 

of The Township of Sandwich East 

(2545 Pillette Road) 

Chairman, Fred W. Myers; Commissioners, 
Bernard R. Roy. Reeve Louis Parent; Water Sup¬ 
erintendent, Alphonse Hamel; Hydro Superin¬ 
tendent, Wm. R. Jones; Secretary-Treasurer, 
Maurice J. St. Pierre; Harald B. Mattson, General 

Sandwich West Township 


Town Hall — Huron Line 

Reeve—Lawrence Brunet. 

Clerk and Tax Collector—Louis Durocher. 
Treasurer—Ray Dalglcish. 

Assessment Commissioner—Douglas Nevin. 
Office Manager-Bernard Godin. 

Assistant Tax Collector—Nora Ouellette. 

Welfare Administrator-Byron Fuller. 

Road Superintendent-Robt. M. White. 

Water Superintendent—Harold Quick. 

Building Inspcctor-Ceorge Hooker. 

Plumbing Inspector-A. P. Vunstone. 


Reeve, Lawrence Brunet; Deputy Reeve, Roy 
Moore; M. W. Totten, John Davies, Leonard 

MIGHT'S 1965 





Showing under the proper Classified Business Heading, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all 
Commercial, Industrial, Financial and Professional Firms, Offices, Stores, Factories, etc. 

(Names appearing under headings marked (*) are inserted only when specially contracted for.) 

Copyright, 1965, by Might Directories limited 


Brokenshire, Scarff & Co (Chartered)!, 33 University ov 
west 232-2716 

Chouvin Edward J, 447 Wyandotte • 252-6557 
Collins-Graff & Co, 1015 University av w 256-2349 
Com, Hyatt. Enns & Co. 555 Tecvmteh blvd e 253-1119 
Dovison & lesonsky, 1666 Wyandotte e 252 1589 
Deloitte, Plender, Haskins & Sells, 75 University av w 

253- 1182 

FitzGerold Arthur S & Co (Chartered?, 374 Ouellette av 
252 2735 

Goldin Irving S, 176 University av w 253 3525 
Gregory Eustace I. 374 Ouellette ov 252-4528 
Kirthenbaum, Bernhaltz & Randall, 76 University av w 

254- 9236 

Kulyk Walter J, 134 University ov w 252-3175 
luborsky Archie H. 267 Pelissier 252-7749 
Lacier Rabt E, 4535 Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 253-9082 
MacDonald & Healey, 76 University av w 253-1182 
McDonald Currie & Co, 586 Ouellette ov 252-8361 
Meonweil R W & Co, 176 University av w 256-5434 
Moncrieff John G, 176 University ov w 253-7284 
Price. Waterhouse & Co. 33 University ov w 252-4461 
Puttermon Bernard, 1060 University av w 256-6191 
Seaton Marion R. 374 Ouellette ov 254-2635 
Smith Mom well C, 1590 Ouellette av 252 8541 
Smith & Ttmpson, 100 Ouellette ov 256 5862 
Wrine Albert H. 327 Ouellette ov 253 2478 
Stephens McLean & Co, 374 Ouellette ov 256-4958 
White A Allen, 374 Ouellette av 254 3739 


Arbour & Wellington. 374 Ouellette av 252*1575 


and Company 


J. A. Hall, F.C.A. 

W. F. Horvie. F.C.A, 

M. E. Roberts, C-A. 

W. R. Copeland. CA. 

J. S Clark. B.A.. C.A. 



Brokenshire, Scarff & Co (Chartered). 33 University av 

Dupuis Henri, 1136 Pierre av 252-4278 
Fatockerley & Hedgewick, 1659 Turner rd 254-9736 



Harry Hcycs. C.A. 

W. J. Riley. C.A. 

Ronald B. Austen. C A. 

PHONE 252-2735 

FitzGerald Arthur S & Co (Chartered), 374 Ouellette av 
252 2735 

Gorvie James, 208 Elm cv 254-4643 
Lorenzen & Nelles, 1201 University av w 252 8385 
MacLennan & Co. 374 Ouellette av 254-6441 
Miller Stephen H, 2685 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 
252 0424 

Morris Burk & Co, 176 University av w 252 6595 
Norbury & Lake, 937 Ouellette ov 254-8702 
Poole Jomes M. 1258 Dougall ov 253-7216 
Price Leo C, 2260 University av w 253 2391 
Segum l Philipp*. 744 Ouellette av 253-2318 
Smedley Russell H, 1454 Ouellette av 252-1730 
Smith Mabel I, 208 Elm ov 754 4643 
Tessier Jock L, 569 Ouellette av 252 2410 
Tremblay Ephroim J. 2776 Charles 252-0671 
Tyler Jack R. 3514 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

Yuffy Henry. 176 University av w 253 4617 

(See Hearing Aids) 

(See Business Machines) 


Avenue, Toronto 28, Phone EMpire 


Allen-Stevenson Products ltd, 2925 Charles 252-3200 

# ADJUSTERS (Insurance) 

(See also Insurance Adjusters) 
1060 University Avenue West, Phone 
253-7406 (See card Insurance Adjusters) 


Beckman 6 Beerbohm of Can Ltd. 108 McDougalt 

Foster Advertising ltd. 635- Ouellotfe av 253-3643 
Grant Advertising (of Canada) Ltd, 1015 University ov 
west 256 7828 

Gray & Kilgore of Conodo, 157 University ov west 
252 2314 

Greenhow-Webster Advertising Artists, 176 University 
avenue west 256-4533 
Idea House, 2690 Curry av 969 1460 
Maclaron Advertising Co Ltd, 635 Ouellette av 253-1414 
Matlock B G ltd. 534 Charles 969-6193 
Piercell Advertising Ltd, 176 University ov w 256-3481 
Plont, Elton M. Advertising Ltd, 302 Ouellette ovenue 

Rainbow Advertising (Windsor), 16 Ellis av e 256-8047 
Walsh Advertising Co Ltd, 586 Ouellette ov 256-2671 


swering Service, Direct Mail Advertising, 
Secretarial Service, 504 Victoria Avenue, 
Phone 253-6341 

Baker Marjorie Commercial Enterprises. 412 Prince rd 
254 6909 

Benton James & Co, 108 McDougall 254-6565 

Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phono EMpire 


Ccmuta Advertising Specialty Co. 2744 Ontario 
254 8840 

Hinton Advertising Specialties, 1629 Tecumseh blvd e 
252 8041 


Morley C E ltd. The. 581 Campbell av 253 3579 
Teron J C Co Ltd. 1789 Walker rd 253-6560 

*est 252-2716 

Clarkson Gordon & Co. 374 Ouellette av 254 6441 
Dunlap J Ntil, 176 University ov w 256 3511 

1 Classified, Yellow Poge 1 


Americon Siondcird Product* (Conodo) Ltd. 310 HU* o« 
eost 234 4333 

Mow* Vofvoir ltd. 304 Victoria a* 233 6724 
Idool K^otmg 4 Cooling. 933 Howard ov 234*2439 
Monor I C Co ltd. roor 417! Wyondott* * 

Volt Air Electric Hooting 4 Air Conditioning. 360 lang- 
loit oirnui 252*0743 


Air Canada. 1015 Univtrtily o» w 234*1111 
Gordon Airway* ltd. i • Airport rd (Sond E Twp) 


Windsor Alrlino limousine Service* ltd. 30i Wyondott* 
east 236 2621 


Windsor Airport, a • No. 2 Highway (Sond 6 Twp) 
969 3430 


Aluminum V Sool Product*. 63 Riverside dr w 254 7624 
Sort lot t Bros Aluminum Centre. 4335 Huron lino l Sond 
W Twp) 969 2039 

City Foundry Co. I* • Grand Moral* rd W (Sond W Twp) 

Lawrence Industries. 31 It Porkwood ov (Sand E Twp) 
253 6906 

P*rmo lit* Aluminum Co of Windsor. reor. 3659 Ribvrdy 

rd (Sond t Twp) 969 4750 


Dumont Aluminum ltd. 1014 Wyandotte • 254*3711 


A S C Ambulance Service, 3295 Tecumseh blvd ■ (Sond 
I Twp) 943 2391 

Bollontyne't Windtor Ambulant* S*rvic* Co ltd. 1297 
Mar»nt*tt* ov 234-1664 

Windtor Ambulonc* Sorvic* Co ltd. 1297 Mor*nt*tt* 
o**nu* 234*1664 


Gilbo* Art 4 Son ltd. 2175 Dovgoll ov (Sond W Twp) 
969 7640 

Ploy land Pork Co ltd. 3*37 Howard ov (Sond W Twp) 


Windtor Arono ltd. 572 McOougol 256*4549 
Windsor Collegia t« Stadium, w « McDougal after 
Kennedy Collegiate 


Animal Clinic el Riverside. 3311 Wyondott* (R'Sid*) 

941 3061 

•rock Animol Hospital. 2621 Howard ov (Sond W Twp) 

Iradshow'i Small Animol Hospital. 1195 Tecumseh blvd 
•ait 254 2414 

■ronton's Or Small Animol Hotpifol. 2525 35 Tecum **h 
blvd w (Sond W Twp) 333 0724 
laforet C I P*t Hospital 1117 w a lk*r rd 253 6911 
Windsor P*t Hospital. 722-736 Tecumseh blvd *o*t 
256 3596 


Eaton Herbert 1. 315 Goy*ou 256 7710 
Collar's Antique Shop. 161 Wyondott* * 253 1031 

K*ssl*r't Antique*. 1 115 Wyondott* • 233*0941 
Sod Door, The. 423 P«| 4%um$ 233 6615 
V*»*|#e*s Estot* liquidators. 26 Chatham * 233 7475 
Zoli Antique*. 3118 Sandwich 256 5297 


Aaron Apts. 1009 Niagara 
Adorn Apts. 561 loui* ov 
Ad*lb*rt Apts, 130 Wyondott* • 

Alb*rt Apts, 1101*1107 P*l»**i*r 
Alexander Apts, 285 Comoron ov 
Alexander Manor. 205-219 Strobon* ov 
Alfred Apts. 977 Mos«nt«tt* ov 
Alton Apts. 1101 Ooycau 
Alm*da Apts. 269 Casgroin pi 
Alvin Apt*. 216 Pitt w 
Ambostodor Apts. 1312 OueMetf* ov 
Amb*r*ly Apts 1260 Ou*IUtt* ov 
Annvtt* Apts. KU Assumption 
Argon Apts, 935 Dougoil ov 
Argyl* ApH, 657 693 Argylo rd 
Atkin Manor Apts, 191 Askin ov 
Austin Apts. 1310 P1*rr* av 
Avolon Apts. 131 EH* * 

•oldwin Flats, 317 323 Marentett* ov 
Isotric* Tor roc*. 460 472 logon ov 
l«lv*d«r* Apts, 638 GI*ngorry av 
B*nn*tt Apt*. 2191 Ontario 
Betake Apts, 1014 Marentett# av 
littmor* Apt*. 444 Park w 
•loom Apt*. 531 lou’S ov 
lordoau Apts. 4100 Wyondott* (R'Sid*) 

Bradford Apt*. 1223 Monmouth rd 
Iroir* Apts. 301 A*kin ov 
Brody Apts. 1616 1640 Wyondott* w 
Bruc* Apts, 140 146 Brut* ov 

Buckingham Tower* Apts, 1 Buckingham dr (R'Sid*) 
lurnsido Apts. 1573 T*cums*h blvd • 

Cairngorm Apt*. 324 Pitt w 

Coses 0*1 Moro Apt*. 1331 Ouellette ov 233 1231 
Chalet Apts. 1103 Riverside dr w 
Chart** Apt*. 1374 Ou«ll*tt* ov 
Ctov* Apts. 271 Piflett* rd 

Ctoverdol* Monor The. 2033 Unlvorslty ov w 232 7013 
Coling* Apts. 151 Tuicarara 

Conan Tow*rs. 1123 Wyondott* (R'Sid*) 945 7423 
Concord Apartment* 227 Strobon* ov 
Coronado Apts. 381 Caforoqui 

Cronliogh Court Apts. 1836 ond 1844 Wyondott* (S'Sid*) 

Cr**c*nt Apt*. 237 Strobon* ov 

Curry A pH. 277 Curry ov ond 1311 University ov w 
Oeowill* Apts. 4230 Wyondott* (R*5ide) 

Del Rio Apts. 890 Eri* a 
D* luii* Apts, 2212 Ontario 
D* Mill* Apt*. 661 Wind*rm*r* rd 
Devon Apts, 333 Chilvor rd 
Devonshire Apt* 316 Devonshire rd 
Dora Apts 131? 1318 Ellis ov o 

Douglas Apt*. 131 Wyandotte w 253 1613 ond 619 

Duffer in Apt*. 1308 Dufferin pi and 63 Shepherd • 

Duk* of York Apt*. 1250 Ouellette ov 254 2981 

Earl Apt*. 1077 Riverside dr w 

Edward Apt*. 1014-1036 Assumption 

Eldorado Apts, 36 Henna w 

Elis* Apts. 773 PeBssiat 

En.s ApH. 135 Ellis ov o 

EUmer* Apts, 1216 Elsmer# ov ond 854 Ottawa 
Elvin Ann** Apts. 1190 Hall ov 
Etvin Apt*. 1312 Giles blvd • 

Emerson Apts. 271 Josephine av 

Erie Apts. 129 Erie w and 1007 PeRstier 

Farrell Apts. 1361 1311 Assumption 

Farrow Apts. 957 963 Church 

Frances Apts. 1614 Ontario 

Fronds Apts, 1314 University ov w 

Francois Apt*. 476 Parent ov 

Franklin Apt*. 130 Eliott w 

Fulmer Apts, 686 P#li*»i#» 

Gordon Court Apts 280 Erie o 
George Apt*. 1093 1099 Potato 
Gerard Apts, 1171 Lincoln rd 
Giles ApH, 201 Giles Blvd * 

Gtodfern Apt*. 1427 W29 Riverside dr * 

Glencovr* Apts. 1441 Wyandotte e 

I Glengarry Court Apts, 393 University av e 
Glenore Apts. 474 Chtfver rd 
Godo Apts. 1604 1608 Wyondott* w 

Gordon Apts. 1237 Ottawa 
Goyoou Apt*. 1404 Goyeau 
Granoda Apts. 274 Gtles blvd w 
Grond Apts, 531 Erie * 

Gregory Apts, 2191 University ov w 
Goer Apts. 1735 1795 Riverside dr * 

Guest Apt*. 1094 Lincoln rd 
Hanna Apts. 119 Hranno w 
Harbor Inn Apts. 534 Caron ov 
Horrlson Court, 1604 Ooyeou 
Hawthorne Court. 3150 Wyandotte * 

Helen Apts, 49! Hoig ov 
Helen Terrace Apts, 107 139 Shepherd e 
Henry Apt*. 731 Windsor ov 
Hess Apts. 372 ond 392 University ov w 
Higgms Apts. 1746 Dufferin pi 253 0945 
Holland Mock. 1617 and 1637 Assumption ond 41| 
Lincoln rd 

Hollond Manor Apts. 1551*1517 Assumption 
Ideal Apts. 1677 1695 Wyondott. w and 1316 1336 

Inverness Apts, 972 Erie * 

Irvine Apts. 1483 Cotaroqui 

Ivy Apts. 2236 Ontorlo 

Jams lynn, 2030 Wyondott. (R'Sid*) 

Jeffrey Apts. 1313 Niogaro 
Josephine Apts. 305 307 Josephine ov 
Kort Apts 469 Kort pi 
Kothleen Apts. 971 Parent av 
Keith Apt*. 991-997 Pierre ov 

Kensington Monor Apts, 1164 Ouellette ov 234*8111 
Kilkerran Apts. 123 133 McKay ov 
KiUorney Apts, 990 Erie o 
lo Sod# Apts. 74 Hanno w 

IroiherdoW ApH, 571-383 May ov ond 1390 Wyon¬ 
dott* east 

lee-Ann Apt*. 561 Porcnt ov 
lillion Apt*, 983 989 Pierr* ov 
Lincoln Manor Apt*, 1497 Lincoln rd 
London Apts, 1766 University av w 
l or on Apts, 2145 University ov w 
Louis ApH. 993 Peliitto 
lucky’s ApH. 2612 Richmond 
lynn Apts, 513 Partington ov 
Moditon Apts. 433 Pitt w 
Malvina Apts, 1495 Gladstone ov 
Mann* ApH, 534 PiH w 
Maple Apts. 1290 Ouellette ov 236 7397 
Morcett ApH. 1362 Tecumseh blvd e 
MarenHtt* Apt*. 1363 1519 Ontario 
Margaret Apts. 1091 Wyandotte w 
Martin Apts, 13757379 Martin 
Martin Manor Apts. 706 Mareatett* ov 
Morwood Apts. 1215 1291 Elsmer* ov 
Maurice ApH. 112 Windsor ov 
Mo* ApH. 1171 Giles blvd e 
Maswell Apts, 1335 Niagara 
Mayb.ll* Apts. 1515 Ouellette av 
Mayfoir ApH, 19)8 Wyondott* (R'Sid*) 

Mercer ApH, 190 Mercer 

Merritt ApH. 543 Cameron ov 

Milligan Apts. 616 Windermere rd 

Milton ApH, 314 Chatham e ond 195 Mercer 

Milton Manor Apts, 710 Giles blvd e 

Moore Apts, 529*535 Oak ov 

Muriel Apts. 368 Portlngton ov 

Murray ApH. 3013 Sondwkh 

Nelmec ApH. 74 Ell«« ov w 

Niagara ApH. 1640 Niogoro 

Nison Apt*. 1287*1793 Parent ov 

Oliver Apt*. 469 Chatham w 

Osford ApH. 704 706 and 717 714 Elliott e 

Polotio ApH, 3801 Riverside dr e 

Palmer ApH. 137 Bruce ov 

Pork ApH, 131 Pork w and <403 Pelitsier 

Pork Towers, 323 Oil#* blvd w 

Park dole Apt*. 200 louxon rd (t’Side) 

Pork side Apts. 430 Gilo* blvd w 
Parkview Apts, 410 Giles blvd w 
Pasadena Apts. 1428 Wyondott* * 

Patricio Manor ApH 270 Patrkio rd 

Paul Apt*. 307 Wellington ov 

Pellssier ApH, 915 Pelissier 

Pentllly Apts. 1920 Tuscororo 

Peters Apts. 12867 292 Parent ov 

Phoeni* ApH. 962 Pelissier ond 333 Iruc* ov 

Phyllis Apts, 1309 1335 Assumption 

Pitt Monor ApH. 179 McOoogoN 

Print* of Woles Apts. 1534 Ouellette ov 

Professional IWg.. 1469 Ottawa 

Roe Apts, 130 Erie w 




302 OUELLETTE AVENUE - - - PHONE 252-5727 

Raedcre Apt*. 1632 Goyeau 
Regent Monor, 706 Victoria o» 

Renfrew Apt*, 625 645 Argyle rd 
Riverdole Manor Apt*. 510 620 Wyandotte (R'Side) 
945 3730 

Riverton Court, 4109 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Riverview Apt*. 951 Riverside dr w and 224 Californio 
4lfi ovenue 

Robert Apt*, 501 529 Erie w 
Rogin Apt*, 873 ond 889 891 Assumption 
536 Roie Apt*, 570 Loui* or 

Rotedale Manor The, 306 Partington ov 252*9016 
Royal Apt*, 16 and 30 EIH* av e 
Royal Windsor Apts. 280 Park w 
St Claire Apt*, 74 Shepherd w 
St Deni* Apt*, 308 Wellington av 
Saragossa Apis, 1106 Lincoln rd 253*2502 
Sarah Apt*, 1047 1049 Windior av 
Scheuerman Building. 1010 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Scott* Apts, 485*91 loui* ov 

Seaway Tower Apt*, 3825 Riverside dr (R'Side) 948*6181 
! Seneca Apt*, 1636 Seneca 

Seville Apt*, 3421 Wyandotte e 

Sharron Apt*, 558 Partington ov 

Sharron Earl Apts, 546 Partington av 

Sheila Apts, 1287 Moy av 

Sterling Manor Apt*. 697 Victoria ov 

Sylvain Apts, 249 Pillette rd 

Sylvia Apts. 984-990 Marion ov 

Three Thousand 6 Five, 3005 Wyandotte (R Side) 

Town House Apt*. 1210 Oougoll ov 
Tuscaroro Apt*, 686 Argyle rd 
University Manor Apt*. 2345 University ov w 
Vondome Apt*, 3261 Sandwich 

Victoria Apft, 247 285 Chilver rd and 1596 Victoria ov 
Victoria Manor Apt*, 308 Randolph ov 252*7989 
VIIlo Capri Apt*. 3023 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Vivion Apt*, 1640 Ontario 

Wolloce Apt*, 557 Cameron ov 

Waverley Apt*, 839*845 Tuscaroro ond 1615 Ontario 

Waverley Court. 1556 Goyeau 

Westminster Court, 111 We*tmin»ter blvd (R'Side) 

Whitehall Manor Apts, 815 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Willowdal# Manor, 1475 Rivtrside dr w 

Wilshire Apt*, 147 Janette av 

Wilson Apts, 1660*1666 Catarqui 

Wilton Apt*. 789 Windermere rd 

Windsor Apt*. 110 Elliott w 

Windsor Court, 1616 Ouellette av 253 9544 

Windsor Tower*, 780 Ouellette av 254*3046 

Wyandotte Apt*. 1342 Wyondotte w 

Wylie Apt*. 531-533 Windermere rd 

York Apts. 1486 York 


Street by Street, Number* Indicate location of 
Apartment House only 

Atkin av, 237 

Aylmer av. 240, 507, 57? 

Bruce av. 180. 386. 1095, 1105, 1195 

Cameron qv, 329 

Campbell av. 279. 329. 341, 374 

Caron ov, 393 

Cosgrain pi. 218 

Chilver rd, 655 

Chippawa, 316 

Church, 533 

Columbia Cl, 1800 

Crawford ov, 189. 256. 264 

Curry av, 212 214 

Detroit, 335 

Dougatl av, 643, 655 

Drouillard rd, 977 

Dufferin pi. 1317, 1325, 1481, 1525 

Elite av e, 1415, 1441 

Elm ov. 123 

Erie e, 883 

Erie w, 454*460 

Giles blvd •. 686, 1330, 1366 

Gile* blvd w, 460, 476, 490 
Gladstone av. 307. 1235, 2114 
Glengarry ov, 258 ond 390 
Goyeau. 357, 1095 1097 
Holl ov. 234. 992, 1314 
Hanna w, 359 

Howard av. 922*926. 1083, 1093, 1153, 1159, 1165, 
1173, 1179 
Janette av, 457 
Jo* Janisse av, 826 
Kildare rd. 1271. 1287 
Lauion rd, 15 
Lincoln rd, 1696 
Marentette ov, 191, 863, 1011 
Matilda, 2564 
McDougall, 1241 
McKay av, 143 
Monmouth rd, 1219-1221 
Ontario. 2565, 2585 
Otto wo, 819, 825 
Ouellette av, 1360 

Partington ov. 340, 344, 387, 547, 559 
Peiitsier, 680, 1008 1014, 1016-1022 
Pierre ov, 665 
Richmond. 1238 

Riverside dr e, 1075, 1139, 1173 
Riverside dr w 607*611 
St Luke rd, 880*886 
Sierra dr, 2655 
Tecumseh blvd e, 416, 1629 
Tuscaroro, 287, 777, 785 
University av e, 317 

University ov w, 815, 1231, 2386, 2977 

Victoria av, 772 

Watkins, 459 

Wellington av, 807, 905 

Windsor av. 665, 924 

Wyondotte e. 88, 280, 588. 685, 963, 1154, 1257, 1526, 

Wyondotte w, 446. 935, 1653, 1663, 2173 
York. 1494 


Mayo Brian R & Co (reol estate), 29 Park w 254-5525 


Carter Fraser, 302 Ouellette av 256*1881 
Crosbie W C Architect, 76 University ov w 254*6411 
Hilliker Wm J Architect. 830 Ouellette ov 252 1134 
Johnson McWhinnie, 1060 University ov w 253*1148 
McElroy Garnett A, 152 Pitt w 252*6515 
Sheppard. Masson, Brand & Langlois. 1968 Wyandotte 
east 252 8366 

Thomson J P Associates Architect*, 1330 Ouellette ov 

Trace & Glos, 417 Pelissier 252 8335 


Brink* Express Co of Canada Ltd, 108 McDougall 
252 7156 


Armouries, 37 University av e 


Victorio Art Gallery, 557 Victoria av 256*9921 
Willistead Art Gallery, Willistead Park 


Amormino Bros, 1328 Holl av 254-2612 
Amormino Pietro. 1149 Hail av 

west 252 8284 

Zeiling Studios, 573 Tecumseh blvd • 254-9555 


Association of United Ukrainian Canadian*. 1457 
Drouillard rd 945-9171 

Border Masonic Temple Assn Ltd, 986 Ouellette av 

253 0285 

Boy Scouts Headquarters, 3085 Morentette av (Sand E 
Twp) 256 2653 

Canadian Natlonol Institute for the Blind. 230 Strabane 
avenue 945-2321 

Conodian Underwriter* Assn, 267 Pelissier 253*4121 
Catholic Charities. 677 Victoria av 254-0611 
Catholic Family Service Bureau, 677 Victoria ov 

254 5164 

Cerebral Palsy Assn of Windsor & Essex County, 1226 
Ouellette av 252 5964 

Downtown Windsor Assn. 29 Park w 252-9839 
Essex County Hotelmen's Association, 504 Vicloria av 
233 8024 

Essex County (Ont) Tourist As*n, 374 Ouellette av 

Essex Health Assn, 1453 Prince rd 252*2771 
Family Service Bureau of Windsor, 1410 Ouellette av 

GiH Guides of Canoda, Windsor Div. e » Molden rd 
(Sand W Twp) 969 8222 

Industrial Accident Prevention Assn, 1528 Ouellette av 

International Association of Bridge & Structural Orno- 
menfal Iron Workers, 665 Ouellette ov 252*8660 
Jewish Community Council, 1641 Ouellette ov 254-7558 
Milk Educational Council of Windsor, 76 University ov 
west 254-6577 

Ontario Barbers Assn (Windsor 8r), 877 Pillette rd 

Ontario Motor league. 1215 Ouellette av 
Rtmedio! Speech Assn, 1226 Ouellette ov 254 7587 
Royol Canadian Air Force Benevolent Fund, 437 Erie 
east 252-9892 

Royal Conodian Legion, Th«, 15 Wyondotte e 253*8220 
(For list of branches see Alphabetical Section) 

St John Ambulance Atin, 547 Victoria ov 252-6071 
(For list of branches see Alphabetical Section) 
Ukrainian National Federation, 1033 Ottawa 256*2955 
Ukrainian Youth Assn, 1119 Longloh ov 
University of Windior Alumni Assn. University Campus. 
Sunset ov 253*4232 

Windsor Chomber of Commerce, 374 Ouellette av nue 
256 2641 

Windsor Executives Assn, 130 Park w 253*1578 
Windsor Fire Fighter* Benefit Fund. 254 Pitt e 254-5121 
Windsor Group Theropy Project, 838 University ov w 

Windsor Handicraft Guild. Cooch House, Wlllisteod Park 
Windsor Junior Chamber of Commerce. 29 Pork w 
Windsor Light Opera Assn, 740 Pelissier 252*6455 
Windsor Milk Distributors Assn. 76 University ov w 

Windsor Poppy Fund, Royal Canadian Legion B.E.S.L.. 
15 Wyandotte e 253*8220 

Young Men's & Young Women's Christian Assn, 511 
Peiitsier 254*8673 


Holgote T C, 486 Goyeau 253*4356 and 379 Chatham e 
Justus Auction Sales Arena, 963 5t Luke rd 252*9536 

(See Motels and Auto Courts) 

C(ossified. Yellow Page 3 



1022 IANGIOIS AVE. PHONE 253-4344 


Auto Sp.cioM.., Mfg Co (Conodo) ltd, 414 Totumtoh 
boulevard e 253 5261 

Bcndi a-Ec* ip»* of Conodo ltd. U73 Argyle rd 254 9263 
Byrn Truck 6 Trailer Equipment ltd. 1601 Si luke rd 
945 1174 

Conodion Motor lomp Co ltd 2429 Seminole 
254 5196 

Chompion Spark Plug Co of Conodo ltd. 1624 Howard 
ovenue 252-5791 

Cooper Automotive, 940 Goyeau 254-8500 
Coulter Auto Parti. 1795 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W 
Twp) 256 8207 

Downtown Auto Suppliei. 205 Glengarry av 756-5467 
Electrical Fittings & Automotive Parti ltd. 1305 Windior 
avenue 252 7266 

G M Trim ltd. louzon rd (Send E Twp) 
lor don W F Co. 49 Jefferson blvd iR'Side) 945-8892 
Kaiser Jeep of Conodo ltd. 7575 Control av (Sond E 
Township) 945 1111 

Korea Co ltd. 938 Wolker rd 252-7248 
Kavonogh Importing. 4455 Grand Morois rd e iSond E 
Township) 945-5867 

McCord Corporation. 890 Wolksr rd 254-4386 and 
256-258 Chilver rd 254 4395 
McKertie Automotive (Windsor) ltd. 959 Drouillard rd 

McLaren Stewart Corp ltd, 1005 Wolker rd 254 4378 
Midtown Auto Supply (Windsor) ltd. 3188 Wolker rd 
(Sond E Twp) 253 1051 
Motor Exchange, 1471 York 256-1587 
S K Automotive Supply Co ltd. 611 Tecumseh blvd a 

Webster W l Mfg ltd, 5320 Riverside dr (8'Side) 

Windior Automotive Supply Co ltd. 649 Wyandotte e 
253 5268 

Windior Carburetor ltd, 1010 Unlvenlty av w 253-2414 


Acme Automotive Suppliei. 979-985 Howard ovenue 

Arena Auto Porti 295 Wyandotte e 252-1195 
Bowman Anthony ltd, 1700 longloit av 2531153 
Conodion Auto Storei ltd. 2514 Howard av Item Pk) 
252-4478 and 2410 Teaimieh blvd w 256-1251 
Canadian Tire Anociote Store, 3907 Tecumieh blvd e 
ISond C Twp) 945-6335 

Oominion Auto Parti, n t Edinborough ISond W Twp) 
256 2368 and 2725 Howord av (Sand W Twp) 
256 2368 

Electro line Mfg Co ltd. 1305 Windior av 252 7266 
Houie of Seat Covert, 594 Wyandotte • 256 2646 
Johnny's Spring Service. 215-223 Glengorry av 254 7090 
Kramer Automotive Windior ltd. 2060 Wyondotte w 
252 5729 

McKertie Automotive Windior ltd. 257 Tecumieh blvd 
west 256 2619 

Mcleon W H ltd, 465 467 Pitt w 256-1888 
Midtown Auto Supply Windsor ltd. 358-364 Shepherd 
west 256 3419 

Palot Co ltd, 390 Chatham w 253-3529 
Remington Auto Supply. 2875 Howord ov (Sand W 
Twp) 254 7507 

Standard Auto Ports 295 Wyandotte e 252-1195 
Stringer's Auto Trim, 1637 Catoraqui 234-3678 
Van's Automotive Supplier 3195 Tecumieh blvd e (Sond 
E Twp) 945 1191 

Weitern Auto Supply. 624 Dufferin pi 
Weitern Tire 6 Auto Supply Atsociafe Store. 4690 
Tecumieh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 948 1132 
Windior Auto Porti. 963 Windior ov 254-1174 

Bowltex Co ltd. 938 Walker rd 254 3340 
Burmoc Manufacturing ltd. 3500 Ontorio 948*4127 
Cuno lighter Co ltd, 938 Walker rd 252-7248 
Doal Speciohiet ltd, 948 Walker rd 234 3294 
McKinnon Indvitriei ltd, 1487 Walker rd 256-8281 
Perfection Automotive Product! (Windior) ltd, 3766 
Peter 256 2353 

Roto-Com Mfg Co ltd. 3188 Wolker rd (Sond E Twp) 
233 2457 

Sterling Automotive Suppliei ltd, 533 Lincoln rood 
252 1240 


Elcombe Engineering ltd, 3327 Rutiell 256'1071 


Auto Body 6 Fender Repair, (rear) 739 Church 254-2036 

Bull & Gauthier. Body 6 Paint Shop ltd. 227 Erie e 
252 2748 

Cron Conodo Auto Body Supply ltd. 2694 Howord av 
(Rem Pk) 252 2717 

Gates Body Shop. 2467 Jefferson blvd (Sand E Twp) 

General Body Repair. 2621 Dougall ov (Sond W Twp) 
969 6281 

Mortin ’1 Body 8 Point Shop. 2507 Ouellette av (Sond 
W Twp) 233-3633 

McUodt Auto Body. 1040 Crawford av 253 3202 

Merrifield's Custom Body Shop ltd. 2557 Howard ov 
(Sand W Twp) 232-8389 

Pec* Body Shop. 3906 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 
948 4862 

Phil's Body Shop, w • Huron line (Sand W Twp) 

969 6358 

RAG Body Shop. 1696 Drouitlord rd 948 3411 

Reiner John ltd, 1396 Unlvenlty ov w 232 2713 

Tonee Point Shop. 290 Strabone ov 945-8831 

Webster's Collision & Eno Service, 3666 Walker rd 
(Sond E Twp) 969 3260 

Windior Body & Fender ltd, 1804 1850 University ov 
west 256-4953 


Beotty Motor!. 2270 Tecumieh blvd e 233-71B3 
Bryant H D Motors Ltd. 915 985 Tecumieh blvd e 
252 7721 

Byitryk Motor Sales, 1677 Tecumseh blvd w (Sond W 
Twp) 253 1726 

Cars by Corlton (used). 2085 Tecumseh blvd w (Sond 
W Twp), 252-6541 

Cori by Three Aces, 1909 Wyondotte w 


Chrysler , Plymouth , I'aliant 

790 GOVIAU $T TIL 256-7891 

Used Cor let 

4200 TECUMSEH BlVD. I - TEL 945-1164 

Central Chrysler Plymouth ltd, 790 Goyeou 256 7891 
and 4200 Tecumieh blvd e 945-1164 
Clearwater Chrysler Dodge ltd. 2300 Tecumieh blvd e 
Dingwall Motors ltd, 250 Tecumieh blvd e 234 2533 
Downtown Motor Solei (Windsor) ltd. 840 Wyondotte e 
256 8241 

Elrancho Rambler Sales ltd, 1211 Wyondotte (R Side) 
948 4121 

Ford's Auto Solei (used), 4906 Tecumieh blvd eoit 
945 3473 

Frenette Oliver J (used). 4974 Tecumseh blvd e 
948 3133 

Knapp A Altenhof Auto Sales, 1253 Drouitlord rood 
232 9131 

Mahon Motors, 2530 Tecumseh blvd w 253-8292 
McCloskey Fremcit Auto Soles, 271 Sober ov 252 9730 
Metro Motors (Used), w s Howord ov (Sand W Twp) 
ond 2504 Howard ov (Rem Pk) 

Moron Motors ltd. 4100 Tecumieh blvd e 948 3433 
N A K Motors. 1590 Crowford ov 252 2098 
Public Motor Soles (used). 185 Wyondotte e 253-3396 
Relionce Auto Soles (used), 1556 Tecumseh blvd w 
256 1053 

Sondwlch West Auto Soles ltd, 1339 1579 Tecumseh 
blvd w (Sand w Twp) 252 7954 
Shoron Motor Sales (used), 620 Wyondotte w 256 2822 
South Windsor Motors. 1696 University ov w 252 0114 
Sunnyside Auto Soles, 503 Tecumseh blvd e 256 6677 
TAM Motors. 748 766 Tecumseh blvd e 254 8394 
Thomson-White (Windsor) Motors ltd, 792 Wyondotte e 
256 4661 

Tunnel Motors, 101 Wyondotte e 256-1262 
Wode's Bob Usxd Cars. 1706 Tecumseh blvd w 232 7022 
Webster Motors (Windsor) ltd. 463 Windsor ov 254-1185, 
2301 Tecumieh blvd e 256*2645. 2200 Wolker rd 
232 7671 ond 452-474 Goyeou 
White Motor Co of Con ltd. 1845 Wolker rd 256 4993 
Windior Gateway Motors, 465 Goyeau 233*1177 and 
ond 440 Goyeou 

Young CAR (used), 288 Howord av (Rem Pk) 252-3765 
Young's Motor Sales (used) 1360 Howard av 254-4112 


City Driving School. 2437 Mercer 253 3990 
Ed s Driving School. 245 Janette ov 254 6301 
Van's Driving School. 1711 University av w 254 6152 
Wit's Driving School. 90 Shepherd e 232-4922 
Windsor Driving School, 664 Moy ov 252 5856 


Altchin Broke A Steering Service. 621 Tecumseh blvd • 
254 0888 

Annen Automotive Service, 856 Wolker rd 252-4766 
Auto Trim Renovators, 573 Aylmer av 256-2646 
Auto Wheel A Axel Service ltd. 494 Pitt e 253-5472 
Banks Alignment, 939 Gilei blvd w 254 4910 
Craig Automotive. 3276 Wolker rd (Sond I Twp‘ 
232 2973 

Donny's Transmission Service ltd, 2910 Tecumieh blvd 
e 945-1126 

Dingwoll Motor*. 2400 Dougoll av (Sond W Twp 
256 1447 

Don't Garage, 832 St luke rd 232 6893 
Dougall Highway Goroge. 3298 Dougoll ov (Sand W 
Twp) 969 5310 

Eorl's Service, e s Maiden rd (Sond W Twp) 969 3653 
Erie Collision. 1573 Erie e 236 3979 
European Cor Repairs ltd, 1320 Wyondotte w 254 908? 
Fairlone Transmission A Supplies. 1417 Crawford ov 

253 3313 

Feed Leo Service. 3001 Dougoll ov (Sond W Twp 
969 2660 

Fred’s Garage, 2490 Tecumieh blvd e 943-7321 
Gatparini Art Collision, 2780 Tecumieh blvd e 945-6125 
Gotei Spring Service. 939 Giles blvd w 254 9888 
Golden Mile Tronimiiiion ltd, 2462 Tecumieh blvd # 
945 6338 

Honnam's, (rear) 468 Erie e 
Hatch Jock S, 1474 Tecumieh blvd w 252-2913 
Howketwood Goroge ltd, 270 Erie e 254-1108 
Hollister H A Soni. 825 Tecumieh blvd w 252-0886 
Howard Goroge. 2814 Howard av (Rem Pk) 233-1385 
Jock's Garoge. 1477 Drouillard rd 945-8461 
Jerry's Auto Electric Service, 771 louzon rd (R'SIdel 

Joe's Motor Service. 809 Ottawa 232-4741 
Johnny's Auto Body A Fender Service. 857 Howard «v 


A-F Manufacturing Co ltd. 108 McDougoil 256-1244 

Groombridge leo Classy Cor*. 835 Tecumseh blvd e 
252 0673 

James Chevrolet Oldsmobile ltd. 917 Goyeau 252 4431 
and 980 Goyeau 232 4431 


Johnny's Auto Repair, 1390 Drouillard rd 943-8421 
Kirby Ralph Goroqe. it s Third Concession rd (Sond W 
Twp) 256 1654 




PHONE 254-3223 

lo Fromboise Goroge, 546 Elliott e 252 6092 
Molden Road Garage, o * Malden rd (Sand W Twp) 
969 5230 

Mike's Service Garage, 205 Wyandotte e 
Mtllgram Stations, 1399 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 
253 6773 

Nedo't Garoge 1321 Drouiflord rd 945-8971 
Oglan's Garage. 1502 George ov 948-2721 
Oliver's Spring Service, 910 Honno e 256-8214 
Oliver's Transmission Service Ltd. 1304 Ottawa 252-7277 
Pete's Body Shop. 1535 Crawford ov 254-0484 
Row son Lome T Ltd, 1329 Windsor ov 252 8321 
Shorty's As/to Electric Service. 1950 Otto wo 253-7633 
Smitty's Texaco, 1405 Ouellette ov 254-2245 
Sokolik John Shell Service. 405 Tecumseh btvd west 

Strong Motors. 493 Wyandotte e 254-7854 
Teal Power Brakes, 3911 Walker rd (Sond E Twp) 

United Garoge 630 Dufferin pi 256 0866 
Vloda's Service. 3511 Wyandotte e 945-6801 
Webster Motors Windsor Ltd, Truck Service. 2200 Walker 
rd 254-2591 

Westview Garage Ltd, 3527 Sandwich 253-6046 
Whale Auto Repair Centre, 1211 Erie e 254 3544 
Whitson's Garage, 140 Aylmer ov 252-1540 
Windsor Alignment ltd. 2462 Tecumseh blvd e 945 6338 
Windsor Auto Electric ltd, 895 Albert rd 254-4950 
Windsor Auto Rustproofing Co, 635 Mercer 256-0986 
Windsor Transmission Service ltd. 3181 Morenfefte ov 
(Sand W Twp) 252 6549 


Chrysler Can ltd. 2450 Chrysler Centre 252 3651 and 
300 Tecumseh bldv e 252 3651 
Ford Motor Co of Con Ltd. 2780 Riverside dr e 256 5555 


Carl's Paint Shop. 1369 Crawford av 254-6749 
Downtown Collision, 154 Tuscororo 256-7575 
Frank's Paint Shop. 5168 Tecumseh blvd e f$ond E Twp) 
Golden Streak Custom Shop. 625 Mercer 252-8551 
Production Pointing, (rear) 1650 longlois av 256-6389 
Renoud Paint Shop, (rear) 460 University uv w 252-7572 
Romeo's Point Shop. 919 Droutllard rd 252 2800 
Three Aces Bump & Paint Shop, 1989 Wyandotte w 
253 5376 

Windsor Ajto Painting, (rear* 878 Howard ov 253-9720 


AHru Automotive, 1585 Lincoln rd 256-2051 
Bill's Parking lot. 815 Goyeau 

Cartier Parking Ltd, 320 Compbetl av and 322-370 
Cartier Ploce 

Civic Porking lot. 619 705 Pelissier 
Doran's Porking, 564 Victoria av 756-3741 
Downtown Porking Lot, 45 Wyandotte e and 69 Wyon 
dotte e 

J & G Parking. 656 Dufferin pi 
Medico Pa-king. 1005 Ouellette av 
Municipal Parking lot (For list of branches see Alpha¬ 
betical Section) 

Norton Palmer Parking lot, 196 Park w 
Phillips Posking lot, 340 390. 448 and 451 457 Pelissier 
Premier Parking, 326 Victoria av 
Stan's Porking lot, e s Cadillac 
Steve's Parking lot. e s Cadillac 
Szobo John Parking lot, 730 Duffenn pi 
Tunnel Parking ltd. 565 Dufferin pi 252 4568 ond 570 


lord’s Radiator Service. 3898 Wolker rd (Sond E Twp) 


8 A Auto Supply (Trailer Rentols), 1290 Wyandotte w 
253 5750 


790 Goyeau Street, Phone 256-7891 

Hert* Rent-A-Car System 196 Pork w 254-7212 
James leasing (Windsor) ltd, 100 Ouellette av 256-0337 
National Cor Renfot L leasing, 840 Wyondotte e 
256 8241 

Tiiden Rent-A-Car, 308 Wyondotte e 252-7711 
Webster Car Rentals (Avis). 2693 Dougoll av (Sand W 
Twp) 969 0411 

Windsor Car Rentals ltd, 250 Tecumseh blvd e 254-2535 

(See Automobile Garages) 


Canodian Troitmobile ltd, 4075 Huron line (Sand W 
Twp) 961 5071 

Marlin Centre Mobile Homes ltd. t » Highway 2 (Sand 
E Twp) 969-4960 

Over-the-Road Equipment ltd, 1573 longlois av 253 5276 
Pyramid Mobile Homes (1959) Ltd. 4100 Sandwich 


Central Auto Wosh. 92 Erie e 254 8422 
Fost Auto Wosh. 2250 Tecumseh blvd e 252 2797 
Imperial Cor Wosh. 1429 Randolph ov (Sand W Twp) 
Joe's Auto Wosh. 1490 University av w 
1 & M Cor Wosh. 277 Pillette rd 945 3972 
Spee-Dee Auto Truck Wash. 639 Longlois ov 254-5943 
Steve's Auto Wash, 2393 PiUette rd (Sond E Twp) 

Vince & Tony's Quik Cor wash, 645 Mercer 256-4188 
Vivooa's Auto Wosh, 733 Tecumseh blvd e 256-0147 
West End Auto Wash, 1735 Wyondotte w 253-1602 
West Grand Auto Wash. 3004 Dougoll ov (Sand W 
Twp) 969 7823 


American Auto Supply Windsor Ltd, 1276 DrouiMard rd 
945 1137 

East Side Auto Wrecking, s s Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E 
Twp) 945 6305 

East Windsor Auto Wreckers. 911 Cadillac 252-7512 


Diamond Tent 8 Awning Co ltd. 2959-2979 Tecumseh 
blvd e (Sond E Twp) 945-6353 
Milbrick Construction Ltd, 2685 Howard ov (Sand W 
Twp) 232 5741 

Services Unlimited, 2685 Howard ov (Sand W Twp) 

Windsor Awning & Tent Co. 3041 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 945 8071 


Recommended Baby Sitting Service. 143 Elm ov 254-0953 


lowry Textile Co. 325 Devonshire rd 253 2814 
Reid Industries ltd. 1857 Riverside dr e 254-1183 
Windsor Bag & Barrel Co. 682 Tecumseh blvd w 
253 4887 


J & S Agency. 2409 Bernard rd (Sand E Twp) 948-4431 
Windsor BoiKff Service, 504 Victorio ov 252 7031 


Brownies Baits. 1365 Riverside dr w 256-6540 
Brownie's Baits 6 Sports. 1725 Huron Line 256-6540 
Wally's Baits. 3195 Sandwich 256-2841 


Adler Baking Co, 979-981 Drouillord rd 254-4403 
(For list of branches see Alphabetical Section) 
Aurora Pastry, 839 Erie e 256-8801 
Bennett's Superior Pies (whol), 2161 Ontario 254-2778 

BLAK BROS. BAKERY, 1022 Longlois Avenue, 
Phone 253*4344 (See Top 5tencil and 
Top Lines) 

Blok's Peter Bakery, 1520 Wyandotte e 254-6346 
Border Cities Bokery ltd, 1051 Drouillord rd 253-6431 
Canada Breod Co ltd. 1031 Wolker rd 254 2589 
Colombo Bakery Ca. 673 Erie e 256-3819 
Cook's Bakeries Ltd. 1662 Ottawa 252-8324 and 2133 
Wyondotte w 252 0543 
Danish Bakery, 2303 Howard av 256-7071 
Discount Bakery South Windsor ltd. 500 Wyondotte e 
253 3664 

Dorwin Pastry Shop The, 2451 Dougoll av (Sand W Twp) 

International Baking, 743 Erie e 253-8669 
Lyfflet ltd. 507-509 Ouellette ov 253-6051 and 1362 
Ouellette ov 254-8433 

Miles Bakery, 4736 Wyondotte e 945-9231 and 1435 
Tecumseh blvd e 254 2365 
Modern Bakery Co, 1504 Ottawa 2592-5861 
Modem Bakery ltd, 560 Wyandotte e 254-1572 (For list 
of branches see Alphabetical Section) 

Moore's Bokery, 841 Pillette rd 945-2712 
Olympia Bokery & Confectionery, 2060 University av 

Rainbow Bakery (Windsor) Ltd. 333 Holden ov (Sand W 
Twp) 252 5641 

Remington Bokery. o39 Charlotte (Rem Pk) 254-10^1 
Royal Bakery. 1051 Drouillord rd 253*6431 and 1561 
Ottawa 254 6255 

Star Bakery. 634 McDougatl 253-5661 
Stiemar Bread Co Ltd. 2640 Ouellette ov (Sand W Twp) 
253 4376 

Sweetheart Bakery, 561 Wyondotte w 252-6242 
Walkerville Bakery. 1767 Wyondotte e 254-1901 (For 
list of bronchos see Alphabetical Section) 

Wonder Bakeries Ltd, 337 Salter ov 254 5107 


Bear G C ltd. 2597 Howard ov (Sond W Twp) 252 0525 


Bank of Montreol, 200 Ouellette av 254-3241 (For list 
of branches see Alphabetical Section) 

Bank of Nova Scotia, 491 Ouellette ov 252*2791 (For 
list or branches see Alphabetical Section) 

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce The, 100 Ouellette 
ov 253-2471 (For list of branches see Alphabetical 

Industrial Development Bonk, 267 Pelissier 254 8626 
Province of Ontario Savings Office, 372 Ouellette ov 

Provincial Bank of Con. 199 University ov w 253-6395 
(For litt of branches see Alphabetical Section) 
Royal Bank of Conodo, 156 Ouellette ov 254-2565 
(For list of branches tee Alphabetical Section) 
Toronto Dominion Bank. The. 101 Ouellette ov 253-4647 
(For list of branches tee Alphabetical Section) 


Classified, Yellow Page 5 






Conodion Boot ter Co ltd. 1608 Tecumseh bhrd w 
253 9311 

Centrol Beouty Supply Ltd, 665 Univ«n*ly ov w 253-6767 
Dow# A Sons ltd, 61 University cv w 256-8004 
Fontana Berber Supply, 176 Pitt w 254 0864 
Miller » Beouty Agencies (Windsor) ltd. 74 Prtt w 

Niogoro Cycfo Therapy Massage S.W.O.. 88-90 Unhret- 
nty ov e 253-7982 

Phillips Brush Ltd. 108 McDougall 252 9545 
Woht Clipper Corp Canada ltd. 3967 Walker rd (Sand 
E Twpi 969-U80 


Adolfo's University Barber Shop. 2221 Wyandotte w 
Al's Barber Shop, 1173 University ov w 
Alo Frank Modern Borber Solon. 113 University ov w 

Afdo'% Barber Shop. 3341 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand ETwp) 
A Hard t Borber Shop, 176 Pitt w 254-0864 
Ambassador Borber Shop. 3128 Sandwich 
Ambassador Plaza Barber Shop, e s Huron line (Sond 
W Twp) 

America's Barber Shop, 929 Campbell ov 

Arcode Barber Shop, 1372 Wyondotte e 

Armando's Barber Shop, 321 Pitt e 

Art's Barber Shop. 1604 Wyondotte w 

Artistic Borber Solon. 1412 Tecumseh blvd e 252-0657 

Arturo Borber Shop. 3875 Dougoll ov e (Sand W Twp) 

tadolomenfi Vito, 441 Wyondotte e 

Belloire Barber Shop, 2628 Tecumseh blvd e 

Beno t Barber Shop. 573 Partington av 

Bert's Borber Shop. 2345 PJlIette rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bill s Borber Shop, 1637 DrouiHord rd 

Bill's Borber Shop, 862 Erie e 

Bill's Barber Shop 3329 Wyondotte (R'Side) 

Bornais Harvey. 5339 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 
Boyd's Borbvr A Beouty lounge, 4217 Wyondotte e 
945 1623 

Campus Barber Shop. 2503 Wyandotie w 
Centrol Barber Shop, 1341 Wyondotte e 
Cesore's Borber Shop, 854 Erie e 
Chombers Barber Shop, 1809 Wyondotte e 256-0139 
Chauvin Arthur. 33 Wyondotte e 

Chuck's Barbs* Shop, 4079 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond W 


Cliff's Barber Shop, 976 Howard av 
College Barber Shop. 1700 College av 
Continental Barber Shop A Beouty Salon. 999 Fell* ov 
256 9355 

Dowe's Len Barber Shop. 61 University ov w 256-8004 
Dean's Rowland Borber Shop, 3855 Howard av (Sond 
W Twp) 

D- luxe Barber Shop. 877 Pillette rd 945-1873 
De Soto Barber Shop. 2919 ’\ Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E 

Dominion Borber Shop. T311 Grand Morait rd w (Sond 
W Twp) 

Don's Borber Shop. 611 Randolph ov 

Duke's Barber Shop. 2040 Charles 

Enn o's Borber Shop. 580 Wellington ov 

Esquire Barber Shop. 1121 Wyondotte (R'tide) 948 3211 

forest Borber Shop, 1145 Tecumseh blvd e 

frank's Borber Shop 661 Erie • 

Eronk’s Barber Shop. 1280 Erie e 

Frank's Barber Shop, 4740 Seminole 945 0993 

Eronk't Borber Shop, 3720 Tecumseh blvd • 

Frank s Barber Shop. 1769 University ov w 

Eronk’s Barber Shop 309 Wellington w 

George's Barber Shop, 1510 College ov 

Gooqh Murrey P. 380-384 Ouellette ov 

Hank’s Barber Shop. 3919 Seminole 

Harry's Barber Shop. 3099 Wulket rd 'Sond E Twp) 

Hoys John. 829 PiOette rd 

Hick’s Barber Shop. 232 Erie w 

Iqloden Jacob, 1161 Ottawo 

llnicki Nick, 1371 Prince rd 

Impale Barber Shop. 973 Ottawo 
International Barber Shop, 1503 Drooillord rd 
Jock's Borber Shop. 2698 Howard ov (Rem Pk) 

Jock's Barber Shop. 412 Tecumseh blvd e 
Jim's Borber Shop. 3214 Girodot ov 
Joe's Barber Shop. 611 Charles (R P) 

Joe's Borber Shop, w s Molden rd (Sond W Twp) 
Joe's Barber Shop. 44 Wyandotte e 
Joe's Stylist Barber Shop. 2999*'; Tecumseh bivd e 
i Sond E Twp) 

Kiefer's Barber Shop. 660 Ayhne# ov 
Larry's Borber Shop. 474 University ov w 
Lazar's Borber Shop. 1646 DrouiHord rd 
lemieuA Wm. 3218 Sondwich 253-7100 
lenhardt Paul. 929 Shepherd e 256 4418 
Let's Barber Shop. 3847 Howard ov (Sand W Twp) 
lewchok Kotma, 1657 DrouiHord rd 
little Wilfred. 2155 University av w 232 1381 
Lore's Artistic Borber A Beouty Solon, 2277 Howard av 
252 1080 

Mack's Borber Shop. 3402 Turner rd (Sond E Twp) 
Maich’s Barber Solon. 240 Pelissier 253 7070 
Marentette's Barber Shop. 2013 Ottowo 253-8086 
Maurice's Borber Shop, 980 Porrnt ov 256-7443 
Moyfoir Barber Shop. 337 Wyondotte w 
McGrow Barber Shop, 35 Pitt e 254 8201 
McGuire Barber Shop, 2983 Longfellow ov (Sond W 

Menard Borber Shop. 1309 Hall ov 

Menard Jos. 1234 Tecumseh blvd e 

Mike A Ston's Borber Salon, 134 Pitt w 253 2532 

Mike's Barber Shop. 1901 Wyondotte w 

Mitton t Borber Shop. 3021 Dougoll ov (Sond W Twp) 

Monk Donald C, 382 Shepherd w 

Montgomery John G, 942 Erie e 253-7846 

Murray's Barber Shop. 1826 Ottawo 

New York Barber Shop. 1586 Tecumseh blvd e 254 7888 

Nick’s Borber Shop. 1398 Pelletier ov 

Nick's Botber Shop. 1760 Tecumseh blvd w 

Noble Wm E. 1186 Monmouth rd 

Noble's Borber Shop. 3812 Seminole 

Olbey's Harry Barber Shop. 391 Wyandotte * 

Oiurak Morko. 1037 Ottowo 

Ottawa Barbers. 1310 Gladstone av 252-8194 

Palace Barber Shop, 66 Erie e 

Palmer's Barber Shop. 1337 University ov w 

Pan American Barber Shop. 263 Wyondotte w 

Paul's Borber Shop. 808 Pillette rd 

Poul’s Barber 5hop, 82 University ov e 

Pete's Borber Shop. 924 Tecumseh blvd e 

Pittl Geo J, 412 Tecumseh blvd e 

Quality Barber Shop, B57 Wyondotte e 

Roy's Barber Shop. 2501 ’» Wyondotte (R’Side) 

Recker Bernard A. 1405 Tecumseh blvd w 'Sand W 

Renoud Bert Barber Shop 4879 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond 
E Township) 

Rickey’s Borbvr Shop. 1139 Erie w 
Ritr Borber Shop, 98 Pitt e 253-4678 
Riverside Barber Shop. 1417 Wyondotte (R Side) 

Roger's Barber Shop, 5749 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond I 
Township) 948 3222 
Roma Barber Shop. 230 Wyondotte » 

Roy's Barber Shop. 3146 Wolker rd (Sand E Twp) 
Royol Barber Shop, 20 Ellis ov e 

Royal Barber A Beouty Shop. 3399 Sandwich 256 8992 
Rudy's Barber Shop. 2840 University av w 254 7493 
St Rose Borber Shop. 2401’/, Wyondotte (R'Side) 

Schulz Henry. 1008 Howard av 

Seider's Barber Shop. 1415 Erie e 

Sergei's Borber A Beauty Shop. 45 Honno w 254-2252 

Service Barber Shoo. 40 Wyondotte w 

Sims Melvin, 597 Caron av 

Southland Borbvr Shop. 2825 Dougoll av Sond W 

Stan's Borbvr Shop. 828 PiHefte rd 
c teve's Borber Shop, 1102 DrouiHord rd 
Steve's Barber Shop. 3414 Menard (R'Side) 

Steve's Borber Shop, 1105 Tecumseh blvd e 
Steven's Barber Shop. 1247 Wyondotte e 254 7666 
Style Borber Shop. 419 Sheppord w 
Ted's Barber Shop. 1095 DrouiHord rd 

Tivoli Barber Shop, 1557 Wyondotte e 254 6611 
Tony's Barber Shop. 339 Dougoll »q (Sand W Twp) 
Trothen Waller. 3217 Sandwich 
Up to-Date Barber Shop. 1077 DrouiHord rd 
Vol's Barber Shop, 342 Tecumseh blvd w 
Velko Barber Shop, 112 Wyandotte e 
Vincent's Borber Shop, 4070 Tecumseh blvd e 
Walter's Barber Shop, 3678 Seminole 
White Star Barber Shop, 1135 Erie « 

Williom'i Borber Shop. 1116 Wyondotte • 
Zigmunt's Barber Shop. 543 Tecumseh blvd e 


Windsor Barrel A Drum ltd. 2215 Janette av (Sond W 
Twp) 253-4887 


Abramson A Zalev, 176 University ov w 253 2813 
AHon Jos S, OC. 374 Ouellette ov 254-1920 
Boksi N Wm. B29 Ottowo 252 3553 
Boldassi Roland J. 374 Ouellette av 254-9621 
Bartlet. Richardet. Knight A Wilson, 374 Ouellette av 
253 4675 

Bell A MacEachern. 1922 Wyondotte e 253 5297 
Bowman O Wm. OC. 76 Univetsity ov w 252 1781 
Brophey Thos R, 176 University av w 252-2534 
Campeow l J. OC. 374 Ouellette ov 253 4418 
Carefoot Helen M. 374 Ouellette ov 252 2761 
Clarke. Wheelton A Sondy, 100 Ouellette av 253 3507 
and 1417 Wyandotte (R 945 4941 
Cohn Bernard. QC. 374 Ouellette av 251-2140 
Crall A Croll 374 Ouellette av 253 3595 
Deneau Desmond, OC. 176 University av w 253-8882 
Det Robert Roger J. OC, 176 University ov w 253-1611 
Dodick. Kivo I, 176 University ov w 252 9789 
Donaldson, Charters A Brockenshire. 374 Ouellette av 

253 1135 

Dube Edward J. 176 University ov w 254-5105 
Ellis Douglas B. 374 Ouellette ov 254-4111 
Eerris Joseph N, 830 Ouellette ov 254-4313 
Flock Donald A. 1402 Ouellette av 252-3298 
Furlong A Furlong, 437 Ouellette av 254 6433 
Gorson Jerome J, 134 Wyondotte e 252-5797 
Gignoc Achille E, OC, 374 Ouellette ov 252 5784 
Gignac, Sutts. Hendriksen A Zolev, 374 Ouellette ov 
252 5784 

Horvie Wm P. 267 Pelissier 252 4224 
Hochberg Ted J. 374 Ouellette av 254-0857 
Holden. McMahon. Zuber A Bondy. 374 Ouellette av 
256 5488 

Holland Harry J, OC. 176 University av w 253 5209 

Hough A Hough. 374 Ouellette ov 254 2750 

Komin Morris, 374 Ouellette av 252 1123 

Komin Sockley. 374 Ouellette ov 254 9527 

Kenning A Grant. 267 Pelissier 252 1129 

MocMilton, A MacMillan, 374 Ouellette ov 254 3209 

MacPhee, Burnett A MocPhee. 1586 Wyondotte # 

254 7536 

Moleyko. From A Lyons. 993 Ottawa 254-1161 
Martin, Laird. Easton. Cowon A Chouvin. 267 Pelissier 
252 7236 

McCreody Grant R. 267 Pelissier 252 6800 
McGrcoor. Stewart A McWilliams. 374 OueHetfe ov 

252 8317 

McHugh L Alfred. 318 Randolph ov 254 4466 
McKean John f. 267 Pelissier 252-2141 
McPherson, Prince A Geddet, 374 Ouellette ov 256 3431 
McTagwe. Clock. Hollond A Ouellette, 267 Pelissier 

253 3571 

Meconi Norando, 447 Wyondotte e 254-4958 
M*coni Tull'o. 267 Pelissier 252 7274 
Meretsky Milton C. 327 Ouellette ov 252 7239 
M‘ngay James R, 374 Ouellette ov 254 0401 
Moutseou Mo* N, 176 University ov w 252-6531 
Nisbef A Burnell 176 University av w 256 2323 
Nixon. David J. 176 University ov w 253-5209 
Nosanchuk Soul. 374 Ouellette av 252-7719 
Porolon, Courey A Cohen, 545 Ouellette ov 252 5779 




Over 1300 branches to serve you 

Riddell Ro.s S. QC, 176 University av w 256*4971 
Riordon & Do Marco, 176 University av w 252*1106 
Rodd & MacDonald, 374 Ouellette av 254-4317 
Rosenthal Harold, 374 Ouellette av 252-7644 
Schott Maxwell, QC, 374 Ouellette av 253*1010 
SHerweil Brian. 827 Pillette rd 945-1109 
Simon & Brody, 176 University av w 252-7295 
Spencer Norman t, QC, 625 Goyeaw 254-3130 
Swart* Louis H, 157 University av w 254 3873 
Swartz 6 Lyons. 157 University av w 254 3873 
Taub Harold M. 302 Ouellette av 256 9682 
Turville W D Bruce, QC, 326 Partington av 252-1066 
Weingarden Arthur B, 374 Ouellette ov 256*2333 
Whiteside, Coughlin & Whiteside, 374 Ouellette av 

Willson & Barat. 374 Ouellette av 254 4359 
Wilson. Barnes. Walker & Montello, 33 University av 
west 254 1641 

Wright W McKay. QC, 374 Ou llett* ov 254-6655 
Wunder Martin H. 374 Ouellette av 252-1121 
Yates George A, 374 Ouellette av 256*1952 
Yuffy & Yuffy. 176 University av w 253-5242 
Zalev Floyd. 2776 Charles 254-4804 
Zeron & Zeron. 374 Ouellette ov 253-1948 


East Windsor Steam Baths. 1055 Cadillac 256*0130 
Vesvvio St* am Baths, 563 Brant 253-0251 


BEAR-CAT BATTERIES, Makers of Guaranteed 
Batteries, 680 Wyandotte Street East, 
at Louis Avenue, Phone 253-3541 (See 
adv Top Lines) 


Bear-Cot Battery & Tire Service, 680-696 Wyandotte 
east 253*3541 

Horse Shoe Battery Service, 745 Aylmer av 254-2661 
Mow.t? Battery & Electric Service Co Ltd. 350-380 Pitt 
west 254 3755 

Morris Boftery 6 Morine. 542*548 Chilver rd 253-3991 


La Salle Lead Products Ltd, 680 696 Wyandotte east 
233 3541 


Industrial Bearings & Supplies. 1534 Windsor ov 
256 7821 


(See Barber and Beauty Shop 
Equipment and Supplies) 


Andre s Beauty Salon, 1015 Ottawa 253*2042 
Ann's Beauty Shop. 1247 Wyandotte c 254 7666 
Ann's Hoir Styling Studio, 571 Lincoln rd 252-1023 
Armand't Career Salon, 1440 Tecumseh blvd e 252 8766 
Artasia Beauty Shop, 3212 Girardot av 
Arthur Beauty Salon, 825 Arthur rd 945-9511 
Bartlett Wayne Hoir Styles, 24 Wyandotte e 254 9239 
and 1259 Grand Marais rd w (Sand W Twp) 

Beauty Box Salon. 1365 Prince rd 256*1213 

Beauty Hoven, 2122 Gladstone ov 
Betty Ann Beauty Shop, 1317 Gladstone av 252-1495 
B«tty*Jane Beauty Salon, 1008 Wyandotte (R'Side) 
948 3211 

8ob-ln Beauty Salon, 1191 Drouillard rd 256-9398 
Bodnar Kay Beouty Salon, 1580 Third Concession rd 
(Sand W Twp) 969 7667 

Bonita Beouty Salon, 180 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 948 3643 
Brooker Beauty Shop, 2155 University av w 252-1381 
Cameo Beauty Salon, 1008 Wyandotte e 252 0867 
Campus Beauty Salon, 2501 Wyandotte w 254 8053 
Capri Beauty Salon, 1645 Ottawa 252 1 565 
Career Girl Beauty Salon, 4729 Seminole 948-2472 
Cascade Beauty Salon, 1959 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W 
Township) 256-5853 

Coterina & Lena Hair Styling Studio, 335 Dougall *q 
(Sand W Twp) 969 0830 
Caterina's Beauty Salon, 2944 Tecumseh blvd e 

Cecil*’* B-auty Salon. 1643 Tecumseh blvd e 256-8025 
Charles House of Perms, 5739 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 
Township) 948-4861 

Charm Beauty Solon. 504 Goyeau 252*6676 
Charron Helen Beauty Shop, 1101 Erie e 256 8843 
Chez Jeonne Coiffures, 818 Pillette rd 945-7023 
Chez Rene. 1194 Monmouth rd 252 3268 
Chic Beouty Salon, 471 Curry av 252-2294 
Churchill's Beauty Shop. 607 Eugene (Rem Pkt 253-9202 
Cinto's Beauty Salon. 1291 Porent av 254*9974 
Cleto Beauty Salon. 859 Erie e 256*5256 
Coiffures By Noel, 1035 Ouellette ov 256*9822 
Debonaire Salon. 522 FelUsSer 254*9225 
Dennis Hoir Styles, 172 Ouellette ov 252*9365, 1886 
Ottowo 252*6974 and 3311 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Dion's Hair Fashions, 3985 Seminole 945-7352 and 360 
Tecumseh blvd e 945-7352 

Di Meo Beauty Salon. 3109 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 

Dino & Jack * Hoif Styling Solan, 3491 Walker rd (Sand 
E Twp) 969*4841 

Donno't Beauty Salon. 3412 Menard (R'Side) 945-1434 
Doreen's Beauty Salon, 3099 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Duval Antoinette Studio 1. 3825 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
948 1191 

Edward's Beauty Shop, 425 Cabana rd • (Sand W Twp) 
969 0640 

Elegante Lady Hair Styles. 744 Ouellette ov 252-0121 
Elizabeth Beouty Solon, 891 Shepherd e 256-3254 
Elysee's Hair Beauty Studio. 1094 Lincoln rd 254 6647 
Emerson's Beauty Solon. 1680 Tecumseh blvd east 

Fantasia Beauty Salon The, 139 Tecumseh blvd w 

Fashion Lounge, 309 Wellington av 253*2670 
Fifth Avenue Beauty Salons, Ltd, 671 Ouellette avenue 

Findlay's Famous Hair Fashions, 472 Pelissier 252*3414 
Florence Beauty Shop. 1294 Erie e 252*5632 
France Coiffure. 1671 Howord av 256*6081 
Freida's Solon of Beauty, 376 Cartier pi 252-2991 
Gabrielles Salon of Beouty, 1636 Wyandotte e 252-6220 
Gagnon Beauty Salon, 3021 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 
969 8662 

Gay*Paree Beauty Solan, 121 Wyandotte w 254-0680 
Genosco Co, 1218 May av 254 4024 
Gideon's Beauty Parlor, 1325 Parent av 253-4406 
Hair Fashion* By Hetgo, 481 University ov w 252-3804 
Hair Fashions By Rlchord, 2837 Dougoll av (Sand W 
Township) 969 0881 

Hair Styles 8y Doreen. 3841 Tecumseh blvd e 945-1912 
Hoirdu Beauty Solon. 4398 Tecumseh blvd e 948-1376 
Hi-Fashion Beauty Salon. 825 Pillette rd 945-3351 
Holmes Beauty Shoppe, 425 Shepherd w 252-7173 
Holmes Beauty Shoppe. 3498 Dominion blvd (Sand W 
Township) 969*2040 

International Hair Styles, 36 Chatham e 256-9331 
Irene's Beauty Salon, 1372 University ov w 252-2333 
Jean & Jane Beauty Shop, 4165 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 945-3183 

Jean's Beauty Shop. 1648 Drouillard rd 945*9621 

Jeonnine Beauty Shop, 466 Wyandotte w 252 2065 
Jo-Alice Hair Styling Studio, 430 Third Concession rd 
(Sond W Twp) 969*0704 
Jorge's Beauty Solon, 1646 Ottawa 252 0994 
Josef’s Hairdressing Solon, 1288 Ottowo 254*9848 
Josephine's Beauty Solon, 5341 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 945-4232 

Josephine's Italian Beauty Salon. 1665 Ottawa 252-9262 
Kathleen Beauty Shoppe. 569 Ouollette av 253-6912 
Knight Beauty & Barber Shop, 766 Irvine ov 
Leah's Beouty Salon. 3453 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

945 3762 

Lee-Ann Beouty Solon, 70 Erie e 252*7554 
Leona's Hairdressing, 2987 Longfellow av (Sand W Twp) 

Lido's Beauty Shop, 581 Moy av 254-6872 

Maison Antoinette Duval, 2105 Victoria av 252-9371 

Maison Deonne, 2333 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 948 0593 

Manhattan Beauty Salon, 136 Wyandotte w 253*5529 

Marge's Beauty Salon, 862 Erie e 253-5303 

Mario's Beauty Solan, 651 Erie e 253-3391 

Marie's Beauty Shop. 543 Rankin av 256-0326 

Mary lee's Hair Foshions. 1380 Wyandotte e 252-8711 

Mary's Beauty Salon, 1879 Lincoln rd 252-3567 

Mary's Beauty Shoppe. 1637 Drouillard rd 945-9735 

May's Beauty Shop. 2390 Arthur rd (Sand E Twp) 

948 1181 

Mia's Beouty Shop, 1025 Pelissier 253-9823 
Michael's Beauty Lounge. 2180 Wyandotte w 
Miladi Beauty Salon. 618 Windermere rd 254-3888 
Mildred Connie Beauty Salon. 1586 Tecumseh blvd e 


Miss June Beauty Solon. 2110 University ov w 252 8828 
Modern Miss Beauty Salon, 5467 Tecumseh blvd e 
945 3611 

Moxon Beauty & Gift Shoppe, 1358 Ouellette av 

Nerino's Beauty Shoppe, 703 Tecumseh blvd e 256 9963 
Norma's Beauty Salon, 910 Campbell ov 256-6321 
Ottawa Beauty Salon, 1585 Ottowo 254-7144 
Ouellette's Beauty Shoppe, 1535 University av w 

Paris Beauty Shoppe, 119 Ouellette ov 253-5531 
Paula's Boauty Salon. 636 Dougall av 256*5531 
Peter Pan Beauty Salon, 3972 Tecumseh blvd e 945 1181 
Peter Pan Beauty Salon, 75 University ov w 254 3791 
Phyllis’ Hair Styles, 116 Wyandotte e 254-2717 and 
1365 Wyondotle e 254*2717 
Pink Poodle Beouty Salon. 4722 Wyandotte • 948 4271 
Powder Puff Beouty Shop, 1260 Ouellette av 253*8023 
Prince Edward Beouty Salon, 380-384 Ouellette av 
256 4722 

Princess Beauty Shoppe, 2065 Wyandotte w 253 1949 
Queen Beauty Shop, 939 Wyandotte o 256-6714 
Rina Italian Beauty Shop, 899 Lincoln rd 253-5806 
Rita's Beauty Salon, 1611 University av w 252-1601 
Riverside Beauty Saio-n, 1427 Wyandotte {R'Side) 

Robert's House of Coiffures, 1915 Wyandotte w 

Ronnie's Beauty Solon. 1097 Felix av 256-5171 
Rose's Beauty Salon, 4710 Seminole 948 0051 
Roseland Beauty Shop, 3857 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 

Rosemarie Hoir Fashions, 1275 Ottawa 252-2164 
Royal Beouty Shop. 20 Ellis av e 254*5288 
Ruby's Beouty Solon. 3329 Wyondotte (R'Side) 948 1362 
Russette Louis J Beauty Salon, 1330 Ouellette ov 
256 9996 

Rymal Wm Beauty Salon, 450 Victoria ov 252-1785 
Soles Ivon Beauty Salon, 252 Pelissier 254-8643 and 
2451 Dougoll av (Sand W Twp) 252 7735 
Sales Ivon R Hair Fashions, 7300 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 945-8901 

Savoy Beouty Salon, 697 Ouellette av 252 6055 
Shamrock Beauty Shoppe. 1605 Pelissier 256-3740 
Strronne's Beauty Shop, 942 Erie e 253-7846 
5mart Beauty Shoppe, 52 University ov w 253*4964 
Smith's of Windsor Beouty Salon. 132 Ouellette ov 

Sophie’s Beauty Salon. 1193 Wyandotte # 256*3314 

Classified, Yellow Page 7 


South wood Pork Beauty Shop, 1395 Cobono »d w 
(Sond W Twp) 969 8958 

Strong'* Betty Beauty Shop, 2515 Wyandot!* (R'Sid*) 
948 0461 

Style lounge The, 582 W*l|ington w 232 8310 
Symington Bcouty Salon, 2519 St louls (Sond E 
Up) 954-8028 

Sirajr r Beauty Solon, 1044 Wyandotte w 
Tahitian Beauty Solon, 1696 Hickory rd 945 8431 
Tic Toe Molr Stylet, 911 Wyandotte (R’Side) 945 0221 
Tivoli Beauty Solon, 1557 Wyandotte e 254-6611 
Towert Beauty Salon, 778 Ouellette ov 232 3520 
Town* Beauty Shop. 1407 Wyondott* {R'Sid*) 945-7801 
Trettorote Beouty Box. 3907 Seminole 948-3112 
Tri-Mi Beauty Salon, 3216 Sandwich 253-4788 
Trothen't Style Studio, 2137 Univertily ov w 252 6913 
Valter'* Salon Continental, 3182 Dougoll ov (Sond W 
Township) 969-5314 

Von't Beouty Studio. 1091 Wyondott* w 252 6631 
Vanity Boauty Stolon The, 2017 Ottawo 253 8460 
Veary V D, 569 Ouellette ov 

Vcro's Beauty Shop, 3873 Dougoll ov (Sand W Twp) 
969 4830 

Vero't Rivertid* Beauty Salon. 1314 Wyandotte (R'Sid*) 
948 0331 

Vincent* Molr 5tyl*», 1020 Wyandotte (R'Sid#) 945 0660 
Vogue Beauty Solon, 3190 Donnelly ov 252-8804 
White Orchid Beauty Salon. 2101 Tecumseh blvd w 
(Sand W Twp) 253-7841 

Wyandotte Beouty Shop, 566 Glengarry av 234-9389 
Yvonne'i Beouty Salon, 1129 Drouillard rd 252-8126 


Top Bedding Co. 984 Drouillard rd 256 6095 
Windsor Bedding Co ltd, 90 Wyandotte * 254-5139 


Bill'* Bicycle Shop, 341 Mill 

Eddie's Cycle Shop. 4800 Tecurmeh blvd e 945-5622 
Joe'* Bicycle Shop, 875 Erie e 254-0476 
Johnston Cycle 4 Sport Centre, 1405 Wyondott* 
(R'Sid*) 945 3434 

lowion Broi Cycle Shop. 1243 Orond Maroi* rd w 
{Sond W Twp) 969-614T 

Norm's Cycle Shop, 3603 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Pool’* Cycle*. 1666 Tecurmeh blvd * 234-7393 
Rathwelfs Cycle and Toy Shop, 510 P*!l»»l*r 253-3461 
Ruitol’t, 950 Wyandotte w 254-5293 

(See also Bowling Alleys) 

British Billiard*. 1177 and 1179 Ottawa 253-6782 
Capitol Recreation, 133 University av w 254-6044 
Central Family Billiard*. 2303 Central av (Sond E Twp) 

Cue-N' Cuthlon Billiard*, '560 Huron line (Sond W 
Townihlp) 256 8862 
Domenic Family Billiard*, 814 Erie * 

Erie Billiard, 961 999 Erie e 253 0403 
Fotio Billiard*. 770 Erie * 

Filip'* Billiard*. 3990 Riberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 696-0550 
Golden Cue Billiard* & Reitaurant. 7300 Tecum»eh blvd 
*o*t (Sond E Twp) 948-3277 
Hall Reception, 1313 Hall ov 
Newman Wm, 1494 longloi* ov 
O K. Billiard*. 1097 Erie e 

Olympia Billiard* & Re*taurcnt. 960 Wyandotte ea»t 

Ouellette Billiard*. 571 Ouellette av 253-0395 
Peter * Billiard Room. 915 925 Shepherd e 254 1035 
Q & Snack, 4810 Wyandotte e 945-8381 
Rack & Snock Co ltd. 3208 Dougoll av 
Red'* Recreation. 4881 Tecurmeh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 
945 0003 

Remington Billiard*, 2590 Eltmer* av (Rem Pk) 

Sam’* Billiard Porlour. 976-978 Drouillard rd 
Steve’* Recreation. 1594 Drouillard rd 
Windsor Recreation Billiard*. 41 Pitt e 253-0451 


Joe's Blackimith Shop. 902 904 Howord ov 


Byron Blueprinting Service ltd, 662 Peli»*ier 254 8662 
Curry Blueprint Co. 132 Pitt w 252 6945 
Pott*r*on Engineering Service, 1577 Tecurmeh blvd e 
234 2722 


Thorne* Boot Divitlon (Fabricated Steel Product* 
Windsor ltd), 261 Shepherd e 252-8333 


Aqua Top* ltd, 948 Walker rd 254 3294 
Dominion Marin* & Boot Work*. 1434 Campbell ov 
(Sand W Twp) 256-9107 

Edgewatcr Marine ltd, 3400 Riverside dr (R'Sid*) 
948 2921 

Riverside Harbour Marina. 4550 Riverside dr (R'Sid*) 

Rowton lorn* T ltd, 731 Goyeau 252 8321 


Riverside Marine, 1016 St Ro»e av (R'Sid*) 945 3943 


Butler's Boat Harbour, 3296 Russell 254-0181 
Norm'* Boot livery, 2 Mill, 252-3506 
Richards Boat livery. 3412 Russell 254 1002 
Smith Margt Mr*, 3488 Russell 254-9494 


PAW Boat Storage. 1563 langlois av 252 9043 


Essex Boiler Heating & Engineering Co, 1319 MacDougoll 


A & H Bolt A Nut Co. 1801 South Cameron blvd (Sand 
W Twp) 969 3500 

Trans-Continental Bolt Co ltd, 1662 longloi* avenue 
252 6587 


Peot Bookkeeping Service ltd, 1659 Turner rd 254-9236 
Windsor Accounting Service ltd. 176 University ov w 


Bookkmd Co ltd, 2431 Dougoll av (Sond W Twp) 
256 9500 

Cameron's Book Store, 1236 Tecurmeh blvd # 256-0402 
Copeland G B Book* A Stationery, 1292 Lincoln rd 
254 8441 

Morentette's Book Store, 129 Ouellette av 253 8992 

(See Shoes, Retail) 


Canada Dry Bottling Co (Windsor) ltd, 2310 Walker rd 

Coca-Cola ltd The, 1630 Howard ov 234-2563 
Crush Bottling Co, 456 464 Tecurmeh blvd w 252-4663 
Grand Syphon Bottling Work*, 1637 Orond Moral* rd 
w*»t (Sand W Twp) 969-2307 
Seven-Up Bottling Co (Windsor) ltd, 970 Mercer 
253 8411 

Vernor* Bottling Co (Windior) ltd. 976 Mercer 233 3388 
Windsor Beverage*. 1291 Albert rd 253-2305 


Alllet Joseph. 1878 Orooillard rd 

(See also Billiards and Pool) 

Arcade Bowling Alley, 5259 Tecurmeh blvd e (Sand E 
Township) 943-1002 

Bayer's Campus lone* ltd, 2503 Wyondott# w 256 3571 
Bowlero limited. 675 Tecurmeh blvd w 256-8276 
Cooper Recreation Co ltd. 744 Ouellette ov 252-1316 
Crescent Bowling lanes. 1055 Ottawa 252-1109 
Golden Mile lanes Windsor ltd. 4010 Tecurmeh blvd * 
945 3853 

Grand Terrace Bowling, 1340 Tecurmeh blvd e 253 8689 
Jerry's Recreation, 3103 Bliss rd (Sond E Twp) 252-2869 
Palace Recreotion ltd, 871 Ottawo 254*7360 
Playdtum Recreation, 4983 Wyandotte e 943-3111 
Regal Recreation, 1226 DrouHlord rd 253 0227 
Riverside Bowling Centre. 2611 Wyondott* (R'Sid#) 
948 2372 

Ross Bowl, 2482 Dougall ov (Sond W Twp) 252-7791 
Windsor Recreation, 41 Pitt e 253 8473 
Wyandotte Bowling, 1318 Wyandotte * 254-36372 


Archer Refreshment Service, 468 Wahfceto 232 2385 


Continental Con Co of Con ltd (Galr Poper Products 
Div), 1787 Walker rd 254-7555 
Hygrod* Container* ltd, 1660 Beals (Sand W Twp) 
Klnkordine Paper Box Ltd, 320 Elinor (R'Sid#) 735-2116 
Post Poper Box ltd. 320 Elinor (R’Side) 735-2116 


Kohen Box Co (Windsor) ltd, 385 Salter ov 253-6368 


Carling Breweries ltd (Windsor Dlv)) 313 Riverside dr 
west 256 4511 

Dow Kingsbeer Brewery ltd, 304 Victoria av 253-9996 

labott's Ontario Breweries ltd, 1033 Ottawa 253 7433 

O'Keefe Old Vienna Brewery ltd, 355 Edward ov 
(R'Sid#) 233 7431 


Brewers' Retoil Stores, 2380 Walker rd 252-7261 (For 
list of brooches see Alphabetical Section) 


Green A P Fir* Brick Co Ltd, 1402 Crawford ovenue 
254 0262 


Dosco Industries ltd, 1219 Walker rd 256 2661 


Adam* W M ltd, 712 Huron line 256 4973 ond 660 
Ouellette av 254 7543 

Border Brokers ltd, after 720 Huron line 256*5457 ond 
44 Wyondotte e 256 2681 

Eg# lit on Wm ltd, 44 Wyondott# e 252 7201 and 753 
Huron Line 252-7201 

Farrow Russell A Ltd. 570 Dufferin pi 252-3169 ond 
747 Huron line 252 4413 
Federated Customs Brokers ltd. 751 Huron lino 
252 8813 







International Cuitorm Broken Ltd, 586 Ouellette av 
252-8391 and after 720 Huron Line 256-8271 
Johnson Fredk W Ltd, 570 Dufferin pi 256-1847 and 
after 747 Huron Line 256 2844 
Kerr Customs Brokers Ltd, 526 Goyeau 253-7484 
Mason's Brokerage Ltd, 544 Goyeau 254-2509 and 753 
Huron line 256 9494 

McKay W G Ltd. 747 Huron line 256-8451 
Thomson J Mac 0 Ltd, 718-720 Huron Line 256-8244 


Borre W R Ltd, 962 Windermere rd 254-0377 


Bongard & Co, 158 168 University av w 254-9251 
Droper, Dobie & Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 253-1123 
Simard J F & Co Ltd. 2364 Arthur rd (Sond E Twp) 
945 8247 

Waite Reid & Co Ltd, 320 Petissier 256-7853 


Fuller Brush Co Ltd, 969 Ouellette av 253-1125 


McKEOUGH G G LIMITED, 1534 Windsor av. 
Phone 256-7811 


Cassan Building Services Ltd. 2870 Alexandra ov (Sand 
W Township) 969-4991 

Fournier's Janitorio! & Maintenance Service. 3041 
Radisson av (Sand W Twp) 969-4883 
Frank's Janitorial Service, 2740 Norman rd (Sand E 
Twp) 945 9981 

Hall A H ltd, 250 Jefferson bhrd (R Side) 945-1248 
Modern Building Cleaning Service of Canada Ltd. 1945 
Wyandotte e 254-9560 

Paterson Janitorial Service, 1531 Pelbsler 252-3798 
Sanitary Maintenance Co (Div of Wippman Services Ltd), 
282 Pitt east 253-3564 


Afox Builders Supplies ltd, 6200 Tecumseh blvd e 
I Sond E Twp) 948-4101 

Bravo Cement Contracting Ltd. 3203 Walker rd (Sand E 
Township) 254 0811 

Building Specialty Products, 270 Cabana rd e (Sand W 
Twp) 969-3950 

Conadian Builders Supply, 2595 Dougall ov (Sond W 
Township) 225 0060 

Cross Supplies & Paving Ltd. 1272 Windsor av 254-1166 
Diol Distributors, 3008 Tecumseh blvd e 948-2121 
Endurance Materials Ltd, 5304 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Fauteux Building Supplies Ltd, 2801 Walker rd (Sand E 
Twp) 253-6378 

Jennife Soles 6 Service, 569 Ouellette ov 253-6820 
lodore & Co Ltd. 2771 Charles 252-2115 
Pilcas Industrial 6 Building Supplies ltd. 2610 Pilletfe 
rood (Sand E Twp) 945-6394 
Plostic Glass, 1028 Bruce av 

Ryan Builders Supplies (Windsor) Ltd, 210 Detroit 

Sedan Tool & Supply. 1581 Parent ov 252 0021 
Sterling Building Materials ltd. 2494 Riverside dr e 

Sun Equipment Co ltd. 2573 Airport rd (Sond E Twp) 
969-4669 I 

Tamar Buildings Products Ltd, 3957 Walker rd (Sand E 
Township) 969-7060 

Tecumseh Builders Supplies Ltd, Tecumseh rd at Bonwell 

Torginol (Canada) 1963 ltd, 870 Ottawa 254-8667 

Woe Roofing 6 Construction Ltd, 3016 Walker rd (Sond 

E Twp) 254 6436 

White George E A Son Ltd, 200 Shepherd e 254-3238 

Windsor Builders Supply Ltd, 2595 Dougall av (Sand W 
Township) 252-0060 


2999 Grand Marais Road East, Phone 

(See also Halls) 

Adams Fred Bldg. 2243 Byng rd 
Alexander Bldg, 569 Ouellette av 
Arden Building, 1590 Ouellette ov 
Bank of Toronto Bldg, 586 Ouellette ov 
Bart let Bldg, 76 University av w 
Bates Block, 1759 Wyandotte • 

Board of Education Bldg. 451 Park w 
Burnside Block. 1569-77 Tecumseh blvd e 
Canada Bldg, 374 Ouellette av 
Canada Trust Bldg. 176 University av w 
Canadian Bank of Commerce Chambers, 100 Ouellette 

Capitol Theatre Bldg, 315 Pelissier 

City Hall, City Hall sq 

City Market Bldg. 255-287 Pitt e 

Concord Bldg. 1015 University av w 

Coral Bldg, 703-717 Ouellette av 

County Registry Office, 356 Brock 

De Mers Block, 4774-4778 Wyandotte e 

Detroit Realty Bldg, 437 Ouellette av 

Dominion Bank Chambers, 27 Riverside dr w 

Douglas Bldg, 15 Wyandotte e 

Dowler Bldg, 55 Riverside dr w 

E & L Building, 170 A 172 Ouellette av 

Equity Chambers, 52 Chatham w 

Essex Building, 108 McDougall 

Essex County Court House, 245 Windsor av 

Essex County Offices, 3277 Sandwich 

Exchange Building, 157 University av w 

Farrow Building, 747 Huron Line 

Federal Building, 185 Ouellette av 

Ford Motor Bldg, s s Wyandotte e near Drouillard rd 
and n » Wyandotte • 

Guaranty Trust Bldg. 305 Victoria av 
Imperiol Bank Building, 1586 Wyandotte e 
Imperial Bonk Chambers, 44 University ov w 
Imperial Block. 1922 Wyandotte e 
King Bldg. 356 Ousllette av 
laing Bldg, 137 Ouellette av 
loikes Building, 471 Ouellette av 
Lynn Bldg. 573-583 Partington av 
Moccabees Mutual Life Building, 1120 Ouellette av 
Medicol Arts Building, 1011 Ouellette av 
Medical Centre The, 1428 Ouellette av 
Medi-Court, 1466 Ouellette av 
Morris Building, 302 Ouellette av 
Municipal Courts Building, City Hall sq 
Murray Bldg. 182 Pitt w 
National Life Building, 830 Ouellette ov 
Palace Theatre Bldg, 332 Ouellette ov 
Paramount Bldg. 325-327 Ouellette av 
Pork Bldg. 29 Park w 
Parker Bldg. 29 Giles blvd w 
Pascoo Bldg, 507-519 Ouellette ov 
Peabody Bldg, 256 258 Chilver rd and 1827-1857 
Riverside drive e 
Pickard Bldg, 618 Lincoln rd 
Police Bldg, 135 Park e 
Poole Bldg, 121 Wyandotte w 
Professional Court Bldg. 1522 Ouellette av 
Provincial Bank Bldg. 312 Victoria av and 2776 

Riverside Medical Arts. 3225 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Riverside Medical Dental Bldg. 2629 Wyandotte 


Rose Bldg, 744 Ouellette ov 

Royal Theatre Block, 3391-3399 Sandwich 

Security Bldg. 261-293 Petissier 

Smith Bldg, 35 Riverside dr m 

Social Service Building, 755 Louis av 253-6345 

Star Annex Bldg, 181 Ferry 

Star Bldg, 167 Ferry 

Stiller Foleon Bldg. 248 Pelissier 

Strathcona Block, 1958 Wyandotte • 

Teron Building. 1785 1789 Walker rd 
Thompson Block. 152 Pit* w 
Tucson Block. 1323-1393 Tecumseh blvd e 
Universal Building, 44 Wyandotte e 
Walker Power Bldg. The, 315-325 Devonshire rd 
Webb Bldg, 1625 1647 Tecumseh blvd e 
White Building, 111 Riverside dr w 
Windermere Block, 1658-1698 Tecumseh blvd • 


Federol Property Protection Co Ltd, 1579 Wyandotte e 


Eastern Canadian Greyhound lines Ltd, 301 Chatham e 
256-5644 and 44 University ov e 254-7575 
Sandwich West Bus Lines, 2510 Ouellette av (Sand W 
Twp) 256-4328 

Sandwich, Windsor A Amherstburg Roilway Co, 1570 
Kildore rd 254-9221 

Skinner School Bus Line ltd, 301 Chatham e 256-6455 
Sun Parlor Chorterwoys, 301 Chatham e 256-6455 


McBce Company (Div of Royal McBce (Con) ltd), 1629 
Tecumseh blvd e 253-7382 
Moore Business Forms Ltd, 52 Chatham w 252 8353 
Unique Business Equipment System, 149 Patrice dr 
(Riverside) 945-7151 

Visirecord of Canada Ltd, 504 Victoria av 254-2436 


Addressogroph-Multigraph of Can Ltd, 504 Victoria av 

Burroughs Business Machines Ltd, 1476 Ouellette av 
254-7595 and 804 McDougall 254-7563 

Doidge Business Machines Ltd, 1185 Tecumseh blvd e 

Hawkeswood V Business Machines, 2985 Longfellow av 
(Sond W Twp) 969-1371 

International Business Machines Co Ltd, 670 Ouellette av 

Minnesota Mining A Mfg of Canada Ltd, 2260 University 
ov w 256 0674 

SCM Canada Ltd, 151 Tecumseh blvd w 252-9896 

Superior Embossing, 1120 Ouellette av 252-2765 


Prime Beef Co, 1075 Crawford av 254-0891 


Acme Meat Market, 294 Pitt e 252-7851 
Ade's 3 Way Meat Market, 1993-95 Tccumieh blvd w 
(Sand W Twp) 256-8806 
Allan's Meat Market, 1477 Wyandotte e 254-4331 
Atlas Meat Market, 3199 Sandwich 252-0929 
Bolter's Meat Market, 309 Wyandotte w 254-2042 
Bradshaw's Norm Meat Market. 285 Pltl e 256-4815 


Classified, Yellow Page 9 










Windsor 252-77B1 
PHONE Dptroit WO. 5-6877 

Brook* Wing Meet Market. 2U6 University a* w 
254 1380 

Canodian Moo* Market. 265 Pitt • 236-1505 
Corl Butcher Shop & Groceries. 2625 Parent bhd (Bern 
Pk) 254 1395 

Chapman Br©*, 1130 Wyandotte e 253-4626 
Don't Meat Market. 3933 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand e Twpl 
948 2449 

Dougoll Meat Market. 849 Dougall ov 253-2293 
Gold Star Meot Market. 1693 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W 
Twp) 232 4875 

Harry's Meat Marpet, 287 Pitt e 252-1700 
Howieton Meot Market. 409 Shepherd w 252-1713 and 
2120 Wyandotte w 254.2152 
Ingram’* Meot Market, 2831 Dougall or (Sand W Twp) 
969 6460 

James Wm & Son 1686 Wyandotte e 234 6225 
Kline « Meot Market. 700 Brock 23^7391 
Krigel t Meot Market. 473 Wyondotte e 252-6633 
Lopatin's Kother Meot 327 Wyandotte e 256 1826 
Majer't Meot Market. 4619 Tecumseh bled e 'Sand f 
Twp) 943 3042 

Modern Meot Market, 1034 Droullkrrd rd 252-4074 
Montreal Meat Market. 870 l»ie e 2534246 
Penman'* Meot. 257 Pitt e 232-2533 
Robertson’* Morket 4770 Wyandotte e 943-9361 
Schwab'* Meat Prodvcl* ltd, 3690 Sondwlch 254-6020 
Scott & Freeman. 3204 Sondwlch 253-6397 
Seminole Provision. 4409 Seminole 945-1221 
Smillie Meat*. 1412 WyandoMe e 232 4141 
Stedman'i Meal*, 1584 Tecumteh bhrd e 252-2461 
Superior Meot Market 265 Pitt e 253 8946 
Taylor* Market. 1220 Wyondotte (R'Stde) 945 1131 
Toth * Meot Market. 287 Pitt « 234-6052 
University Meat Market. 1463 University av w 253-2065 
Western Meot & Grocery, 1286 Weilcott rd 945-9561 
We*trrn Meat Market, 1126 langloh ov 


Berkel Product* Co ltd. 699 longloU ov 254-7111 


Universal Button Co of Canada ltd. 1076 Wolker rd 
234 8651 


Al * Woodworking ltd. 3224 Wolker rd (Sand E Twp) 
256 3221 

B & l Cabinet Makers, 1283 Erie e 252-8970 
Bottoset M A Son. 2960 longlois av (Rem Pk> 253 1050 
Bruno’s Woodcraft, 3243 Sondwich 256-4412 
Casta Co ltd, 135 Erie e 254 9825 
Dayton Mfg Co ltd. 815 Sydney av (Sond E Twp) 
252 1101 

Dominion Cabinet Makers. 2347 Pillette rd (Sond E Twp) 

Emond J l Cabinet Moker. 961 St Luke rd 254 3526 and 
2322 George ov (Sond E Twp) 945-5538 
Essex Cabinet Makers (Ont) Ltd. 280 Eugenie (Sand W 
Twp, 252-7224 

Fontano Commercial Designs Ltd. 4069 Huron Line (Sand 
W Twp) 969 2722 

Ingrom Mae. 910 E C Raw ov <Sond E Twp) 252-8103 
Joe’s Woodcraft, s s Todd rd Sand W Twp) 969-6277 
Ontario Cabinet Makers Windsor). 686 E C Row ov 
(Sond E Twp) 232 1351 

Taylor Cobinet & Woodwork. 1545 University av w 
252 9076 

Trend Mill work & Cobinet ltd, 208 Edinborough (Sond 
W Twp) 252 2719 


Alex's Carpets, 1392 Wyandotte e 256 7051 
L & M Carpet Contractor*. 241 GrouiOard rd 252-8011 

Morris Carpet Cleoning. 830 Giles blvd e 252 1813 
Mussolum Rug & Venetian Blind Cleaners. 1715-1721 
University av w 253-3870 

Renovator Manufacturing Co, 625 BartJet dr (Sand W 
Twp) 969 1507 

Star Rug Cleaning Co. 1856 George ov 945-7191 


ABC Corpet Service, 340 Bridge av 253-8739 


Adelmon's Department Store ltd, 61 Riverside dr e 
234 2581 

Advance Floor & Wall Covering Distributor* Ltd, 2553 
McDovgall (Sand W Twp) 236 5462 
Canodian Carpet Mills. 429 Wyandotte e 256-2018 
Hi Neighbour Floor Covering Co ltd, 257 Wyondotte e 


Hucker Brei Ltd. 1489 Ouellette ov 252-8305 
Nodolin Sales ltd. 192 Tecumseh blvd e 252-7215 
Pretsello's Ltd. 5168 Tecumteh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
945 4224 

Sivodjian Paul Ltd. 766 Ouellette av 233 6337 
Strodwtck's Ltd. 4121 Huron line (Sand W Twp) 
969 2526 

Tile Town. 3150 Wolker rd (Sond E Twp) 252 6861 


Anker Cash Register. 414 Tecumteh blvd e 252 8401 
Notional Cosh Regiiter Co of Conado ltd, 1591 Ouellette 
ov 256 7837 


Lincoln Coikets (Div of Sterling Caskets. Toronto). 3129 
Marentette ov (Sand E Twp) 253-5525 


Jack's Coloring, (rear) 1632 Tecumteh blvd e 253 9256 
Kentucky Fried Chicken Delivery, 2163 Wellesley 


lamoureux Sales Ca, 642 Chltver rd 253-1534 
Metro Windsor Catering. 786 Wllllomt (Rem Pk) 256-9841 


Riverside Drive last. Phone 232-7241 
(See adv Front Cover) 


Assumption Cemetery, cor Huron line and Wyondotte w 
Greenlown Memorial Gordent (office). 516 Ouellette ov 
253 3521 

Jewish Cemetery, 2650 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

Our lady of the loke (RC) Cemetery, e » Cadi Hoc, after 

St Alphonsus Cemetery, e » Howard ov, cor Allendale 
Victoria Memorial Assn ltd. 267 Pel»s*»er 233 6742 
Windsor Grove Cemetery, 455 Giles blvd e 254-1210 


Gilbert Septic Tank Cleaning & Toilet Rental, 642 
William* (Rem Pk) 256-0709 
Sondwich Ea*t Septic Tank*. 2707 Pillette rd {Sand E 
Twp) 945 3344 

Smith'* Sanitation Ltd, 3560 Samirtole 254-0127 


Ace Chair Rental, 1055 Dougall av 232 3309 
Rent All Company. 2894 University ov w 254-7300 


Canada Building, 374 Ouallatto Avenue, 
Phone 252-2735 (See card Accountants 
and Auditors) 


Amchem Product* Incorporated. 2224 Wolker rd 
252 7737 

Arndt Palmer laborotorie* of Conado Ltd, 1005 Walker 
rd 254-4378 

Holland Chemical* ltd, 403 Windermere rd 253-8419 
lowroton $ F & Co Ltd, 1335 Kildare rd 253-6361 
Mercury Chemical Co ltd, 1003 Walker rd 254 4378 
Rex Chemicolt (Conoda) ltd, 1005 Wolker rd 254-4541 
Roy Chemkol* & Soles. 403 Windermere rd 233 8419 
Superior Chemical, 504 Victoria ov 256-8375 
VI. Chemkol (Windsor) Ltd. 1057 Felix ov 253 2144 
We»tern Solvent* 6 Chemical* of Conado ltd. 1454 
Crawford ov 752 0933 


Jomieson C E A Co (Dominion) ltd, 414 Riverside dr w 
253 4619 

Kleon ex Co, 2172 McDougoll 254-4461 
Purify Bleoch Co. 1321 Longlois ov 253 7033 
Splendor Bleach Co, 1351 Francois rd 948 2853 
Steril Products. 1617 Turner rd 253 6234 
Wyeth John & 6»o (Conoda) ltd. 2109-39 Ottawa 
256 4961 


Dot 6 Pom's Children's Wear. 1424 Wyondotte e 
Sport ex Sportswear Mfg Co, 881 Erie e 234-6069 


Better Shop The, 4393 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand I Twp) 
945 1661 

Children's Style & Fashion Shoppe. 1251 Ottawa 


Dorothy's Young World Fashions, 180 Ouellette ov 
253-8192 ond 1399 Grand Morob rd w -Sond W 
Twp) 969 5570 

little Scots Ctote-Out Marl*. 20 Chatham e 253-3881 
and 1473 Ottawa 256 7966 

Rock A Bye Shop. 469 Pe!i*»ier 754-5306 

Schwltr Dorothy ltd, 180 Ouellette ov 253-8192 

Tot to Teens Toggery. 3120 Dougall ov (Sand W Twp! 
969 5010 


Matteit China Co, 2560 Kildare rd 252 7071 
Mmto A A Co. 1478 Wyondotte e 253 0973 


Ballard Basil A. 374 Ouellette av 253-7222 
Rosen Sidney, 369 Ouellette ov 254*2251 
Tolbert Richard J, 1039 Ouellette av 233 6031 




656 OUELLETTE AVE. - - PIIONE 254-51-tl 


Bluestone Soul, 586 Ouellette ov 256-7213 
D© Frone F J. 1196 Janrtte ov 253-8781 
Dunn Oswald, 1878 Ottowo 254*2489 
Harrison's Clinic. 1307 Pollstier 253-1047 
Morrison Isabel W, 1878 OHowo 254*2489 
Roth Harold W. 1404 Victoria ov 254-4532 
Smith Ernest G. 1029 Dougall ov 253-6041 


ChoroM© i R Ltd. 74 Chatham w 254-7571 
Fuchs Religious Goods (Can) Ltd, 736 Ouellette ov 
254 3289 

Parish Service Co of Can Ltd, 504 Victoria av 


(For names of Ministers see Alpha¬ 
betical Section) 


All Saints, City Holl Square 253-8001 
Church of the Ascension, 1385 University av w 256-4341 
St Aidan's, 605 Wyandotte (R'Side) 945-3771 
5» Barnabas, 2121 Chilvor rd 254-3584 
St David's Anglican Churcfi, s s Foster av (Sand E Twp) 
Si George. 1949 Devonshire Court, 254 1834 
St James Anglican Church. 4276 Roseland dr e (Sand 
W Twp) 969*4472 

St John's. 3305 Sandwich 253 4824 
St Marks Church, 1636 Tecumseh blvd w 256-7081 
St Mory's.2003 St Mary's Gate 252 4763 
St Matthews, n s Norfolk (Sand W Twp) 969-1510 
St Michael & All Angels Church, 4125 Jerome (R'Side) 
948 2111 

St Paul's Anglican Church of Canada, 1561 Ouellette 
av 254-3601 

St Peter's Anglican Church, 1994 Ellrose av 948-4612 
St Philip's Church, w s Chappell ov 256-6881 


Bethel Baptist Church, 1240 Pierre av 
Campbell Baptist Church, 1821 Wyandott- w 254 3638 
Emmanuel Baptist Church, before 3795 Woodward blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

First, 710 Mercer 

First Roumanian Baptist Church, 1680 Drouillard rd 
Grace Baptist Church, 3150 Tecumseh blvd e 948 0846 
Nobles Memorial Baptist Church, n s Third Concession 
rd (Sand W Twp) 969-8660 
Olivet Baptist Church, 579 logon av 
Riverside Baptist Church. 2830 Wyandotte (R'Side) 
Roseland Baptist Church, 315 Cabana rd e (Sand W 

Sandwich First Baptist Church (Colored), 3652 Peter 
256 8182 

Tabsrnode Baptist Church, 3285 Manchester rd 256-8431 
Temple. 664 Victoria av 253-1641 
Wolkervill©. 1675 Cataroqui 256*1143 

(Christian Science) 

first Church of Christ Scientist, 114 Giles blvd w 


Jewish Synagogue. 1008 Hickory rd 
Shaor Hashomoyim Synagogue, 115 Giles blvd e 

Shoarey Zedek Synogogue, 610 Giles blvd e 256-0250 
Tempi© Beth El, 1600 Third Concession rd (Sand W Twp) 


Tint Lutheran Church, 160 Giles blvd w 253 8703 
Gethsemane Lutheran Church, s s Cabana rd w (Sand 
W Twp) 

Peace Lutheran Church, n s Tecumseh blvd e. cor Rossini 
blvd 945 1344 

St Marks Lutheran Church of Windsor. 2123 Parkwood 

Trinity Lutheran Church, 1215 Parent ov 254-1209 


Bethel Pentecostal Church, 510 University av w 254-8768 
Glad Tidings Tabernacle, 1604 Dougall av 
Good Shepherd Pentecostal Church, 2194 Howard ov 
Remington Park Tabernocle, 602 Charles (Rem Pk) 


Hungarian Presbyterian Church, 1566 Potent av 
Knox Church, before 2388 Wyandotte w 
Paulin Memorial Presbyterian Church, 3200 Woodland 
av (Sand W Twp) 969-8170 
Riverside, e s Esdrat pi (R'Side) 

St Andrew's, 405 Victoria av 252-6501 

(Roman Catholic) 

Assumption Church, 2775 University av w 253*2493 
Blessed Sacrament Church, 3710 King 
Christ The King Church, after 2920 Dominion blvd (Sand 
W Twp) 

Church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, 2879 Riverside 
dr e 253 4784 

Church of the Holy Name of Mary, 681 McEwan av 
Church of the Immaculate Conception, 621 Wyandotte e 
Holy Trinity, 1021 Ellis ov e 253 5863 
Most Precious Blood Church, 3270 Tecumseh blvd e 

Our Lady of Fatimo (RC) Church. 205 Elinor (R'Side) 

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, 834 Roymo rd 945-9292 
Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church, n s Counsineau rd 
(Sand W Twp) 969 1400 

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, n s Grand Marais 
rd (Rem Pk) 

Sacred Heart (RC) Church. 1125 Ottawa 253-2451 
St Alphonsus. 85 Park e 

St Angela Meric! (RC) Church, 700 Erie e 254 5542 
Ft Anne's, 2135 Richmond 
St Anthony's Church, 1493 Parent av 
St Caslmir Roman Catholic Church, 808 Marion ov 
256 9944 

St Christophers (RC) Church, 3335 Woodward blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 969-2731 
St Clare's 166 Tecumseh blvd w 254*1212 
St Cyril and Methodius Church, 1532 Alexis rd 945-7063 
St Francis of Assisi (RC) Church, 1479 Albert rd 

St Gabriel, 1400 Cabana rd w (Sand W Twp) 

St Jerome French Canadian Church, 3739 Ypres blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

St John Vianney Church, 155 Dieppe (R'Side) 

St Joseph's (RC) Church, 4258 Seminole 
St Martin de Porres (RC) Church, 1808 La Belle (Sand 
W Twp) 969 1824 

St Michael Slovok Greek Catholic Church, 2120 Byng rd 
St Michael's, 2153 Parkwood av 253 9163 
St Patrick's e s Partington av (Sand W Twp) 

St Paul Roman Cothoiic Church, w s Malden rd (Sand 
W Twp) 969 5566 

St Peter Roman Catholic Church, 903 Parent ov 
St Rose of lima Church, w t St Rose av (R'Side) 

5t Thrreso Church, 1991 Norman rd 945-4130 
St Vincent de Paul (RC) Church, 2003 Balfour blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 945 0867 

St Vladimir and Olga Ukrainian Catholic Church, w s 
Langlois ov 

(United Church of Canada) 

Calvary, 1099 University ov w 256-5818 
Central, 628-638 Ouellette av 253*2172 
Chalmers. 897 Windermere rd 254-2092 
Emmanuel, 1728 Lincoln rd 253-8971 
Giles Blvd. 795 Giles blvd e 

Glenwood. after 1657 Grand Marolt rd w (Sand W Twp) 

Lincoln Rd. 659 Lincoln rd 2534)828 

Riverside Church, w • Glidden ov (R'Side) 948-0423 

Roseland Churth, 3933 Howord av (Sand W Twp) 

St James Church, Remington av (Rem Pk) 

St John's, 1696 Cadillac 
St Poul's Church, 973 Pillette rd 
Sandwich Church, 3340 Sandwich 
Trinity Church, 1976 Tourongeau rd 
United Church of the First Born, 900 Mercer 
Victoria United Church, 2487 St Louis av (Sand 6 Twp) 
Walker Rood United Church, 3101 Riberdy rd (Sond E 
Twp) 252 9231 

Westminster, 1680 Dougall av 252-2453 

Apostolic Christian Church. 1195 Lillian 
Christian & Missionary Alliance Church, 706 Goyeau 
254 5980 

Church of All Nations, 1092 Goyeau and 1029 

Church of Christ, 405 Curry av 

Church of God. 3325 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 253-3402 
Church of Jesus Christ, The, n s Irvine ov cor Howard 

Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints, 834 Low* 
rence rd 

Church of the Nororene, 1108 Pellssier 
Free Hungarian Reformed Church, 1396 Elsmere av 
252 9994 

Full Gospel Tabernacle, 2425 Clemenceou blvd (Sand E 

German Mission Church of God, 1374 Benjamin 252 0866 
Giles Blvd Christian Dlciples Church. 130 Giles blvd • 

252 7332 

Gospel Hall. 644 Partington av 
Groce & Truth Hall, 702 Pierre av 

Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church. 1406 Drouillard 
rd 945 2862 

Hungarian Pentecostal Church of Christ, 1679 Parent av 

253 5038 

Kingdom Hall of Jehovoh's Witnesses, e s Howord av 
(Sand E Twp), 1219 Ottawa, 1368 Tecumseh blvd 
w and 4281 Wyandotte e 

Mount Zion Church of God In Christ, 795 McDougall 
Nativity Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1396 
Langlois av 

New Apostolic Church, after 715 Wyandotte (R'Side) 
New Community AME Church, 2133 Victoria av (Sand 
W Twp) 

Philadelphia Pentecostal Tabernacle. 580 Erie w 
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 
397 Pierre ov 

Riverside Evangel Tabernacle, after 2300 Wyandotte 

Roumanian Greek Orthodox Church, 2859 Semino'e 
St George's Roumanian Orthodox Cathedral, 1960 
Tecumseh blvd e 253*9333 
St John The D : vine 1094 Drouillard rd 256-7972 
St Luke in the Fields Church, e • Lillian (Rem Pk) 

St Vlodimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 2000 Tecum¬ 
seh blvd e 254-8067 

Salvation Army Citadel, 566 Hildegarde (Rem Pk"' 275 
Victoria ov 252-2601, 770 Partington av. 2095 
Ottawa 254-7853 and 860 Pillette rd 945 1306 
Sandwich Full Gospel Tabernacle, 3255 Sandwich 
Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church, after 1960 MeSdrum 
rd 945 8555 

Seventh Dav Adventist Church, 909 Mov ov 
Tanner A .ME Church, 733 McDougall 254-6649 
Turner Road Gosoel Chapel, e I Turner rd, cor Tecumseh 
blvd e 252-583! 

Ukrainian Evangelic Baptist Church, 1059 Albert rd 


Russian Ukrainian Pentecostal Mission, 2650 Tecumseh 
blvd e 


Morton Tobacco ltd, 2744 Ontario 254-8611 
Murphy Tobacco ltd. 656 University av w 253-A351 
Wlckens Tobacco Ltd, 400 Tecumseh blvd w 253-5283 

Classified, Yellow Page 11 


Conadion National Institute for the Blind Smoke Shop. 

374 Ouellette a* 256 1723 
Ceman't Ggor Stoie. 1698 Wyondotte • 
leons Cigar Store, 39 Pitt e 253 0325 
McArthur Irk. 176 University ov w 
Norton-Palmer Smoke & Gift Shop. 100 Pork west 
233 5760 

Ortawo Cigar 8. Gift Shop. 1317 Hall ov 254 7874 
United Cigar Stores IPor list see Alphabetical Section) 



Publishers of City Directories for . . . 


Head Office: 


Telephone IMpire 4-14ft 


Armstrong C G Russell. Room 317, Bartlet Building, 76 
University Avenue West, Phone 253-6311 


Refractories Engineering Supplies ltd. 1250 Oroulllord 
rood 254 7873 


AH irHe Dry Cleaners ltd. 2843 Dovgoll ov (Sand W 
Township) 969 7755 

Argo Cleaners. 2570 Howord ov (R Pork) 252-1147 
Blondle Cleaners, 909 Riverside dr e 254-4364 
Bookwin Cleaners. 1654 1664 Wyandotte w 253 3052 
Bridge View Cleaners. 2101 Tecvmseh blvd w (Sand W 
Township) 254-9246 
Chez-Aleete, 1443 Wyondotte (R’Side) 

De lone Cleaners & Dyers. 928 Erie e 253-8335 
Dollar Cleaners. 1540 Ottawa 
Famous Cleaners, 816 Hanno e 254-9777 
Ford Cold Storage g Dry Cleaners ltd. 468 University 
ovenue w 254-9201 (Far branches see Alphabetical 

Forest Cleoners (Windsor' ltd 101 Erie e 253-3581 
and 2823 Howard a* fSond W Twp) 253 3582 
Fournier's Dry Cleaners, 415 Shepherd w 254-6154 
Guarantee Cleaners, 533 Riverside dr e 256 2601 
I X l Cleaners ltd. 1409 Tecumseh blvd e 256-3426 
Jeffrey Cleaners. 656 Pitt w 253 2416 
Jewel Cleaners. 3163 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
945 6771 

lido Cleaners, Tailors 6 Shirt launder•*», 1022 Wyon¬ 
dotte west 254-8122 

Master Cleaners (Windsor) ltd, 1249 Grand Maroll rd 
west : Sand W Twp) 969-3570 and 1081 Ottawa 
253 6335 

Modern Cleaners, 801 loui* ov 

Peerless Wofkervltle Cleaners. 1117 Tecumseh blvd e 

Prim Cleaners, 1501 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 
253 6317 

783 Wyandotte Street lost. Phone 

254-1176, Branches: K-Mart, Plaza, 

Dorwin Plaza, Ambassador Plaza, Gate¬ 
way Plaza 

Rieerside Cleoners. 1305 Wyandotte (R'Side) 945 2112 
Riverside Coin Operoted Dry Cleaners. 3313 Wyandotte 

Shamrock Cleaners. 3174 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 
252 9216 and 2055 Wyondotte w 
South Windsor Westinghouie Automatic Dry Cleoners, 
2955 Dougoll ov (Sand W Twp) 969-8940 
Spencer Cleaners, 2861 2863 Charles 252 7624 
Spic ond Span Cleaners g Launderers (For list see 
Alphabetical Sectron) 

Spotless Cleaners, 3905 Seminole 945 6357 (For R»t 
of brooches see Alphabetical Section) 

Superior Cleaners, 6058 Tecumseh blvd • (Sand E Twp) 
945 6377 ond 1718 Wyondotte e 256 8874 
Vet’s Cleaners, 577 Pefislier 
Vet s Dry Cleaners, 704 Felix ov 256 5485 
Warren The Cleaner t»d, 464 Crawford av 254-8377 
White Cleaners g launderers. 1620 Ottawa (For list 
of branches see Alphabetical Section) 


Dace Industries ltd. 504 Victoria av 256-4762 


Amway Products, 1684 Drowillard rd 948-1007 
Benchmark Conada ltd. 504 Victoria ov 254 4161 
Dustbane Products. 1945 Wyandotte e 254-7288 
San-O Matk Mfg Co. 910 Erie e 256 3434 
Sopotlne Co ltd. 1629 Tecumseh blvd e 256-7879 
Sparkle Products (Windsor) ltd. 2925 Charles 252-3200 


Horrocks J A Co, 704 Wyondotte e 254 2781 
Jumbo Bleoch Co. 718 Marentette ov 252-1631 


Gvitan Dental Clink. 1509 Ottowo 252-5008 
Hett Cancer Treatment g Research Foundation. 1441 
Riverside dr e 252-2122 
Meharry Clinic, 2095 Wyandotte w 256-4901 
Memorial CKnIc, 1489 Prince rd 


Armoly Gown g Supply. 2987 Donnelly 254 8858 
Bridal Rental Service. 1043 Janette av 252 5)12 


Berger’s Harvey Family Store. 45 Pitt e 253-9121 
Harold's Outfitters. 940-942 Drouillord id 253-1226 
Jaeger House. 423 Ouellette av 254-6439 
Kokor's Clothing & Parcel Service. 1570 Wyandotte e 
253 0849 

laird Ed, 423 Ouellette ov 254 6439 
McConce English Shop. 325 Ouellette ov 253*6151 
Morris Mond. 4661 Wyondotte e 94*8139 
Solvation Army Thrift Store. 341 Chatham e 253-6359 
ond 1084 Drouillord rd 252-8211 
Sable Ralph. 1230 Hall av 253-5015 
Uniform Centre, 324 Pelissier 256*9364 
Western Clothiers, 104-122 Chatham w 254 9022 
Wejtod ltd 104 122 Chatham w 254-9022 
Woolson's Horry ladies' g Men's Wear, 2451 Dougall 
avenue (Sand W Twp) 252-4610 


Airforce Club of Windsor. 8r 364, Royal Condn Legion. 

437 Erie e 252-9436 
Alono Club. 447 Pin e 254 2348 

Army, Navy and Airfoce Veterans Chib (Unit 30), 1014 
Tecvmseh blvd e 253-0518 

Booster Club, 701 Edinborough (Rem Pk) 

Border Cities Polish Canadion Club, 1530 longlois av 
253 0263 

Cobolo Club, 2175 Porent ov 252-1510 
Canadion Romonion Bucovina Club. 3690 Seminole 
Canadian Siovanian Club. 84B South Pacific avenue 
(R Pork) 

Chrymofo Men’s Club. 2330 2334 McDougall 233 0065 
Club Alouette Windsor. 2418 Centro! ov (Sand E Twp) 
945 1189 

El Oroggo's Hot Rod Club, 3188 Walker rd (Sand E 
Township) 252-0922 

Essex County Automobile Club. 1215 Ouellette avenue 
256 2625, Anne* 1243 Ouellette ov 253 1986 
French Canodian Gub, 1253 1261 Wyondotte east 
253 6800 

Harbour lights Yacht Club ltd. 67 Riverside dr east 

Hungarian Club. 812 820 Oltowo 253 0486 
May Court Club, 1122 Wyondotte e 256-1373 
Othmor Grotto. 1730 Wyondotte e 253-0578 
Pohth People Home Assn, 1275 longlois ov 
Polish Veterans Club. 1052 Longlois ov 253 0410 
Riverside Sportsmen's Club. 6001 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Rose land Golf Club, 455 Kennedy dr n (Sand W Twp) 
969 3810 

Rotary Club of Windsor, 380 384 Ouellette av 253-1859 
Skyline Club ltd. 175 Riverside dr w 
South Shore Club of Windsor, 663 Ouellette av 
Teutonia Club s s Edinborough -Sand W Twp) 254-4286 
University Club of Windsor. 317 Sunset ov 
Upper Conoda light Cor Club. 692 Bruce av 252 9047 
War Pensioners of Conada. 493 University avenue w 
253 0521 

Windsor Chib, 384 Ouellette av 253 0377 
Windsor Curling Club, 2437 Central ov (Sond E Twp) 

Windsor Flying Club, s s Airport rd (Sond E Twp) 

969 1320 

Windsor Foreman's Club, 3450 Wyondotte e 945 9051 
Windsor lawn Bowling Club. 681 Church 
Windsor Men's Press Club. 83 Riverside dr w 253-0158 
Windsor Saxon Club 966 Wyondotte e 256-0054 
Windsor Sportsmen's Club, 2401 Dougall ov (Sand W 
Township) 254 0523 

Windsor Yocht Club. 4500 Riverside dr (R'Side) 945 9025 


Empire Hanna Cool Carp ltd. 3304 Russell 253-4694 
loke Erie Cool Co ltd. 365 Devonshire rd 253 5229 


Bell Fuels. 3158 College ov 253 8831 
Border Cities Coal Co. 3158 College ov 253 8831 
Confederation Coal g Coke lid. 3510 Russell 253 5214 
Consolidation Coal Co, foot of Prospect ov 969 6157 
Coulter Cool & Oil Co ltd. 1324 Windsor ov 253 4689 
Coulter & Sons (Windsor) lid. 1324 Windsor ovenue 
253 4689 

Diomond fuels of Windsor. 3158 College av 254 4391 
Mid Dominion fuels. 2414 Tecvmseh blvd e 254 3701 
Reoume fuels ltd. 1573 longlois ov 253 5289 
Sandwich Coal & Oil Co ltd. 3158 Collegs av 253-8831 
Snyder CHI Son Coal Co, 1564 Elsmere ov 254 1871 
Sterling Fuels ltd. 3565 Ru«.ell 256-4501 
Windsor Cool & Oil Co. 3158 College ov 253 8831 
Wright Cool g Oil Co, 3158 College av 253 8831 


Feyer Wm Coin Exchange. 167 Wyandotte e 252-8427 
Hoffman Al-x E. 840 University ov w 254-5140 
Windsor Coin Shop. 2161 Wyondotte w 253-7832 


GtUino Fred. 1130 Louis ov 

Collection Associates. 4776 Wyandotte e 945-2371 
Collection Service of Windsor. 27 Riverside dr w 

Finonclol Collection Agencies (Ont) ltd. 33 University av 
west 254 6444 

Hospital g Medical Audit Bureou, 33 University ov m 
254 6444 


























Famed For The Fine*! PRIME RIB ROAST BEEF 
We also Specialize in 7-Course ITALIAN DINNSRS — Choice of 6 BNTRBBS 



PHONE 254-3392 

Medical D ntal Credit 8ureau. 27 Riverside dr w 
256 3447 

Mutual Collection Service, 182 Pitt w 256-4041 
Physicians and Dentists Busmen Bureau Lid, 76 Uni¬ 
versity ovenue west 253-1137 
Record Credit & Collection Co Ltd, 76 University ov w 

Southwestern Credit Service Ltd, 1629 Tecumseh blvd 
east 252 0632 

Windsor Credit Bureau Ltd, 100 Ouellette ov 256-2311 
Yooom Ken W & Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette ov 252-2768 


Esse* Communications Ltd, 504 Victoria av 253-8024 
Windsor Communications Co. 736 Petissier 252-3124 


A K O Community Centre. 4270 Alice 945-9571 
Community Youth Centre, 750 Erie e 256 0123 
Jewish Community Centre, 1641 Ouellette av 254 7558 
Parent Avenue Community Centre. 2305 Parent ov 
254 7122 

Riverside Recreation & Memorial Center. 2205 Wyon- 
dotte (R'Side) 948-1811 


Riverside Drive East, Phone 252-7241 
(See adv Front Cover) 


Unit Precost Windsor Ltd, 3041 Howard ov (Sand W 
Township) 969-1870 

Woollatt Industries Ltd. 2999 Grand Marais rd e (Sand 
E Township) 945-6366 


Oriental Commerce Ltd, 1574 Lincoln rd 252 0241 


Ducharme Wholesale Confectionery. 4974 Tecumseh 
blvd east 945 0789 

Meitner and Co. 99 Eugenie (Sand W Twp) 256-5429 
Powers K W Wholesale Confectionery, 3446 Barrymore 
lone 253 6827 

Wolker'i Condiei, 574 Goyeou 253-2019 


A & 0 Confectionery, 1591 Drouitlord rd 
Adonac Confectionery & Dry Cleaning Depot, 927 
Campbell av 253 0568 

Ambassador Confectionery, 1745 Prince rd 253-8329 
Andy's Confectionery, 140 Glengarry av 253-7749 
Ann's Confectionery, 1191 Drouillard rd 
B & 8 Confectionery, 432 Park w 
Barlow's Confectionery, 1246 Shepherd e 253-0105 
Bill's Confectionery. 2705 Wyandotte (R'Side) 


Bouchard Confectionery, 3503 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 
Brewster Confectionery. 1279 Erie e 252-2373 
Bruno's Confectionery, 1090 92 Felix av 
Buchanan's Confectionery, 1108 California av 253-0589 
Constantino Goa, 1123 Wyandotto (R’Side) 

Corbin's Variey Store. 5151 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 
Township) 945-3172 

Courtesy Confectionery, 3150 Sandwich 254-1836 

I Crystal Dairy Bar. 3331 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
945 9036 

Cuddy's Confectionery, 188 Pitt w 256-9647 
Daber Confectionery. 734 Porent av 
Dal Parra Confectionery, 731 Erie e 256-9018 
Deep A Confectionery, 397 Chothom e 
Demic Variety, 896 Lincoln rd 256-7343 
Derno's Confectionery, 1037 Assumption 253-0576 
Doris Confectionery, 779 Cataroqui 256-0074 
Doris Confectionery. 1187 Erie w 256-6822 
Dorothy's Confectionery, 238 Erie e 
Dubensky Confectionery, 2838 Charles 
Dubiel’t Confectionery, 3277 Peter 254 2653 
Dubten Confectionery. 1107 Drouillard rd 256-8335 
Ducharme’s Confectionery & Variety, 3910 Franklin 
945 9887 

Eos! Windsor Confectionery. 2925 Riverside dr east 

Economy Confectionery. 808 Ottawa 254-9822 
Elliott Confectionery, 565 Elliott w 
Eugene's Confectionery. 815 Ellis ov e 
Evetln's Variety Store, 448 Tecumseh blvd e 253-0553 
Fischer Confectionery. 262 Church 256-0774 
Fournier's Confectionery, 415 Shepherd w 254-6154 
Fo*'s Dairy Bar. 3143 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 256-0264 
Fraser's Dairy Bor, 1500 Pillette rd 945-9011 
Gardner Confectionery, 1464 Niagaro 256-9043 
George's Confectionery, 2482 Tecumseh blvd e 945-9851 
Gizella Confectionery, 1860 Drouiliord rd 
Hoge Mary Confectionery. 570 Pitt w 252-1324 
Helen's Confectionery, 824 University ov e 254-8784 
Hickmott Confectionery, 858 Bruce av 
Honest G orge Confectionery, 364 Bridge av 254-2120 
Howard Confectionery, 897 Howard av 
Jack's Corner Store, 1198 Monmouth av 253-2905 
Joe's Confectionery, 1677 Albert rd 
Jo 's Confectionery. 1459 Assumption 
Joe's Confectionery, 1500 Gladstone ov 
John's Confectionery, 1806 Wyandotte w 254-9375 
Jos Confectionery. 833 Albert rd 252-4678 
Joseph s Confectionery. 303 Marentette ov 253 0476 
Khoury Confectionery. 851 University av w 225-3835 
Laura Secord Candy Shops, 388 and 581 Ouellette av, 
1285 Ottowa and 2451 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 
Linda Lee Dairy Bor, 1598 Tecumseh blvd e 254 7860 
lucky Spot Confectionery, 4297 Wyandotte e 945-9079 
Lucy's Confectionery. 1402 Wyandotte w 254-9604 
luko's Confectionery. 2874 Charles 
Maple Leaf Confectionery, 1707 Albert rd 
Marie's Confectionery, 3560 Peter 253-5509 
Marie's Confectionery. 4639 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 
Township) 945 3661 

Martineau Confectionery & Variety. 801 Bridge av 
254 2463 

Mary & Dorsey, 1462 Drouillard rd 

Mayfair Confectionery, 2503 Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 
948 2271 

McCrae Confectionery, 1802 George av 
McNeil Confectionery & Grocery, 3560 Walker rd (Sand 
E Township) 

Mircos Jos, 1370 Tecumseh blvd w 
Morris Frank O. 698 Alexandrine (R Park! 

Murray's Confectionery. 1695 Arthur rd 945-1383 
Nitby Confectionery. 1100 Erie e 253-4734 
Paris Confectionery. 398 Chilver rd 252-4314 
Parkview Confectionery, 1041 Ottawa 
Porkwov Confectionery. 1494 Wyandotte w 
Pool's Store, 61 Shepherd e 253-8232 
Paul's Variety, 1398 Ottawa 
Peerless Dairy Stores, 1801 Wyandotte t 252-4574 
Peter's Soda Bar. 812 Pillette rd 945-9067 
Primo Confectionery, 1783 Benjamin ov 252-0561 
Rondolph Confection try, 2195 Wyandotte w 
Robie s Confectionery. 1244 Wyandotte e 256-8014 
Roland's Confectionery, 1411 University ov w 
Rose Confectionery. 4195 Seminole 948-3325 
Rossini Dairy Bor, 4249 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
945 0149 

Rossit Confectionery, 494 Aylmer av 256-7744 
Royal Confectionery, 1010 Campbell ov 
Saad's Confectionery, 698 Langlois av 252-1359 

St Louis Confectionery. 2433 St Louis ov (Sond E Twp) 
945 4452 

Shady’s General Store. 333 Dougall square (Sand W 
Township) 969 2380 

Steve's Confectionery, 1361 Drouillard rd 
Steve's Confectionery, 2534 Seminole 
Steve's Confectionery, 273 Wyandotte w 253-0159 
Stop Inn Confectionery. 2783 Howard ov (Sand W Twp) 
256 0151 

Sun Parlour Hondi Shoppe, 212 Erie w 256-0133 
Teresa's Confectionery, 1109 Tecumseh blvd e 
Thomas Confectionary, 1629 Porent av 253-3205 
Tops Dairy Bar, 1301 Grand Marois rd w (Sand W Twp) 
969 7261 

Velvet Dairy Bar, 1646 Wyandotte e 253-0183 
Veteran's Confectionery, 880 Tecumseh blvd e 
Walter's Confectionery, 1095 Partington av 
Wei's Candies, 157 Erie e 253-0035 
Wyandotte News & Confections, 1292 Wyandotte e 


Italy Vice-Consulate of, 374 Ouellette ov 254-9621 
United States Consulate, 176 University av w 253-4651 


Freedman Ann (Income Tox), 134 Wyondotte e 252-5797 
Hruden Scientific Co (laboratory supplies). 2266 Janette 
ovenue (Sand W Twp) 252-3822 
International Tax Services Ltd (Income Tax), 1201 
University av w 252-8385 

Jo Mar Enterprises Ltd, (entertainment), 52 Chatham w 

Mercer Wm M Ltd, (Pension Pion), 267 Peltssier 256-3483 
Merker H & Associates (management). 76 University ov 
west 254-9256 

Ramm Norman (business). 1560 Howard av 254-2501 
Seven Four Seven ltd, (management), 747 Huron line 
While, Sydney W (Management), 374 Ouellette ovenue 
254 3739 


Adan Construction ltd, 360 Westchester dr (R'Side) 
948 2341 

Allan L McGill ltd. 361 Joffre pi 254-4265 
Ascon Construction ltd, 4051 Huron line (Sand W Twp) 

Bailey F R & Son. 2366 Gladstone av 254-1912 
Bastien J E Builders (Windsor) Ltd. 544 Tournter 
254 9008 

Belanger Ray Contractor, 5066 McDonald ct (Sand E 
Township) 945-3731 

Biltwel Construction (Windsor) Ltd. 445 lauzon road 
(R'Side) 945-1169 

Bolohon Construction ltd, 499 Frank avenue (R'Side) 

Braithwoite J W Industries ltd. 700 Wellington ov 

Buttery Construction Ltd. w s Huron Line (Sand W 
Twp) 969-5260 

Buxzelli Angelo, 978 langlois ov 256-4034 
Cabot Construction. 2848 Howard av (R Park) 256-4420 
ContaruttS Bros, 1285 Marentette av 252 8680 
Capitol 8uilding Industries Ltd. 33 University av west 

252- 4456 

Capitol Quality Homes ltd, 280 Eugenie (Sand W Twp) 

253- 7491 and 33 University av w 252-4456 
Collavino Bros Construction Co Ltd, 525 lauzon rd 

(R'Side) 945-1129 

Corrent Dominic, 1435 Partington ov (Sand W Twp) 

254- 9590 

Cunningham-Limp Ltd. 417 Pelfittier 253-4661 
Damien Construction, 1341 Elsmere av 252-4556 
D'Amore Construction (Windsor) ltd, 2501 Ouellette ov 
(Sand W Twp) 253 8814 

Classified, Yellow Page 13 




252-5711 - 1969 WYANDOTTE EAST 

Detlo Construction Co. 373 Home doll blvd (B'Side) 

943 0355 

Deluca Bros. 1542 St Patrick* dr ive (Sand W Twp) 

De Santi Brut* Cooltoedng Co ltd. 933 longlois ovenue 
254 1600 

Dot Oiompt Construction ltd, 2321 Chorl (Sand W 
Township) 256 2791 

Ditmon Construction ltd, 2325 McDougoll (Sand W 
TowntMp) 234 2379 

Dry (to Gonofol Contractor*, 2423 Mercer 253-9013 
DoeWotty Conttruction Co ltd, 2493 Buefcinghom drive 
Sand E Twp) 945 7663 

Do-ntnic Garage Builders. 814 trio • 232-4909 
E B ft Siding Specialist, 3138 Church (Sond W Twp) 

969 4604 

Eastern Conttruction Co ltd. 2573 Airport rd (Send E 969 4650 

Eng: Ihordt Jotef. 2510 Mark m (Sand W Twp) 969 6470 
Eure Conttruction Co ltd. 717 IWtnldt dr (B'Side) 

Pitch Fred 6 Co ltd. 2578 Dougoll ov (Sand W Twp) 

254 9219 

Fuller Gordon M Construction Co ltd. 1571 Mercer 
254 3435 

Fullerton W S Conttruction Co ltd 843 Central avenue 

Gillie Jomet D. 1604 Campbell ov (Sond W Twp) 

253 1745 

Glot Martin & Sont. 1595 Droulllord rd 945 8391 
Gosling O Conttruction ltd, 252 Matthew Brody blvd 
(B'Side) 945-8366 

Heod Conttruction & Supply Co ltd, 633 Tecum teh btvd 
west 254-5988 

itock Construction ltd, 15 loucon rd (B'Side) 948-6162 
Jonat Dick Construction. 341 St Merry't bird (B'Side) 

943 8610 

Kaufman W J C Co. 1130 Crawford a* 252 3830 
Kelso ? Lawrence, 1352 Gladstone ov 254-3819 
lanchn Conttruction Co, 70S Moy ov 254-7401 
Looring Conttruction Co ltd. 2130 South Pacific ov 
(Sand W Twp) 252 8371 

Lombardo A & Son ltd. 2998 Grand Moron rood east 
(Sond E Twp; 945 6301 

Mocleod Geo S. 178 St Paul ov (B'Side) 948 6117 
Malco Arlitom ltd. 2861 Wolker rd (Sand E Twp) 

233 8140 

known os Atlas Construction Co), BA IS 
Walkor Rood, (Sandwich East), Phono 
969-2190 and 969-2280 (So# adv Top 

Morro Joe Conttruction, 1570 Olive rd 
Meredith James M. 174 Villoire ov (B'Side) 945 3104 
Mtynt Conttruction Co. 2294 Byng rd 753 2378 
Mokantky 6 Son, 2464 Alexander ov (Sond W Twp) 
Moutteou Conttruction Co, 49 Foirview bird (B’Side) 

945 2869 

Murray Conttruction (Windtor) ltd. 3625 Wyandotte 
( B'Side) 945-1154 

Martin Tony A Co. 1516 Benjamin ov 252 4718 
Pyramid Commercial Project! ltd, 1564 Huron line 
(Sond W Twp) 2347651 

Quality Home Modernisation ltd. 1648 Wyondotte eat! 

Bivartide Conttruction B C Pruefer Co ltd. 85 lauton 
rood (B'Side) 945 2377 

Bonton Conttruction ltd, 545 Ouvllett# av 253 3266 
Sartori & Son Conttruction Co ltd. 2689 Parent blvd 
(Bern Pk) 252 5679 

Scofan Contractors Ltd. 7867 Turner rd (Sond E Twp) 

257 7777 

Security Conttruction ltd, 2110 South Pacific ov (Sond 
W Twp) 252-1111 

Stppel 6 Sippet Conttruction ltd. 270 Cabana rd eatt 
(Sond W Twp) 969 3930 

Sterling Conttruction Co ltd, 2494 Bivertide drive east i 

252 7241 

Tokocs J M Co. 2959 Skyline dr (Sond W Twp) 969-3133 
Triagle Contracting Co ltd, 1403 Dufferin pi 254 6001 
Tubaro J R 6 Son, 535 Dochorme (Sond S Twp) 

969 7521 

United Home Improvement Co ltd, 1160 Albert rood 

253 3760 

Von Hooren Conttruction. 1240 Monmouth rd 253-8170 
Wogner Felix F. 260 California ov 256 6260 
Winch Herbert & Son, 564 Windsor ov 232-3431 
Windtor Conttruction Co. 3023 Parkwood ov (Sand E 
Township) 254-5522 

Wontch Conttruction ltd. 2425 Bivertide dr (B'Side) 
945 1384 

Woodall Conttruction ltd. 1711 Walker rd 2567858 
Woodlown Conttruction ltd, 360 Westchetter dr (B'Side) 
948 2562 

Woollotl Conttruction ltd. 2999 Grond Marait rd e 
‘Sond E Twp) 945 6366 

Zonette T Conttruction, 2630 Curry ov (Sond W Twp) 
969 6150 


Cortete Cor pen try Co, 3241 Walker rd (Sond E Twp) 
254 5683 

Jlm't Woodwork Shop, 2958 Walker rd (Sond E Twp) 

loon i Repair. 287 Rankin av 256 7667 
Muclellon Joseph. 480 Charles (Rem Pk) 252 9387 
Motoro Brother*. 1400 Superior -Sand W Twp) 257 9136 
Reybroek Wm J, 441 Prodo pi (B'Side) 9457683 
San tin Anthony. 2447 Byng rd 253-1041 
Schlahetka Caspar, 683 Tecurmeh blvd e 


Bore! Bros Cement Contractors. 2903 Byng rd (Sand 
E Twp) 256 4757 

BaslU Cement Contractor. 3934 Rtberdy rd (Sond E 
Twp) 969 0880 

Carnevele Contractors. 3057 Parkwood av (Sond E Twp) 
254 9319 

Industrial Floors Co. 335 Eugenie (Sond W Twp) 

253 2610 

Petiotlo, II Vitloire ov (B’Side) 945-7757 
Boy & Sont (Windsor) ltd. 4343 Plea»ont pf 943 2678 
Santarotsa J A Sont. 1202 Grand Morois rd e CB Pork) 


AAA Electric, (rear) Howard ov 256 1266 
Canadian Comstock Co Ltd. 3057 Morontette av (Sond 
E Twp) 234 4393 

Central Electric. 210 Village ov (B Side) 9457907 
City Electric Service. 78 Erie w 253-4152 
Collint Electric Service, 3419 Wolker rd (Sond E Twp) 
969 2277 

Dotti Electric. 7090 Jefferton blvd (Sond E Twp) 

945 3223 

DeMert Electric ltd. 4776 Wyandotte e 945 6321 
Douglas Electric Co (Windsor) ltd. 3467 Sandwich 
234 8890 

Cbbinghoui Electric Ud. 1095 Crowford ov 753 9443 
Electric Heating of Windtor, 1557 Compbell ov (Sond W 
Township) 253 3583 

Furor H Electric ltd. 2240 Parkwood av 256 3998 
Oirard Arthur J. 2314 George av (Sand I Twp) 
Handbridge Electric ltd. 1250 Tecumteh blvd e 756 4591 
Harding Electric. 1798 Mork av (Sand W Twp) 256 7722 
Highway Electric, e s Huron line (Sand W Twp) 

Hid Edwin. 1163 Drouiflard rd 254 3837 
Horwood Electric. 974 Pfflette rd 945 4938 
Hughton Electric Contracting. 3174 Turner td (Sond E 
Townthlp) 234-5291 

Jolly & White ltd. 2367 Control av (Sand E Twp) 

945 4932 

leocock Electric. 2298 Huron line 'Sond W Twp) 

969 3211 

Monks Electric. 640 Chitver rd 252 4830 
Moore Electric ltd. 530 Walker rd 254 7591 
Morond Electric. 862 Walker rd 

Nor-Con Electric Co. 2815 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 
969 8369 

O Holterofl Electric. 3487 MuHord Court 2524095 
Pare Electric ltd, 912 Tecumteh blvd e 256-3147 
Piche Electric Service, 2860 Academy dr (Sond W Twp) 
969 6793 

Pithie Electric ltd, 7481 Howard av 256 4981 
Poirier Electric Co, 1238 Hanna e 257 1060 
Reowme Mormon P. 173 louion rd (B'Side) 945 3673 
Benoud Electric. 872 Marcntette ov 233 5739 
Rodion Industrial Electric ltd. 3426 Walker rd (Sand I 
Township) 969-5270 

Rostov Electric (Windsor) Ltd. 2378 Central ov (Sond ( 
Townthlp) 945-5757 

Schuix Engineering. 1233 Univeriity av w 256 8397 
Seaway Appliance Service. 9)4916 Erie e 252 9733 
Tucker Electric ltd, 2130 Wyandotte w 256 2391 
Univertol Repair Service, 1982 Balfour blvd (Sand E 
Township) 948-1661 

Veteran Contracting, 276 284 Wyondotte e 256-4947 
Whelpton Electric ltd. 1629 Turner rd 7564545 
Willoughby Boyle Electric. 551 Tu scar or a 253 6483 
Zeleney Electric Co, 606 Oak av 254-7900 


Boom Co (Canodo) ltd. 437 Ouellette ov 254-6433 
Myers N J Excavating Co, 76 louion rood (B'Side) 
945 5122 

Bocco Ferrero B Co Canada ltd. 437 Ouellette ov 
754 6433 

Smith Bros Excavating B Grading Co, (rear) 4533 Huron 
line (Sand W Twp) 754-3998 


Am-.ricon Floor Sanding Co, 1223 Wettcoff rd 

Armstrong Floor Service Co. 1025 Campbell av 
734 6843 

Bechard B Sont. 367 Lincoln rd 253 7014 
Chodwick Wm. 7352 Forest av 754 6604 
MocEuchern Gordon A ltd, 1443 Univertity avenue w 
256 5011 


Atlas Heating B Air Conditioning ltd, 1797 Benjumin 
756 3210 

Automatic Heating B Cooling Co. 729 Cataroqul 
252 7147 

Bud Home Heating, 2763 Dondurand blvd (Sond W 
Township) 969 6954 

Harold'* Heating Co ltd. 1351 Crawford ov 234 3777 
Huot Heating Contractor, 1638 North way (Son d W Twp) 
257 9798 

McIntyre Carl D Heating Service, 1769 Parent ov 
Morrit Heottng Co ltd. 4635 Wyondotte e 943-1321 
Parent E F 6 Sont. 4567 Wyandotte e 945-1161 


Ideal Insulating Co, 17)5 Drouitlard rd 945 948) 


EVN Contractors ltd, 1386 Beniamin ov 254 0495 


Cotogrande Otfeo. 1750 Eltmere ov 253 0858 
Elmo Construction Co. 2375 Chandler rd (Sond E Twp) 
943 8711 

Fosoa B Sons ltd. 271S Mork ov (Sond W Twp) 
f 969-6240 



Canada’s Largest Retail Lumber Dealer 

2324 WALKER ROAD - - PHONE 254-9271 

Morcocchio I A Son, 388 I 090 A ov 253 7636 
Moiotti John & Son, 661 Grond Marais rd e (Rom Pk) 


Noiclfa Modesto, 2337 Bernard rd (Sand E Twp) 

945 1973 

Pignont Hi Luigi, 2163 Howard or 253-8237 
Pupofello Bros Contraction e t Maiden rd (Sand W 
Township) 969-5070 

Wetzel F Custom Homn. 3621 Riverside <i» (R'Side) 
945 9607 


Ambassador Pointer* A Sondblowten. 825 Tecumteh 
boulevard w 753-7026 

Cart** Point Shop. 936 Tecumteh blvd w 254-6749 
Imperial Painting, 559 Oak av 256-3266 
Kaui Oecoroting, 242 Belleview av 252-3797 
Modern Decorator*. 2353 Cbondler rd (Sand E Twp) 
Nationol Painting A Oecoroting (Windtor) ltd, 725 
Wyandotte e 253-1715 

Nichollt A Nichollt ltd. 1872 Ottawa 253-6536 
Ontorio Painting A Decorating. 3550 Wyandotte e 
945 4578 

Phillip'* Painting, e s Malden rd (Sand W Twp) 

969 6607 

Price Richard. 3244 Church (Sand W Twp) 969 4480 
Production Pointing Co, 1650 longtoi* av 756-6389 
Ree* A Wealherbie. 970 Campbell av 252 0828 
Riverside Pointing A Decorating ltd, 1652 Tecumteh 
boulevard e 252 0628 

Roy A Huebert ltd, 1445 Tecumteh blvd e 256-3151 
Ruiiell Painting A Decorating Co ltd, 1049 Janette ov 
253 6653 

Smart Decorating Co, 3833 Howard ov (Sand W Twp) 
969 1470 

Windtor Pointing Contractor* ltd. 3790 Tecumteh blvd 
eatt 948-0729 


Borbetin T A Son* ltd, 1194 Hanna e 253-6371 
Bitutti Plaiterer. 3230 Turner rd (Sand E Twp) 256 2569 
Canada Flattering Co, 3449 Wolker rd 969 8610 
Capital Plottering Co. 422 JeHerton blvd (R'Side) 

Fitzpatrick Vernon J, 1435 Eliroto ov 945-3513 
Jonei Cecil l, 1445 Colifornio av (Sand W Twp) 

253 8208 

MocVoy C R Plastering Contractor, 3241 Elist rd (Sand 
E Twp) 252 2675 

McGregor J C ltd, 517 Suntet ov 254 2623 
R M Plastering, 2240 Froter ov 256-0965 
Revel! Plastering Contractors, 1212 Pierre av 252-1269 
Troup John M M ltd, 1790 Assumption 253-9501 
Troup Jo* A loin ltd, 3285 truer ov (Sand W Twp) 
969-4790 and 1 t Continental ov (Sand W Twp) 

Vendratco ltd Plastering Contractor. 3857 Ronald ov 
(Send S Twp) 969-0620 


Ace Plumbing Co. 639 Univertity av w 254-3952 
Brian Mac J ltd, 925 Crawford ov 254-5181 
Burrell Don Plumbing, 1251 Atkin ov 753-1336 
Control Plumbing A Heating Co ltd, (reor) 178 Janette 
avenue 253-5774 

Donitli C A Sons, 904 Wyandotte w 253 3324 
Eost End Plumbing A Healing, 2596 E C Row ov (Sand 
E Twp) 252-2208 

Esse* Sanitary Plumbing A Heating Co ltd, 2145 
Wyandotte w 256-0542 

Frank'* Plumbing A Heating, 1335 Elsmere ov 252-6050 
Gout Char let Plumbing A Heating, 854 Grand Marait 
road we*t (Sand W Twp) 969-8030 
Gitmoor Plumbing, 4069 Wyandotte e 945-6031 

Globe Plumbing, 1485 Mark ov (Sond W Twp) 253-7524 
Gradiner Plumbing A Heating. 2353 Alexii rd (Sand 
E Twp) 945-7721 

Green S M Plumbing A Heating, 346 Wettmintfer blvd 
(R'Side) 945 1436 

Hicks Plumbing A Heating Co ltd, 431 Shepherd west 


Hussey Plumbing A Heating. 2117 Forest ov 256 4569 
Ktarn Jeff ltd, 1200 University av w 253 4601 
Knowles Wm G, 2484 Princess ov (Sond E Twp) 

945 6188 

Matte's Plumbing A Heoting. 1793 Glendale ov (Sand 
E Twp) 948 2173 

McAlpine Malcolm, 445 Curry ov 254 0482 
McLeod Plumbing A Heoting. 2688 Howard av (Rem 
Pork) 253 1426 

Modern Plumbing A Heating, 466 Curry av 256-5153 
Reliable Plumbing A Heating, 1431 Mark av (Sand W 
Township) 252 4690 

Riverside Plumbing Contractors, 441 Jefferson blvd 
(R'Side) 945 4162 

Ross A Plumbing Co ltd, 1636 Tecumseh blvd east 
254 5011 

St Croix Plumbing A Heating Co, 2560 Alexandra ov 
(Sond W Twp) 969 8550 
Samson Plumbing, 2436 Pillette rd (Sond E Twp) 

948 3135 

Service Plumbing A Heating. 2034 Ottawa 256 0401 
Slot® T S A Son, 4120 Kennedy dr e (Sand W Twp) 

253 3447 

Standard Plumbing A Heating. 244 Redmere av (R'Side) 
945 3073 

Tighe Terry, 992 Partington ov 256*2212 
Wolkerville Plumbing Co ltd, 801 Lincoln rd 253-5216 
White Plumbing A Hroting Co ltd, 954 University ov w 

254 8688 


Riverside Drive last. Phone 252-7241 
(See odv Front Cover) 


Marentette Bros ltd. 3101 Howard ov (Sand W Twp) 
969 1700 

McIntosh Asphalt Paving Co ltd, 716 Matthew Brady 
blvd (R'Side) 948-3311 

Grand Marais Road last/ Phone 


Ace Roofing ltd, 1305 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 
252 4409 

Best Roofing Co, 144 Aylmer ov 253 7676 
Cope Roofing A Construction Ltd, 4117 Tecumteh blvd e 
(Sond E Twp) 945-236! 

Dayus F E Co ltd. 2479 Howard av 252-6581 
Malach Roofing A Flooring ltd. 2610 Pillette rd (Sand 
E Twp) 945 2373 

Matthew* Roofing Co. 700 Tecumteh blvd w 254-3206 
Meiker Feed A Roofing Co. 1250 Drouillard rd 254-4891 
Riverside Roofing ltd. 655 louzon rd (R'Side) 943 4263 
Teno'i Roofing, 3215 Tecumteh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Vito Roofing, 3146 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 256 7591 
Wetftide Roofing. 1872 Victoria av (Sand W Twp) 
969 5196 


A BC. Electric Sewer A Drain Service, 1868 Alexis rd 

City Wide Electric Eel Service. 504 Victoria ov 252-7858 I 

Electric Eel Sewer A Drain Service Ltd, 3560 Seminole 
948 2716 

Keyttone Controcton ltd, 2490 McDougoll (Sand W Twp) 

253 6365 

Paolatto Construction limited, 235 Eugenie (Sond W 

Twp) 253 2610 


Palazzi Bros, 3449 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 969-3941 


C l Rentals A Equipment Ltd, 341 Tecumteh blvd • 

Sun Equipment Co ltd, 2573 Airport rd (Sand E Twp) 
969 4669 

Woco Equipment Co (scaffolding), 2780 Howard av 
(Rem Pk) 256-1818 


Industrial A Machine Control Co, 1720 Longlolt av 
256 1411 


Christ The King Convent, 1346 Benjamin ov 252-6819 
Convent of Our lody of Charity of the Good Shepherd, 
3615 College av 

Grey Sitters Convent, 663 Marentette ov 253-3332 
Holy Name Convent, 3134 Peter 254 4836 
Infant Jetus Convent, 1394 Parent ov 254-1712 
St Joseph's House of Studies, 3020 Sandwich 254-3582 
Sisters of St Joseph. Holy Rosary Convent, 3975 River¬ 
side dr e 945 7464 


Canadian Mechanical Handling Systems ltd, 3110 
Marentette av (Sond E Twp) 256-1828 
Mclnnit Conveyors lid, 2500 Central ov (Sand E Twp) 
945 2341 

Sadler Conveyor A Equipment ltd, 504 Victoria av 
254 9276 

Sodler G W Co ltd, 504 Victoria ov 254-9276 


Northern Crane A Hoist Works Ltd, 1428 Argyle rd 




(established 1922) 

Official Custodians of Credit Gronters 
Pool of Information 

Consumer "Foctbilt" Credit Reports 
Personnel Reports 

PHONEi 256-2311 

Windsor Credit 8 ureou ltd, 100 Ouellette av 256-2311 

Classified, Yellow Poge 15 



Border Cities Co-Operotive Credit Union ltd, 1922 
Wyandotte • 253 M14 

Coisse Populoir® Sf Jeon-8optiste ltd, 1856 Drouiltoid rd 
945 8161 

Corpertteri (Windsor) Credit Union, 744 Ouellette ov 

255 8833 

Co'oured Community Credit Union, 188 Erie • 

Formco United (Windsor), 1060 DrouiUord rd 252-6953 
G.M.C Employee! (Windsor) Credit Union ltd 1948 
Ottowo 252-9377 

Motorco Employee* Plont One Credit Union ltd. 2211 
Howord ov 254-3393 

Motorco Employee* Plont Two Credit Umon ltd. 2480 
Tecumseh blvd e 945-8562 

Motorco Employee* Plont Three Credit Union ltd. 2255 
Codillor Sand e Twp) 945 6351 
Ontario Credit Union leogue. 1165 Tecumseh blvd e 
253 5255 

Printer* lndo*triol Credit Union. 182 Pitt w 256-6362 
S W A A Credit Union ltd. 1585 Kildare rd 252 8738 
Ukroinion (Windsor) Credit Union ltd. 1033 Ottowo 

256 2955 

Windsor Dominion Civil Servant* Credit Union ltd. 52 
Chatham w 252 7683 

Windsor Municipal Employee* Credit Union ltd, 755 
louls ov 252 0123 

Windsor Teachers Credit Union ltd, 1471 Tecumseh bUd 
e 2561155 


Tweed«e Shop The. 1239 Ottawa 2564433 


Monmouth Rood. Ice Cream Department, | 
Phone 254-3291; Milk Deportment, 
Phone 254-2547 (See adv Inside Front 
Cover, Page "1" and Top Lines) 

Purity Dairies limited, 1501 Howord ov 253-4606 
Silverwood Dairies ltd (Windsor !r). 4061 Huron line 
(Sond W Twp) 969 5612 

Twin Pines Doiry Co ltd. 636 Aylmer ov 254-5109 


inker's Doiry Bor. 1024 Wyondotie IR'Side) 948 2161 
Dew Drop Inn Doiry bar, 3239 Sandwich 
Ellen's Doiry 8or A Coffee Shop, 636 Aylmer ov 
Ethel's Doiry Bar. 3883 Seminole 945-9045 
Gergei's Doiry Bar. 3865 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 

Jumbo lee C»eam Cone, 3207 Sandwich 
lad Doiry Bor, 5709 Tecumseh bhrd e (Sond E Twp) 
948 4593 

M.C.M. Doiry Bar. 2005 Ottawa 256-1776 

Milkmaid Doiry Bor. 2513 Wyandotte (R'Slde) 945 1604 


De Morco's Joe Cheese House. 100 Wyandotte e 

Mannino Cheese Co. 1555 Crawford ov 4621 
Multi Doiry Product* (Windsor) lid. 1074 Crawford ov 
252 4469 

Peerless Dairies Retail Stores (tor list of branches see 
Alphabetical Section) 


Bernotdo Donee Studio. 3665 Sandwich 252 0343 
Bickle Jock W Bollet School, 1453 1457 University ov w 
254 0102 

Emile Donee Studio, 1645 Ottowo 252-4203 



Russell Rene School of Dancing, 618 Ouellette ov 

Zimmerman Famous School of Dancing. 2037 Wyondotte 
w 253 2266 


Univoc-Canoda D»v of Remington Rond ltd, 1596 
Ouellette av 254 2045 


Riverside Day Nursery, 27 Lauxon rd (R Side) 
White House Day Nursery. 3470 Peter 256 5948 


American Decalcomanio Co of Con ltd, 735 Ptince rd 
254 1307 


Abie's Delicatessen, 566 Wyandotte e 252-2953 
B«n't Delicatessen, 265 Pitt e 256-4061 
Consumers Delicatessen. 166 McDowgoll 252-0411 
Cergel Delkotessen. 323 Tecumseh blvd e 254 5415 
Molic’s Delicatessen. 543 Wyondotte e 252 3886 
Schwab* Import A Delicatessen ltd. 2451 Dowgoll ov 
Sand W Twp) 254 8302 and 1435 Wyondotte 
iR'Side • 945 2538 

Seminole DeDcotessen. 3921 Seminole 


Florist Dclrvery Service, 1399 Grond Marais rd w (Sond 
W Twp) 9690420 

International Messenger Service, 712 Howard ovenue 
253 3848 

Jiffy Delivery. 2539 Dougoll ov (Sand W Twp) 254 4477 
Merchants Speedy Delivery, 1716 longloi* ov 254-7200 


Frank's Dental laboratory. 182 Pfti w 256-6351 
Leamington laboratories ltd, 2030 Wyandotte west 
236 5953 

McKee Denlol laboratory. 633 Ouellette ov 253-8000 
Mcloughlin Dental laboratory. 1291 Ouellette avenue 
252 3498 

McMonus D«ntol laboratory. 248 Erie w 253 5401 
O'Dwyer Dental lob. 1291 Ouellette av 232-3498 
Parent Dental laboratory, 52 Chatham w 
Strong Dental laboratory, 443 Wyondotte e 253-3742 
Webtter Thot 0. 590 University ov w 254-4443 


Armstrong T Ernest. 583 Porlington a* 253-9617 
Atkinson. Wm, 1011 Ouellette ov 252 1611 
Raker, Omor C. 374 Ouellette av 254-1061 
Bell. Douglas, 2629 Wyandotte (R'Slde) 945 6037 
fenson, Hugh A. 31 Giles blvd e 253-4146 
Bordoff. David. 540 Pelissier 252-2631 
Brick. Michl G. 635 Ouellette ov 253 6972 
Brown. Stonley A, 2776 Chorles 234-2422 
Burt. James A. 1399 Grond Marais rd w (Sand W Twp) 
969 0920 

Cook. Alonzo l. 374 Ouellette ov 253 9376 
Coppel, David l. 997 Parent ov 254 5416 
Covrey, Philip. 1490 Cobano rd w (Sand W Twp) 
969 5991 

Cunningham. R Wallace. 1586 Wyondotte e 254-3815 
Delorenti, Enxo A. 2629 Wyondotte (R'Slde! 948-0062 
Dtnemmt. Raymond L 2085 Tecumseh blvd e 252 1543 




Emon. Joseph M. 1552 Ouellette ov 25^1121 
Evershty, Jock A. 1341 Wyondotte (R'Slde) 945 3883 
Ezro. I Ben, 900 Giles blvd e 256 2347 
Feje*. John, 44 Giles blvd e 2320301 
French, louis J. 1011 Ouellette ov 254-1454 
Fuller, Jock, 4710 Wyondotte e 945-7211 
Furlong. Fronds J, 1522 Ouellette ov 253-1734 
Futlong, Fronk J. 1522 OutHette ov 253 1734 
Gallagher. Michoe) J. 1341 Wyondotte IR'Side) 943-3883 
Hokem. Mtchl A, 4400 Wyondotte e 948 3201 
Hawrish, Richord. 1027 Ottowo 254-8944 
Hoppe Colvin H. 1590 Ouellette ov 233 8240 
locaste, Fernand. 302 Ouellette ov 233-7575 
lampe, Arthur W. 536 Pelitiier 254-6960 
lawson. Robert A, 744 Ouellette ov 252-2429 
letik. John I, 569 Ouellette ov 253 8440 
liu (Chou) Wlflo W l. 3205 Wyandotte (R'Side.1 948-2471 
Livings ton. Geo R. 4613 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 

looting. Ernett H, 586 Ouellette ov 253 9098 
Mody. David C A. 536 Ouellette ov 253-1013 
Matok. Edword, 1466 Ouellette ov 252 2727 
McGinty. Richard. 390 Grand Mara.* rd w (Sond W Twp) 
969 8171 

Mcleon. John D. 2113 Glodstone ov 256-2511 
McMonus, Wm P. 660 Ouellette ov 252 2123 
Meharry. Robt A. 2095 Wyandotte w 256-4901 
Meredith, Arthuf l. 618 Lincoln rd 253*1791 
No.kouskos. Dono Mrs, 445 Roselown dr (Sond W Twp) 
969 6610 

Nolan, Bernard J. 586 Ouellette av 254-1497 
Pepin, W Jack. 1522 Ouellette ov 234 8329 
Perlman, loot*. 267 Pelissier 256-3316 
Perry. Roy 650 Goyeou 253-5433 
Picord. Morcel. 3190 Wyondotte w 254 5711 
Reid. Roy J, 1310 Ottawa 253-3828 
Sanderson. Robt M. 1291 Ouellette ov 232-9838 
ScoHone. Joseph D, 1310 Ouellette ov 256-3497 
Schiller, Lionel J. 4400 Wyondotte e 945-6121 
Smith. Horry L 757 Ouellette ov 233 7293 
Spring, Bernord. 1428 Ouellette a* 254-7344 
Sfodgell. Fronci* J, 13 Honno w 256-2555 
Strokon, Michael. 934 Ottowo 252 2011 
Thompson. G orge t. 1288 Ottawo 253 4010 
Wachna. Ted. 1504 Ouellette ov 253-4733 
White, Cecil C, 121 Wyandotte w 233 1921 
Wilson, Albert J, 1120 Ouellette ov 256 8026 
Wilson, James W. 4615 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 
945 5761 


Adelman's Dept Store ltd, 60-70 Pitl e 254-2381 

Bartlet, Macdonald A Gow ltd, 116-122 Ouellette ov 
254 2331 

Hollo 5c to $1 Store 1047 Drovillord rd 252 7162 

K Mart Deportment Store*. 1530 Huron line (Sand W 
Twp' 254 3731 and 7300 Tecumteh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 948 4783 

Nestef's Dept Store. 1726-48 Wyandotte e 253 3453 

Sam's Dept Store ltd, 1526 Ottowo 254-6481 

Sentry Dept Stores ltd. 2491 Dougoll erv (Sond W Twp) 
252 8308 

Smith's of Windsor ltd. 132 Ouellette ov 252-3611 and 
37 Riverside dr e 

Winqrod's Clothing, 35 Wyandotte e 253 1717 

Woolco Dept Stores. 3120 Dougoll ov (Sond W Twp) 
969 7900 

Zeller's ltd. 309 11 Ouellette ov 252 8931 


James Kenneth W, 1468 Wyandotte e 256 2301 
Kopsfein Jerome 8, 175 Tecumseh blvd w 256-9261 


Cope Tool Oetign Co ltd. 875 Tecumseh blvd e 256 5167 
Originals by EdlMa (dress). 474 Victoria av 234 3342 





5 ) 












Dkfaphoi* Corp Ltd. 1776 University ov w 252 9480 
Edison Thos A Industries, 134 University ov w 254-6211 


BoJfon Die Co. 3245 6yng rd (Sand E Twp) 969*3120 

Centerline (Windsor) Ltd, 2801 Howard av (Sand W 
Twp) 256 4224 

Cope A Gurr Machinery Co Ltd, 2474 Central ov (Sand 
E Twp) 945 2314 

Ideal Mold Corp Ltd, 674 E C Row ov (Sand E Twp) 
254 4942 

Peerless Plastics ltd. 2827 Howard ov (Send W Twp) 
252 6601 

Rockwell Tool*. 3966 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 969 8570 

Wheatley Mfg Ltd, 2590 Ouellette av (Sand W Twp) 

dare Road, Phone 256-2606 

(See Letter Shops) 

Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone EMpirc 



Publishers of City Directories for . . . 


Head Office: 


Telephone EMpire 4-1481 


Eorclay Jos & Co Ltd, 2072 Riverside dr e 254 5171 
Gooderhom A Worts Ltd (Toronto), 2072 Riverside dr e 

Moidstone Essex Ltd. 2072 Riverside dr e 254*5171 
Walker. Hirom A Sons Limited, 2072 Riverside dr e 

Wolker Hiram - Gooderhom A Worts Ltd, 2072 Riverside 
dr « 254 5171 


O'Brien 0 J Distributors ltd, 123 McDougall 253-9154 


Besser Nellie. 1310 Pierre ov 256 B419 
Fortier Yvonne Mrs. 1862 Ottawo 256-3744 
"Ivonko’' Dressmaking ond Alterations, 1252 Wyandotte 
e 254*7781 

Kane’s Dressmaking Shop, 52 Chatham w 252-2383 
Minnie's Dressmaking, 1445 Ottawa 256 9048 
Ubavin Zara. 893 Shepherd e 256 6177 
Virginia's Style Shop, 332 Ouellette av 252-3150 
Zoro. 912 Ottawa 253 8495 


Canadian Von Company, 15 Wyandotte e 252-8361 
Esco Drug Wholesale Ltd, 3206 Sandwich 
Nyol Drug Co of Canada Ltd, 414 Riverside dr w 
253 4169 


Adams Drug Co Ltd. 1600 Ottowo 253 1955 ond 1698 
Tecurmeh blvd e 253-3424 
Aitken Drug. 2001 Wyandotte (R'Side) 945-5162 
Bulk will's Pharmacy. 1965 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W 
Twp) 252 7246 

Bridge Harry Pharmacy Ltd. The. 1492 Pillette rd 
945 2302 

Bryson's Big V Pharmacy. 3194-3198 Sandwich 256-8247 
Dere's Pharmacy Ltd. 3869 Dougall ov (Sand W Twp) 

Evans Drug Store Ltd, 2501 Wyandotte (R'Side) 945-3621 
Farrell's Pharmacy Ltd, 1495 Tecumseh blvd e 256-3436 
Gordner's Pharmacy Ltd. 527 Ouellette ov 252-7761 ond 
1 Hanna w 254-1471 
Gray's Pharmacy, 3808 Seminole 

Greene's Ideal Drug Store Ltd, 1699 Wyandotte west 


Gubb's Pharmacy Ltd, 900 Erie e 253-4866 and 1399 
Grand Marais rd w (Sond W Twp) 969 8400 
Hamilton's Drug Store. 1602 University ov w 254-3902 
Haynes Drug Store, 4700 Wyondotte e 945-8821 
Hoffman John Big V Pharmacies Co ltd. 1195 Tecumseh 
blvd e 252-7081 

Hunter's Pharmacy, 3019 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
945 4333 

lokeview Pharmacy Ltd. 4683 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 
Township) 945-4321 

Lokeview Riverside Pharmacy, 1300 Wyondotte (R'Side) 
945 2211 

Lonspeary's Limited (For list of branches see Alpha¬ 
betical Section) 

Lennon Pharmacy. 1298 Ottawa 256-7131 
lewis Drug Store, 397 Wyandotte w 253-4332 
Molette Phormocy, 4782 Wyandotte e 948*4191 
McGaffey Drugs, 3947 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
945 2121 

Medicol Arts Dispensary (Windsor) Ltd, 1010 Ouellette 
avenue 252 1193 

Milan Pharmacy, 1037 Drouillard rd 253-4062 
Millar Drug Store, 280 lauzon rd (R'Side) 943 4293 
Morris Drug Store. 1505 Ottawa 253-9933 
Ottawa Phormocy Ltd, 898 Ottawa 253-6724 
Potorson-Brown Phormocy. 1378 Ouellette ov 253-1186 
Paterson Roy Big V Pharmacy Co Ltd, 1585 Wyandotte 
east 253 3239 

Paterson's Big V Phormocy Co Ltd, 2155 Wyandotte w 
253 2641 

Pelletier's Phormocy, 2127 University ov w 252-7731 
Pond's Big V Phormocy <for list of branches see Alpha¬ 
betical Section) 

South Windsor Pharmacy, 1235 Grand Marais rd w 
(Sand W Twp) 969*1234 

Tamblyn G Limited. 2451 Dougall ov (Sand W Twp) 
2548533, 1550 Huron Lino (Sond W Twp) 

254-1106 ond 301 Ouellette avenue 253-2449 
Wiley Ken Phormocy. 2300 Howard av 253-1115 
Wilkinson's Drug Store. 501 University ov w 256-5445 
Williams' Drug Store. 1495 University ov w 253*4659 
Wright's Drug Store, 3134 Wolker rd (Sond E Twp) 

Classified, Yellow Page 17 


Glaser Bernard, 288 Pitt e 252*7641 


Bogin's Dry Goods. 3188-3192 Sondwich 254*2951 
Bookwtn's Dry Goods, 1664 Wyondotte w 253-3052 
Burstyn Dept Store, 1506 Wyandotte e 254*4020 
Consumers Outfitter's, 301 Pitt e 253*9490 
Dimmick's Dry Goods, 4635 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 
Twp) 945 5463 

Emon Dry Goods Store, 215 Erie e 252*9561 
Evelyn Margaret Shoppe, 3222 Sandwich 254*1010 
Fedolet ltd, 63 Pitt e 254-5766 
Gray H Ltd, 1407-17 Ottawa 252 7218 
Kokor's Clothing A Parcel Service, 1570 Wyondotte e 
253 0849 

Maguire's. 4705 4729 Wyondotte e 945 2933 
Morvin's Dry Goods Ltd, 1686 Ottawa 256*9141 
Michel's Dry Goods. 876 Erie e 252-8423 
Morris Dry Goods, 1012 Drouillard rd 253*1205 
Neighbourhood Shop The, 2209 Howard ov 252*6862 
Potomski't General Store, 1691 Tecumseh bhrd w (Send 
W Twp) 252 7938 

Selfost Dry Goods. 1093 Drouillard rd 253*3091 
Shanfield's Dry Goods, 1224 Wyondotte (R'Side) 

948 4119 

Smeeton John ltd. 1565 Wyondotte e 252-2190 
Tweeds A Tartans, 3120 Dougall ov (Sand W Twp) 
969 7600 


Ditto of Canada Ltd, 1629 Tecumseh blvd e 253-4781 
Geitetner (Canada) limited, 485 Pelissier 252*1197 
Xerox of Canada Ltd. 635 Ouellette av 

(See Cleaners and Dyers) 


Capitol Egg A Poultry Co ltd. 485 Pitt e 254-3251 


Figaro Generator Service. 1715 Wyandotte w 252*5123 
Moncur Electric Motors Ltd, 800*804 Ottowo 256-1801 
Waffle's Electric ltd. 400 Erie e 254 9215 
West End Generators A Starters, 397 Wyandotte e 
253 5334 


Agnew Bob Ltd. 419 Pelissier 254*2571 
Central Appliance Co. 3165 Sondwich 253-8044 
Dominion Electric, 560 Aylmer av 253-6391 
Electric Shaver A Appliance Service, 29 Pork weit 

Horrigan's Service, 451 Ointon 254-2106 
Lewin Appliances ltd, 671 Wyondotte e 253-3557 
Sunbeam Applionce Service Co Ltd, 2451 Dougall erv 
(Sond W Twp) 253*5293 
United Appliance Service. 224 Erie w 254-4116 
William's Applioncet, 315 Wyandotte w 254-9358 

(See Contrs (Electrical) 


. . . ovor think of LiASINO yovr Car ? 




• Wo loos* All Makos - Windsor '* Most Comprohonsiv • 


Altai Electric Mfg & Equipment Co of Con ltd. 1711* 
1713 Moy ov 236 0683 

Conodion General Electric Co ltd, 2690 Ouellette o» 
[Sand W Twp) 232 1171 

Conodion Wettmghouse Co ltd. 1167 Mercer 254-9211 
Electrozod Supply Co ltd. 314 Oilti bivd e 252-1136 
Gibson Electric Div of Unlmto lid. 1076 Walter rd 

J I C Electric ICon) ltd. 2023 Pool fSand W Twp) 

Lincoln Electric Co of Conodo ltd. 1402 Crawford ov 
236 9674 

Northern Electric Co ltd 1825 Welker rd 256 2336 
Summit Electric Product! ltd. 108 McDougoll 
IMmco Ltd. 1076 Walker rd 234 8651 


Beatty Washer Store, 671 Wyandotte e 253-3537 
Dresser Electric ltd. 877 Walker rd 236-8254 
Elite Furniture & Appliances. 4897 Tecumseh bivd e 
(Sand E Twp) 945 9504 

Graf's Sound l Hobby. 3857 Howard ov (Sond W 
Twp) 969 8912 

Home Appliances Soles & Service, e s Molden rd (Sond 
W Twp) 969 3099 

McDonell’s furniture & Electrical Appliances. 1076 
Drouiliord rd 233 5959 

McKIOUGH G G LIMITED, 1334 Windsor 
Avonoo, Phono 256*781 I 

Menrie't Appliances. 1059 Wyandotte w 253-1636 
Sovill Applionces ltd, 1323 Tecumseh bivd e 256-78B1 
Vetter's Enterprises ltd, 916 Wyandotte e 236-8229 
Windsor Electric Co, 34 Chatham e 253 6511 


Adams Electronics (Windsor) ltd. 2471 Ouellette oveaue 
iSand W Twp) 256 4975 

duguid's ilm Electronic Wholesale Supply ltd 1552 
Tecusnseh bivd e 254-9717 

Muht-Elmoc of Conodo ltd. s s Sydney ov (Sond E 
Twp) 254 4361 

Notionol Electronic Supplies. 1291 Erie e 253 4775 

Peterson C M Co lid. 800-6 Howard ov 256-1869 

Robotron of Canada Ud. e s Malden rd (Sond W Twp) 

Weltronk Co Canadian Division. 3201 Marentrtte ov 
(Sond E Twp) 252 2701 


Otis Elevator Co ltd, 386 Park w 253 3121 
Turnbull Elevator of Con ltd, 160) Peiitsta 256 5163 


Drake Personnel ltd, 267 Pelltsta 254-9249 
National Employment Service. 441-467 University ov w 

Office Overiood Co ltd, 267 Petissta 2548629 


Armstrong C G Russell. Room 317 Sortlef Building. 76 
University Avenue West. Phone 253-6311 
Desmorait Raymond J. 374 Ouellette ov 256 9902 
Dillon M M 6 Co ltd. 374 Ouellette ov 2569902 
Dixon. Totten. Kinsman 4 Associates ltd, 52 Chatham 
west 253 3539 

Giffels Associates ltd. 1550 Ouellette av 256-3111 

Gore 4 Starrie ltd. 374 Ouellette ov 254 4258 
Ingersoll leshe H, 348 Eastlawn bivd (R'Side) 945 4813 
International Project Co-ordinators ltd, 375 Cabana rd 
east (Sand W Twp) 969-8701 
Smith Hinchmon & Gryfli Associates (Conodo) ltd, 176 
University av w 256 2377 


Wornock Mrrsey Co ltd. The. 108 McDougoll 253 8917 
Womock Hersey Soil Investigation ltd. 108 McDougoll 
253 8917 


Bartok Zolton, 1448 Tecumseh bivd e 256 0884 
Chapmon Harris J, 176 University av w 252-5048 
Colmon Automotive Engineering Co, 842 Dufferin pi 
256 3424 

Windsor Mechanical Contractors ltd. 705-711 Glengarry 
avenue 256 5401 


Perkins Engines Conodo limited. 374 Ouellette av 


Murroy That G, 182 Pitt w 253 6084 


Conn Name-Plate Engravers, 468 Victoria ov 254-4000 
Manger W H Steel Engraving. 574 Pierre ov 256*0555 


8 6 C Engraving ltd. 1782 South Cameron bivd (Sand 
W Twp) 969-6791 

Bomoe Engravers ltd. 176 University ov w 357 8284 
8 'igdens ltd. 176 University ov w 256-4533 
Harris D Hoyd, 52 Chatham w 256-3916 


Jo-Mar Enterprises ltd. 52 Chathom w 256 0360 
Simpson H W Agency. 1243 Ouellette ov 253 1986 


Trons River Export ltd. 790 Ouellette ov 253-9324 


Ronnel Enterprises. 29 Pork w 253 9562 


Conodian Notional Express, 275 Montreuil av 253-1161 
Canadian Pacific Express Co. 196 Ouellette ov 252-5131 
ond s s Tecumseh bivd w 254 3276 


A 6 R Trucking, e s Malden rd (Sond W Twp) 969-5213 

Adam's Cortoge ltd. 2408 Edna 254 4333 

Amlin Cortoge. 3360 Wolker rd (Sand E Twpi 969-3566 

Arme Transport ltd. 3401 Dougail av (Sand W Twp) 
Bertond s Moving & Cortoge, 1051 Josephine avenue 

253- 8557 

Bill's Cortoge (Windsor) ltd. 994 Felix ov 253 6982 
Bondy Cartage ltd. 2635 Union 256 4941 
Bryant Gord the Mover, 1106 Hali av 254-3196 
Conodion Breweries Transport ltd, 515 Riverside dr w 
256 6391 

Conodion Greot Western Express ltd. 255 Eugenie 
(Sond W Twp) 256 4505 

Canadian Machinery Movers ltd. 2390 Central ov (Sond 
E Twp) 945 4700 

Charlton Transport ltd, 747 Huron line 254-7722 
Chevalier R & Sons 3349 Riverside dr e 945 8721 
Consolidated Truck lines ltd, 1217 Riverside dr west 
254 5126 

Couvio Albert, 1297 Chappell ov 254-9778 
Cullen Cartage 868 Walker rd 253 7437 
Direct Winters Transport ltd. 1950 Continental av (Sand 
W Twp) 969 1080 

Dominion Cartoge Service, 1562 Gladstone ov 253-9441 
Donnelly Bros Cortoge. 1826 St loke rd 945-6241 
Edno Cartoge, 395 Gladstone ov 
Evons Wm Trucking, 1593 College av 253-0718 
Flannery Cortoge, 437 Parent ov 253-8094 
Gorskt Bulk Transport. 1570 Kildare rd 256 8218 
Goyeau Ed & Sons Co ltd, 985 St luke rd 254-3123 
Graham’s Trucking. 1177 Windsor ov 254 8852 
Hampton T M Moving 6 Storoge ltd, 1633 Wyandotte 
east 252 1159 

Hinton C l Co ltd. 227 Eugenie (Sand W Twp) 

254- 1282 

Hinton The Mover ltd, 2657 McDougoll (Sond W Twp) 
253 3182 

Hume's Transport ltd!, 2385 South Cameron bird (Sond 

W Twp) 969 0471 

Husband Transport ltd. 2896 Wolker rd (Sond E Twp) 
256 4384 

Ideal Cartoge. 1457 Crawford av 254-3564 
Interchange Cartoge ltd. 1112 Dufferin pi 2535335 
Inter-City Truck lines Ud, 1877 Walktr rd 253 5286 
Inter lake Transport. 2700 Centrol av (Sand E Twp) 
945 2393 

International Cartoge ltd. 712 Huron line 256-4995 
Jeffers Transport Co ltd, 2700 Centrol av (Sond E Twp) 
945 2393 

Jones Transport Co ltd. 1350 Crawford 256-1883 
Kingsway Transport ltd, 107 Continental ov (Sand W 
Township) 969 4961 

Lancaster Moving ft Storage ltd, 1131 Crowford av 

253 2468 

lotoof Cortoge. 2505 Wyandotte e 254 9738 
lyon's Transport ltd. 1619 Windsor av 254-4345 
M & P Transport ltd. 1700 langlois av 256-7851 
Moris Transport ltd. 800 Felix ov 256 8206 
McAnolly Freight Woys Co ltd. 2260 Walker road 

254 8780 

McCollum Transport ltd, 2700 Centrol ov (Sand E 
Township) 254 9944 and 2260 Walker rd 254 9944 
McCourt Cartage Service, 1850 St luke rd 945 6700 
Merrifield Transport Co ltd. 844 Bridae ov 253-5201 
Modern Cartage. 412 Prince rd 254 6756 
Motr Cortoge limited. 819 Riverside dr e 754 9011 
Morris* Cartage ltd. 1985 Muntee 254 2112 
Nick's Delivery, 394 Bridge ov 253 4020 
Overland Express ltd The. 360 Eugenie (Sond W Twp) 
256 7631 

Parent Cortoge ltd. 1112 Oufferin pt 254-4840 
Pat's Cartoge. 853 Strabone ov 948 1358 
Peter's Cortege, 1748 Aubin rd 945 5322 
Rawlings Robt. 1888 Victoria av (Sand W Twp) 

969 7470 

Reimer Express lines ltd, 1117 George ov 945 6391 
Richard Cortoge. 1335 CompbeM av 254 1536 
Roadway Transport ltd. 2282 Wolker rd 256-3485 
Russell Transport ltd. 2700 Central ov (Sond E Twp) 
945 6867 

5 4 W Transport Co ltd, 2700 Central ov (Sond E Twp) 

Shorty's Trucking. 2588 Howard ov (Rem Pk) 254 5228 
Smith Transport ltd. 227 Eugenie (Sond W Twp) 
252 7205 


SUDDENLY "IT'S SOLD" When You List With 



Branch: 571 IRK STREET EAST 

Phone 952-5795 


Speedwoy Woven. 2548 McDougoll {Sand W Twp) 
254 7176 

Theil Cortage. 1480 Howard ov 252 0790 
Thibodeau Express lid. 3049 Devon dr (Sand E Twp) 
254 5747 

Western Freight line* ltd. 2450 McDougoll 256-2648 
Wilkinson Trucking, 902 Scofield av (Sand E Twpj 
969 3860 

Windsor Auto Shipper* ltd. 2700 Central ov (Sand E 
Twp) 9480271 

(See Pest Control) 


McKEOUGH G G LIMITED, 1534 Windsor 
Avenue, Phone 256>7811 


Morencie'* Feed & Hardware Store, w * Malden rd 
(Sand W Twp) 969-7730 

Seguin'* Feed & Hardware Store. 3231 Giradot av 


Conadian Fence & Wire Co. 1140 Crowferd av 254-5508 


Associate* Acceptance Co ltd, 356 Ouellette av 252 8348 
Associates Finance Co ltd, 356 Ouellette ov 252-8348 
Atlantic Acceptance Corp ltd. 1015 University ov w 

Atlantic Finance Corp ltd, 1015 University ov w 

Beneficial Finance Co of Canada, 1498 Ottowo 254-4347. 

744 Ouellette ov 256-1835 and 29 Park av 256 4921 
Bradley Finance Co ltd. 15 Wyondotte e 253-6328 
Budget Financing ltd, 518 Goyeau 254-3278 
Canadian Acceptance Co, 455 Ouellette av 254-8681 
Canadian Acceptance Corp ltd, 455 Ouellette av 
254 8681 

Citizens Finance Co ltd. 635 Ouellette ov 254 1191 
Commercial Credit Corp ltd, 717 Ouellette av 256-1885 
Crescent Finance Corp ltd, 319 Ouellette ov 252-4407 
Eisen Finance ltd. 518 Goyeau 254-3278 
Generol Motors Acceptance Corp Canodo ltd. 374 
Ouellette ov 252 4442 

Household Finance Corp of Can. 33 University av w 
252 8394 

Industrial Acceptance Corp ltd, 511 Ouellette avenue 
256 5591 

lourentide Finance Corp Ltd. 1163 Tecumieh blvd • 

Mac Investments & Realty ltd. 1629 Tecumseh blvd e 
252 0632 

Nelson Acceptance ltd, 100 Ouellette ov 253 8662 
Niagara Finance Co ltd. 511 Ouellette ov 253-4686 
Pocific Finance Acceptance Corp, 564 Ouellette avenue 

Pacific Finance Credit Ltd. 564 Ouellette av 252-8301 
Par Finance Co Ltd. 1520 Ottowo 254-6481 
Prudential Finance Corp ltd, 682 Ouellette ov 254-9231 
Seaboard Finance Co of Canada ltd. 302 Ouellette ov 
256 7806 

Superior Acceptance ltd. 332 Ouellette ov 254 7527 
Superior Discount Limited, 332 Ouellette ov 254 7527 
Superior Finance limited, 332 Ouellette ov 254-7527 
Traders Finance Corp Ltd, 586 Ouellette ov 254 7515 
Trons Canodo Credit Corp ltd, 374 Ouellette ov 254-8641 
Union Acceptance Corp ltd, 1664 Tecumseh blvd e 

256 8221 

Union Finonce Co ltd, 569 Ouellette av 252-4453 
Union Finonce Co ltd. 1664 Tecumseh blvd e 256-8221 

TION LTD, Formerly Bradley Finance 
Co Limited, Room 202, 15 Wyandotte 
Street East, Phone 253-6328 (See adv 
Top Lines) 

Windsor Finance ltd, 327 Ouellette av 254-0213 


Flag Fire Equipment ltd, 1680 Kildare rd 252-5725 
Gtncral Fire Extinguisher Corp (Can) ltd. The, 955 
Huron line 254-8657 

National Fire Equipment Co ltd, 1825 Wyondotte e 
256 9262 


Ballentyne's W S Mfg Co ltd. 1297 Morentefte ov 
253 2244 

(See Restaurants) 


Windsor Fish Distributors ltd (whol), 352 Pitt e 


Hy's Fish Market, e s Market. 252-7426 
loporte Food Soles, 5769 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 
Twp) 948 2248 

Ottawa Fish Market, 1557 Ottawa 254-3919 
Poole’s Quality Fish. 101 Wyondotte w 254*6448 
Veteran's Fish Market. 1055 Droulllard rd 253 3902 


Great lakes Sporting Goods ltd. 856 Walker rd 253-3593 


Alpine Nurseries ltd. 2670 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 

Artistic Flower Shop, 131 University av w 256-3407 
Bow-Koy Flowers, 1485 Tecumseh blvd e 256-3103 
Conn's Flowers & Gift*, 3120 Dougall ov (Sand W Twp) 
969-5760 and 1011 Ouellette ov 254-8634 
Dominion Greenhouse, 1781 Dominion blvd (Sand W 
Twp) 252 0721 

Fisher's Flowers, 925 Wyandotte w 253-7496 
Galbroith My Florist, 1067 Goyeau 252-1188 
Gelino* Al Grower Florist, 3253 Walker rd (Sand E 
Twp) 253-0730 

Girord's Greenhouses. 582 Grand Marais rd e (R Park) 
253 1352 

Heliso's Flower Shop. 5978 Tecumseh blvd • (Sand E 
Twp) 945 1139 

Huron line Greenhouses & Nursery, w ■ Huron line 
(Sand W Twp} 969 7268 
Janette Florist, 686 Janette ov 253-1101 
lewis Flower Shop, 425 Ouellette av 253-2443 
Malone Flower Shop, 58 Chatham w 253 4000 
Ontario Wholesale Flowers. 129 Erie e 254 3763 
Porcnt's Greenhouse. 4351 Wyondotte e 945-8921 
Pedrick's Flower. 849 Riverside dr e 253-5921 
Philp Flowers ltd, 2229 Wyondotte w 252-1424 

Rond's Royol Flower Shop, 515 Ouellette av 253-3433 
Reynold's Florist & Nurseries, 1554 George av 945-2162 
St Luke Gardens. 1839 St Luke rd 945 7461 
St JRose Florist. 2409 Wyandotte (R'Side) 945 1183 
Seary's Flower* ltd. 1326 Ottawa 253-3517 
Stephen's Greenhouses, e s Huron line (Sand W Twp) 

Stewart's Flowers & Gifts.. 1399 Grand Marais rd w 
(Sand W Twp) 969-0420 
Wolkerville Florist. 1900 Wyondotte e 252 6503 


Maple leaf Milling Co Ltd. 1402 Crow ford ov 254-1951 
Ogilvie Five Roses Sale ltd. 1402 Crawford av 256-2813 
Robin Hood Flour Mills ltd. 1402 Crawford ov 253-6033 


Draper Wm G & Co lid (Equipment), 555 Tecumseh blvd 
e 252 8172 

Riverside Fisheries ltd. 436 University av e 253-9560 


Frito-Loy Incorporated (Canado), 1125 Crowford av 
252 1609 

Joy-Zee Food Products Ltd (fruit juice). 1030 Wolker rd 
252 4471 

Superior Potato Chips Home Delivery, 478 Curry av 


Great lakes Forgings ltd, 740 Matthew Brady blvd 
(R'Side) 945-1151 


McDonald Forwording Co Lid, 3916 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
945 3805 

Seawoy Forwording Agencies Lid, 1619 Windsor ov 


Kern's Foundry, 1668 longioi* ov 253-0969 
Marshall Foundry, 940 Assumption 253-9621 
Mendler Mfg Co ltd, • t Malden rd (Sand W Twp) 
969 6081 

Stondord Foundry & Supply Co ltd, 840 Walker rd 

Windsor Match Plate Co Ltd, 1125 Westcott rd 945-6371 

(See Food Freezer Plans) 


Abrash Joseph A. (rear) 930 Parent av 
Catalono Fruit Co Ltd, 334 Chilver rd 254-1141 
Fogel I & Co Ltd. 274-284 McDougoll 252 7233 and 850 
Wyandotte w 252-7233 
Nossr Fruit Co, 321 Pitt e 254-7531 
Nossr Fruit Market, 166 McDougoll 
People's Wholesale Fruit & Groceries, 1096 Dufferin pi 

Peters Geo P Produce ltd. 1009 Crawford ov 252-3521 
Zakoor. G & R ltd. 830 Caron av 253-5271 
Zakoor's Gord Produce, 320 Chatham e 253 8813 

Classified, Yellow Page 19 


Adolph's Produce, 332 CKafhom • 752 2766 
Beckman Market. 305 Wyandotte w 253 4700 
Drouillord Pruitt A Vegetable!, e • Huron Line (Sand W 

Flor!do Fruttland. 1412 Wyandotte e 253 0919 
Hutnik'i Fruit Market, 992 Orouillord rd 
Joe'* Fruit 8 Vegetable*. 290 Chatham e 254-2031 
Mongin'* Fruit Farm, e ■ Huron line (Sond W Twp) 
Maroon Broi. 232 Chatham e 253 9176 
Moroon Brot. 4728 Wyandotte e 945-6315 
Marsh's Morket, w • Huron line (Sand W Twp) 969-2734 
Maicorin'i & Son*, e • Huron lino (Sond W Twp) 
Paramount Fruit Market, 328 Ouellette ov 253-3300 
Pearl D & Son*. 276 Pin e 252 8341 
People’* Fruit Market, 2109 Wyandotte w 253-3302 
Pomainvitle Form, e » Huron lint (Sond W Twp) 
252 1083 

Superior Produce (Windtor) ltd. 839 Janett. ov 253 4742 
Way»ide Farm e *. Huron line (Sond W Twp) 969-8783 
Zokoor's Bud Fruit Shop. 2855 Oougolt av (Sond W 
Twp) 961 4110 


Imperial!# Fuel* (operating Sterling Fuel*), 3565 Bu»*ell 

lungan't E**o Furnace Oil. 2260 University ov we*t 

Windtor Fuel*, 3158 College av 253-8831 


ANDIRSON, H S A SONS LTD, 895 Ouellette 
Avenue, Phone 2S4>3223 (See adv Front 
Cover and Top Lines) 

Cheted Shel Ernes. 695 Aylmer ov 

EllUon-lllmon Funerol Home, 659 Victoria av 253-8555 

Janitte Bro* Funeral Home ltd, 1139 Ouellene av 

253 5225 

Wyandotte Street East, Phone 252-5711 
(See adv Top Lines) 

Marcotte Funeral Home* ltd. 870 Wyandotte e 253-3577 

Boulevard East, Phone 254-8633 (See 
adv Top Lines) 

Sutton. Jomet H. Funeral Home ltd, 1567 Ouellette ov 

254 2515 

Wlnd*or Funeral Home, 411 Riverside dr e 254-2585 


Fur* By Arpin, 484 Peliitier 253-5612 

Gervot* A J Fur* ltd. 762 Ouellette ov 253-2111 

Gordner 6 Po*ikov Fur* ltd. 1525 Otlawa 253 7862 

la Fontaine Fur Co ltd. The, 395 Pitt e 

lazore't Fur* ltd. 493 Ouellette ov 253-2418 

Maleti Fur*, 496 Goyeov 252-4128 

Polor Fur*. 520 Church 254-1612 

Ronald Fur* ltd, 276 Ouellette ov 253 1145 

St Pierre Fur*. 322 Pelit*!er 254 3159 


Imperial Chinchilla Ronch, 1731 Dominion blvd (Sond 
W Twp) 253-4493 


Windsor Furnace ltd, 3177 Sandwich 256-2321 


Adorn* Furniture Co ltd. 119 Chothom w 253 3501 
Bernhardt'* Furniture ltd. 1645 Wyandotte e 254-7568 
Border Citie* Furniture ltd, 679-695 Wyondotte e 
Buy-Rite Furniture Ltd. 1022-1030 Wyondotte e 256-5411 
Central Furniture Co, 1389 Wyondotte e 253 8983 
Coulter Furniture 8 Fireside Shop. 1324 Windsor ov 
253 4680 

Elgar Furniture ltd. 1065 Wyandotte e 253-2100 

Famous Furniture (Wmd»or) ltd, 3943 Tecum*eh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 945 6875 
Oitlin's ltd, 564 576 Ouellette ov 254-1151 
Glotfer Furniture Co. 1272 1282 Wyondotte e 254 5244 
House of Chesterfield*. 1199 Otlowo 252 9642 
House of Denmark, 123 Ouellette av 254-7338 
Ingram Adam Mfg Co. 3535 Wyondotte 9460053 
Ingram J H Furniture. 1331 Tecumseh blvd e 256-1020 
Kaplan • Furniture ltd. 1623 1637 Wyondotte e 253 8500 
Lopatin Bro* Furniture ltd, 743-745 Wyondotte e 

253 6322 

luckmo T A Furniture & Appliance Co, 2825 Howard av 
(Sand w Twpt 254 3027 

Mody C A & Sons ltd. 4735 Tecumseh bhrd • (Sond E 
Twp) 945-1117 

Meretsky Irving Furniture (Windsor) ltd. 959-971 Wyan¬ 
dotte e 254 6269 

Nestor Woodcraft. <r*ar) 806 Albert rd 254 5088 
Novo Furniture 8 Appliance*. 3935 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sond E Twp) 

Pornes Furniture Co ltd. 1074 Wyandotte e 254-6660 
Roth well* Kiddie lend, 7300 Tecvrmeh blvd e 'Sand E 

Rate A Furniture Co. 801 Ouellette ov 253-2245 
Royal Furniture Co. 743 745 Wyondotte e 253-6322 
Select Furniture. 679 695 Wyondotte • 254-8112 
Sharpe'* Furniture ltd. 1625 Tecumteh blvd e 254-0408 
Tepperman N ltd. 1214 Ottowa 256-5421 
Timvng Peter, 663 Ouellette av 253-8375 
Unfinithed Furniture Product*. 1448 Wyondotte eott 

254 4079 

United Furniture 8 Plumbing Co ltd. 1075 Wyandotte e 

Whiteman Furniture, 1378 1380 Ottowa 253-3111 ond 
760 Wyondotte e 254-1506 


Albert’* New 8 Used Furniture. 1156 Wyandotte e 
253 9877 

Baum 8 Brody lid. 41 Riverside dr e 253 3547 
Dominion Furniture 533 Wyandotte e 253 1388 
Quality Furniture Safe*. 1001 Erie e 253-9533 
Wyondotte Furniture. 988 996 Wyandotte e 253-5623 


Fini»h#« By Henri. 108 McDougoD 254 0595 
Lloyds Hardwood FinUhing. 108 McOoogall 232 7422 
Zoltan Furniture Refmithing 8 Repoir, 3118 Sandwich 
256 3297 


(See Fur Dealers and Furriers) 


(See Automobile Garages) 


Boucher Garden Centre, w * Malden rd (Sond W Twp) 

Riverside lawn Equipment Centre, 1116 Wyandotte 
(R'Side) 9452794 


liquid Carbonic Conodian Corp Ltd. 2440 Control av 
(Sond E Twp) 945-4195 


149 Chothom West, Phone 253-4261 

(See also Auto Garages) 

ABC Service Station. 791 Riverside dr e 252 6651 
A-1 Supertetl Service. 391 Tecumseh blvd e 254-3346 

Airport BA Service. * s Highway 2 (Sand E Twp) 

Al's BA Service. 5288 Tecum*eh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 
943 3996 

Al'» White Rose Station. 3690 Match*It# rd 234 8282 
Argo'* Service. 3105 Sandwich 253-8417 
Art's Shell Service. 2406 Wyandotle IR'Side) 945 2453 
BP Canada ltd. 1409 Wyondotte e 256 5803 
Saiga Fina Service 3480 Wyondotte e 945-2956 
Bor be'* Service. 5049 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Baughman Ken Service Station, 1483 Erie e 254-3515 
Beaver Oil Co (For list of service station* see Alphabeti¬ 
cal Section) 

Beneteou'i Go* 5tation. 1595 Union 253 7788 
Bergeron Service, w t Huron line (Sond W Twp) 
969 5230 

Big Chief Service Station. 1540 Crawford ov 253 1466 
and 2621 Dougall ov (Sond W Twp) 969 6281 
Boughner't Sunoco Service Stotlon, 325 Tecumseh blvd 
w 256-4860 

B'idgcn Service, w t Huron line (Sond W Twp) 969 8528 
Bridgeview Garage ltd, 1960-1980 Wyondotte we*t 
256 8231 

British American OH Co (For Rst of service stations, see 
Alphabetical Section) 

British Petroleum Corp. 493 Wyandotte e 
Bron r Mike Service, 1101 Wyondotte e 254-5666 
Brown Bro* Service, 2095 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W 
Twp) 253 3611 

Brownie * White Ro»e, 3303 Wolker rd (Sond E Twp) 
256 9498 

Burling'* Ken Service, 1920 Ottawa 253-7419 
C 6 D Service. 1290 Tecumteh blvd e 253 3306 
Campus BA Auto Service. 2463 Wyondotte w 252 3022 
Canadian Oil Co ltd, (For list of service station*, tee 
Alphabetical Section) 

Conodian Petrofino Co ltd. (For litt of service stations, 
see Alphabetical Section) 

Capitol Shell Service. 5124 Tecumseh blvd e 948-8145 
Corl's BA Service, 1103 Ouellette av 252 5991 
Chalmers Fred Service. 1304 Grand Moral* rd w (Sand 
W Twp) 969 8810 

Chalmers Service. 2250 Tecumseh blvd e 252 2797 
Chapman Allan W. 1691 Ouellette ov 254 8980 
Cities Service Station (For list of service stations, see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Coates-Dvnieith Sunoco Service Station. 2545 Howard 
ov (Sand W Twp) 2564724 
Conrad 8 Price Texaco, 2403 2411 Walker rd 233 9561 
Corchis Superiest Service, 4673 Seminole 943 9242 
Cowden's Esso Service, 5764 Tecumseh blvd (Sond E 
Township) 945-1763 

Coxon's Bill Texaco Service. 3940 Walker rd (Sand f 
Township) 969-6600 

Cutler Ernest J, 1410 Huron line (Sond W Twp) 

Derbyshire Service Station. 2105 Walker rd 254 5726 
Don's Shell Service. 2901 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 
256 8918 

Donelli's Service Station, 521 Riverside dr e 252 1393 
Dougall Sunoco Service, 2890 Dougoll ov (Sond W Twp) 

Duke's Svpertest Service, 2385 Walker rd 252 3304 
Dunlop's Sunoco Service. 615 Wyandotte e 254 4032 
Evan* Howard Shell Service, 2240 Wyondotte we»t 
253 8679 

Fairtie Sami. 280 University ov w 233 7140 
Federal Trucks Windsor ltd, 451 Tecumteh blvd w 
Fenn Bros Service Station. 1763 Wyondotte w 252 8Q75 
Ferri Leo Service. 1088 Tecumseh blvd e 253 1500 
Filip's Esso Service, 3990 Rtberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

Findlay T A ltd. 991 Ouellette ov 256-2194 
Fraser's Service Station, 1778 Wyondotte e 254-7822 
Fred s Service, 1495 Drouillord rd 945 8661 
Gammon's Bob Service. 3799 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond I 
Town.hip) 945 4032 

Gammon'* Shell Service. 3663 Walker rd (Sond E Twp) J 
969 8190 

Gee Robt B. 838 Erie e 253 5193 
George's Service Centre. 4320 Tecumseh blvd e 945 2731 
George's Shell Service, 3098 Walker rd (Sond E Twp) 
256 5992 

Gignac Leonard H, 1666 Bondolph ov Sond W Twp) 
256 0444 

Gregory's Service Station. 1502 George ov 945 3022 
Grondin Service, e s Huron line (So^d W Twp) 

Honk’s Service Slotion. n s Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 
Township) 948 3431 

Hanten Texaco. 1730 University ov w 252 8343 






"Professional Quality 5orvfco" 


Harold's Service, * t Huron Lin* (Sand W Twp) 

969 0068 

Heinx & Tony Car Centre, 2388 Wyandotte w 256 8161 
Hodore’s White Rose Service. 485 Tecumseh blvd e 
253 6313 

Hodgson Harold. 225 Wyandotte w 252*1407 
Holland Cord. 2520 Tecumseh blvd * 945-7081 
Holmes Suno*o Service Stotion, 880 University av w 
252 8117 

Horton’s Sunoco Service, 3419 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 945 3518 

Imperial OH Co ltd (For list of service stations see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Imperial Three Star Centre, 2714 Dougall ov (Sand W 
Township) 969-8040 

Jack Supertest Service. 1715 College ov 254 5623 
Jonco's Corner Service. 4300 Howard w (Sand S Twp| 

Joydee Sunoco. 6082 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
945 7274 

Jimmy's Sunoco Service. 925 Erie e> 254-0594 
Johnny's Sunoco Service. 1110 Tecumseh blvd e 
252 4806 

Joinviile Robert. 3579 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
948 0841 

Jones Roger Texaco, 1707 Tecunveh blvd w (Sond W 
Township) 254 7679 

Kember John Service Station, e s Golden rd (Sond W 
Township) 969 8818 

Ktingler Mike Service. 3199 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

252 6441 

leCloire's Service. 296 Strabon* av 945-3873 
Lee s Riverside 5unoco, 2525 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

945 9363 

len's Service Station, w s Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 

long's Supertest Service Stotion. 2970 University ov 
west 254-3441 

lore Service Station, 1460 College ov 253-6921 
Molenfant's Shell Service. 3147 Sandwich 256-9406 
Marcel's Service, 5584 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 
945 8951 

Mafous Giorgio Garage & Service Station, 2739 
Seminole 945-6852 

McIntosh Texaco Service Station. 832 Wyandotte (R'Side) 
945 1312 

Mcleoy't Texaco Service, 2900 Howard ov (Rem Pk) 


McNeill's Esso Service Station, 3560 Wolker rd (Sond E 
Township) 969*3595 

Mike's Service Goroge. 1240 Colaroqui 254-1311 
Morden's Sunoco Service, 1310 Third Concession rood 
(Sond W Twp) 969 5160 

Morden Supertest Service. 1115 Huron Line 254 0073 
Morgan s 5 A Service. 2850 Howard ov (R P) 252 3765 
Muxxin Anqeto Service Stotion. e s Huron line (Sond W 
Township) 969*6562 

Myers Service Station, 1163 Wyandotte w 232 2525 
Nagy Bill Shell Service. 2520 Dougall ov (Sond W Twp) 

Neville's Sunoco Service, 1488 Ouellette ov 253 5652 
Nicholoson's Texaco Service. 5300 Tecumseh bfvd east 
Sond E Twp) 948 4221 

Norm's BA Service. 714 University ov w 252-1504 
Novak's BA Service. 486 Tecumseh blvd e 252 2801 
Ostend Service Stotion. 2587 Howard ov (Sond W Twp) 

253 4128 

Pete's BA Service. 895 Oftowo 254-4613 
Pete's Esso Service, 3609 Wyandotte (R'Side) 945 9323 
Peters Mike Service. 1006 Crawford ov 252-2438 
Pierre's Maurice Texaco Service, 3341 Riverside drive 

Pillett* Service, 4680 Wyandotte * 945 9421 
Pillon's BA Service. 406 Wyandotte w 252 8955 
Platt's Tony Texoco Service, 1919 Wyandotte e (Sond E 
Township) 948*2612 

Plumb Kor Texaco Service, 3099 Tecumseh blvd east 
'Sond E Twp) 948*2612 
Poidevin Thos H. 3711 Sandwich 254-0504 
Poupord s Esio Service, 920 Univenity ov w 256 5200 I 
ond 2585 Wyandotte w 256 5036 1 

Pukoy’s Al Auto Repair, 355 Cabana rd e (Sand W 
Township) 969 0400 

Punga s Service. 3720 Seminole 943 7711 
Quick's Cities Service, 1409 Wyandotte e 236 5803 
R R Goroge. 708 Matthew Brody blvd (R'Side) 945 6386 
Richard's Esso, 680 Goyeou 253 0361 
Rigo's Service, 818 Tecumseh blvd e 256-8721 
Rivoit Bros Supertest Service, 1192 Ouellette 253 7849 
Riverside BA. 3403 Wyandotte (R'Side) 945 2412 
Riverside Esso Service. 1023 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Riverside Supertest Service. 334) Wyandotte (R'Side) 
945 3424 

Robertson James D. 1780 Ottawa 254 6747 
Romonycip's Hank Service Stotions ltd, 2576 Howard av 
(R Pork) 252 3955 

Ron’s 8A Service. 2091 University pv w 254 6773 
Roy's Esso Service. 911 Ottowo 234-5875 
Russell's Auto Service. 2702 Howard ov (Rem Pk) 

253 5005 

Shell Oil Co (For list of service stations see Alphabetical 

Skally's Service. 2671 Dougall ov (Sond W Twp) 

969 8709 

Sokolik John T Service, 405 Tecumseh blvd w 254 8478 
Sion's Cities Service. 920 Wyandotte (R Side) 948 4311 
Steel Ed Service Stotion. 1091 Felix ov 252 0393 
Sfilson Ken Texoco Service, 2675 Tecumseh blvd west 
(Sond W Twp) 252*1947 

Sfilson't Ed Service, 2535 Ouellette ov (Sond W Twp) 

Sun Oil Co Ltd (For list of service stotions see Alpha¬ 
betical Section) 

Sunshine Fleetwing Service. 3100 Wolker rd (Sand E 

Supertest Petroleum Corp Ltd (For list of service stations 
see Alphabetical Section) 

Sxusx's Trxaco Service, w t Howard av (Sond W Twp) 
969 7212 

Tecumseh Eost Auto Service. 3906 Tecumseh blvd east 
(Sond E Twp) 945 0877 
Ted’s BP Service. 305 Giles blvd e 233 2844 
Teno's Service. 220 Wyandotte # 253 0333 
Teiolin Service Goroge, 1502 Elsmere ov 252-1501 
Texaco Canada Ltd (For list of service xtotions see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Tilley's Fino Service, 1571 University ov w 256-3894 
Tintinalli l Shell Service. 4477 Wyandotte * 948 1211 
Toth Leslie Fina Service, 2605 Howard ov (Sond W Twp) 
252 9616 

Veteran Service. 308 Wyandotte e 
Vic's Service, 1291 Wyondotte * 254-8033 
Victoria Service Station, 1809 Tecumseh blvd e 234-2912 
Vince's Esso Service Station. 3392 Dougall av (Sand 
W Twp) 969-5069 

Vince's Sunoco Service Stotion, 4549 Wyandotte east 
945 8101 

Vincent's Texoco. 2723 Wyondotte (R'Side) 945 7611 
Woy Lyle Esso Service. 3995 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E 
Township) 948 1831 

Webster's BA Service. 2693 Dougoll ov (Sond W Twp) 

Western Hardware Service Station, * ■ Malden rd (Sand 
W Twp) 969 7990 

Westslde Texaco, 3190 Peter 256-4303 
Wildon BA Service, 2679 Howord av (Sand W Twp) 
232 6982 

Wright Ernest White Rose Service, 2588 Howord ov 
(R P) 254 5228 

Wyondotte Service, 320 Wyandotte w 256 3983 


Gignoc Reford D, 1766 Mark av (Sand W Twp) 254*2353 


Inspection Air Gauge Ltd, 3298 Riberdy rd (Sand E 
Township) 254 5556 
Semtec ltd. 3500 Ontario 948 4127 


Warner Gear Co Ltd, 325 Devonshire rd 254 5070 
Willis & Son Geor Co. 1312 Shepherd e 234 8993 


Epps Army Surplus Stores, 66 Chathom w 252*3172 
l & A General Store, 1282 George av 945 8911 


Continental Gift Shop, 719 Erie e 252-7849 
Dudley's Gift Shop. 1475 Tecumseh blvd e 254*5887 
Hi Woy Gift & Coffee Shop. 2151 Wolker rd 253*7865 
Hope Chest The. 31 Wyandotte e 252 1235 
Huffy's Gift Shop, 3270 Riberdy rd (Sond E Twp) 
Kay's Coin Shop, 136 Wyondotte e 254 8183 
Motthew's Gift & Confectionery, 3619 Wyandotte 
(R'Side) 943-9044 
Nicholls Gift Shop, 641 Church 

Shonfield-Meyers Budget Gift Shop Dept, 176 Ouellette 
ov 252 9702 

Tunnel Gifts. 407 Ouellette av 253-6744 
Variety Gift Shop, 1011 langtois ov 256 0824 


Bennett Gloss Co Ltd. The, 1004 Wolker rd 254*5159 

Canadian Pittsburgh Industries Ltd, 801 Coron ovrnue 
254 2374 

DePooli Industries, 542 ftronf 252 3050 

Dominion Plate & Window Glass Co, 2591 Howard ov 
(Sand W Twp) 233 5206 

Dualed Pane Co Ltd, 3174 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 
252 2044 

Duplate Canada Ltd (Windsor Oiv), 1850 Walker rd 

Goodwin Glass Industries Ltd. 1052 Wyandotte west 

Guardian Gloss Ltd. 2479 Howard ov 256*2671 

Northam Scientific Gloss Blowing Ltd. 988 Drouillord 
rd 252 6379 

Zulktni Joseph Ltd, 2376 E C Row av (Sand E Twp) 


Woodall Golf Centre. 2450 Dougall ov (Sand W Twp) 
253 9480 


Walker Hirom & Sons Grain Corp Ltd. 2072 Riverside 
dr e 234-5171 


Menkin's Cord Shop Ltd, 435 Ouellette ov 252*9885 


Dilomarfer Sharpening. 1010 Lincoln rd 253-4105 
Leveque Sharpening. 5243 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E 
Twp) 945 1530 


Appol Beniamin ltd. 3689 Sandwich 2S4-3621 
Boulton A H Co ltd. 605 633 Coron ov 252 7211 
Cut Rate Grocery & Restaurant Supplies Ltd, 1640 
Catoraqul 252*2704 

Classified, Vetlow Poge 21 




Itoom 102. 1015 UNIVERSITY AVENUE W. PHONE 251-4367 

G 4 T Meconi lmpornra ltd, 347-349 Wyondotte • 
253 3430 

National Grocers Co ltd. §71 Janetta ov 253 6381 
Standard Brandt ltd. 1059 Janette nt 754-2331 


AbroHom't Grocery & Confectionery. 1001 Qoyeou 

Annatt Brot Grocary. 401 Dougoll a» 253 5854 
Anthony'* Food Market, 1690 Poranl ov 253-9636 
Arnold Morket, 1000 W.ndtor ov 256 2752 
Bernstein's Market, 3706 Sandwich 254 0666 
Bloomfseld't Market. 3578 Bloomfield rd 254 6174 
Bodnor Market, 1207 Monmouth rd 254-2488 
Boles Morket 2710 Howord av (Rem Pk* 254-7491 
Boose Fodoh. 399 Elliott e 254-4121 
Borrelfi Bros Grocery, 880 Erie • 254 6803 
Bridge Grocery & Soda Bar. 2846 University ov w 
Bruce Morket. 1411 Bruce ov 253-8728 
Bulat Super Market. 1657 College ov 254-5775 
Bulat • SeW Serve Market. 4898 Tecumseh blvd e 
Carnegie Market IGA. 3242 Sandwich 
Central Grocery. 1052 Marion av 253 0240 
Challito Groceries, 897 Pierre ov 
Charron Quality Market. 2747 Charles 253-8522 
Cimer Grocery, M82 loagloit ov 253-0013 
Clarke Geo H, 357 Grove av 253 5736 
Consumers Warehouse of Windsor Ud, 166 McDougoH 
254 3248 

0 & S Morket, 1681 Drouillard rd 945-7011 
Dan's Morket. 349 Ellis av 254-7740 
Dell's Market. 894 Ottawa 253-1494 
De Marco A Market. 602 Mercer 253 9758 
DeMarco S, 255 Pitt • 253-6898 
Derkach Grocery. 1177 Marion av 
DeVitfori Bros. 1400 Pelletier ov 253 0712 
Dominion Stores ltd (For list of branches see Alpho 
beticol Section) 

Domer Market, 1498 Pillette rd 945 1533 
Dupuis Market 5725 Cloirview av <8 Side) 735-4831 
Earl's Grocery. 1034-1042 Erie w 254-0718 
Edison Morket, 3301 Edison ov 254-3413 
Elsmere Market. 1301 flsmere av 253 3023 
Fairview Morket, 1395 Prince rd 254-3631 
Ferrori's IGA. 1236 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Food Forr Morket. 1623 Drouillard rd 948 2621 
Food land ltd, 867 877 Wyondotte e 
Ford Provisions Co. 1207 Drouillord rd 253-2867 and 
900 Elsmere ov 254-0161 

Ford's Bob Meot Morket. 1062 Felix av 254-7347 
Frank's Grocery & Meats. 1634 Elsmere ov 232 2296 
Fred's Grocery. 1784 Drouillard rd 945 8181 
G A Market. 1795 George ov 945-5531 
Golifi Grocery, 401 Parent av 256-4185 
Garabedian Geo 1C, 3441 Sandwich 
Gaspare's Morket. 829 longiois ov 254 7252 
Goyeou Bert Market, 1133 University ov w 234-4358 
Grond Morois Groceteria. 2856 Porent blvd (Rem Pk) 
Great Atlantic & Pocifk Tea Co ltd For list of branches 
tee Alphabetical Section) 

Haddad lou IGA Markets 1207 Ouellette av 256-1211 

Haddad's Phil Market 1003 Lincoln rd 252-1427 

Horry's Food Market. 1523 longiois av 252 2600 

Hotsan Grocery, 697 Glengarry ov 253-5432 

Holland Bros 1277 Ottawa. 253-8565 

Howard Market. 1500 Howard av 253 9477 

IGA Foodliner. 1794 Westcott rd 

Itallon Food Morket. 555 Erie e 256 4821 

Italo Canadian Food Morket. 1243 Ottawa 254-0614 

Ivanovich Vinko, 2296 Chandler rd -Sand E Twp) 

Jensen Walter R, 395 McEwen ov 253-2910 
Jimmy's Morket, 35 Hanna av 253-9722 
John & Son Grocery, 1000 Felix ov 252 1841 
Kodrie't Morket. 1405 Erie e 253-5933 
Kar Woh Co. 341 Pork w 354-7894 
Karl's Hondy Food Morket. 846 University ov west 
254 8636 

Korn Grocery & Meat. 523 Erie e 254-1941 
Kuimon't Market, 1175 University ov • 253-2635 
Kwong lung Co, 394 Park w 253-7541 

loforet Louis. 518 laforet 254-3132 
len's Morket. 1795 University ov w 256-5861 
lovy's Grocery. 108 lauson rd (R'Side) 945-3233 
Lincoln Market, 1197 Lincoln rd 253-3802 
lob low Groceterias Co Ud (For list of stores see 
Alphabetical Section) 

luxford John W, 304 Glengorry ov 256-3732 
M 4 P Supermarket. 910 Howord ov 256-6417 
Moio Grocery. 715 Wyondotte e 256-6417 
Maker Wm, 320 Elliott W 
Maker's Groceries. 400 Janette ov 252 2565 
Marcus Morket. 1144 Wyandotte e 254 2663 
Mario's Itofion Grocery. 1945 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand 
W Twp) 234 6572 

Maroon Bros. 891 Riverside dr e 254 4831 
Martin's Market e s Malden rd (Sand W Twp) 969-7280 
McArthur leno Mrs. 843 California ov 
Miami Fruitlond. 5138 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
945 9853 

MiHor's Market. 3287 Dougoll ov (Sand W Twp) 
969 3740 

Missour Nagio Mrs. 3153 Wolker rd (Sand E Twp) 
256 3240 

Moore s Food Market, 1736 Wyondotte w 256 1806 
Myers Market, 1609 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 

N & D Super Market ltd. 1349 Grand Marais rd w 
• Sand W Twp) 969-4680 and 5876 Tecumseh blvd 
e Sand E Twp) 943 2871 
Neighbourhood Grocery. 1225 Honna o 253 0523 
Norm's Grocery. 400 Chippawa 256-5398 
Packer's Super Matket (Ontario) ltd, 1365 Tecumseh 
blvd e 252 1151 

Park Grocery 4 Confectionery. 339 Pork w 
Proshek Market. 1405 longloit a* 253-7960 
Prieur's Morket, 405 Erie w 253 2121 
Prince Rood Morket. 1357 Prince rd 233-1191 
Pubbft Morket, 1197 Drouillord rd 253-4028 
R M Market. 699 Charlotte (Rem Pk) 252-2938 
Red and White Food Master. 279 Chotham e 256-3225 
Remington Provisions, 604 Williams (Rem Pk) 232 8232 
Rubin Hyman, 811 Erie e 254-3133 
St Rose Morket. 2401 Wyandotte (R'Side) 945-3522 
c andwkh Provisions. 3499 Sandwich 252 6283 
ScarW. Market. 1117 Erie e 253 0860 
Schincortol Market, 830 Honno e 
Service Market. 476 480 University ov w 253 3831 
Shepherd Market, 384 Shepherd w 254-5722 
Sherman Grocery, 1218 Tecumseh blvd e 
Spearin'* Market. 1864 Ottawa 254 1291 
Spence's Markets (Windsor) ltd. 2283 Howard avenue 
254 0154 

Spidolieri Grocery Store. 636 Vanier (R Park) 253 6593 
Square Deal Morket. 1231 Drouillard rd 253 4848 
Steve's Handy Food Morket. 4701 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 945 0372 

Stop-N-Shop, 3435 Riverside dr '‘R'Side) 945-3613 
Strong’s Morket. 3010 Tecumseh bhrd e 945-6941 
Suey Yin Chong. 384 University ov w 252-3951 
Sun-life Food Morket, 1443 Drouillord rd 945 9211 
Sunshine Fruit & Self Serve Groceteria, 1430 Ottawa 
253 7928 

Super City Discount Food ltd. 3220 Dougall ov (Sand 
W Twp) 

Sydor Purity Food Market, 2498 Tourangeou rd (Sand 
E Twp) 945 3163 

Tetlev Grocery & Confectionery. 1314 Wellington av 
252 9961 

Thomas Food Market. 3236 Wyondotte (R Stde't 945 3406 
Tony's Italian Grocery. 297 Goyeau 252 0816 
Toth Grocery. 1140 Windsor ov 254-9372 
Vmoy's Grocery & Confectionery 1193 langloit ov 
Viuord's Morket. 1494 Lincoln rd 254 2240 
Wolker Rd Morket, 3819 Wolker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Weir's Morket, 2726 Howard ov (Rem Pk) 253-1775 
Whipple's Food Marl. 3848 Howord av (Sand W Twp) 
969 0820 

Windsor IGA Foodliner toine Food Soles ltd, 1295 
Grond Morois rd w (Sand W Twp) 

Woicik Grocery, 1990 Victoria ov (Sand W Twp) 

Veryk Peter Grocery. 1936 Victoria ov (Sand W Twp) 
969 8103 

Zah Joseph, w • South Cameron blvd (Sond W Twp) 
232 4715 


Santorroto Andriono L 176 Frank ov (R'Side) 945 7446 


Tanny s Vk Gym 4 Health Chib. 2451 Dougatl av (Sand 
W Twp) 253 7413 

(See Beauty Shops) 


Centre Canadian Froncals. 2418 Control av (Sand E 
Twp) 945 1189 

Cleary Auditorium 4 Memorial Convention Hall, 201 
Riverside d# w 252 8311 
Crootlon National Home, 2520 Seminole 
Chechoslovakia Hail, 1367 Drouillard rd 
DeMille Hall, after 877 Windermere rd 
Hungarian labor Temple. 1042 langloii ov 
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Temple, 634 631 
Chilver rd 

Knight's of Columbus Holt. 2401 Columbus dr (Sand 
W Twp) 969 8421 

Masonic Hall. 1029 McOoogali and 986 Ouellette av 
233 0285 

Mindsienty Moll. 790 Honna e 253 0258 
Moose Holt. 175 Riverside dr w 233 0428 
North American Maionk Holl. 900 Mercer 
Roseland Bible School Holl. 3821 Howard ov (Sond 
W Twp) 

Roumanian Greek Orodox Sunday School Hall, 289) 

St Alphoasut Hall, 439 Goyeou 

Sandwich East Community Hall. 2025 Jefferson blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Sons of England Hall, 1271-73 Erie e 
Ukrainian National Home, 1033 Ottawa 256 2953 
Unity Hall, 595 Victoria av 

Wesley Hall, w s Oufferln p! after Wyandotte e 


Hartwell Brot ltd, 1447 Argyle rd 254-4291 


Skinner J M 4 Co ltd, 1310 Windsor av 254 4600 
Standard Eouipment Supply ltd. 1293 Wyondotte w 
254 8676 

Windsor Factory Supply 4 Equipment ltd. 1693 Glad 
stone av 256-3493 


Arcade Hardware. 431 Shepherd w 253 9425 
Bates Hardware ltd. 1082-4 Wyandotte e 254-5918 and 
1308 Wyondotte (R'Side) 945-1133 
Bird Hardware Co. 2014 Wyondotte w 253 4812 
Burge Paint 4 Hordwore. 3935 Seminole 945-8631 
Burnside Hardware Ltd. 1577 Tecumseh blvd e 254-2722 
Burt Hardware. 2187 Howard av 253 3452 
Cecile Hardware 4 Electric. 2623 Wyandotte (R'Side' 
948 3671 

Cochranes Hardware, 2451 Dougall ov (Sand W Twp' 


<=•>. ~f> AA FUNERAL 


GILES AT GOYEAU - . - PHONE 254-8633 

Country S’de Hardware, 3865 Oougall av Sand W Twp) 

0 & R Hardware, 1483 Ouellette ov 254 1439 
Douglas T C Ltd. 28 Chatham e 253-6374 
Drouillard Hardware, 1802 Drouillard rd 945 9551 
Dubeniky Hardwore, 1018 Drouillord rd 253 4107 
Fox’s Hardware Store, 3143 Wolker rd (Sand E Twp) 
256 0264 

Fran-Jo Hardware, 3131 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
945 6521 

Good Home Appliances & Hardware. 1504 Parent av 

253 2827 

Horn’s F H, 569 Ouellette ov 

John’s Hardware, 4756 Tecumseh blvd e 945 5462 
Johnston Hardware, 72 Wyandotte e 253 9391 
Kane Charlie, 888 Erie e 253-4016 
Kane J H 1673 Wyandotte w 254-4074 
luborsky Hardware & Furniture, 935 Drouillord rd 

254 4298 

Marentette Hardware Co, 3231 Sandwich 
Market Hardware, 56 Pitt w 253-7672 
Neighbourhood Hardware, 238 Erie w 252-1754 
Ordon’s Hardware. 1072 Drouillard rd 253-3041 
Reid A W & Son. 4781 4783 Wyandotte e 943-1244 
Remington Hordwore, 2714 Howard av (Rem Pk) 

253 5570 

Rcnaud V J 6 Son Hardware, 5243 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 945-4912 

Reno s Hardware. 1963 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 

Roseland Hardware. 3847 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 

Eost Windsor Hardware. 815 Pillette rd 945-9521 
Service Hardware Ltd, 1236 Ottawa 253-6021 
Staddon’t Hardware, 1391 Prince »d 252-2289 
Wolkervillc Variety & Hardware, 1719 Wyandotte e 
252 9125 

West End Hardwore, 1610 University ov w 254-3841 
Western Pro Hordwore. e s Malden rd (Sand W Twp) 
969 7990 


Paterson Leather Co Ltd, 3236 Sandwich 252-0905 
Windsor Harness 6 Saddle Supply, 3132 Walker rd 
(Sand E Twp) 253-5352 


Calhoun’s Smile Hat Shops ltd. The, 323 Ouellette ov 


Acousticon of Windsor. 579 Pelissier 252 2951 
Beltone Hearing Centre, 1356 Ouellette ov 256-5451 
Central Hearing Aid Center, 445 Pelissier 256 9515 
Maico Hearing Service. 23 Park w 252 4771 
Steeves Ken Sales Ltd. 33 Chatham e 253-4514 


Budd Metal Treating, 3096 Devon dr (Sand E Twp) 

St Clair Metal Processing Ltd, 2577 Howard ov (Sand 
W Twp) 253-8894 


American-Standard Products (Canada) Ltd, 310 Ellis av 
• 254-4353 

Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. 1797 Benjamin 
ov 256 3210 

Auto Flo Corp of Canada ltd, 4240 Ambassador av 
(Sand W Twp) 969-3504 

Comfort Heating & Cooling (Windsor) ltd, 1406 Erie e 
252 2941 

Diamond Specialty Ltd. 586 Ouelhtte ov 253-4910 
Trone Co of Con ltd, 52 Chatham w 253-3515 


McKEOUGH G G LIMITED, 1534 Windsor 
Avenue, Phone 256-7811 


Merco Herbalist. 578 Wyandotte e 253-9472 
Windsor Health Foods, 110 Wyandotte e 


Windsor Hide Co, 2462 Ouellette ov (Sand W Twp) 
252 8775 


Cock Bros Ltd. 1451 Tecumseh blvd e 252-9721 
Jon’s Ceramic Supplies, 4667 Wyandotte e 948-4822 
Janitse’s Hobby & Toy Shop, 2007 Wyandotte w 

252 8817 

Windsor Model Raceways, 1622 Tecumseh blvd eost 

253 1474 


Alexander Hall, 230 Strabane av 945-8411 
Banaltran Nursing Home, 511 Devonshire rd 253-8377 
Children’s Aid Receiving Home. 263 Bridgx av 
Community Psychiatric Hospital, 1453 Prince road 
252 2771 

Desjardins Rest Home, 3285 Riverside dr e 253-6894 
Essex County Sonitorium, 1453 Prince rd 252-2771 
Faith Haven Home for Girls, 461 Crawford av 254-2654 
Grace Hospital (Salvation Army), 339 Crawford av 
256 2361 

Havenwood Rest Home, 1106 Ouellette ov 253-4316 
Hotel-Dieu St Joseph. 1030 Ouellette ov 252-3631 
Huron lodge, 1475 Huron Line 252-5747 
I.O.D.E Memorial Hospital. 1453 Prince rd 252 2771 
Lever’s Rest Home. 759 Victoria ov 256-6524 
Margaret’s Rest Home, 1752 Union 253 4132 
Martin Nursing Home. 1165 Ouellette av 254-5916 
Metropolitan General Hospital. 1995 Lens av 256*3461 
Rivervlew Hospital, 3117 Riverside dr e 254-6426 
Russian People's Home, 1220-1222 Drouillard rd 
St Joseph Manor, 1671 Riverside dr e 
St Lonard’s House, 491 Victoria av 256-1878 
St Michael's Home. 3771 Sandwich 254-2204 
Villa Marla. 2856 Riverside dr w 256 3174 
Wilson Catherine Nursing Home, 580-582 Devonshire rd 
252 9121 

Windermere lodge Rest Home, 691 Windermere rd 
Windsor Rest Home, 942 Howard av 256*8542 


Gold Star Products Co Ltd, 73*75 Riverside dr e 
254 6464 

Modern Design Co (Windsor) Ltd. 65 Riverside dr e 
252 5007 

Windsor Hotel Restaurant Supply Ltd, 401 University av 
w 252 4421 


Airport House, 3998 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 969*0071 
Arcode House. 1353 Wyandotte e 256*0244 

Arlington Hotel. 891 Erie e 253-4183 
Boby House. 1683 College av 254-7123 
Bellevue Tavern. 1271 Riverside dr e 253-9471 
8 order Hotel ltd, 461 Wyandotte e 254*4010 
Bridge Avenue Public House Ltd. 1886 University ov w 

252 1075 

British* American Hotel, 4 Riverside dr e 254-9291 
Calcof Hotel. 2615 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 253*9629 
Canado Tavern. 5923 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
945 5872 

Chippawo House, 3404 Bloomfiold rd 254*9341 
Colonial Hotel Ltd, 29 Tecumseh blvd w 253-0708 
Commodore Supper Club & Tavern, 25 Chathom east 

253 7992 

Coronation House. 1517-1521 Riverside dr w 256 0008 
Detroit Hotel. 1209-1215 Drouillard rd 253-0422 
Dixie House, 1076-1080 Erie e 253-0164 
Dominion Tavern, 3140 Sandwich 256-0212 
Droke Hotel, 193*199 Glengarry av 254-7755 
Drop In Tavern (Windsor) Ltd. 3990 Tecumseh blvd e 
945 1006 

Elmwood Casino, w s Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 

252 7781 

Embassy Hotel, 2998 Tecumseh blvd e 945-7606 
Erie Hotel, 1067 Erie e 253*0257 
Essex Hotel. 317 Riverside dr w 252-2471 
Europe Hotel, 1636-1638 Drouillord rd 945*6421 
Fleming House, 4715 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Forest House, 1073 Tecumseh blvd e 252*9311 
Grond House, 1014 Howard av 254-5584 
Highway Hotel. 592 Dougall ov 253*7646 
Hollywood Hotel, 900 Howard av 253*1072 
Horse Shoe Hotel. 542 Cataraqui 253-0307 
Hotel Royale, 4877 Wyandotte e 945-3871 
Howard Hotel, 1534 Howard av 256-0145 
Imperial House. 191-3 Riverside dr w 252-1245 
International House, 928*932 Drouillard rd 225-9631 
Islond View Tavern. 3342 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

Koxok's. 1444 Ottawa 253 0070 

lauxon Stop Inn. 3340 Wyandotte (R'Side) 945*4723 

Lincoln House, 653 655 University av w 254*1234 

Majestic Tavern, 1269 Ottowa 254 0501 

Marigold House, 1015 Drouillard rd 253-0101 

Market House. 327 Pitt e 253 0095 

Mortin House, 1327 langlois av 253-1934 

Martini's Adam Ltd, 4912 Riverside dr (R'Side) 735*2927 

Menard's Tavern, 196 Riverside ov (R'Side) 945-7650 

Metropole Hotel (Windsor) Ltd. 917 Walker rd 253-3591 

Monarch House. 82-88 Wyandotte w 253 6809 




Pres, and Mnq. Dir. 

- ☆- 

350 ROOMS 
Cafeteria at Popular Prices 
Modern Banquet Service 
Free 24 Hour Parking For Registered Guests 

PARK ST. WEST,~Cor. Pelissier 
PHONE 254-2521 

Family Plan 

Norton Palmer Hotel ltd, 130 Park w 254-2521 
Ottawa Hotel, 943 947 Ottowa 252*4862 
Palace House, 939 Drouillard rd 254-5350 
Pero's House, 1056 Wyandotte e 254 7261 
Plaxo Arms Ltd. 4877 Wyandotte e 945*3871 
Prince Edward Hotel (Operating) Ltd, 380 384 Ouellette 
avenue 253*2481 

Rendezvous Tavern, 7324 Riverside dr (R'Side) 735 2801 
Rex Tovern. 1116*8 Drouillord rd 253*9152 
Ritx Hotel The. 93 Riverside dr e 253 4678 
Royal Oak Tavern, 3260 Sandwich 225 3222 
St Clair Tavern, 58 66 Wyandotte e 253*1873 
Sandhill House, e s Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 969-0097 
Seminole House, 3983 Seminole 943*8771 

Classified, Yellow Poge 23 


Southwood Howl. 1333 Wellington ev 252 1633 

Sior Hot*). 788 792 Gladstone ov 253 9860 

Tdbot Mown*. 381 Elm ov 254 6107 

Temple Tovern (Port Grab) ltd, 2756 Chorles 253 3636 

Three Boor's House. The. 1413 Huron Lino 253-0881 

V.M..Y Hotel. 683 OueHette ov 256-4310 

Victor to Hous*. 400 Chilver rd 233 0338 

West S»d* House 623 9 Riverside dr w 232-1681 

Westwood Tovern, 4280 Sondwich 969 5960 

Wyondotr# Hotel Co Ltd. 892 98 Wyondotte e 253 5643 


Deluxe Home Cleonert. 3588 Sandwich 236-9779 


Baum 6 Brody ltd, 156 Chatham w 253-3547 
Canadian Household Services. 1304 Wyandotte ( 8 ‘Side) 
945 5211 

Household Furnishings, 1333 Giles blvd e 
laforet's Drapery 6 Slip Cover House. 167 Tecumseh 
blvd west 232 4152 

Marvel Sales, 1168 Wyondotte e 256 1438 
Tupperwore Home Parties. 1168 Wyandotte e 256-1438 


Cuisine Specialties, 609 Scofield ov (Sand S Twp) 
KitchenKraft Distributors. 29 31 Wyandotte e 252-1235 
Lombardo Furniture 4 Applinocet Ltd. 48 Wyandotte e 
256 3043 

Ney Trend Distributors Ltd. 871 Otfawo 236 3125 
Quality Cookware Co ltd. 1967 Buckingham rd (Sand 
E Twpl 948-3871 

Smith Syd Housewares. 584 lauxon rd (B'Side) 945-6468 


Delisle Ice 6 Coal Co, 1590 Crawford ov 254-4474 
Empire State Ice Co. e s South Cameron blvd (Sand W 
Township) 969-6330 

Tecumseh Ice & Fuel, 12360 Tecumseh blvd # (Tecumteh) 

(See also Exporters) 

Amelia Importing Co. 3879 Hillcrest blvd 225-2901 
D & W Enterprise, 134 University ov w 256-9456 
Europotit of Canado. 1493 Wyondort# e 256-1050 
Manufacturers Distributors and Importers. 504 Victories 
ervenu* 253-8024 

Maple Leaf Imparting Co. 2388 Chilver rd 253 2898 
Universal Free Port Enterprises Ltd, 380-384 Ouellette ov 
252 9298 

Winward Troding Co Ltd. 504 Victoria ov 252-9463 
Torktown Importing Enterprises Ltd, 3514 Walker rd 
(Sand E Twp) 969 6401 


Cunningham Industrial Caretakers Supplies. 3395 Sand 
wkh 233 6673 

Duro-Mot Industries ltd. 3395 Sandwich 232 0475 
Tutton R E Co, 1978 Wyondotte e 253 2034 


Canadian Johns-Mon vitte Co Ltd. 504 Victorio avenue 
252 3962 

Consolidated Industrial Insulotioni Ltd. 1769 Assumption 
252 7645 

Glass Insulation & Construction Products Co. 1574 
Gladstone ov 254-1103 

Terkel Insulation Products Ltd, 673 Wellington avenue 
256 7304 

Windsor Pneumatic Insulating Co, 551 Hiidegarde (Rem 
Park) 254 6764 


Addison 4 Rivers General Insurance Adjusters, 1552-54 
Ouellette ov 256-4919 

Campbell Claim Service Ltd, 405 Pelissier 256 3153 
Canodion Automobile Service Assn ltd, 374 Ouellette ov 
253 1151 

Dominion of Conada General Insurance Co The, 374 
Ouellette av 254 4341 

Egehon Charles. 2657 Princess av (Sand E Twp) 




C. C. Heiwlq • General Manaqer 
K H. McGregor • Assistant Manager 

1060 UN VfRSITY AVE. W 253-7406 

Hefwig Adjusting Co Ltd, 1060 University avenue w 
253 7406 

Holland Adjusting Co ltd, 176 University ov w 256-5476 
Midwest Fire Loss Adjusting Co, 504 Victorio ovenue 
253 8024 



Security Building - Phono 256-5481 


C. R. WILLIAMS.25J-t- W 

R 8. SHELDON-.W-3175 

Morden 6 Hefwig Ltd, 267 Pelissier 256 5481 
Ormerod H W 4 Co ltd, 176 University av w 254 3203 
Peterson 4 Hogarth ltd, 267 Pelissier, 257 8359 
Stothom Pope Ltd, 125 Tecumseh blvd w 252 1153 
Windsor Adjusting Co Ltd. 267 Pelissier 252 5734 


All-Risks Insurance Agencies ltd, 666 Ouellette avenue 

253 6376 

Atkinson Barry E. 1226 Tecumseh blvd • 253 5314 
Atkinson 0 G Insurance. 155 Tecumteh blvd w 254 2519 
Backer Jack. 170 Ouellette ov 254 5840 
Baker Walton Montgomery 4 Co ltd, 267 Pelissier 
225 8357 

Baxter Insurance Agency. 44 Wyandotte e 256 9031 

Bell Evelyn W 639 Victoria av 254-1817 

Bexoire Louis, 807 Elliott e 253 5715 

Blonde 4 little Insurance Ltd, 490 Pelissier 256-3478 

Border Cities Insurance Agency. 176 University ov w 

254 8234 

Brisebots J 4 Son, 889 Wyandotte m 254 6060 
Brown Len Insurance, 708 Wyondott* (R'$*de) 945 2791 
Buhner 4 Strickland ltd. 1647 Tecumseh blvd e 256 3409 
Burns W J Insurance Agency, 76 University ov w 

Byron Frances. 516 Goyeau 252 1939 
Centrol Insurance Agencies ltd. 374 Ouellette ovenue 
253 7401 

Chouvin Insurance ltd. 76 University av w 252-2165 

| Clarke Chat N Insurance Service. 76 University ov w 

Co Operators Insurance Assn, 1165 Tecumseh blvd e 

253 5255 

Curry Clyde W 4 Son Ltd. 374 Ouellette av 253-3559 
Dot Farra Agency, 707 Erie e 256-4146 
Oell John. 176 University ov w 254-4369 
Duch«ne Clifford J. 2894 Univorslty ov w 254-9707 
Dupont F Bernard. 374 Ouellette av 252-3B63 
Elgee Earl W, 176 University av w 254-4369 
Elgee, Longman 4 Dell Insurance Agencies, 176 Uni- 
versify avenue west 234 4369 
Fuller Walter A Insurance Agency, 176 University ov 
west 254 4369 

Geddei G I Insurance Agency, 1060 University ov w 
252 3524 

Gill Wm F Insurance Agency. 1920 Vimy av 256-1555 
Golini Alfio. 1242 Wyondotte e 252 1926 
Gourlay 4 Gavel, 571 Lincoln rd 253-9820 
Graham Eldon Insurance. 3214 Byng rd (S and E Twp) 
252 9751 

Grant 4 Mlngay Insurance ltd, 1369 Ouellette ovenue 

Griffith E J W Agencies. 745 Univers ty ov w 252 7283 
Griffith Edward J W Jr. 745 University ov w 252 7283 
Hoppy A E Insurance Co. 1898 Ottowa 254 3751 
Hoitorn Insurance Agencies Ltd. 774 Ouellette avenue 

Hewitt Robert D. 1990 Ottowa 256 8108 
Hulay Louis J, 1990 Ottawa 252-4518 
Keane Fred'k W. 267 Pelissier 254 1936 
Larkin F R Co ltd, 267 Pelissier 253 1117 
Lawton Insurance Agency. 1460 Ouellette ov 253 4657 
levatieur Norman W. 3349 Turner rd (Sand E Twp) 
969 1570 

Lloyd F W General Insurance. 41 Fairview blvd (R'Side) 
948 1166 

Longman John W, 176 University ov w 254 4305 
Matlender 4 Cherrle Insurance Agency Ltd. 1015 Uni¬ 
versity avenue w 256-5436 
McLean Hugh 8 . 176 University av w 252 4351 
Morand Insurance Agencies ltd, 267 Pelissier 253 6389 
Morianti A l (Gus) Insurance Agency 374 Ouellette or 

254 7221 

Motor Cify Insurance Agencies, 1089 Ouellette avenue 
252 4451 

Mouldoon Thos A Insurance. Agency. 29 Park west 
252 3466 

Nicholl Fred A Insurance Ltd. 2120 Glodtione avenue 

252 6591 

Oliver Insurance Agency. 637 Scofield av iSond S Twp) 
969 1800 

Ostricker 4 French Insurance Agency, 569 Ouellette a* 

253 6820 

Parco J M Insurance Agency. 269 Wyondotte west 

Peck Insurance Agency, 44 Wyandotte e 253-6992 
Prince Choe Insurance Services. 374 Ouellette avenue 
252 1202 

Purdy Robt W. 52 Chatham w 253 6976 

LIMITED, Room 501, 76 Univorslty 

Avenue West, Phone 252-4411 (Seo odv 
Front Cover and Top Linos) 





University Ave. W. — Corner Victoria 
PHONE 254-9289 

Reoume U G Ltd. 176 University av w 254 9289 
Rouffer M J Agency, 920 Ottawa 256-4916 
Sanborn C Len Agency. 3237 Curry av (Sond W Twp> 
969 1747 

Snyder (Walkerville) ltd. 1862 Wyondott* • 253 34S6 
Spindlxr Billy l. Insurance ltd. 1470 Tecumseh blvd e 

252 0011 

Toylor N J Co Ltd. 1015 University ov w 254 4367 
Taylor T Eorl Insurance. 176 University ov w 254 1139 
Thompson Insurance Office (Windsor.! ltd. 164 Pitt • 
254 5131 

Thrasher Ivan W Insurance Agency, 1110 Ouellette ov 


Tyttle C R Insurance Agenty. 1317 Windermere road 

253 1529 



CL. 3-3551 





1695 UNIVERSITY WEST CL. 4-9261 



Firr. Automobile Liability, Burglary. 
Bonds. Personal Floaters. Business 
Interruption—All General Lines. 



Phone 253*5850 A 253*6061 
After 5.00 P.M.; Phone 945-5076 or 969-4564 

l. 8 DeWolf e. Pro*idenl ond Manager 
R. C. Bell, Vice-President 

Walker Insurance Agency Ltd. 1942 Wyandotte east 
253 5850 

Whiteside Harvey Insurance Agency, 374 Ouelletle av 

Wight Geo W. 1129 Lincoln rd 253 4833 

Wilkes W J. 1399 Grand Marais rd w (Sand W Twp) 
969 3695 

Wilson A E & Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 253-1151 

Wilson D J Ins Agency Ltd, 341 Tecumseh blvd east 

versify Avenue West, Phone 254*4367 
(See adv Top Lines) 


Allstate Insurance Co, 3120 Dovgall av (Sand W Twp) 
969-1174 and 659 Ouellette av 254-7557 
Canada Health & Accident Assce Co, 504 Victoria av 
256 7371 

Canodo life Assce Co, 374 Ouellette ov 253-5223 
Canadian Provident The, 417 Pelinier 256*7629 
Commercial Union Insurance Group, 267 Pelissier 

252- 1141 

Confederation Life Assn. 660 Ouellette av 252-7203 
Continental Life Ins Co. 1015 University ov w 252-5739 
Crown Life Ins Co Windsor Main Agency. 33 University 
av w 256-5431 and Windsor Centre Agency, 33 
University ov w 253-6141 

Dominion Life Assurance Co, 660 Ouellette ov 253-5247 
Empire life Ins Co. 660 Ouellette av 253-1164 
Equitable life Ins Co of Can The, 267 Pelissier 254-7541 
Excelsior Life Ins Co, 176 University ov w 252-7271 
Global General Insurance Co, 1070 University avenue w 
253 3535 

Global life Insurance Co, 1050 University avenue w 
253 5233 

Great West Lif« Assce Co, The. 1015 University ov w 

Imperial Life Assce Co of Canada, 374 Ouellette ov 

London Life Ins Co. 660 Ouellette av 256 4527 
lumbermen's Mutual Casualty Co, 708 Wyandotte 
(R'Side) 945-2791 

Maccabees Mutual Life Insurance Co, 1120 Ouellette 
avenue 253 7416 

Manufacturers Life Ins Co, 660 Ouellette ov 256 8236 
Metropolitan life Ins Co. 367 Ouellette av 233-1159 
Monarch Life Assce Co, 1015 University ov w 254-9645 
Montreol life Ins Co. 302 Ouellette ov 253-9735 
Mutual Life Assce Co of Canada, 374 Ouellette avenue 

253- 1184 

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co, 745 University ov w 
253 5748 

Notional Life Assce Co of Canada The. 830 Ouellette 
avenue 256 4581 

North American Life Assce Co, 2215 Huron Line (Sand 
W Twp) 969-6710 

Northern Lif* Assce Co of Conodo. The, 374 Ouellette 
avenue 256-1838 

Northern & Employers Group The, 76 University ov w 
256 8233 

Occidental Life Insurance Co of California. 76 University 
avenue w 256-0910 

Ontorio Hospital Assn, 1427 Ouellette ov 253-3511 

Ontario Hospital Services Commission, 1427 Ouellette 
ovenue 253-3511 

Prudential Assce Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 253 7401 

Prudential Insurance Co of America, 586 Ouellette ov 
256 8258 

Royal London & Lancashire Insurance Companies, 374 
Ouellette av 253-6406 

Sovereign Life Assurance Co of Canada. 635 Ouellette 
avenue 256-3281 

Soverign Life Assurance Co of Canada, 76 University 
avenue w 252-2165 

State Farm Insurance. 2260 University ov w 254-5153 

State Farm Ins Co*s 29 Park w 252-3058 

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co, 29 Pork 
west 252-3058 

5un Life Assce Co of Can. 635 Ouellette av 253 1196 

Western British American Assurance Group, 76 Uni¬ 
versity avenue w 256-2635 

Windsor Medical Services Inc, 1427 Ouellette ov 
256 7861 

Zurich Insurance Co, 757 Ouellette ov 254-1079 


Custom Interiors By Richard, 115 University avenue w 

Deen George Interiors, 3877 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 
969 5540 

Field Ernie. 2050 Iroquois 254 8505 
Interiors of Elegance, 46 Chatham w 254-3671 
Nonen Ethel S. 3020 Bruce ov (Sand W Twp) 969-7252 
O'Neill Jos D Lid, 3889 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 

Ryan Peter K Ltd, 558 Goyeau 253-7471 


Argus Piotection & Investigation Service Ltd, 1530 
Ouellette ov 253-6611 

Sentinel Alarm & Protection Service, 1120 Ouellette ov 
252 2765 


All Canadian Group Distributions ltd. 723 Ouellette av 

Gairdner & Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 253-4666 

McLeod Young Weir & Co ltd, 302 Ouellette ovenue 

Muroff Walter & Co, 176 University av w 256-8687 

Reaume Arthur J Investments ltd, 374 Ouellette avenue 

Avenue, Phone 254*5141 (See adv Front 
Stencil Edge and Top Lines) 

Ross Knowles & Co ltd, 267 Pelissier 256 1891 

United Dominion Investments Ltd, 15 Wyandotte east 
253 6328 

United Investment Services ltd, 1839 Wyandotte east 
256 4934 

Wolwyn Stodgell & Co Ltd, 76 University ov w 253-4631 

Wheatley Management limited. 2590 Ouellette ovenue 
(Sand W Twp) 256-2394 


Armson Iron Works lid, 1558 and 1576 Howard avenue 

Domestic Foundry Ltd, 1595 Crawford ov 254-1121 


Clark A E Co, 1294 Windermere rd 252 2409 
Kilpofrick C Mfg Co Ltd, 360 Park w 253 7550 
Nontais & Hill Ltd. 152 Pin w 254 0461 
Reliable Jewellery Mfg Co, 188-190 Ouellette avenue 
253 6098 

Traub Mfg Co of Can Ltd, 1922 Wyondotte e 253-6610 
Turmaline Ltd, 176 University ov w 253-3859 


Antique Jewelry Ltd, 429 Ouellette av 258-8541 
Birks Henry & Sons (Ont) Ltd, 373-375 Ouellette ovenue 

Bruce Jeanne Jeweller, 337 Ouellette av 252-7692 
Coyle's Jewellery 4 Gift Shop, 1409 Wyondotte (R'Side) 

Crown Credit Jewellers, 321 Ouellette ov 252-2009 

Fox I J, 204 Wyandotte e 256-1982 

Grayson Jewellers 4 Chino Shop, 131 Ouellette ovenue 

252- 1701 

Holmo Jewellers Ltd. 1368 Ottawa 254-3221 

Horvath Anthony, 1295 Ottawa 254-4800 

John's Ernest Jewellers, 1021 Drouillard rd 253-4757 

Klein's Jewellers, 1408 Tecumseh blvd e 252-9940 

Kopstein Samuel, 563 Pelissier 252-2315 

Lettner's Ltd, 354 Ouellette ov 253 8465 

Lord's Jewellery China Shop. 188-190 Ouellette ovenue 

253- 6098 

Moloney H G 4 Sons, 1437 Ottawa 253-6266 
Morentette H Jeweller, 710 Wyandotte e 
Minden Frances Jewellery and Gifl Wore, 1195 Bruce ov 

Peoples Credit Jewellers Ltd, 302 Ouellette av 254-7533 
Pieosance Jewellers Ltd, 1701 Wyandotte e 254-3623 
Rocklin Jewellers, 580 Wyandotte e 253-4400 
Soasto's Jewellery, 413 Ouellette ov 253-5891 
Shonfield-Meyers Jewellery 4 China Shop, 188-190 
Ouellette av 253-6098 

Slama A & Son, 1728 Drouillard rd 945 3807 
Unis Jewellers, 3021 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Vexino Colin J. 409 Ouellette av 254-5944 
Webb John Ltd. 557-556 Ouellette av 254 8971 
Weepers H F, Jeweller, 138 University av w 254-4880 
Williom's Jewellery, 1364 Wyondotte c 233 9407 


Pazner Scarp Metals Co ltd, 1250 Drouillard road 


Fermain Kennels, 1683 Howard ov 252-0336 
Kellrose Kennels. 1485 Tecumseh blvd w (Sond W Twp) 


Medical Laboratories of Windsor. 1466 Ouellette av 
252 4054 


Audrey Fashions Ltd. 492 Pelissier 252-0584 
Business Girl Fothions, e s Dougall ov (Sand W Twp) 
969-0841 and 559 Ouellette av 254 8102 
Carol Lee, 519 Ouellette ov 253-5028 
Doree's Shop. 1347 Ottawa 253-7265 
Eileen's Ladies Wear. 2053 Wyandotte w 256 4842 
Flamingo Fashions, 1564 Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 

Fogel Betty, Distinctive Fashions, 675 Ouellette avenue 

Hoppe's Nu Vogue, 246 Ouellette av 254-9666 


Classified, Yellow Page 25 



t v i 

Foil Distinctive Dining 



PHONE 252-2741 

Joyce Fothion*. 1514 Ottawa 252-7811 
Judy Shop, 1471 Ottawa 253-6879 

Kelly Nelly lodiei Wear. 4640 Tecumteh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 948 4071 

lilli-Ann Shop, 344 Ouellette o» 256 8368 
love's Ladies Wear. 1626 Ottawa 253 3644 
Mayfair ladles' Wear, 417 Ouellette ov 254-4005 
Ordower l*o Ltd. 1515 21 Ottawa 253 4559 
Pattlnson. 1686 Tecumseh blvd e 252 8717 
Pearl's Dress Studio. 520 Pelissier 254 8888 
Princess Shoppe, 308 Ouellette av 254-0875 
Red Robin Ltd. 331 Ouellette ov 252-7257 
Reitman's (Ont) Ltd, 2451 Dougoll av (Sand W Twp) 
256-6546 (For list of branches see Alphabetical 

Sondra Specialty Shop, 1346 Ottawa 256-5621 
Smith Evelyn, 1318 Wyandotte (R’Side) 945-9410 
style Shoppe, 1251 Ottawa 253 8966 
Tanner Silly* ltd, 1421 Tecumseh blvd * 256-1951. 537 
Ouellette ov 256-7942 and 4780 Wyandotte 
946 3471 

Mo Solon, 433 Ouellette ov 252 0739 
Vero's Villoge Shoppe ltd, 2451 Dougoll av (Sand W 
Township) 256-5701 

Watermon's ltd Furs 6 Women's Wear, 553 Ouellette av 


lappan's landscaping, 231 lauion rd (R'Side) 945-4876 
Matte Joseph 8, 1965 JeHerson blvd (Sand E Twp) 
948 0139 

Vanyo landscaping & Nursery, 1903 Dominion blvd 
(Sand W Twp) 969-7550 


Affiliated Laundry A Cleaning Services ltd, 1550-56 
Ellesmere ov 254 6408 

8 ig M Laundromat Th* (self service). 701 Wyandotte * 
Coin Laundry. 1017 Church, 2601 Edno ond 940 Albert 

Cottoge Laundry. 3615 College av 254-3655 
East End Hand laundry. 1232 Erie e 
Easy Self Service laundry (for list of branches see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Gin Foon Laundry. 752 Parent av 253-2145 
Grand Laundrette The, 1709 George av 
J A J Automatic Services Ltd, 2545 Wyandotte w 
Kerr's Laundromat. 904 Tecumseh blvd e 
L & R Speed Wash, 2390 Tecumseh blvd w 
Laundromat, before 911 Wyandotte (R'Side) and 3317 
Wyandotte (R'Side) 

lee Chong Laundry, 1026 Drouillard rd 
lee-Jim Hop Laundry, 283 Riverside dr e 
lee On, 73 Erie e 252-1206 

lewel Coin-op laundromat & Dry Cleaning, 1568 
Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 256-0219 
Nite and Doy Coin Laundry, 1534 Wyandotte e 
254 7726 

Quick Clean Laundry, 1284 Prince rd 
Rainbow Cleaning Centre, 381 Wyandotte e 254-2053 
Rod's Speed Queen Coin Laundry, 3405 Riverside dr 

Speed Wash. 3261 Sandwich 256 7303 
Superior Self Serve loundry, 1517 University av w 
Wcitinghouse J A 8 Laundromat, 598 Janette ov 
White Laundry & Dry Cleaning of Windsor ltd, 938 
Wyandotte e 254-3213 

Windsor laundry & Dry Cleaners, 1550-56 EUmere ov 
254 6408 


Alron's lawnmower Sharpening & Repair, 1789 Goorge 
avenue 945-3663 

Erie Handy Shop, (rear) 1062 Erie e 256-2742 
Rex's Power Mower Service, n s Todd rd (Sond W 
Township) 969 6196 


(See Barristers, Solicitors, etc.) 


Boyley 6 Ellis Co Ltd (distributors). 321-323 Riverside 
drive w 253 3773 

Norman's leather Shop, 1187 Tecumseh blvd e 256 2561 


Barboro Wood Ltd, 504 Victoria ov 253-6341 
Commercial Advertisers The, 52 Chatham w 256-3918 

Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone EMpirc 


Christian Science Reading Room, 41 Park w 253 8173 

taining City Directories for Eastern 
Canada. These are for free public 
reference and may be referred to in our 
library at the Chamber of Commerce, 
374 Ouellette Avenua, during normal 
business hours. 

Essex County Library Co-Operative, 2260 University av 
w*»i 252 6743 

John Richardson Public Library, 1495 Wyandotte west 
254 3351 

Prince Edward Public library, 949 Giles blvd e 
Public librories (for list of Branches s*« Alphabetical 

Riverside Public library, 1755 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

945 7568 

Roteland library, 375 Cobono rd • (Sand W Twp) 
Sandwich Branch library, 615 Mill 253 7340 
Seminot* Public library, 4285 Seminole 945-6467 
South Branch library, 1425 Tecumseh blvd e 253-3600 
Victoria Public Library, 1376 Victoria av 
Wllistead Public library, Wllist*ad Park 253 5295 
Windsor Public Library (Cornegie), 416-434 Victoria av 
256 8266 


Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario, 2800 
Walker rd (Sond E Twp) 256-4541 
Sandwich West Hydro Electric System, w s Huron Line 
(Sond W Twp) 969-2170 

Windsor Utilities Commission. 787 Ouellette av 252-3601 


Lighting Maintenance Service ltd, 1614 University av w 
256 5473 


Dodd & Strothers Ltd, 1721 Moy av 253 8510 


Abbis Peter,4573 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 

Real lace and linen Store, 266 Ouellette av 253-5852 


liquor Control Board of Ontario (For list of branches 
tee Alphabetical Section) 


Avenue, Toronto 28, Phone EMpir« 


Windsor Plate Makers ltd, 124 Ferry 254-8678 


CAC Reotty Limited, 455 Ouellette ov 254 8681 
Canada Permanent Mortgoge Corp, 545 Ouellette o« 

252 6551 

Central Mortgoge ond Housing Corp, 1594 Ouellette a» 

253 7427 

Commercial Credit Plan ltd, 717 Ouellette ov 256 1885 
Delto Acceptance Corp ltd. 319 Ouellette av 252-5718 
Mihlroth John A Co. 504 Victoria av 256-1191 
Prudential Family Credit ltd, 682 Ouellette av 254-643) 
United Mortgoge Investments, 176 University ov west 

254 0464 


Bakst Sewel, 508 Ouellette av 
Flxit Shop, 579 Partington ov 256 2381 
Master locksmiths, 241 Wyandotte e 253-3330 
Windsor Locksmiths, 1010 Howard ov 254-2993 


Banwell's Better luggage A Gift Shop, 494 Pelissier 
254 2982 

Lond't luggage, 533 Ouellette av 252-1938 
Travel Shop The. 347 Ouellette ov 2524)052 


Allan Roger lumber ltd, 2107 Ottawa 254-5129 

BEAVER LUMBER CO LTD, Canada's laratsl 
retail lumber distributor, 2324 Walk* 
Road, Phone 254-9271 (See Adv Top 

Macmillan, Bloedel A Powell River (Ont) ltd, 234* 
Wotker rd 256-3101 

Matthews lumber Co ltd, 700 Tecumseh blvd west 
254 1143 

Midland lumber Ltd. 1540 Mercer 254-5155 

Poisson lumber. 1350 St Luke rd 945 9921 

Walkerville lumber ltd. 604 Walker rd 254-4375 

Windsor Lumber Co Ltd. 694 Cameron ov 254-3215 


Duncan D M Machinery Co ltd, 1958 Wyandotte eoi* 
253 1132 

Feti Design Service Ltd, 2410 Central av (Sand I 
Twp) 945 1186 

Henze C H Co ltd, 2570 Ouellette ov (Sand £ Twp) ! 

Kendan Mfg Ltd. 1143 Mercer 252 8379 
Morse Robt Corp ltd. 1737 Walker rd 252 6571 
Ryder J H Machinery Co Ltd. 1785 Walker rd 236 4903 
Simor Mfg, 3719 Riberdy rd (Sond E Twp) 969-3848 
Sykes W E Ltd, 744 Ouellette ov 256-1781 
Tem Sales Co Ltd, 504 Victoria ov 
Upton Bradeen A James ltd. 624 Chllver rd 254 8623 
Valeron of Canoda ltd, 1590 Ouellette ov 252-5758 
Weber Manufacturing (Windsor) ltd, 3988 Riberdy d 
(Sond E Twp) 969-5609 

Williams A Wilson ltd, 465 Tecumseh blvd # 253-113’ 




Call DAWSON WRIGHT - 945-7755 \7T Investors 

• Your Best Friend - Financially • y IJD Gfl S © 03 4 <& 



Butcher Engineering Enterprises ltd. 258 Chitver road 
254 8538 

Connor Machine Shop. 565 Shepherd e 253-8453 
Continental Mochine Service, n s Continental av (Sand 
W Twp) 969-733 T 




Gmerai Repair Work 


PHONES 253*5870 4 256*7849 

Nickleson Tool & Die Co Ltd. 1562 Windsor ov 253-5870 
Romeo Machine Shop Ltd, 1577 Howard av 253-6365 
Special Machinery Co. 1630 Longlois av 252-2232 
Valiant Machine & Tool Co Lid. 7100 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 945-6373 

Windsor Machine & Stamping Ltd, 777 Caron avenue 


Eaton T Co Ltd. 666 Ouellette av 253-6301 
Simpsons-Seart Ltd, 659 Ouellette av 252-3681 


Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone EMpire 


Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone EMpire 


C B Sales (cutting tools). 1630 langlois av 252-2232 
Froser D E Company The, 1968 Wyandotte e 253-1783 
Fraser John R, 3010 Longfellow ov (Sand W Twp) 

Henderson John W (Windsor) Ltd. (scale model toys), 
108 McDougoll 253-0889 

Melard Associates Ltd. 2514 George ov (Sond E Twp) 
948 4063 

Merit Rost Ltd. 1601 Walker rd 256-5427 
Universal Trading Co (coffee, cocoo and spices), (rear) 
1220 Dufferin pi 256-9733 
White Geo T Co ltd, 378 Devonshire rd 256-2331 


Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone EMpire 


Cadero Korl. 1416 Pierre ov 256-0941 


Cyr R j Co lid. 1263 McDougoll 256 2107 
tihon ltd, 2552 Howard av (Rem Pk) 252 7775 


Monarch Mattress Mfg Co, 1519 Wyandotte e 252-8329 
Windsor Bedding Co ltd, & Windsor Venetion Blind Co. 
1708 Longlois ov 254-5139 


Brenner Packers ltd, 497 Cotorqui 256 4956 
Coleman Pocking Co, 504 Victoria ov 233-8024 
Essex Packers ltd, 875 897 Mercer 256-1811 
Swift Conodion Co ltd, 847 Janette ov 254-4301 
Windsor Packing Co Ltd, s s Tecumseh blvd w 254-7581 


(See Butchers) 


Cappie's Potent Medicines, 1274 Prince rd 252 7901 
Cappie's Variety, 1998 Wyandotte • 253-6420 
Lewii-Howe Co, 1415 Janette av 254-3253 
Murray's Potent Medicines, 2801 Dougolt av (Sond W 
Twp) 969-7020 

Rundle Geo H & Son Co Ltd. 320 Pitt w 253 3816 
Scratch Lillian Patent Medicines, 418 Tecumseh blvd e 

Seminole Potent Medicine & Variety, 1501 Drouillord 


Archie's Shoes and Men's & Boys Wear. 1345 Tecumseh 
blvd e 253 4348 

Bond Clothes Shop. 368 Ouellette ov 254-7878 
Bowen Art Ltd. 316 Pelissier 2560808 
Brotherhood Men's Store, 1535 Ottawa 254-7363 
Esquire Clothes Shop (Windsor) Ltd, 359 Ouellette ov 
253 7000 

Fraser Jock Stores Ltd. 115-121 Ouellette av 254-2569 
and 2451 Dougall ov (Sond W Twp) 253-6271 
Gagnon Phil Men's Wear, 4565 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 945-2663 

Harry's Clothing Centre, 143 Ouellette av 253-8710 
Heller's Men's Wear, 1235 Ottawa 252-0871 
Holmes Chuck Custom Clothing, 1501 Tecumseh blvd e 

Janisse Omer E Men's Wear, 37 Chatham • 252-6177 
Koner The Hotter, 351 Ouellette av 253-4301 
Lyle's Men's Wear Ltd. 318 Ouellette ov 254 7777 
Riverside Men's Wear, 1012 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Seguin Roy Men's Wear, 111 Ouellette ov 254-5882 
Stuart Clothes Ltd. 294 OuelUtte ov 254 6431 
Teno Leo Men's Wear, 1335 Wyandotte e 254 8848 
Towne Shop, 1000 Drouillord rd 253-6770 
Union Men's Shop Ltd, 25 29 Pitt e 253 7602 
University Young Men's Shop Ltd, e s Doggall ov (Sond 
W Twp) 969-3301 

Walkerville Men's Shop, 1600 Wyandotte e 252-8422 
Wotson's Col Shirt Shop, 401 Ouellette ov 253-4114 
Wickam's of Windsor Men's Wear. 286 Ouellette av 
253 4422 


Dun & Brodstreet of Canada Ltd. 1986 Wyandotte e 

(See Delivery Service) 


Banner Metol Products Ltd, 1680 Kildare rd 256-2606 
Hewitt Metals Corp ltd, 1554 McDougoll 253-5753 
Ramson Metal Crofters Ltd. 1558 Howard av 
Tecumseh Metal Craft Ltd, 6500 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 945-1354 


Boren Industries ltd, 924 Wolker rd 252-4031 
L & K Metol Products Ltd, 1673 Moy ov 256-1861 
Maple Leaf Metal Products Ltd, 2531 McDougoll (Sond 
W Twp) 256 3401 

Reliance Steel Fabricators ltd, 385 So I ter av 256-8251 
Wolker Metol Products Ltd. 151! Kildare rd 2564521 
and 1855 Shepherd • 


Forby's Management Ltd, 1151 Tecumseh blvd west 
253 4669 

Hull Thompson Lfd. 1325 McDougoll 254-3753 
L S & Dick Co Ltd, 2536 Dougoll av (Sand W Twp) 

Pressed Steel Products Co, 2474 Central ov (Sand E Twp) 
948 4312 

Royco Stomping Products Ltd, 383 Eugenie (Sand W Twp) 
253 4953 


Pitney Bowes of Con Lfd, 31 Hanna w 252-3774 


Windsor Microfilming Co Lfd, 445 Pelissier 253-8265 


Butler M G & Co Ltd, 1220 University av w 254-3225 
Industrial Tool & Supplies, 3298 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 
252 8345 

Windsor Industrial Supplies 6 Ports Ltd, 1635 Turner rd 


Anastasia, 131 Pork w 2567702 

Camp Horry of Canada ltd, 132 Ouellette ov 252-3611 
Estelle Millinery Salon, 1479 Tecumseh blvd e 252 3944 
Fashion Millinery Supplies, 1569 Tecumseh blvd e 
256 6845 

Smith Mabel I Millinery, 21 Chatham e 256-6522 
Wilton Grace Millinery, 1215 Ottawa 254-2738 


Canadian Rock Salt Co ltd, 30 Prospect ov 253-7423 
Long Ridge Uranium Mining Co Ltd, 504 Victorlo ov 
Ourgold Mining Co Ltd, 332 Ouellette ov 253-4081 
Tory Hill Uranium & Rare Metals Ltd, 504 Victoria av 


Reno's, 703 Tecumseh blvd e 252-1791 


Modelcraft Div ITT Industries ltd, e s Molden rd (Sand 
W Twp) 969-0439 

Classified, Yellow Page 27 


Millie's Modal Agency. 465 Pelissier 252 9082 


Clarks 0 Monuments. 1044 Howard ov 254 4502 
Hallmark Memorial Co. 348 Ford bird (R'Side) 945 2255 


Ambotsador Morble & Tile Co, 900 Honna • 250 4991 
Canodion TJl. & Terrono (Windsor) ltd, 2910 Walker 
rd (Sand E Twp) 254-7909 

Colootti Bro« ltd, 2490 McDougall (Sand W Twp) 
252 0505 

Roma TIU Co, 1720 Tecumeeh btvd w 250-9348 
Rossini TIU ltd. 501 touion rd (R'Side) 945 2337 


A.B.C. Motel, 3048 Dougall ov (Sand W twp) 909 3090 
Ac* Motel. 2810 Dougoll ov (Sond W Twp) 909 3500 
Airport Motel, 3775 Walker rd (Sond E Twp) 909-3710 
Allison's Motel, 2731 Howard ov (5ond W Twp) 

253 3523 

Ambossador Motel, e » Huron line (Sand W Twp) 
909 0501 

Arrow Motel. 3200 Dougoll av (Sand W Twp) 909 8200 
Ashton's Motel, 2745 Dougoll ov (Sand W Twp) 

909 0020 

Ball Hi Motor Hotel. 1280 Ouellette ov 250-4575 
Bexley Motel, w • Huron line (Sand W Twp) 909*1507 
Blu Bel Motel 0 Cafe, w ■ Huron Une (Sand W Twp) 

Blue Roof Motel, e » Huron line (Sand W Twp) 

Codilloc Motel, 2498 Dougoll av (Sond W Twp) 250*4518 
Cato Don Motel, n s Highway 2 (Sond E Twp) 909*0030 
Courtney Motel, e s Huron line (Sond W Twp) 909-7042 
Derby Motel. 2899 Howard ov (Sond W Twp) 250 4547 
Diane Motel, 5810 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 
945 8814 

Dougall Motel. 2071 Dougoll av (Sand W Twp) 909 6010 

The internationally famous Casino A 
Motor Hotol your convention hood- 
quarters In Windsor, Two Floor Shows 
Nightly, Dougall Road, Phone Windsor 
252-7781, Detroit WOodward 3-6877 
(See adv Front Cover and Top Lines) 
Georgina Motel, 713 Highway 2 (Sond E Twp) 969-4470 
Ivy Ro»» Motel, 3219 Howard ov (Sand W Twp) 252-7737 
Kovanough Motel, 2685 Howard ov (Sand W Twp) 

Kenoro Motel, e > Huron Line (Sond W Twp) 969-7500 
lorno Doone Motel, t s Highway 2 (Sond E Twp) 

Madrid Motor Hotel. 2530 Ouellette ov Sond W Twp) 
252 7743 

Morion's Motel, s s Highway (Sond E Twp) 969-2475 
New Frontier Motel. 869 Mill 254*3771 
Princeton Motel, 3022 Dougoll av (Sand W Twp) 
969 2750 

Riviera Motor Hotel, 2950 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 

Routley's Motor Hotel, 3989 Walker rd (Sand I Twp) 
969 3150 

Routley's Motor Hotel Stook House, 3991 Walker rd 
(Sond E Twp) 969 0561 

Royal Motel. 3080 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 969*5140 
Siesta Motel, s s Highwoy 2 (Sond E Twp) 969-1240 
Statler Motel. 2525 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 752*4446 
Terrace Motel, e . Huron line (Sand W Twp) 969 8390 
Towne A Country Motel, 3215 Howard ov (Sand W Twp) 

Viscount Motor Hotel, The. 1150 Ouellette av 252*2741 
Welcome Traveller Motel. 1830 Highwoy 2 (Sand E Twp) 
969 0320 

Windsor Motel. 2508 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 256-3428 
York Motel, e » Huron line (Sand W Twp) 969-5621 


British Motorcycles and Cars. 3244 Walker rd (Sand E 
Twp) 253-1889 

Windsor Motorcycles ltd, 2504 Howard av (R Park) 

Avenue, Toronto 28, Phono KMpiro 


Hlrom Walker Historical Museum, 254 Pitt w 253-1812 
Windsor Antiques & Auto Museum, 465 Wyondotte w 


Beneteou Beatrice, 2895 Dominion blvd f$ond W Twp) 
Canodion Conservatory of Music. 1471 Tecvmseh blvd e 
252 6228 

Ckcane Pat Accordion Centre. 116 Wyondotte east 

252 7432 

French Oreeta. 1353 Duffer in pi 252 7042 

Grey Sisters School of Music. 663 Morentette avenue 

253 3332 

Halycon School of Music. 55 University ov w 254-9303 
Howe Wouneta Mrs. 359 Watkins 252 2697 
Hugill Irene, 121 Wyondotte w 256-4201 
Ursutine School of Music. 860 868 Ouellette av 254-1714 
Windsor Music Studio, 595 Vittorio av 254-5007 


Frank's Musk Centre, 4755 Wyondotte e 948-1332 
Luciano Music Co, 1223 University ov w 753-4440 
Ouellette's, 1177 Tecumseh blvd e 253-2655 
Rennie Ernest ltd, 128 University ov w 256-1803 
Rennie Musk Store. 128 University ov w 256-1018 
Seiler Musk Shop. 184 Ouellette av 256-5950 


WRIGHT S DAWSON, 337 Groendol* Drive, 
(Riverside), Phone 943-7733 


Nicol News Stond, 617 Ouellette ov 153-3418 
Sammy's News Stand, 44 University av e 
Tunnel News Stand. 508 Ouelletle av 
Windsor News Co ltd, 333 Wyandotte e 253-5321 


Detroit Free Press, The, 333 Wyandotte e 253 5321 
Detroit Newt Windsor Agency. The. 10 Riverside dr e 
256 9071 

Guordian Inc, The, 267 Petissier 252-9281 
Riverside News, 68 Thompson blvd (R'Side) 945-1013 
Windsor Herald The. 1156 CrowTord ov 256-3431 
Windsor Star, The, 167-181 Ferry 236-5511 


Eberwein Wm A. 166 168 Ouellette ov 253-9133 
Tally-Ho Distributing Co ltd, 1637 Erie e 256 8811 


Holl Leslie, 3426 Howord av (Sand E Twp) 969 8385 
Hubbel's landscape Nursery ltd. 3445 Riverside dr e 
948 4111 

Orchard Farm Nursery ltd. n s Tolbot rd n (Sand S Twp) 
969 0570 

Riverside Nursery, 3510 little River rd (R'Side) 945-4946 


Community Nursing Registry of Windsor, 32 Giles blvd e 

Victorian Order of Nurses, 410 Giles blvd e 254-1127 


Nut House, 419 Ouellette av 256*0097 and 2451 Dougoll 
av (Sand W Twp) 256-5763 


(St« also Physicians) 

Bernstein Merton, 1428 Ouellette ov 256-3386 
Best Ray G, 374 Ouellette av 253-6355 
Boley John P, 1279 Ouellette av 254 4433 
Zoriour Ernest J. 586 Ouellette ov 254 4343 


Canadian Of re* ltd, 504 Victoria ov 253 8024 
Goddard H W ltd, 628 Goyeou 256 3405 
Jolly D W Co ltd. 103 Riverside dr w 256 2603 
King Office Supply. 344 Wyondotte e 256-8336 
Minnesota Mining A Manufacturing of Canodo ltd, 2260 
University av w 256 0674 
Mitchell Bros (Windsor) ltd, 120 Pitt w 253 2660 
Modern Methods. 972 Wyandotte w 256 5905 
Monarch Office Supply ltd. 144 Pitt w 256 4553 
Schroeder Office Supplies. 183 EJm av 253 8355 
Windsor Offke Supply ltd. 361 Pelissier 256-3141 


LTD., 225 Eugenie (Sandwich West Twp) 
Phone 252-7275 


Bygrove Wm T (Bill) A Son, 3012 Tecumseh blvd • 
945 5091 


British American Oil Co ltd, 4027 Sandwich 254-2541 
Canadian Oil Companies ltd. 4085 Sandwich 253-7491 
Cities Service Co ltd. 300 Giles blvd e 253-9313 
Imperial Oil ltd, 1027 5t Luke rd 253 3503 
Shell Canodo ltd. 4059 Sondwkh 256 5403 
Sun Oil Co Ltd. 504 Victoria av 256-6028 
Supertest Petroleum Corp ltd (Windsor Oiv). 2366 
Dougall av (Sond W Twp) 254-5185 
Texaco Canada ltd, 2425 Richmond 253 5291 


Canada Cutting Fluids ltd, 2925 Charles 252 3200 


American Optical Co of Canada ltd, 635 Ouellette e» 

Bass Horry G. 506 Pelissier 256 2693 
Beuglef Gerard E, 1011 Ouellette av 252 8191 oN 
3223 Wyondotte (R'Side) 948 6111 
Black James R. 1602 Wyandotte e 233 2991 
Brown Optical Co The. 467 Ouellette av 253-8583 
Gibson Sami l, 1275 Ottawa 253-2560 
Imperlol Optical Co (nsfg), 322 ond 1037 Ouellette e» 

McCann J J, 1362 Wyandotte • 253 9407 and 26* 
Wyandotte (R'Side) 945 6358 
Pringle George S, 660 Ouellette av 252-3021 
Semple Optical Co. 377 Ouelletle ov 232-2454 
Sharpe Sydney O. 1437 Tecumseh blvd e 233 4925 
Steele Optical Co, 353 Ouellette av 253 6245 
Struckett Optkol Co, 320 Ouellette ov 253*6763 


Custom Ornomental Iron A Fence Co ltd. 357 $ou4 
736 7041 

Tony's Ornamental Iron Works, 1306 Crawford ** 





i • 





1»» ofld 2nd 



Formerly BRADLEY FINANCE CO. 170. 


L R. GIUNS. Manager 


Windsor Orihopoedlc Appliances, 1537 Howord avenue 
252 2902 


Himperger Clement V, 374 Ouellette av 253*7191 

(See Meat Packers) 


Armor Products, (rear) 2641 Howard ov (Sand W Twp) 
253 8512 

Canadian Pittsburgh Industries Ud. 1160 Central av 
945 6331 

GDddcn Co ltd. 670 Goyeou 256*5406 

MacDonald A White Vornish & Point Co ltd, 785 789 
lauzon rd (R'Side) 945*1115 

Notional Merchandising & Sales (Windsor) ltd, 725 
Wyandotte e 252*1144 

OPW Paint Co, 1106 Wolher rd 254-6424 

Rinshed Mason Co of Cano do ltd, 845 Wyandotte w 

Scarf# & Co ltd, 2811 Dougoll av (Sand W Twp) 

Sberwin-Williams Co of Conoda ltd. 678 Ouellette ov 


Art's Paint Shop. 1319 Crawford ov 252 7893 

Barrette's Paint & Wallpaper. 2017 Wyondotle west 
252 9411 

Central Pointing & Decorating Co ltd, 1321 Ottawa 
256 6572 

Gil's Point Centre A Rental Service, 4947 Tecumseh blvd 
e (Sand E Twp) 945-5563 

Jensen Paint A Wallpaper. 3833 Howard a« (Sond W 
Twp) 969 5050 

lore to Points A Wallpaper. 1206 Wyandott# e 252-2345 

lowe Bros. 1840 Ottawa 253*7227 

MacDonald A White Vornish A Paint Co ltd. 1652 
Tecumseh blvd e 254-9082 

Paint Croft. 1598 Ottawa 254 4406 

Regol Paint A Wallpoper Co, 1304 Wyandotte east 

Tremco Manufacturing Co. 3740 Acodemy dr (Sond W 
Twp) 969-0654 

Whitehall Paint A Wollpaper. 2411 Wyandotte (R'Side) 
948 2771 

Yorktown Point A Hardwore, 1399 Grand Morals rd w 
(Sand W Twp) 969-8551 

(See Contractors — Painting & Decorating) 


Damtor Packaging ltd, Belt Ktlgour Die, 135 Church 

Fine Papers London ltd,, 1085 Crawford ov 253-4628 
Wilson J C ltd. 3345 Wyandotte e 945 6397 
Zalev Bros ltd. 1305 1309 Mercer 252 2625 ond n s 
Grand Marais rd e (Sand E Twp) 256*2655 


Bathurst Containers ltd. 504 Victoria ov 256-5771 
Gutttord A Co. 347 Riverside dr w 253 4655 
Merchants Paper Co (Windsor) ltd, 973 Crawford ov 



Ambassador Park, i i Riverside dr w between Kennedy 
pi and Huron line 

Bradley Park, bet 3424 A 3476 Cross 
Bridgeview Pork A Clubhouse, s s Grove av between 
Josephine ond Partington av 
Central Public Pork, w s Woodland ov /Sand W Twp) 
Cousineau Rd Pork, n s Cousineou rd (Sond W Twp) 
Ernest Atkinson Park, s s Riverside dr w 
Dieppe Gardens Municipal Pork, before 414 Riverside 
drive west 

George Av Park, 884 George av 
Homesite Pork, e s Villalre ov (R'Side) 

Jackson Pork, s s Tecumseh blvd e 

lanspeory Pork, s s Giles blvd e 

long Pork, e s Chandler rd 

Mitchell Park, before 459 Giles blvd w 

Prince Rd Park, s s Prince rd 

Reoume Pork, offer 4670 Riverside dr e 

Roielond Pork, n s Mo rand (Sand S Twp) 

Sandwich Pork, s s Sandwich 

Shore Acres Pork, offer 1934 University ov w 

Stodgell Pork, offer 1643 Seneco 

Straith Pork, s s Riverside dr w 

Wigle Pork, i • Erie e cor McDougoll 

Willitfeod Pork, e s Chilver rd, before Richmond 

Wilson Pork, after 1495 Wyandotte w 


Atloi Pattern Works ltd. 2714 Meighen rd (Sand E Twp) 
948 0315 

Border Patterns ltd, 2547 Doty pi (Sand W Twp) 
254 0143 

Bryant Pattern A Mfg Co ltd, 225 Eugeni# (Sand W Twp) 
254 8631 

Frontier Pattern Work* ltd, 2543 Doty pi (Sond W Twp) 
233 7237 

Industrial Models ltd, 4074 Industrial dr (Sond W Twp) 

Master Patterns ltd. 1196 Westcott rd 945 5214 

St Denis ERA Sons ltd 3900 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Windsor Mold Ltd, 3286 Walker rd tSond E Twp) 


Economy Pest Control. 1117 Pelissier 254-1734 
Graham Pest Control Service. 272 St louit av (R'Side) 
945 4764 

National Fumigoting Co, 711 Riverside dr e 252 1149 
National Pest Control Service Co. 711 Riverside dr e 

Wipp Pest Control Co (Div of Wippmon Services ltd). 
282 Pitt e 253 3562 

Wippmon Services ltd, 282 Pitt e 253*3563 


Cathy's Pet Centre. 840 University av w 254*5140 
Herman Bros Bird Products. 504 Victoria av 


Freshman Vitmin Co ltd. 130 Park w 254-5691 
Nutren Products ltd, 130 Pork w 254*5691 
Scherer 8 P ltd, 1370 Argyl* rd 253 2405 
Shermon laboratories ltd. 3990 Molden rd 969*6404 


American Music Corp ltd, 127 Tecumseh blvd west 

Leamington Recording Co. 1115 Wyandotte e 256*9609 j 


Three M Dry Photo Copying Products Div Thermo*Faa 
Brand Copying Products, 2260 University ov w 

Three M Visual Products. Div Thermo*Fax Brand Copying 
Products. 2260 University av w 256 0674 


Artono Studios, 1616 Ouellette ov 253 9345 
Crodle Pictures ltd. 1233 University ov w 256-1471 
Ed's Photo Studio. 580 Bruce av 256-4622 
Glosfer Barney Studio, 931 Pelissier 254-9391 
John Eric Photo Studio, 754 Dougoll ov 254-0520 
Lazwrek John D. 1377 Drouillord rd 945*9477 
M C Photography, 1548 Parkside ct (Sand W Twp) 

Meyers Studios, 569 Ouellette av 254-5444 
Okamoto Macer, 2716 Dandurond (Sond W Twp) 
969 5700 

Paramount Studios The, 327 Ouellette ov 253-4833 
Reade's Photographic Service, 2167 Wyandotte west 
254 3916 

Reducha Ed Photography, 1850 Victoria ov (Sond W 

Sturn Pot. 374 Ouellette av 253*9912 
Totko Photo Studio, 968 Goyeau 253*9074 
Taub's Studio, 52 University ov w 256-8305 
Turner's Commercial Studios, 1008 Drouillord rood 

Wild Noel F. 985 Ottawa 256*4538 

Yanamoto Studio, 1692 Tecumseh blvd e 253-2909 

Zefner Ray Photography, 691 Ouellette av 252 5931 


Apeco of Canada ltd. 504 Victoria ov 256-4127 
Cameralond, 1447 Tecumseh blvd e 252-0618 
logon Photography, 1445 Wyondotle (R'Side) 948-1356 
McDonald's Camera Shop ltd, 380 Ouellette av 254-2503 
Wantbrough Frank Camera Shop ltd, 39 Chatham e 
256 2383 


Adams J Fronk. 1011 Ouellette av 254 1222 
Alewick Nichole* A. 920 Ouellette av 254*6977 
Anderson Cameron D, 1428 Ouellette av 256-0551 
Anderson Theodore A, 131 Pork w 253-5711 
Anderson A Henderson. 1011 Ouellette av 252*7284 
Andrew Robert 8, 1016 Wyandotte (R'Side) 945 6562 
Aso Morris. 1428 Ouellette av 253*4032 
Asselstine Stanley M, 1011 Ouellette ov 256-7453 
Barber A Hallburton, 1011 Ouellette av 253 5900 
Barnby T Ivison, 1011 Ouellette av 254-6277 
Bell Robf. 2115 Pelissier 254-9294 
Berkeley Joseph. 1273 Ouellette ov 256-4692 
Berks Gerald. 1590 Ouellette av 256-4155 
Bernstein Geo I (Orthopaedic), 1428 Ouellette avenue 

Beuglef Ernest. 1011 Ouellette av 256*9598 
Boyd Norman O, 618 Uncoln rd 254-5568 
Brodshaw Phyllis. 1374 Pelissier 253-1701 
Breoult Henri J, 1011 Ouellette av 254*5282 
Bn.n j Wilbert, 806 Ouellette ov 254 9227 
Brlen Wilber* P. 806 Ouellette ov 254 9227 
Britson John E, 2095 Wyondotle w 252*4042 
Brood well Douglas J, 912 Erie e 2567281 
Brown lee M, 307 Bruce ov 254*7643 
Bull Mourice. 1590 Oueiletle ov 256*4155 
Compbell J Gerord. 1011 Ouallette av 253 6331 
Campbell S Hordic, 1710 Ottawa 256*3456 
Carom Donald P. 3945 Tecumseh blvd e 945*Bill 
Carter Arnold K. 2115 Glodstone ov 252 6261 
Coshmon Edward F, 780 Ouellette ov 252-4041 
Chofler* Othello P. 309 Wyondotte • 25^2082 

Classified. Yellow Page 29 




RIAL til Alt BROKfRS - 


RMITOftS - M.l.S. 

PHONE 256-4982 

Chester Abraham l. 1428 Ou«ilett„ ov 252 2789 
Cooper Donald A. 1428 Ouellette av 232 7757 
Corr John J. 2083 Tecumseh bUd • 252 7289 
Craig Cicil 8 2085 Tecumseh blvd • 252 8886 
Crassweller Henry, 1011 Ouellette o» 256-8742 
Daniel AJeasonder. 1028 Drouillard rd 256 4463 
Davidson Donald A, 1011 Ouellette or 254-7626 
Davidson Wm R. 34 Erie e 233 1332 
D# Marco Frank, 929 Wyandotte e 253-9116 
Demers Percy T. 3225 Wyandotte iR'Side) 948 3712 
Digrsan John G 4675 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
945 5261 

Dieon Austin 1, 1173 Tecumeeh bUd e 253 6027 
Dodkk Jot l. 3225 Wyandotte (R Side) 948 2812 
Doberty John M 1539 Erie a 252 2733 
Drkulec Vladimir. 41 Giles blvd e 252-4193 
Duff in Grant W 271 Pillette rd 9457171 
OuracKer Evariit. 1011 Ourllette or 253 7745 
Du roc her Ulysses J 603 University av w 254 1221 and 
305 Janette ov 254 1221 

Diiobanowsky Theodore 8, 833 Ottawa 254-1777 

Ichlin Thos H, 2115 Pettier 256-0733 

Elek. Dei so. 42 Odes blvd a 252-2611 

Flock G Murray. 1402 Ouellette ov 253 9911 

foster Kenneth H, 636 Kildare rd 254-2100 

Fraeer G«o A. 290 Giles blvd e 253 6177 

Freier Andrew. 1428 Ouellette av 253-5543 

Fry John, 1466 Ouellette av 254 3261 

Garfield Wm, 1322 Ouellette av 236 8652 

Gawcndo Adorn, 1290 Ottawo 253-4154 

George George O. 1052 Drouillard rd 256 4949 

Girard leo J. 945 Parent ov 253-4477 

Galdenberg Solomon. 1428 Ouellette ov 252 4011 

Gorman John I. 342 Rosedole ov 252-6912 

Goodman Joseph l. 805 Giles blvd e 252 3181 

Gostelin Arthur J, 1011 Ouellette av 252-7345 

Orioser Frank, 243 Campbell av 254-0481 

Hasnoin S Abid. 1447 Tecumseh blvd e 256 2131 

Henkel Gunther G, 1506 Victoria ov 254-9956 

Hersnecke Thea T. 1558 60 Ouellette av 253 8507 

Her sey lewis R. 1522 Ouellette av 25^4079 

Hillary Norman l f (X Roy), 1574 Ouellette av 256-4914 

Hough H Bruce, 1011 Ouellette ov 252 1192 

Hulko Leslie, 934 Ottawa 256 2533 

Hylton Douglas V Paediatrician). 1590 Ouellette avenue 

Jacks Nathan 8. 900 Giles bhrd e 256 2347 
Jacques Alee J, 853 Wyondotte e 253-1311 
Jasoy Gordon M. 1306 Ouellette av 256 5416 
Johnson Richd W, 1428 Ouellette ov 256-7631 
Kolman Geo. 805 Giles blvd e 252-3181 
Keith W Elliott. 2450 Uncoln rd 234 9393 
Kelly John M. 425 Cobono rd e (Sand W Twp 969 4080 
Khan Anthony C. 3943 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand I Twp) 
948-1947 and 1691 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W 
Twp) 252 6022 

Kleider Victor. 1489 Prince rd 254-1350 
Kllmkowski Edward J. 1120 Ouellette ov 252 6524 
lager Louis H. 108 Giles blvd e 254 5012 
loing Chat A 589 Pelitsiar 256 2138 
tamos Steven, 896 Erie e 236-7572 
tonspeory Wm 0. 69 Gtlles blvd w 253 4731 
larocque Raymond D. 1539 Erie e 232 2733 
lowson John R, 1291 Ouellette ov 252-8391 
leBtanc Alphonse. 302 Ouellette ov 232 2185 
lees H Hislop 1493 Wyandotte e 254-4016 
le Fove lowrence R. 1466 Ouellette ov 256-7871 
lersgyel George. 1309 Ottawa 233 6762 
lever. Butt. Bricker & Romano. 1011 Ouellette av 
254 7531 

lewis George F, 131 Pork w 253-5711 
Linton F Douglas. 1206 Wyandotte IR'Side) 945 3921 
lithgow Air Bonder D. 933 Ottawa 253 4171 
luborsky Beni. 1980 Ottawa 254 2208 
MacOanold J Comeron. 1420 Ouellette ov 252 2709 
and 3225 Wyandotte f Side) 940 4114 
MacDonald James D. 1505 Victoria av 254 4401 
MacDonald Neil. 1011 Ouellette av 256-716? 

Macleod Keith, 1466 Ouellette ov 254 3261 
Mocphoil D Ian A. 600 Norfolk Sand W Twp) 969 0580 
MocVicoc Archibald A. 1030 Ouellette ov 252 3631 
Markkonen Wm V. 3225 Wyandotte (R'Sde) 945-7365 

Marshall Norman l. 1011 Ouellette av 236-3871 
Moscarin Tele slam A, 1052 Dtouillard rd 236 4949 
Master Wellington M, 1011 Ouellette av 256 8351 
McCabe John. 321 Tecumseh blvd e 252 2867 
McCormick G Ralph. 2115 Gladstone ov 25? 8261 
McCormick Wm K, 1440 Tecumseh bird e 233 5767 
McGrath Wm P. 1310 Ouellette ov 234 8060 
McKay A Robt, 1255 Grand Marais rd w (Sand W Twp) 
969 3416 and 1428 Ouellette av 254 4705 
McKenxie Thos R. 1428 Ouellette ov 256-3251 
Mclister John C, 48? Pellisier 252 9511 
McTogue Gerald A. 1539 Erie e 232 2733 
Messer Vernon R. 2222 Aleeis rd I Sand E Twp) 945-1149 
Michaud Andre, 1120 Ouellette ov 232 6524 
M’llen Donald 8. 1206 Ouellette ov 254 9977 
Mills Cecil V, 374 Ouillette ov 254 1781 
Mdos Paul 1011 Ouellette av 256 1226 
Miskew John. 944 Ottawo 234 9131 
Mok Ulllon W M Uv, 3225 Wyandatte It'Side) 940 3961 
Morris Evertoa J, 403 Wyandotte w 256 4908 
Morton G Malcolm, 1011 Ouellette ov 253-8958 
Munholland Ralph J, 2975 Longfellow av (Sand W Twp) 
969 4300 

Munholland W, 2115 Gladstone av 23? 3883 
Murray Ion H l. 14?8 Ouellette av 253 8036 
Needham Wm l. 3816 Seminole 945 4261 
Nesseth Merrill E. 380 Mill 234 9279 
Newman M Jeon. 1040 Giles blvd e 2361907 
Ng Edward, 1466 Ouellette av 236 7871 
Olektiuk Stanley, 586 Ouellette ov 234-0191 
Ortii Armando. 1466 Ouellette av 253-9884 
Popp Gabor. 1751 Porent av 256-4477 
Potent J P. 940 Pillette rd 943 106? 

Porlo Ngsref, 4710 Wyandotte e 945-1621 
Perclval Walter l, 1591 Ouellette av 233 2282 
Peterson Con L, 1420 Ouellette ov 256 0440 
Powell W Goyner, 15 Wyandotte e 253 1622 
Prlebe Victor. 1574 Ouellette ov 256 4914 
Prince Jack E» 1310 Ouellette av 253-2495 
Prymok Vlod,mi# E. 4250 Wyondotte R Side) 948 2911 
Quinn Michoal, 1428 Ouellette ov 252-9832 
Raeder Henry A, 61 Elliott e 256 6771 
Rider Robt C. 1574 Ouellette ov 256 4394 
Robson Russell 8. 1309 Windermere rd 254 4088 
Robson Thos 8 (Obstetrics ond Gynaecology), 1500 
Ouellette ov 256 3851 
Rock W Kenneth. 375 Pelmier 232 2785 
Roemmele Edwd A, 1590 Ouellette av 232 6464 
Rubenstein AHred. 1421 Ouellette ov 252 9832 
Rutherford Donald D, 366 Wyondotte w 253-1590 
Rutherford Scott E. 345 Victoria ov 233 7091 
Sacharoff Mortimer. 2190 Wyondotte w 252-1590 
Sodowtki Stanislas 1347 Ouellette ov 752 0356 
Soikewich Peter, 1633 University ov w 253 7858 
St Pierre Gerald, 2095 Wyondotte w 232 2505 
Sanborn C Shannon, 1466 Ouellette ov 252-6505 
Sanborn Clore S, 1011 Ouellette av 253 2024 
Scorfone Francis P. 1310 Ouellette ov 234 7712 
Schaffer Henri. 605 Me e 256 0379 
Schiller Honor# A 4400 Wyondotte e 943-9671 
Schincarlol Elf to A 1428 Ouellette av 253 7220 
Schulde Jos M. 2085 Tecumseh blvd e 253-6620 
Schumocher Julius. 1157 Ouellette av 253-3439 
Seymour Burwell, 3801 Karen (Sand S Twp) 969 2670 
Shepherd Grotvenor H, 803 lawrence rd 943-2612 
Sivilotlf Enxo. 1339 Erie e 257 7733 
Smeeton F lance. 1021 Ottawa 256-6333 
Smith Herb* 8. 374 Ouellette ov 233 6742 
Smith Newel EH 1120 Ouellette ov 233 3112 
Spokowski Water ran J, 374 Ouelletie av 256-4538 
Spooner J Stanley. 374 Ouellette ov 256 4558 
Sproat Wm R. 374 Ouellette av 256 4558 
Sproule W Glen. 425 Rotelawn dr (Sond W Twp) 

*teworf FHel. 1310 Ouellette ov 257 0311 
Sfewort J Duncan. 1598 Ouellette av 254 8819 
Strathmon Irvin, 1316 Ouellette av 256-5416 
Sylvestre Norbert, 1011 Ouellette ov 256 7783 
Toylor Alan. 2115-2117 Pelitiler 254 9294 
Toylor Wm A. 1805 Chilver rd 253 3492 
Thibert Norman E. 1011 Ouellette av 734-5991 
Tinning Robt A. 1310 Ouellette ov 256 5384 

Tonken Harvey. 2913 Wyondotte w 252>8283 
Topping fredk O, 1011 Ouellette ov 257 2281 
Turner Oeorge E. 567 llacoln rd 254-3449 
Vernon Rots T (X Roy). 1574 Ouellette ov 236 4914 
Wochna Anthony T. 1320 Ottawa 233 9393 
Woddvll W Roy. 1011 Ouellette ov 256 6874 
Wolth Thomas E 1705 Wyandotte (R'Skfe) 945 207? 
Wein Howard, 1489 Prince rd 254 1385 
Wells l Stewart. 2304 Howard av 232 4182 
White Bruce. 2629 Wyondotte (R Side) 943 2610 
White George E (poediotrkion), 1011 Ouellette av 
232 0101 

Whitty Goldre T, 643 Campbell ov 253 1922 
Whitty Robt J. 1428 Ouellette ov 256 7671 
Wigle Douglas 5, 1011 Ouellette ov 252 8291 
Willmt Geo G. 1291 Ouellette av 256 4100 
Wilson A Patrick, 933 Ouellette ov 252 1407 
Wilson Wm M (poedia*ri<ion), 1011 Ouellette ovens* 
256 7961 

w.nbaum Edward S. 1027 Ottawo 234 4221 
Young J Stuort. 374 Ouellette ov 254-3011 
Young Mary Mrs, 687 Victoria av 252 9811 
Yovonovich lotor. 1210 Erie e 233 9006 
liter Mkhoel J. 3945 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
945 8111 


Ingram G A Co (Canado) Ltd. 1374 Ouellette ovenws 
254 6404 


Repro of Canoda ltd. 1352 Wyondotte e 254 4115 


Heintvmon & Company Ltd, 184 Ouellette av 256 3111 
Rock Pianos 6 Appliances. 1888 Ottawa 234 3042 
Soper's Pianos & Organs, 1351 Tecumseh blvd e 
254 0943 

Vorody Pout, 2389 Edno 254-9115 


Master Picture Framing. 148 Elm ov 254 1865 
Reynolds Picture Fcommg and Art Gollery. 1352 Wye* 
doff, east 254 4115 


Callon Corp Ltd. 1157 Walker rd 253 8721 
Dynoglas Industries. 1160 1164 Albert rd 254-4660 
Handee Plastic. 1860 Ottawo 253-4094 
Korbo Plasties ond Metol Wares lid. 3873 Walker d 
(Sand E Twp) 969 0351 

leon Chemical A Plastics (Conodo) ltd. 1210 University 
avenue west 753-6319 

lorence Products ltd. 258 Chilver rd 253-6138 
Univrrsat Plenties. 1659 Turner rd 25? 1349 




Are Point Finishers ltd, 862 Walker rd 256 4273 
Acme Chrome (Windsor) ltd, 1165 Westcatt rd 943 8U 1 
Canadian Perm-Cote Ca. 408 Honno e 252-8924 
Hutrhinson A G Co ltd. 588 Chippawo 253-5503 I 

Industrial Platers, Dlv of Hedgewlck Enterprises ltd 

1276 McDougoll 252 0091 I 

Manufacturers Plating Ca ltd. 666 Ellis ov 256-1851 
Windsor Chrome Plating Co ltd, 2700 Ouellette aveme ) 
(Sond W Twp) 253 6357 




I si 












Conodion Hanson & Von Winkle Co Lid, 1244-1262 
McDougall 252-1139 


Internollonol Playing Cord Co Lid, 1123 Mercer 


(See Contractors — Plumbing) 


Awerbuck S L Plumbing & Healing Supply Co lid, 276- 
284 Wyandotte e 256-4947 

Sum Craft Canada Lid, 3220 McHugh (R'Side) 946-4188 
Crane Supply, 1440 Tecumseh blvd e 253-8433 
East Windsor Supply, 924 Droulllard rd 233-8771 
Hamlin O P Co Lid, 1225 McDougall 256 1841 
Hoffman Bros lid, 59 Eugenie (Sand W Twp) 256-4507 
Loreto Samuel J. 1206 Wyandotte e 252-2345 
McKeough G G Lid. 1524-1534 Windsor av 256 7811 
Ohonite Co lid, 1587 McDougoll 254-4308 
W ng J T 4 Co Lid, 375 Pill e 253 2431 


McKEOUGH G G LIMITED, 1534 Windsor 
Avenue, Phone 256-7811 






Phone 256-5401 - 256-5670 

Windsor Mechanical Contractors Limited, 705 Glengarry 
avenue 2565401 


Weldwood of Canada Lid, 3040 Howord ov (Sand W 
Township) 969-6950 


Rrun-Chee Potato Chips. 3255 Wyandotte e 253-2453 
New Era Potato Chips, 1125 Crawford av 225-1609 


Dominion Egg & Poultry, 527 Erie e 253-4579 
lolonde's Egg> 6 Povltry, 5575 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twpj 945 2423 

*olnor Poultry. 533 Elliott e 253 5625 


Holiday’s Display Centre, 2825 Howard av {Sand W 
Township) 254 3027 

Kalhday*! Homes & Cottages. 2825 Howord av (Sand 
w Twp) 254-3027 

Windsor Silt Prefab Products, 2667 Howord ov (Sand 


5 & M Premium Co, 3140 McKay ov (Sand W Twp) 


Adcraft & Offset Printing, 3140 Walker rd (Sand E 
Township) 254-7433 

Advance Printing Co, 1731 Wyandotte e 256-6493 
Arcadia Press ltd, 568 Chatham e 252-7532 
Avala Printing & Publishing Co ltd, 1297-99 Drouillard 
road 945 8311 

Border Press. 128-132 Ferry 253-3951 
Commercial Printing Co, 1737 Walker rd 254-9281 
Conn Creative Printers, 468 Victoria av 254-4000 
Crain R t ltd, 747 Huron Line 25? 7703 
Crosby Printing House. 3670 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Curtis Co Ltd, 385 Chatham w 253-2411 
Dresser Printing, 877 Walker rd 254 2312 
Eagle Printing Co, 4252 Howard av (Sand S Twp) 
969 3734 

Essex Printing Co, 1591 Langloit av 253-9761 
Hall Printers & Stotioners, 1585 Lincoln rd 254-5868 

HERALD PRESS UMITED, 424 Pitt Street West, 
Phone 256-3129 

Jacques Printing, 1484 Wyondotte w 254-6575 
Keystone Press, 258 Chilver rd 254-8212 
Maple Leaf Press, 1068 Erie e 252 2201 

Avenue, Toronto 2B, Phone EMpIre 

Oldridge W H & Sons Ltd. 1068 Erie e 252 2201 
Personal Stationery Shop, 60 Ouellette av 252-0090 
Printcraft, 108 McDougall 254-6565 
Roy's Printing & Stationery, 3519 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Ringrote Press The. 1139 lillion 253-1830 
Seguin Printing limited, 922 Brant 253 4941 
Stonley Archie, 411 Clinton 254-2453 
Sumner Printing 6 Publishing Co Ltd, 120 Ferry 254-8678 
University Plotemokers, 736 Pelissier 252-6778 
University Press, 736 Pelissier 252-6778 
Voice of Canodian Serbs. 1297 Drouillard rd 945 8311 
Walkerville Printing Co Ltd. 717 EC Row ov (Sand E 
Township) 254-3201 

Windsor Print & Lilho. 2641 Howord ov (Sand W Twp) 
252 5701 

Zock Printing Co, 515 Wyandotte e 253-6034 


Campbell Lome Ltd, 839 Janette av 256-0431 
Center Produce Co, 285 Mercer 253-3242 
John's Produce, 839 JoneHe ov 254-0306 
Kotz Produce, 824 Niagara 253-2712 
Mady's Wholesale Produce, (reor) 942 Erie e 254-9808 
Paramount Farm Products, 1784 University ovenue w 

Sandhill Farm Produce, w t Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 

Sandhill Form Products, w s Malden rd (Sand W Twp) 

Silverstein's Produce Ltd, 427 Chatham e 256-1180 
Thomson Produce. 795 University ov w 256-2341 


Contelon Gerald W. 290 Giles blvd e 253-5908 
letourneou A Guy, 1522 Ouelletle ov 254-2451 
Phin Kenneth G. 1410 Ouellette av 252-7759 
Stratton H Gordon. 2085 Tecumseh blvd e 254-8425 


Liguorian Sunday Bulletin, 504 Victoria ov 253-6341 

W Twp) 25 4 4455 

Classified. Yellow Page 31 


Dalbain Publishing Co ltd, 1156 Crawford av 256-3431 
Encyclopaedia Britannica of Can Ltd, 490 Pelissier 

Avenue, Toronto 28, Phone EMpire 

Star Publishing Co of Windsor Ltd, The, 167-181 Ferry 


Viking Pump Co of Conado Ltd, 661 Grove ovenue 
256 5438 


National Auto Radiator Mfg Co Ltd, 2575 Airport rd 
(Send E Twp) 969-3350 


General Radiator Service, 948 Goyeau 254-1174 
Niogaro Radiator Service, 1578 Howard ov 253-9671 
Pete's Radiator Service, 684 Dufferin pi 252-1177 
Windsor Auto Radiator Co, H28 Erie e 252 2725 


CM, 267 Pelissier 254 5116 
C J S P, 1120 Ouellette av 254-3736 
CUW, 825 Riverside dr w 254 1155 
C K W W. 176 University av w 252 5751 
Canadian Broodcasting Corp. 267 Pelissier 254-5116 
Western Ontario Broadcasting Co Ltd, 825 Riverside dr 
west 254-1155 


Group Production of Canada Ltd, 35 Elite av e 


Industrionlcs (Conado) Ltd, 362 Chilver rd 253-7432 
Waddell's Sound & Radio Ltd, 1279 University av west 

Wbyteway Music Co, 4716 Wyandotte e 945-3063 


Conadion Admiral Corp ltd. 1089 Tecumseh blvd east 

Poole Electronic Supplies Ltd, 600 Wyandotte east 


Allied Radio Electronics (Windsor) Ltd, 1204 Howard av 

Ambotsodor TV, 936 Wyondotte w 
Assef TV Service (Windsor) Ltd. 3347 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 948-4171 
BB TV Service, 3729 Poplar ov 256 9843 
Bartlett TV, 5098 Patodeno ct (Sand E Twp) 948-2604 





H l. VINCENT. Manager 


F C COE*. Ass»stont Manager LAM WICKS, Aniitonl Manager 


Bud's TV Home & Auto Rodio Service. 1004 Felix ov 
254 8074 

Campui TV Sole* & Service, 038 Sunset av 256 3091 
Central TV, 781 Erie e 250 2270 
Crescent TV Service, 1500 Potent av 252 8603 
Daniluk Stephen TV & Electronic! 600 Wyandotte eotf 
252 2684 

Demert TV-Radio Soles & Service, 3831 Seminole 
945 1801 

Denis TV Service, 049 Eugenie (Rem Pkl 253 0887 
Dupp s TV A Electronic*. 4133 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond 
E Twp) 945-4414 

Fox Sound. 3407 Wolker rd (Sond E Twp) 909 3170 
German HI-FI lOnt) ltd, 1430 Tecumseh blvd east 
250 3193 

Gray's Rodio A Television Service ltd. 4020 Wyondotte 
eo*t 945 1297 

Guaronteed-A Radio A TV Sales A Service. 119 Erie e 

Home TV Service. 4647 Tecumteh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 

John’* TV Repair A Service, 1504 Howard ov 250 1038 
Jones Clayton W. 319 Park w 252 0988 
tamo* 8ro» Television, 1039 Howard ov 254-8580 
Lloyd's Radio A TV Repair, 528 Scofield ov (Sand S 
Townthip) 909-1012 

lyman't German HI-FI Centre, 1430 Tecum*eh blvd e 
250 3193 

Morr Engineering. 333 Mill 252-9982 
McCaffrey's Hi FI A TV Centre. 910 Wyondotte co.t 
250 8229 

McKoy't TV A Applioncet l»d, 330 ond 342 Pork we»t 

Payne Walloce. 782 Stanley (R Pork) 254-0771 
Reg's TV A Radio Service, w t Maiden rd (Sond W 
Twp) 909-2373 

Renoud s TV, 1071 Drouillord rd 252 3703 
Roteland Television A Appliances. 3837 Howard avenue 
(Sond W Twp) 909-4340 
Sam's Radio A TV Sorvice. 807 Brant 250 0427 
Saveli's Electronic Service, 1000 Wyandotte e 252 9617 
Scottish Sound. 289 Wyondotte w 254*9370 
Sporle Bartlett ltd. 1091-93 Otto wo 250-0943 
Steenberg Bros. 1405 Ottawa 253-8210 
Tele Tex TV Service. 1579 Wyondotte e 252 4820 
Thomsen TV Service, 937 Campbell ov 252 5058 
Thornhill TV ltd, 1169 Tecvmieh blvd e 252 4164 
Town* A Country Electronics. 2821 Doogall ov (Sand W 
Township) 909-5200 

Tutthill's TV Service. 1950 Ottowa 252 0849 
Uptown Radio A TV ltd, 755 Wyandotte e 254-1322 
Walt's Radio A Television Service, 2730 Howard ov 
(R P) 252 0417 

West End Eleclronks, 2185 Wyandotte e 250 0871 
White Rodio ATV Specialists, 3309 Wyondotte (R'Skle) 
948 1021 

Wilson's Visuol Electronics Co. 340 Tecumteh blvd w 
253 3028 

Windsor All Channel TV Antenna Service. 4398 
Tecumteh blvd a 945-2111 

Windsor TV A Rodio Service. 470 Janette ov 252 0459 
Wright’s Roy TV Service. 3857 Howard ov 969 8530 


Canodian Notionol Rollwoy Co. 304 Ouellette ov ond 
n s Riverside drive e 233-7441 

Canodion Notionol Rollwoy Windsor WolkerviMe 5totion 
298 Wolker rd 253 7421 

Chesapeake A Ohio Railway Depot. 305 Devonshire rd 
253 7202 

Essex Termlnol Railway Co. The. 1370 Kildore rd 

Nsw York Central System, 374 Ouellette ov 253-5211, 
Depot, 1297 Wellington av 

Sondwich. Windsor A Amherstburg Railway Co. 1570 
Kildare rd 254-9221 






7414 Mmt* Dr. E, Wtafcff — DU 252 7241 

Sterling Building Moteriols ltd, 2494 Riverside dr e 
252 7241 


Action of Windsor Reolty ltd. 170 University ov west 
254 7310 

ARTHUR ol RIAL ESTATE, 2919 Tecwmwh 
Boulovard East, Phone 945-0970 ond 
945-6318 (See Front Cover ond Top 

Associated leasehold ltd. 2573 Airport rd (Sand E 
Twp) 969 4050 

Baker Ken H Real Estate, 38 Shepherd e 256 8291 

BENDO LOU REALTOR, Real Eitate and 
Insurance, 829 Ottawa 5treet, Phone 
256-3445 (See adv Top Lines) 

Beneteau leo A Real Estate. 1059 Drouillord rood 

Benneian George H, 509 Ouellette av 250-2385 
Bruner Corl D. 1431 Ovelle»te ov 252-0023 
Cambridge leaseholds ltd. 302 Ouellette ov 252-5743 
Carton E J Reolty ltd, 1005 Otfawo 250-2325 
Chthrer Land A Building Co. 794 Chllvor rd 234-2723 
Cirek 5 Real Estate. 912 Ottawa 234 0000 
Clark W H Real E»tote. 1785 Westcott rd 943 9458 
Cronin Michael J, 1081 Dowgoll ov 256-1241 
Donl Real Eitate ltd. 1009 Ouellette av 253-1167 
Dorna Realty Associates ltd, 1120 Ouellette ov 252-2741 
Dowie Real Estate, 155 Wyondott* e 252 9142 
Duck Jack. 531 University av w 252 1191 
Dudo Ale* W. 1089 Ouellette ov 252-4451 
Edna-Walker Rood Management Co ltd, 182 Pitt west 

Ellis Gocd Real Eitate. 7409 Tecumteh blvd e (Tecumteh) 
Essex Management Co l»d, 108 McDougoll 252-2339 
Feldman Som Realtor A Mortgage Broker, 1330 Wyan 
dotte e 254 3260 

French Norman I, 569 Ouellette ov 253 6820 

Garjo Rentals ltd, 182 Pitt w 253-7705 

Gibson Emmet, 2709 Dowgalt ov (Sond W Twp) 909-7241 

Godin louis C. 920 Ouellette ov 253-9690 

Groef Michael. 1228 Tecumseh blvd e 252 9860 

Grondin leo A. 59 Han no w 254-5607 

Henshaw Real Estote, 13 loucon rd (R'Side) 943 5801 

Holme Reolty A Management Co ltd. 374 Ouellette av 

252 1330 

Imperial Enterprise, 1922 Wyondotte e 250-6022 
Intercity Realty A Insurance (Windsor) ltd. 2517 Wyan¬ 
dotte (R'Side) 945 2317 
Jeffery P S ltd. 1319 Ouellette ov 252 8351 
Kwlkk Felix J, 1021 Ottowa 250-2078 
lowton Geo ltd, 1400 Ouellette ov 253-4057 
loremen Jran Real Estote ltd, 1201 University ov west 
252 7710 

302 Ouellette Avenue, Phene 252-5727 

Molowany Onufry, 1153 Ottawa 253-7220 

Marks J Reol Estate ltd. 302 Ouellette av 250 8289 

Maxwell Real (state A Insurance. 207 Petissier 252-5733 


Brokers, 960 University Avenue West, 
Phone 256-4982 (See adv Top Lines) 

Morris Investments ltd, 302 Ouellette av 252-5743 
Murray Building (Windsor! Ltd 182 Pitt w 253 7705 
Oke G P Realtor. 3130 Wolker rd (Sand E Twp) 

234 3112 

Ouellette P Ernest, 924 Tecumseh bird e 250 3188 
Par Realty of Windsor ltd. 170 University ov w 250 0004 
Peche Itlond ltd. 83 lauson rd (R'Side) 943 2377 




Un vertMy Ave W - - Comer Victoria 

PHONf 254.9289 

Rroumi U G ltd. 170 University av w 254 9289 
Robarts Poul A Ca ltd, 70 University av w 250 8211 
Rosen l M Reolty ltd, 33 University ov w 252 7279 

SAWYER ANNE REALTOR, 1033 Wyondotte 
Street West, Phone 254-8646, Brancfc 
571 Erie Street East, Phone 252-579S 
(See adv Bottom Stencil and Top Lines) 

Schuster-ReHle Real Estote, 170 Tecumteh blvd eoi' 
252 4484 

Simon Peter. 1090 Drouillord rd 256 9049 
Smith Donald F Real Estate, 52 Chofhom w 256 9471 
South Windsor Development Co ltd, 374 Ouellette at 

Stroud A Richardson. 374 Ouellette av 252 7701 
Thrasher Ivon W Realty ltd. 1110 Ouellette ov 256-2333 
Tomek Mkhl 937 Ouellette av 236-4844 
Totten Earl Real Estate. 176 University ov w 236 4693 
Wagner Johnson A Crosby Reol Estate, 1313 Gladstone 
avenue 252-6563 

Wellington Industrial Estates ltd. 700 Wellington at 
254 6688 

Wickramm ltd. 1560 Howord 254 2301 

Windtor Property Management ltd. 182 Pitt w 253 770! 

Wintemute Bruce, 1462 Church 252 2072 


Ace Refrigeration Co, 123 Riverside dr w 232 4427 
Al's Refrigeration Co, (rear) 3163 Sandwich w 254 6304 
Alpha Electric Refrigeration Co, 543 Lincoln rd 253 1221 
Alpine-Aire Regfrigeratioa Service. 1538 Froncols rd 
945 4545 

BAD Appliance Parts ltd. 541 Erie e 252 7287 
Bodnar Refrigeration Service. 451 foinl*w blvd (R’$id*‘ 
256 2443 

Community Refrigeration ltd. 1175 Crawford o*s*W 
252 3138 

Delitle Refrigeration, 846 Francois ct 945-7498 
Refrigeration Sales Ca. 1007 Lena 754 6731 
Speirn Refrigeration, 161 Bertha or (R'Side) 945-5283 
Star Refrigeration (Windsor) t»d. 1834 Glendale averM 
(Sand E Twp) 252 6691 

Windsor Refrigeration Co. 1314 Drouillord rd 943 IW 
Woods Bill Refrigeration. 1704 Balfour blvd (Sand I 
Townthip) 94*5628 

Yoxiey Refrigerotion, 161 Cameron ov 254-9741 


Glendon Crest Co, 55 Rnrerslde dr w 252-6371 


Johnson Controls ltd. 2560 Virginia Park av (5ond V 
Township) 9697330 

Whelesol* Service A Repair Center, 1599 Drouillord d 
945 3478 


A & W Drive-In Central Av branch. 2285 Central av 
(Sand I Twp) 948 2251 

A 4 W Drive Ins Windsor ltd. 3041 Dougall av (Sand W 
Township) 969-8480 

Adrien s Coflee Shop. 198 Pitt w 254 6617 
Airport Snock Ear. 3838 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Al's Ear B Q. 1405 University ov w 253-0550 
Anorkoli Restaurant. 958 Ottawa 

Annie's Dairy Ear. 2135 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W 
Township) 252 6303 
Art's lunch. 1157 Erie e 
Bamboo Garden. 583 Ouellette ov 253-9665 
Ear Italio, 745 Erie e 
Bara s Restaurant, 714 Wyandotte e 
Bel Air Restourant. 1404 Tecumseh blvd e 253 3379 
Betty's lunch. 1201 Monmouth rd 253-0179 
Eev's Coffee Shop. 1007 Drouillard rd 252-1696 
Big Boy Ortve In ltd. 4440 Tecumseh blvd e 945-1146 
Bock Ada Mrs. 1585 Wyandotte e 253-3239 
Bowlero Coffee Shop. 675 Tecumseh blvd w 252 3088 
Braun's Coffee Shop. 924 Ottawa 256-4233 
Butter Nut Restourant. 3302 Dougall ov (Sand W Twp) 
969 5800 

CBS Fine Foods ltd. 33 and 43 Pitt e 254-7585 
Col's lunch. 320 Eugenie (Sond W Twp) 253 6500 
Comeo Bor B O. 3226 Sandwich 252 1965 
Can USA Restaurant & Banquet Room. 400 Tecumseh 
blvd e 232 3235 

Canton Dining lounge (Windsor) ltd, 1450 Tecumseh 
blvd e 252 9981 

Copital Rtseouronf, 139 University av w 252 2670 
Capri Pixxerio. 3021 Dougall av (Sond W Twp) 969-6851 
Cedar Snack Bar. 510 Wyandotte w 
Chotterbov Food Bor, 850 Tecumseh blvd e 253-0141 
Chicken Court Tavern, 531 Pefistier 252 7226 
Chicken Delight (Windsor) ltd. 3315 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 945-1123 

Chuck's Tavern & Restaurant, 1124 Wyandotte east 

Chun King Corp of Canada ltd. 1019 Elliott w 254-5134 
Clark's Restaurant. 1399 Grond Marois rd w (Sand W 
Twp) 969 8947 

College Soda Bar. 1700 College av 252-7865 
Colonial Steok House Tavern, e s Huron line (Sond W 
Twp) 256-2812 

Colosseo Restaurant, 1459 Ottawa 
Cory's Alpine Restaurant. 1959 Tecumseh blvd w (Sond 
W Twp) 253 0243 

Cory Restaurant, 980 Howard av 253-0080 
Doiri-Maid Bar, 2106 University av w 
Dallas Reitauront, 1310 Wyandotte (R'Side 1 945 9064 
Derby Barbeque. 301 Tecumseh blvd e 256-3771 
De Soto lunch, 2800 Tecumseh blvd e 945-5231 
Detroit Grill. 124 Wyondotte e 252-1571 
Dieppe Villoge Restaurant & Tavern, 165 Riverside dr w 
252 4365 

Dominion Cafe, 1020 Drouillord rd 254 7783 

Sort's Grill 2045 Wyandotte w 233 0369 

East Windsor Tavern ltd, 1214 Drouillord rd 254 6612 

Elef's White Tower, 440 Tecumseh blvd e 252-7069 

IHis Fish 4 Ships. 899 Pilletfe rd 945 4312 

Felix Lunch. 1086 Felix ov 254 6796 

Frances Restourant, 915 Wyondotte e 254-9610 

Frank's light lunch. 1112 Wyondotte (R'Side) 

Fran's Restourant, 1023 Drouillord rd 253-1267 

G M Coffee Shop. 439 Wyondotte e 253 0139 

Gen's Tavern 4 Restaurant, 33 and 43 Pitt e 254-7585 

George's Steak House ltd, 650 Ouellette ov 254-1400 

Geranium Tea Room, 415 Pelissier 253-0359 

Glidden Dairy Ear, 1459 Wyandotte (R'Side) 943-1423 

Golden Arrow Restaurant, 2630 Seminole 

Harmony Grill. 1311 Ottowa 253 0267 

Heather Bell Fish 4 Chips. 1991 Ottowo 752 3304 

Helen Snock Bor. 777 Walker rd 233 267? 

Helen's Fish 4 Chips & Confy. 3606 Seminole 943 9203 
Hi Ho Curb Serv us ltd, 3746 Sandwich 253-3620. 5240 
Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 2899 Howard av 
(Sand W Twp) 256 679) and 3691 Wolker rd (Sond 
E Twp) 969 7760 

Highway Grill. 7564 Howord av (R Pork) 256 9791 
Holiday Restouront. 1065 Huron Une 233-6598 
Hollywood lunch, 1321 Wyandotle e 253-0021 
Home lunch. 1096 Codilloc 252 7661 
House of lee The. 567 Pelissier 256 3115 6 
Ing t Chinese Food. 618 670 Goyeau 254 8872 
International Restaurant, 1723 Drouillard rd 
Italia Pixxerio, 1204 Tecmuteh Wvd e 232 7731 
ione's Snack Bar. e s Malden rd (Sond W Twp) 

Jennie's Snock Bar, 1097 Drouillard rd 

Joe's Lunch, 1298 Drouillard rd 945-8581 

John's Coney Island Coffee Shop, 992 University av w 

232 7384 

Julia's Fish 4 Chips. 32)0 Walker rd (Sond E Twp) 
254 4282 

Kovanaugh's Restourant, 2685 Howard ov (Sand W 
Twp) 256 2344 

Killarney Castle ltd, 170 Wyandotte w 254-5131 
Knotty Pine Restaurant, 3067 Dougall ov (Sond W Twp) 
969 4810 

Koxak't Steok Pit. 1434 Ottowo 252 4924 
la Grace lunch, 978 University av w 252-0046 
lo Paulette, 4449 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
948-4173 4 3006 Cougoll av (Sand W Twp) 

lappan's Tovern ltd. 3101 Wolker rd (Sand E Twp) 
254 4747 

lido Club. 3885 Sandwich 252 2252 

little Mary's Restaurant, 950 Wyandotte w 253-0339 

lopotin Mossman Snack ltd. 3208 Dougall ov 969-7703 

Lori's Diner. 1103 Droui>‘!ard rd 

lotus Gardens, 560 Ouellette ov 256-897? 

Lucy's Coffee Shop. 2944 Tecumseh blvd e 948 3011 
Madrid Dining Room. 2530 Ouellette av (Sond W Twp) 
254 7862 

Mady's Big Boy Drive In Restaurants, B8I Huron line 

233 3946 

Mady's Coffee Shop, 358 Ouellette ov 253-4821 
Maple leaf Motel 4 Dinette. 2763 Howard ov (Sond W 

Mario's Tovern ltd, 755 Ouellette ov 254-3392 
Marotti 4 Cwrti Restaurant, 851 Erie e 254-7041 
McMoster Restouront, 2731 Howord av (Sond W Twp) 
Mercury Coffee Shop. 2943 Chorles 253 9640 
Meteor lunch. 1306 Drouillard rd 945-9076 
Mike’s Grill. 492 University av w 253-7644 
Milan's Tavern 4 Restaurant. 245-25) DrouiOord rood 

Milano Pixxerio and Restouront, 1633 Tecumseh blvd e 
232 6561 

Minute lunch 4 Soda Bar. 1501 Parent av 253-0621 
Motel Coffee Shop, 2673 Dougall av (Sond W Twp) 

Murphy's lunch 3433 Riverside dr (R'Side) 945 8860 
Napoli Restouront, 2999 Tecumseh blvd e 945*1141 
Neighbour's Grill, 2189 Howard ov 253-7333 
Nero's Restouront ltd, 2105 Ouellette av 254-2543 
Niagara Restouront, 69 University ov w 254 9835 
Olympia Restouront. 1574 Howord ov 253-0424 
Orient Coffee Shop, 357 Pork w 
Palace Bor. 871 Ottowo 
Pork Diner, 158 Tecumseh blvd e 256-9220 
Pat 4 Hank's Fish 4 Chips. 1247 Grand Morois rd w 
(Sond W Twp) 969 3252. 3147 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sond E Twp) 948*0111 

Pekar's Coney Island, 54 Wyandotte w 253*0649 
Pekar's Dinette. 754 Ouellette ov 252-1186 
Playdlum luncheonette. 4985 Wyondotte e 945-3111 
Queen Grill. 2020 Wyondotte w 252 9857 
Rodio Tavern ltd, 546 48 Ouellette av 252 1371 
Roinbow Inn, 3448 Walker rd (Sond E Twp) 969 7650 
Roy's Snock Bor, 925 Tecumseh blvd w 253 0362 
Rib N-Chtkin Shock. 1794 University ov w 253 1913 
Riverside Bar B Q. 274 276 leuxon rd (R'Side) 945 3923 
Rorno Pixierio. 3324 Wyandotte (R'Side) 948-4149 
Rose Bowl Restouront, 2482 Dougall ov (Sond W Twp) 
Royal Dairy Bor, 2534 Howard ov (Rem Pk) 254-7706 
Sam's Pixxerio Restaurant. 2215 Wyandotte w 256-2151 
Sandwich Grill. 3219 Sandwich 253-0148 
Seaway Restouront, 172 Ouellette ov 256-0819 
Sky Restouront, The. 341 Ouellette ov 252-0160 
Skylork Pixxerio. 4663 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond E Twp) 
948 4133 

Sorrento Cafe. 770 Erie • 

Station lunch, 1350 Pelletier ov 252-8161 

Steve N' Eddy's 460-462 University ov w 253*4044 

Sunset Diner. 2424 University ov w 253 0626 

Tasty-Bar-B-Q. 19 Wyandotte e 253-0869 

Three Star Restaurant, 325 Wyandotte w 256-0169 

Tiny's lunch, 1100 Cadillac 253 021? 

Tivoli Steok House. 1533 Wyandotte c 2360063 
Torigton lunch. 1898 Shepherd e 
Towne Coffee Shop, 40-42 University av e 253-3751 
Trevi Pixxerio Restourant. 4315 Seminole 948-1411 
Tunnel Bar BO ltd. 58 62 Park e 254-7717 
Ukrainian Rertaurant. 1148 Marlon ov 253 0408 
United Grill, 20 University ov e 253-8747 
University lunch, 466 University ov w 
Vesuvio Pixxerio. 1039 Wyondotte w 252-6191 
Vet's Lunch. 1133 Erie W 232 5002 

Victoria Grill, 1404 Howord ov 

Volcano Pixxerio Restaurant ltd, 157 Wyondotte west 
252 7756 

Walker Rd Tovern. 3101 Wolker rd (Sond E Twp) 

Walkerville Grill. 1850 Wyondotte • 

Wellington Tovern, 800 Wellington ov 256-8713 
White Star lunch, 2940 Chorles 

Windover Restourant ltd. 4449 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond 
E Twp) 946 4173 and 3006 Dougall ov (Sond W 
Twp) 969-4426 

Windsor Grill. 86 Wyondott. e 233 0492 

Yorkshire Fish 4 Chip*, 2590 Howard ov (R P) 256-0056 


Windsor Converters, 258 Chllver rd 254-8638 


Kenilworth Boarding Stables, 3317 Howord av (Sond 
W Twp) 


General Riggers 4 Erectors (Machinery), 826 Felix ov 
256 8686 


(S«« Contractors — Roofing and Siding) 


Canadian Collord Products ltd, 985 St Luke rd 256-4937 
Checker Industrial Rubbor 4 Tire ltd, 1695 University 
ov w 254 9261 


Conn Rubber Stomps. 468 Victoria ov 254-4000 
Essex Stomp Co ltd. 136 Ferry 253 5323 


Exc*llo Co The. 378 University ov w 253-4115 


(S«e Carpets, Rugs and Floor Covering) 


Divlney A Co, 579 Partington ov 256-2381 


Safety Supply Co. 1974 Wyondotte e 252-2326 


Canadian SoH Co ltd. 30 Prospect ov 256-3105 
Morton Chemical Co of Canada ltd (Ojibway Oiv), 30 
Prospect avenue 256 3105 
Sifto Salt Co ltd. 1402 Crowford ov 253-2501 



2999 Grand Marois Road last. Phono 


Red line Chemicals of Canoda ltd. 504 Vlctorlo 
233 3237 

Wood G H 4 Co ltd, 628 Chllver rd 253-9136 

Classified. Ye flow Page 33 

(Se« also Windows and Doors — 

Kimball A Russell (Ontario) ltd. 2443 Howard avenue 
232 7771 


M & G Salami Soutogr Co (roar) 973 T*«wnidi blvd w 
254 2261 

Sandwich Soviag« Co, 1567 Crawford o* 252-6052 


How* Richa'dton Scaltt of Conoda ltd, 1737 Walker rd 
232 6571 

Toledo Scoli Co of Can ltd. 3440 Wyondotte e 945-1143 
ond 2462 Howard ov 253 3567 


Universal of Conado. 1922 Wyondotte • 254-4661 


Academy of Charm, The. 483 Mitt*** 252-9082 
Atlantic School Inc. 374 Ouellette or 256-3893 
Bulmer Business Colic 9*. 315 Pelissier 253 8202 
Conodion Vocational Training. 1787 Walker rd 
Christian Brothers Acodemy, 3600 Carry ov (Sand W 
Twp) 969 7372 

Churchwood Metropolitan School. 2400 Virginia Fork or 
(Sond W Twp) 969-8900 

Droulllord Sorbet Schools ltd, 1801 University ov w 
734 4436 

Horrick Welding Enterprises ltd. 3243 Morentelte ov 
(Sand E Twp) 

Holy Redeemer College, 925 Cousineau rd (Send W Twp) 
969 2840 

Industrial Training Institute. 1968 Wyandotte e 948-3283 
International Tutoring College. 595 Victoria ov 756-6621 
Kennedy Myrtle O. 1003 Vietorio or 253 4461 
King George Junior Vocational School. 1799 Ottawa 
232 6544 

Kinsman Troining Centre, n s Northwood dr (Sand W 
Twp) 969 5832 

Ontario School of Arc Welding, 3243 Morentette or 
256 6281 

Peretx I l School, 1661 Ouellette av 254 5439 
St Mary's Academy, s t Richardie bhrd (Sand W Twp) 
969 2463 

St Vlodlmir & Olga Ukrainian Kindergarten. 991 Shep¬ 
herd e 234 7927 

Sales Ivan R School of Hairdressing. 1182 Wyandotte e 
252 4401 

Shoar Hoshomayim Synagogue Religious School. 115 
Giles blvd e 

Ukrainian School. 1119 longloit ov 
University of Windsor. 400 Huron line 233-4232 
University of Windsor — Canterbury College, w s Sunset 
av after University ov w 

Western Ontario Inst of Technology Windsor. 815 Mercer 
256 8297 

Windsor Beauty Culture School. 831 University ov w 

Windsor Business College. 709 Ouellette ov 253 4921 
Windsor Teochers' College, 600 Third Concession rood 
(Sond W Twp) 969 0520 

(Collegiate Institute*) 

Alicia l Moson Junior Vocational School. 284 Cameron 
ov 252 5789 

Assumption High School, 1100 Huron line 256-7801 
Forster John l Collegiate. 749 Felix ov 254-4751 
Harry E Guppy High School of Commerce, The. 441 
Tecumseh bhrd e 254 7573 

Honorable W C Kennedy Collegiate Institute, 245 
Tecumseh blvd e 254 8649 

low# W D Vocational School, 874 Giles blvd e 253 4653 
Patterson Collegiate Institute. 131 Elliott e 256-2609 
Riverside High School. 3875 Jerome 'R'Side) 948 4116 
Vincent Mossey Coltegiote Institute, 1800 liberty (Sand 
W Twp) 969 7530 

W F Herman Coltegiote Institute, 1930 Rossini blvd 
945 2346 

Walkerville Collegiate Institute. 2100 Richmond 252-2711 


Ado C Richards School, 4333 Ontario 943 5081 
Central PubKc School. 700 Norfolk (Sond W Twp) 

969 3530 

Colebourne Public School, 5151 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
Coronation School, 5400 Coronation (Sand E Twp) 

945 3885 

David Maxwell Public School. 1648 Froncols rd 943 1421 
Dougatl Av School. 811 Dougall av 254-0077 
Edith Covet! Public School. 1401 Ontario (R'SIde) 

948 4661 

Frank W Begley School. 1093 Assumption 254 2402 
General Brock Public School, 3312 Sandwich 254-4242 
Gilmore Public School, 720 fdinborough (R P) 254-7067 
Glenwood Public School, 1601 Norfolk (Sond W Twp) 
969 3990 

Gordon McGregor Public School. 1646 Alexis rd 

H E Bondy School. 1676 Mork av (Sond W Twp) 

Hugh Beaton School, 2229 Chilver rd 234-0071 
Ivor Chandler School, 995 Bartlett dr (Sond W Twp) 
969 0414 

J E Benson School, 1542-1546 Wyandotte w 254 4920 
John A Me William Public School. 190! E C Row av (Sand 
East Township) 256-8323 

John Campbell School, 1233 Tecumseh blvd e 254 4612 
John McCreo School, 337 St Paul av (R'Side) 943-4723 
John O Cahill School. 2001 Spring Garden rd ISond W 
Township) 969 5630 

John Ross School. 2715 Bernard rd (Sond E Twp) 
945 1193 

King Edward School, 853 Chilver rd 
M S Hetherington School. 4330 Menard (R'Side) 

948 0951 

Marlborough School. 3557 Melbourne rd 254-1470 
Mayfair Public School. 2359 Chandler rd (Sond E Twp) 
Northwood Public School, n s Northwood dr (Sond W 
Township) 969-7610 

Percy P McCollum School, 4193 Mllloy 943 5808 
Prince Charles School, e s Edward ov (R'Side) 945-0321 
Prime Edword School. 949 Giles blvd e 253 0877 
Prince of Woles School. 2285 Wyandotte w 253-6831 
Princess Anne School. 1805 Raymond ov (R'Side) 

948 0911 

Princess Elixobeth School, 911 Raymond av (R'Side) 

Roseiand Public School, n t Cabana rd e (Sand E Twp) 
969 3250 

Southwood Public School, 1355 Cabono rd w (Sand W 
Township) 969-3470 
Taylor H D School. 1275 Campbell ov 
Victoria School. 1376 Victoria av 234-2271 
Vietorio Public School. 2432 St louis ov (Sand E Twp) 
945 3433 

Walker School, 3391 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 969 2030 
Western Public School, 3901 Peter 254 3941 


Christ the King (RC) School. 1200 Grand Morals rd w 
• Sond W TwpJ 969 0621 

Corpus Christie High School, e s Raymond rd 945 5088 
De lo Salle School 1133 Niagara 254 5532 
GWmgarda Ursullne Academy of Our lody of Prompt 
Succour. 4955-5043 Riverside dr e 945 9181 
Holy Family Convent (Kindergarten), 968 louis ovenue 
252 6222 

Holy Family School. 1562 Rossini blvd 945 0924 
Holy Name School. 636 Campbell av 
Holy Rosory 1168 Droulllord rd 232 9490 
Immaculate Conception School. 735 Tuscororo 256-9156 
Moryvote Vocational School for Girls. 3613 College ov 

Mott Precious Blood School. 3400 Somme ov (Sand E 
Township) 9430773 

Notre Dome School, 2751 Partington ov (Sand W Twp) 
969 7040 

Ovr lody of fatlmo School. 200 Elinor (R'Side) 735 4051 
Our lody of lourdet Separate School, 4130 Fronklln 
948 3072 

Our tody of Mount Carmel School, n s Cousineau rd 
(Sond W Twp) 969 4700 

Our lody of Perpetual Help School, cor Parent blvd and 
Grand Morois rd e (Rem Pk) 

Sacred Heorl School. 383 Comeron ov 252 6063 
St Alexander Senior School. 5305 Adstoll ov (Sand e 
Township) 945 5621 

St Alphomut School. 75 Park w 254-1740 
St Andrew School. 1957 Head 256 9010 
S« Angelo School. 816 Ellis ov 254-7240 
St Angela School Annex. 1361-90 Eltmere ov 

St Anne's School, 1124 Monmouth rd 256-1911 
St Anthony's School. 754 California av 
St Bernard School. 1847 Meldrum rd 945 6948 
St Cecil# School, ofter 79 Dieppe (R’5*de} 945-4713 
St Charles Separate School. 2273 Wellesley 256-1071 
St Christopher's School. 3355 Woodward blvd (Sond E 

St Clare Separate School, 1469 Bruce ov 
St Edmonds School. 765 Morentette ov 256-0503 
St Edward School. 3755 King 254 9488 
St Francis School, 433 Detroit 

St Gobrlel School. 1400 Rose lawn dr (Sand W Twp) 
969 3230 

St Genevieve School, 647 Irvine av 

St Hubert's School, w s California av at Norfolk (Sand 
W Township) 969 2250 
St James School. 1601 St James 252 9960 
St Joan of Arc School. 4300 Somme ov (Sond E Twp) 
945 5313 

St John School. 1920 Grove av 256-4392 
St Joseph's School, 869 Janiise av 948-1926 
St Jude's School, e s lack# (Sand S Twp) 969-5350 
St Jules School. 1982 Norman rd 945-261T 
St louts School. 2130 Raymond av (R'Side) 948 0813 
St Mortia Gorretti School, 520 East lawn blvd (R'Side) 
948 1111 

St Patrick's School, n % Superior (Sand W Twp) 

St Paul School, w s Malden rd (Sond W Twp) 969 7860 
St Peter's School, w s St Rose ov (R'Side) 945 3823 
St Rose School. 143 St Rose ov fR'Side) 945-6255 
S» Therese School, before 3337 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Township) 945 2628 

St Thomos School, e s Thompson blvd (R'Side) 943 8648 
St Vincent De Paul School. 6038 Etiroberh ov (Sand I 

St Wilfred School. 451 Westchester dr (R'Side) 948 1934 


Acrolab Instrument Co. 396 Devonshire rd 256-2651 
Trerke H O Co. 926 Wyandotte w 254-4171 


Kovinsky J A Sons ltd, 110 Hill ov 254 5188 
Medler Mot & Sons. 700 Wellington ov 
Meretsky. Burnstine & Meretsky ltd, 1577 Howard ov 
233 6365 

River Mill Steel ltd. 1722 30 Howard ov 256 3138 
United Iron A Paper, 3050 Church (Sond W Township) 
969 4270 


Bill's Second Hond Store, 523 Tecumseh blvd e 
Economy Clothing Exchange. 340 Wyondotte e 252-6934 
Goodwill Industries (Windsor) Inc, 1276 Ottawa 
232 3328 

Moy Court Bargain Box, 1122 Wyandotte e 256-1573 
Moy Court Thrift Shop. 1122 Wyondotte e 25*1573 
Som's Second Hand Store. 912 Wyondotte e 
Second Hand Exchonge Shop, 254 Wyondotte east 


Barbara Wood ltd. 504 Victoria av 253 6341 
Hkks Roy ■ Secretarial Service. 382 Devonshire rood 

253 4995 

Office Assistance Bureau, 556 Randolph ov (Sond W 
Twp) 754 0046 

Parker l J Enterprises. 2672 Norman rd (Sand E Twp! 
945 7187 

Suoerior Secretarial Service, 1120 Ouellette ov 252 2763 
Windsor Stenographic Service. 103 Riverside dr we»* 

254 1980 


Cock Bros ltd. 340 Pitt e 253 4611 
Essex Hybrid Seed Co ltd, 5300 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
733 2601 

Girard's Flowers A Seeds. 382 Grand Morals rd e (9 
Pork) 256 1895 

Pfister Hybrids ltd. 157 Si louis ov (R'Side) 945 3674 

























(See Cesspool ond Septic Tonic Builders) 

Bernina Sewing Centre. 25 Wyandotte e 256-4713 
Dominion Sewing Machine Co. 1194 Wyandotte eott 
252 4429 

Singer Co of Conada Ltd. 481 Ouellette av 254-5157 


Atkin Sheet Metal. 1315 McDoagall 253 6691 
Atloi Manufacturing. 1797 Benjamin o* 256 3210 
Bannon Sheet Metal Ltd. 915 Crowford av 254-3718 
Cunn.ngham Sheet Metal Workt ltd. 1478 Kildare rd 
256 4551 

Del Monte Eovestrough Co. 504 Victoria av 254 0970 
Fiiher Fred J. 1037 Curry av 253 7845 
Globe Sheet Metol Co ltd. 1452 St lake rd 945-6344 
Holek Sheet Metol ltd. 1421 Crowford av 252 8339 
Itiniont Sheet Metal, 1124 Pierre av 
Martin Sheet Metal, 3344 Wolker rd (Sand E Twp) 
969 3130 

Murphy J E Sheet Metol Co ltd. 595 Tecumteh blvd e 
252 5781 

River tide Sheet Metal Ltd. 3306 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

945 4623 

Ryall Shee'* Metal, 1707 Tecumieh blvd w (Sand W 
Township) 969-3753 

Schultz Sheet Metal, 1447 Erie e 252 1804 
Service Centre (Windsor) ltd, 241 Drouiilard rd 
945 6154 

Spado Sheet Metol, 2343 Pillette rd 948 4227 

Street, Phone 256-2321 or 256-2322 


Agnew-Surpott Shoe 5tore ltd. 2451 Dougall av (Sand 
W Twp) 256 3061 

(For list of branches see Alphabetical Section) 
Bobechuk Shoe Store. 1519 Drouiilard rd 
Sato Shoe Store, 271 Ouellette ov 252 1248 ond 245) 
Dougoll av (Sand W Twp) 252 7469 
Belinda Fashion Shoei, 306 Ouellette ov 254 5797 
Bondy W j & Sons ltd, 126 Ouelietti av 254 3391 
Bonita Beautiful Shoes 305 Ouellette av 256 056? 
Boulione Af. 1509 Tecurmeh blvd e 2566903 
Conmart Shoes ltd, 1550 Huron line (Sand W Twp) 

Dock Corporation ltd, 361 OurOette ov 253-8472 
Daniluk Shoe Store & Repair, 668 Wyandotte e 
Deck'i Shoes For Men, 1050 Drouiilard rd 
Diane Shoei ltd. 1329 Ottawa 254 5833 
Hoc* Ed Fine Shoes ltd. 1555 Wyandotte e 25? 8421 
Hamel & Taylor Shoes ltd. 328 Peliisier 253*4423. 1251 
Grand Marais rd w (Sand W Twp) 969*0560 and 
3621 Wyandotte (R'Side) 948 3822 
Imperial Shoe Store ltd, 421 Oorlletfe ov 253 6923 
International Shoe Store, 101 University ov w 252*0796 
Jorman Shoes For Men. 340 Ouellette av 254 2211 
Koren'i Shoes. 1643 1647 Ottowo 252 9521 
Maher Shoe Store. 461 Ouellette av 253-7595 
Reword Shoe Stores ltd. 563 Ouellette av 253*9485 ond 
1459 Tecumieh blvd e 

Rurych Shoe Store. 2358 Howard av (Rem H) 232 1201 
W$ Shoe Store, 1525 1577 Unlversty ov w 256 6488 
Shoe Bar The. 2203 Wyandotte w 252 4744 
T'ocx Katerina Mrs, 987 Wyandotte • 

Trott', Shoe* ltd, 352 Ouellette ov 233 6874 
v an'i Shoe Store. 4141 and 4149 Tecumieh blvd e (Sond 
F Twp) 945 0219 

Werner's Children 4 ! Shoe Store. 1328 Wyandotte east 

y^htion Geo H ltd, 333 33 Ouellette ov 253*7411 


Acme Finders ltd, 1373 Wyandotte e 254-6825 


Balga Mike 8i Son, 1317 Ottowo 
Border City Shoe Repair. 712 Wyandotte • 

Comillo Shor Repair, 2558 Howard av {Rem Pk) 

Charles Shoe Clints, 336 Ouellette ov 253 3869 

City Shoe Repoir, 1027 Drouiilard rd 

Deek'i Shoe Repair. 1050 Drouiilard rd 

Eglintky Shoe Shop, 3414 WyondoMe e 

Erie Shoe Rebuilder. 871 Erie e 

Erie & Pierre Shoe Repair, 1220 Erie ■ 

Henry’* Shoe Repoir. 3337 Tecumieh blvd • (Sand I 

Humphries Shoe Repoir. 358 Erie e 253 1522 
Jimmy’s Shoe Store. 3491 Sondwich 252-9934 
Joe'* Repoir Shop, 343 Mill 
Joe’* Shoe Repair, 732 longloi* ov 
Joe'* Shoe Repoir. 1011 Wyondotte w 
Kola* Shoe Service & Dry Cleaning, 3090 Dougall ov 
(Sond W Twp) 969 5770 
Kurian Wm, 3307 Wyandotte (R'Side) 
landa Gaspare Shoe Rrpoir, 396 Tecumteh blvd w 
Leon's Shoe Repoir, 3215 Sandwich 252*8559 
Louie's Shoe Repoir, 477 University ov w 
Malic'* Shoe Repair, 873 Pillette rd 
Martin'* Shoe Repair, 1747 Wyandotte e 
Matthew Shoe Clinic, 1425 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Mike'* Shoe Repoir. 1625 Ottawa 
Mike'* Shoe Repair, 444 Tecumteh blvd e 
Modern Shoe Repair. 3514 Wolker rd (Sond E Twp) 
969 7728 

N ot Shot Repoir, 624 Campbell ov 
Nick'* Shoe Repair. 1659 Drouiflord rd 
Nick'* Shoe Repair, 841 Pillette rd 
Ofiowo Shoe Repair. 1695 Ottowo 254 2236 
Pari* Steve. 53 Pitt e 254 3082 

Paritian Shoe Repair & Custom Made Shoe*, 1560 
Tecumieh blvd e 256-9872 
Paulin * Shoe Repair. 86 Erie w 
Peter'* Shoe Repoir, 3708 Glendale av 
Poberentci John. 262 Wyandotte w 
Riverside Shoe Repair, 1311 Wyondotte (R'Side) 

Roxy Shoe Repair, 22 Wyandotte w 252*1331 
Sam's Shoe Repoir, 485 Niogoro 
Scheirrch John, 476 Haig av 
Seminole Shoe Repair, 1505 Aubin rd 
Southlown Shoe Repair. 3871 Dougoll rd (Sond W Twp) 
Square Deol Shoe Repoir, 1080 Felix av 254 8486 
Stodgell Pork Shoe Repair 1643 Seneca 
Taylor's Shoe Repair. 3933 Seminole 
Tip Top Shoe Repoir, 4651 Tecumteh blvd e (Sand E 

Toth John Shoe Repoir. 7989 Longfellow ov (Sond W 

Vrres Louis Shoe Repair. 41 Shepherd e 
William's Shoe Shop. 1742 Drouiilard rd 


Ambassador Ploxo. of ter 1410 Huron line (Send W Twp) 
Dorwln Shopping Plaza. 2451 Dougall av (Sond W Twp) 
Gateway Ptoxa. 3120-3220 Dougall ov (Sond W Twp« 
K-Mart Ploxo. 7300 Tecumteh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Yorktown Square, 1349*1399 Grand Marois rd w (Sond 
W Twp) 


Acme Neon Sign* (Windsor) ltd, 2490 Central ov (Sand 
E Twp) 948 4155 
Ad Sign*. 2577 Ida rd 252 3404 
Barlow Signs. 504 Victoria ov 253*5047 
Bull Signs, 1419 labodie rd 945*7521 
Findlay Sign Advertising. 2565 Riverside rd e 254-1582 
Greg Commercial Art & Sign, 1954 George av 945 5494 

Hordy 5»gn Co, 149 Riverside dr w 253-3214 
Kelly Neon Signs, 956 Drouiilard rd 252 6411 
Leonard Sign Co. (rear) 815 Pillette rd 945 5011 
Superior Signs & Screen Process. 3425 Ciairview ov 
(R'Side) 945*6641 

Walker Neon Sign Co, 833 Pillette rd 948-0561 


Windsor Soap Co. 958 Wyondotte w 253-9871 

(See Associations and Societies) 


Catholic Order of Foresters 

lody of lake Court, No 548, E C Beoume. 825 Belleview 
ov, F S 253 8871 


District Office, 937 Ouellette ov 256*6794 



Sondwich lodge No 464. 892 CampbeN ov 
Walkerville lodge No 348. 634 Chilver rd 253 0336 

Knights of Columbus, Windsor 

Council No 1453, 1140 Goyeau, John H Harrison, grand 
knight; leon Grovelle financial secretary. John 
McDermiff, recording secretary 253-6272 


LOl No 584, Earl of Erne. Leslie Young rec sec, 545 
Cameron 252-3359 

lOl No 843, Gordon McLeod, fee «ec. 564 Janette ov 

Loyal Order of Moose 

loyal Order of Moose LAB. 175 Riverside dr w 253*0428 


Masonic Temple, 986 Ouellette ov 253-0285 

R B P 

WolkerviHe Preceptory R.B.P. No. 539. Orlie Allen. 2190 
Janette ov. Preceptor, Geo Bott, Box 151 Sandwich 
P.O. Windsor, registrar 

Eastern Star 

Matonk Temple. 986 Ouellette av 

(See also Associations) 

Canadian Cancer Society. 545 Victoria ov 252*9942 

Canadian leogue for Ukraine's liberation, 1119 Langlots 

Canadian Red Cross Society (Windsor Branch), 1226 
Ouellette ov 254 7587 

Children's Aid Society of the County of Essex, 690 
Cofaroqwi 252*1182 

Gly of Windsor Social Service* Dept. 755 Louis ov 
253 6345 

Essex County Humane Society, 1577 Crowford avenue 
253 5517 

Evangelical Lutheran Immigration & Service Centro, 1215 
Parent ov 254-1209 

Goodfeilowt Headquarters 401 Pork w 252-7773 

John Howard Society of Windsor, The. 44 Wyondotte e 
256 6535 

Classified, Yellow Poge 35 


“SlaA Sum. ‘Sa6&uf 


1022 IANGLOIS AVE. — PHONE 253-4344 

Ontorio SocJety for Crippled Children, 744 Ouellette o* 




Romon Cotholic Children's Aid Society for County of 
669 Tuscororo 256-3176 

Roumonlon kntliciol 6 Cultural Society. 2585 Seminole 
945 7572 

Windsor Jewish Community Council, 1641 Ouellette ov 
254 7558 


Windsor & District loboor Council, 42 Chatham • 
252 9547 


Ape* Electronics Windsor, 444 Pitt • 253-8869 
Audio Sound. 2315 Froser o» 252-7862 
Wintronic Sound Co, 1579 Wyondotte e 253-4525 

Copeland Ina 8 Co, 4774 Wyandotte e 948-4591 end 
111 Wyondott* w 256-6277 


Windsor Art Statuary, 663 Edmborough (Rem Pk) 


Clarke Travel Service, 76 University ov w 254-4397 
Forrel lines Inc, 76 University ov w 252-1640 
lake Erie Navigation Co ltd, 365 Devonshire rood 
253 5229 

Meconi Travel Agency. 447 Wyondotte e 254-7388 
Northwest Steamships ltd, 1619 Windsor ov 254-4345 
Prudential Steamship Corp, 76 University ov w 254-1640 



We Specialize in Fitting 




Hospital Beds, Wheel Chairs If Crutches 

PHONE 254-6484 

Ingram G A Co (Canada) Ltd, 1374 Ouellette av 


(See also Condiment Mfrs.) 

Watkins Quality Products. 1341 Ouellette ov 253-1759 
and 1112 Lincoln rd 254-8742 


Cambria Sports Product* ltd. Ill Riverside dr west 
253 8893 

Coulter Walter ltd. 575 Ouellette ov 252-1113 
Nontait Sport Shop ltd, 2075 Wyondott# w 252 5705 
Outdoor Sport Shop. 1603 Tecumteh blvd e 232 4449 
Pillsworth Vern M ltd, 70 Chatham w 253 9092 
Riverside Sporl Shop. 3625 Wyondotte (R'Side) 945 6441 
Sonko's Sport Shop, 334 Wyandotte e 256-0478 
Sporllond, 70 Chatham w 253-9092 
Varsity Sports Centre ltd, 71 Riverside dr w 254-3297 
Windsor Outboard Motors ltd, 307 Wyandotte east 
253 2979 


De Vilbiss (Conodo) ltd, 1460 Tecumseh blvd e 256-1804 


Young Spring & Wire Corp of Con ltd, 1441 McDougoll 


Grinnell Co of Con ltd. 1716 longlois ov 256 3408 


A rodeo Management ltd, 452 Charles (Rem Pk) 256 4863 
Etico Stamping Products ltd, 444 Hanna e 254-3714 
Fleetwood Metol Industries ltd, 1801 Walker rood 
256 5427 

Johnstel Metol Products — Div of Conodo Ferro Co ltd. 
1621 Durham pi 254 6495 

Monitor Industrie* (Windsor) ltd. 1527 Crawford av 
233 3103 

Wrigtey Steel Co of Conodo ltd. 1573 McOougoQ 
254 1974 


Rostitch (Canada) ltd. 304 Victoria ov 233 0837 


Algoma Steel Corp ltd. 374 Ouellette ov 256 2345 
Atlas Steels Co. 3030 Wolker rd (Sand C Twpl 254 3766 
Border Cities Wire & Iron ltd. 961 Walker rd 256 3411 
Border Steel ltd, 1854 Turner rd 256 4564 
Conodo Wire & Coble ltd. 504 Victoria ov 252 8171 
Deneau Steels limited. 261 Shepherd e 253-3586 
Dominion Forge ltd. 2480 Seminole 254-7545 
Dotco Industries ltd, Turtcon Steel Works, 1219 Wolker 
rd 256 2661 

Dosco Steel ltd. 267 Pelissier 256 1644 
Fabricated Steel Products (Windsor) ltd. 1537 Mercer 
252 8331 

Huron Steel Products Co ltd, 3710 Peter 25? 0224 
McCrlndle A C ltd. 300 Eugenie (Sand W Twp) 252 6529 
Peerless Steel Co ltd, 1319 McDougoll 254 2587 
Reliance Steel Fabrication ltd, 385 Salter ov 256-8251 
Steel Co of Conodo ltd. The, 374 Ouellette ov 256-4968 
Victoria Steel Products Ud. 655 lauxon rd (R'Side) 
948 6122 


(See Brokers — Stocks and Bonds) 


LTD, (Capital Stoker*), 225 Euaonie 
(Sandwich West Twp), Phone 252-7273 


Stondard Stone Co ltd. The, 1552 Ouellette ov 253-9742 


Canada Storage Co ltd, 1112 Dufferin pi 254 9893 
Producers Cold Storage ltd. 1518 Mercer 254-3211 
Windsor Truck A Storage Co ltd, 201 Shepherd east 


Stedman Equipment Co ltd. 49 Honno w 252-3888 


Armstrong C G Russell, Room 317, Bortlet Building. 76 
University Avenue West, Phone 253-6311 
Head Howard 8, 182 Pitt w 253-5678 


Rotary Swimming Pool, before 2081 Riverside dr w 
Sun Parlor Pool Co lid, 2466 Randolph av (Sand W 
Twp) 969 7150 


Alee The Tailor. 1067 Orouillord rd 
ierger louit, 1384 Ottawa 254-1543 
Bernard The Tailor. 3790 Tecumsth bhrd e 
Burton The Toilor. 89 Riverside dr w 253-3421 
Coswell Toilors ltd. 2207 Wyondotte w 253 6000 
Charlie's Toilor Shop, 182 Pitt w 253 3123 
Continental Custom Tailors. 653 Erie e 254-2311 
Detramou*. 4739-4749 Wyondotte e 945-3050 
Europo Toiler, 1663 Ottawa 252-5811 
Eapart Tailor. 1504 Dufferin pi 254 0824 
Fenech H R. 157 University ov w 256 5931 
Firth Bros ltd. 256 Ouellette av 253 6952 
Frank the Toilor, 1305 Ottowo 234 7333 
Frank's Custom Toilor, 67 University ov w 254-871B 
Fred The toilor, 76 University ov e 234-0331 
Glodstone Tailor Shop. 1310 Gladstone ov 252-6401 
Helper Isaac 690 Aylmer ov 254-2974 
Hoger Steven. 1450 Ouellette ov 253-1882 
John the Toilor, 3178 Walker rd (5and E Twp) 254 96W 
Kenny P Fronk, 681 Cameron ev 253-1581 
lukoci louit. 837 Honno e 252 8006 
Metandi's Fronk Toilor Shop. 1096 Wyandotte eerf 
253 4808 

Noel's Custom Tailoring, 1469 University ov w 
O'Hara The Tailor. 108 McDougoll 256-1244 
Paul The Tailor. 84 Pitt e 252 8691 
Peter's Toilor Shop. 1077 Orouillord rd 233 9091 
Prince Rood Tailor Shop. 1369 Prince rd 253 8584 
Roma Custom Tailor. 795 Erie e 256 3307 
Vmdwich Tailoring, 3154 Sandwich 
Sartorio llotio, 571 Erie e 252 4966 
Schram Custom Toilors. 1201 Ottowo 253-4797 
Scott's Toilofing. 1044 Drouillord rd 252 0232 
Steve The Tailor, 1801 Orouillord rd 945 4375 
Stiller Jos Ltd, 256 PeTtssier 253-0800 
Tip Top Toilors ltd. 343 Ouellette av 233 4414 
Weui Edmund. 363 Wyandotte w 254 8573 
Wellwood Toilor Shop. 33 Riverside dr w 253 7274 
Western Tailors. 1368 Erie e 254-6512 


r 6 



895 OUELLETTE AVE. - - PHONE 254-3223 


Windsor Toilort A Cleaners Supplies, 357 Wyandotte w 


Foreman's Taxidermists, 3162 Bliss rd (Sand E Twp) 
256 0880 


Balaban Steve, 3720 Poplar av 252 8958 
Capitol Cab, 4725 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) and 
5124 Tecumseh blvd e 945-6323 
Checker Cob Windsor ltd, 320 Campbell ov 252-3456 
and before 991 Ouellette ov 253-3551 
Riverside Taxi, 3341 Wyondotte (R'Side) 945 3311 
South Windsor Cob ltd, 2216 Janette av (Sand W Twp) 
253 3588 

Veteran Cob Co of Windsor Ltd. 308 Wyandotte e, 1007 
Drooillord rd. and 1697 Ouellette av 256-2621 


Chef's Coffee Co, 1112 California av 256-1693 
Dominion Coffee Co, (rear) 1220 Dufferin pi 256-9733 


Conodian National Telecommunications, 364 Ouellette 
ov 253-7487 

Conadion Pacific Railway Communications, 196 Ouellette 
ov 253-1104 


Ear bar a Wood Ltd, 504 Victoria ov 253-6341 
Superior Telephone Answering Service, 1120 Ouellette 
ov 252 2765 

Windsor Telephone Answering Service. 32 Giles blvd e 
253 28H 


Dell Telephone Co of Can, 1149 Goyeau. business office 
98 University av w 252-5511 


CKLW TV, 825 Riverside dr w 254-1155 

(See Radio and Television Sets and 
Supplies — Mfrs.) 


(See Radio and Television Sets — 
(Sales and Service) 


Honeywell Controls Ltd. 343 Wear 256 6292 


textile Specialties Mfg Co, 420 Kildare rd 253-2459 
Windsor Textiles Ltd, 635 Tecumseh blvd w 253-8151 


Capitol Theotre, 121 University ov w 254-1555 
Centre Theotre. 4904 Wyandotte e 945-8231 
Palace Theotre, 310 316 Ouellette av 253-3133 
Park Theatre. 1377 Ottawa 254-1303 
Vanity Theotre, 673 Ouellette av 253 8061 


Windsor Theatrical Supply, 618 Ouellette ov 252-9418 


Canadian National Railways, 364 Ouellette ov 252-7297 
Canadian Pacific Railway, 196 Ouellette ov 254-1169 


Toronto Ceramics Ltd. 3829 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 
Twp) 948-4761 


Beaumac Co Ltd, 1120 Ouellette av 252-0845 
Stromberg Time Recorder Co of Canada Ltd, 1120 
Ouellette ov 


Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co of Canada Ltd, 285 Giles 
blvd e 253 4681 


Airport Tire & Battery Co Ud, 3750 Walker rd (Sand E 
Twp) 969 3238 

B & M Tire & Battery Ltd, 2599 Tecumseh blvd m (Sand 
W Twp) 252-7291 

Benco Tiretreaders, 395 Holden av (Sand W Twp) 

Border City Tire Ltd, 2600 Howard ov (Rem Pk) 252-1131 
Canadton Tire Corp Associates Store, 389 Goyeau and 
1695 University av w 254-9261 
Dominion Tire Stores Ltd, 1320 Tecumseh blvd eost 
253 2409 

Firestone Stores, 1197 Ouellette av 256-8261 
Frank's Tire Shop, 902 Wyondotte e 254-5846 
Goodrich B F Canada Ltd, 472 Tecumseh blvd e 254-7561 
Goodyear Service Store, 285 Giles blvd e 252*4481 
K-Mort Tire Centre, 1550 Huron line (Sand W Twp) 

Tennant Tire Service ltd, 1035 Crawford av 252-5713 


Avon Products of Conoda ltd, 267 Pefissier 254-9695 
Beauty Counselors of Conoda ltd. 1400 Windsor ov 
234 4337 

Dearborn Supply Co Ltd of Nassau, 3174 Sandwich 


Advance Machine & Tool Co Ltd, 1160-1164 Albert rd 

Alexander Tools Ltd, 1912 Wyondotte e 254-9676 
Arrow Tools Ltd. 1501 Crawford ov 256-4931 
Binder Tool & Mold Limited. 2930 College ov 
Border Tool & Die Co Ltd, 2946 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Budd Machine Tool Co Ltd, 3064 Devon dr (Sand E Twp) 
253 4621 

Conodian Border City Mfg Co, 2468 Ouellette ov (Sand 
W Twp) 232 5961 

Conodian Engineering A Tool Co Ltd. 2265 South 
Cameron blvd (Sand W Twp) 969-1618 
Conam Tools (Windsor) ltd. 1603 Highiond 253-8553 
Center Tool A Mold Co ltd, 2466 Central ov (Sond E 
Twp) 945 2328 

Cincinatfi-Churehill Ltd, 3970 Tecumseh blvd e 945 2385 
Circle G Machine Tools. 924 Walker rd 256-6066 
Coloniol Tool Co Ltd. 1691 Walker rd 253 2461 
Crescent Tool & Die Ltd, 4031 Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 
969 5371 

Dieco Mould & Tool Co, 108 McDougoll 252-2384 
Die-Sinkers Co of Windsor, 1782 South Cameron blvd 
(Sand W Twp) 969 6791 

Dominion Twist Orill Ltd, 1880 Assumption 253-4671 
Electromoc ltd. 4085 Ambassador dr (Sand W Twp) 
969 4632 

Falcon Tool & Die Ltd, 3238 Marenfette av (Sand E 
Twp) 256 4841 

Glider Guard Mfg Co Ltd, 1151 Tecumseh blvd west 
253 4669 

Gordon J F Machine Ltd. 1539 Crawford ov 256-6039 
Grover Pneumatic Tubes (Canada) Ltd, 1403 Dufferin pi 

Hercules Tool & Die Ltd, 1695 Turner rd 256-2691 
Holden Co ltd, 504 Victoria ov 256-6461 
Index Machine & Tool, 3161 Lloyd George blvd (Sand E 
Twp) 945-7951 

International Tools Ltd. e s Malden rd 969-7071 
J A C Tool A Die Ltd, 1197 lourendeau ov 945-3218 
J A J Tool and Mold ltd, 1195 Westcott rd 945-5021 
J F J Mould Processors ltd, 1603 Highland av 254-1785 
K A A Tool A Die Co. 315-325 Devonshire rd 252 1989 
Kardam Mfg Co, 2536 Dougall ov (Sand W Twp) 

Kendon Mfg Ltd, 2918 Walker rd (Sond E Twp) 
252 7763 

Kincaid Machine A Tool Co, 1469 Crawford av 256-3694 
Law A Anderson ltd. 3822 Sandwich 252-2807 
leepo Machine Producti Lid. 69 lauian rd (R'Side) 
945 2371 

lens Tool A Mold, 108 McDougoll 254-9594 
Metro Tool Co Ltd, 3873 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Monarch Mochine A Tool, 825 Tecumseh blvd w 252-7*33 
Morgon Precision Tools Ltd, 1823 Wyandotte e 252-2723 
Nickleton Tool A Die Co ltd, 1562 WJndror ov 256-7849 
Porogon Tools Ltd, 4050 Malden rd (Sand W Twp) 

Precision Producti Co, 1469 Crawford ov 256-1661 
Reoume Don J ltd, 1505 Crawford ov 253-6287 
Rex Tool A Mold Ltd. 627 Tuscarora 253-1708 
Standard-Modem Tool Co ltd. 1922 WyandoHe eost 
252 0775 

Steel Matter Tool Co ltd, 6500 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond 
E Twp) 945-6308 

Stephan Tool A Die Ltd. 1015 Crawford ov 256-7765 
Sun Tool A Stamping (1960) Ltd, 275 Eugenie (Sond W 
Twp) 252 8364 

Techno Tool A Die Ltd (rear) 385 Salter av 256-8455 
Titan Tool A Die. 452 Charlei (Rem Pk) 253-9554 
Triscn Tool A Die ltd, 2249 South Comeron blvd (Sond 
W Twp) 969 2820 

Viscount Cutter Service. 3220 Edison ov 256-7026 
W M Tool Co. 572 574 Pierre av 254-6523 
Wheel Trueing Tool Co of Canada ltd, 575 langlois ov 

White Eogle Tool A Die Co Ltd, 4250 Huron line (Sand 
W Twp) 969-1645 

Wickman A C Ltd. 374 Ouellette ov 253-1841 

Road, Phone 256*2606 


Devine Bros Equipment Ltd, 172 Aylmer av 252 7229 

Classified. Yellow Page 37 






LIMITED. 225 luganle (Sandwich West 
Township), Phone 254-863! 

(See Travel Bureaus) 


Conadlon linen Supply Co Ltd, 673 Caron ov 353-1139 
Canadian Silk Manufacturing Co lid, 1570-72 Lillian 
752 8116 

Sunshine Uniform Supply Services, 1111 Howard ov 


For To# Ty CK#«t, 700 Wellington ov 256 8502 
Bath well's Ltd. 2451 Doogoil ov (Sond W 
Twp) 252-0937 

Sigal Broth#n Ltd. 1493 Union 252 4466 


Marlin Centre, t t Highway 2 (Sand E Twp) 969-4960 


Dot's Mobile Homes, • • Huron Lin# Sand W Twp) 
969 2829 


Clark Coll Co. 938 Wolk#r *d 252-3346 


Allied Trov#l Service (Windsor) Ltd. 154 Pitt w 252 7707 
B#atty Doreen Trawl Servic#, 3099 Walker rd (Sand E 
Twp) 254-8534 

Avenue West, Phone 254-4397 

Dotforro Trawl Ag#ncy, 707 Eri# • 256-4207 
Klein Trawl Service ltd, 17 Wyondotte e 256 4988 
Whitlock Travel Service, 437 Ouellette ov 252 5821 
Windsor Travel Agency. 1530 Ouellette ov 2561824 


Davey Tree Expert Co of Canada Ltd, 504 Victoria ov 
234 3402 

Dominion Tree Experts, 974 Windermere rd 252-6367 


Mechanical Bodies 4 Accessories ltd, 3327 Russell 
256 1871 

Welles Corp ltd, 2650 Metcalfe 943 6311 

Wood Phil Industries ltd, 857 Tecumseh bhrd e 253-3531 


Gotfredson Limited, 1922 Wyandotte e 256-5461 


International Trucks (Windsor) ltd, 905 Mercer 252 4491 


Conada Permanent Trust Co, 545 Ouellette av 252 6531 
Canoda Trust Huron & Erie, 190 University av west 

253- 5236 

Commonwealth Savings 6 Loan Corp, 600 Ouellette ov 
252 7268 

Crown Trust Co. 100 University av w 253-6347 
Guaranty Trust Company of Con. 305 Victoria avenue 

254- 4327 

Kent Trust & Sowings Co, 381 Pelistier 252 7712 


Essex Composition, 1068 Erie e 252-9408 

Windsor Typesetting Service, 108 McOougoll 253 7366 


Bulmer Typewriter Co. 125 ond 135 Wyandotte west 
233 1128 

Underwood Ltd. 1010 University av w 256 7387 


Canodian Security Underwriters Ltd, 794 Ouellette av 
232 6577 

Canodion Underwriters' Association. 267 Pelissier 
253 4121 


Auto Trim Renovotors. 573 Aylmer av 256-2646 
Seoul's Upholstering, 3501 Sandwich 256-2767 
Benedek Upholstering. 560 Ellis ov e 253-4320 
Berie Prank Upholstery, 2632 Norman rd ’Sand E Twp) 
945 0340 

Brochert J & Co Ltd, 824 Tecumseh blvd e 256 3191 
Canodion Upholstering, 4468 Wyondotte e 945 6692 
Clark Ivon L. 1839 Pord blvd (Sand E Twp) 945 1083 
Colonial Upholstery, 631 Pierre av 
Dima's Car Trim. 381 Pierre ov 
Furniture By Thomas. 993 Wyondotte w 256-8124 
Ideal Auto Trim. 1457 Crawford ov 254 3564 
Justus Dealers. 963 S« Luke rd 252 9536 
Komrad's Upholstering, 970 Wyondotte e 256-0605 
Kennedy A W Upholstery, 644 Stanley (R Park) 

256 8674 

Klein's Upholstering, 1033 Wyondotte e 256-5328 
MacDonald's Upholstering, 1229 University avenue w 
256 0814 

McGhee's Upholstering, 7080 Argyle Court 252-1628 
McIntyre Upholstering. 398 University av w 253 3937 
Paul's Upholstering, 1927 Ottawo 256-7980 
Renoud Upholstering & Furniture Repairs. 2755 Howard 
ov (Sond W Twp) 254-8175 
Tip Top Auto Trim. 1571 Morentetle av 252-4116 
Upholstery Studio The, 1511 University ov w 252 0588 
Victor’s Upholstering. 285 Wyondotte w 253 2924 
Windsor Upholstery & Auto Trim. 3080 Walker rd (Sond 
E Township) 256 7884 

Wright's Upholstery Studio, 1086 Droolllord rd 256-7611 


Ace Vacuum & Sewing Co. 25 Wyondotte e 252 7452 
Air-Woy Soles & Service. 839 Ottowa 253-5022 
Brickmon Gord Applionce Service, 1167 Ottawa 254 6555 
Gty Wide Vacuum Sales 6 Service. 1118 Wyondotte 
(R’Side) 945 4632 

Compact Agency of Windsor. 1818 Ottawa 254-321? 
D & R Vacuum Service. 839 Ottawa 253 5022 
Electrolux (Can) ltd, 1139 University ov w 253-3513 
Filter Queen Soles (Windsor). 1374 Wyondotte e 
252 0921 

Glover's Vacuum Cleaner Service, 1040 Elm ov 253-8131 

Hoover Soles 6 Service, 839 Ottawa 253-9841 
Ontorio Vocvvm Cleaner Co, 792 Josephine ov 256-648! 
Windsor Vocuum, 560 Wyandotte w 254-2577 


Belle's 5c to 11-00 Store. 4772 Tecumseh blvd eotf 
945 2523 

Bon-lyn Voriety Store. 1278-1280 Prince rd 252 4850 
D & J Variety. 1090 Wyondotte w 253-0316 
Dixon's ltd. 1587 1595 Tecumseh blvd e 253 8111 
Fred's Variety Spot. 1605 Westminster ov (Sand E Twp) 
945 3251 

George's Voriety Store, 3600 Peter 256-7982 
Giglio's Variety Store, 2000 Wyondotte w 256 8011 
Jeon's Variety. 2358 Tecumseh blvd w 
Kenkel s Variety, 622 South 252 6471 
Kresge S S Co Ltd. 2451 Dougoll ov (Sand W Twp) 
252 8572. ond 245 Ouellette ov 245 8615 
L & K Voriety Store. 4033 Tecumseh blvd e (Sond I 

Metropolitan Stores Ltd, 1349 Grand Morois rd w (Sand 
W Twp) 969 6910 ond 1484 Otlowa 256 4688 and 
447 Ouellette ov 252-7537 
Neighoborhood 5c to $1 00. 1097 Felix ov 
Parker's Remington Variety, 2722 Howard ov 252 1885 
Pickord's 5c to 100 Stores Ltd 1068 70 DroutHard rd 
256 0129 

Prince Rd Variety Store, 1373 Prince rd 256 5893 
Richmond Voriety Store, 1098 Albert rd 253-0344 
Riverside Varieties, 905 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Suhan's Variety Store, 3993-99 Seminole 945 6881 
Voriety Stares Unlimited, 5409 Tecumseh bhrd e (Sond 
E Twp) 945 4121 

Venexia Variety, 1500 Parent ov 256 0942 
Woolworth F W Co ltd. 1408 18 Ottawo 254-8140 and 
641 Ouellette ov 253 5121 


Adams Vending Services ltd, 716 Matthew Brody bhrd 
(R'Side) 948 1144 

Automatic Canteen Co of Conada ltd. 3500 Seminole 

Service Vending Co, 706 Irvine av 252 6211 


Globe Venetian Hind Laundry, (rear) 956 Tecumsek 
boulevard eost 253 3047 


Venetian Blind Co of Con, 3575 Rockwell av (Sond W 
Township) 969 3688 

(See Animal Hospitals) 


Baxter Wallpoper 6 Points, 4581 Tecumseh blvd e ‘Send 
East Township) 945 9931 

Consumers Wallpaper Co ltd. 628 Goyeou 253-1113 


Chandler Ivor 6 Sons ltd, 1402 Crowford ov 253 2501 
International Wholesale Distributors, 667 Catcroqui 
233 8160 

T 5 Warehouses ltd. 1669 Gladstone ov 256-7422 



k■:^\41 i 


Over 13(X) branches to serve you 


Al't Woihw Repair Shop. 1743 Dominion blvd (Sond 
Wnt Township) 254 7045 

Burkhart Wother, 1109 Dougall av 253-7664 
Gord's Rehoble Woihtr Service, 4949 Tecumteh blvd 
eat I (Sand E Twp) 948 2027 
Ontario Wether Service, 1635 Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 
945 2276 

Service Product*. 560 Aylmer ov 253 6391 


Windtor Wiping Cloth Co. 180 Mercer 254 1791 


Von * Welding. 483 Erie e 254 8552 
Windior General Welding Shop, 1587 Windtor avenue 
253 7503 

Windtor Metal Matter*, 2370 Central av (Sand E Twp) 
945 3231 


Canadian liqu.d Air Co ltd. 3336 Walker rd (Sand E 
Townthip) 969-0610 

Canadian Oxygen (1963) ltd (Windtor Div). 1100 Craw 
ford avenue 252-2763 

Elliton Welding Equipment Co, 2356 Hall ov 253 8856 
Ettex Weldert Supply ltd. 1660 1696 Durhom pi 
256 3185 

lenco Welding Accettoriet ltd. 1660 Durhom pi 

253 8530 

Retitfance Welding Product* ltd, 255 Tecumteh blvd w 

254 4876 

Volta Welder* ltd, 673 Wellington av 254 9243 


Altco of Windtor ltd (olominum), 4535 Huron line 
(Sond W Twp) 969 8921 

Brydget Aluminum. 1515 Crawford av 253-8049 

Dor Wm Aluminum Product!, 2692 Howard ov (Rem 
Pork) 254-4642 

Ettex Window* ltd, 4081 Tecumteh blvd e (Sond I 
Townthip) 945-4443 

Feldman A Window Mfg, 4075 Ambattador dr (Sand 
W Twp) 969 6361 

Pataky Aluminum, 786-794 langloit ov 254 6777 

Permoteal Window* 6 Doort Ltd, 4535 Huron Urte 
(Sond W Twp) 252 1345 

Rutco Product* Windtor, 1295 Wyandotte w 254-8588 

Salet-Tex, 2741 Lloyd George blvd (Sand E Twp) 


Bright'* Wine* ltd, 531 Ouellette ov 253 7478 

(See also Jewellers) 

Gontner Jack, 29 Park w 254-2260 

Noumit Peter. 320 Ouellette ov 252-5032 

Week* A H Watchcroft ltd. 327 Ouellette av 256-8091 


Centri Sproy of Canodo ltd. 6161 Tecumteh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 


Accurate Mfg of Windtor ltd. 672 E C Row ov (Sond 
E Twp) 254 0045 

Attro Welding, 950 Howard av 254-2672 

AureJio'i Welding Shop. 2548 McDougoll (Sond W Twp) 

Bob'* Welding. 1354 St Luke rd 945 5051 

Brown'* Arc Welding, t t Continental ov (Sond W Twp) 

Canadian Welding & Mfg Co. 1691-7 St Luke rood 
945 6661 

Crippt Welding Service. 940 Gilet blvd w 252 6658 

Empire Welding & Manufacturing, 1050 Crowford ov 
253 2986 

Johnny's Welding, 718 McOougall 

Progress Tool Welding, 1668 langloit ov 252-9203 

Riverside Fabrication & Welder*. 736 Matthew Brody 
blvd 945 4117 

Stan * Welding Service, 305 Tutcororo 252 6972 

Thomson Welding & File Service. 486 Pitt e 253*3171 


Drilling ltd (got ond oil), 88 Thompson blvd (R'Sfde) 
945 9762 



1374 Ouellette Avenue, Phone 354-6484 


Kelsey Wheel Co ltd, 309 Edit ov e 254-7501 


A A L Border Cities Window Cleaners Co. 4535 Huron 
line (Sand W Twp) 969 2039 
Al Window Cleonert. 504 Victoria av 256-1737 
Cleorview Window Cleaning, 1571 Albert rd 945-8121 
West Side Window Cleaning Co. 1269 langloit avenue 
253 1238 



leBlonc Window Shade*. 668 Mill 252 1903 


UMITED, 325 Eugenie (Sandwich West 
Twp), Phone 254-8631 


Adrian's Woodworkers & Aluminum, 3979 Tecumteh 
blvd e (Sond E Twp) 945-1761 
Conadian Wood Products, 1066 Lena 253*1082 
Custom Wood Manufocturert, 830 Tecumteh blvd east 
253 5124 

Kellington Wood Product* ltd, 363 Eugenie (Sand W 
Townthip) 254-8621 


Alderino't Shop. 467 Erie e 253 8328 
Scotch Wool Shop. 480 Pelittier 253-7142 
Wett & Son ltd. 471 Ouellette ov 256 4997 
Wool Shop The, 244 University ov w 253*9242 


Arrow Wrecking Co ltd. 3041 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 
969 4352 

M 6 H Wrecking, n t Charles (R P) 252*7924 

Classified. Yellow Page 39 

*Dict 'Khmv ? . . . 

That we maintain a library of out- 
of-town Canadian city directories 
for free reference on the premises 
of the Windsor Chamber of 

This is part of our service to 
local city directory users. 


MIGHT'S 1965 



Consisting of 

An Alphabetical List of Names 

Of individuals 18 years of age and over showing Christian and surname 
with initials, occupation with name of firm employed by or associated 
with and address with indication as to whether (h) householder or 
(r) residing (hoarding, rooming, living at home). Wife’s first name 
(where applicable) is shown in parentheses after husband’s name. 

Of commercial, industrial, financial, professional, religious and govern¬ 
mental organizations with names of executives showing titles, type of 
product or service produced or rendered and address. 

Of clubs, associations, churches, trade unions and various other kinds 
of organizations, with address. 

Of city, county, provincial and federal government departments and 

Please Note: ( 1 ) Many surnames have several different spellings. If you 
cannot find the name you are seeking under one spelling it may be 
listed under another. 

(2) For list of abbreviations used see back of this page. 

Abbreviations in brackets after street address indicate the district or suburb in which the street 

(Horn MO . 

(Sand I Twp) 

(Sand S Twp) Sandwich South Township 

(Sand W Twp) Sandwich Wort Townihip 

Copyright, 1965, by Might Directories Limited 


occf. occountont 
adv. advertisement 
odvtg. advertising 
ogf. ogent 
Albl. Albert 
Alex. Alexander 
Archd. Archlbold 
arch, architect 
omI, ottli<«n» 

aim, association 
attdt. attendant 
ov, o»»nu* 
bkr, boker 
borr, barrister 

Benj, benjamin 

bet, between 

blksmth. block smith 

blrmkr, boiler moker 

bkbndr, bookbinder 

bkpr, bookkeeper 

btlr, bottler 

blvd. boulevord 

brkmn, brokemon 

b', branch 

brklyr, bricklayer 

bldr, builder 

b dg. building 

bvchr. butcher 

cobi. mkr. cobinet maker 

Can. Conoda 

Condn, Canodian 

caretkr. caretaker 

carp, carpenter 

cash, cashier 

Chat, Charles 

c'vovt, chautleur 

chkr, checker 

elnr, cleaner 

dk. clerk 

col, collector 

comer, commissioner 

Co. Company 

comp, compositor 

comp' opr, comptometer operator 

confy, confectionery 

constn, construction 

contr. contractor 

car, corner 

Corp. Corporation 

ct, court 

eras, crescent 

ctr. cutler 

Donl. Daniel 

dir, dealer 

dec, decorotor 

dept, deportment 

dtgnr. designer 

dir, director 

dom, domestic 

Dorn. Dominion 

drftsmn, draftsman 

drimkr, dressmaker 

dnrr, driver 

e, east 

e %, east side 

Cdwd, Edward 

elect, electrician 

electro, electrotyper 

etev opr, elevator operator 

Elirth, Elisabeth 

emp. employee 

exp. express 

Inshr, finisher 

H. foot 

Fredk, Frederick 
fum, furniture 
gdnr. gardener 
gent, generol 
Geo, George 
gro, grocer 
hrdrsr, hairdresser 
hdwre, hardware 
htt, heights 
hlpr. helper 
Herbt, Herbert 
h. householder 
hsekpr, housekeeper 
insp, inspector 
Ins. insurance 
Inti, International 
jwfr. jeweller 
lab, labourer 
la, lone 

Indrs, laundress 
Indry, laundry 
Idgrkpr, ledgerkeeper 
I c, letter carrier 
ltd, limited 
lino, linotype 
fitho, lithographer 
moch, machinist 
m h, ma<l handler 
moint, maintenance 

mkr. moker 
mgr. manoger 

mng dir. managing director 

mfr, monufocturer 

mfg, man ufoctu ring 

Morgt, Margaret 

mkt gdnr. market gardener 

mech, mechonic 

messr, messenger 

mtl wkr, metal worker 

mlnr, milliner 

mui tchr, musk teocher 

a, north 

n e. north east 
n s, north side 
n w, north west 
Ont, Ontario 
opr. operator 
opp. opposite 
pekr. packer 
pntr, painter 
Porlt, Porlioment 
pdlr, peddler 
photo, photographer 
phy, physkian 
pi. place 
plstr, plasterer 
plmbr. plumber 
p c, polke constable 
plshr. polisher 
p c, postal clerk 
p o. postal officer 
pres, presidenl 
prsr, presser 
prin, principal 
prntr, printer 
Rfy. Railway 
rdr, reoder 
revr, receiver 
Regd, Reginald 
reprmn, repairman 
rep, representative 
r, resides 
resi, restaurant 
ret, retell 
Rev. Reverend 
Rkhd, Richard 
rd, rood 

R C, Roman Catholk 
slsldy, soleslady 

sltmn. salesman 

So ml Samuel 

smstrs seamstress 

sec hd gdt, second hand goods 

sec, secretory 

sew moch, sewing machines 

shpr, shipper 

sol, solicitor 

s e, south east 

s s. south side 

i w, south west 

sq, square 

Stond. Standard 

itn, station 

slaty, stationery 

stmftr, steomfitter 

stenog, stenographer 

stereo, stereotyper 

sfkpr, stock keeper 

studt, student 

supt. superintendent 

suprvsr, supervisor 

• I «. supervisory letter carrier 

surg, surgeon 

switchbd opr. switchboard operator 
tlr, tailor 
tirs, toiloress 
tchr. teocher 
tmstr. teamster 
techn, technician 
tel opr. telegraph or telephone 
ter, terrace 
Thos. Thomas 
Tnsmth, tinsmith 
Tor, Toronto 

frav, traveller 

treat, treasurer 

trk drvr, truck driver 

uphol. upholsterer 

vet surg, veterinary surgeon 

wtr, waiter 

wtrs. waitress 

wrehsemn. warehouseman 

wide, welder 

wid. widow 
We. William 
Win. Windsor 
whs. works 



302 OUELLETTE AVENUE - - - PHONE 252-5727 


A A 6 Border Cities Window Cleaners Cc (Waller* las J Bart¬ 
lett) window cU*| i&Z'b Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 

A A A Electric (Maurice Go 1 date in) centre (rear) i.43 7 Howard av 
A B C Ambjlajre Service (Mrs Helen 1 Hyland) 35:06 TecuxnBeii 
Uvd e Inland E Twp) 

A BC Carpel Service (Antrenlk Karegloxlan) carpet laying 340 

ABC Electric Sewer * Drain Service (G«nv * Rota. 2 
;86B Alexis rd 

ABC Motel (Mm Beatrice Asaof) 3G4B Dougall av ISand W Twp) 
ABC Service £tn (Eile W T yrnoc) 701 Riverside dr * 

A-F Manufacturing Co Ltd Botwalov Kabnel pr*c, Norando 

Meoonl *ec, Mm Jormlin Kate rial trees auU<moblia direc¬ 
tional signals 4, 106 McDtugall 

A X O Community Centre Tftoa G fine* return recreational director 
4Z7u Alice 

A-. Supertest Service (Roy P Donovan) oerv otn 901 Tecumaefc 

blvd e 

A 1 Window Cleaners (Nell Campbell) b*J4 Victoria av 
AtD Confectionery (Den Chodorowmct) 1501 Drouillard rd 
A 4 B Bolt * Nut Co Ltd Archie Zeliltn prea, Alien '/eitiln vlce- 
pres. Stanley M Palmer sec-trees 1801 South Cameron 
blvd (Said W Twp) 

A 4 R Trucking (Anthony Ruinono) *Malden rd (Sand W Twp) 

A fc * Drlve-ln Central Av far Borden K Yewchyn mgr rent 2285 
Central av (Sand E Twp) 

A * W Drive-Ins (Windsor) Ltd J Byron Boughner pree, J Wm 
Boughoer vlcw-prea, Mrs Laura Bougfaner sec reel 
304! Dojgali av (Sand W Twp) 

Aaro n Apts 1 UP J Nia gara_ 

Asm Horry I (Mary) elect Fords h 560 Matthew- Brady Ulvd 

Alcalde Antonio I Ann a) 1; 1065 Marlon av 
Abate Barbara (wid Gus) r 878 Erie e 

— Louis G (Mary) (Erie Shoe rte builder! h 878 Erie e 
--Marg* A med sec John t> faoley r 873 Erie e 
—Rosa r dental oost Louis J Fanecn r 878 Erie • 

Abrti Amos (Marla) body repair Merrlfield'a Custom body Shop 
h 937 LiU lan_ 

—JonesTSiorlaJ bndymn Johnny's Auto Body 4 Fender Service 
A bey 3ecJ (Melon©) prtn 1 L Pereta Schl h 040 Parent av 
Abbey Dorothy L (wid Arthur) Insp comm] teat fttmwtjhs Busi¬ 
ness Machines h 1888 KUdare rd 
—Ethel Marses aid Metropolitan Ho*p h 423 Marentette av 
—Gee (Janet) h 1458 Felix av 

—Jas (Patricia) production control elk Reid Industries h 388 
Merritt Ir 

-Jas M (M Louise) slaty engineer Candn Bridge b 2971 Walker 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Jane* emp Candn imp Bank at Commerce r 1450 Fells av 
—Jams N (Margt) irk drvr Fords h 1274 Windermere rd 
-John L (Catherine) Win Fire Dept h 400b Churchill dr 

(Sand W Twp) 

-Mlcki studt h 3184 Sandwich 

~fta» ctchr A b P r 1274 Windermere rd 

—Wtt C (Beverley) emp Detroit h n s Todd rd (Sand W Twp) 

A&bts Peter linens 4 ladles wear 4573 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 
Twp) r Jin Parent av 

Abbott Alfred J (Delay) h 3344 Turner rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Brian r Ml Peilssler 
—Ct*ra b 422 Janette uv 

—Decals T (Eleanor) alsmn R E TuttOn Co h 2541 Ida rd 
—Diaae studt r 432 Janette av 

—Donald A (Ethel) plan! protection affr Fords of Can h 527 
IX charm® (Sand S Twp) 

—Donald Q stud* r 3820 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Edwd T (Dprid rack warehounemn Hiram Walker t Sons h 
IMS Francois rd 

-Eileen office Win Industrial Supplies r 1405 Wyandotte (R'Slde) 
-Fredrlcs E r 1(55 Janette av 
-GaU r 1568 Francois rd 

-Glenn (Jean) teach Fords h 3620 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 
-lies, typist Win industrial Supplies b Parts Ltd r 1405 Wyan¬ 
dotte (R'Slde) 

—.’■m G(Mar^) credit mgr Win UtIUilee Commn (Hydro Dtv) b 
iS4t Ekifham pi 

-Mary Mrs t 1405 Wyandotte (R'Slde) 

—P. Wm emp Detroit r 1668 Francoln rd 
—Bota E (Vloila) engineer Dept Put* Worke h 165 Janette av 
‘♦Ronald A r 627 Du charm© (Sand S Twp) 

-Ray W (Miriam) pipe fitter Chryalani fa 1783 Labadle rd 
-Jfcty Mrs practical nurse r 1461 George av 
—victoria wire Cary's Alpine Keataarent r 432 Janette av 
^Waliafc Anthony (iJelact Furniture) r 840 Gladstone 
—r-akltae emp Tunnel B-Q r 730 Hall av 
-Fiisanj (Hind) (Downtown Parking Lot) fa M3 Gladstone av 
(Wbavea) n 730 Rjal) av 
-Mary studt r 730 Hall av 

Abdo Edwd (N Jan) einmn Neon Prod of Can h 4076 Longfellow 
av (Sand W Twp) 

Awcu Chaa P fa 29E Morreieuc av 

—Marie emp Detroit r 236 Marontelte av 

Abel Mary r 1554 Victoria av 

Abela Geu (Josephine) lab Fords fa 062 Parent av 

Aden Jaa W (HUda) h 1383 Moy av 

~feta C (MarInn) tea claum. mgr Dctrott h 2571 Dandurand tWo 

- Cand A Twr) 


A be realty Wm amp Forda r 2756 Charles 
A bey Edmund G (Suoan) tefar Hon W C Kennedy Col) Inst h 2441 
Dandurand blvd (Sand W Twp) 

Abie's Delicatessen (Able Engelbaum) 666 Wyandotte © 

Ablldgoard Jennie (wid Valdlmar) h 1384 Bruce av 
Atjoud Jams emp Detroit r 31 1 780 0u«l!ett& av 
—Joachim prln Cmndh Vocational Training Pn.gramma fa 839 
Hall av 

—Josephine E emp Detroit h Via Cataragul 
—Marina elk Bank of Montreal h 716 Cauregui 
--Rose (wid Nelson) h 31, 780 Ouellette av 
Abraham Adalbert W (Clare) (Abraham's Grocery 6 Canty) b 
1476 Goyeau 

—Alec (Katherine) (Blue-Bel Motel * Cafe) h w n Huron Line 
(Sand W Twp,) 

—Edwd V (Margt) emp Champion Spark Plug h 3467 Ankln av 
(Sand W Twp) 

--Gee (Mabel) h 4. 1285 Elnmere av 

—Gunther O (Lotte) chroma hoist East Side Plattng b 210 River- 
dole av (R'Sldo) 

—Judith studt r 1476 Goyeau 

—Wilson G (Owen) bus mgr acctg Bd of Educ h 125 Home dale 
blvd (R'Slde) 

Abronam'a Grocery * Canty (Clara * Adalbert W Abraham) 

1001 Goyeau 

Abrahams Isabella (wid Harry) »: 203, 274 0U» blvd w 
Abnun Roy E (Pearl) grinder Ford h 388 Josephine av 
Abramovich John (Marie) pattern mkr Forda h 1158 Dot av 
-Mathew b 3)6 F*irvlew blvd (R'Slde) 

—Mlchl J (Vklerl©) mlllwrlghi Dom Forge b Stamping h 3180 
Morris 4r (Sand W Twp) 

—Rofat (Barbara) drvr alsmn Seven Up Bottling Co (Win) Ltd h 
2486 Cadillac (Sand E Twp) 

Abramowlch J asst prof Unlv 0? Win r 87 Sherman rd 
Abrams Walter W (Ruth) rep Hygrade Containers Ltd h 106Q 
EaaiB (Sand W Twp) 

Abramson H Loras (Stephanie) (Abramson ft Zelov) (1 1226 
Devonshire rd 

—4» Zalsv (H Lome Abramson * Floyd S Zalev) barr * sol 
001-802, 176 Univeroity av w 
A brash Anthony (Genevieve) h 1028 Parent av 
-Avis Mr* h 1160 Argyle rd 

—Gloria A confidential otenog Candxj Salt Co r 1028 Parent av. 

—John (Charlotte) (Johnny's Fruit) h 034 Parent av 
—Jos A (Avis) fruit dir (rear) 03C Parent av h 3, 1108 Gdyeau 
—Kathleen elev opr Bartlet Macdonald it Gow r 034 Parent av 
—Mlchl J (Gloria) sLsmn Cut Rate Grocery b Restaurant Supplten 
Ltd h U67 Dougall av 

—Norma stenog Income Ta» r 1023 Parent av 
—Pjos© (wid Mi chi) h 936 Parenl av 

—Tho* D (Eleanor) Immigration offrImmigration Hr h 1655 
Dougall av 

Abray Geo (Erica) r 1520 Moy av 
—Thc:u (Kathleen) sikan Chryalerc h 1520 Moy av 
Abscn Harry (Mary) supr/ur Fgrda h 343 Chljipawa 
Abt Sebastian (Lori) emp Natl Auto Radiators h 3073 peter 
Abwander Joa (Ursula) Uthe opr Windsor Match Plate h 1078 
Jefferson blvd (Sand E TWp) 

—Sophie r 1678 Jefferson bivd (Sand E Twp) 

Academy of Charm The (Millie Horen) finishing b modelling schl 
(bane) 486 Pellasier 

Acamovic Stasa (Angela) ©mp Kelsey Wheel h (rear) 1266 St Luke 

Accodro Andrea (Bartolnmia) lab Walker Metal products h L269 
W.7 av 

—Pietro (Rosa) h 066 Marion av 

Acchkme Cealdlo (Aoumla) lab J b A Construction Co h 1163 
Walker rd 

—Jerry (Katrina) delivery United Furniture h Plumbing Co Ltd 
ti 4560 Wyandotte e 

—MJehele A (Natallna) drvr Twin Pines Dairy h 264 Laror.n av 

Accurate Manufacturing of Windsor Ltd Clayton Thomas pres, 
Andrew St D*mus vlce-prea, 3cphU Thomas sec, Angola 
is: DcnU ireoti welding b mad. repairs 672 E C Row av 
(Hand E Twp) 

Ace Chair Rectal (Haml J Pageau) ICfil Dougall av 
-Motel (Nell F Larooo) 2810 Dou^ *v W Twp) 

—Palm Finishers Ltd Joa Yndiinpree, Mrn Rose Yediln sec- 
treas metal fnnhrx 861 Walker rd 
—Plumbing Co (Chaa Ingram) 629 University av w 


(Hector J Droulllard and Leslie O Hllila) KelvlnaLor 
Moffat! Sal©a and Service, Commercial L Domestic 
Sendee to all makes. 113 Riverside Drive Weal. 

Phimt* 252-4427. Rea Phones 254-5256 and 968>0574 

—Roofing Ltd Walter Arccneault pr«o. Robt Blackmore vlce- 
pres. Raciwi Arfiewtault &«c-treaa roofing contr 1306 
Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 

—Vacuum b Sewing Co (Jos Zamatha) vacuum clnrn 25 Wyandotte 


Aehiiflo^ch Zivorad emp Chrysltru r 1710 AUai5 rd 
Achtemtchua John aasmblr StarrUcg Aulomotlve Supplleo Lid r 
II31 Langiola av 

Actileml)cuik Geo aratchmn Inti Tool h I71t Marentette av 
—Wm engineer Ryan Conan r 1716 Marentette av 
Ackena Nellie (wid John) h 1760 Tvcumneh blvd » 

ACkerland Brenda ctudi r 1936 Tourangeau rd 


—Winnlfred C (wtd Fred) tchr Alicia L Maacn Jr Vocational Schl 
h 1036 Tour ungenu rd 

Ackerman Rudolph (Tracla) too! b die Fordr h 347b Ankln av 
(Sand W Twp) 

Ackermann Mlciil (Katherine) warehoonemn faoultnr.'n h 1)76 Dot 

—Mlcbl Jr ctudt r TlTfi Dot av 
Ackley Jack opr Candn Rock Sail r ?b£ Patricia rd 
—Mary (w’.d Hugh E) h 755 Patricia rd 
Acme Automotive Supplies (Mm Edna Schmutx) new ft used 
auto parts 079-986 Howard av 
--Chrome CWMndnor) Ltd Lorenr Schollenbcrger pros, Mrc 

Katiicrlne Echollenbergier ’/ice-pres, Mrr. Margt Scbollen- 
berger aec-treaa electro platers 1166 Weatcctt rd 
—Finders Ltd Euphemlu Wliktnaon preo. Geo A Yatea dfr, 

Florence Stacey oec-treaa shoe flndinga k leather ITT? 
Wyandotte e 

—Meal Market (Wm Muny) Wchr 204 Pitt e 
—Neon Signs (Windsor) Ltd Gordon A Cation mgr 84«<hCentral 
av (Sand E Twp) 

A cocci la Gabriel (Eleanor*) aportn promoter h 310, Ml West¬ 
minster blvd (R'Slde) 

—Lout* (Nicole) wrentier h 28 Isabelle pi (R'Slde) 

—Peter studl r 310, 111 Westminster blvd (R'Slde) 

Accra Wilfred welder h l, 341 Campbell av 
Acoustlcon Of Windtwr Edwd A Bamtnsnd mgr hearing aids 570 

Acrolab ^intrument Cn (P Ear! Ouellette) scientific tnatrumentr- 
306 Devonahlre rd; Plan! £010 Assumption 
Action of Windsor Really Lid Danny Baron pres, Marcella M 
Pearson aec U genl mgr Ioann mortgagee 6 real estate 
301, 176 University av w 

Actomlck Boris (Dorothy) millwright Forts h 3533 Wyandotte 

Acton Chin P metal pattern mkr Frontier Putters Limited h 390 
Westminster blvd (R'Slde) 

—Kenneth D (Rose) flremn Win Fire Dept h 1807 Alexia rd 
—Marie H Mrs lnfirmarlan Assumptl«n University h TT\ Langlota 

—Mary h 967 Riverside dr « 

—Olive M emp Hiram Walker r 390 Westminster blvd (R'Slde) 

Ad Signs (Armani He sal) comml arilat 25T? Ida rd 

Ada C Richards School F Harold Sweetmnn ;rrln 4633 Ontario 

Adair Fredk W (Norah) tool crib altdl h 1804 Oak av 

—H Aloe (Mary) pres War Pensioner* of Can h 3943 Rodd p! 

(Sand W Tap) 

—John & engineer CNR h 1184 Cak av 

--John G (Laurence) suprvnr Forda h 230 Hcmedaie birt (R'Slde) 
-Mary (wul Hay) fa 448 GlMden av (R’Slde) 

-Patricia A elk A b F Store r 1204 Cak av 

—Peggy office wkr Cohen Boxes r 409 Eadraa pi 1 R’Slde) 

—Robin C (Helen) drvr Brewers Warehousing h 409 Endrua pi 

—Stirling E (Jeanette) serMcemn Union Gas Co h 438 St Lou la 
av (R'Slde) 

Adam A pin 561 Louis av 

—A round H (Beatrice) pros Arne Transport Ltd h 34C1 Dougall 
av (Sand W Twp) 

—Arthur (Julia) cllmn Dominion Forge h 1535 Hall av 
—Bonnie studt r 3401 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 

—Chaa J (Theresa) pci offr Sand East Twp h 2509 Tourangeau rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Clara (vrld Joa) h 202.1 Olive rd 

-Clarence r 1076-1080 Erie e 

-Denis J (Marie) h 384 Belle lale View blvd (R'Slde) 

—G«o (Lav erne) oismn h 3498 Everts av (Sand W Twp) 

—Geo S (Barbara) yardmn Great Lakes Forgings h 2598 PlUett* 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Gerald (Patricia) emp Jeff Kearns h 1622 Balfour blvd (Sand 
E Twp) 

—Gerald J lab Chryalera h 1670 Westminster av (Sand E Twp) 
--Henry J (Irene) carp Pols sen Lumber b 926 Hall av 
—Julia (wid Steve) h 1531 Marentette av 
—Leonard P (Monica) much Wheatley Management L44 h 123! 
Roaelawc dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Lelttd fwld Aidertc) Me Bi Theromi (RO Church h JS30 Tour- 
arageau rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Louin J (Florence) feremn Warren Alloy (Chatham) h 3040 Dan- 
du. rand blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Marie r 235 Dread lard rd 

—Mary-Agoes medical sec J Stanley Spooner r 1556 PUlette rd 
—Maurice R (Gloria) (L 4 M Carpta Contractor*) h 956 Univer¬ 
sity av « 

--Mike (Helen) h 2SS Parent av 

—Norman J (Rita) btehr h 725 St Rc»e av (R'Slde) 

—PitricU A billing b Custom* docutnecjallon Burrogghfl 
Machines r 1558 Plllette rd 
—Peter (Eve) r *58 Belle tale View blvd (R'Slde) 

—Peter (Vlctcria) tool mkr Forts h 450 Belle Isle View blvd 

—Philip CRltu) car tnop CNR fc 381 Ealleview av 
—Raymond P (Geraldine) h 314 St Rcse av (R'Slde) 

—Rlchd A ctudt r 641 Jos Jantsse av 

—Robt S (Marilyn) leebn Natl Caah Retftaler h 303, 3006 Wywn- 
dpU« (R'Slde) 

—Roger r 841 Jos Jan Lose av 

—Roger S (Marie) oupnray letter carrier PC h tf>B5 Arthur rd 
—Walter D (Deloren) lab McKinnon Industrie* h 3S60 Woodlawn 
m (Sand E IWp) 

—Waller M (Clara) b 56! BeUe JBle View blvd (R'Slde) 

—Wilfred J (Florence) illho Curium Printing Co h 1556 Plllette 

Alphabetical White Pagr 1 

Slab SW. SaAeny 


1022 IANGLOIS A Vi. — — PHONE 253-4344 


—Wilfred : (Cecil#) tool 4 die mkr Chrysler* h 909 St Rone av 

—Wilfred VI (Florence) service rep WUly» of Can h 811 Jo* 

jAAitta* av 

Adam's Cartage Limited Stanley Brown pfen, Paul Yvnoon see, 
Mr* Irene Yonson trees trkg 24 l» bins 
A da mac Claudia studl nur*e r 342d Church (£and W Twp) 

—Jonathon & (Margt) city elk City cf Windsor h 34X Church 
I2*nd W Twp) 

—Nichols* (Aon) to 2715 SI U>at* av UUni E Twp) 

Adamenko Alex (Rena) elect Cbryalers V 428* Franklin 
Adamic Edwd A (Frances) specification writer Carter Fraser 
b ACT Virginia av (R'fiVdel 
—P ranee* (wtd Anton) fc 1097 Highland av 

--Mtrrxilav (Josephine) spot walder L A Young h 1361 llarentette 

Adame Gerolomo r 1690 College av 
—Giovanni (Mart* Anna) r !690 College av 
—NleoUo {Francesca) carp Koben Box Co b 863 Gladstone av 
••Peter (Nation ReetaaranO r £916 Lillian 
—Rcccc (Catarina) fir Installation A yarn; Floor Covering h 1668 
Couth Cameron blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Satvaiere (So best lane) die mkr Win Tool A Die b 3463 Evert* 
av (Sand W Twp) 

—Vinrenao (Antonia) cook Hotel Dim Hcwp f. 1084 George av 
—Vtftceaao labGenl Motor* b £915 LIU Wo 
—Wm (Norma) advtg mgr Detroit b 1096 a indoor av 
Adamov Veto (PftyliU) (Veto Barber Shop) b 1355 Wyandotte e 
Adam* Alvin swtchmn CPR r 1165 Hell av 
••Amelia tebr Vincent Maascy Collegial* Inet b 661 UoKeroUy 
*v wool 

—Arthur K h 1560 PiUett# rd 

—Boris (Mary) repran Ford Motor Cc b #92 Dowrwc rd 
—Carl 0 (Irl*) alamn Burn* A Co b 2&» Asktn av (Sand W Twp) 
—Cannon T (Pauline) pres Adams Electronics (Windsor) Ltd 
a 2639 Church (Sand A Twp) 

—Carolyn* dental anal Ernest B Louring 4 Bernard J Nolan r 
9)06 A akin *v (Sand W TM 

—Catherine Mrs mgr* Heather Bell Flab A Chips r 126C Argyll 

--Clifford (Sylvia) emp Union Gas Co h 3646 Mulford O 
-Dolores eoctal war RC Cblldreo'ft Aid Society r 1428 Bedell 
XV (Tecnmneb) 

--Donald spray painter Leepc Macb Prod r 430 SI Pierre 
(Tecum* eh) 

—Drug Co Ltd Mrs Rcxalaaa Maloney pree 6 mgr 10W Tecumaaft 
t**d e; hr I0Q0 Ottawa 
—Edgar J (AUle) r.1165 HaU av 

—Kdwd C Janitor lamblyns r 1703 Wmtmuirter av (Sand E Twp) 
—Electron tea (Windsor) Ltd Carson T Adame pree. Mm Pauline 
Adame vire-prm 4 aec-tress 2471 Ouellette av (Sand W 

--Ernest (Irene) emp T Bsrbewin A Son a 2344 Aubtn rd (Sand B 

—Fred asst me Burnt Terminal Railway Co 
-Gary r 4222 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

—Gillian L trtudt r 664 Elm av 
-Cordon S (BdUb) b 364 Curry av 
—Grace E Mm rag nurse h 3CI, 1250 Ouellette av 
—Florence M (wld Geo) h 466 Pin* 

—Franret K elk typist NentaLt 6 Hill Ltd k 7)Q Patricia rd 
—Fred Bldg U243 Byng rd 
—Fred 9 (Irene) h 1206 Wlgl* av 
-Fred* (Betiy) lraffle rep Esses Terminal Rlwy h 3»t 
Maiaonneuve av (Rand W Twp) 

—Furniture Co Ltd Ronald W EUlctt mgr U9 Chait-rc w 
— Helen hkpr Henry Birks 6 Scat r 3t46 Mulford cl 
—Helen E receptionist John Wyeth b Etc r 364 Curry av 
—J Frank (KxUteriae) phy 4 aury 804. 1GU Ouellette ev b 1528 

— Jaa S (5everly) purch agt Ttuesto Scale b 81 Buckingham dr 

—Jae W (Jessie) b 1683 Albert rd 
—John h 5M! McKay av 

—John (Matilda) die setter Esaco Stamping Product* h 107 SX 
John (RTHde) 

—John tool dngur Colonial Tool r 1117 Windermere -1 
—Jobe W rigger Mctr Cartage Ud r 1523 Albert rd 
—Kenneth I Mildred) pres Adams Vending Service* Ltd b SOT 
Bellepercbe pi (RYHde) 

--Leonard (Owen) cabinet mar b 884 Elm ev 
-Lynn elk Caadn lap Bk Coaunerca r 684 Elm av 
—Mabel (wtd Jaa) K «£ Scofield av (Sad S iwp) 

—Marmierit* (wtd OrveJ) b 1356 Dcu^U av 
--Marilyn Mm h 1290 Marectetie av 

— Mlchl (Violet) design drfcema Amer Stand Prod b 313 Weat- 
cbeeter dr (R'Side) 

-Norman plem malnt Leepo Mach Prod r 430 St Pierre ITecumeeh) 
--Paul btcnr Schwab* a Meat Product* r 2806 A akin av (Sand WTwp) 
--Philip rectifier Hiram Walker* h 4138 Caegmln dr (Sant W Twp) 
--Philip E b 8G Ford blvd (R'Side) 

-PhUtp J lnataller Natl Caeb Regtster r 5» Hall av 

- -Raymcnd A (Lillian A) to North Western Henna Fuel Co b 478 

Gleogerry av 

—Raymond W (Louise) trk drvr CP Exp b £245 Second av 
-Ruts (Ellen) toolmkr Ford* b 528 H*L av 
—Robt B iPettyl cvmml rep Union Gan h 860 Bart let dr (.Tend W 

—Robe H etudt r 3630 Church <S*«d WJTw# 

- - Root J dental apprentice Leamington Laboratories Ud rea 



—Robt S (Marilyn) eervicemn Natl Cash Register h 302, 3023 

Wyandotte iR'Sktc) 

--Ronald E (Dorothy) emp NaU Radui. r h 7«| 3t Antotc* 

--Rose wtrr Chicken Coert b 1024 Windsor av 

—Roy J <L*uU) preason Curtia Co b 3661 Morris dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Chtrley with Win UtUItu* Commn (Hydro Dtv) r 1600 PUletie 

—Stafford (Alice) h 2138 Windermere rd 

—Stephan D elk Bank of Mem r 3486 Roxborcugb av (Sand W Twp) 
--Steven R (Dorothy) er service ala tmrty elk Bendta-Ecltpwe h 
4006 Caagratn dr (Sand W Twp) 

—T4o« (Jeaa) diet auprw field eervlcea Ota !le*p Servicae 
Commn h 3456 Roxbo rough av (Sand W Twp) 

—Vending Service* Ud Kenneth Adame prim weeding amehtee* 
716 Matthew Brady blvd (R'Side) 

—W H Ud Mm E Grace Clark prms 6 tree* custom broker* 214, 
660 Coellette 4 2nd fir, ?15 Huron Daw 
—Wm (Carols) h 660 Bruce av 

Ademecb Andrew (Edna) h 1071) Decrtah dr _ „ „ 

—Graham tlmekpr Young Spring 4 iklra Corp of Can re* Rn(3 

Adorno* Frank (Gertruda) lab Fords h 2763 St Louie av (Sand E 


—Mlchl emp Detroit r 2762 St Lout* ev (Sand E Twp) 

Adas Construction Ud Boris Noeanrfea* pro* gaol contr 4 borne 
builder 360 Westcbeeter dr (R'Side) 

Ad*nsc Confectionery 4 Dry Cleaning Depot (Amertco Antonelll) 
02? Campbell av 

Adcock CJlflon (Bernice) irk drvr Bxsbond Traaep b lOCT Sooth 
Adcraff 4 Ofleet Printing (Ted Cunuivicb) 3140 Walker rd (Sand 
f Twp) 

Addeman Dwaa cU r 1018 Campbell *v 

—Edna Mm elk In cbg* Spic 4 Spaa Cleaner* b 1018 Campbell «v 
—John W (Shirley) kitchen staff Hotel Dleu Hoop b 634 Scofield 
av (Sand 2 Twp) 

Addis Jas r 227 Rankin av 

Addlacn Blake W (AddUwn 4 River* Gaol Ins Adjusters) rea 
R R #3 Harrow 

—John L (Olive) atk elk Cbryalem n 3179 Turner rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Mabel Mrs elk Bartlet 4 Gow res R R *1 Belie 


—Rot* h 1466 Lincoln rd 

—Roger R atudt r 3175 Turner rd (8and B Twp) 

—4 Rivers General Insurance Adjusters (Blake Add taco 4 Wm 
Rivers) 1652-1564 Ouellette av 
Addler Henry elect r 1100 Gladstone «v 

Attrconograph-Multtgrapt of Cku Lid Thoc McHugh »U mgr 

504 Victoria av 

A ddym*n Gordon E slamn Woolco Dep» Etc re ft 4, 36b Brace av 
Ade Alvin (Edith) pattern wdtr Deyus Lumber Co b 2167 femet 

—Bartmut (Ada's 3-Way Meat Mamet) r 1431 Bernard rd 
—Otto (Luces) btetir Schwab's Meat Product* Ud h 1431 Bernard 

Ade'a 3-Way Meet Market IHartosut Ade, l>nald Melocb* 4 Steve 
Nemeth) 1553-55 Tecumoeb blvd w (Sand W Twp) 

Adalbert Apts 130 Wyandotte « 

Adeickt Ttxlann (Carla) lab Dt Sumi Conetn Co h 542 t.Ullaa 
A del man Jack pres A del man'a Dept Store Ltd ms Detroit 
--Maurice (Dorothy) pro? Unlv at Windsor h 3668 Mount Royal dr 
(Sand W TwiO 

Adelman'a Dept Store Ud Jack Adamian prew. A Nickla Vlce- 
pres. Sidney Nickla see-trees 6D-70 Pttt #; ilnnleum. 
carpet 4 tile dept* 61 Riverside dr e 
Adjemlan Armnouhy Mm r 34C' Bridge av 
Ad)in Frank hamroermn Great IjU« Forging* re* Kingwvlll# 

Adkar Volant lab Ford* h 667 Victorta av 

Adkln Jas C (Itesemary) police conat Police Dept h 1753 Moy av 

—Rdbt nt'jdi r 1076 Oak av 

--Thelma (wtd Lome) ft 1076 Oak av 

Adlam Ellftb A etudt r 1726 Franco!* rd 

—Emmst M (Margt) metal fnabr Cbryalem ft 1726 Francois rd 

—Geo (Florence) h 1522 Franco!* rd 

—Geo D (Janet) (orman Chrysler* b n s Taltct rd n (fand S Twp) 
Adler Baking Co (Saul Adler) head office 075-561 Drouillard rd 
branches-. 2848 DougaU av (Sand W Tep), Iblfr Tecumsch 
blvd e, 606 Wyandotte e. 1336 4 361? Wyandotte (R'Side); 
plant 07b Drouillard rd 

—Oscar (Marcia) mgr University Young Man's Shop Ud ft 3204 
Virginia Park av (Band W Twp) 

—Rlcbd stud! r 25) l Alexandra av (Sand W Twp) 

—6aul (Bella) (Adler BUlng Co) b 2611 Alexandra av (Sand W Twp) 
Arlington Harry (Margt) telegrapher NYC Hly b 1976 Bruce ev 
Admans Edna (wtd Lewile A) typist b 1714 Marentctt* av 
Adolfo'* University barber Shop (Adolfo Mac era) 221 Wyandotte 

Adolph Sami D (Martoo) barber b 4. 307 Joeepblo* av 
Adolph's Produce Co (Adolph RorovtU) fruit* 4 veg 332 Chatham 

Adrian's Woodwork* 4 Aluminum (Adrian Gndtairy) 34T0 Tecum- 
neb blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Adrien's Ccffee Shop (Leon L Wclttakl) 198 Ptti w 

Adnett Chen Rev pantor ® John's Uwtted Charch h 84S8 Winder- 

mere rd 

Advance Floor 4 Wall Covering Distributor* Ud Henry Manam 
i rea 2660 McUmaall (Sand W Tvrji) 

• -Machine 4 Tool C* Ud Olno Delrol pres. John Whitimy vvm* 
pree, F.dwd Whitrvry o*c-trw*« toot 4 dlas U60-1164 
Albert rd 

-Printtag Co (Jack E ICUsrn) 1731 Wyandotte a 
Aetll Bruce r 1103 Hall av 

—Eva (Wld John) h : -3 Hall av ___ 


Affiliated Laundry 6 Cleaning Senile** Ltd Geo Jerrts pres 
15&/-60 El*mar* av 

Affleck Chav A (Floaile) h 1*66 Lincoln rd 
—Carry (Helen) emp Banntin Sheet Metal h JP& McJCay av (Cast 1 
W Twp) 

—Helen M imme Grace Hn*f r 2615 Walker rd fflund E Twp) j 
—Lawrence t (Jean) toe drvr Win Detroit Tunnel h 1062 Film* 




4 m L* 

—Lewis D (Ellen) tna offr UIC h .344 Elm 
--Lloyd C (May) with Win UtUUU* Ccmwui (Hydro DtV) k D4J 

—Malcolm U etudt r 1049 Lena 

—Mnrgi C acreer. palmer Ixmny Textile r lu45 Lena 
-Melvin b (Jean) drvr OverUnd Enp h 790 Kennedy dr a (Bard) 

—Nancy Mr* sects rec clit John Wywlh 4 Bro re* HR*- Ham* 
—Ronald l. (Rita) staiy engineer Chrynlers ft 248 Christopher 4i[ 

—Sarah (wtd Geo) ft 665 Moomojtn rd 
—Stanley E (Dorcthyl ceretkr Windsor Bd of Educ ft 1074 

Agejanlao John E (Beatrice) siamn h £598 Alexandra ev (Sand • 

Agasse Bertram (Mary) maen opr Font* n 1364 Hickory rd 
—Dannie C r 1664 Hickory rd 

A glue Cdgar {Antoinette) weteft mxr A ft Weeks Wetchcrafl U4 

ft 431 Langldln av 

—Grace J tchr Assumption High Schl r Utki Huron Lin# 

—J«i (Jraet-lilnr) waichmkr A H Week* Watchcrafl Ud ft 732 

--Josephine Mrs r 431 Langlol* av 
-Oscar r 733 Feliesier 

Aglu Clarwoce G (Bridget) anamblr Amer Stand Prod ft 153 l« 
Francois rd 

—H EUt* (Ruth) mart) Chrysler* h 2363 We ileal ey 
—Larry D (Marion) apprentice mlilwright Cbryalem ft 2426 
Cadillac (Band E Twp) 

—Raymond tab Scofan Contr Ltd me R R #4 Harrow 
Agleetoe Jaa J h 733 Cbtlver rd 

Agnew Bob Ud Robt M Agnew pm*. Mro GUdy* Agnew vice- 
pr« electrics) appliance* 418 Pellaaler 
-Edwd A (Eva) deputy city trees chart atw City Finance ft 34* 
Everts nv (Sand W 'IWp) 

—Gail L els Bans ji Mont r 1654 Arthur rd 
—Robt (Jeente) ft 512 Elm av 

-Row M (Gladys) pree Bub Agnew Ltd ft 6 IKj Riverside dr 
--Sam. (Gabriel) contactmn FcnJa h 1654 Arthur rd 
—Gurpeaw Shoe Sterne Ud bmact^en: 246i 4 31 Sv Doogaii av 
(Sand W Twp), 1395 Grand Marais rd w (Sand W T*'p), 
1369 Oluw*. 36*) Ouellette ev 4 7900 Tecumneh blvd e j 
(Sand E Twp) 

Agnoltn Angelc (Angela) lab Fcrda h 826 Howard av 
-•Anthony (B4ar>1 walder Forda h 815 Rowwrd av 
—Gitw J (Vert nica) (nremn Wrij.ey Ik Ml to 5417 A akin nv (Bert 
W iwp) 

—Johnny LAntnnleU) roofer Malach Roofing h 064 LillWr. 

—Marie J (Jean) service mgr Windsor Body 4 Fender h 11:26 
Cabaoa rd w (Sand W Twp) 

A go ca Joa (Annie) b 827 Jlanm e 

AgopacrwIrxJacob b 2309 Lout* ev 

Atfoetlnl* Claude lab Colautit Rroo r S75* Myrtle ev 

--Victor (Eva) lab Cotottl BrtJ h 2726 Myrtle av 

Agoatcn Andrew b 1UU Hickory rd 

—Andrew emp Chrysler* h 374f| HlUcrem blvd 

—Joan Mrs r 1847 Bernard rd 

--John (Anna) emp Walker Meta) r 1234 Louie av 

—Joe sailor h 2308 Frencoia rd (Sand E Twp) 

AharonUn Cbas (Jeaste) oleine Peal Stv*4)Uft Ud to 2. Ib86 
Victoria a» 

A beams Lcmar r 1066 Ottawa 

—Stanley seat mgr Beneficial Finance Co of Can r 1444 oiuum 
At list Kh Alan D Jr app carp Capitol Homee r 70S Caron av 
—Allan (Marlon) emp Capltni Borneo ft 702 Caron a* 

A holt e Onger (Tebre) h 3114 Melbourne rd 
Ahuja Cm Prakaab etudt r 7t£ PetrlcU rd 
Mkea Ida (wld Sherman) ft 562 Rankin av 
—Robt G (Joanne) emp ChrymUra b 1261 Moy av 
Atkins G*o alamn Wonder Hakera r 2305 University av w 
—GlemtaJ V IVIoM) elamn Wonder ft 1300 University 
av w 

Aina lie Craig mgr 0*1 Motor League rea Comber 
—Ck*wid P (Dorothy) lecturer Unlv of Windsor ft M6 Fairwi* r* 
—Effle (wld Jaa E) ft 7, 3B& Cameroft av 
—G Stuart (Florence) »-mp BeU Tel h 1666 Cberrytawo cr*v 
trend W Twp) 

—Jac* M (Ethel) *l*mn Murphy Tobacco ft 4046 DwgaU rd 
—Marcia N (wtd Wm) h 4U7. Z&j Park w 
—Mildred M (wld Paik) h 861 Fellas!er 
Alnevnrtb Dcmald mgr Crenceot FUwace Corp Ud 
-Ethel (wld Ernest) U 3306 Byng rd (Swd ETwp) 

—Stanley (Mary) engineer Cut Hydro ft 630 Charles (Rem Pkl 
—Wiimtfred (wtd Alfred) b 93 Endraa pi (R'Side) 

Air Ruht J Nicholson dial alk m jr dint «U office 105, 

Kit University uv w. ticket office 30 Par* w 
-Force Club of Winder Wtaj 412 RCAF Aeon Br 3« Royal 
Candn Legion Harold K Campbell prea, Fdwd Rees >« 
tlce-pre*. Mlchl Gooding 2nd vice-pree, Andrew lunkm 
esc, Wm P Huwnrth irean 437 trim • 

-Geo C (Ann) lab McKtruxm tnduntrlee ft 577 Lawrence rd 
Alrd Russell mgr Coca-Cola Ltd fee St Clair Beach 
A trey Ale* (Jaanoe) tchr H E Qeppy High -Vtol of Commerce to 
9080 Howard av (Sand g Sid 
















--J i 







• • V 



















PHONE 254-3223 

a n 


—Gertrude (wid John) fc i^iZ Hew) »•' (Sand 3 Twp) 

—Jaa« E *ec Ford: r fcfcd'*- Rowan) av (Band S 7>p) 

—Leslie 'A musician Ttemas Inn r SAW Reward av (Sand S Twp) 

—Robt 0 (Alice) h 4! 1. 5016 Ouellette av 
~Tna& E (Susan) drvr Direct-W Intern . r*nep h 064 W alecs ft* 

Airport B A ?rr.ic» Lynn Lucitner mgr aerv sin a s Highway t 
(Sand E Tap) 

—House (John S*Jww»*i A Danl BelcvltJd tetel 8996 'A *.ier rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Motel l Ernes! E ft Mr* Martel Saandera) 377b Walker rd (Sand 
E Tvp) 

-Snack Bar (Joe Dinner) 3038 A ai*«r rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Tire A Battery Co Ltd ? redk E Moore pm & mgr. Mrs 

A martins Moor* exec sec 3760 Walker rd (Sand £ Tap) 
Air-Way Saios 4 Service (Godfrey C Ragier ft Louis Duchartne) 
racuum Clara 633 fkuwa 
A tea Acgaia sac r 1077 Victoria av 

Michlsoc David alomn Sail Orvcery h 1>U4 Fenuiule *v (Sand E 

—Gordon (Melba) tchr W D Lowe Schl b 3603 Buckingham dr 
(S*nd E Twp) 

—Jane E aerv rep Beil Tel r 1:09 Humrdale fclvd (R’Side) 

—W Douglas (Mane) engineer Ford* h .03 Romrda> fclvd (R'Side) 
A liken Ale* (Connie) tchr Herman Collegiate h 903 Bruce av 
—Catherine (wld John) b 747 Moomo-LT rd 
-Catherine Mrs h 030 Randolph av 
—Catherine r BSC Randolph av 

-Chas W (Estelle) (AtUen Drug) h 10C6 Wyandotte (R’Side) 

—Drug (Cfcas W A liken) 20C1 W yandotte (R'Side) 

—Edith (wld Wo) r 4tf?S Longfellow av (Sand W Twp) 

—Jeanle (wtd David) h 1, 1188 Campbell av 
—John (Minnie) mech SUverwooda b 14BD Wantcou rd 
—Many. r (wld John) r Howard av (Sa/d 8 Twp) 

—Marguerite bxpr r 3610 fuiucln av (Sand W’ Twp) 

—Olwyn B (wld Alex) ci* nienog Hiram Walker ft Sons h 210 
Edward *v (R'Side) 

-Robt emp Cantlr. Cuutuma r 630 Randolph av 
AUkefibced Florence M (wtd Wm C) h 2fi» Melbourne rd 
--Marjorie I tchr : -jlfcwood Pub Stfhl r 2868 Melbourne rd 
Altken* Wm J (Wargt) flrenm Sand West Fire Hall h 3063 Ix-uee 
av (Sand W Twp) 

Ajax Builders Supplies Lid Waller Wactea sec-treat 6300 
Teeumsefc blvd e (Sand E Twr> 

Ajersch Carl (Annie) (Carl Butcher Shop ft Groceries) h 2025 
Parent fclvd (Rem Fk) 

—John J (Diane) ecct b 2007 Parent fclvd (Rem Pk) 

A*er Leonard (Ague*) sixmn h 771 CfcHver rd 
Aterman Emlyn T (Doris) reprmn Fords h 3438 Rtberdy rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Ronald F (Doreen) btehr Hotel Dteu Hosp h 836 Langloln av 
Akey Raymond S (Ann) wtr Border Hotel Ltd h 377 Church 
Axsaffleni SUva map Fcrda r 1380 Cadillac 
Al's B A Service (AIM Beauchamp) terv *n 6288 Tecumaeh fclvd 
east (Sard K Twp) 

—Barter Shop (Albt F Crosco) 1176 University av w 
—Bar-B-G (Mcfcdl Lypce ft Nlcs Ease) 1406 University av w 
—Refrigeration Co (Albt DeaRnelere V Raymond Pomahr/Ule) 
sis 4 aerv rear, 3106 Sandwich 
—Washer Repair Step (Mr* Dorothy Demarco) 1743 Dominion 
fclvd (Sand W Twp) 

--Whitt Rose Sin (A1 Casa) aerv sta 3030 Mate he tie rd 
—W oodw o rking Ud Alphonse Zwurtahe* prea, Roae Twvrtafto* 
vtce-pree 3224 Walter rd (Sand E Twp) 

Ala Frank (France*) (Frank Ala Modern Barber Salon) b W 

Ziesuurrj av 

—Frank Modem Earfcer Salon (Frank Ala) 115 University av w 
—&>» M Jr elk typist United Suita ConaoUU re* Detroit 
Alanc Cbb 2 Orville Renaud mgr social aerv club 447 pin • 

Alb John (EUrleda) pntr 4 decorator h 1014 Dot at 
—Joaef J (Nadya) die mkr Windsor Tool 4 Die h ME Mare av 
(Sand W Twp) 

i —Job (Anna) janitor Kreagea h 1660 Parent av 

—Jon (Ansa) sheet metal war Harold'* Heating Co h 666 Mil) 

—Katarina h v?* Howard av 
Albano Jas (Margt) inap Ford* t 17AS Bernard rd 
-Ja* D trk dr/r CP Exp r 1788 Bernard rd 
—Margt emp K-Mart r 1788 Bernard rd 
1 Alben Ethel tniani- -n*ry h HOb Aiexi* rd 

Albert Beery (Martha) drfumo Mclnnes Conveyor* 4 till 
Marwueur av 

-Uwe etadt r 1126 Marentette av 
Albert Apis 1101-7 Peliaeier 

-ChrUtian E (Eltxih) emp G A Ingram Co (Can) b 4W Bmck dr 

—Henry lab Salvation Army Men's Social Service Centre r 340 
Chatham e 

Wo« (Cecilo) sup* Rail painting 4 Decorating (Windsor) Ud It 
1434 Francois rd 

—Melvin (Jalle) trimmer W L Webster Mfg Ltd r 5308 Riverside 
dr (R'Side) 

Albert's New and Used Furniture (Albt Plotnlk) 1166 Wyandutiee 
Albrecht Karl (Gertrude) tool 4 die Universal Button Co h 1111 
Bruce av 

Albrougb Ernestine Mr* emp Detroit h 10, 1032 Ooyees 

“herald lab Chryalers r 10, 1622 Gcyeeu 

Alh* JUa (Anno) eit Chrynlere b 123 8t Louis av |R'Side) 

--Julianna owtcnbd opr Central Chrysler Piymcwth Ud r 361 
Hew bury 

—Klcbola* (Julianas) h 101 Newbury 

—Michcla* (Hilda) police const Police Dept h 008 Windermere rd 


—Steven (Olga) tool 4 die Binder Tool 4 Mold h 3440 McKay av 
(Sand W Twp) 

Alcner Steven (Lena) ironpourer Walker Metal Prod h 881 Parent 

Alcorn Karen r 404 Hall av 

Alcock Susan A sis elk Woolworth'a h 7. 1384 Ellbs e 
Aides John (Fannie) h 1647 FrancoU rd 
—Larry studt r 1047 Francois rd 

—Terry (Florence) tool engineer Chrysler* h 470 Maitlmw-Brady 
Wvrd (R'5We) 

Aider!rut's Shop (Mr* Alderlna Zogfcl) custom made knitting 467 
Erie e 

Aideraon Lout* (Doreen) mech Caadn Tile Corp h 364 Mill 
Aide non Ben r 1643 Rail av 

Aldhan Sherry Mr* wtrs Dieppe Village Rent h 316. 286 Piu w 
Aidighlerl Armand (MarU) Janitor Vincent Massey Colieglaie 
Inst h 1116 Moy av 

Aide's Barber Step (Aldo Sllvaggd 3341 Tecumaeh hlvd e (Hand 
E Twp) 

Aldus* AIM C (Elisrh) h 1821 Dscciah dr 

—Edwin A (Ruth) diet mgr Cinclnattt-Churchill Ltd h 2630 Ida rd 
—Leonard W (Marie) slsmn El Rancho Rambler Sales h 164! 
Francois rd / 

Aldrich Norman t (Violet) eugir^eer CNR h 1768 Mercer 
—VVolelle halrdreeaer Ivan galea Beauty SaJon r 1708 Mercer 
Aldred Norman P (Judy) h 73 Fcrd blvd (R’Side) 

Aldworth Stanley W (Myrtle) elk toll Co stems Broker* h 2)06 
Beals (Sand W Twp) 

Aleck Mary (wid RlcbdJ h 1034 Mer.mcuth rd 
Aleknlnk Peter (Betty) amp Detroit b 744 Mil) 

A least Louts h fl!6 Langiols av 
—Paul L (Rosalie) h 66C Mercer 

Aloealo Frank (Amelia) diemkr Index Mach 4 Tool h ZCU St 
Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

—Mary Mr* (Economy Pest Ccrtral) h U17 psllxster 
—$ylveoier (Theresa) b S»8 Parent av 

Alewiek Beverley tehr Mayfair Public Scbl r Zl Jefferson fclvd 

—Nicholas A (Sylrta) ^4y 4 «urg 9T* Oie!l«t»e *v b SI Jeffrrwm 
blvd (R'Side) 

—Pamela K atu« f 31 Jtfferaon fci.d (R'Side) 

—Rlchd sludt r 21 Jeff croon fclvd (R'Side) 

Alex The Tailor lAicx Getojich) 1007 Droulllard rd 

AJex’e Carped (Alex A Tussle) carpet sU 4 aenrtre 1292 Wys - 

dotte • 

Alexander AIM L (Eltrth) b 491 Curry av 

—Ann (wld Wm) h 32 Bj Dandurarul Llad (Band W Twp) 

—Apt* 286 Cameron av 

—n*ser. (Lena) tertetaier BellAie Tavern b 902 Wtndaor av 
--Building 609 OueUatto av 
—Carol A key punch vpr Ford* r 2192 Forest av 
—Catherine atudt tura* r 3211 Kildare rd 
—Cieophas 3 (Angela) foremn Chrysler* h 4480 Menard (R’Side) 
—David (Jennie) fur cutter Laaare's Furs b 3174 Hall av 
—David abidt r 1623 Pellaaler 

-•Donald B (Marilyn) off mgr Alexander Tool* Ltd b 10T, 2036 
Univeraity av a 

—Donald W (Marion) 6*rv mgr Dingwall Motor* h 23C Greendale 
dr (R'SJdv) 

—KlllWkl (wld Ibeodurc E) h kill Kvldare rd 

—Freds T (Dorothy) slsmn Purity Dairy b XilC Tecumaeh fclvd w 

—Gary L HCA C r 51S2 Forest av 

—Gee tchr r 902 Windsor ev 

—Gerald J (Maryaxxne) acct Tor-Dcm Bank h 130 7 TUatoo dr 
—Hall Herman w Henry dU»t field sec home for the blind 23C 
Strabene *v 

—Harry W (Dorothy) dept mgr Windsor Sur h 1523 Peliasler 
—Irene M Mr* mrc* Gt^ce Heap h 1474 OtfTertn tl 
—JUm (D nna) emp Detruil h 149 Et John (R'Side) 

—Leola (wld Davtd) b 420 Indian rd 

-Leonard E fruit dept Dominion Sure r 631 Tecumaeh blvd » 
—Lorn* elk Windsor Factory Supply res Wallacetwrg 
—Lorraine Mud: nurse Grace Ejcsp r 2179 Forest sv 
—Manor apt* 206-219 Strxbane av 
—Margt (wul Euatace) h S192 For*M ev 
—Petsr (reeney) h 3474 Peter 

—PhUlp V (Elsie) vice-pree Coloured Community Credit Union 
h 3623 Sanaa teb 

—PhlUtp H (FairtctaJ lecturer Univeraity of Wlndacr h 448 

—H Rous (Edith) oven tender Auto Specialties I) 3179 Forest sv 
—RdM slsmn SUverwooda r 2192 Forest av 
—Stanilaus J (CdUe) foremn Fords 0 1210 Albert rd 
—Stuart (Shirley) sla mn Upjohn Co b 3661 Rdxdo rouge. »f (Sand 
W Twid 

—Theodore W (Irene) understudy Can Trust 4 Huron ft Erie Mon 
h 1474 Dufferln pi 

—Tfcclc Ltd Sidney C Golding br mgr much tools 1912 Wyandotte 


—Vera A Mrs h 1364 George av 
— Wm Detr it r 480 indluu rd 
—Wm A (Margt) drvr S W 4 A Rly b 3132 Union 
A1 exandrcpoulos Demrtrt (J^anl emp Detrrlt h 1682 Pel lister 
Alexia Isaac (Sarah) foremn Laxare'n rur* h 700 Bruce av 
-Jerry (Beverley) mgr Fedolet Ud r 3048 Avnndale ei (Sand W 

AlOnl Angelo (Mari*) Ub Lori Ccnotn h 841 Louts av 
—Jcs (Marianna) (Sartcria lUlLa) h e6l Elltntt r 
—Lunroao (JosepMne) iafc Rivers la* Constn h 878 Howard av 
—Louis (Knrlca) pidr Riverside Constn R C F ruefer Co h 933 


Alford Carol D h £. 486 Bruce -v 

—Get. (Besale) emp Fords h 1626 Ncrtnvmy (JUnd W Twp) 

—Rooe D (wld f uwd) n 2. 486 Bruce aV 
Alfred Aps 977 Marentette av 
--Rose Mrs r 07ft r^eilette av 
Aifrer Card r 076 Ouellette av 

Aignma Slew) Corp Ud The R Merllr. McCrsceen diet sis mgr 
401 4 4'£, 3F4 Ouellette av 

Allberll Pa J m*rtno (Romano) «mp Chryalers r. 1037 Marooietis 

Allcandro Tent (Anna) fi l, 1173 Htwani sv 
Aiice Dani D (Kalhrioe) aSsmblr Chrysler* b 3660 Virginia Park 
av (Sand W TWp) 

—Herfct P r 36fco Virginia Par* av (Sand W rwp) 

—Leuto (Mildred) reprmn Chryalers h 1416 PelU*urr 
—Peter (Mary) fc 57J» Wlndtor *v 

Aiicla L Munoc Junior Vocational Sccool Mrs Georcm* IXnlop 
prin 284 Cameron ev 

Allvantov Vida Mr* dancer-linger Tor Hut Supper Club r BUS 
Moy »v 

AU Canadian Group DUHrlbutora Ltd W Allan SMlIinytcn division¬ 
al mgr mutual funds h Investments 7}a Ouellette av 
--Saints Anglican Church Canon J Graixam Lethbridge rector 
City Hall *q 

A llahy lan R studl r 3064 Wocdiand »v (Sand W T*^) 

—Mary (wld Donald) emp h ijfcd Woodland av (Bead W 


* Allan are alm> Allen 

—Agne* (wtd David) r 337t Everts sv (Hand ’A Twp) 

—Alex D (Joan) mgr Allan's Meat Market Lid h 2366 Claret 
(Hand W Twp) 

—Birdina Mra shaker White Laundry ft Dry Cleaning of Windsor 
Ud r 6316 Riverside dr (RTtde) 

—Brian C (Geraldine) slsmn Imperial Tobacco h IMS Campbell 
av (Sand W Twp) 

--David B emp Detroit r 1660 Gladstone av 
—David C display Reliman Co r SLT0 Everts av (oasd W Twp) 
—David R Rev (Marilyn) aunt minister Rlverxlde United Church 
h 5066 Royal Court (Sand E Twp) 

—Donald dir physical educatlou Si Gabriel (RC) 3chi r 2130 
Academy dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Donald E ctudi r 394 McDougaii 

—Donald M (Winn if red) mgr dealers planning Chryolerc h 016 
Kildare rd 

--Demon Mr* kitchen hipr Princ* Edward Hotel h 1400 Westcou 

—Douglas R studl r SCI Seedmere av IR'3tde) 

—Ed night watchmn Walkerville ! umter r 796 Chat.*am e 
-Edna (wld Edwd) h 294 McDougali 
--Flora Mr* h 33. 1100 Lincoln rd 
—F rank A h 113 Ttempeco blvd (R'Side) 

—Geo B (Dorothy) protr W'lndo.'r Daily Sur h Jdtfi RUHretl blvd 
—Howard B (Dorothy) tchr Anderdc? Central Sehl h 1034 Gre**n- 
view ere* 

-Bagtt A (Msuroen) tchr W D Lome Vocation*! 9eh! n 2491 
MeUrom rd (Sand E Twp) 

—IsebeUa r 1667 Peliaeier 

—Jas (Ads) bldg tas? Corp of Town cf Riverside b L2t teaftelie 
pi (R'Side) 

--Jan R elsmn Mills Beauty SuppUee r 2L6 iaatxtlle pi (R'Qlde) 

—Jas S QC (Beeirice) harr 4Cm, 374 Ouellette av h 3090 Peter 
—Jaae A (wid Ttes) b 4. 1160 CampfteU av 
—Jean (wld Gordon) ft -66 McKay av 
—Jeanle M Mr* h 166T Gladstone *.• 

—John (Emma) nmcfc opr Korda h t!87 Riverside dr e 
—John lehr Ban 'if C Kennedy Coll Irartr 13(00 Dougall av 
—Jaiu priv sec Detroit r 1831 Arthur rd 
—L McGill (Mabel) h 10C California sv 

—L McGill Lid Wm L Noble pres, Jos Camack vtce-pres genl 
contra 301 Jatlrm pi 

—Lenore A nurse Bell Tel h337! M!Ueti 
—Leslie (Eveiyn) foremn Chrysler* fc 30th Howard av I Sand V) 

—Ley E comptcmeter opr Chrysler* b LlTl MUlen 
—Mabel (wid Oscar Rl h 3669 lwrr/m r« la 
—Margt H emp r 111 Thompa^r. tlvd (R a 3id») 

—Muriel much opr Sporta UpeclaiUr* r 3669 -xr-yaur* la 
—Myrtle (wid Soger) ft 72 Ford bivdlR tUde) 

—NV rnun (Ansabeue) malrtl Chryalers fc IC36 Caiaraqu. 

--Norman E (Fauh) slsmn N Teqiperman t c: « aasisr 

—Crlls L (Lillian) emp Fords ft L190 Janetle av Card A' Twp) 
—Raymond B bidr ft 201 Keedmere sv (H’UUe) 

—Robt A (Owes) tchr Edith Cavail Pub Schi h S492 VKalie 
—Rc-bt C h ii.44 Gladstone av 

—Rott L (Ida) with A In UlllUias Ci.mmn (Hydrn Di v) h 1341 &rls 


—Roger Lumber Ud Roy Allen prws retail lumber yard 2107 

—Ronald D (Birdene) audt Potspard'a Ease Stn o 306, 016 Wyan¬ 
dotte (R'Side* 

—Ranald G studt r XI Re«dtnere av (R'Side) 

--Stewart (Nancy) awprvsr Chrysler* b 646 Pwrttngton av 
—Stewart aupt Dinamo re Constn r 64L Riverside dr (St Clair 

—The* E (Brenda) d« Liquor Comrc) B4 #33 li 1*32 Arthur rd 
—Thos (Joy) financial analyst Fords fc 3370 Evens «v (Sand W 

—Wm caretar Canada Bldg fc 1460 Lanadie rd 
Allan's Meat Mark* Ltd Alex B Allan mgr 1477 Wyandotte * 
Allard Alfred J body trimmer Cfcrysier* h 210, 121 Wyandotte • 
—Anthony J apprentice Culiavtao Bros Constn r Roxterougb 



Alphabetk*X Who Pa** 5 






••Cathy “ 12ft l Mcy av 

~JM W (Margtl atoroakeeper CFR h R&xborcugh av (Sand 
W Twp) 

Ksthlsse V Mr* receptionist budd Metal Treating r«RRIl 

—Louta (Helen) carwikr John A M-william Pah Scbi. t 3680 
Toursngeau m (Sand E Twp) 

••Martin emp Candn bridge r*e McGregor 
-Borman t 670 Clurch 

—Paul O lAimac) otaty engine*.- Americas Standard a 2&3 Elm av 
-Raymond R (Ida) maim !GD£ Heap h 624 Sanurt av 
—RuaooU (Lottie) maim Villa liar la h 1960 Spring Garden Nvc 
(Sand W Twp) 

—iUmcc (Ccclie) step Fords b 1C244 Union 
-Stanley orderly Overview H>ep rs* Delia River 
—Tbos emp Kobe* be* r 205 Elm av 

AUard's Barber Sfcsp (Allard 2 Verhoeoo) harper 17E Pill a 
AU-Brlta Dry Cleaner* Ltd Rami J Rivard prea. Judith Renuad 
vlce-pree. Mr* Claire Rivard aer-ireae U843 Doagail av 
(SaiM W Twp) 

AUbutt Laid B L librarian John Richarttocm Library b FM Cllnten 
A Uchia Brace fc 3te«ring Service (Denis AUchln) sola repairs. 

wheel aUpmaenl 82: Tecum neb bi*d a 
—Denla W (Patricia) (AUchln Brae# k Steering Service) b 276 
Prada pi (R'Slde) 

—Ellen Mr* r 14^6 Huron Line 

—Fred G (Vllma) lafc Korda h 146K Cadillac 

—Philip rtudl r 138B PUlalte rd 

AUdridge Ait* C (Margt A) tanmlgratioc offr immigration Branch 
h 1MO Cherry lawn erwa I Sand W Twp) 

AlldrUt ; Harold (Kellie) dir Chrynlem h 3&M Riverside dr 

—Mary r 3CXSC Sandwich 

—Mary (wld Wm) h 473 WeUlogton av 

A Reman Philemon UUtnone) uopt Can Bred h 644 Wateoo av 

AUemaag Otto t ? teenn TberahQl TV Ltd h 9001 Radmnon av 
(Sand W Twpl 

Alien A Leslie (Aina) wUA Win WUlttee Ccaan (Hydn; Olv) h 
)499 Dufferm pi 

—AIM E (Grace) «« cl* Perd* a 680 Charlotte (Rea PM 

—Alice (wld Henry B) fc 3163 Twcumaeb bird w 

—Alvin B (Elsa) foiwmn Windsor Gas Co h B0 81 Louie av (k'Stde) 

—Apts L1CS Goyeeu 
—Arthur F With Win Utilltim Commn (Hydro Div) b 1041 Wlndaor 

—Bernard (Yvette) mgr hardware 4 sporting K-Mart Dept Stnre 
t 3416 Rcjctcroagh *v (Sand W Twp) 

—Bernard J damn Wlndaor Cwtuoerd Motors h 834 McDouall 
—Bernard J (Barbara) nehl tchr Corpoe ChrUU b B1C Scofield 
av (SendS T>ep) 

—Bruce G lab* t SIX Janette *v (Sand 'A Twp) 

—B**rto© lab Dcmtoion Forge r 1108 Windsor av 
-C Rapt lab Hiram Walker* r 901 A akin av 
-Ceci. E (Matilda) b 1010A Ottawa 
—Cacti* C U (wld Gordon) h 1603 Church 
-Oue E (Dcirctftyi g«d help Slram Walker b Son* h 1228 Mon¬ 
mouth rd 

—Cheater R (Uargt) tr* drvr Punts h OP Lawrence rd 
—Clsreoc* W (France*) prea Wlndaor Outboard Motors b Sul 
Westchester dr (Reside) 

—Cord* h 660 Irvine av 

—Craig etudt r 328 Matthew Brady blvd (R*3ldet 
—Dale t Edith) suprvar physical aduc Sdacelch Wert Vub Schl Bd 
Arm A b l«* fllmtford ct (Rind W Twp) 

—Dorm-d tefcr fit Gaftriet’a (HO 3chl r 3130 Academy dr (Sand W 

—Dcnald E (Florence) set-up-man Chrysler* b 870 Droulllard rd 
—Donald E slsmn Weeater Motors (Win) b 1228 Lillian 
—Donald J (Agnea) (Wlndaor Awning b Tent Co) h 18B8 Orand 
Mania rd (Sand W Twp) 

—Donald L (Pearl) mgr Parcvtew Apt* ft 401, 4tC Giles tlvd ■ 
—Douglas L siamn FUter Queen Sales b Service r 9#1 A*kin av 
—Edith M h 3187 peter 

—Edna (wld Leslie) elk Cbryelers b 634 Alesandr(Rom Pk) 

—Edwd Janitor Toledo Semi* h 1CW Bruce av 
—Edwd 7 I Rose) maittertan McKerlle AotomoCtVd (’Win) Ltd 
h 1009 Utlten 

—Electric Wa h Equipmeir Cc »f Can L'd Henry Kohom prea, 
Peter F SCcerte vlce-gres. David Mcrrln sec-treas auto- 
motiva teat equip 17U-17IS Moyav 
—Emma J janitor Wlndaor City Hail h 4. «38 Olengarry av 
—Ethel C I wld Barry R) b 7*1 Rankin *v 

--Ethri F (wld rfefcO etenog Riverside Bd cl Educ ft S3 Ford Uvd 

—Flcrence <wtd Joe) t« W8 Bnrtb 

—Frana ruatadlan John O CaftUl Schl r i»7 Huron (Laaalle) 
—Frank (Clalreoa) lab Fords b 481 Church 

—Gary map Leo Ferrt Service r $4U Rostersgb av (Sand W Twp) 
—Gee> fc 2262 Mercer 

-Gee (Jeanette) ir.tliwright Chryalem ft 928 Weetminater btvd 

—Geo F llxenae) lab Chryslere h 1614 Stratford ct tSand W Twp) 
—Geo W (Victoria) h 126 Jefferwm blvd (P.*9lde) 

—Gwrglna twtd Tt») b Ml Aakin uv 

-Oroid i (Antta) aacmblr McJCmncr. Industrie* b 2117 Mir- 
cheater rd 

.Qltecn G (Beverley) lehr Hem. W C Kwoody CoU Inat h 9, l« 

Elite av e 

—Gregory (Deotee) tool * die mar Chryalem h ftil GUm Mvd e 

—Harcid i (Jaeathlne) r 439 Grand MeraU rd » (Resn P») 


—Harriet (wid iuatln) h '.46C Muy av 
-H-gb (Minnie) b e a Maiden rd IBand W Twp) 

—Hugh (Joyce) lab Hiram Walker h S3S McEwan *•; 

—Irena M (aid Clam) h 62t PlUette rd 

—Jee (Jean) preaemo Herald Proas b M0L Reskin av ()Mnd W 

—Joe R (Peoelcpe) mpr/sr UcKlrwvm inrt h l Spring ct (Sand W 


--jas a (Udivina) blwar preen opr Ford* b 22H until av 

—Jae W h 834 UcDougaii 

—Janice r 3£6 Westminster btvd (R'SUle) 

—Janice da Agnew -Gurtuas Shoes r CTiO Clemeoceau fclvd LHand 
F. Twp) 

—John lah Wheat ly MIg r 688 Alleodaia 
—John (Jean) sheet metal wkr Cuncinguam Sheet Metal Wks h 
1046 Camna rd w (Sand W Tap) 

—John stoty ecguwwr Centra* Heating Plant fc 143) AuMn rd 
—J_rt. C »btdl r ■'94 Der; 'nahlre rd 
—John S (Beatrice) h 1241 Argyle rd 
—Jinn V (Kleaacr) h 222& M y uv 

—Keith L (Louise) (White and Allen) h 3)63 Mowd Royal dr 
(Sand W Tvrp) 

Larry r 518 Prsdu r* (RTSlde) 

Let lab Fords b LIU Hickory rd 
—Leonard A (Myrtle) fereann Hiram Walker h W Ptarrw as 
—Lillian (wld LUyd) h 1364 Bruce av 

—Lloyd W (Gladys) loap Forda h 1691 Everts a* (Sand A Twp) 
—Loyal N (Morton) vrarwouna mgr JMpertwt Corp li 48T? Ugon 

-Lyman A (Henna) rap Can Packers h 523 Matthew-Brady bjvd 

-DU nr AM ra h 1368 Janette av 
—Mane A balry sitter r 683 Allendale 
—Marlon Mrs h 834 Dot .erstty av e 
—Marjorie dom r 836 PlUette rd 

..Marjorie personnel depi Hiram Walker 6 Sons r 1308 Chll «rr 


—Mary E trees East Side Plating res WaUenrllle 
—Melvin (Hens) emp Detroit h 881 Campbell av 
—Oacar 0 (Marte-Ange) pnuui cpr Forda h 16« Fedw^od av 
—P Tarry (Judy) lab Chryalers h 3273 Clitmeoceeu hl'.d (Saad E 

—PaU (Barbara) chief el* depn of fcidga Cliy of Wlndaor h 647 
Belleperch* pi (R’Stde) 

—Paul J (Vera) engineer Hiram Wa*aer h 1108 Daugall av 
—Peter C (Theresa) ft 138C Roaetnl blvd 
-Ralph W (Anne) p e PO h IBCS Partington av 
—Hawley (Verooica) Ub Cbryalera h 1804 Church 
—Kichd (Marylyn) ifcb Dom Forge h 1166 Elm av 
—Ro« (Dorothy) off Cut 4 sImid Standard Brands ft 219* York 
—Hot* (Roby) eupt »4 drainage Sand Worn Twp ft 2^40 CaUi rd 
w LSaad W Twp) 

—Rot* A drvr Spotless Cleaners r 21* 1 Jaiwtte av (Dud W Twp) 
—Rot* E (Theresa) em; Windsor Awning b i. 973 Erl* a 

—Ronald aitdt Poapard’a Esso Service r 316 Wyandntte a _ 

—Ronald G (Doris) refrigeration mwh Ace Refrige ration h -TUB 
Clameoeeau fclvd (Land E Twpl 

—P^ry (Corel) dispatcher Candn Roc* Salt h 9131 Tecamner. bird 

—Roy D (Morg*) pres FL«)«r Allan lumber h ?34 Devcnafcire n) 
—Roy F emp Detroit r 278 Lincoln rd 

—Roy W (Grace) mgr Tip Top Tailors ft 264C Meigber rd (Rand 
K Twp) 

—Cara 2 r 5341 CbUver rd 

~Cherwood 5 l Beverly) szamfclr Cbryslera h 1623 Cacotsh «r 
-Ctaolay h 8U Riverside dr (R*2lde) . _ „ 

•Stanley G (Haknl) lure insp Detroit b n • Talbd rd ft (Rand fl 

—£?#v«nCvVi Products Ltd Edwd Ret* pretl, Alice Kletcer .dce- 
nr«, Mrs Edna Re«* sec-tress adheelves 3ft6 Charles 
-Susan lehr David Maxwell 8chl r S2SB Mcy av 
—Tboe b STB Lincoln rd 

—Thee Jr axsablr Viking Pump r 27B Lincoln rd 
—Thos G (Eva) journeyms elocl Waffle's Elec* b 5670 King 
—Violet K Mrs lyvi* W K Adams l^d res USaD« 

—Warren C (Peggy) nulni Bd of Wori» h 1088 Windsor av 

—Wilfred B ft 2208 CWiver rd __ 

—Wm (idra) car ins? CNR b 2626 Cabana rd w lEand W Twp) 

-Wm C (Evelyn) Irk drvr Forda ft 318 Predc pi WSWe) 

-Wm 0 (Jean) fcldg eupt Security bldg (Win) h 1238 Prince nl 
—Wm L sst plant mgr East Side Plating Cc re* WolkervUi* 

—Wm O b 447 Moy av 

—Wm V lab Fords h 307 Lauaon rd (Rfllde) 

AUepdorter Annie h 3822 Olenfleld 
—France* (wid mccla) r 3632 QjesSeid 
AUevs Jerry (Mary) lafc Eastern Cr.cein h 1317 Elnmrrw av 
Allevaio pblttp I Marcella) carmn CKK h 1916 Tourangeau rd 
Alley Carl irk drvr Qv«ruuid Transport r 2383 Turner rd 
Alllek Timothy G (Jean) seller b deckel opr Win Tool b Die b 
1426 Kell av 

—Wm (Undo) lab Chryalers h 56. 138S Ouellette uv 
Allied Radio Elect moles (Windsor) Lid Wm Trudsll pres. Mar¬ 
jorie ‘.delicti* Vice prea car roxllce •ala 6 «erv ,~u4 

—Travel Windsor) I Ad Beverly R Raid preu, 0 Wm 

b-vwman acc-«reaa 164 Pbt w 

Al.iet AIM (KeiUe) oerv rhpr Bendls Edllpee fc mr» WcOcugali 
—d Larry r 1476 Droulllard rd 

—Joe (Violet) malt, rape h bottling equipment 1878 Drailllerd rd 
h earn* 

AW H Saufrln* r ;.u McDcugaii 

PHONE 253-3541 

—Odlell t 


Allison AUwrta (wul GLenn) •* 1M^ l>»*ll*»*nr __ _ 

—Cal--la M IhLrJorie) police Police Deft h mti fb .rmu» 

—Claude J I Vivian) ausmhlr Cbryalcre ft 344* MR left 
.«D May bapr Danner Metal Pmductn re# R K Heath A<v)dnlm 
• -Donald D (honaleen) control rm .-|»r Out Hydro h >v» lemOk 4r 


—Donald M (Ruth) ctear CPR h C4b Carry a. 


’« mmn rea R R *5 

-Our*Ay K Mre cl* Umnnoloytner.i liu 

—Geo (AUlson’o Ur el) h TUl Hewsrd av (Band W Twpl 
—H Kauwriae (wid Ale*) b 1411 Windermere rd 
—Ian A (Jean) b:ltr WaUervlB* Collegiate ft 5486 Lincoln rd 
Hjiam r Standard \ 

% product!, ft 57LI 

--J«c (TLerrua) mart j pr Amer 

—Jobn A??LrSrtil t » lechr, Gray'h RadU b TelevlslcftServIrt 
Ltd h 2619 Norman rd (Rand E Twp) 

—John M (Emma) s-prvar Purda h 5«?3 r :^raageau rd ICand t 


--Noble R (Gall) cl* Fnrda h 3556 St Patrick* dr (fand W TFT* i 
—Root careur budd M*ui Traoiutgi h 13ti Eimov 
--Stanley J (Helen) offr Cusinm* 4 Excise ft -164 orand Manic 
rd a (Rem Ph) 

—Wm (Mildred) lift tr* dr/r WVr. Lumber ft -3C Camersn av 
Atllnon’s Motel (G«c AUlpon) 2731 Howard av (l:and *A ‘wp) 
Alllslslr Mavis #*-ray lechn S->rtn*a L Killsry t 13*8 Ells r«» 
AllUttos Mary (wld Gao) r 106 Upon* av (R’Slde) 

AU>» U^colm M IC4UM.U.r tWroll a !t«; UliUn 
—Candra moob oProvincial Bank cA Can r IZil CfcUver rd J 
AUon Sicanna V Mrs tecltn Unl-erttiiy •( A :ndcor b 41- Part.f 

A11-Risks insurance Agencies Lid Sidney S Laaaru* atgr *C , 
Oualletle av ^ 

AUscp Anne (wld Horace L I emp Peordo Lettnar Ltd fc *»* 
Lincoln rd 

—D Gilbert ichr H K Guppy High Schl ol Ccmmr.rce ft. 1 t^C 
Chllvar rd 

-Geo Y ft 1657 Aubta rd , 

—Geo Y (Edna) amp Candn Bridge It 1S7± Korman rd 
—Paul I studi r 23B2 Lincoln rd 
--Row L I Betty) slami; Dive ran Curp (Can) Ud fc I9CL 
All State luuiranee Company Gene J P-'’Via dlst als mgr 31m I 
Dou^ili »v (Sard A Iwp) b 869 OaeUette av 
Allwurth Helen atudJ r 3184 Pruce nv (Sard W^Twp) 

—Wanoer li (Enid) prea b mgr Win True* 4 Storage h 3184 B rs 
a v (Sand W TW*p) 

Aim Genu (»M Gusiav) h 1478 I^c«;ry_r3 
-^iven (Shirley) *»cp Chryalem 6 ?6&v Francota rd (Sand E T» John h i 7 3i Cadillac w 

Aimaasy Borna (Amy) WeaNwod Tsvem) fc 4»- &-*** . 
Almaxau Vlncew oast prof UttlventUy pf Windsor b 3C1, 161 
Casgraln pl 

Aimed* Apts 588 Casgrmln pi 

Aim; 1st John lafc Walker Foundry r 163 Lknglola sv 
—Lassie prees opr Sayre Stamping r 1619 Uagjottkf 
Almond Donald (Shirley) malM Carling I) re we rim b 1CI4 „t 
»alrtau dr (Sand W iwpl 
—Evelyn B «mp DeiroU h B6f Chatham * 

..Heather payroll much cpr W’olker Metal r 441; C»k kv 
—LesJt (wld Geo) r 8840 Rlvcr&ldi* dr (R*Slde) 

Almost Chris (Acae) reprmn Cfu-ysler* 6 2308 f ■ CT ?Z*' J x 
~J<ka (Lynne) ccat cik Young Spring 6 Wire Corr of Can ft 9* ^ 

Alnfs Alw H (jL*n) reilaf alamn Burdens ft 
-Omar y (Pamela) emp Detroit h il- shtcklugham dr (ttT^»* 
—Theofli (Birndtaa) lafc F-rdo h S62 laack dr (F.T r >l m 
A to lain Adlno (Camille) qtach opr Dominion Forge r* 46? Cas^ 
—Albertc (Oraurta) emp Candn PttUbergt. .nd h «6 Cnunrk 
—Antcair (Santina) lob W»»daL Constc r 4fcC Campt»n a% 

—Ennis bartetJder Can Tavern r 74A A sumption 
—FWroido (Eveitaa) matnimn Aasumpilaa CftU^e a T4» Ah 

Alp VUrU (wld Martin) b rear, a a rd (Hoad W Twjd 
Alpha Electric Refrigarati. n Co (David Barter) refrig A »ppll» 
once services 643 Lincoln rd 

Alpine ffcrsertH Ltd Paul Sefcreiber ;m, Theresm Scttrstm* 
sec-fcreas 287u Dcugou sv (Rand A rwpl 
—Aire RefngersitonService (Arthur A Gael 166* J rsncoWrt 
Alroo’s lewnmower Sharpening b Repair (Tfcos Cooper) 1 r <» 
George enr 

Alsco ct Windsor Ud Walter W Bartlett pren, Jae 2 Bartlrtt 
.•lce-pr*9. Mrs Clara Bartlett dir aluminum windows 
4636 Huron Lift# (Sand W TWpl 

A lain rd Leslie F (Kathleen) rnocn opr Forda h l* 8174 Walker 
rd (£ood E iwp) 

Alston Catheriaw n 1817 Bruce av 
--John H r 18)7 Bruce av 

Alston Gerdau a (Mary) maiamn Chrysler* ft 814 Lucharms 
CSorn S Twp) 

—Johamm (Wtd Artiur) fc I ft, 1668 Goyeau 

Alt David b 1102 Howard »v 

Altenmaf Eilrtb (wrt Jacob) r 171L3 Kildare rd 

—Gee (Barbara) drvr Ford* b I486 Albert rd 

-Osc tool mar J b J Tool b Mold ft BOG RcwaUrt Med 

—Joes 1*0* J 4 J Tool 4 M^ld T 1686 Alorte rd 

—Jacob (Msrgt) IKcapp b Attenbof Arte £al#a) & 1686 Al«*b <* 

—John rice-pres h treaa 2 b 2 Tool Ik Mdd r 1666 Alert*/* 

Altmaw Julius (Mary) tlnemtth Mac J Brian Ltd fc 6# f *4 Car? 

Altmayer Frame (Tftrwera) jaattor Hotai Died h S44ii MeldnH 










































Over 1300 branches to serve you 


j — Henry K J CEllxthJ uff mgr Mxrm'a Bread b 3743 RJ vert Ida dr 
J east 

Altmeyer Ronald tcbr Walkervilio Collegiate r Uocoln rd 
1 Al'/n John W (Olivia M> Immigration nffr Immigration Hr t» 

;&83 Dufiertn pi 

f Aitru Automotive (Kenneth Stewart J etc-rage 4 coliLckm IbhO Lin¬ 
coln rd 

I Aluminum V«Seel Product* (Jack Guealan) rtorm doorr» h * in¬ 
fears 66 Rlvemlde dr w 
I Al/tn Apts 286 P»U w 

yfl Aiviogi Steve (Ann) lift trk upr Gettl Motor* h 1761 Plorre av 
1 AlWJtrc Stella (wld Wral h 1336 Pierre av 

—•Am M (Julia) emp Fords h 3483 Barrymore u 
i Alxray Da-/id M .itr/ rap Bur rough® Bus Mach r 3211 Everts av 
(Sand W IWp) 

^ Aisnvr Mia® (Trudy) cantr b 3498 Ho*bo rough av (Sand W Twp) 

I Aman Conrad (Marl*) h 638 Mcy av 
£ Anuta Antonio (PhUomena) lab Bd of Educ b 1710 Parent av 
d Amato Benny (Marla) lab Walker Metal h 1696 Lillian 
'J | —prana {Samira) macb McKinnon h 16W l.lllfaan 
T —John (Marla) h 166b Parent av 
il* A&tMksaafer Apt® 1382 Ouellette av 

1 —Barber Shop (J Adeiard Drctilllard) 31SB Sandwich 
-•Confectionery (Wm Barlch) 174b Prince rd 
—Marble & TUe Co (Elio U Angelo Dal Cod) 900 Hanna • 

—Motel (Casey it Mary Waciuu) •» a Huron Line (Sand W iwp) 
-Palmers !» Sand Blaster® (Ray McRae) Hfcfc Terumeeh hlvd w 
• —Park s a Riverside orw bet Kennedy pi & Huron Line 
—Plasm shopping centre alter 1410 Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 

,8* —Plax* Barber Shop (Sabin Match k Jo* Sanaa) e a Huron Line 

(Sand W TWp> 

, j* —TV Ciena FUunlgen) t v service 939 V. yanrtmte w 
nmbedlac David apprentice Inti Tool r 1037 Lena 
-Mlchi IMargi TO metal fnehr Chrysler* h 3310 Woodlawn av 
(Sand E Twp) 

I —Ohsnnes (Mary) h IG33 Lena 
Amber ley Apta 1200 Ouellette av 

Amocry Grace G (wld Everett) b Unit U-98, BIO Wyandotte (R'Slde) 
Ambler Wm R (Vivian) engineer CHryelern h 1060 Amiens av 
, Ambrlako Jos (Leola) elect Chrysler* h 621 Marjorie dr (R'Slde) 
** —Jo« (Mary) metal fnahr Chrysler* h 1876 ELimvre av 

y* Ambrose Elmer J (Ir ene) with Dept Natl Rev h 34b GJidden uv 

—Gladys Mrs h 106, 30b University av • 
t—: — ilarcld R (Marguerite) mgr Liquor Conlrxil #33 h 1076 Qreen- 
view erw 

—John (Patricia) musician Jack Madden Orcheotrw h 2630 Vir- 
7ip ginla Park av (Farid W Twp) 

—Lcul* Janitor Xeyotone Conatn r 2364 Cadillac (Sand E Twp) 

1 Ambrosia Gee apprentice Inti Trucks (Windsor) Ltd r 660 Varrtwr 
(Rem Pk) 

; Aachen: P:\-duc\a Inc Harlo Baals mgr metal dnrfl 2224 Walker 

I Amelia Anthony •'Catherine) (Amalia Impcnlng Co) b 3670 HIU- 
creet blv\J 

I —Ellen r 3879 HU 1 crest blvd 

—Harry (Lillian * emp Detroit b 666 Charles (Ram Pk) 

—Importing Co (Anthony Amelia) Imparting of toy* 6 noveltloa 
3870 Hill crest blvd 
—Joa L (Adeline) h 2326 Umtn av 
—Raffoeie (Edith) offr Cuotomo 4 Excise 6 1*204 Louis av 
«$, Amail Alice (wld Austin) h 1704 PUiette rd 

-Francis amp Chryalers h 4b Frank av (R’Slde) 

Ament Mane! E (wtd John) h 2221 Windermere rd 
is# American Auto Supply Wlndnor Ud Martin A Eagan praa, Mr* 
Dorothy Eagen vtce-pren, John Holland sec-tree* 1276 
Air* Druiillard rd 

—Decaksmanla Co of Canada Ltd Joa A Prxednowek genl mgr 
traneferr. 73b Prince rd 

J —Floor Sanding Co (Chan A Vargua) 1223 Wwttcott rd 

—Maate Corp Ltd Geo Vaughan br mgr record* 127 Tecumseh 
tm tivdw 

I -Optical Co of Canaria Ud Robl E Woodburti mgr roi » 202, 

626 Ouellette av 


LIMITED, Djvtd A Pi'it we 11 Manager of OpermUon*. 

Robert w MrBam Superintendent. Manufarluring. 

W Raymond Hamilton Purchasing Agent. Heating. 

V tat j la ting and Air Conditioning, 310 Elli* Avenue 
3 East. Phone 254 4353 


i AaerUM*® Barber Chop (America Sbrocca) 920 Campbell #v 
ter Dcoaid r S3l RtveraUla ilr o 

\ ^hner l-^iby) set-up man McKinnon Industries b 3038 Bruce av 
(Sand W “>®p) 

J Amlcarein Carlo G (Marta) opet welder Chryalers h 1048 Mercer 
a- I Al0 ! e9 Alfred A (wld Daniel) h 43b Hamm e 

J Amlin Cartage (Wm Amlin) ^3B^ Walter rd (Hand R Deti) 
j l (Marla) mech Purity Dairy t> 3060 California av 

(Sand W Twp) 

| -Darral (MarieJ off wkr Amlin Cartage h 367b Bloomfield rd 
j -Gordoa o (Roaemarie) emp Chryalers h 441 Kill* av w 
-Joyce nurse Huiel Dteu Hoap h 8, 1604 Ooyaau 
—ami- r Bloomfield nl 

U * J E (Vlcto ria) ahpr Candr. Mechanlcai Handling Syr*em 

& t :*tcl Bloomfield rd 

:ur? *“P»tk J H IIearns) wall watther IODR Homp h 3610 Queen 
. ‘* 7>vU ra *«s mother Metropolitan achl of Nursing r 2240 KU- 


—Wm W (Dorothy) (Amlin Cartage) u 3100 Duugail av (Sand W 

Amoral Auror® Mr* h 374 Parent av 
—Clarence J (Daarma) lab fi 3, iS 4 Windsor ev 
—Kdwd (Huth) h 4, 24C rtylmer av 

Amonlte Glenn chrome racker East Side Plating me R R#2 

Anaormlno Agoetlno (Marum) (Amormlno hron) ti 1328 KaU av 
—Bros (AgoBtlao A Joa Atnormlno) artiste tSLo flail uv 
—Eugene (Colombo bakery Co) r ftn Marentetu ev 
—loo (Lidia) (Amormlno Bren) h 677 Marenteite ev 
—Pietro (Lucia) arttet 1140 Hall av h same 
Amoii J Jack (Dorothy) planer k simper cpr Colonial Tool h 
32R) Chappell® (R'Hldr) 

Amnchltnger Kranceo (wtd Frank) cook Grace Hokp h 331 Bella- 
jerche pi (R’fllde) 

Amodttn Edwd J r 2611 Turner ri 
—Harold H (Ruth) elk Chryalers h 2611 Turner rd 
—Laalle H (Jeanne) offr Cuctoma 4 ExclBe h 3666 Turner rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Peter xtudU r 3666 Turner rd (Band R Twp) 

—Path A current ledger kpr Tor-Dom Bkiik 
A mtaya Arthur r 042 Howard av 

Answay Products Mrs Lecnx McIntyre mgr bouseoold cleaning 
products 1684 Drculllard rd 
Atwy Wm T (Many*.) h 146C Aubln rd 
Amyot Catherine (wld Aubrey) h 20 Falrview b)vd (H'Btde) 

—Cyril (Rone) emp Walker Metal h 340 Campbell av 
—John C atudi r 20 Falrview blvd (R'Slde) 

—Maurice Jr lab Chrysler* r 1163 Hickory rd 
—Maurice J (Genevieve) spot walder Chrynler® n 1168 Hickory 

—Real emp Chryelers r 1163 Hickory rd 

—Pottseli r 1163 Hlcxory rd 

-Sophie 3 b 133 Thompson blvd ( R*Side) 

Ararxail Rentaurant (Stnve Do mar) 068 Cttowa 
Anaalaala (Mr® Anaatasla Dallas) cuntom millinery U, 131 Pork 

Anber Edwd J slamn Filter Queen Salon k Service r I960 Tecum- 
®eh blvd w 

-•Pamela Mrs h 3M Bridge av 

Anchl Mario lob Demonic Garage Builder* res LaSalla 
AnctU Jacgpea agt The Cundn Provident ren R R #2 Tacumsob 
Anoary Tony (Mima) welder Knm«» Machine S)x>p Ltd b 220 
McKay av 

—Yousalf (Annie) emp Walk*r Metal Products h 306 Camn av 
Andersen Kart (Doris) btehr Wm James 6 Son b 2&C Gladstone av 
—Preben llnewnn Chrynleru r 280 aiadotone av 
And®non Agnes M cU Bartlet Macdonald fc Oow h 16, 43b Dougall 

—Albc (Julia) pumm press opr Fords h 1460 WentcoU rd 
—Alex M I Eva) chief engineer Karoo Plastic® h Metalwares h 
8310 Alexis rd (Hand E Twp) 

—AlexC (Jean) metallurgist Burroughs Corp h (til Raymond uv 

—Alfred stripping dept foramn Commercial Pmtg res R R #1 
River Canard 

—Allan M etudt r 2668 Randolph av (Sand W Twp) 

--Allan S (Pearl) hoisting engineer Fuller Constn h (61b Lalng 

-^Allan T (Ci^ra E) h 60? Ranxln av 

—Ann emp Windier Star r 1186 Ouellette av 

—Ann Mm als elk 8mub'a cf Wirwhxjr 

—Arthur (Jeanettr) elk Fcrds h 2010 Buckingham rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Amur (Dorothea) pmtr Detroll News h 1610 Dougall av 
—Arthur (Dowthy) weldvr A C McCrindle h 470 Reedmer# av 

—Arthur F (LUUan) olamn Pherwln-WUIlama Co of Can h 4, 341 

Campbell av 

—Arvtd W (Mary) h 14C Lack dr CR*R1de) 

-•Audrey stenog Bank of Nova Scotia r 738 Randolph av 
—Beatrice Mrs h 3000 rirmlnole 

—Calvin O (Mary) ichr Prince Edward SchJ b 4418 31 Rose av 

—Oimercn D (Audrey) Internal medicine 11, 1428 Ouellette av 
h 941 Kildare rd 

—Carl (Ruby) pert® mgr Inti Truck® (Windsor) Ltd h 1011 Brock 
—Ota® B elk County of Ena ox Registry Office r ib60 Orngall av 
.-Chan B r 432 McKay av 

—Clarence E vice-pres Law 4 Anderson h rear, 3401 Sandwich 

—Claude (Helen) emp Ford® b HP? St Luke rd 

—Cura M (wld Clarence) h 1660 Dougal) av 

—David lab Windsor Barrel k Drum lid re* HR#'. Ambarstburg 

—David M atudt r 61', McKay av 

—Dean emp Detroit r 1, 136(1 Ouell®tte av 

—Donald H (Harriet) in chge Safety Supply Co h 3706 Myrtle av 

—Dcrothy (wld Isidore) h 3033 Rckeiand dr w (Sand W Twp) 

—Dfcruthy tcbr J E Benocn Sold r MX* ChUver rd 
-EarlS h 638 Church 

—Edwd <J«*n) assessor City Asaose Dept It 23113 Tumor rd 
—Edwd W (Glovlrut) otmflr Whit® Plumbing 4 Heating (j 007 
Bridge av 

—Elaine nurse Grao* Honp r 001 Howard av 
—EHtth b t, 632 Church 
—EJixth (wld Gustav) n 2, IblOOntarU' 

--Elmer (Myrtle) goer lab McKinnon Induetrlee h 3642 Whitney av 
—Eimorr J I Ago®*) h 213 St Ivoulc av (R'Slde) 

—Ernest emp Canda Bridge r 3366 FUtxsrdy nl (Soiul E Twp) 

—Emnsi A B (Kathleen) vtce-pre« H S Anderoor. 6 Bbna I,td b 
2171 Vlciorfa iv 

-Eather (wld Jca) h 6. 367 JgsepMoe av 
—Etta (wld NatturanI) h 1, lOOfr ^ruev a/ 


—Fay® S Ctudt r 4436 Caagratn dr (Sand W 1 wp) 

—Fhirtmc# (wld Wm) r 1&8 Rnedmere «v (RTId®) 

—Florida (wld Oscar) h l, 300 Janette av 
—Fr®d (Jeaal®) mech Dingwall Motor® h did California av 
—Geo uft U-uck opr Can Staomahtp Lltwm r 1, 380 Janetie av 
—Geo L (MWdred) emp Chryalers h 810j Ell rone av 
—G®o W r 1447 Cr*wfcrd av 

—C®n W (Attn)» anglnaer J Clark K«Uh Steam Plant h 738 
Randolph av 

—Oeorgtna (wtd Harold) h 610 McKay av 
—Glenn emp Grlnnell Co of Cart r 2330 Fureui av 
—Gordon A (Auarey) ^rder elk S F Lawrsson 4 Co h 162 Road¬ 
men* av (R'Slde) 

—Grace h 1306 WUdermero rd 

—H Bruce (Edna) mgr Provincial Bank of Can h 1080Ouellette ev 


H S Andcrsor. Preildent. Ernest Anderson Vlre-President, 
T Stewart Anderson Secretary, R B Andrrvon Trmuturrr, 

J A Anderium Direr lor, Funeral Directors, B05 Ouellette 
Avenue. Piaiac 264-3223 (See xdv Front Cover and Top 

—Harold (Shirley) trurtructer Windsor Driving SchJ r 8W 
Tecumseh blvd 9 

-Harry A (Phyllis) office Forda h 28 ^Tj Riviera dr (Sand W Twp) 
—Helen (wld Cameron) h 304S WlUlntead cree 
—Herb! ctudt r 2£fi3 Pellualer 

—Herbt $ (Irma) pres If S Anderson k Sonn Ltd h 805 Ouellette 

—Herbt W (Helen) 1 3, 4^4 CMlvnr rd 

—Herman (Elt&th) (inaucial one Inti Hod Carrier* Building and 
Common Laborer! cf America Local 625 b 1434 Univer¬ 
sity av w 

—Howard B r 3756 Academy dr (Sand W Twp) 

--Hugh J fltudl r 6I!5 Oladaton® av 

—Ivan D (Holm) plant protection suprvnr Chryalers It 4396 
Caegraln dr (Saxul W Twp) 

—J Austin (Ethel) dir H 3 Andemm 6 Sons Ltd h 2283 Pellnaier 
—Jack waller Wyandotte Hotel r 802 Wyandotte « 

—Jaa (Eather) rmp Argon Protection k Investtgatlpn Service h 
12, 3421 Wyandotte e 

—Jaa (Valedit) mal ti Rlver/iew Hwrp h 624 Charles (Rem Pk) 
—Jaa C (Blanche) rhl^lng elk Chryalnrs h 866 Elm *v 
—Jaa D Etudt r 1840 Meidrum rd 

—J as E (Dorothy) vlce-pres in dhge cf sales Toledo Scale r 142 
Warwick (St Clair Beach) 

--Jaa W (Beatrice) oaot store mgr Lobiawk h 1840 MeMrum rd 
—Jas W (Margtl fc-emn. Chrysler*} h 16R7 George av 
—J«mjle (wld Oilbwn) r 2270 LUlleo 
—John emp Candn Bridge b 6, 985 Albert rd 
—John Jr glove dtpprr U pekr Lorence Prodiacta r823 Qludatone 

—John (Ruby) main! Forda h 823 Gladstone av 
—John (Eleanor) prln Moot Precious Blood Schl reo Tec urn not: 
—John (Marlon) auprvar Forda b 600 Walleca av (Sand C Twp) 
—John A (Regina) engineer Candn Pittsburgh Co b 7, 278 Church 
—John A (Sandra) trk drvr Fuller Constn Co b 1070 Westminster 
av Coral E Twp) 

—John D (Beverley R) pharmaetei Harry Bridge Company h 3Cl. 

3006 Wyandctte (R*3de) 

—John F (Julie) h 4*i28 Riverside dr (R'Slde) 

-John W (Nora) h 629 Hildegarde (Rem Pk) 

--John W (Marion) dlnjwitcber Thibodeau Express h 1064 Pelletier 

—Joe (Eileen) emp Candn Bridge h 3306 Rlbardy rd (Sand £ Twp) 
—Joa A (Jane) emp Detroit h 1114 Josephine av 
—Kenneth apprentice Bryant Pattern k Mia r 867 St Lake rd 
—Kenneth (Charlotte) metal fnshr Grinnell Co of Can h 2330 
Foroet av 

--Kenneth C r 1341 Third Cceicaaaiotj rd (Sand W Twp) 

—Lawrence J (Marjorie) b lbbS 8* Gabriel cres (Saiul W Twp) 

—Laora (wtd Rnbt) n 907 Carry av 

—Lilly (wld Harold J) h 440 Gllddm; av (R'Slde) 

—Linda mactilnea BSectroltne M(g Co r 1714 Lincoln rd 
--Mary J emp Kaatern Conntn r 299U Parent av 
-Mary J Mrs »ec Hlratn Walker 4 Sons r 2611 ChUver rd 
—MavLa tear Patterson Collegiate r IHT Curry av 
—Mlchi (Gertrude) amp Chrysirrs h 2606 Randolph av 
--Muriel Mr* h 2J8ft Windermere rd 

—Nettie K (wid Roy! aoc Norman L Spencer QC b 2, 80S Victoria 

-Olive h 107, 780 Ouellette av 

—Olive (wld Fred) h 5830 Rtvemlde dr (R’Slde) 

—Peter L r 1667 George av 
—Philip emp HI-Ho Serv-Ug 
-Phillip r 9*0 Campbell av 

—R Bruce (Jean) trees H S Andernun 4 Seme Ltd h 096 Ouellette 


—Raymond (Mary) orderly Metro Hcsp h 974 Hall »v 
-Raymond A (Eileen) leader Purity Dairies h 4'»2 Curry av 
-Raymond C lab Fcrda r 138 ludceview av (R'Slde) 

—R*gd (Etnma) pnee 4 mgr Dominion Twint Drill Ltd It 
1066 Chtlvar rd 
—Rlehd J r 120b Harrison av 
—Rofct x-ray »ecb« (ODE b 1101 Howard av 
—Robt painter Rmutell painting k Oec< rating CO Ltd rtm 

—Robt E (Andaman 4 Hmvieraon) re® It R41 Bel!® River 
--Robt J (Araunde) voMclemn CP Exj h I0CV Tounmgmn rd 

AlphabrituL Whiu P*f» 7 



—RcW W (Aml uatuiler N*.nhern Electric h IMF: Aemminctnr 

ev (ExxkJ E Tw?) 

--Rotnr. teller Cand* :m,-> tunic gf Commerce r 90*. ;ueli#«t» *v 
~*e»w i (Elteth) tUBi^fJL Awerbeok PlumUnj a Ha»nn; 

j*u Ir Co T * 4 r, i?. a -Min t U/J 
—ftctesd O (Florence) linotype «pr W luter.r fftar h L40 Uetalir 
pi (HBlde) 

-«4teaal0 Tiury r BIT Si U« rd 
—Rctuid »UvJr. r tlti Windermere rd 
-Cedis (eld 'An) h TV*roar rd(£acd F TsrjJ 

-Bophl* («rte Vtnrcw) r IT A Oak aw 

—ftentey * <E«rnic*t *mp DetreU r P14 Uaocin rd 
—Bteart H in drvr U rricm Cartage * I MO Conn am rd 

—T Stewart (Norma) irllfi Andemcjj 4 Bctm Ltd ft 9008 Wtlli- 

stsad ere* 

—TbeeRMw A (Elltir.1 {4ty I, 1J1 Par* » to l*4» Alesendr* av 
fy a«rt w -p»p| 

—The# (Eltra) staty engineer Deminler. r ^Uaij iJTftl Bail av 
—7Ttt* W (r^yUR) MiAru. contrLi McKinn-.* Industrie*. h Ml 
SaAdteso i« (SiAd E Ttp) 

—Vine** (Dune) amp Candn Bridge h 1041 Draulllard rd 
—Vincent J rteelwar Detrctt h 079 Ctu av 
—W fa red (Kathryn) h 9001 Vaugtmn .v 

••'A tiler A IMargt) emp Detroit ti Unit I <0. 090 \ftryaadcxt* CR*Sid») 

—A R r ?9t Campbell tv 

-Wm r 11» Carry tv 

—A'a r MC-feex Devonshire rd 

—‘Am r MfiJ Peter 

—Am h 432 University tv e 

••'*« r UX Wyenx tte • 

—Am F (Marion) Ug.r Advance Fleur A A til Covers Otetrttu- 
ura Ltd t :«f* Bvmsrd tv 

—A a P Mg servlrwmn w ateervCte Plumbing r 11*1 Gmarv 
—to Bender*.n (fteir I. Anderson 4 Gordon L Heoderucn) 
urckdlfite L.4, 1011 OueileU* tv 
nadlaon Cacti* (aid John) to itto Campbell tv 
Aodjateovtefa lllctl (Aoka) h IBS' Albert rd 
Articles Jut* V tom dagar iatl Tool* h .434 University tv a 
—Etacn (Felice) my layer Paul £ntd;u» Ltd fe 364 Carry tv 
Aodoalot Peter Lab Ford* r 76* Bruce t« 

Andrssky Mery (wW Sedur) r 121? Lillian tv 
Andruay Ml ml (Erlclw) exec dir Border Cities YM-TWCA h 
4Q3C LoagtaUow tv (Send W Terp) 

Andre Lae let A (A.iW) diver; meefa Detmlt 11S06 MrDou<^al! 
Andre's Beeuty 8th» (Ncrma l Grainger) IC!t Ottawa 
Andrea* Ac 5 IU emu) drrr Cteeter Cab Cc h 4. :» MoXay tv 
Andrenten Carlo (Eve) cmMnet mtr Korda h 2490 Menard (R*Cldei 
Andreelta Aoebc.ny (Hint) socuan war n 1090 Glndoune tv 
--FteruDL (Uln) lab Eaalerti Contrtn h I* W0 Louie tv 
Audre.'clw Joan (Maryt b 1407 Llamerr tv 
Andre] tcht Carol wtr* Helen** Flab. 4 CMpa 4 Confect (emery 
r 1900 Cadillac A (Mary) emp Ford* h i«s Cadillac 
A tvlrecUl SeraJlKi llrot) n 294 ,T lUtlgtien rd (Band E TWVl 
Andrery Mary (eld Seryet* Sr) h *5* I'lnrre tv 
—Bergen* (Mary) \»t Dur»* Ro-iflng h Pierre av 
Andre «i-l JdK -») 0000 MdlfQpfif Topper cub t> 15«* 

HuRSutr. rd 

Andreeen logo mecr B e nooe Hbee* Meo. b IJLd Bedtii neoanaen) 
Andrew Alt* t (Orite) ala mgr WR T Bygrove 4 Scr. b MOt 
Mui? rd ccor 

—BLUrtn Mrs r 661 .-t 8 L CervcnnMr* r 0 

-•Irma (Jeen) emp Chryalera r. &40 Belle Ule View Mvd (RTiae) 

—Lynae /» -urtxoq aide KJvemew Ruep r MK Mulfc-rd court 

—Owen M (Georgette! hbj Ctada Cuaa-rtvt n 40C< Edward t/ 


—fern B (Benylra) pfty 4 mrg lOlfl Wyaadncte fRTUki) 4 *41 
ItoMlnl talvd 

—Rcbt L (Marlene) etn rep ftm Otl Cc Ltd b 4311 Menard (R’SWe* 

—Blutrl If (Jatn) cinp Detroll t >40 A at in tv 

Aadrrwee Larry xtodt r iiu > Einmer* tv 

—Wr B (Florence) wub *Atn MLHlee unm» (Hydro DtO 4 7SCT 

Elamerw iv 

Andrew* a F ran* (Yarn) 4 3JM0 Hsertrd tv (Sand A Twp) 

--AIVce M land Ernes 1 ) h 1491 Windermere rd 
—Cottsben A (Jean) free border CHIm Aire 4 Iron Ud a 9291 
RLarcld* dr IR'Qtde) 

—Oewald «»? Border Clllet Aire 4 Inse Ud 4 222i Riverside 
dr (RfUW 

—Edwd 3 r lJ7 Carry e* 

—EL* r 413S Grand Marau rd a (Band E Twp) 

--Geo (Margi) tnsp Colpnlti Tool m P M3 Maldrione 
-Gertrude (arid Bamld) h 1074 Moy *v 

—Gordon (Marlet atarrtyper Wlndacr Ortly fitar h 10*9 Glad- 
•tone tv 

—Grace cl* typut Capreme 4 CeuRy Ceunx ree BAMsOregor 
—j .-bn (Mabel) •> BIS Scofield tv (Sam 2 Teg) 

—Ratfcle K lyplet Can Traei 4 Ban* 4 Erie Mvrt r 19*1 fUver- 
*lde dr (R'Sldel 

—Kaii iawr Mm clt A A4"^0 Olrtrdoi tv 

—r.rmeth G lDorothy) attembler Chrytlere 4 9090 Howard ev 
(Raad E Two) 

—Leslie (IX rdhyf «»• bit Ford* A 1*40 Msy tv 
—Murray j (Aleda! l^ reialkMB Korda b l£^ Ocyeea 

—Koneelt Q r 1, 7^9 Pal;e*(er 

—Stanley I ?• .«.*) aritama Catidn Bridge n Verdun *v 

- <*1 - r . ey I Dorothy) alerwAyper A lndt< r Star h 9Ci Edlaburougt 
(Swd W Twp) 

— 74 ca (Btirley) *i«Ri> W*olu- Dept ftor* fe 1*93 UarL«.rc*jgfc 
Andrian frergu» (Ocbriit) emp Detmti A 4W4 ttvliney tv 
Andrlaab Jacob (Atnle) ca/pCTIR h Xv Parr»Urw ev (KTU») 

—John aiedi r XC Ptrevire av (R’TuMi 
Aixlrlcftu* MUe D tfropMe) financial tec Aascclatloa of United 
tierstnlan Canadlaei )■ 4**v Moy tv 
Andrico Were (JaLa) patater b liJF Pierre ev 
Andri# Owi (Mary) *inr b 3M Wya^tte e 
Andrtea Slevea electronka tecbc Chryxlem a <541 Goyew* 
Andrgouatl Dorothy (wld ; .r.a) h Bailor blvd (Sttal t Tag) 
Andrv-a Gee (Mut-j imp Del roll h «4, MOl WvernWo dr « 
Androaluk Alex (Julia) emp Doming Forge h 2L£A Parent tv 
A win, toy i allot (Mary) b SftB Cfatriuue (Rea Pel 


A ndrnrnx-* cue l.ric A (D rlc| »r« <lrvr Tmtira rmnn?cr h T-. fV 

Ptrew.-. d av (jterj C Tmg.1 

Andruas*i* W' .M-ad) tnatat Qer4 Mrt rv h IL93£>a.gall 


— •A'Udjalt* etud* r I CSC Lnugall av 

Aadr&a T h e i - R e ce Ihetille) spray putmar Rati Pelieera t IJJ.* 

L111 tea 

Andnuttateertcx 31tv» (win Stanley) r Mi Aatu m 

Aodry Bernard (Alva) toot mar Paragon T 00 U 4 l. I4ib Ellla «/ 


—Oocdtm (r?»*n) Recti cpr MrKln^ n tnRteiHee K loll AlWn rd 
—Joe (Ursula) b fcM Belle tele View btvd IRTtee) 

A ndryjcwic* jtmetae IWteUmal woulder Duwuriic t*u*dry ltd 
h SI29 Domlaicn bird (Band W Twp) 

Andrxeju* Eugene tool 4 die ibkr Cbryateni A SIC Mefgbee rd 
13aad k Twt> 

—Mary r C3ir Meigben rd (Sand E Tag) 

--Serge Msemftle* Cary*term a i*M S» UR ra 
Andy** Cmfect^nery (Adrian O LeClerc) 14C CLeagtrey a. 
AndRHR Joan (AiRa) engineer Gtffcria 4 VtbM A IW Central av 
—Marata B atudt r iaai Central tv 
A eg Pc nurse Hotel Dleu Hoep r *** Peileeler 
AageUJcoa Ger-rgu (wld Wnu h 1&42 Bruce tv 
Angell Bruno (Eater) lab ItoodaU Const* h 1745 Ben^mlr. ev 
—ignets racA McRmwoe Inaotriee r 993 Erie e 
—J erom e Rev aeei paetor 3t degel* Merici (BO Church r *0C 
Lou l* at 

AngeUd Anna atvutt r <7C Gladatoiie ev 
—Anthnoy (Rct«) macb Chrynlere h 470 av 

—Feu**c etudi r 47C Gtedat -ne e» 

Aagetl Fred a I Jeesie) plmnr b 9446 BuortngbaR dr (Sand t TW|>) 
•Cu (Settle) Hut adjuster Travel era tea h r*0i Mar* w (Btnl 
*A TWp) 

Angelo Jaa (Dor thyl n 3X9 CaUtomte av 

Angekx Peter (Olga) cook Can -USA ftaetauruR 4 banguet boom 
fa 216 Him av 

Anger Alex (Doreen) drvr *W A A Flly to 9905 Ran*la av 
--Char P (Kaacy) <rk drvr Oec E White 4 Sea a £903 Franewls 
rd (Band Jt Twp» 

—Pram emp Chryaler* r .262 Ftaocn av 
—F red* \ rudu -.v r. labcur Impc Mam Pmd ree EmecyvW> 

--Oec R (Rsfry) maiat Oaurctomod Metropnlltaa Pchi to 1013 Bt 
Clair (fend W* Tkpl 

—Hamid (Dote) lab. deni Mobura to HID Westchester dr (R*8:de) 

—Jaa W trk drvr U-e>r**a Egg An r P46 Latmdie rd 
—RoM clar Argu Cleaners r Is*3 Raaeln av 
—Walter J (Valerie! Irk drvr Caado Breweries Tracep A 1096 
Arthur rd 

-Wn 9 (MarurJ tool 4 die mar Gilder Guard Mfg A Ed® Argyle 

—Wm t (Elinors) trk drvr Ctndr. Rrrareriee Tranep b 1740 La- 
badle rd 

Angereuum Manfrrd (Joyce) cl* Mali BmpicrymeM Service a 000 
CapOAl (Hem pto) 

A uglier. CarmelLi (Joeepbtee) pteobr Pyramid Mobile Rome* 
(19t4) to 9 CjO Pelletier 

Anglin DougUa Cl OUiheriJie) (nivwraide Fabrlratlon 4 Weidero) 
fa 321 trunk av(R*mdo) 

--Gary tit mr. Rivera id* Fabricatlaa 4 Welders r 311 rd 


-Geo M (Ltlitea) (Ki.emide Fahrttatlan 4 Weteeral to 3U 
LM090 rd (fttH** 

Angottl Agosttac (Coetansa) polUber Win Chrome Piet log 4 1*77 
Barrtetm av 

--AntoaU r 1177 iUrrieoeav 

--Gtevaaal l£liv*aa) polisher Wts Cbrvtnm Plauiig 4 714 Tuecarcra 
Angus Ague® E (wid BobU 4 3, 902 Pelletier 
—Alfred P (Rita) asm permmtei dir Perwcoam Dep; City <4 a ind¬ 
ent to XCir Clive rd 

—Ann Mrs mgr Ambassador Apt* b 33, i3W Ouellette a t 
—Gerald C understudy Caa Trust 4 Huron 4 Erie Mort me 
KRtl recumaeh 

—flertt : (Suaaone) fa I4S3 Mareetette av 
—Jaatebr feiure DemeScbi ree HR#1 Tecumaeb 
— 3mn U xaan rmtifate =f Windsor r 3, W3 Peltea^r 
—Jobs R (Slnuuial vuprvj - Detroit fa S653 Turner rd 
—Karan = r lat c Autus rd 

—Kenneth tebr Sdtib CaveU Public Scfal r 52, 1369 OueUette av 
—ijiwrence j I Edna} malar Windsor Deuvu TUneai 4 ifabf Auftu. 

— LUllan (wu Hertt) r 3016 Olive rd 

—meed B (Patricia) acct Detml) fa Ul Maltierw-Bra^ Mvd 


—Rom (Jamei tmp Custom* 4 beta* 4 1299 Argy.s rtt 

--Repaid W (Ann) taker Detrclt 4 010 Randotpe av 

Anhom WUfred (Dvinrta) (Umter Pyramid M .nil# Hcmea 11060) 

4 2300 PUlmie rd (Band E Twp) 

Aateml CUadc of Hive raids (;<i« f Sweaccn) 3919 WyuadciDs 

Anker Cash Register ala 4 eerv 414 Tecumaeto blvd e 
Ann 1 * Beauty Atoop i Mrs Ana 4 3ie** DonkoeM 114? Wyamtoite e 
-•Ccts/ectlnaery (Mrs Aon Zamcowwlcb) 1101 DrauUlard rd 
—Hair Styling Medic (Aou Tundl) b * l Llnssiu rd 
Aaaaa Harry M (11a) emp Dm rod h 430 Deter it 
AMMW Aab-m-teve Service (Eugewe eoeen) fir WaJetf rd 
—Eugene (Ckrtedtaa) (Anoea Aulowtcilve Serrtoe) 1 7310 Carry 
av (Land W Twp) 

Annett Bros Orucery (Gordon E Annett) 401 Uoedall av 
—Char L (Anita) (Mld-OcmtnL* f us la) t» 4. 1670 Wyandcti* • 
—Edgar L (D>rla) tel opr Ford* 4 207 UcKwaa av 
—Ethel comp cpr Auto Special!lee b v, iSM Etemem av 
--Gayle tchr Qarwaa McGregor Beal fa 3C*2 Avcndale et (Bam! W 

—Girdor E (El lathi I Annett Brea Orrery) fa L»« Broca 

—Gregory mudl r 1006 brvea 

—Rot* G (Marlene! rtudt to 14, ^ Shepherd e 

-Veima comp opr Hiram Walker* h IJ2. 1016 OueUette av 

Annette Apt* Areumttv-.n 

A ante** Dairy Bar (MictC Cvidecmn) UgM tencha. tSK 
Teozmseh blvd w (Sana W Twp) 

Anuta Bruc* r 14tt Huron Un* 

-•Gartrude (wld J*ntne) h 64, OueUetee av 
Annua Man •* USf Ung^om ev 


A'. . v>n Illr ,1 v*t ■- . , L * • . * F -4 

nolo Dei)Ut IJoyl , lair U -cerl C: I. the CliLXt e 
—KotwiW U d I'iil if.) f 46A ElUott • 

ARdlu Ante ' kmc Cup* TI*.; Dsr-igr. r |, ,flJ4 Cseurv 
—nstme K tafl4 DW Cepe Tool Declgn r r 4 j^tar* 

-4WU teller R yal &»n* r i. tC;4Gatun 
--Uni (Latea) empSICD h . 1614 Otar* 

Aaeelt Frank W (AUmn) h Itlt Diuijei, • 

A^ •« C*rt A (W ninlfn»d) ewyj Fordf it Kin,* 

AiRteed Air* Ueaapttec) R-jr DoRteLr.» fa t 4 Ml —• I 


—bruigri f a )4 Steven) h lilt Lieecln rd 

Amal J eerie (w(d Pate) r :wt» i^se rd 
—Julie (eld John) h .141 M*rvnie«l« *. 

••9lfarie pri. sec Benetlcuu Finance Cto ( Can r 1000 ft U«e* 
Amaya Cecil* lereattr r Til mcEw«a a; 

—Dor.thy Mrs tchr St CU’.c. ^nir SOU m Hl<«r Lustra 
—E4ed efiee* e»ma. ear BadliwCin 4 irein r TM* Duodur^ni) Me 
(SandW :*,)* N (Peart) teal 4 me mcr f ords to 41sf* 4 ndla*i rd \ 
—Geo C aup.-vmr Fsrde fa 453 Belle lols View toted (MUde) 
—Henry 0 (Mratca) drvr r^rQz to 314** Darutotraad bl « (?am to, 


—Lenta h 115. 444 Park w 

-^eter a Uibtrley) vvee-rree KahjK:* o4 C..]uriw* Mail h 14H0. 

Mac cay av Itemd W Tap) 

—Rsymr-nd (Leoea) * •> Srrvfawae av 

— How r 1960 Biveraide dr w 

—Therdore J buffer Flag Fir*. E^ipmem fc Lrbt Evarte av 
Ani*(k«cci NttnU (Adelina) lab Chryalar* h 636 Eliiuti * 

Anthony Harold M (May) h FI Felte u« 

—Laate r 644 Cturr) 

—T Paul (Gal)) ln*j 0*t.l M-.icrs L J’U a. 

Autb.Ay'a Food Marcs* (Antbcagr LeoafdulxD MS!*. Tareot t* I 
Amide Iran macb ope Waiaer Me**, i r.ducts to 702 Walaer rd 
Aongue Jeweitery Ltd Mra Oxana H- rimat pres, ai mtol Ilcttaur 
vec-trees 4£U Cueheitn av 

Art else Theresa Mrs nur%* Hotel Dleu ttoep b lC7t UtgtoUfide* 

A Rule* Joke (Annie) c ciail r Cbrytoler* 4 l?Ob Dnwtiterd n 
Ataoo Jtem p (Weada) tlama Union Cte* 1 . 23Mt Fv^satead dr e 
tSund W Twp) 

ntaonation Ann* r 113! Gladstone av 
A Ron* I Aotceto (Onela) Ufa Tcptwn Cctmn fa 1000 Uula av 
ARoneilt A»er*cc> (Gina) (AdatutC Cunfsciionery 6 Dry CleacRs 
DepcO S *l0C«aurcr. 

—Carl wtr CJnwoed lluiel r 719 Cfiurcto 

— Oanlgi r 7K Rnaeda> c r 

-Keraanfe etr Elmw-..d Bote, r 7)0 Church 

—Pauline (Fits) amp Eastern Canaln to *Bw HcoedaU av 

A stone Uc Alex (Anna) to 593 Focto av 

—Aiaetlu (Mery) eoj Bruce Da Sent; h 01® Wlndermrrr rd 
—Rena eltli Win UiUuie* c.ulbui (Hydrv- Dlv) r 303 Focto a* 

Arcoasee Jom (Hose) mldr Autoo opecu.ites Ud to Uel Worn 00 

—Pe»*r (Ka^enoe) wsmts^sem* Unto* Tax Co fa 1140 Dot wr 
a Rani* Peter (Helen) Ir* drvr Twwn uf KlwraMe to ilto <*Ldtow 
av (R-SUte) 

ARonlek Emanial (Mary) caret Hr Hugh BeaUm ReW to 36« Dongf 
av f fivvt w *. wj) 

ARr.ntw »**ji (*,*) lt %cu r Am Eeisey Wheel to T» BlldeRid 
i Rem Pa) 

AetaR>vleoe Tlnatite r 131 1 2is*uun) e 

Atrtonyto Wir. (Caroline) ma.rt 5 W 6 A R.wy* h 14i/7 13ncote ft ! 
ARoafaceu* Jos (CanU) r X£6 Avuodaie ct (Hand W twp) 

AtR&lift Vidor (Marla) die mkr Win Tool 4 Die fa M)7t Bynj R 
£ Twp) 

Aofel TXutuu meet, Wetater Mctur* (Aladmr) res kftlt. Mertto 
ApanarMWlct MU. .uj *ttp Can* Bridge res R R #1 Mauuum 
A per*: -J Can Ltd Dcuyias FHsgerald mgr phteagrapliic dopl^- 
caling ICA Vvcturia aw 

Apedatle Lernard C, (Irene) Hf mgr Purity Dairies b 4b (to Ueto 
av (H'Slde) 

A pel Trarmll Mr* ward maid Rive rv lew Do*, r ih't CwMldf 
• rrrue 

Ape* Ertc (Freda) tsralyr Easters Const* t 3C49 Saadwirto 
Apes Electresac* Windsor (Fran* Carltso) aouaa systems, tWW 
cv mm uol c ettoiua, car radvoa ate 4 aerv. Ut*G a.mpcsmp 

444 Put e 

A|Kiatai Gee (Florence) nupt Windsor Cv«n Apia to 110, l6tf 
OuelURe W 

A ycci oi lc Christ ten Ctourc* Rev Mien) Laageoe* mutster iD6 


Appte Dm] I Rowe) pres 4 see-cnee* Bee) Appei Ltd to 3&4 Part 

—Ben) Limited Ben) Appei pres 6 sec-ureas gn. :<6B0 (Iand*VS 
—Kited 2 Itonmat final adjust 6 repair mech BerrougM teuiaw 
Mac*, h 1171 DU ev 

-F.otoer dir Be* Apt*! Ltd r 344 PswteU 
—ilalmuht •**» Caadn Bridge Cc r ItTG Georg* a* 

—Leas. M Mrs see (T.nun Waliiwra v 394 Ouaern av 
--MUM R atudt r 04 tfamaet ev 

— 5 h 610 Giles blvd w 
—Run. A mudi r U7B nan av 
Apt-ell Helmut buffer East Fife Plating r 643 Caron 
Afpisinuir ALraimm A (Esther) tr ;r Hfwcel’s Dept FTor* to 2* 
Hall av 

-FSy* tludt r 1th kUll av 

—Gtt- L (Bertha) 1 rto Coletoum# Pub 8c(U fa 36? Vtlialr* s* • 

—Stephen atudt r JH Hal) •. 

Appleby matrles (aid lima) ft 2103 Wkniertwerv rd 
—Carlcna -ccr Varux n- Set i r 101 jmh st 

—Daniel F aenlee rep BCM Cut Ltd 4 21) Jaavptuaa 
-iter H cte Fords to «U JiHMgmna av 
—Sydney rvprmn Ctrysten ft 1310 Chari (8anJ W Twp) 

Apritetan Fred fa » Skltepwrcte pi (H.TbM 
Appleyard r^aoald r 67T ^uOilete* av 

— Utaald J (MargU engineer ary tier* h 46, 1916 WyandcRe 

-Frank all »gr Demere Eiectnc Ltd r Odd C eellette *» 
-Fredk A (Elals) (Brute* MotereycHm to Cara) to 1467 Tern** 
—Jack 0 h ltn Toamamma rd 

-uia (eld Fraflte fa 21 J. Ito44 WyandoUf tR Side) ^ 







PHONE 252-4411 


—Mary C * Ui W n l UdQ I ellcs vf 

—ffefS £ stem? EriUS) -r*>ci •» 7ir. r S4:" T j r*.vr -j 
~Pegd J IJ Anl dir W'aUy. It •: LU t M sirtkun )ivd 

<R S;da) 

—RegdT (Gat!) *ldr C I* Mrtnn'a fa i **1 Eoavl ct IT AM t T »p) 

—Rofc* A (Patricia) an?* meet. Hrh x? Vcnnycie* % Cam * 1**2 
Fact aria 

—T>H» traveller I'-ipratre Faint Co r. G«; Marjorie dr IP*. d«) 

—'d Hired (Anna) drvr JealLUW ’.cr "r*»rr h 2Z 12K w utiKttv av 
—'Am F (Mary I » meet rUlsf !/* mrycUoft Car-. * l<b' | tr»- 
a-nA U*«Ad I Tipi 

npp*i 1 (Margt) tonil-.a s 4 Uancfaanl Mi m Toe ft Die 
r M2 T htV.* rd 

Apt M\jo*]*na (. .d Joe) h I7Lt bill *• 
f qu*. Geo D erne ChnstebNi h 3*** dr OFSld*) 

—Tot* Lia C*\id .»uck Tor ;-n?c triton My tr* vlee-prvr fa *t 
equip It eucbUoe M4ts Weiner rd 
Aqmllna Fran* «trp Fat-Co h -til Callforrtaev 
Aqalno AMo (Pxtra f arena) r ITT* Francois rc 
—Antonio etrr Uorrti Constr *; P2Ii Westminster av (Sand t T*p) 
—Egidio ellh Rome Pli/via r i' r 7- Franco): rd 
—Frans (Katrine* *-n« KaU Auora&atir h 17? W Frwi*i;i rd 
—Glno ULrra I is. tral r r?h F rant* :a rd 
—Jchr todymi Marcel'C fienrlce r 1778 Francois rd 
—Lu.g: (AgMlfli) errt Car.dr. Bros* h ITlt Ollvn rd 
—Tony (Roma Piaavrlal 

—Tony (Anna) punch pr« >pr Katl Radiator h UlV Oliva rd 
a<tw» Donald J (Dorothy) amp Chryaier h DrouMart rd 
—Joseph (Ben*- c?l emr Chrysler i 1007 DrouiUard rt 
A rude' Vanagmer.t Ltd Steve Balaac prex muti v-jurpmgs 4145 
Charles-1Pair Pal 

Arema Gaarll raveul h illbO Chllver rd 
Arandjeiavich Dj irad) Urrai.tia) emr Carling Bnraeria* h r»2 
Leu gall 

Arter Jack fctehr Karl’s Handy Pood Jfltt r SIB? U«lo*v»me 
Arte or Arthur (J me) elect h 1512 Htre*rd a» 

—Lcnaida tchr Central Schl It a l® Argyle rd 
—Fraacu ? (Mary) (Artxmr % WaUlng mt h H7? Vlrtjria av 
—Lecalre (Alirvl ar *rc4ia*frr. !rrr Oil * t lMB Highland av 
—Mary Cstudt r J vlenria av 

—aidnsj i plant trgr Rlvrreids-Tecatntah Joint Water 'Aorte Bd 
ren Tee^iraef. 

—Stella laid Stanley) r 67? Victoria av 
—Thaa elstnn r fi T 7 Victoria av 

—4 Wellington i Francis S Artour 4 Howard C Wellington) public 
aceta 701 4 ?*H 374 Cusllette av 
Arbucfcle Archit>ald (Patricia) lat McKinnon Iwfustrlce h 
Hoaard av 

—Cecil officer Custom* 4 Exctoe fc 42 Ift Caagrain dr ffknti W T xp) 
Arauk Barter 5hop (Jaa Qcdollet 4 Antonio Renal) )3?S Wyandotte 


—Beeling Alley (Mrs Stella Hirr.sak) t268 Tecumrec blvd * (Sand 

-Hanlear- K3dfcen E Hlckal 431 Shepherd » 

-House (Paul H Wet»vl) hotel 1313 Wyandotie e 
Arcadia Press Ltd W Qlyn Roger* gen! irgr prntr 4 litho¬ 
graphers iVf Chatham e 

Arcai«n Ruby (eld Eugtme) emp Hliam Walker h TT7V Riverside 
dr oust 

Arcane Albt E •Georgina) lab Walker MeUl h to!* Carat av 
-Gerad lab Walker Metal r 1024 T-r, dllard rd 
—Liaette Mrs r. 1024 Droulliard rd 
—Ronaldpran*Kali Radiator r 1024 DnxiUJard rd Ernest C (Dena) emp Ford Motor h 3f47 Ida rd 
WtfKlr (wid Caesar) r 264? !<k rd 
—John 5 r 203? Lorraine av 

A retain tea ui! Louis T (Mary) freer, fioak Lawn Distributing Co 
h 3P22 Rose land dr w (Sand « Tap) 

-Root L studf r 3422 RoeeUnd dr w (Sand W Tep) 

—Sandra E research asst Detroit r 3022 Roaeland dr w (Sand W 

Archer Alex A (Ella) officer Customs 4 RscUe h 1443 Windsor 

—Era«t A t; 1227 Goyaau 

—Frank J (Pfcy)i*a) emp Hiratr Walker h 8)4t Wellwait? 

-<*aylona B with Win DUIIUe* Comrnn (Hydro Dlvl fa IM 3tarllng 

—J Gordon (Joan) coat acct Port Motor h Howard av Oand 

-John (Jean) prnfr Windsor Dally Star n 1B67 Ltoeotr. rd 
—Kentatth D (Mary) ahpg 4 receiving Windsor Industrial Fupplles 
4 Part? Ltd h 3417 Crocs 

—Marshall (Alfreds) (Archer Refreshment Sendee) fa 4M 

—Refreshment Service (Marshall Arcner) bos lurches 4BB Wafcketa 
—Hichc A (Beverley) errp Chryslers h 212. 3fi» Riverside dr 

-S Row (Malttrj Antoinette Laivai) r Iftfc? Lincoln rd 
—Sfatr.1 S (Elsie) elect engineer Finl Motor h 22i Janiase dr IR* 

Archibald Albt R emp Canada Hotel r 423 Grove av 
—Andrre 3 (Helen) emp Detroit n 22n Fmeerav 
leather hsekpr K Eaaaon r 1040 Highland av 
—F Emerson ttrxre plater Fort Motor h 37!» Vaugfen 
» 177 W ™ lr r 1316 Cadillac 

—Henry F (Evelyn) janitor Glen wood Pub Scfd b 32?7 Rockwell 

—Kenneth H (EHath) computer techr Remington Rand h 141 
Esdrsa (R Sid*) 

-Malr.flfc Mrs hsekpr h 423 Grove av 

•-ailrley »chr Holy Rosary 3chi r 4X5 Grove av __ 


--r-uaan si4dt r 3 4100 W>aodutt- (RTide) 

—Wm K sister London Life f. 132S Poisson (Tecumsshl 
Archie'.* . naea 4 Men’s L :*oy‘a Wear (Archie i>mr«ufi 1341 
Tecum sen tlvd v 

Arcoe Krcdx IF UftfldkClon) tool 4 die mkr Fort Minor li 274» 
fctyng rd 

Art Marta Mrs (Shamrock Beauty Shoppe) r ?3tf Partington av 
Artag); David W G (Anne) studt r. )4b R»n«.r. a% 
a rdelain CaUna (aid John) r 3! C Diu»!nh* 4 *. tlvd (5*nd W Tapi 
-Oeo J (Jessie) m*tal fnahr Cadillac PrddueU of Can h 3140 
Dominion I Ivti (Gam) W Twp) 

^ rdelean Anna t»id Oo) h lOK)Giles bivd - 

Arden Bldg lidO Ouellette av 

Ardern Annie I* id Alien) h 3W» Peter 

Ardiel Jar R (Rut/.) elcmn London Ufa h 418? Rivemde dr e 
—Karen see Detroit r 418? Riverside dr * 

—SuSah etadt nurae Metro Geni Hoop r 2240 Kildare rd 
—Wo* r (Margtt genl sis mgr H D Bryant Motor* h 30 Shorehaveo 
Wynd tR:vernier) 

Ardley Jotrn (Virginia) Ui: Pyramid Mobile Homes Ue&tM h 703 
Moy av 

—Marilyn ttl oprChrynlere r 3835 Connaught id 
—Robt n*ch Ford Motor r383t Connaugtit rd 
—Wm F (Marjorie) carp Ford Motor h 3835 Connaagfai rd 
Artron Alice (arid Irving) h 3£B 5l Louis av (R'Side) 

Arjulnc 2^r}e 1st Walker Metal I rd r K8B Fictrere «v 
—Xoraatl lab Chrysiere r 840 Martas av 
Are! Orville (Leila) tchr Belle River r 180K Chllver rd 
Arena Auto Para (Jack BordoH) Wyandotte e 
A rend G Wesley (Minnie) with Win GllUtles Commn (Hydro Div) 
h idso Oneida d 

Arflsro Cipro (Bruna) trkiyr b 1211 Uncoin rd 
Argent Arthur (Maude) carver Lynn Bldg It 4. b® Partington av 
—ilaxoi (wid Gao) emp lntl Playing Card h 1138 Wigle av 
—Patricia r 3315 Fraser av 

—Robt punch prs opr Car.tin CoUord l n>0 fa E FUa Creek rd 

—Wm J (Dorothy) (Audio Sound) fa 23U Fraser av 
Arglro Feter (Theresa) bartender Embaasy Hotel fa 29b Hall av 
Argo Cleaners (Lome L White) 2570 Howard av CR PI 
Argo's Senrtc.- (Argo R PartloaUl) service sm 3105 Sandwich 
A rgon Apu <31 Lou gait uv 

Arguin Laval J J mgr Metro Store* n 1035 EaaU^me (Rooeland) 
Argue Priectiur 4 InveaUgauae Service Ud John K For real prae 
Leonard McGeoogh rica-prea. ltoOGueilatts av 
A rgyle Apia 6b7-d&3 Arg>'ie id 

A rtgan Jaa (Susan) elanm Wonder Bakery h 522 Lincoln rd 
—Katnleen Mrs i*unch pra opr Leepo Mach Prod 
—May Mrsh l??0AuUn rd 
— Robt etrp Chryaiera r 1770 Attbin rd 

Arias John F (Grace) crane opr Ford Motor t 7lt rartl&gton av 
Aria tow Dtwltrs (Alesandral 1st Chryaleru h 8 >4 Cnatham * 

Arkeli Ronald K fir mgr irainaa Him LUt Ids r 303 Goyaau 
A rkilfl Bartara Mm amp Detroit fa 4484 Wyandotte • 

Arfcie Ruby Mrs emp Goodwill industries of Windsor lac h 12 S 
Wigie av 

Arkwell Ratty typist Fort Motor r ibC0 Bruce av 

—Emm* Iwld John) h 1508 Eroce at 
—Mavis In dm Hotel Dttu r ifOOftrace av 
Arieln Chas L (Anna) h 1448 Pierre av 
—Norton F (Doris) h 1T47 Langlo!* av 
Arilngtan Hotei (Mrs Mary Bonuahl BflC Erie e 
A rlott Doris M Mrs r I. 380 Glengarry av 
Armalac Domentcc (Angela) h 4fcl Goyvaa 
—Jos P (Anna) mac), ^ipr h 10W Windsor »v 
Armaly David (Margt) (Armsly Gown 4 PuppJyl h 29A? Donnelly 
—Gown 4 Supply (T>wld A nnaly) gi^JtsiUon ft confirmation gown 
rental service 2067 Dcmaeliy 

—Jaa E drvr-guldv Cantb Natl Inst for the Blind r RR# 1 Maiden 
rt (River Cankrd) 

—Jos (Helen) stxrnn Chrysler h M37 Clslrvtew ev (RiveroIds) 
Armaral'E C*reer lUlon (Genevieve Morand) beauty parlor 1440 
Tec-.are* a MvO e 

Armandn'o Barter Shnf (Armandc Lenlsa) S2I Pm e 
Armau Jan Grena) dngnr JutASon-McWhlnnia A ret.Heels h 3304 
Ass in av (Hand W Twy) 

Armbruai Geo H (Marjorie) mus tenr Gorton McGregor Schl h 
2472 W’In derma re rd 

Armtrunter Adam enrp Chryoiers r 1735 Byag rt 

—Geo (litulU) po) constat,it 1-olUv t>epi a 3831 Birch 

—Geo F (Barbara) emp It dm Forge Co h 1735 Byng rd 

Arm 4 Transport Ltd Armand B Adam prae Mrs Beatrice Adam 

ae:-tress Thos E Ritter dir 3401 Dou^ii av ( ’K Tapi 
A rmaland Bymie (Dorial (The Travel Shop) b 4Lu Belle iaia View 
uivd (ITfiids) 

—{sale (I hyUla) (Land's Logg» /el fa 3300 LanOurand bivd U^nd 
W Tap) 

Armenia* Francesco (Antonia) r 449Gladstaa* as 
Armes Allan (Annul emp Detroit h 52C Gm *t 
—M ary cheadat RP Scherer Ud r M0 Oakaa- 
—Waller r M0 Oak av 

Arrnit Stanley R (Theresa) Ins agt Detroit h 3t Gabriel ere* 
(Sand WT*p) 

Arm:tag* Albt (Agava) h 3E? 3 Byt»g rt Cand B Twpl 
—HoUls G (Ruth) emp Fort Motnr h U0O Elm av 
—Jean nurae Metro Geni Hasp r 22© Cbiiver rd 
—Wm C (Dorothy) lab Chrymlare fa 3fcJ0 Walls 
Armor I roducu (Rslatono MeCimel maaonry paints rear. 

2841 Howard av (Fart W Twpl 

A rmour Florence (wld Wesleyl h 730 Rooelawc dr CSand Wl^i 


—Harold Itlrva) with Win UtUIUea Comom (Hydro Dlv) h 005 
Brace av 

—Judy M cum r 001 Brace av 

—Shirley 1 nurae Grace Hose r 004: Bruce av 

Armourlea 37 University av e 

Armnuo Annie r *Uh Janette av 

—David 5 (Emily) sundry ala agt Candn Bridge It ©8 LaPorte av 

—Eric suprrar Smltti'e of Win res RR#1 Hurtr, Ur.* 

—Iron Worm Ud Mm Mildred Hamm prae, Fred V Thomas vlco¬ 
pra* ataei fabricators 1558 Howard av plant 1578 Howard 

Armstrong J forsmn Cunning:air Sheet Metal Vkm h 3280 Virginia 
Fk av Oind W Twpl 

—Alice M Iwtd Huston) r 3747 Walker rt tram) £ Tvp 
—Allan (Faye) Improver Hercules Too) 4 Die h 444 Ho medal e 
bivd tRTide) 

—Barbara E stud) r 1085 Campbell av 

—Beatrice (aid Calvin) alsldy Bartlet Macdonald 4 Gow r 1784 
Kildare rt 


(Edltfa) Consulting Engineer and Surveyor. Room 317 
Bartlet Building. 78 University Avenue Wesu Phone 
253-6311 fa 1712 Rlraretd# Dr (Rivvraide) Pfaonr 

—C G Russell (E O UFonialn* 4 Harry GrunweiJ C O Russell 

4 C Maurice Armstrong) conn oil teg engnre 4 land eurveyors 
31" 71 University av * 


(Joyre) Cunsutun* Eogiaeer and Surveyor. Room 317. 

Bartlet Buildup. 76 Umrarelty Avenue Weel. Phope 
253-6311. fa 49 Thompson Blud (Riverstde). Phonr 

—Carlotta fa 1106 Assumption 

—Carlyle H mason h 3747 Walker rd (Rand ETirp) 

—Catherine r 345CalifornU av 
—Catherine Mrecni Rivervievc Hasp r 1S80 Otlewa 
—Chaa J Rev tchr Assumption High Bert T 110C Huron Line 
—Clifford G (Dianne) elk Elmwood Motel h 375? Poplar av 
—Clifford R trtr Chryaler r 184 Thompson Wvd (RTHde) 

-David advtg dept Windsor :-tar r 3282 Ullse rd (Sand E Twp) 
—David stadl r 4 065 Pierre av 

--David W (Barbara) field rap The Retail Salas Tex Br (OnO fa 
MK Rankin av (Sand W Tap) 

—Donald L W (Mabel) eaaemhler Chryalers fi 3741 Matchette rt 
—Douglas J (Barbara A) tchr Prince Edward SchJ 1 1060 Cabazm 
rt w (Sand W Tap) 

—Douglas L (FftyllJa) meefc engineer Detroit h 3315 St Patricks 
dr Cfand WTwp) 

—Dwalne M vhpg dk L K Metal Products Co Ltd fa 1784 Kildare 


—E Madge b 6. 240 PUlette rt 

-Edith (wtfi Lome) r 201 Janlaae dr CR*2id») 

—Eileen F and: Cartier Parking h 3828 Rtcerdj rt (Sand E Twp) 
—Emily r 14?* Huron Line 

—Fenwick R (Edith) trees Cast Dry Bottling Co (Windsor) Ud r 
©3? Rlveretde dr * 

—Floor Sendee Co (Wm V Armstrong) floor landing 4 finishing 
4 floor coverings 1025 Campbell av 
—Francis J b 1003 pelisaler 

—Frank R (Gladynl acct ft sis mgr lake Erie Coal Co Ud h 3282 
BUse rt (Sand E T*p) 

—Gladys Cwfd Jaa) h 2301 Cabana rt w (Sand W Twp) 

—Grace tchrGleuwood Put Schl r 4*331 Montgrecery dr ($*»** W 

—H Uoyd (Doris) auto product engineer Fort Motor h 3685 
Randolph av (Sand W Twp) 

—Hasel M Mra r 3747 Hlllcrmt tlvd 

—Henry W (Jeoale) foramn Aoe Specialties it 2252 Dau^Il av 
—Howard (Shirley) miilwrtgrt Ford Motor n L3: Janisoe dr (R’Slds) 
-Ida (aid Gilbert) r 17® Moy av 
—Ivan M fa 34b CaLforrta ev 
—Jaa r 1121 Pierre av 

—Jaa A (Valerie) prar Guanustee Cleaners a 7U5 Church 
-Jaa A (Margt) tool mkr inti TooU h 1121 PIerr* a* 

—Jas O rtudt r 3280 Virginia Pk av (Sand W Tap) 

—Joan r 2280 Church 

—Joan Mrs reg nurse John Fry res Lramlngtrw 
—Joanne sttjdt r 1140 Wlgle »v 

—R lan (Dorothy) nr acct BerdU-F.cltpe* 5 6D8 Virginia av (R-T)ds) 
—Judith A cik Dept Transp-Chrfl Aviation 
—Katharine i*td Cllffcrt A) fa 1502 Prtnce rt 
—Kalhennv Mra wire Tcwne Coflee Shop r 341 Cfauham v 
—Kenneth M «udl embaimer Walter D Kelly Funeral Rome Ltd r 
1784 Kildare rd 

—Laurence (Dorothy) emp Fort Motor h 1453 Latadle rd 
— Lawrence E (Margt) t. 18l» Lincoln rt 
—Litvla etudt r 3863 Orion cr (Band W Twp) 

—Louella Mrs fa Id 13 Bernard rd 
--Margt (*W Oo) b 33® Church 

-Margt <*td h 700 Victoria av 

—Margt typist Aetna ton r 144c Elsmere av 

-Margvry M flnlahing opr John Wyeth ft Bro fa 3tA4 Peter 

—Martha ( X£ Lawrence rt 

—Mar/ 1 h T:, 1150 C-ueUette ev 

—Myrtle r 560-532 Devonchtra rd 

— Poter (Mary) drvr Bertrand's Moving ft Carta?- fi 7)2 Randclr* 

AiphabviuaL Wbv Par 7 






Qo* 0 * 






Windtor 252-7781 

Oclroil WO. 5-6877 



~R J QrW mgr Ttmn Hcu** Apu ft 1C, 1210 Doogail av 
—Rogd (Eileen) tool k die mkr tetroti fa 8SJ Rholaln* drllTEide) 
—RobtD (Olivo) Plant protection Chryalert ti 2370 Turner rt 
—Rogers G W (Margt) yard (oroirn Walksrviil* Lumber h 3782 

—Roy D j»lr apprentice Nantaia * H1U Ltd r 100 Lakewood Beach 
UHmi 3 Twp) 

--Roy g maint dept Chrysiers fa 3252 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 
—Sami (Kathorin?) stk elk Chrysler* h 1008 Wlgle av 
—damn otadt r 3316 Si Patricks dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Sharon typist Chryslero r 1494 Benjamin av 
—T Ernest (Jane Ml dentist l. 683 Partington av U 206 Caegrain 

—Thaa (Meryl#) lab Auto Specialties h 260 Glengarry av 
—Wallace lab J Kwlooky * Sons r 410 Pitt a 
—Whitney (Marie) reprmn Chryaier* fa 2304 Forest av 
—Wm (Margt) bate Waikorvlilo Collegia I* h 3632 Vtrjlnla Pk av 
Uiand W Twp) 

—Wm trk drvr Win Lumber ft 4. 270 Campbell av 

-Wm A (Martha) h rear. 10C1 Spring Garden rd (Hand W Twp) 

—Wm A (Edith) Immigration officer ImmigraUcn Br ft 1140 Wlgle 

—Wm D (Dorothy) (Armstrong Floor Service Co) ft 1*526 Campcell 

—Wm J morse teleprinter automatic C«T*Hi Cameron av 
—Wm K (Blanche) auprvar CftrysJern t. 1449 Element av 
Army. Navy * Air Foroe Vetoruio Glut (Unit 30) Jaa Bruce pres, 
jofcn Queenen let vJce^nsa. Jao Hof* 2nd vlflt«pr*s. 

Harry Graham »ec Wm Martin trod*. 10H Tncumaeh blvd 


Arnaaon John (Ragntwidur) (United Appliance Service) b $09 Grove 


—Om (Uergt) maeb Northern Crane k Hotot n 1834 Ottawa 
Anult Kurt W (Hlidegard) too) k dte mkr Chrylan fa 4272 Mount 
Royal dr (Band W Twp) 

—Palmer Uboratoriea of Can Ltd Victor B Chllderhoee pr*a. 

auto chemicals 1006 Walker rd 
Ameeud lan R (Nell) mach opr ChryaUrra k *» Campbell av 
—Kennetn E (Amelia) lab Ford Motor ti 137? Union 
Arner Mary poattng & teUar Tor Dam (tank b 26. 126C 
Ouellette av 

-May Mrs fa 3605 Rlbenty rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Sharon E apprentice FiniteP’n Flowers h 26, 1260 Duellette av 

A meson Ami T (Helene) b 1177 Curry av 

Arnett Howard R (Hazel) h WM. 3801 Riveraid* dr « 

A mew Gerald (Jeannette) amp Ford Motor b 1783 Buckingham rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Norma Mrn beauty opr Ivan Sales Bmuly Salon r 1063 Dougall av 
A mo ft Wm UsoteUe) ala r?p Major Raalty b WOO Mauol Royal dr 
(Sand W Twp) 

Arnold Abner A h £65 Chippawa 
—Alex (Eluth) b 1033 Windsor av 

—Bruce A emp McKinnon Industries h 23, 4100 ’Wyandot!* (R*Slde) 
—Carl T (RUa) fommn R P Scherer Lid h 308 Hcmedale 
blvd (R'Side) 

—Cecil (Rcoemay) crane opr Ford Motor fa 2127 Forest av 
—Edgar R (Mary) emp Auto Specialties r, 1202 rartingtoa av 
—Edwd W (Margot) lab McKtimer. Industries h 1484 Ell rose av 
-Elaine (wld aiwtnl (Scotch Wool Shop) h 480 Fallaeiar 
-Irvin R (Grace) drvr S W !» A Rlwy h 1663 Goynau 
—Ju C (Louise) emp Ford Motor h 3380 Baby 
-Jon 3 (EUen) emp Detroit fa 1632 Piiiette rd 
—Kenneth U (Alvina) foreinn-snpg dept Amer-Stand prod h 28W 
Rockwell av (Sand W Twp) 

—Lloyd A (Viola) excise -officer Hiram Walkers h 2400 Princess 
«v (Sand fc Twp) . _ 

-Market (Mro Elloth Arnold k Mre Ptroska Huffer) gro 1000 
Windsor av 

—Mary c>(! see Barbara Wood Ltd r 1G32 Windsor av 
—Minnie (wld Geo S) b 881 EUraw av 
-Mirlan (wid Fred) h 1024 Hickory rd 

—Murray aoasmtior Chryalero r 340S Princes* av (Sand E Twp) 
—Murray studi r 1163 Goyeau 
—Peter atudi r 1033 Windsor av 

—Roht G (Carol) cl* ilUetsr Windsor Fish DiaLributur* Lid fa 
IbaaemenO 2606 Deming 

—Rofct L (Doreen) emp Detroit fa 264-*) Bellevtnw av 
--Rose hsefcpr r 766 Parent av 
—Violet alaldy Done’* Shop h 1743 Oneida ct 
— Wallace A (M Mabie) customs officar Jjept Nall Revenue h 3013 
Woodland av (Sand W Twp) 

—Wallace F J emp Sentry Dept Store r 12a: Fartlngton av 
—Wayne atkmn Wefa3tvr Mfg r 347?. T irtver rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Wm L (Myrtle) trk drvr Genl Motor* t 104C Unooin rd 
A mold! Anna (wld peter) h 2226 Chari (Sand W Tap) 

Amott Geo W (Kathkwn) lehr Hon W C Kennedy Coll Inst fa 1634 
Victoria av 

—Urn K (Charlotte) h 1476 Church 

—Rott M (Reims) wldr Lamb Induo tries of Can b 2836 Aakin av 
(Sand W Twp) 

Amowlit Edwin toyer NaU Groctw n 1400 Martin 
—Hubert A A (Sharon) engineer C Q Ruaeeli Armstrong b LI, L918 
Wyandotte (R’Side) 

Amafay Philip (Baroara) tefar W D Lowe Scfal fa 7H Giles btvd • 
Amyaa Martin (J*ilia) maefa opr Candn Motor Lamp fa X333 Moy av 
Aron Matr.laa (Suzaanna) lab Purity Dairies ft 432 Parkview av 

Aronne Lucdo r 393 Elm av 

—Rlto (Cofoa) mgr Quality Home Modernisation Ud r 363 Elm av 

—Vincenzo ( emp Walaer Mebal ft 383 Kim av 

AronoH liaml (V oarl) off wkr Motorco Credit Union fa iQ&t Bri«5r av 


Arpan Douglas atudt r «84 Jos Jantase av 

—Harry J (Christine) fart drvr City of Windsor fa 834 Joe Janlaav 


—Melvlna Mrs r 2714 Chandlnr rd (Band E Twp) 

--Wttilsce J (Ethai) field evprvsr On*. Motor League fa 17W Mark 
av (Sand W r Two) 

Arpln Donald F (Christina) asat mgr Furs By Arp in h 2^ Rocs- 
waiJ av (amJ W Twp) 

—Loula (Mary) emp Ford Motor h 1068 Moy av 
—Louis J (Mary ) (Furs By Arpln) b 2227 FeUsslvr 
A rpln > 3llveetro (MlcfaelaJ lab WoolJatt Conabi fa 1942 A able rd 
ArquoU* Calherlme Mrs sen Windsor Match Plate fa 2687 
Tou rang** u rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Donald (Carol) rut-oar dipper Candn Coliorc Prod fa lt»7 Pard 
blvd (Dane! E Twpl 

—Emsat J (Pntncsa) stkmn Ford Motor ft 1631 Ford bird C*nd 
E Twp) 

•«Gary audit elk R W MaanesU k Co x 17» DrouUiani rd 
—Gerald L r 2667 Tourmngeeu nt CUnd E Twp) 

—Gordon faju*.dymrj Gol.Mn Mile Traosmlsaior. Ltd r 2047 Melghen 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Hera (arm tab r 2507 Meigmm rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Jos r 11. 461 Chiiver rd 

—Lee* J (Blanche) maeft opr Youngs Sprtiig k Wire fa 1T06 DrmdU- 
ard rd 

—Lloyd trk dr.-r r 1011 California sv 
—Louis fa 2047 Meghan rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Mariver, car faoatsen A * W Priv^tn Ceniml Av Br 
—Martin W loo) & dir mkr Trmcor SlMl b 8846 Randolph av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Norma r 27b Oladatomi av 

—Orville (Beatrice) auf nror Unlv oi Windsor h 470 Indian rJ 
—Raymond (Joan) assembler Cnryaiero h 1466 Felix av 
—Rena twid Edwd) n IM1 Hickory rd 

—Hlchd E (Helen) emp BendU Ecltpae fa 1630 Ford blvd (Sand 
E Twp) 

-.Rob* oanlcnmn Lapp’s Radio TV Service r 1709 Drouillard rd 

—Wm ft 1070 Mercer 

Arrand Dwmic E r 1623 Aufaio rd 

-Sari W (Vivian) innp Windsor Gas Co b 1822 Aubln rd 

-Everltl emp Eases Fasten l. I.M8 DrouiUard rd 

•-Mabio Mm n 4£>3 Campbell av 

Arrow Motel (Jos MmdckU 3230 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 

-Toola Ltd Rosa Willis pres. 1601 Craarterdav 
—Wrecking Co Ltd Frank Winxe prwa, wrecking contra 3041 
Howard av (Band W Twp) 

Arrowamllh Joa W (Emma) n 10 W Uoivoratly av w 
—Kenneth emp Dept Pub Wka r 2171 Wellealey 

— Leslie J (Louise) assembler Chryaktro h 2890 Aubln rd (Gand 

fi twp) 

—Thos (Ellath) fa 2368 Melgncn n) (Sam) E T*p) 

Amtda Lino wrecker M k H Trucking h TT0 Si Luke rd 
A reenault Donna studi r 1344 Lout* av 

—Erie A (Dora) millwright Chryalem b 113 8t Rose av (R’SldeJ 
—Fred store mgr Venter's Enterprises Ltd 

— Fred* A J (Rosemary) emp McCaffrey's Hi-Fi Tv * Appliances 

a 10b Laporte av (RfSlda) 

—Gerald (Marian) lab Ford Motor h 1244 Louis av 
—Gordon atudi r 1244 Louis av 

— Norbnrt (Jean) mach jpr McKinnon laduitrlss h 1776 Francoia 

—Rlchd E mach Clearwaivr Cbrysler-Dodge fa 1322 Bedoll 

—Rob! Btudi r 1244 Uuia av 

—Rot* 3 drftsron Great Lakes Forgings r 1788 Parent av 
Araeneau Oeb (Marlon) fa 547 Janette av 
ArtMroaault Alphonse (Marilyn) inap Ford Motor fa l37t Goymu 
—-Alphsmaa A (Catherine) taap FordMotor b2l? WestmumUr 
oivd (R^lde) 

—Daniel J emp L*etroii r 217 Weatmlnster blvd (R'Jloo) 

—Jos E (Margll emp Detroit H S2*3 Westminatar bivd (R^idet 
—Jos F CVoma) millwright Cnryslara ft 243i Meld ran, ri (Sand 
E Tap) 

—Walter J (Rachel) pren Ac* Roaiing Lid h 535 Edward av (R'Side) 
Antic ?ieven IMergt) plmbr Windsor Mechanical Contractors Ltd 
fa 3161 Bruce av (Sand W Twp) 

Aral* Marco J <L*«J tod mkr Ford Motor h 317 Virginia av (R’Side) 
AraUnjan Chaa mech European Car Repotrn Lid r B62 Bruce av 
Art's Barber Shop (Arthur J Chevalier) 1804 Wyandott- w 
—Luncn (Arthur Wellinga) 1167 Erie e 
—Point 3hop (A rthur Giroux) 1516 Crawford av 
-Shall Service (Arthur MaUaU 24Cri Wyanduit* (R’Side) 

Arialr Vito (Antonina) lat- Kofaen «ttk Ce (Windsor) Ltd h 738 Tuo- 

Artasta Beauty Shop (Walter TrymDulak) 3212 Glranlot av 
Art ells Oeo (Barters) emp Chryatera h 1878 Victoria kv Owd W 

Artenflald Wm r 1762 Union 


Complete Line of Hornes, Al Arthur MsuuRer. 2010 
Tcrumaeh B-ltd Eaei, Pbofte 045-0070 It MI-63J8 
(Bee Front Cover and Top Line*) 

-Aim a fc£3ft#(Al Arthur Real Easts) fa 1777 Laftadte rd 

— lesuty Galon (Mra Anna Tomaxll 8£b Arthur rd 

—Cnas H (Florence) ft J286 Partington av 

—Garnet pater 

—Jean fwid T boa E) h 684 Randolpn av 

—Penelope *3 dental aimt Joa M Emon r 1T(7 Lobadte n) 

—Roeabdl Mrs r 22S! Melgtwn rd (-land E Twp) 

—Selma cih Viking Pump r 1121 CuelieUe av _ 

—Thoc E A vmp Detroit r 504 Randolph av 
--Wm t alnmn cuy-Rlts Famituro Ltd b 3125 Peter 
Arthur* Fredk J (June M) air k trms Win Truck 6 Smraga fa 
3316 Randolph sv (Sana W Twp) 

—Orville (Elsie) drvr Ford Motor r. 130a Partington av 
—Wm G (Mary) ouprvar Metro Life Ina Co ft 412 Frank av (R aril 
Art rig* Juan r 487 Sunaei sv 

—Lucio (Mary) wat prof IMw of Windsor h 467 Sutawt av 
Artlco E jack (Hilda) drvr Windsor Auto Supply Co Ltd h 14W 
Lanadie rd 

Arting*r Alois (Anna) meat opr Ford Motor fa 3S30 Woodland ay 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Louis A (Emills) furenm Candc Bridge r 46fi7 Talbot rd w 
CJand W Twp) 

A rungatail Betty “iubt r 3334 Cfaarch (Sand W Twp) 

-Ettsel H (wid Sami) Cbrtstlan ^cianco Reading Room fa 2U, 260 
Park w 

—John a (Irene) emp Detroit ft 3S34 Church (£suod W Twp) 
—Kenneth otudt r 2254 Church (Sand W T wp) 

—Wm A elk Ford* fa 32a Erie w 

Artinlan Arthur (Marie) ssaembier Cftryaleni r, 3H4 Bridge av 
—Chrta M (Alice) emp Clly Of Windsor r 1008 Fell* av 
—Moca (Margi) 'dk Fords h 3L6S Dominion blvd (Sand W Tsp) 

—Humlr (Jean) (Noel's Custom Tailoring) ft I4d6 University » • 
—Sarah (wid Archie) ft 1000 Fells sv 

Arunaky Steve lab Chryalar* r 2409 Melgbeo rd Uland £ Twp) 
Artis* Katherine Mrs h 7, 129 £«e * 

Artistic Barter ^Aicn (Werner Krause) 1412 Tacumseb ulvd « . 
—Flower Shop (Eliaa SaLs) 131 ’Jclvarsity av » 

Artner Prank iKstherttw) (K k A Tool * the Co) b 3152 Dtrotlaris 
tlvd (Sand W Twp) 

Artona Studio* (Josephine A Smith) photo 103 k 105, 1610 CiueUte 

Arts Alain (Maryann) gdnr Hotel Dleu Hoap fa 2217 Turner rd 
-Harry wldr Mac J Brian Ltd r 1238 Lillian 
Arturo Barter Shop (Arturo Marius) 3*7L Ex x igall *u e 
Band F. Twp) 

Arvlaa Leone Mrs ti 6. 947 Wellington av 
A rwa Cfariatina (wid Reter) ft 1665 Gayeau 
Araenaek Caraiift* Mrn h 1174 Windermere rd 
--Maid r 1174 Windermere ru 

Asa Mom* (Rose) surg 12, 1428 Ouellette av 1* 2£4d Victoria tv 
Aeciak Emanuel J (Doreen) appraiser Central Mortgage St HouiU| 
Corp a 191 Bertha av (RUide) 

A scon Curia tn Ltd Anthony Soda pres. Mrs Gloria Soda vlce-pm. 
Walter McGregor sec-treaa. genl contra 4061 Huron Lina 
Baud W 1 wp) 

A scan Give M stodt r 432 Eaatlawn bivd (R’Side) 

—Edwd (Florence) gearctr Ford* h&8* Waaimineter tivd (RTut 
—Edywd (Gladys) mu- Fabricated Sleel h Aylmer av 
—M elvin J W’ (Audrey) tool crib Ford* ft CUi EiJllawn blvd (B'EThM 
—Wm (Ellatfc) emp Forda ft 132 trade pi (R'Side) 

AsoiUne Hoeanl S (CfaarloUe) n 961 Bruce av 

—Keith M ( UmUUnr cell Tel b 2646 Windermere rd 

Ash Dewar 2 (Brenda) h 8S3 Curry av 

—Dorothy « (Wid Ales) ale elk WoolworUiS ft 939 Wyandotte w 
—Harold A captain Win Fire Dept r 939 Wellington av 
—Jerome M vice-imp* Perfection Auto Products (Windsor) Ltd 
res Detroit 

—Judy atudi r 12 30 Lincoln rd 

—Leslie r ILUll) millwngnt Ford* ft 101, dlb Wyandiut (H’fiKW 
— Wm L (Eileen) boiler mkr Forda b Lincoln rd 
—Wm W (Emma) n 936 Wellington av 
Aahtald Faye r 1062 Dougall av 

Asfaby Donald F lEllmi) emp Cfaryelern t: *3CWk E din Do rough (R fif 
—Laurent A ISuzannri RCN fa 134 Curry *' 4 
—Marg» (evld Cdn*ld) fa *)b Edinbonugft (R PI 
A she Ales (Zakla) lat- Fortin It 1676 Howard av 
-Daniel alnmn Ecarfe k Co Ltd r IfiU CuallsUe av 
—Kdna (wld Assam) h 1449 Dougall av 

—Irving 2 (Margil faandymr. H D Brjafd Motors fa 110(1 OdtUiOlf 
—Margt Mro atenog R W Meanwell U Co r 144 Cameron av 
Ashley Donald wldr Cbryalare r 3nU Turner rd (Cand L Twp) 
—Gordon mec*. Candn Tralimobtle r U2l Winder av 
—Harold (Betty) Jew erwun mrr p rnlty Dairies r. 163 CapU^ln* 
—Joa (Dorothy) xpecr. Candn Trailirwbii* ft 3611 Turner rd 

—Murray C drvr Auoaer Baasry b 1532 Luflertn pi 
—Norman (Margtl mecr, Candn TrallmobU* h 542 Capitol (R P) 
—Rlchd (Helm! emp Cfaryslera r. 2450 Windermere rd 
—Rlflhd (J June) spray pnir Cfar/tierd ft 2G45t Louis av CR’oimJ 
—Wm U earl) imilem mkr Walker Meta) Prod c 1531 Windsor*’ 
-Wm J (Irene) emp Walker Metal fa 2545 E la me re av 
Aatimnn Ernest (Patiltne) elect h f$4E t*a-oon rd 
-Margt R alaldy Lorob^’d Yaung World FaaMccc r S42 Daw*s 
--Rlchd T apprentice elect Moore Electric r 542 Dawson rd 
Ashton Chaa E (Joyce A) alnmn r«troi! h 3390 Curry av (iUnd^ 

—Chester M (Evelyn) emp Chrysler fa 139b Fartmt av 
—Ella B (Aid Warren) r :ied Indian rd 
—Ethel I wid Wml bSdd Frans av (R'Sidv) 

—Frank *, (Ida) mgr Dumlnim Fewtng Machine Co b 1341 CuiB»9 

—Geo lDur**i.) axaemMer McKinnon Indusmes Ltd u 19U flala - 
Wvd (Sand E Twp) 

--Morisy B (Norm) tchr Jono u Cahill Scnl ft 2009 Femdais« 
(Sand £.Twpl 

—Sydney r )32 Laoaon n) (R’Eldw 

—Wm (Flor«:ce LI ft 547 Vienna *v 

AcMon’s Motel ( HU wood b Carton k W’alt-r J Rowan) 274* 

Dougall av (Sand W T *p’ ^ 












A t 














656 OUELLETTE AVE. - - PHONE 254-5141 


Aahwell Allan R (i.ilda) slairn G*nl Food* fc ieS.* 1 Durham pi 

—Ja£ stout r 1632 Durham pi 

Aaick Hie* (Jefcr.y) atsmn !. 142-i 1 want xu 

—Steve (Annie) h 14 5S Arthur rd 

Aakew Waitor 3 (Frances) i, aUFSeadagd) 

Aakin Alfred (Stephanie) grinder Korda r, *74 California av 
—J*j r 22P1 MarentetU: av 
~Jas 3 (Audrey) analyst Fords fc 3672 Montcalm 
—Jas A (Lash) purctaolng agt Eastern Coaatn f. n s Talbot rd n 
(Sand? Twp) 

—Manor Apia 191 Aakinav 

—Mar?t atudi r 774 California av 

—Nina 5 h 1017 Lincoln rd 

Asling Frieda (Aid Edwdl h320 Roasdale av 

Asmar Amelia (wid Touficl b 7(54 Sunset av 

—Edwd J r 774 Sun fie t av 

—Gea J (Beatrice! (Maple Leal Importing Co) hlittsd Chllver rt 
Aaner Abram (Libby) trk drvr Candn Bldrs Supply n 1507 Peliaalor 
—Cheryl tchr J L Ferets Schl r 1607 Pellaster 
Aoptnell John r 66 Si Louis av (RTSide) 

A upland Thoe E (V'.lerle) boring mill opr Win Tool ft Die K 1370 
Moy av 

Asdullh John emp Korda fc 614 Sooth 
Assail ca Row It 441 Rive raid* dr e 

Assail Eric (Jacqueline) tool ft die Fords h Sb, 101* Wyandotte 

Aasarlca Jos IManoial parking Jot attd* Norton Falmer Hotel h 
1036 Goyeau 

Axaei Jaa E (Annie) pres Ansel TV Service (Windsor) Ltd h 3113 
Academy dr (Sand A Twp) 

—Ronald J CElalno) vice-pres Aaae( TV Service (Windsor) LU1 
h 1362 Josephine av 

—Rudolph (Beatrice) mgr ABC Motel h 3040 Do,;jail a? (Sand W 

—TV Service (Windsor) Ltd Jaa E Asaef preo, Ronald J Aiuef 
vice-pres. Anni* Asaef sec-treaa. sic ft service 3347 
Tecumaeh olvd e (Sand E T*pl 
Asaelln Annette utrs Calcot Hotel r 376 Ouellette av 
-ids Mrs h 1114 Albert rd 

Asselstlne Harold W pathologist Metro Geni Hosp h 1216 
Devonshire rt 

—Kathryn K h 4, 74 Ellis av w 

—Stanley M (IldaJ phy Internal med *TJ£. 1011 Ouellette av h 716. 
2801 Rive nude dr e IR’Side) 

Associated Leasehold Ltd Induct rial land development 267? 

Airport rt (Sfcntl E T *p) 

Associates Acceptance Co Ltd John £ Worrell br rep. finance 
363 Ouellette av 

—Finance Cc Ltd Alex Kraft Van Ermel mgr finance 363 
Ouellette av 

Association of United Ukrainian Canadians Wm J Kokor pres 
John Mackuch vice-pres Mike Andrichuk financial 
sec. 1467 Drouillard rd 

Aasumptian Cemetery cor Huron Line A Wyandotte a 
-High Schl Rev Jaa T O'Neill prin. 1100 Huron Lire 
—Parish Hail church recreation hall entrance w s of Detroit 
—IRC) Church Rev J Roland Janloae pastor 2776 University av * 

Astle David W b 566 Janette av 
A«les David G studt r 1306 Roaslnl blvd 

-Geo R (Reta) staff aaat Hiram Walker A 3ons Ltd h 1306 Rossini 

A*lon Harry W (Lucy) plmcr fc 2342 Chllver rd 
—Jae D genl mgr Perfection Automotive Products (Windsor) Ud 
res Detroit 

—Jftnette Mrs c n a River.dew Hoap h 204 Hcrmedale blvd (R'Sldei 
Astro Welding (Renzo C rland j) 960 Howard av 
A sirup Hans (EUxth) als rep b 3676 Girartot av 
Asztaloa John (Julia) caretkr Can Bldg b 1038 Aubin rd 
Atcheson Ronald F (Joanne) leehn Fords h 317 Belle Idle V lew olvd 

•Atchison aee Also Altchteon 
—Bertha Iwld Russell) h 42 Giles tilvd e 
—Dorothy r 3633 Sftndwicr. 

—John D (Geraldine) sis mgr Empire Hanna Cool h 3336 Morris 
dr (Sand w Twp) 

—Marie Mm r 230 Strabane av 
-NMna (wid John) h 3IS5 Peter 

—■The* L (Kathleon) fc-remn Cbrysiers h 3*U Edward av (Reside) 
Atnsnanalou Anna wire Niagara Rent h 8. 804 Don gall av 
-Evagejoe r 2 , 604 Cougall av 

Alherly Lewis G sr elk Doit Stores r 1869 Jefferson blvd (Sand 
E Twp) 

-W’m (Nancy) btetir Red ft White Foodmaetar h IBM Jefferson blvd 
(Sand E T wp) 

Atherton Daniel F (Katherine) IBM opr Fords h 2340 Auoln rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—r.dwd A (Virginia) asat pabco Products h 1202 Hal) av 
~J*» (Lily) h 3324 Howard av (Sand E Twp) 

—Jaa Jr (Virginia) mgr IGA Stores h 3561 Longfellow av (Sand 
W Twp) 

-Regd (Marjorie) millwright Chrysler'* h rnvinyav 
-V-m (Mary E) h 200 Frado pi (R*Side) 

—wai M (Edna) asst sta mgr Univemal Button Co of Can Ltd h 

a.w. 2784 Aakin av (Sand w 

Ateter Lata* (Mary) r 37S Frado pi (RTilde) 

^ “twida L aacemtler Banner Metal Products Ltd r 1076 
Rknaolph av (Sand W Twp) 

R (Ma^da) (Atkin Sheet Metal) h 060 EUsmere av 
(Teena) cpr Riverside Tecumaer, FUtraUon Plant b 221 
laack dr (R'Slde) 
rQ«0Ah L lBOBrureaw 


—Howard (Mary) plant orotection Fords h 3140 Bloomfield rd 

—Irene (vld Waller) h 2440 Eroktne 

-Jas (r atr.cia) elk Konu h 1160 Hail av 

—Margt A typbit Himm Walker A 3or.e r Stt0 Eiumere av 

—R Keith (Sarah) off cl* CPR h Randolph av (Sand W Twp) 

—Hott (Yvonne) drvr Commercial F mtg h 1616 Lllllar. 

-Ro« D tlncmmi Atkin She*! Matal r 606 Erie e 
—Samr. pekr Candn Buoater Co Ud r IC71 Randolph av (Sand 
W Twp) 

—Sheet Metal (Calvin Atkin) furnaces, eavegtroughfl 13It 

Atkina Barbara Mrs wtrs Detroit r sfl7 Church 
—Denise Mrs tchr St Race Schl r 404 BeUuperche pi (R'Stde) 
—Erne®! H (Mary) aitdt Cowden’s Esso Service b ld-53 Francois rd 
—Ernest H (Marie) aervicemn Western Chemical U 1870 ‘West¬ 
minster av (Sand c TwpJ 
—Fred (Florence) h 233 ’ Turner rd 
—Herbt (Dorothy) mach Candn Bridge h 240 Gladstone av 
-Jon K studt r 064 Windermere rd 
—Larry emp Coca-Cola r 635 Randolph av 
~L«wranceE(Sandra) tlmekprFordsh<i5. 426 , WyandbUelR'Slde) 
-Leonard E (Ella) elect Triangle Elect h 2516 Wyandotte (P.TJlde) 
—Marion (wld Chas R) h tJ64 Windermere rd 
-Nathaniel J (Ella) cU J T Wing ft Co h 536 Randolph av 
—Owen J (Mary) counter alarm Howltl BaUery ft Elect Serv h 
1840 LabadLe rd 
—Patricia r 233 j Turner rd 
-Stephan L r 184C Utodie rd 
—Thoe N r 636 Randolph av 

"Win E officer Customs ft Excise res RR#2 Oldcastle 
—Wm V (Shirley) elk Fords h 411 Fatxvlew clvd (R'Stde) 

AUdnsor. A k 028 Giles blvd e 

— Barry E (Olive) g*»nl Lno agt 1226 Tecum*eh olvd e h 2424 Prin¬ 

cess av (Sand E Twp) 

—Bernard V (Mary) deputy registrar County of Eases Registry 
Cffloe h 502 Bridge av 

—Carl V (Beverley) mgr Maldgn Rd Wood P rods h 3400 ASkin av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Chaa C (Fearl) h 980 Josephine av 


D G Atkinson Proprietor. LUe. Auto, Burglary, 

Mann* and Fire Insurance 155 Tccumaeh Boulevard 
West Phone 254-2519 

—Dale E (Dolores) agt Barry £ Auinson n *4102 Windermere rd 
—Dennis lehr r 2424 Frtncaas at (Sand E Twp) 

—Douglasu IDO Atkinson fna> r 1373 Janette av 
—Geo L techn C'hryaiers h 308 Iracells pi (R^ide) 

—Harold (Mary* with Unlv of Windsor h 3229 Llnweod pi 

—Jaa A (Palmyra) drftsmn Detroit h 1063 Glendale av (Sand E Twt») 

-Jas T (Florence) h 329 Prado pi (R*5ide) 

-John W (Mildred) h 2078 Vlmy av 
—Karen emp Detroit h 8811 Wyandotte (R’Sldei 
—Kenneth £! engineering ft als Standard-Modern Tod b 1373 
Janette av 

—Marlon tchr South wood Pub Schl r 552 Sunset av 
—Marieen r 028 Giles blvd 

—Mildred J sis elk J T Wing ft Co res RR#J. Amhersthurg 
—Nancy dk Underwood Ltd r« St Clair Beach 
—Norman (Shirley) mach opr Dominion Forge h 2607 A rthur rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Philip F (Audrey) ruprvnr Fort’s h 1253 Windermere rd 
—Rlchd studt r 078 Charies (Rem Pk) 

—Rita (wid Wm E) h 1171 Flerre av 

—RoW assembler Chryoler's r 678 Charles (Rem Pit) 

—ROM D studt r 12£3 Windermere rt 

—Ronald G (Kathleen) vice-pres ft mgr Chooser Industrial Rubber 
ft Tire h 1724 Jeffertm tdvd (Sand ETwp) 

—Wm (EniUfeime) dentist 204. 1011 Cue lieu* sv h 1014 Victoria 

—Wm (Ellaih) plant prctactlun Dominica Forge Ltd h 1512 
Tcjrangeau rt 

—Wm E (Mildred) foramn Chryslers h fl?E Charles (Rem Pk) 
—Wyman (Beryl) empQenl Motors r 2183 Brace av 
Atlantic Acceptance Ccrp Ltd Craa P Connor br mgr, finance 
100, 1016 University av w 

—Finance Corn Ltd Frank Mount off mgr. 100. 1016 University av 

—School Inc trad* schl 004. 374 Ouellette av 
Atlas bell* slsUty Winojrad's Clothing r 1446 Victoria av 
—Heating ft Air Conditioning Ltd Svend Petersen prua. Herbt 
Uppke vu»-pr« ft, Mre lng»oorgr*«t*r*en sac- 
trees. 175)7 Benpimln av 

—Manufacturing (Herb*. Lunpkc & Sven a Fetertten) sheet metal 
prod 1787 Benjamin av 

—Meat Market Sacha Dell mgr. 3190 Sandwich 
—Pattern Works Ltd Paul Ft Dents pres. Rofct St Denis v.ce-pres, 
Mrr Margt St Denis fiec-treaa. 2714 Melghen rd (Sand E 

—Steels Co Paul Maatrnrocco diet mgr. H Ralph Waldoc off mgr. 

speciality ateeJa 3030 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Atrafi Steve (Jean) lax. Fords h 2416 Howard av 
Attaman-ijuk Prtsr (Eva) h 1411 Cadillac 
-Virginia sec eulofEduc r HliCwUllac 
Attenborough Henry emp Fords r 304 Victoria av 
—Jote H (Marilyn) *fceet metal wkr Cunningham Shoot Meui Wka 
h 410 Greendale :lr (R’Side) 

—Joto ?. glass wkr h 1864 Moy av 

— Raymond emp Coca Cola Ltd r 1884 Mcy av 
Attentourgh John (Creeds) t: (basement) !386 Oieiiette av 


AttrlU Helen Uid Arthur) r 3643 Seminole Germaine h 648 Chdlver rt 
Attwell Gladya D npr BeU Tel 5 BI7 S! Luke rt 
Attwood Agnes (aid AIM) h M2 Rankin av 
—Albt (Helen) aaseoament Town of Rive raids h 341 Gtldden av 

—Fredk E (Irene) Instrument mscr Hiram Walkers h 1380 
Ms ribs rough 

—Lillian (wid Jas) h 3637 Girardot av 

Au Ch) Cheong (Chelch-Mln) exr.p Letrolt h 235C University av w 
Aublo A Misa rjiekpr Si Gabriel Church (RC) r 1400 Cabana rd '4 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Doris R Mrs tchr Frank W Beglvy Schl h 6800 Birch 

—John E mill elk Win Lumber r 3800 Birch 

—Jos C (Florence) bankvr Detroit h 4780 Riverside dr e 

—Louis (Alice) empGreat Lakvs Forgings ft 313 Laoxon rd (RtSlde) 

—Yvonr.e banker Detroit r 4780 Riverside ar « 

AuDJak Angus (Karoliae) griivder Kelsey Wheelik 0.746 Windermere 

Autry Gary L (Margt) emp Detroit b 3213 Rockwell av (Sand W Twp) 
—P-ter R elk Dominion Forge ft Stamping Ltd r 2131 Wcodlawr. av 
—Rlchd (Rosinai sikmn Forts h 3131 Wood lawn av 
—Rosemary elk Royal Bank r 2L31 Woodlawn av 
Auch Oscar (Emily) mach opr A rmcoo Iron Wka h 1255 Cacana rd 
w (Sand W Twp) 

Auckland Electa (wid Leon R) h 1366 Vlmy av 
Auclair Jack G (Lucille) emp Commercial Industrial lns>ilators h 
1134 Elm av 

Auootl Alice (arid Arthur) h 463 McKay av 

Audet Edwd drvr Detroit r 1132 Goyaau 

—Edwd F trkr DetorU fc 366 Westch»ater dr (R’Side) 

—Frank E (5a ran) r 356 Weatcheatar dr (R*3ide) 

Audio Sound (Wm J Argent) 2315 Fraser av 
Audrey Fashions Ltd Harold E Horen prea Mrs Theresa Horen 
vlce-prea. Mrs Audrey Renaud sec-treas. ladles ready to 
wear 462 pellsaler 

Au&rback Fannie (wld Wilfred r 3050 Church (Sand W T wp) 

Auffrai Jos J (Loalrice) miUwrig)\t Cltryaleni h 1585 St Clair 
(Sand W T*wp) 

Auffrail Gordon E (EU.el) malnl Chryfilers fc 1225 Prince rd 
Auger Ernest W (Marlon) w)dr Chrysfera h 1144 McKay av 
-Qeo G (Muriel U »dpr ft pekr Win Truck ft Storage r 1067 Erie 


—Peur (Mamin) drvr Riverside Tasi b 1502 Church 
—Wayne G laoCnryalera r 1502 Church 
—Wilfred amp Chryalera r 1144 McKay av 
Au^/fllti Domecd (Alberta) ia& Walkar Metal b 1043 Lduia av 
Augur Victoria (wid Jos) h 554 Josephine av 
August r re Ik S (Gail) asst purcii agi City of Windsor h 103fr 
OnaiiM ct 

Augustin Tituo J lAnne) (Remlogum Auto Supply) h 2208 Lillian 
Augustins DavUi emp Candn Tire Co r 2238 Dougaii av 
—Ernest W (Dorothy) mgr Gubb'a Pharmacy Ltd h 3483 Church 
(Band W Twp) 

—Fred C (Helen) drvr Kingoway Transports h 1417 Westcott rt 
—Wilfred (Annie) h 36 77 Rlbardy rt (Sand E Twp) 

-Wm F (Vera) h 1056 Cmaldact 

AulDrook Albt G (Marion) ores Dial Distributors Ltd h 3531 
Lcngfrilow av CSand A Twp) 

Auld Laura (wld Chat) r 14. 16 Ellis av e 
—Marie (wld Murdoch) r. 103C Prince rd 

Asuan John (Shirley) lab Chryalera h 2950 Clemenceau blvd (Sand 
E Twp) 

Aurallo'a Welding Shop (Aurello I-agiia) 254B McDougall (Sand W 

Aurora Pastry (Jos Maria) bkre 639 Erie e 
Ausman Barbara Mrs aide Gn^e Heap res 2\ Clair Beach 
—Jan sifimn G G McKeougfc Ltd raa RR#1 Harrow 
—John D (BarUra) .La pa letter W-st?rr. Frt Lines h 510 Scofield 
av (Sand S Twp) 

—Lloyd r we ADUMOI) (ftexr F« 

A'^sant Emma Mrs h 1241 Benjamin av 

—Geo (Charlotte) emp Chryalera h 17E7 Glendale av (Sand E Twp) 

-Jerry attdt Millgram Stations r 2 *71 Msldrom rd (Sand E Tw?> 
—Roy R (Patricia) drvr Burtnac Mfg fc 70f Asrumptlon 
—Wilfred (Aural mtch DonelL’fi Service Stn r 2571 Meldrum rd 
(Sand F T*p) 

Auatan AUe* P ( etc Geo) h iy72 Windermere rd 
—Frances Mrs sis elk Smitr.’a o' W'inoscr h ?30 Lawrence rt 
—Ronald fi (Helen) (Arthurs Fitxgerald ft Co) fc 5355 McKay av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Waltrr (Norma) of! Windsor Medical - J301 Aubin rd (Sand E 


Austin Alice rf<i CaLana rd e tfanc 7 Twp) 

—Apts 1210 Fierre av 

—Arthur ftcrtfi) fc 1555 7 err* av 

—Cnaa sLitirn Robert Mora* Carr LU re* RRe: Tecumaeh 

-Ethel fwtd Harrvl fc 054 Windsor av 

—Frances E (w:d Waiiace) n 211, 11*4 CueUetie av 

— Harry M (Helen) h r/ci Arir.ur rd 

—looa R Mra travel fidvtsor WhiUoea Travel Service Ltd n 130 
California av 

”-Jan« priv fi°c Walker me Agency Ltd rea RR#2 Jldauile 
—J«asi (s»!d Rott) rngraa flettmana to rt) Ud u £055 Louia av 
—Jotui fc f?. 1291 Elmtero av 

—Leonard V tool ft die Detroit fc 3321 Everta av (Sand W Twp) 
--Lealic emp Candn Bridge r 1 *72 Gladstone av 
—Maol* nuroe r. 64a Catana rd ? (Sand 2 Twp) 

—Marion (wld Bruc«) fc 2005 Cisgrala dr (Land W Twp) 

--Mary (widThoa) t» 1772 Gladstone a>. 

—Randall *tudt r 144 Si Mary's blvd (R’Sfchd 

Alplubrtiui. Whin Pas* II 




-Rott J CBopoui n yn ■ Fetar 

.J {Pnr.otz W engineering tecta F0rd« a Si Lapor** »v 

-How S (Ethel) cable xptioer Beil Tei k 267S C*nduT*od tirt (Band 

instructor The Westers Cal erf Technology 

WMcsr r 106 Ptftrre av IXJ 

—W Lloyd (Lorraine) ®grO A Ingram Co (Can) Ltd »• *4( -i 
Mary's tiv;i (KTldn) 

Asutnt^r JuUUUA mc L fcende Reel £•***• * in* r JO? Lwciaanna 

••luynvmUC lAuOryt malnl WindsorStarfc «7 Duccanr* (Sand 

A^trln^UWA (FairicMjprtm.. ** 

—Id a nr. A bkpr Hiram Walker* r 233 < » *rkvxx1 ay 
—Sieves mnp call Hi Motel r 2337 r ark* 

AutbierCha* '*U*f Bank ofN3 r,*i-» «-» » 

— Raymond (EUen) mch CNunpUm “per* PUg h 1 • 

AuUoTtfv:N (Alexandra! v»P Fords h tOt Laportt ftV ’ 

Auu Body A Feoder Repair lH*t‘0 H CIdenfcurg) ^ngv Imrl 

-Flo C^o^Sl Ltd Joiin M *arm^r aaatlnfl 

accessories i£4f Atnteaaadcr dr Oars! W **p) 

ui 3 Co I Can) Lid Row M Foot* Pnrt 6 mar 

^*£3 TSZnwu. »*o .<*«•*>«« m«i • 

—Trltt Renoueior* (Lor»ld WliUoo) 573 Aylmer** 

-Wvil™Mi. r..rvic-. iid J*. U aimamM *••. «» 
*.*«**«£•» AIM a-rr* m^ SMO^oL- 

-Haaliag 4 Coolly Co (Johc F Cooaeyt furnace* TO Caters |»l 

*—<** «•“ 

—<^rdooH plarMr gr Surruugha Bualmaa Machines h lfi35Ptimt- 
ford ci (Sand W T*p) 

--M Ls* atudt r 1635 Stratford et (Sand W T«p» 

ZZ «T S3#«5—,« ™ h 1433 Everts *v .Band 

Avedesiar. AJrart (wld Barry! 6 1052 Fella »v 

AmiTprini^* PuUUWngCo Ud l r *«r P BuUt pp |!~./{£^ Ur1 | 
v3S8 vt«.pr*> 7*1 Tcrtmrtc I»* Drt»m»r^ 


Av*ri^ r ''Afi| ,t ^ (C^aele) amp Detroit fv 130 Carry ** 

iS&l3S£ S t^h? into Wyeth * « 

AvSlxmn A**y (wld X) h St Uuia *v f»M E T>P> 
IuJIazWI sir Boe««y«a * Bfa«« Ty rt 

AwAufa^UMTO*! ” t 1 ij W ; •tin ft 00 bl*4< r uw) t 

r^rr^wVwlml tri elk NYC R»U**y t* Ull IUti1!!b *» 

:S«CmS™" .« £««« A »« U«n«W»a» 8 
^!a«Jr?C ia*>w»«J l»* » 18V °'" u, * U " * 

Avrrlll Hs«t«r l#14 F &) h 1B« Aray:# ^ 

--Marjt (eld T Wir» it r«> HwieUw! * w U*n6 
AwwrmAnoBlo lT*r*»l Ut Uclcv»h Pavtoa h 1^ F*fwt * v 

-An»»toK!Ucmal lit, ScAA'JJJJg^* rP, " m ’ " 

ffisaWff*® 6, * 

-uiLld l Florence! *«»P »•»•■ f w liJJ22fJl’m 'del 

..j M w (H«lan) bus drvr S W fc A h 3420 CUlrrlm* »v (B -Ida 

• •Nellie (eld EdmD r 604 WcKay as 

—Rldal r Rl»• nude dr w 

—Rose M eec T Jol* Windsor r ?222 1 »ler 

-3aral. (eld Cl^ai A 6W Crawford av _ ., 

—Walter J attdi DertyaMre 3*rvtce Stn r 1142 Ooyeaa 
Avey Arthur W (CUral h 1234 Br-ice av 
AsSn Anwdo (Bead*) h 374 Cle^rry W 
-/jdy r 274 <11*0* rry av 

—iuae E elk City Finance r 14KM 7cwrargs*u rd 
—I>>ula (Lorraine! lat C N Rlya * 4M Aybrer «v 
—Peter tUaryt lat» Chrysler ta ^ Touranyn*^rd 


Aura® N^ualuSy)^ SS»*I« » Aleala nl (3and E 

—Paul CC<ora) forenrti Chrysler* n mi Central ** 

-PhUllp (Vera) lac Chryalere h 1<40 CrsMlar rd lBawl E T P» 
Avrarcovtr Laser i£»l 4 die mkr Maater Tool 4 We r ICS 

a At.,a iMary) h 978 Parent av 

Lolry*j?r^rtS)*•’’« mjr t»ra» .“. 10» t « ra * rt rd 

S 2 ^® 8 fiaSKSS » “*’* 

-rcd»rt T T*5'm»«r. W C CrwW. Art*.wc r 1330 Urn. ». 

Mimd »um r—M E rt Nertl r*»A «• W»1 H«»eo* 
Axim-d Dennis *tma r 1075 Wimtcon rd 
—Francee rtrp r^frrft r toC Orsc* »v 

^»Sh fe IM WA 33 

—Micisat i atudt r 157t Weetcolt rd 
—Oaw»r (Lydia) 4 IMP Bns av 

--*»« b ™» r?'°L , £KZ?S,u?a!£» 

n Wipr Feet Control Co r l^W 

Awala JKoccTlS Faatarti Csoetn r bTOGrove av 

iCrLd^S?.r <wid D»ld HI A WOI1M MU . 
** Truu : J __w at: 1am!1« »u 

— IWOl II WWW' < --- 

Adoua Geo (Tina) uol 4 die tnkr . 

Zy )Sfi W^OU^ir^iSureM Waatatnater Uclted 5iuf#)v 
► 1333 rp oyalt av 

Ayett Alan StoSW wT Pamiwjto.. *v 
Ayalte Leopold r 1271 Riveratda dr « 

AvfArt Vsman emp Fra** Co Avto CloP r 4J7 Churr.. 

Aylard Arthur (VarnaMI «*np Mim! NaC bank n 43 Midi? av 
-rSf!d tmr J t 5enecn r=»il r 1S51 Wind* nr a re rd 
AylMSorm AIM O (Elaaoor U terewn Cawtn Roe* Salt Co 0 30t. 
Alecaadar t ivd 

—Edwd attd» Chdlm-ra Bererloe r lW Gl« 0 *tTT »r 
—F'erry J (Bertha) toresus Chryaiem h 27tt Dtarltdflr. fch0 '-.ana 

Ayleu FredkE elect Chryaiera a IB31 Wtedermerert^^ 

AjSt* Alv^ J (Blanche) aaprvar Purity Dalrtee h 30Q - John 

—Lorratea went* Detroit r 1120 C*njf*-»h »v 


!S^ u « a <5?o3£ v s»“ 

AjttiiA S»b'iIs tr ntjr E*«l*->r Ul» I« C» ’ '< R«*»- 
mere av (R'ffidel 

A tiro 6 CFlieem proa Cook's Bakertea Ltd n -30 Chrldto- 

_*^S^2S'cur. E-.n- a s*» uwi rtWy. . 

A A>*>rd Rainier (Vellnal lab Fordi h 2414 Meldrun* rd (Land E Tvp) 

itu] Auii* (Elisabeth! h J6. 7B^.‘ -.tuelletta av .» _... . 

At^ jmrdl Prone X (Connie* auditor Dept »(«*« R " v * n - <K 
’ Tee Audi tarn! b Z£S*0 Tecumseh t tvd e 
—Guido L Cylvial core irkr standard Foundry n |W 4 GI«mOUe av 

—Lorevf(Va*ar.el die impr.Jver Inti Tool* h V»4 Edw dr (Sand 

—Rixwr G enyineer Chryeier r 

Z2Z ^ 

tmm rd IR'Slda) 

B A Auto Supply (Mra Dorothy, Leonard 4 Lealie >11^^) 
trailer remala Wya«tol»m 

•t u t V service UUiM 1 Baokhoeae) ST2B Poplar av 
l “ IZm Trt^tca.tns «3 W^otte • 4 1408 Wjpodo^ e 
B 4 B C«lac!iuoert ‘i<» 432 F,rt * 

B 4 C Enyravlir.) Ltd Frank Bateman ]r Prea_!''rwik .. d 

trtce^itsa. R 1 Rundle aec-treaa, 17« South Cametoa Hvd 

B p D Ud E**d E Bouteu. prae. Alb* J C^tor 

v'.ce*pr« 4 mgr. refrigeration 4 eaMilw) taaerunea 

B 4 LCaMnetMakero (Udo Boaato 4 Fallce Lap^ l^b Brva^ 

B 4 M Tire 4 Battery Ud Doagiaa Beneoo prsa. W* Tacumaet 
tied « Oaod W Tepl _ . .. ^ 

Hart, llertot G (Mary U mechaaiml aogmeer Totedc Scale u b«3 
Laujijn rd (R'Skte) 

-j«a» Mr* h *54 Oak av __ ^ ^ 

Babcock LeonardG UeacI mgr Tor-Docn tunk tt£K' Windermere 

—Eugvre R Hnrse) service 
U.-,ru»n rd 

„ mrry arm., rr« R«rt«*» S»d C*U3 * IW I***** ^ 
—House (Oun Kaht) hoi*! l<» College av 
—Joha (Katherirve) h 9S0 Dou tu Pe ctAc av (Reir PW 
-MetMlAi (eld C r wlip*) h S5TO Sandwich 

HRjSrl? 1 i ?k Korda r 3S1» CaodwlA 

!5S^SS^w-«»3«~» -« “*“• - 

• •fkeve (Ellelk) •« 89? PUlett* rd 

BtoiSlIl rtwn auy^Stfteltore ud h 3A4t 3t 
uacnajN)iir^r Autx> CpwcialUe* b *«7 Arthur ft 
—Waiter (La-Arte) nlatrti Mekar Roofing ti 33|t Curry av Cand 

—Wm tU^Hrutia! lab Kaiaer 1t*9 •» CU«*»mcmu tdvd 
Gatxi r T*M 

•tacMnd Brian etudi r «1 A*«e * H 
—Elam* P bntror Iva* Celea Beauty Salon. r 2|1 Aekln ev 
-Hooter A (Eulaltvi per* .-me. mgr Hotel Diet Haep h 3«i 

-phli^fTbrJn'f^di.-or^au.r Korin fc 211 Aeki-. av 

U^tc.^ 0 ^Vl» Hcrrrm n,C—E 

—Thmrt*^, *uir PMI T l"®** Au#ln rt 

Hacbeceky Fred (Polly) b I860 Alesie rC 

aachia Walter elamn Mtlkar Rooflaj r531 ‘Curryjv I 

Bactman Micipei (Helen! oxygen sfterajrfel Uoiei D4*J k •-»! VIB I 

hacfcmemVA*ny^ity i ?(Mar,i M*mn Selh Candt h Mfi Movant j 
(Land 8 T epl 

-Clam L errp m»m WaUer b AkTj Joaepwa* av 
—Jaa J (Beryl) «mp Detruii o 601 aria * 

—Magdalam (*<<1 J»* r Joaepnin# av 

r «. rt U-«3 | 

—Mila I Ja n M«»gh«i ro (Sand ? T*t 5 
ii^.>-uiky Waller tU»ry> ^ CWfgi W*J? , * PI 41f 
Bard: Ed^d (JuflebhLno! err: Fortta h 1220 A Alb rl 
--LIj (Kalla) lab Chryaiera t. 14tfi Unco*n rd 
_.( 3 m Uriel wmaKail ludlaibrfc •73 Camp 6 etl ay 
aStt AnirtNr (Ar«ue) emp F=rda 11701 W*indarmerf rd 
»ac: I :«eo h l W Central av 

K4 *ia Jcbtt CAniilol b 18^ Mtxii rt _ . 1 

Mac*«r Eleanor L *»P Detroit r 3001 Dcujall W BM A i 
—Henry (XaO.ryrJ aiamn A 4 B Appliance ^toN k &v-t?kll 

—Jack ?li«urlcvl ganflua 2nd Or PO OurUetla av h it*-* RaMa 

—.'iandra r*^aiared nume Ont Car.cvr Fdon<BUa» rwimtort r j 
33011 oujUl av Cand W Tap) 

backhow. ^>ihn H Uan«! .rrmlgmUw jfficerlrrtnl?ri«-» art i 
t446 Touiaageau rl 
— Robt (Annie) h 1*41 FeU* *v 
-Row J fl lia>h) id i) TV Sarvlcvl h 37t» Pomar *v 

—Wilma E r 1241 Fellaav __» 

u«catitan jean'Wra *U14y K-Mart Tept ftnre k t*>ar-™hi* * 

^Ssssass. am * 

lZ2"£**CUid FarO h 1166 Kildare rd 

Babecmi^iicrtfcel P ILola) obannaotat Hunter** Paarmacy k 1407 

—Peter^M*rguerite) (Babecbek Shoe 3tor*l b 1M8 DrooUiard rd 
••Shoe Store (Peter EJatachukl HM Droulilard rd ^ 

Heiecne Jotan V (Carol! production C Ary elate h 281 Bellevlew av 
aide Metro Beep k 1124 Gladmoo. av 
Batdak Paul lAnaa) h 1821 Weetcott rd 
Bablaas Geo (Mery) b Sb40 MfllU rd 
—PhUHa r 3HD BloamfWtW rd 

Babich Frank J Uoerpttne) lab Chryalare « UW Hxckory rd 
Babies Bertarm (aid MUloe) 4 24» .' ! umnr rd 
Habilu Aatboaj b 1144 Mar*n»eits av 

—Victor P (Madeiynn) eervio# elalaa *uprv*r Chrymlem ft 4341 
Caagrain dr (Sand W Twpt 

BaMn Beth Mm nlgnt elk Oreo* Hoar h 6. t44 Pttt • 

—Jas CYvonca* n 1** Windsor av 

IAnm> W 9 rto«.r CalooUl T "‘ » '^f h C {S??lr .» 
—Larry (Yvotae) or m?r Dt-tapnooe Corp Ud b 1131 Elm av 
—Vlodo (Kattartnel h 102. 14" Janetta av 

Bablnaau Doug** (Mar’unol Ue .a- 'ommender RCN n 330 Weal- 

-.JacaualS^ttui'^S^ieateruwier dr (R*Sld«* 

B^HSTwm (Mary! (SlU't Baroar Lbop) 0 (marl 1«37 Drouillard 

BatilogtoTpcte L (Patricia! )ob atr Ctryaiar h 8442 Frencua rd 
(Send E T*p> 

—Wayne catetkr RlvereWM SapH*i Church 
—Weilaley (Iaat<«ll*) mUlertgh! Walker Metal h 3007 Byng rd 
(Rand F TTO) 

BabUm* A tea lab Wabter Metal r 152^ LilUan 
Ptttluk David (Mbmiaj h 168B Hall av 
—Janette atudt nurse Grace Honp r 168-" H*U 4% 

—Jctr. crane abaft Otryaler* r I5d8 Hall av 
Bairly Oeo B seat cnl (Jntvamity of Windsor rw RRil Ihisaall 

i^ r “r-* V C« Lul » 13. 316 «»l».rm'.iir •» • 
Babuir. Angelo (Eneeu) lab Lnartng Cooatn h 557 Marentati* av 
—Elena mud r 657 Mareoialte av 

—Judith J see Shvpperd. Maaeon. Brand 4 Laagloia r 657 Marvn- 

Baby AfltS*v Wetm) oec-tmaa Peerleaa Steel Ca U4 b 438 Rankin 


-Ralph W MeraRknel cmart am 4 me partner Clarwah. 

4 Co )i 238b Mart av U*e4 W Twp* 
fareatrom Emin R (Myrtie! elk Chry»=vr» o 3135 F.verta a. 
(Jlaad W 1 ep) 

—y*Jlh elk Sentry Lwpt Store b 313b Even* *v C*nd A U|4 
-Oeo (Menml service men C E War ley Ud b 3W Reodolpk * 
aaoon bar r 839 DrouiUart rd 

-CdV.d A (Viol*! h 1704 Wtndermerv rd . , ,^i 

—Gordon D (June) etaty vtignr Duplets Jtaaa ft *» Carnal «•! 

—Ida (ei?3ecl IRellvue Tavern* h «7l mvereUM dr ; 

—F-vnnetn 3 (J«rm» aanuatton City of WMor iWfl>V jugm: 
—Paul (Purtcln) df elk Oenl Mctora ft **} *****?. * 

'•p-viald E (Lormtoal eirrCnryaitrt ft Uf OadUlaa 
badalair arm Vito I Martel oarber 441 Wynadnue * ft 780 ErP 

badale Tftoe crfta«'n WnUea Con> h ^44 Cameron ae ^ 

ladder Arthur fMaxtne! drrr Casdn C»rm\ W«!«m Ear Lid 

—ClarencTo (Cedae! rnpntn Chrysler* h 17® Drottiuard* 
— Francis W (Margi! tool mkr Fordo 4 4W5 Caegraln dr Iflw* 

-KeasmbW atudt r 4*Bt Casgram dr (Sand WT»p) 
-Raytrcod R (Marle-Jaannel mgr A A OHv^Ull 4JJ® 
Baderekl Joe P (Angel*! emp Walker M*»l b , 

Bsdgley f Mry H u* tdpr **»'• rutniiuis Ce r 428 Ctava» 

—Harold A (Kay* a 828 Cfaatm* w ___ ^ 

badlkoftj: Bmne rlk OalvemUy nf Wlnda.«r r l>40 Wvetroo * 
-premia (Vertical rracn opr Ford* ft 1?40 WesiooU rd 
eedo-ir Clara Mr* r tdO-588 Ovonsftlre rd 
-Lmolan U (Ftormicwl miner Caodn Sail h 3 831 Me icfteue rt 
—Demid P (Mar?) emp Chrysler* h ll » Jmepmm sv 
-irwne elk Royal Ran* r 122* Nte^r* . . 

—Jaa L CNoiai »o p Chryaiera fc 274 Reedmer* av (R - **■* 

-Jaa R atudi r 1331 Panitigioa av 

—Kenneth K (Bemlev* punen prs ocr Aelaey Wheel ft *1 
Wyandotte * 

-Marr »*id Peter) b 1428 Marenlette av 
—f hUio T Qrvnei aec-tr**e ‘Jelled Automobile Wkr* « A 
Lxai l« fi 1838 NIjwjws 
-Willard (Eve*yn) emp Fold* h 1231 
Badovumc Nlc* (Dragal convvyonraa ChrysJere It law 

n*d .. 

Badow Victor (Manuni emp BlmaerTort 4 Ue » i j. 

Badragcn Smart E (EJ.atiil >nli>r D«u o(Put Wa* 4 1 > J3U 

bednaxm Uvtd A atudt r 3)41 Gler.eooo av ( 
-Leo J l&eeir.c* e«rp Detroit h 3441 Glam* 
Baerg Elate M h 404 Smreton dr (P.*Sld>) 

3 A Tar?! 
nv GimI V ** 


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■(S»i s 

• RMC* 





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Famed For The Finest PRIME RIB ROAST BEEF 
We also Specialize in 7-Course ITALIAN DINNERS - Choice of 6 ENTREES 




B&es Jos £ (Armanda) f. 1302 hruc*i av 
Baetens Louis h l IS? Bruce av 
—Martha (xld Jules) r 940 Bruce av 

—Vorrtc (Marla) msst mgr Jndry Hotel Dleu Heap h 1140 Broca av 

fcaeU Jean J Mrs h l. 280 Wyandott** e 

—John sheet metal wkr Fords r Ml pellsaier 

Hafhro Pietro (Elvira) etrr Mathews Lumber h 877 Louis av 

pagan j Frank studt r 182 J Alexis rd 

—Nerea studt r 1828 Alexis rd 

-Peter (Helen) fir grinder Cotauttl Bros fa 182? Alexis rt 
Bagdasarian Herman (Rose) carpet layer C H Smith h 371 Parting¬ 
ton av 

Bagdle Roy (Jacallna) Ufa Chrysler* h 1188 Langlois av 
Baggio Alberto (Marla) Ub Walker Metal Prod b 941 Cataraqul 
—AttiUc (Rosanna) «tnp Fullerton Consul Co h 848 Elliott a 

—Catherine elk Mlchri’s Dry Goods r 848 EUlott • 

—Catherine nurse Hotel Lieu Heap r 922 Langlois av 
—Eugene A (Sandra) tchr H E Guppy High Schl ©I Commerce h 
979 Marlon av 

•-Kathleen elk Michel's Dry Goods r ft4a EUlott e 
-Mar.o (Jeannette) (Elm* Conatn Co) h 237b Chandler rd (Sand 

-Mario sutdt r 84H EUIoU e 
—CUmplA (arid Santo) h 922 Langlois av 
—Severino (Mary) h 1628 Highland av 
—Stalio (Rinat lab Capital Plasterers h 908 Lillian 
—Tine (Barbara) tchr W D Lowe Technical Schl h 2880 Glenwood 
av (Sand Vi Twp) 

Bagga W Eric (A roella) mgr Bank of Moot h 815 ChUver rd 
Bagiey Arthur M (Cecils) mgr Candn Tim Associate Store h IM8 
Tourongeeu rd 

—Audrey E stenog U1C h 1683 Pellaaier 

—Donald J (Ida) lab Win UUllLles Commn Water Dir h 1258St 

Luke rd 

—Dorothy studt r 1280 St Luke rd 
—Everltt W (Lena) mach Fords h 12-10 St Luke rt 
—Kenneth W (Mary) ©trp Detroit h 1139 Aakln av 
-Roland C (Kathleen) h 1806 Malta rd 
Bagllc Frances r 288 Hail av 
—Gaspare (Rosalia) (Gaspare's Mkt) h 286 Hall av 
3*gnaU Walter drvr Borden's Dairy r QbJMormouth rd 
Bagnarol tmello apprentice brklyr 1 Marcocdo A Son 
—Glno (Norma) foramn Ont Hydro h n e Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 

—Sante (Maria) Mb 1 Marcocchlo At Son h 1970 Westminster 
av (Sand E Twp) 

—Victoria (wld Am onto) b n s Tecumseh hlvd e (Sand E Twp) 
BagneU TeV.s M rn tchr Marlborough Schl r 3180 Sandwich 
Bagopovlov Pete (Jennie) emp Sunshine Lndry r 329 California av 
Bagahaw Regd (Helen) electronic techn Windsor Commurdcatitma 
Co h 9S7 Pehssier 
Baguiskis Job h U66 Lincoln rd 
Baton Touflca (wld Edwd) h 321 Church 
Bahrt Calil C dispatcher McKinley Transport b 856 Moy av 
—Irene (wid Albt) r 868 Moy av 

Rahrie Polar E (Anne) mach opr Champion Spark Plug h 1989 
Sprlnggarden rd (Sand W Twp) 

Bahry Mike (Lena) h 339 Rocedale av 

Bala A1 custom's clearance Windsor Factory Supply res St Clair 

-•John (Mary) h 3086 Rankin av (Sand W Twp) 

-John P (Eileen) emp Detroit h 887 EUrooe av 
bilctura Steve e mp Fords h (rear) 432 Caron av 
Balgem Jas h 1763 May av 

Ball* Geo 3 (Anna) slsmn Singer Co Of Can h 1222 Windermere rd 
•Bailey, see also Balllle and tiayiey 
—Agnes (wld Malcolm) ft 968 Moy av 

—Aubrey C (Grace) tool engineer Fords ft 1004 Lawrence rd 
—Bernard v (Marie) trimmer Chrysiera r. 26(51 RaadDlpb av (Sand 
W Twp) 

—Bemle (Nettle) h 2426 Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Beverley M percent promoter Adam's Furniture Co r 3479 
Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

-C Lois (wld F M) h 722 Argyie rd 
—Dan r 1267 Windermere rd 

-Daniel (Mary) elk Fords ft 3331 Rlberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

—David L (Maryloo) asst sec trees Woollatt Industries h 1. 3290 

-Donald C (Rosalie) wldr Maple Leaf Metal Prod h 3120 Turner 
rd (Sand £ Twp) 

—Donaio F (Dortu) alflmn Caw Trucking h 371b Askin av (Sand 

—EdwO W (Ve)ma) roc eft Wonder Bakeries ft 888 Stanley (Rem Pk) 
—FRA Son* (John E Bailey) bldg coittr 2386 Gladstone av 
—Fred G (Christine) mech Keystone Centre h 423? Mount Royal 
dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Fred C assembler Chryalers h 222 Louis av 
—Oeo (Ltoiiae) production lab l.eepo Mach Prod h 880 Assumption 
(Leone) payroll suprvsr Detroit h 48 Prado pi (R’Slde) 

W (Ethel) mach opr Fords h 1955 Weatcott rd 
-Gordon L (Shirley) trk drvr Riverside Fisheries ft 3317 Howard 
av (Sand W Twp) 

—Rarry h (Eiaia) mgr Raas Stores Co Ltd h 3410 Woodlawn tv 

(Sand £ Twp) 

—Harvey (Mabel) h 2038 Wyandotte (R’Side) 

-E*rt* A (Marie) off elk Brewer’s Retail h 3479 Tecumseh blvd 
»(Sand E Twp) 

** Jm punch prs opr Wrigley Steel Co r 3331 Rlberdy rd (Sand 
, ETwp) 

-Janet off oec SUtftam-Pope Ltd rec RR#1 Amherntfaurj 
—Jessie (wld Jbjj) h 1276 Windsor av 

—John (Mary) chef Tunnell Bar-B-G h 1306 Church 
—John A studt r 23-38 Gladstone av 

—John E (Evelyn) (F R Bailey A Sons) b 2303 Gladstone av 
—John J (Sandra) slsmr. Automatic Canteen r. 427 Rholalne dr 

—John G (Dolores) emp Detroit h 2602 Buckuvgnam dr (Sand E Twp) 
—Justin O (Ruty) abtmn G G McKeough Ltd ft 3441 Church (Sand 
W Twp) 

-Kathleen Mrs h 480 Giles tlvd * 

—Kenneth G Uanirw) lab Hiram Walkera ti 330 Focb tv 

—Leslie T (Audrey) maim wldr Fords h 3724 Malcbett* rd 

—Luella h 2259 Lincoln rd 

--Melvin h 632 Patricia rd 

—Monica Mre n 1018 Assumption 

—Motley W (Mary) ft 1064 Gladstone av 

—Myrtle mgr Rivard Cleaners r 3190 Mark av (Sand W Twp) 

—Norman.foreron Hiram Walker A Sana r 9-38 Moy av 
--Paul lab Chryalers ii 20^6 Ottawa 
—Raymond studt r 3446 Church (Sand W Twp) 

—Richd (Rebecca) omp Detroit h 334^ MLUen 
—Robl otndt r 3331 Rltjerdy rt (Sand E Twpl 
—RoU (Madeline) wrohaetrn Ei-Neigbbor h 8. 3251 Sandwich 
—Rflbt T (Mary) comtnr o( works City of Win h 3333 R veraide dr 

—Roland studt r 3331 Rlberdy rd (Sand £ Twp) 

-Ronald studt r 3331 Rlberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Ronald F (Helen) exp agt Candn pacific Riwy Express Office h 
3960 Randolph av (Sand W Twp) 

—Susan J studt r 23tvj Gladstone av 

—ThtM W (Mary) apprentice mech Wastview Garage Ltd h 489 
Langlois av 

—Wtn L (Aadrey) asst mgr Metro Life Ins ft 3271 Everts av (Sand 

-Wic L asat recreation dir Riverside Recreation A Memorial 
Center r 212 Belle Isle View blvd (R’Side) 

Balllargeon Albt r 152 Jefferson blvd (R'Slde) 

—Arcnie J (Isareile) elect Bend lx Eclipse h 3577 Turner rd (Sand 

—Arthur R (Olive) supt Riverside Pub Utilities Comma U 161 
Rlvardale av (R’Slde) 

—Bernadette elk Candn Imp Bank of Commerce res Tecumseh 
—Bernard G (Linda) 1st Bendbt Eclipse h 1802 Malta rd 
—Dewey J (Evelyn) ti 210 Grand Marnls rd w (Sand W Twp) 

—Earl h 531 Langlois av 
—Edwd metal fnshr Chryaieni r 280 Louis av 
—Evi r 631 Unglob tv 
—Gerald r 280 Louis av 

—Geraldine off wkr Hiram Walkers r 357? Turner rd t£and E 

—Harold R atidt Riverside Esso Stn r 191 fUverdale av (R'Slde) 
-Harry (Lydia) h 260 Louis av 

—J G R computing elk Customs & Excise res RR#1 Tecumseh 
—Jennie r 162 Jefferson tlvd (R'Slde) 

—John M (Eleanor) mech Dunlop's Sunoco Service ft 1971 Weatcott 

—Jos (Gertrude) tool 4 die wkr h 623 Kildare rd 
—Lawrence emp Forts ft 35® Turner rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Uormrt (Frances) trk drvr Rlvxrt Cleaners h M7 Capitol 

--Linda teller Bank of N S r 280 Louis av 
—Louis Jr r 152 Jefforson blvd (R'Slde) 

—Louis J slsmr. W J Bond; A Sons Ltd h 152 Jefferson blvd (R’Side) 
—Luden E IFlurwnca) mach Inti Tools Ltd ft 1855 Arthur rd 
—Ludanne (wld Edmond) ft 1. 426 Plttav 
—Marcel tre&a Club Aiouette Windsor res Tecumseh 
—Regd J (Da) lab Marentotte Contr h 1. 380 Grand Marais rt e 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Wallace D rep F Bernard Dupont res Tecumseh 

•Balllle, see also Bailey and Sayley 

—Andrew T (Helw) h 3600 Dandurand blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—BenJ A district agt Maple Leaf MlUlog Co Ltd ft l. 619 Pellasier 
—Geo 1 (Dorothy) emp Detroit h 1107 Raymond av (R'Slde) 

—John officer Customs A Excise r Id? Si Mark rd (St Clair Beach) 
—Robt C Ok Ferrari a IGA r 1107 Raymond av (R’Side) 

—Wm B (Marlon) mgr Adams Drug h 3511 Tecumseh blvd w 
—Wm H (EUsth) tool mkr SK.D Mfg Co h 2847 Everts av (Sand W 

Bain Ann M Mrs bkpr A mach opr Crown Trust Co rea RH#l Rus- 

—Audrey hsekpr r 685 Sunset av 

—Chas A (Alma) trk drvr Candn Breweries Transp h 3046 Rock¬ 
well av (Sand W Twp) 

—David L apprentice imp Optical r 2063 Grove av 

—Edith iwld Cecil) nurse aide Grace Hosp r 885 Moy av 

—Geo ft 4. 270 Pairlclx rd 

—Geo (Joan) excise officer ft 0?l Francois ct 

-Harold prtn Southwood Pub Schl h 206. 1290 Ouellette av 

—Jas N (Joan) investigator Dept of Natl Revenue b 72 Thompson 

-Jas RS (Margt) mach opr Champion Spark Plug h 3237 Rockwell 
av (Sand WTwp) 

-Jas W (Anne) h 686 Moy av 

-Joan C atenog Candn Hanson h Van Winkle r 671 Franco la ct 
-John L (Olive) llnumlth Fords ft 33*2 Baby 
—Jos W (Maris) porter Sentry Dept Store h 2063 Grove av 
—Linda J elk K-Mart r 2063 Grove av 

—Livingstone (Irene) cide! chemist Hitmm Walker A done Ltd h 
2794 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 

—Milton M (Ruth) h 7A t 247 ChUver rd 

--Ralph H (Rita) staty engineer Hlront Walker A Son h 332 Aakln 

-Robt emp Direct-Winters Tnmap r 3352 Baby 

—Tho* H (Margt) ticket agt N Y Central h bB8 Oak av 
—Wm spot wldr Chryalerx h 1021 Cadillac 
-Wm W emp Kelsey Wheel r 7A, 247 CMlver rd 
Bain bridge Albt R (Norma) drftsmn Glffela Associates h 3006 
Radios on av (Sand W Twp) 

Baines Francis W (Doris) staty engineer Com Forge b 409 Prado 
pi (R’Slde) 

—Fredk E r 1328 Ellrose av 

—Rose (wld Nlckiss) ft 1895 Riverside dr w 

liAtnB Alex J (Edith) h 487 Memorial dr 

Baioff Louis (Menka) with Paramount Grill h 703 Bruce av 

Baird Agnes (wid Jas) ft 1543 Riverside dr w 

—Donald A (Annabelle) emp Detroit Windsor Tunnel ft 888 Hail av 

—Ellxth (wld Robt) h 2338 Parkwood av 

—Geo R (Georgia) alaunn Purity Dairies h 302b Virginia Pk av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—John (Helena) h 2322 Windermere rd 
—Richd J (Marion) engineer Percy P McCaUum Schl b 1841 
La basil* rd 

—Rod (Daisy) h 1865 Windermere rd 

—Robt B (Shirley) mach Candn Bridge b 3700 Dandurand hlvd 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Wm G (Marion) treos Globe Sheet Metal Co Ltd h 3399 Asktn av 
Baitman John caretkr Sacred Heart Church h 1068 Shepherd e 
Sajak A mb rasa J (Ellxth) mach opr McKinnon ind b 3476 Long¬ 
fellow av (Sand W Twp) 

—Helen (wld Frank) h 1808 Elsmere av 

—Robt A emp McKinnon tnd r 3476 Longfellow av (Sand W Twpj 
Bajona Albt (Yvonne) drftsmn Candn Bridge re* Tecumseh 
Bajram Kilml r 1476 Huron Line 

Bajuraa Erica Mrs emp Hliwm Walker h 689 Kildare rd 

Baku rich Karl (Kalfcle) brklyr Eastern Cansts h 4963 Wyandotte e 

Bake Chas £ (Florence) ft 164b Lincoln rd 

—Douglas F mchF Taylor’s Mkt r 305 Isabelle pi (R’Siue) 

—Geo off elk DlngwaU Car Sales r 1846 Lincoln rd 
-Gerald C (Betty) off elk Fords ft 1229 Duffarin pi 
-John B (Patricia) with Win Utilities Conan (Hydor Dl-rt ft 427 
Watson av (R’Side) 

—John W (Barbara A) district aLnxnn Slgnode Co of Can It 2641 
Pri ncess av (Sand E Twp) 

—Norman R (Shirley) suprvsr Fords h 769 Sunset av 
-Rose-Marie (wid Ernest) h 305 Isabelle pi (R'Slde) 

Bakema Anton (Renee) emp Chryslvro ft 291 BeUevlew av 
Baker Albt (Theresa) dtvl mgr Confed Lifo ft £144 Lincoln rt 
—Albt M (Harriet) prin Prince of Wales Pub Schl ft 1015 Lawrence 

-Archibald F (Lena) janitor Nicks Ison Tool A Die ft 2148 York 
—Barry app tool mkr Steel Master Tool r 1015 Lawrence rd 
—Bernard (Frances) tool A die mkr Fords h 2995 Academy <lr 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Elans C (Joanne) drftsmn Melania Conveyors ft 31 Ellis av e 
—Cameron (May) tel opr New York Central h 419 Rank in av 
—Chas h 478 Windermere rt 

—Chas M (Ada) mach opr Kelsey Wheel ft 1953 Francois rd 
—Clara (wldSidney) ft 1064 Monmouth rd 
—Clam (wld Frank) ft 491 Rankin av 

—Cuthbert T (Jean) foremn Fords ft 2401 Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Dariyn r 2148 Ydrit 

—David (Goldie) h 624 Randolph av 

—David G studt r 244 Riverdal* av (R'Slde) 

—Dean studt r 395 Curry av 

—Desmond F traffic mgr Morton Terminal Ltd res Harper Woods 
—Donald (Elanore) buffer Candn Motor Lamp b 947 Goyuau 
—Douglas R (Patricia) slsmn Shell Oil h 39® Riverside dr (R’Slde) 
—Edgar (Faith) lab Fords h 1641 Moy av 
—Edgar E r 1746 Femdale av (Sand E Twp) 

—Edwd S (Edna) aeamn C N R b 376 ChUver rd 
—Ernest (Mlalxle) h 1662 Victoria av 
—Esther emp Detroit h 4 1360 Ouellette av 
-Evelyn (wld Alfred) b 931 Windsor av 
—Franc** Mrs ft 317 Marentette av 
—Frank r 1, 491 ChUver rd 
—Gary G (Patricia) lab Fords ft 235 Crawford av 
—Gayle st udt nurse r 410 Rankin av 

—Geo A (Shirley) techn Writer Chryalers b 3379 Randolph av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Geo W (Laura K) off dk Alsco Aluminum ft 1617 Hall av 

--Gill reg dental techn McLaughlin Lento] Lab r 1535 Ypres hlvd 

—Gloria r 401 Rankin av 

—Gordon r 461 Bruce av 

—Gordon E> (Miriam) pair Fords ft 396 Curry av 

—Grace (wid Waller L J1 b 1644 Church 

—Grant A (Judith) spray petr Care By Carlton ft ie46 Grwenview 

—Harvay I (June) lino opr Windsor Star h 1333 Church 

—Henry r 1333 Moy av 

—Hilda M (wld Harry) h 8. 74 EUls av w 

—Isabel A personnel Chrynlers ft unit C-19. 810 Wyandotte (R'Slde) 

—J Oeo (Vivian) abpg dept Forts ft 3245 Baby 

—Jack (Barbam) trade Schl Forts ft 297 Rail av 

—Jas ft 3553 Queen 

—Jas r 323 Riverside dr w 

—Janet studt nurse Metro Gen! Hoop r 2240 Kildare rd 
—Janet E atudt r 3246 Baby 
—Jennie r 47; Dougall av 

—John H (Sylvia) sis rep H D Bryant Motors h 1574 Bernard rt 
—John J (Marjorie) (Modem Cartage) ft 412 Prince rt 
—John T (Mary M) mfg techn Fords ft 1895 Arthur rd 
—Jos O (June) mgr Windsor Curling Club ft 2135 Benin (Sand W 

—Julie Mra ft 033 Marentette av 

Alphabetir*L White Page 1) 









—Jut* tkfir Whiles He Coughlin fc Wbltgsld* r 1333 Church 
—Kathleen slum nurso Metro Cenl Hodfi f 2240 KUdkrt rt 
—Keo H Real Route 8» Ins (Kanneth H Hater) 35 Shepherd e 
—Kannatn H (WUfcslmlno) tKon H Baker Ins k Feel Estate) to 
4183 Riverside dr • 

—Kirk r 606 Church 

—Leo G (Joyce) canrtkr Vincent Meaooy Collegiate h 2, lOffi 
Wlgln av 

—Lea i (Rive) h 3790 Maichette rd 

—Leonard (Genevieve) tool grinder Forte fs *64 Partington xv 
—Leonard F (Daley) h 2254 Poruitav 
—Linda 2 atudt r 2401 Horman rt (Sand E Twp) 

—Lindsey r 400 Chllvar rd 
—Lloyd (ManjB h 217 GU<frt®« av 
-Mac (Jean) much cpr Ports h 1739 St Lake rd 
—Margt Mrs r 3CM Lloyd George Mvd (Sand E Tap) 

-Margt audi r M27 Rockwell »v (Sand W Twp) 

—Marjorie Commercial Enlerpnoec (Marjorie Baker) ad w«r- 
load, direct mail, bkpg service 412 Prtoea rd 
—May haakpr r 1467 Windermere rd 

—Morris I Florence) b Bfe7 Moy av <ta . w _. . . 

—Omar C (Monica) dentist 601, 374 Ouellette av h 1636 Yprea bl/d 
—t.'oeu (wld IrVtw) to 1-3. i486 G i sds t c n * av 
-Ralph T (Jacqueline) pcPOh 1137 Fell* av 
—Richd amp Detroit r 1617 Hall av 
—Richd A itud* r 2136 Bonin tEand W Tap) 

—Richd J (Wlntrcmle Sound Co) r 410 Rankin av 
—Rob! A M (Ventela) roaint man Windsor Pol Sin h 3231 Mark av 
(Band W Twp) 

—Stanley G r*P Montreal Uie lna rao Chatham 
—Suaui gaol dk Marjorie Baker Csmml Ralerprises r 412 Prince 

—Thoa atudi r 2144 Lincoln rt 

—Thoc P (Georgina) emp Patron h 3800 Rocemount av 
—Veryl M Mr* h 820 Dougall av 
—Vivian alaldy r 1*366 Martin 

-Walter IDortX) Imrp Fords r. 438 Stanley (Rem Pk> 

—Walton Montgomery 4 Co Ltd Frank B Walton pros. Mrs Mary 
Walton vica-praa. Betty-Joyco MulUft aac. 3«nl lna 
401-402. 267 Pellsaler 

—Wealay D careUtr Central United Church r 436 Chatham e 
—Wilfred f Barters) lac Chryslers h 363 Oladatomr av 
—Wm A (Jane) mgr Crown Trust Co h H92 Victoria av 
—Wm E (Ethel) h 3827 Rockwell av (Sand W Twp) 

—Wm H (Madileoa) foremn Hiram Walkers h 38J3 Hiller* at blvd 

-Wm J h an. 286 Ptlt a 

—Wm J (petal oupt Fords h 244 Rtverdale sv (R*SUlsl 

-Wm P (Kathryn) studt h 898 Lawrence rt . 

Dairy Bar (Naim Mady) 1034 Wyandotte (RTJlds) 

Baktuu Louis cook Italia Plautrl* r 1609 Parent av 
jakieh Pul (Chrtitine) amp Dom Star** b 296 Parent av 
Bako Eliath Mrs r 1333 Li l li a n 

Bakes Alex (Irene) stock Chryalers h 1783 Ungloie av 
—Andrew car washer Central Auto Wash r 1647 Lincoln rd 
—Ohas (Juliana) mach opr J A C Tool k Da Ltd h 4180 Longfellow 
av (Sand W Twp) 

—Clara studt r 1380 Hall ev 
—John (Elisth) lab Kelsey Wheel h 1280 Hail av 
—Joa (Ptroa) allot Big Chief Service Stn h 1647 Lincoln rt 
Bakes John (Eugenie) mach opr rorts h 2282 Louis av 
Bakst 8 Wm (Eli&th) harr 329 Ottawa h 6b80 Rlverstda dr (R Side) 

—Rots W r 8680 Riverside dr (R^lde) _. . 

Baknt David (Doris) tinsmith Fords h 3440 Dominion blvd tau»d 
W Twp) 

—Sewel locksmith A newatand 608 Ouellette av h 470 Aylmer av 
Bala iris studt r 1474 Pierre av 
—Mary r 1342 Drooillard rt 

-Nicholas (Anna) tool grinder Fords h 1474 Pierre av 
—Raymond (Marjorie) staff sergeant Pol Dept h 1903 Tourangsau 

Balaban John (Jean) assembler McKinnon industries h 342 
belleperche pi (R'Slde) 

-Nina R r 3720 Poplar av 
—Steve taxi 3720 Poplar av h same 

’X'm (Ludmila) TV teefcn Waddell's Sound 4 Radio h 444 
Ford blvd mSlde) 

Balaaiar Annie IwW John) h 1196 Hickory rd 
Hsian Daniel assembler Chryalara h 2 425 Pht* 

Balaach Nick (Johanna) lab Laarlng Constn to 1972 Cadillac 
Halaseotio Jos (Mortal constn wkr Eastern Constn h 1778 Benj¬ 
amin av 

Balatoftl Arpad N etudt r 149 Homedals 61vd (R Wje) 

—John (lions) amp CPR h 140 Homedals blvd (R Side) 

—Julius A studt r 140 Homedals blvd (RTtde) 

Bolozlc Lrv-d* suprvor of qstllty control HUam Walkers r azu 
Ma rent ells av 

—Ludulc (Mary) elsv opr Young Spring A Wire to 2212 Msrentstte 

Balsas Horman to 594 Janeue av 

-&**• Oilrley) pren Aradco Management Ltd h 2874 West¬ 

minster blvd (Sand K Twp) 

B»i>Mti Bsrtalsn (Ellxth) h ldlBtay av _ 

Bale bar Andrew (Julia) tre drvr Chryslera h 3<*. Morris dr 

(Band W Twp) 

—Beatrice «mt> Detroit r 1W6 Victoria av 
--Lydia studt r 3066 Morris dr (Sand W Twp) 

-Susan (wld Michael) to 1566 Vlptoria av 

Halcca Jas chef A wtr Tasty Bar-B-0 r * 

n.u r.i. nt iDn«.U) ri«) dr Chrvalers h 2223 Turner rd 

bald Jotm W (Rone-Marie) wldr Chryslers h 2223 1 
Haldansara Dowui studt r 1740 Mercer 
-job H (Helen) with Win Utilities Comma (Hydro Divl h 1740 


—Italo (Emilia) cement Sishr Raymond Alien Co h 1107 Martooav 

—TommkJto (Marti) lab Aulo Spec Will rs ti 1742 Mercer 
Haldaasl Dnnl «np Crescent Ftnnnce r 1CW5 Jkoetts »v 
—Joa L (Roes) forerun Harrison Constn h 1063 Janette av 
—Leo (Ida) h 121 Janiase dr (R'Slde) 

—Roland J (Shirley) tmrr ft sol 403 374 Owllette av h 3030 
Avondale ct (Sand W Twp) _ , „ ^ . 

Balder Guntlver (Mar gt) h 3816 Rlberdy r«l (Sand Twp) 

Bsldl Antonio (Lucia) lab Fasan A Son Ltd b 2148 Marwntette av 
HaldlnaUl Arcangelo (Antonia) tab Prov Contractors to 1311 
Campbell av 

Soldo Tony emp Chryslers r 549 Elliott s 
-Vincent 4Aww) Motor Steves Hsndyf»o» 5 243 Pierre av 
haldockOeo A (Lorralna) emp Ctorynlera h 4^ Ypreo blvd 
—Leonard N (Taullne) treas Toledo Scale b 946 Bartlett dr (Band 

—Wm N^pJjTOaater B W A A Rlwy r 31W Mark av (Send W Twp) 
Baldwin Dorsad C (Lillian) trier CNR h 141 Carry av 
—Douglas ahpr Thotnoor, Produce res Era*a 

—Edith r 144 Curry »v 
— Flats 317-323 Marsntatta av 

-Frank R (Lomal prtrn Windsor Auto Snippers h 1975 Ontario 
--Gary (Nancy) ala Ctorynlera n Q 386*7 Wyan^tto e 
-Geo tool grinder Viscount Cutter Service r 901 aiadstons av 
—Irene E (wid Henry) h 144 Curry *v 
—Jaa b 2*4 Pterr* av 

-Jas A (Patricia) yardmn CNR It 12&4 MOMBDUtii rd 
-Minnie « wid Wm) h 1146 Tuscarora 

—Patrtda Mrs elk Rtvnraldw Pub UUlttlee Cornmn h 600 Bell 
lot* View blvd (R'Slde) 

—Roy (Grace) Janitor Fords b 2233 Turner rt 
—Stewart (Annie) mlUwnght Dom Forge h ITSSlroquotB 
fell, carl 3 (Doris) leading signal maintainor NYC Rly b ' 
Rankin av 

BiSSi l Jo ta M^W«dy) set up man Fbrda h 1404 Uiadle rt 

—Paul M Barber Shop) h 380 VUlalr*av (B t S(*i*) 

-F«t*r (Betty) hair atjfUst Rntfttkmaafe Ualr styles h 4^4 
Prado pi (R’Slde) 

--Wm studt r 394 Wyaxv)* tie e 

eil!m Joa^nSt^tS) JfL^r Provincial Police n 2643 Turner rt 
Balenl Andy r 89b Elam* re av 
BaUntlno Lyra carp Cantarutll Bros 

Bales Paul tkkrial h 836 Chatham o _ , .... 

Bales trial Albt J (Uru-re) to 2606 Dandurand nlvo (Sand A Twp) 3 (Beiairice) yard cood CPR h UV4B Belt 5 av (tend W Twp) 

—p Anlhcny app rentier prntr Ways id* Prtntsro r 2490 
Dcminion b)vd (3and W Twp) 

—Patrick G (Mirlr) engineer CPR b 8490 Dominion blvd 

Ifaltot/charDUe Mrs canteen Rivarvlew B:ap h ’’47 IJncoln rd 
—Murray (Carol) emp Chrynlem b 5066 Bsig (Sand E Tap) 

- Wm (Velva) atkmn Fords & 23^0 Alexis rt (Sand E 

Balga Flm Service (Jos Balga) service ^uttwn 34»J Wyandotte r 
—John llAirgi) emp Mike Balga A Son h 1630 Parent av 
—Joe studt r 1628 Parent av 

..Jos V (Dorothy) (Balga Fins Service) to 66Z California »v 
-Margt chkr FamouH Cleaners r 1526 Parent av 
—Mlchl T (Mary) technical service Rtnabrt-kknon -Q a! Can Ltd 
t 3190 Dandurand blrt ISand W Twp) 

—Mike tartar*) (Mike 5otga A Son) to 1625 Parent av 
—Mike t Son (Mike Balga) aho* rvpAtrvr 1317 Ottawa 
Bali-m Motor H tel Donald Ifemncy mgr U*80 OuclletU av 
Ballk Chaa (Ann) cb«f Rlvorv.cur Hoop h 8P Niagara 
mllnt Andrew (Mary) Janitor Ivor Chandler 3chool h 1102 dt Luke 

—Andrew* Vivian) tool A -lie forwnm Canadian M>tnr Lamp Co 
Ltd to 3960 Seminole 

—David T (Shirley) millwright Chrysleru h 441 Belleperene pi 

—Douglas R^tElete) «ls engineer international Tools b 4271- 
Mount Royal dr w Twp) 

—John ( h 3019 Parkwnod av (Sand Z Twp) 

- John M r 3969 Seminole 

--kfary emp Geaxrral Motor;: r 1686 Drooillard rt 
-Mlchl (AngeUne I tool k die mkr Forts h 3281 Hindu rand Nvd 
(Sana W Twp) 

—Theodore (AnneI h 1685 Droulllard rt 

Ftoikn Catherine (wld John) b 17® Alexin rt 

—Geo r 1209-U Drculllartl rd 

Balkwell Clarwr* r 328 Aylmer av 

—Leo r 338 Aylmer av 

—Roy b 338 Aylmer av 

BalkwUl Arthur (Annul h 1061 Tuscarora 

—Clarence V (Phyttih) h (rear) 924 Wlwtanr av 

—Don*lit studt r 731 Hildegard* (R*»m Pk) 

— Fr*d r fi, 307 Gladntcn* aV 

-Cke ft ernp Place Industries Ltd 

—Geo H (Virginia) vrop Candn Bridge h -O Brock 

—Helen sec JVindoor Teacher's College h 16, 436 Daugall av 

—Henry (Brenda) to AasumpGcn 

—Jean E (wld Ewart) h l, 1196 Campbell av 

—Laura, (wld Sllao) r 376 Curry av 

—Lora Mrs to 1186 Georg* av 

— Mirgt Mm h 6. 2XT GUdntooe «v 

-Margi* C atudi r t», 30*' Otsdatoor iv 

—May Cwtd Harold) h 957 Church 

-Nancy ff Hiram Walker A Son r 3756 Parent tlvd (Ren. Pk) 
—Paul E (Shirley) liMtrn Public UlUlties Hydr. Cptnmn h iJ9fl 

Kvrrt. av Ldn j >t tWPl_ 

-Roy «mp Candn Bridge r 405 Caro© av 
Ray E immigration nfflcwr Imtmgrattcm Branch r 689 Lincoln 

—Rtnoiell O elect Borwr,yi Electric h 2499 Howard a» 

—S Gordon (Gladys) pros BalkwlU’s Pharmacy b 2B21 Virginia 
Pk av (Fhnd W Twp) 

--Stanley (Peace) plpeftr Candn Bridge rm Lmmington 
--Stella Mm cleaning woman Windsor Pont Office h 2(66 Parent 
tdvd (Rem Pk) 

—Verdun Mrs to tiler Hiram Wklker A Sons h '31 Hildwgarda 
(Rom Pk) 

Wilfred N (Frances) h 1951 Tourangeau rt 
Wm emp ^rysiera r 29*4 Gladstone av 
Wmstudt r b, 307 Gladwtone *v 
:*oIirwUl'k Pliarmxcy S Gordon Balkwill pr*a, Freuk T Smith 
r.ce-pnw, Mra Oladyc M Balkwill s^-trmia dr-igglnta 
1966 Tecumneh blvd w (Band W Tap) 

Ball AIM E (Ethnl) h 490 Giles blvd w 
-Arch)* R ntkpr Board of Education h 13H Goyoau 
-Arthur W (Pauline) emp Detroit h ^64 Vaugnan 
-Beatrice Mm floor wkr W L Webster Mfg Ltd h (rear) 5694 
Tecumaeh blvd * (J3and E Twp) 

—C Everett (Dorothy) grinder Fort* h 979 Windsor av 
—Clifford (KAry) emp Ford's h 96f> Cattfornla av 
—Edwd C (Celia) mart, opr Fordo h 14)6 Gtwrge av 
-Geo P (Joan A) b 308. 1339 OueUctte av 
—Gr.rt m W IBecole) agt Great- West Life Affrce h 4429 Menart 

Ha roll W !> Ml Detroit 
—Hertrt J tchr fe 794 Patricia rd 
—Hilda r 1267 ChUver rt 

-Hilda (wld A N> h Unit P f 78. aLO Wy*n4ottw (R'Slde) 

—Jaa (Lenna) emp Foria h 3666 Brt« av (Sand W Twp) 
—Leonard r i47.t Dougall av 

— Mabel C Mr.* nwitchUi opr Brewers Warehouae to 44- BclU 

Isle View tlvd IR'Sidv) 

—0**n E (Donna) emp Chrjmlera r 1317 Ooycau 
-Stanley R lab Windsor Match WaM C? Ud r 141? George xv 
-Wilfred E (Doris) h 133" Bernard rd 
—Wm F I Wlnnlfred) nupmr Fords to ?4»& Usmnactau tlvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Wm (J (Laura) suprvsr Forts to 3649 Church (9and M Twp> 

-Wmnilred Mra h 577 Janette av 

bulla PUrth Mrr. kitchen hlpr Pekar'o Coney bland rrt P-P fS 
Andenhm ^ 

tWllancv Gao T (trls) re* tnop The Northern h Employers Grwt 
h 3301 kterk tv (Sand W Twp) 

•Ballantine see al»> Ballantyne _ 

—Albt (Iva) genl fofemn Chryolers h 301 Otiddnn av(R 3ide) 
--Anne (wid L ulu) reg nurr«* Riverview Htmp h 4, 926 /•* 

Jan Is so av 

„Brace 0 tHelen) rrmrmLr Windsor Uphnlewry A Auto Tritai 
2386 Howard av 

—Donald K (Ma.~^*mp Carnln Bridge to KP0 Grand Muwts rd» 

— Mdct;o ( W u Artturl to 1080 Grand Mara*-- rJ w (£0nd W Twpl 
—Rnbt tDelphtne) emp Forts r 1030 Grand Mtrmla rt w (S»ad I 


•Ballantyne see alss Ballantine 

—Jar F (Sarah) trk drvr Crunh Bottling Cob 122" Albert rt 
—Mar/ Mra r 6S" Victoria av 

— Walter S (Helen) prc'. BalUntyne's Windsor Amtulanc*; 

Cc Ltd h 1002 Dougall av 

— wm R (Mie) -Her F^rds h 1249 Albert rt 

ballantyne’a W S Mfg Co Ltd A*alu»r S ballantyne pres. DmaU 
Smith o*c-tiw*s emergency eq-tlf 6 amhiiUncea 
Marentette av 

-- Wlnda.r Airholance Servic* Co Ltd Whiter 3 Ballariync pre 
\2$T Marentette av 

Ballard Alice Kr.i emp Goodwill te luxtriaa to t. 906 Wvlilhgttf*| 
—BooU A (Edna) pDdlatrut-ohlropxiiat 80). 374 ?o*Uotte »v t 
80 Endrar pi (R’Slde) 

—Chan A (Beatrice) r 2317 Rhreraide dr fP.’Slde) 

—Robt studt r 478 FWiriitfa rd 

—HoM C (Thelma) mgr Central Mortgage A Bousing Corp a 
Patricia rt 

Boiler Eflie«* 0 toitrucicr The Vrtvirrn Ontorin ln»llrj:e 3 . 

Technoli-gy Wkndsor to 3-W Chkppelle (RDitb) 

Ballr Jean Mrn vice-prts EbtUignaua Electric Ltd res Peirtt* 

Balbtadt August (Eva) to 2622 Turner rt 

Baimoa Ian (Shlr)ey) h 3939 Cangrain dr (Sand W Twp) 

M; *hl l He ale) h C2R Lincoln rt 

— Mlchl (Jennifer) tchr St Bernard Sc hi to 17,47 Victoria av 
Balog Gall Mra tkpr Royal Hutk to 2839 tSK Laois av (Sand E T* 
-Jaa engineer NYC Rly n t«21 Belt'a av Ukutd W Twp) 

—Jcrm to 4. 2666 Ontario 

—Mooes (Margl) h 1747 a Luxe rt 

baiogh Alex tEilaUi) b 692 Eagottle fR«m Pb) 

Wtf clw( Niagara rienUuntnl r IU9 fclam-re av 

—Jaa let Chryslerv r 45:9 FWrenl av 

—John (P.cae) aupr/ar EatMM Pickers h Wfi9 Parent *v 

—Jos (Annie) h 1276 Marentett* av 

—Steve (Barbara) lab Fordo h 1033 Unccln rd 

—Steve lab Walker Metal Products r 3463 Wyandrrtte « 

Balaam Amelia (wld Henry) b 440 Cameron »v 
hair, dun Jas T (Bartarat paper handler Win dr.'- Star h *- 
Maid ram ri (Sand E Twpl 

—Myrcell* J (Usrgt) paper )tondl«r Windsor Star h 655 •’ 

Baltullfi Stanley (Eugenia) to 262 Henkel pi 
taltxer Ellin N (Georgim) «mp Chryalera h M-'l harry mi 
—Emher Mrr .Ilk pn r White Laundry A Dry Cleanin'; *r 
LM >. !*;• ’~ irrv »v 

— 14— 








I *' 

'IB I 



Oi 4 







av & 






:r«^ I 


Canada's Largest Retail Lumber Dealer 
2324 WALKER ROAD - - PHONE 254-9271 




says Vera (wid John C) h 1848 Alexin m 

Cermet (Dnrcthy) llmpala Barter Shop! 

Balran Ch»s (Dcnna) h 34M 0 Ud5 rd (Sand E Top) 

—Itchl (HU*) pair H 0 Bryant Ms torn h 1136 Windermere rd 
st rJt r 1 t2d Windermere rd 

Salxer John (Helen) Janitor h 3543 ':i©menc»iau olva (Sand E Twp) 
Ifaurice (Helen I emp National Radiator h 849 Kildarv rd 
Bemtmr Arthur E (Mu-gt) emp DuPlalo Glasa r 1160 Prince re 
Bamboo Garden iltong June, bokee, Hank, H y 4 Accn J«inl 
rentaartat 583 Ouellette av 

gamer! Godfrey (Mirth*I nlerrm Downtown Mator Sales (Windsor) 
Ltd h 2141 Church 

Bandera wm A IFronces) malnummnco Ada C Richards Seal h 
IC'M Glado tan* av 

Biw.tcrth it Chris* reporter A in Credit Bureau h 777 Lauzon rd 

Busaltran Nursing Home l Mm Edith Cor mi can l 511 Levons hire rd 
Samr ibry Iwld Frank) etnp Beil Telephone h 1680 Chandler rd 
—Peter (Amelia) lab J K.vvnaky ft Sant b 3796 Sandwich 
Haaaarek Anna Mry h 87fc PlUette rd 
Butchak Fftula £ emp Detroit r 1843 Taurangeau rd 
Bbsc reft Claytor H (Betty) ohpr ft trie irvr Colonial Tool b 3072 
WoodlanJ av (Sand W Twp) 

—Joyre Mrs h 3, 6S2 Gcyeau 
Sand Annie (wtd John) h l 7 8 Janette %v 
--Isatel B fckpr Centra! P lumbing A Healing Co Ltd r 178 
Janette av 

— Arte B (Eileen 1 mgr Central Plumbing ft Heating Co Ltd ft 4400 

H. ward sv (Sand AT Twp) 

fwnAu Dan! (Julia) moch Fenn Bros Sorviee 3tatlon b 2497 
Toarengeau rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Kiel G (ELitth) widr iThryalera h 1864 Cadillac 
cowfcian Chaa F. (Jean) off mgr bternattanal Cartage Co h 994 
Fell* av 

-•Sarah (wtd Vaian) h 084 Felix av 

EsraJ? Lewis (Nwllle) design engineer Ford Motor Co h 3b*’ Pine 
—Sylvia teller The hank of Nova Scotia r 3b? Pine 
aaaa-ire Dan G (Square Deal Shoe Repair) h 1069 Fell* av 
Banfl Glaella T Mrs &kpr Jomcn Richardacn & Sana r 376 
Ifatthew Brady blvd (R'Side) 

Banfill Darryl *trp Candn Bridge r 9Tt Josephine av 
—Linda J studt r 1843 George av 

-Ibriene R asnmblr Banner Metal Products r 1843 George av 
—’i mam <Mad*l«lne> maintenance University of Windsor h 687 
Huron Line 

—Jfcrman J (Gladys) lab Chrynlor Can h 1843 George av 
—Raymond J (Miry U tool grinder Fbnto h 077 Josephine av 
-•Rota (Femwde) aaist mgr La Fftulette ft 1166 Laurendeou av 
Basga Agria (Ruth) proof render Windsor Star h 1414 Laing 
tangi* lbr> (wld Arthur) h J198 McKay av (Sand W TWp) 

— li.rman E (Lcutoe) h 3713 Riverside dr(R'Slde) 

—R-o^eil C (Leah) bartender Wyandotte Hotel Cc Ltd b 3463 
Riverside dr (R*Slde) 

Ban^ieta Dolly r 1002 Dougali av 

Sonham Allan 5 (Pauline) toolmkr h 208 St Louis #v CP’Side) 
Banish Chas (Mary) irk drvr City h 2W3 Turner m 
—Jwta (Frances) r 2863 Turner rd 

Basil Jtta (Anna) tat Auto Specialties MT? h 2432 Buckingham dr 
(Sand E Twp) 

Eanjanin ftCfodh (Danlca) *mp Chryvlers h 1740 Bk-kary rd 


C. M. Watlert, Manager, 200 Ouellette Ave,, 
Phone 254-3241; W. Eric Baggs, Manager. 1799 
Wyandotte Eo*t; R. A. Purton, Manager. 1295 
W'alker Road; P. P. Kraichik. Manager. 1101 
University Avenue West; R. J Cunningham. 
Manager. 740 OucUette Avenue; C. F, Rohinson. 
Manager. 1420 Tecumseh Blvd East, at Moy; 
H. A. Thompson, Manager. 3627 Wyandotte, 
Riverside; G. B. M. Thompson, Manager. 1399 
Grand Marais Rd. W. (Sand W. Twp.); C. K. 
Sewell. Manager, 1367 Ouellette Ave. 


D B MrGc< Manager. 491 Ouellette Avenue. Phon* 


^ aus * o? Nova Scotia The Harold F Shirley mgr lb 7 9 Hurjn Line 
Load a* Twp) 

~~' A Nova Sootin TIjc Donald R Chlttick mgr Lil" Ottawa 
Nova Scotia The Mezluy R Dotting mgr 1116 Ouellette av 
Toronto Bldg f66 Ouellette av 
^kawaki Anttvxiy (Mary) h 1633 Albert ro 
a&xi Alignment (John R Ranks) garage 939 Glleu blvd w 
—Archie D (Miry) tool jrUidi!r McKixuun ladiutriea Lid b 1516 
Tourangaau ra 

-Arlene (wid EUaworth) fc HI*’ Brant 
-Arleae lat MfrtJ Chroma Plating Co r 477 Parent av 
(l-Tsebe) vmp Brunner Mond h "64 Patricia rd 
(Neomt) wldr Chrysler* h 1640 Ford blvd (Sand B Twp» 
"Catherine (wkl Harold) h 10CIW Erie e 
-Cha* 1 atudt r 4044 Howard av (Sand S Twp) 

-Tccald (Dolors*) emp U:Kinrwr. InduktrlM h 4, UXfc-W7 Goyeau 
-trwaid B (Mirim) vicd-pn» Raslam Insurance Agenda* lad 
_- *- 4 GUdden rv (R'Slde) _ 

—Edwd (Marjorie) spot wldr Chrynlers h 2196 Janette av C3and 
A/ Twp) 

—Geraldine r.tadt r 'SMW N'rrrnn rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Girard J ahpr Clnarwater Chryaler-Oodg* r 2686 Norman rd 
fftk fi d E Twp) 

—Hertt (Margt) eir.p Fcvrin h 3686 Norman nl (Sand E Twp) 

— Herbt (Lianna) mldr D*ird)( h 39W Rlberdy rd (Smd K Twp) 
—Joan ale elk feualneiw Girl Fanhtowi r 3040 Church (fland W 


—John G moch Ford* h 1710 Femdale av (Sand F Twp) 

—Join L (Shirley) meeh Banka Alignment h IMS. Scofield av 
(Sand B Twp) 

—J&lm R (Evelyn A) (Banka Alignment) hvs Huron Line (Sand W 

—Lance h 461 Hall av 

—Linda J stenog Holland Adjusting Co Ltd r 3CM0 Church (Sand W 

—Milrulm treas Checker (nditstrlal Rubber ft Tire Co Ltd h 
4 IBS Riverside dr e 

— Margr h 343 Bruce av 

--Marlon A techn Univerauy ->f Whiosor h 343 Bruce av 
—hhry J h 4, 485 Bruce av 

—MUdreu J «mp Great La ice.' Sports Goods h 529 Wyandotte e 
—Reel r 466 Nlagira 
—Rufct r 1710 Femdale av (Sand E Twp) 

—Robt H supt Customs ft Excise re= Ecsex 
—Ruele (Evelyn) b b ft 6, l ( J96 Goyeau 
—Scott E (Theresa! rpr wldr Fordo t 884 Howard av 
--Stepban (Anita) emp Fords h 146 Afateon av (R’Slde) 

—Thu -2 A atudt r 1316 Tou ranges u rd 

--The* I (Gloria) pran Checker Induntrlal Rubber ft Tire Co Ltd 
h £411 Frincess av (Sftnd F Twpl 
—Violet Mra narainr aide Riverview Heap r l?. 11 7 a Thoman 

— Wm D (Eorla J) h 3040 Church (3ind W Twp) 

—Wm H (Ellen) irk drvr CXndn Honron ft Van Winkle h 3416 
Barty tnore la 

ridhky Jot* (Uura) raach opr Hindi* Eellpne h 433 Elm av 
Bonnatyne Roderick M (Elslel mgr Chryslers h 2 Summer et 
(Sand W Twp) 

Banner Dennis (Lucille) alnnm Morton robaecp Co h 2, 397 
Gladstone sv 

—Ivan emp Fonda r 888 Eilrvse sv 
—Jack W (Leona) emp Forin h 686 Ell rose av 

— Metal rrsducts Ltd C Melvin Lining prea ft mgr, Karl 

Doater trean i860 Kildare rd 
p>uannga Eqwd P lAmwtte) engineer Fords h 303, til 
WeatmUuiter blvd (R'Side) 

Baxuunter Eavid (Dolores) stkmn Chrjrolera r 3190 McKay av 
(.land AT Twpl 

--EUe» (arid Arthur) h 7, 469 Dcugsll »v 
—Linda (wid Kobt) n 1061 Hicks ry rd 

— Matlo (wid Jos) r 4(F! Crawford av 

— Margt (arid John) r 802 Jo* Janlux* av 

Btmnor. Colin (Jean) asst oupt Kelsey Wheel h 2171 Church 
—EUkfi (arid BAchl) r 2171 Church 

—F RohII (Jane) night cook Upper Lakee Shipping Co h 341 
Jozephlns av 

—Frank 8 (M»y) hC, 1190 Hall av 

—J Donald (Mary) Insp 'AlnA^ir Social Services Dtp*, h 5!33 
McEwan av 

—Jca K (Anne) inop Fords h 2S9 i^amptsil av 
—Lawirnce J (Cecilia) custom brkr Kerr Cuatoma Brc-kers (Div 
.f Import Cuntoma Brokers Ltd) h 060 Partington av 

— Mlcul rmp Deirult r HIT1 Church 

—Patrick L janitor Hannon Thee' Metal r 1270 Lincoln rd 
—Sheet Mrial Ltd Timothy G tafinnsn pres ft acc-treae. Mrs 
EUtth Bannoo vlce-prva sheet meul Wurk contra 316 
Crawford av 

—Tboc V (Roberta) ala rep Mslsan’a Brewery b 1247 TUntoo dr 
—TimcUhy 0 (Dleth) pros ft sec-trees benncm Sheet Metal h 3870 
Avon dr (Sand M Twp) 
banian *5* Achilla r 2170 Highland 
Banweli Chats i (Delcua) drvr tmsr*City Truck Units n 67Q 

vOaren av 

—Erie J flscbel) cash Chryalera h 044 3*iins (Sana W Twp) 
—Frank L U-andra) #mp Detrail h 541 laabelU pi (P’CUe) 

—Hrrbt R (Ha*el) aaat ioremn Forda h 180 Erie 
—Jesnia (wid EdwJ G) t i?3 Luciiarme (3«nd 3 Twp) 

—U.*uia F (Eileen) ala rep ftkjur Realty h L&4 Gladr.icoe av 
—Mrs elk Mfrtrcpciltan Store r 1573 College av 
—Mary L -iff elk Hiram AWU*r ft Jkma r IftO Erie e 
—Percy £ (GUdyc) c nguiear M:Kimyin Indue trine h 621 
Scofield av (Sand S Twp) 

—Stuart K (Judy) drvr ftesttirn Frelijht h 824 Bedford (Sand S 

—Terrence lat techn JWuIter hft*Ul r 294 Giadatcr.*- av 
Ibonwcli’:. better Luggage ft Gift Shop (Brae* W Cole) 434 

EWnyai Goldie R Mrs typist J T JVwg ft Ca b Broderick rd 
(U Salle) 

—Joa (ThefAfUi) ft 2364 Louis *V 

Kanarrta Uday none Batot C4eu &.spitai r 1002 Dougall av 
Beppert Ftdllpp (ftferU) b 233S Louttt av 

—Philipp (Anna) foremn Forda h 1588 Cherrytawn cree (3md W 

&ir Italia (Mrs Gild* SaroU) light lunch ft confecuonery .’46 

Erie a 

—Joe r 1700 Factoria 

— Henry )ab Hiram Walker r 366 Wmstchcatar dr (R’Slda) 
—John lab McKinitoC ltdofl tries h 1267 Ghitotaog tv 

Bara 1 - Restaurant (Mrs Bala Zarnowiecki) 714 Wyandotte e 
Bo rate link Wm janitor Riverview Hasp r 2234 Louia av 
atracM AntoftlD cabinet mkr Pyramid Mobile Bcmes (1B69) r 
1136 Louie av 

Barach Obred (Katie) h 2^61 Edna 

Baradrl Angelo (Louisa) lab Dominion Forge h 1678 Pierre »•* 
Larakett Theodore (Wilma) emp Chryalera h 301 Virginia av 
(R *81110 

Barakian Geo r 490 Caron av 

—Jack (Eilzth) lab McXinnoo lnduatrtoa h 430 Canon av 
Reran Mlchl (Anna) etnp Fords h 707 Brock 
—JuQchl 3 (Rosemary) emp Kelsey Wheel h 706 Brock 
Baranosky Mlchl (Hellle) mech James Chevrolet h 1373 Latadie 

Baranowski Arthjr (Nlcka) b 3603 Peter 
Haranaki Ann (wid Frank) b 1005 Unglole av 
—Stan (Irrrllnd) tool 4 die rrkr lntematir.n»l Tout ft Ole h 118ft 
Riveraldear* - - 

-•Slephen A elk Liquor Control #32 r lOCft LangloU av 
Barany Leslie (Joloo) mech City Oarage h 2l 7 0 Untm 
Baranh Louis (Della) Janitor Jewish Community Council h bOft, 
3825 Riverside dr (R’Sidel 

--Robt (Shirley) lab Dominion Forge b 1016 Highland av 
fin rat Arthur M (Nancy) (WUluoa ft Enrml) h 1648 Cherry lawn 
ere* (Sand W Twpl 

Ha rath Desire (Ma-ielun) pref U of Detroit h MO Rosalawn dr 
(Sand W Twpl 


Barbara F Wood President, Forreat L Elmalie 
Secretary-Treoaurer, Telephone Answering and 
Secretarial Service, 504 Victoria Avenue. Phone 

do rear* Wood Telephone Answering System (Barrera P Wood) 
ft04 Victoria av 

Bortreunous Steve plmbr Bryan Trailer!! r Victoria av 
Bartoe Hector J I Loretta I rep Cun* Mutual bin Co h 4911 Whitney 

—Lena (wid Win) h IB, 12V McDougall 
— Wilfred R (Mary) (Barte’n Service) ft 3690 Dond irand blvd 
(Sand W Twp) 

Bar: e’n Service (Wilfred R Barts©) serv sin 6049 Tecumoeh blvd 
cost (Sand E Twp) 

Barteck Norah teller Candn Imperial Bank of Commerce r 1734 
Tourangeau rd 

--Peter J (Frances) lab Chryalera h 1734 Tourangeau rd 
Barter Anthony aaaereor City Aaaens Dept r 700 Bridge av 
—Ben] A 3tudt r 10F3 Benjamin av 

—Beverley A aienog Unemployment Ins Column r 1403 Cuntral av 
—Doreen punch press opr Fleetwood Metal h 3, 3179 Sandwich 
—Farl F- emp Detroit r 2430 Turner rd 

—Edwd D (Audrey) ala trgr H D Bryant Motors b 3105 Brace av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Harvey (Dorothy) union rep United Auto mo oil* Workers h 4240 
Howard av (Sand S Twp) 

—Jan (Dorothy) h 704 Gladaton© av 

—Jean off wkr Green Giant ( Canada r 1405 Central av 

—John A (Rosie) h 1653 Benjamin av 

—John R (Dorothy) (Barber ft Hal)burton) b 3730 Ouellette av 
(Sand W Twpl 

—Jou (Constance) h 4116 Wyandotte a 

--Keith A (Shirley) aert Bank of Montreal b 123 ? PeUssier 

—Lilian (wid Fredk) b 1060 Prince rd 

—Madeline rik 8 fc P Stores r 360f> Barrymore Urn* 

--Madeline A emp Hiram Waiter ft Sows r 2602 T'orner rd 
—'Wm F (VermI elect Smith’s of Windsor h 2619 Barrymore lone 
—Wrr F l Eleanor) utility mr. Fords b 2334 Els me re av 
—4 Haliburton (John F Bartwr ft Robt A Hail burton) erthopaedic 
eurg 402, 1011 Ouellette av 

Barbero i/ilgl (Therese) plater Win Chrome Plating h 3896 

Barbesin A1 (Inez) sec-treaa T Barteain ft 5xa Ltd h 3061 
OmU«U» «v t-suri W Twp) 

—Angelo (Ro ilnal ft 1782 Albert rd 

—Bruno G (Jean) vice-pres T Barbesia ft Sons Ltd b 2267 OUd- 
atooe av 

—Uvi (K lda) brklyr Mike Alttncr Construction b 1036 LengioL-: 

—T ft Serji Ltd Tony Parteadn pres, Bruno G Barbeoln vlce- 
prea, A1 Barbvsin cec-trees plastering contra 1194 
Hanna e 

—Ttul «t«dt r 2267 Glodatoue av 

—Tony (Theresa) pren T Bariweln ft Sons Ltd h 370ft Dougall av 
(Sand w Twp) 

Barboau Jolai r 146 Buckingham dr tR‘Side) 
darbounis S Taurns plmbr Pyramid Homes UtfM)) r 731 

Victoria av 

Barbour Arnold J (Freda) rcoch Can Bread b 877 Lincoln id 
—Dennis A emp Byers Truck ft Trailer Equipment Ltd r 87T 

Lincoln rd 

riarhu John h 1403 Central av 

Barchsrd Evelyn (wid Harry) h 346 Crawford av 

• • Wm r 033 Randolph av 

Barclay Barbara S (w*d Ronald) mgraa Hilly* Tanner Ud h 11, 
1440 Tecumseh blva • 

—David H (Catherine) ft 8, 4100 Wyandotte (RTlde) 

—Fred W (Sarah) b 4Stt Elliott w 

—Joe ft Co Ltd Lome W Duguid (Toronto) prea dleUllera 2072 
Riverside dr • 

—Nelson E (Helene) n 1062 Victoria av 

Alphabetical Whiu Pag* 15 

al... ARTHUR 





niDtnsi rv 



—WUfrod E (Dorron) aervicemn Manatee Appliance* b 2671 
Kildare rd 

Barrel Robt W (Lynnl engineer Fc-ria b 30, 137 Bruce av 
Baroal Sieve (Sanla) tob National Auto Radiator h 134b aladstnn* 

Harden Doreen Urn r 1636 Parent tv 
—Earl H UtoaelU) h 1W> Wverdale av IR’Slde) 

—Fredk (kbudn) It 1961 Ford blvd (fluid E Twp) 

Banlsley Duuglaa (Betty) tool grinder Ford# h 3471 KUdarc rd 
-Brneci (kterjorui) rprmn Bell Telephone h 711 Kennedy dr b 
(mnd W Twp) 

-Uly (wld John Wl h 417 Haig av 
—StanIvy (Iran**) emp Detroit h U780 Blackburn ct 
—Thoa I Lome) mgr Thompson buiurance Offloe (WUi-toor) Ltd n 
1918 Verdun av 

Baretwell Ctoo 3 (Ada) aaamolr Ftrnte b 1636 Pelletier av 
—Ellen (wld flaml) h 1064 Janette av 
—Jan r 1064 Jan«Ua av 

—Jaa 3 A rate elk HuscmII A Farrow Ud r 1636 Pelletier av 
-Jaao bkpr HuaaeU A Farrow Ltd r 1636 Pelletier av 
ba retard Bert r 1&6 Elm av 
—John W h 2040 Arraa 

Baraham Carolyn aec Wlmtebr Arijanting Co Ltd r 64fl Lak av 

UarwHtron Ca merit Con tractor* (Bruno k Carlo Bare!) Kl>03 
Byng rd <8Md E Twpl 

—Bruno (Pita I (Barel Bro* Cement Contracts re) h 1096 
Shepherd e 

—Carlo (Mary) (Barel Broa Cement Contractors) h MHG bjrng rd 
(Stud E Twp) 

-Egidta (Onarlna) Janitor Wheatlay Mg h 3174 Wuodtown av 

— Peter twrtrer Arobaaaader Plate Warier Shop r 3203 Peter 
—Umberto (Pita) anamblr Ovnl Motors h 1666 Parent av 
Bare tie Rudy h «7® Chatham e 

barg 'Wanda »vc Eastern Canadian Greytound Line* Ltd r*s 

Bart Tommaao barber McGrow Barber Shop r 1614 Ptltoaler 
Bartalch Carl r 1131 Albert rd 

Bartbeau AIM O (Lorotte) aaainblr Fordo h 1666 Fran cola rd 
Bench Wm (Ambassador Conlectiooery) h 1746 Prince rd 
UaricheUo AttiLo (Amelia) b 251 Tuscamro 

-Celao O (Florence) trk drvr Overland Expron* h 23B8 Itaward 


—Gilbert atudt r 1068 Gllee blvd • 

-John h 1088 OUee blvd e 

—Jca J (Joan) tor Chryaiera h 1643 LanglMs av ^_. 

—Hobt M (Doris) glare r Forda h 3636 Rockwell av (Sand W Twp) 
—Toronto mach Chryoleni r 1068 Ollee Uvd » 

-Vtalat emp Detroit r 361 Tuacarora 

Earmao Bruno roach opr Bendla Ecllpee h 466 Caroline 

—Victor (Emily) emp Natlonel Auto Radiators h 336 Clinton 

Barker Agnes M off elk r 1666 Richmond 

-Annie (whl Sami) h 1162 Lincoln rd 

—Barrie W (Harriet) alnmo H Gray Ltd h 1666 Richmond 

-Betay Mr* r Tfcg Victoria av 

—ChM T (Annlv) utkmn Chryaiera h 1703 Central av 
—Carroll C (Nellie) h 201. 816 Wyandotte (R’Sldt) 

—Donald C (Utry) emp Candn Bridge h 1804 Weetrott rd 

— FTOdk (Ethel) »«t up man Korda r IbSB lArontette av 
._Geo F. (Hatali") drvr alarm Continental Baking Co h -A9 

End rap pi (R’flld*) 

—Harold O (Anne) drvr Brewer'n Retail h 8612 Windermere rd 
• -Hattie (wld Jaa) r 613 Umverntty av • . 

-Hugh J motor rprmn Win UUllUee Comma Water Wv h 82, /88 

—Jack B (Irene) utaty engineer Kelsey Wheel b 1682 PUlelte rd 

— Jm F (Battle) b 368 Louis av 

-John O (Grace) mgr nondn Imperial Hank of Commerce h 1641 
Btrattard ert (Sand W Twp) 

—Lottie punch pre*a opr Jo brute l Mia l Prod r 1271 rd 
—Mabel (wld JuDtlne) h 616 Giles blvd w 
-Mary r 10. 1106 Lincoln nl 
-Miry A Mr* r 674 Vanier (Rem Pk> 

—Witrick R (EUathl aaet mgr Wboteo Dept Store h 6, 317 

University av e __ 

—Ronald J atudt r 3331 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Roy E (WUhene) elect Porda h 3391 Dominion blvd I3and W 

—Sami N (fckrion) mklg mgr Hiram Walwira n 48 Vlllairo av 

—Than (Olive) h 2666 Dmnelty 
—Tboe C atudt r 1476 Bernard rd 

— Thoe W ILnttie) emp Ford# h 4, 1X71 Hildar* rd 

— Vincent (Delma) stk elk Forda h 1476 Bernard rd 

— Wm A (June) emp Candn Bridge h 117 Rood mere av IRTUd*? 

— Wlnnifrod A r 1162 Lincoln rd 

Barth- 1 one Uurle (Gladya) aaet mgr UbUwa Qme h 367P BUaa 
rd (fiend E Twp I 

BarklM Lee (Jean) wtr 3hawnee Gun Club h 717 Wlndaor av 
^irkley Oeo (Ellen) marine engineer CHR h 2767 Ltayd George 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Kenneth J (Heather) engineer Ponte h H#» Dirham pi 
Barkume Claire r 681 Winder mere rd 

terley Utile h 17«St Central av 

Bnrlow Annie (wtd John N) h 92 Prmlo pi <R 8ldo)_ 

—Cwrok H J (Betty) chief engineer Win Utlllllea Commn Water 
Dlv h n a Talbot rd n (Sand S Twp) 

—Earle A r 7B7 Aaoumptlon 
—Elate (wtd Bertram I h 4138 Wyandmte e 
-Gall atudt r 1368 PllloUe rd 

i Fords h 1246 Shepherd » 

—Hatel emp Win UUUttea Comnw Mitar Dlv r 878 Reaume rd 
(La Salle) 

-Hector G (Barlow Signs) h 6700 Hiverolae dr CH*3lde) 

—Herut J (Norah) h 3830 Montcalm 
-Jaa F atudt r 1368 Ptllette rd 

—Jaa W (Gladya) tool de.nlgner Ketoey Wheel h 1368 PUlOtte av 
—Jaan (wld Frodk J) iitodt h 1848 Kllroae av 
-;e«n V war) ala hteiropjUtiui H itiplul h 4. 130 Wyandotte a 
--Joe B (Marie) engineer J Friedman h 431 Lsatell# pi (R’Slde) 
-Raymcml I Dorothy) worko mgr R J Cyr h 3846 Longfellow av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Roy r 1476 Huron Line 

—Sally sec Detroit r 6700 Rtveraidw dr (H’SLie) 

—Signs (Hector G Barlow) sign painting 604 Victoria av 
bar low’s Confectionery (Mrs AUuvta Barlow) 1246 ;‘h*pb*rd « 
Barltrnp T-my F (Violet) plmbr Windsor Plumbing h 424 Eadraa 
pi (R'Slde) 

birnard Allan F attdt Fenn Br.ja Service Station r 3fc82 Sandwich 
••Douglas (Minr) tool grinder Forda tj 3b 18 Sandwich 
..Geo A (Fluranee) h 8*6 Josephine av 

—Geo E (Donna) inn adjustor Addition k Rivero General insurance 
Adjustura h 1080 Harrinun av 
-GUdyn (wld Percy) h 3682 Sandwlcn 
—J vt» (Margery) «teel wkr border City Wire U Iron h 3(8.. 

Ruckwell av (itind W Twp) 

—Karl (Ruth) prnir Wuuteor Sur h 1746 Arthur rd 
Barery T Iviaun (Wife) phy 204, 1011 OueUeit* av b LFW Verdun 

Barnden benj Jr «mp Bendl a-Ectip« r 3844 Obmfield 

— Benj (Loota) laimdrymn Eaoea Sanatorium h .1844 Glenheld 
Barnea AIM (Alice) h 601 Scofield av liian 1 :i Twp) 

-Alea C tab Chryatere h 9. 16T> Wyandotte « .... 

-Donate H Ub Chryolero h 710, 382b RivemU* dr (R'Eteel 
-Dwight E lab Chrynlers h f l0, 382i Riverside dr IR’Stde) 
-Diwd L (Florence) h 267 Curry av 

— Eldon M (Wallra) «tmp Detroit b lOOOUdden av (h’Stdn) 

-Ethel Mrs r 627 Victoria av 

-Frodk W H (Miry C) tchr W D Lowe Technical 6 DW 

— Hertot (Amelia) polio* oonatahie $*olice Department h ?J6 Lofl 

dr CR'Side) 

—Jaa lar Canada Broad r 1281 Hail av 

—John (Marie) metal controller Forda b 19C3 Wtgle av 

-Joe h 3, 42(i Pttt w jfv , , 

-l^onard I Uma\ elect Hiram Waikera h 469 Virginia av 

—Lillian (wld Al(rod) r 3268 W.-odlanu av ukind W Twp) 

—lukude (wid F redk) instructrooa Scutch Wool Shop r 3(M1 
Rockwell av ISand W Twp) 

-Norman O Uda» *«P Candn Bridge b Ifcdh Hall a* 

-Party E (hra> ertkr 8t Twul'e Uhtted Chwch b 8*>0 Arthur rd 

— Raymond II (Patricia) mprvnr Forda h 3061 Rncawnli 4V 

(Sand W Twp) 

—Rea whir Chryelero r 267 Curry av 

••Rita Mrs hrdrsr C H SmUh h 668 Elm av 

—Root E QC (Helen) (Wilson. Barnes, 'Walker k Montallo) h Htih 

-Harold r C6t Moy av 

—Harold ertkr Hugh Brotrm Tchi h Bbl M»y av 
—Jaa emp Korda r 3632 Barrytrwro Una 
—Joan r 3633 Barrymore lane 

-Leonard A (Delores) trkr Ford* h 3632 Barrymore lane 
-Murray J (Ruth) tv techn CKLW h 00b Durham* (Sand 3 Twp) 
-Pamela tchr Gtenwood Public School h 61U Argyle rd 
>.Patricia 3 agency raah Northern Life Aeauronce Co of Canada 
b 3. 178 Janette av ^ . „ 

—Percy E IVorna) mach opr Forda h 3138 Curry av (Sand W 

—Regd (Florence) b (roar) 822 Droulllard rd 
-Robt r (roar) 822 DroulUard rd 

—Philip (Betty» emp Duptote Olasa h 1048 Partington av 
—Robt H (Roue) aaamhlr ForUu h 149 Clover (RTllde) 

Barnhart Mary (wld Chaa) r 1061 Church 
Baraier Frank J (Ellxihl pntr Roy k Huet*.rt h 43 Church 
—CUndyr (wld R.:M) h 638 Janette av 
—Lawrence r 638 Janette aV 

-kkry (wld Hoy) teller Provincial Bank rtf Canada h 043 
Bellovtew blvd 

—Robt (Jo*Ann) pip# ftr AuiosnUc Beating k Cooling Co roa 


..Sidney (Shirley) ft remn Walker Mr>ui h 966 Windermere rd 
Barnocky Mithew (Ruby) h 1162 LIUlan 
Barooff .lolly h 447 Aylmer av 

‘ * wl dt 

Barrutley Arcbd T IKllath) h 2671 Ai«tejrdItftMdl • tjj) 

Barnwell Lav Id (Franceal elect fort inn Fordo h 306 Ford Uvd 

Baron Auiuct ertkr Polish People Home Annn h 1376 Unglulu wr 
--Canny pres Action of Wlndn >r Realty Lid h 1236 PeUmaler 
tearone Fortune- (Emma) proau opr Fabricated Steel h KIU 

fiaront Vincent r 848 Langlou av , 

Barony Looalo mech Ft^ro Generator Sarvice r Ei76 Union 
Parr Alice A (wid Frank) h 3618 Rlvernide dr (R‘Sid«l 
— Dmnle atudt r 2734 Ctomeaeeau i4vd ISand E Twp) 

--Douglas H (Nova) stkmn Fordo h 446 2t Loalk »v (R'Blde) 

--Edwd r 3332 Edlto.n av _ 

--Harold W (Francea) phx inutollor Bell letopbone b 4bfi 
Fairvtew Uvd iR'Side) 

—Helen (wid David) h 1673 George av 

—J^hn (D: lal jlnmn InJ Safety Shoe Eduip h 2724 Clemenceau 
blvd (Sand K Twp) 

-.Judith womens editorial dept Winder Star r 3618 Riverside 4r) 

—Leonard (LVjnna) brakemn NYC h 3160 Longfellow av (Sand W 

• _ Ida ry ifklrs press opr Young'* Indunlrieo h 1032 DroulUard ri 
--Norman E (UlUan) h 1649 Rlvernlde dr w 

— Norman R (Rita) »Mttihlr mechanical Bar rough* Buulnaaa 

Machines n 1633 Riverside dr m 
—Patricia stud: r 3180 UngfeUcw av Oland W Twp) 

—Rett B lab Chryalere h HB5 Janetie av 

- Wayne D atudl r 446 3t Louis av (R*Side) 

-.'Wm J (L> rr.fhy) emp Welles OorporotV.n h f 07 Fell* av 
Barraco Gluneppe (Whi'e star Barrier iihcpl r Udl Iteri.m 
Berms Ethel Mrs r DID TttdWngteto rd „ ^ . 

Barratt Bcnnlr swnog Detroit r 3219 Rlbrfdy rd trend P » 

-Glenura Mro emp Parke Davu U .1219 Rtberdy rd Lend t TWR 
Harrell Edwin (Gertrude M) h 1671 Lincoln rd 
terroci Gaspare (J :oephu»e) (Olympia teiaery k Confectionery) 
h 2060 University av w 

Barrel Lawrence trk drvr Pauteux Building .^uppUea Lid rwa 


Harretnn John (Ruth) tob Capitol Egp» I P-iultry h 344 Glvngarrr 

Argyle rd 

-.Ronald racker Industrial Platerv r 1K2 Maple 
—Ri>a« Marie counsellor Couth Windsor Wwatinghoune AulontaUc 
Dry Cleaners r 461T llowand av Land W Twp) 

—Sadia (wld Wm) r 729 Cartier dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Wm L (Shirley) maintenance Rivard Clnra h 764 Stanley 
(Rem Pk) 

IwmrokJ Peter (Bertha) aervtcomn James Chev h 738 GUiotnm* 

Barneoky Walter (Anna) mach Chryaiera hj!304 tyrant av 

Etornet Margt sec Detroit h 3680 Virginia Pk av (6and W Twp) 

Barnet) Albt r (roar) 922 DroulUard rd 

--Arthur r (roar) 982 DroulUard rd 

-Itemey r M2 Windsor av 

-Clifford H (Theresa) h 664 Wyandotte e 

-EUath (wld Ekrl) h 1820 fit Luke rd 

_j (M laobel) maintenance elect Chryalors h B65 Lawrence 

—Oeo K (Winn If rod) eexton Church of )he Ascension h 238 Bridge 


Barron A Eileen sec Gro Uwt *n Ud h b7, 780 CMelleUn av 
-.Chaa E (Laura) maintenance war Windsor Tally Star h 2* iA». 

—Karl 1 ntomn Ajn*w-3urpaw« Shne Sure* Lu r 1668 Ciufteriaf 
-Euwiige (wid Frodk) h 1. 1219 Munmonth rd 
-Evelyn (wid Edwd) h 686 Chatham w 

— Fred (Florence) h 54B Parent pi 
-G Herbt (Miaite) h 1244 Argyle rd 

— Harry (Annie) aUty engine"r Jshn Wyeth k biv h .1 Un 

Woodward sv (fiarni t Iwp) 

-Ida (wld Gilbert) h 187 California av 
—Joan rtudt r 3796 Woodward blvd (Sand k lwp> 

—John h 6, 647 Riverside dr e 
—Jctm i lnrrn Waco Equipment C- r 1682 EUr-a* av 
—Peter (Haney) elect Monko Floctiic h 1601 Unroln rd 
—Diet*! (Rita M) ;anitor Toledo ficale h 1164 UlUan 
—Rou T (Idea )V<usel h 1438 Marenlettv av 
—Reas (Peggy) h 1093 Langlois sv 

.-3aml (Jtwn) stomn General Products h 1568 Dufterin pi 
-.Thou (Dorothy) h 1227 Aubln rd 

—Vlnto tureen aid Metropntttbn Hmpital h 1063 Wellington »v 
—Victor L (Alice) nls rep C >otin*ntol Can Co f Can U.i tM***i 
li laper Products Division) h 2M6 Ids rd 
—Wm R pres ftlnshed-Mason Co of Can Ltd 
Barrette basil E (Gerene) r:uprvar Wcltirmlc Co (Candn Dtv) fc 
27.X Jantsse dr (RWlde) 

—CharUttte rlk Wg V Fharreaeteo r 347 Indian rd 
—Dull u I Isa bells) trk drvr lnier.C*hanga Caruge Ud h 3064 
Avondale court ISaxvi W Twp) 

—Denis J (Fannie) h 220 Cadillac 

—Doiaid elk Adolph’s Produce Co r ?71 Windsor av 

— tdwd parts mgr El Rancho Rambler Bales roa Bell* Rlvar 

-Euclid (MideUne) h 347 Indian rd 

—Girard ICecllla) h 38M FUberdy rd Ukutd E Twp> 

—Girard spray pntr Chryaiera h 678 Brock 
-Hector H (Ann) h 461 Janette sv 
-John chkr CPR r 458 • leh av 
—John «mp Hy'» Fish Mirket 

-L Paul (Mirie) stk handler Joha Wyeth k Bro b I4M Oak av 
—Uo E (Virginia) stk dopt Ford* h 1288 High 
—Leona emp Hiram Walker* r 408 Oak av 
—Norman (L-'rraln*) (Barrette'a Paint k WaUpaper) h 27Q 
Bridge av 

—Crval J (Helen) rprmn Chryaiera b 33P Matoonn«u*e av 
I3and W Twp) 

—Paul L (Denlne) ertkr Hep flchool Hoard (RDldel h 3F.4 
Purxvtew av (R’3;del 
—Phyllis Mrs r 1475 Huron Line 
-Sevilla (Angelina) h 458 CWk av 

—Victor (Rita) furnace apr Duplate Glass h 934 Carcprell av 
—Vlnceni L aavt mgr Dack Corporathm Ud r 4M Oak av 
-Virginia »mp Hiram Walker* r 460 Uak av 
Barrette's Paint k Wallpaper (Norman Bar ret to) 3017 Wvai»do» 







Barrlck Jaa aiamn tximoni Alumlnam Ud 

— Mu urine (wid Basil) b 736 Victoria av 

Itorria Nanry emp Hiram WaUcera h 2nd ftr, 3, 466 Chatham « 
Hamngton Ada (wld Frankl r 0)fc Mirjorle ur (R Side I 

— Frank (Coaatance) engineer Forda h 616 Marjorie dr (RTM" 
—Rath Mm r 3r,B6 Riverside dr a 


'em UonA 



PHONE 969-2190 


d ri 

*v~ia (Emily) hipr t 14 Green b 1783 BtfarJ rd 

-rjjene £ (Fky> tra March's fr.'iwj Foods h 1218 Baby 
W officer C-na. am A Earia* r lllfil Wellington *v 
I*;as (Shirley) lac Chryslarn fa S’?? Blackburn « 

E*mater’s Lounge iud fir, Vto Winder av 
Barran C (Amalie) tor-rum Itirip Walker* h <19 bocklrtgham 
Or CH'SlMl 

—Dm! (XXraws) customs officer Federal Ocvt h 1041 Aakin *» 

—Eiisth fltudt r 6C3 Mrtihew-Brady Uvd (RTidel 
..Jtsd J (Aiiionl *:Ui Win UUin.'- -.-irma Idyir: Otv) n 3870 

tchr H £ Gappy High Schi .*f Oommeroe r ISTtj Dufferln pi 
—Jahn tchr Ct Alpttonaua Schl r 84 Langtry (Eewa) 

—Jahn H (Murtol) steward Rsyai Canon Legfam Ambassador Hr 
♦143 raa Esse* 

A (Irene) mgr Canoe Imp Bank of Com t '/U Mrttbrw 
Brady bl*d CP Bide) 

—Lkater F (Margti lieutenant Win Fire Dept h W5» Edward 

—Iftrjorie tchr High Schl of Coronerce h L»;f!#nn pi 
—Mry ft 8*a Uni varsity av « 

—Tha« A D with Win Utilities Cctnran (Hydro Dtvl h 813, 3826 
Rlver-id* dr (R'lUde) 

aurana Kirry (Band) h 146 Gal in* toured w Twp) 

Barrott Francis E cl It Milkmaid Dairy Bar r 3014 fcruc* av 
(Sand W Twp) 

I -J^te B (Milkmaid Dairy liar) It 301 b Bruce av (Sand W Tary) 
-j»rah M mach opr Hiram Walkers h 2, U>*7 Assumption 
Barrow Audrey 3todt r ‘3*53 Charlotte (Pam Pk) 

J_C Louise hkpr Jack Fraser Ftores r 883 Charlotte (Pent Pit) 

l| -Cfta* J (Helen) 1l?* Oak av 
-Darld r tf7 Oak av 

,1 I —Fred P (EllaI dk Chryalars h ILM> Winder av 
^»l -Jdm O (Cynthia) has drvr SWA Rly b 888 Cfaartntte IR*m Pkl 
, — Mrlhztme (Ann) atmftr Kalaay Wh#* I o 238b Lo«uj av 
-Bobt C (Lc-rna) toretnn Chrywlen h 2880 Vftrn av (land W TWpl 
—Thos L llAiria) staty engineer OUnanlte Co It 1186 Carry av 
rmrrf Alice Mrs c.« * 1CDE Horp h 3pt HUlboern* rd 
I —Chan ? (Virginia) drvr McKinleys Transport h 641 McKay av 
,rn -Frank . (Verlyn) map Chrysler* fa *68 CadUlar (Sand F TWpl 
—Jaa enrp Ford* r IW7 Dovgall av 
-John J irrr Chryalvrc h 3600 Ckilvar rd 
jj; — J.-hn F h 704 PoaedaU av 

I —Michl stodt r D, 3, 306 Randolph av 
•Jill ~Si’y E asat mgr VUc^uiU Mcv r Botal b 2U6 PvUsaiar 
1 — jjw f (Dorothy) stadt h 770 OUa* UvtJ r 
i Harson Jan® (wld JranrMI h 313® Biss rd (Sand E Twp) 
t -John R Jr r 3788 Glenfleld 

I — Jrta P alemn Waddrl) *s Baond ft Radio n 3788 Glanfield 
I aaraom lfcrie r 1417 Victoria av 
-Paw (md Jaal h 1417 Vienna av 

aaraony Kalmany iPaarl) atk elk Chrynlnr* h XT* W>adUwn aw 
(Sand L Twp) 

aareatta Geo F (lAirgt) with Win Utilities Cvcrnc* (Hydro Div) a 
\bC Windsor av 

4 1 —A Frank (Ltt .1) h 226 McKay av 
I Bart Efiper J (Germaine) jrlndnr Portia h 336U Mira av I Sand W 

| —Sarold If (lrmaJ of? cU Chryalera b 3062 Turner n» (Sand E 

—John (Donna I eirp EXmlnt. o Dtorw 6 167& Cahana rd w I .land A 

—Jae W rpr Chryalera h 830 Charles (Ram PU 

-Nelson rtudl r 3260 Mirk av USand W Twp) 

-Seta Mrs dept mgr Bart let Mi* *mald ft O.vr h 30b, 444 Par* w 
—Stephen (M»r/ A) lorenm General Motor* fc Zi&i Civilver rd 
—Tvnnn* M r 326'J Mirk av IStnJ A Tap) 

BartaGepamp P.eade'a Phntogtapnic fierview h 118^1 Morand 

—*5 J (Helen) stkrm Green Giant of Canada h *» Jeffemcn Dtvd 

—Tiber (F’ j^df’ z Pbotographic fiervicel mo Tecameeh 
rartak Arms (wnt Paall r 3463 CXmlnion hlvd (Sand W Turpi 
FartelL John aasir blr Chryalera r 100® MclXugaU 
oartelk; Chaa M (PraoeeNl lool mkr Farda b 24J dl Louis av 

=*nh Jms B (Huihi pres Ogtf rwaaon Ud h It, 1 Buckingham rd 

* j —(Hcaina) b W Marentette av 

j -Joa (Eiaihl ootwtn war Mirentsttr 1‘rca h 34fiv Mr Kay av 
(Sana a Twp) 

I — Lcuise r 3<J4 As km av 

^arthiu L>. rthy Mr- r 7®0 Bruce av 
i ^rtbolomew Elian r 1447 Frances rd 
I —H Earl* w (Adai p o PQ h 144’’ Fraacoia td 
-Midrefl twid Jen) ft 3B1 Plarre av 
=nnks rxtreh h ll>3e vVlndarmarw rd 
Sartkcwit* Joa (Doulfai) lot Fr-rda fc 184B Altwrt rd 
Buti Frank (Julia) b 2802 George av (oand E Twp) 
v j —iftsrUwyn -mo Detroit r 2806; Oe=rgw av (Sans E Twp) 

tarliam Hatt (Judy) marh -pr Cbryalem b 2790 Clem*oceeu olvd 
(Sana £ Twp) 

•^ 0 » ~?has (Evelyn) r* v88 Dawson rd 
oartlei, mh alao hartl* it 
-Aon b 17, is?;- Tuiraroni 
-fiailding 76 Uaiwaity av w 

a « -BuiUiftj Office Mrs J^yct Palmier, off mgr tldg waMTemcai 
Wi 7< Jaivarally av w 

i^W) M IMarcta) (BartUrt Pichanies Kmght ft Alison) h IT70 

Caiiver na 




—Macst*aiJ ft Guw lid Mr* Maritas Gam prru. tan Msrtuoald 
vioe-pr«:, Carl II lu»eUn sec. Jaa H fianlet ireas drpl 
etare 116-122 Ouellette av 

— Mirrella Mrs wtr. Auaumptlnn University r 84b Janeus av 


• Gro/fr C Rlchsrdea QC, J N BarUrL F W KnlfM 
and F D Wilson) Barnaters. Boon 1002, 374 Ouellette 
Avenue Phunc 253-4675 

Bartlett Arthur A b 249® Oaurga av (Tknd E Twp) 

-Bn Aluminum Centre I Walter ft Jaa Bartlett) 4M6 Huron 
Uusd U Twp) 

—Clifford J (FWullnr) rlr.r Border Oty Wln^wr Cleaners h 133A 
Elm av 

—David *t idt r 333W Avondale rt*urt (Sand W Twp) 

••Demid A (Do to real window clnr A A Bcrd*r Cltlaa h 8916 
'"‘irry av (Band A Te^.) 

—Frtrfk 7 (Poue) dock foremn W ft P Tntapon Ltd h 212*’ 

A- lUwti av 

—Ja* J (Edith) (BartleU Proa Aluminum Centre) h S8M Pand-ilpn 
sv (Sand W Twp) 

—Jane (wvs Am) h 844 Mirim av 

—Janw P. r 1622 Moy av 

—Keriwih E (Sondra) emp A A WlmJcw Cleaner* h 3204 Rockwell 
av (Sand A Twp) 

—O Pusaell (Gladya) h 106, 1908 Wverriita dr w 

— Prektan L (ETUth) b WE! Bridge av 

—Regd (Alma) vlce-prew Rprrle-Bartlett Lid h 6098 Paaadena ert 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Roy D (lueilal tchr VRmtaor Bd of Iftpeatton h 3230 Avondale 
court (3and W Twp) 

—T V CFagd Bartlett) tv repairs 0098 Ptsedena t (And E Twp) 

— Aaiter (Clara) IBartWHl ftroa Aluminum Centre) h 3818 

Randolph av (Sand A Twp) 

—A*iter L (Shirley) emp A A Window Cleaners h 11*6 CWnrpbell 

—Wayne (Julie) (Wbytw Bartlett HatrBtylaesJ r 2»J28 Randolph av 
(Sand A Twp) 

—Wayne Hair Sty loo (Wayne Bartlett) 1300 Grand Msrais rd w 
(Gand W Twp) ft 24 Wyandotta a 
-Wa J (Josephine) h 6, )34£ Wyandotte w 
Bartley Leith (Hascl) b 13iH Ouellette av 
—Norma Mr practical nurse H*v<msr.>-1 Rest Home r 12SR 

Barttiik Frsne (Kashmirs) lab Aulu: npe. ialUau r 1817 Vtctnria av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Joe mldr Auto Specialties h 1831 Vlctcria av (Sand W Twp) 

—Ricftd (Patricia) engraver tatanuttcnal Tool b 2561' Mtighett ri 
(3ind F Twp) 

Baruk Zoitan engineering technologist 1. H48 Tecumneh Llvd e 
Bart oil U-Ua (Doris) porter Grace fkspltal h 1000 Albert rd 
Hart:tin Glaceme> lab ffend Conntm r *80 Aylmer av 
—Giuseppe (P.oaealis) r 780 Aylmer av 

— Lorenzo (Victoria) fit Beallx Fcllpae h *^0 Aylmer av 

— Ho.and! lab Eastern Cosstr r 760 Aylmer av 
—Vittorio *mp Romeo ftftich h 780 Aylmer av 
Bartcllne Joa (Angela) ti 683 Edlnhorough (Ram Pk) 

Bartollati Jaa vlce-pres Bricklayer* 4 Masons Local Union #6 
Barton Catherine twid Thoa) b 1760 Hall av 

—EUtan G (Linda) jjpmr K-lhft t U3. 1826 Wyandotta (R'Slde) 
--Evert C (Beatrice) «mp Ford’# h 3111 Peter 
--John A (Milire'll cere mkr Fores h 1586 Aobln rd 
—John W (Patricia) tool grind®r General Motor* Engine D8v h 
3801 RostruiMugb av taana W Twp) 

—Jo* (Mi rot I h 137*t My av 
—Larry stilt r 1686 A-rin ri 

—Leslie (Pauline) pratr Chrysler* b E«l Edward av (PTUr) 

— Lillian h 1087 Curry av 

—Pearl (wld Eldon) *mp Detroit h LM1 Ell roe* av 
—ftarnvwl R r 4, 478 Tsrmt av 
—Pots E sis elk Aorlman'a r 1686 Aufcin rd 
—Roy (Irene) lab Fords fa 4, 478 FftretJt av 
—Hath A acctg elk Burr, uyhs Businew Mi rhinos r 90? 
lawrrace rd 

--'.unify J lab National Auto Radiator r 4, 47t) Parent av 
—Thoa W (Msrjt) coo Ur opr Riraro Whikrr b 177?. Byng rd 
—'tin (Jeavle) with Win thill ties Centra (Hydro Dlv) h »76 
Gall rd 

— Am F (Helen) h 645 Me6 wan av 

Hart rim Frank H (Jeaclet h 8B1 Ctiilver rd 

— Kenwarj «trp Borden *s r 801 ChliVer rd 
Bart alls Jtm (Miry) *mp Fords b 1086 Albert rd 
Baron Hiss Janitor Rjverrtew Bosp r 1760 Dro*iilUrl rd 
Baruih Dcnald W (Marian) admlnistratlra r -rds h 1071 

Aindtrmere rd 

— Marguerite stanug Fbrda h 0, 1*32 Goyeau 

Bn rate* Bertha nsrit^dibd c«pr Auto Fpatttsme* r 1560 Victoria av 
BarwlM Cftvtd R (Pauline) tool ft dla mkr Datmlt h 2819 UUian 
BarsdttD Elisa (wld Ctmm) h 043 Hanna * 

--Lino F lOcili*) slasa darling Donna h 410 SntMton dr 

—Luigi (Velma) lab Auto Hpedalti** h 960 Pierre av 

Hu Alas (Antanlna) b 466 Ktagara 

— letter (R irslda) mgr l^allsh Vwtsnuu Club h 3i«88 Wm-Jbiwn 

av (Hand E Twp) 

—Victor (F-lyta) (VKrtsrta Stool Products Ltd) h 630 Rhctalne dr 

-Walter A (JoeepMae) twach Viking Pump a 12R7 Ooywau 
Basan tOrk (Annul amp Carton hr tog* h 16M Hlchpry rd 
Basch Mlehl (Mary) amp TCA h Kildare rd 


ft^arhiik jo« (Pauline) drvr Dirwci- Wintora Transp fa JI&3 Byng 
rd (Sarto E Twp) 

—Hint (Roue) marh w Fords b 1647 Alexis n 
Bncctuki Miry (ek) Mko))» l(T4j :a Luke rd 
t*i.< j»tt Geotfrey - ur ^ Great- Waal Ufo Arasa ft »47 
Aestmuxa tar I La 8all«l 

—Harry serv uechn Underwood Lift rme LaSalle 
—Judith sec Glctai LUe baurwoce C L rca La 3aUe 

— Ltoyd # (Valerie) tal< Champion Spark Plug h 1W Thumpa-.r. 

faivd (B’Slde) 

— ftftrgt Mra ar cl* Rasa* Civmty Library Co*uperaUVe b lik*l 

Arthur rd 

Bashlch Anne sec Hotel Die * r llir Cadillac 
—pars (Miryl ir^ch Fords h IWL Cadillac 
—Violet itudtrilPO Cadillac 

tkubow Ctsu b (rtwils) constable RCMP h 1476 firman rd 
Oaahucki Stanley CChirleyl *mp Detroit h U23 Louis av 
Hashurm bartara A elk J 1 Wing r 1069 Elatnere av 
—rrodk r 1216 Cadillac 

—Jaa W {Lmntnai ~fl mgr Cnal Specialty b 390 Wyandotta e 

— Michl dk Duw* Spectalbes r 1069 Elamere av 

--IwtriclA inap Canadian MiUir Lamp r 1069 Els mere av 

— Win h mb Cadillac 

— Am (Basel lathe opr Colonial Tsoi b 1069 Klanwr* av 
Ensile Ponquale (Thereon) sheet metal wkr Harold's Haallng Co 

Ltd b 1441 Martin 

Basili Cement Contractor (Tmretodc Baaili) 3964 Rlfaardy rd 
Ui and E Twp) 

—Guerins lab Qiryalsrs r 3d6« isyng rd (iftna E »Wp) 

—Loranso (Giovanni) b 3»b« Byng rd (Hand E Twp) 

--Tare is in (Baaili Cement Contractor) h 3964 Ricerdy rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—TeoUnda r 3964 Rlberdy rd (Han) E Twp) 

Baalliu Leo (Antonia) carp h 1367 Lincoln rd 
Qaalm Rots C (Kathleen! «mp Detroit h 1189 Huron Line 
Ted (Wandal plater Canadian Motor Lamp It 1981 
Latadie rd 

Basisty Mike tool mkr Fords fa 213, 1844 Wyandotte (RIHdeJ 
Baakiera Alt* (Pailine) amp Ford* h 2437 Turner rd 
-•Anton (Katherine) macb npr Dominion Forge ft Stamping h 1268 
Albert rd 

Hsnott Emily (wia Elijah) r • a High way i (Sand W Tarp) 

Ease Harry G (Dorm) optometrist 608 Pella*tor b 60 Ford tlva 

— HarU (Marion) oowt soct Willy* of Canada n 383 M;y av 
—Joa A (Katherine) wldr Chryalars h 696 Cataronol 

—R-rfat W (Heieoi map cecondary echls Board ! tducniK n h 
283t Academy dr (Hand W Twp) 

Bassett Donald E (Doris) atoms Herald Press b 3393 Mar* av 
(Haml W Twp) 

-Ellen (wid Chaa) fa 1641 Church 

—Jaa (Beta) emp Chryalars h 4, 206 Strscane av 

—LaVern L (Eleancr) firotas Win Fire Dept h 1670 Duffertn pi 

—VtoiH M stewardess l. 328 Lincoln rd 

Basal Hugo Ft (Albina) reach opr &emlU Eollpae a £638 Bernard 
rtt (iiand E Twp) 

—J Odo (Lynn) tra drvr Industrial Platers h 384 John B av 
-NlcolletU (aid Ricbl) b 110 m Highland av 
—Rcneto (Natalinel drafting Candn Bridge h 1841 Benjamin av 
—Walter (Do rutty I too l mkr Parfte-Davln h Goyeau 

Baaso Ago*tine Umelda) emp Detroit h 286C Evwru av (Sand W 

—Victor J genl mgr Long Ridge Uranium hftnreg Co Ltd res 

Haataale Eli (Katherine) «mp Candn Bridge r 1631 Albert rd 

haatanin Jc-fen Ufa Walker Metal r 1638 St Lake rd 

Sms tain At tnninterurcn Windsor Teachers College res RR •! 

River Canard 

toi^tlanon Milania (wld Mureimr) h 863 Pierre av 
••Wrr M (Sylvia) pren Crescent Tx>l ft Die Ltd h 4310 Mount 
Royal dr (Sand W Twp) 

Lia/nton Andrew (Veronica) carp h 3840 Rlberdy rd (Sand C Twp) 
—Angel amp Dkal Specialties Ltd r Ml To unitor 
—Antoinette elk The Tcrmto-Dominlon Bank rea RR #C River 

— Blaine (Patricia) -n j Matthews Lumber h 3, 478 Janette av 

— Bpnlift L i-tudt r 9t2 Da warm rd 

— hrian (Mary) h 1008 Pierre av 

--C!aro) typtot Inti Cuatoira Brokers t 9W Dawwijn rd 
—Clarence F (Miry A) bus opr Sandwich, Windsor ft Amherst- 
burg Rlwy fa i Winter ct Kftnd W Twp) 

--'Claude atudt r 2318 Forest av 

—Clifford B (Kathleen) maintenance University of Windsor h *T8 
3t Antoine 

—Tonald l June I emp Duplal* Glass h 1761 EVerta av (Sand W Twp) 
—Edmund P (Josephine) lab Chryalera h 138A Albert rd 
—Edard (t:leaner) shipping topt Canadian Salt Ca h 3483 Croaa 
—Edwd J (Miry) lab Chrjmlen b 3388 Woodward btvd (Hand E 

—Elmer (Rerttal maintenance City of Windsor h 962 Lawaoa rd 

— Frank L (Winifred) plant guard Parke, Davu ft Co h 364” 

Ba r ry mo re lano 

—Os raid J (Handrol lab Chryalars n 2638 A Laois av Claud C 

—Harold 1 (Vara) shift a up rear Immigration Branch h 389tl 
Richard!* llvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Ivan D (Etta) fc 588 Mammal ar 

—J E Builders (Windsor) Ud J Ernest Eaatton proa, Mrs 

Severyn Rantlan vice-pro*. Jaa H Bartlto aac-traaa geni 
cootr* 644 TJumier 

—J Errant (Severyn) pres J E Baaiton Bulldero ( Windsor) Ltd b 


AlphsbrtKsL Wist# P*g* 17 

. . . ever think of LiASIN O your Cor ? 



• We Lease ALL Makes - Windsor’s Most Comprehensive • 


—Jaa A (Laarea*I traeh opr Finwiv: Miron t) HTl Jbnraji nl 
—Lawrence (MUdmtl janitor Onlveraity at Windsor h 3688 
barr/more lane 
—Leo J b 911 Elamoro »v 
—UUlan (wid IterbO n 1443 Lincoln ra 
—Kkrvln (N m) emp Portia h 2316 Korea! av 
—Napsleon F emp Fordo r 644 Tvumler 
—Prtrr ; cmdMt elk Fleetroxaa Supply r 3820 Richaniie tied 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Philip A (Lauretta) 1 c PO h 3466 Croaa 
—Ralph C Amp Admiral SlMl h Josapiune *v 
—Raymond (Catherine) lab Chryslera h 34522 Byng rd (Sand E 

—Raymond C (Blanche) amp Depute GUura H 1786 Everts av 
(Sand W Tarpl 

—Rich* O I c PO res RR #1! River Canard 
—ftoa# Ivld Alphonse) h 34f» Croaa 
—Sandra atudi r 1711 IGldaro rd 
—That J (Gloria A) erop PUtnt-urgr. Paints h 3691 Kino 
—Veronica atudt r 14 7 1 Norman rd 
—Victor (Hilda I emp CMnU h 3497 Crou 
Bastion John R (Bernice) h 2S7 Falrview blvd IfiTUdel 
Bastun Harry (J P (Dorothy) wldr Reliance Steal Fabricator* b 
83 Spring Garden rd (HR #1 River Canard) 

Baatule Joa r 193 Janette av 

Bata 3ho« Store 2461 Dcugall av (Sand W Twp) li &7I Ouellette av 
Balchelr.r Anno twH Win) h 6, J10 Elliott ar 
—Mabel (wld Waiter J) b 21fl» Cfcllver rd 

Bate Alfred F (Evelyn) plant prcuctkxn Ford* h 484 California av 
—Chan (Beatrice) h 663 Bridge av 
-Ctwryl £ dk City Finance r 464 CtlltotnU av 
—Freda (Ellath) *tap City at Windsor (Traffic E4V) h 673 
Randolph av 

—Geo (Annie 8) h 023 Bridge av 

— Mary E (wld Wnl r 230 Crawford av 

—Robt C (Janet) toolmkr Bandix-Eclipse h 36© khLsoimeuvo av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—F coaid ntudt r 3682 Maieonnvuv* av (Sami W Twp) 
bate man Bryan (Doric) brkr Diminton Auto Carrie ni h 1837 
Kildare rd 

—Douglas r 60S Victoria av 

—Ellath nurse r 21(52 Moy av „ 

—Frank J Jr pra* 9 A C Engraving r 3946 Piberdy rd (Sand H 

—Frank (Edith) vtoa-pras 9 b C Engraving h 72" Partington av 
—Jas E (Gloria) awmbir - mechanical Burroughn Buainmm 
Machined tj 3820 Turner Td (Sand E Twp) 

—Jane t (wld Robt L) receptionist J Wilbert Brlen h 218S Mr/ av 
—John osst ertkr Sacred Heart IFC) Church r 1WP Sheperd * 

— Kenneth D prer. Canadian Cancer Society (County Unit Essex) 

reu Leamington 

--Mavis M Mrs ar sec John 'Wyeth U Bro r 73 Hanna a 
—Fetor (Kathleen) omp Paragon Tool h 84, 1600 Columbia et 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Root (Lorraine) auprvar IBM h 249*5 Byng rd 
—Rubtna (aid Then I h 340 Crawford nv 
Bites Arthur (Iran*) h 1229 Gladstone av 
—Arthur D lE*tna) proa h gwil mar Bntos Hardware Ltd h Unit 
33, 620 Wyandotte (R’Slde) 

—Block 1769 Wyandotte e _ , 

--C Murray (Mirgt) engineer Frunner M:nd h 36CS Rocxwf ll atr 
IHaud W Twp) 

—Carol r 946 University av m 

—Chna h 2A. 686 Argyle rd . ^ _ , 

—Clarence H (Moya) sec Baton Hardware Ltd h U* Patrice dr 
(R'Slde) _ _ 

—Edgar (Jennie) h 994 Elm av 

--Hardware Ltd Arthur D boto- pre? U gnni mgr. Clarancr 
bates see h Wm H Bates Lrean 1082-84 Wyandotte # h 
130e WyamlctU! (R*$ide) 

—J«U emp Dctroll r Doag^l av 

-John (Mirguente) slnmn Bird Hardware Co h 940 University 
av mat 

—Leslie H (Adelaide) amrt ntgr Central Mortgage k Housing 
Cr.rp h 612 Frank «v (H'SJdel 
—Lika (wld Adalbert) b 423 Bridge av 
-Robt J (Phoebe) bua drv r SW A A FUy h 34-ii: I/llter. 

—Soml C (Margt) eaip Argus Prelection u (HU Bridge av 
--Tbt-t: T/vonne) ump Dciictnion Forge r> 1106 Elm av 
—Wm H (Margt) mgr Upton BnuJeeo fc Jamas Lid h 84 Wiihmr et 

(St CUir b-utehl 

Batey Alfmd (Guinewrel pmtr Wimtocr Star fc Itob Buckingham 
rd ISand E Twp) 

Bath Elaine V r 1930 Central *v 

—Lictwl utUUymn Fab Co r 1600 Central av 

—iTcwold L (Vera) maintonancemr CUy of WliMtoor h 1936 Central 


—Ronald R (Carol) trk d rvr Pamer Scrap Metal Co h U92 

Albert rd 

Bathurst Containers Ltd Ernest Bainbridge (Chatham) dial rap 
fibre Inked 604 Victoria IV 
Batints Fine, lab Furd Motor r l 7 9d benjamin av 
mtiats Earl (Norma) e»p Unemptoymont Innuranc* Commission 
h 3880 Langfelto* *v IBand W Twp) 

—Fredk J (Gracia) stkmn Fordo h 4SS McKay av 

—John L H rtodt r 488 McKay av 

Ibitluk Annie fcaekpr r 1796 Cadillac 

Batke Wanda nurse r 401, 1476 Riverside dr a « 

—Wm (Gwendolyn) carp forrmn Eaolem C .n.itn b 4Bi> 
blvd CCSlde) 

Ekitley Austin *Jt Eaaex County JaU Esaei 

Batog John (Mary) emp Dominion Fi?ry b 133b Pierre av_ 


iiatowla! enxp G<m«ral Motors r Ifc&J Iternntcue av 
Bntrancla Serge ntech Webster Motors ('Windsor) r ME Csroc av 
Batrlwcha Vera h 397 Lincoln rd 

batson Dennis apprentice Volta welders r 3730 Blackburn ert 
—Ktameih (Lorraine) drvr Thlbodwu Express h IW 7 nbepherd r 
—Wm lab iymmld Me nile Rornns (lv>bJl r 3’I20 Plaekt urn ct 
Batutiime Chas L (Evelyn) emp Funds h ILW Momouth rd 
—Gordon (Gaynor) elect Fords h 2441 Peliosier 
BatugelU Harry- (Joan) carp Capitol Homes h 1443 George av 
—Ida (wid too) cJk WeKaxv Dipt r 943 Firmer* av 
—Robt almlt r 9&3 Maremcue av 

—R^ger (Ytlanda) mgr Brewera Retail Stores h 95:: MarenUfttv 

—Roger rootor Bhlach Booling f 611 Booford (Sand 3 Twp) 

—Roy A (Nancy) tahr Hon W C Kennedy Ci»U tout h 1632 Victoria 

—Ugo (Stella) h LOU Windsor *V 

Battaglia PampmU (Carmctla) drvr Smith Transport h UidS* 
MkrentoUK av 

Eaiui Edwin (Eilxtb) wldr Young Spring h Wlro h 173 St John 


Batie Jfts C (hhricllm!) alu rep Stmly MiUrasa Co h 2662 
W^tminoter blvo (Sand E Twp) 

—Lalu (wld John J) fc 1640 Church 

—Shiriwy Mn receptionUt Lever, Buti, Brlcker It Roman, r 
1237 Surrey rd (Sand W Twp) 

Satiei Angelo (Adelaide) pipe fir Win Utilities C^mmo 'Water Dlv 
h 643 lrvin« *v 

—Giuaeppv lab Famm h Son Ltd r I860 Benjamin av 
Batten Dauild £ mortgage rik Can Trust h Huron h Erie Mort 

ran EssAi 

—Victor P (Muriel) ^mp Curtis Pubiiafcing Co b 614 Della ble 
View blvd (R'Cldel 

Battarsby Bella It 14, 438 Luugali av 
—Ellen A xtudt r 1739 Aufcln rd 

—Emoracn mgr Centre Theatre res RR #3 Maidstone 
—Jackh 1, 1361-1381 Assumption 

-•John W Gwtrtcla O) lift irk drvr Chryalara h btilt Dominion 
tlvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Marie r 14. 436 D^ugall av 

—Raymmd i! (Mary) trk drvr Windsor Board ai Worte 1 636 
Bridge av 

—Waiter (Alma) elect Walker Metal Products h 1738 Auton rd 
Battertcn Eric (Elsie) foretnn Candn Engineering 4i Tool h 93f! 
Bruce av 

—Lealle F (Elsie) innp Fomin h T!»4 Amienu av 
BaUistelli Anthony (Anna) emp Windsor University h 494 Church 
—Diane emp Goodwill lnduririem of Windsor toe r 494 Church 
—Vincent obidl r 494 Church 
Botltotcn Gasper (Erneatlnv) h 630 R .ward av 
--John r K ; .0 Hcwanl ev 
—Nomen «chr Ut Anne Sctd r BS?) Howard av 
—Sergio (Tina) foretnn 'Win Chrome Plating b 84fl Dawson rd 
Battle Viola (wld Wm) h 800 Monmouth rd 
—w«alvy H (Vtorcella) gmup leader Hiram wauer & Sows h 30B 
R«M?dmer« av (R’Slde) 

tWitocchlo ptotms (Lulgla) cooatn wkr D* Santis Oinstn h 114G 
Moy av 

Battram EUidh h 80C, 3801 RJveralde dr e 
— Helen h 60S, 3801 Riverside dr • 

Raltacn Sydney H (Elouwrl icalntenaoCc Canadian Tranclt Co b 
3945 Byng rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Wm (Le'.ona) r 5943 fcyng rd iTAttd E Twp) 

Battv Gary r 33'*5 Walker rd (Sand E Tvp) 

—Joyce Mrr. atudt r 3378 Walker rd ICar.d E Twp) 

Bat irinsky Jacofc A (fiaphia) h 1273 LAbodle rd 
Baty Arthur J r 1397 Rossini blvd 
Baud or Ralph r 1U4 Goyeaa 

Bauiin Ron- (Gertrude) trk drvr Boosiy Trucking h 32516 RusneU 
Ltoufer Annie (wld Fred) h 1037 Wlndsr r av 
—Arndt chop lay ul R J Cyr Co r 6S4 Chllvcr rd 
--Claudette maid r 1136 Victoria av 
—Cv»ra emp Datruit r 10£7 Windsor av 
-Ellen (wld Ellas) h 10*3 Geurge »v 
—Elmer F (Mildred) quality control analynt Fords b 18lw 
Buckingham nl (Sana E Twp) 

-Gertrude (wid Peter) h 1916 George av 
—Gordon C m«ch Morrire Cartage res RR #1 Tecumseh 
—Guido (Eva) h 3, 1698 Victoria av 
—Jo-Anno maid r 1089 Victoria av 
--Lieyd J 11>.hna) mech Ifcrrice Cartage h Wentcott rd 
--Nick (Elizth) carp Sippel it Sippol Contractors Ltd h 332(5 
Wcodlawn av 

—Nick (Anna) die leader Windsor T:*>1 6 W# b * - Maidttn rd 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Raymond B trk drvr Morrlce Cartage h 943 Plllrtli! rd 
—Stan lev A (Char toon) tool mkr Fords h 2333 Moy av 
-Terraco dockmn Husband Trannp raa Belle HIvnr 


—Chon W (Lee) sec Baum h Brody h 4)1» J Hive raise dr# 

—Ernest (Juani «rop uxn.dt h 1710 t m VaUtoy or 
—Jack M (Rita E) alamo Baum b Brady h 3871 Bruce av C9tort« 

—4 Brody Ltd Benjamin Baum proa, Mn. Lillian fer^ay vt c— 
prea, 'Choi W Baum uec. LevrU D Brody in*ai‘ hrmae 
fumLhmgn lfcrl Chatham *i * 41 Riveraldedr e 
Bauman Florence (wid Wm H) h Td Itoy av 
BauntanU JuUJa t> Mrs cataloguer Univwrnlty . f Winuuor ra« 
Yaw key 

Baumann Ellxth Mn. r 1W1 Albert rd 
—Harold 4lud! r 1139 Dougall av 

— Wm (Elsie) asamblr Chryaian n 1139 touaill av 

— WlUy at-idl r 1139 Dcugall av 
Ba urert Frank (Anna) steel wkr Dom Forgo Co h 1L13 Harriaa 


aaumgartner Hubert E (Alice) lab LA Young h L?t Aicxandna 
(Rom Pkl 

—Lee (Juyca IBM ^pr Chr>*aleru h 3t€7 Roclnirall uv (ibwtd W 

— Jjfcuhuw Rev (R sina) rnlnuwr Philadelphia Petdimatai 

Tabernacle h BCd Janette av 

— Michl (Theresa) «mp Chryslei-a h 1381 Dougall av 
—3t«*/o (Apftotonial h rd.93 T^imngaau rd (Land E Twp) 

— Wenrol (Can?Une) maintenance ‘Thrystera b 19)a) George M 
bauw Clifford r *187 Wlndnor av 

Bausqua Vbrletta ours# llclel Dl«m Hospital r IQK D.-ugall av | 
Bauwena R«ne (Carfilynne) «mp Chryalers h 79J McKay av 
Bavvtta Catwnn* (wid VtP^) (Catcrtna U Lena Hair Styling 5ta<i 
h 606 Hanley erta (Sand S Twp) 

—PUrtn; (Cat«rin») (Tip Top Shoe Repair) h li«5d Jadlliac 
—Vlnctmnc (An)emtta) drvr toternatiunal Bakery h 31T Cltotw l 
Ewwd'.r. Annv clic-typist Police Department r 4042 Car,train kr 
(ilond W Twp) 

—Darlene M w US P.ubfcer Co (DetralU h 410. 30ln <kndwi« 
—Donald H (Jo-Anne) comp r 1621 Piilotus rd 
—Emrraoc R (Gladyal Hydraulic tochn Chryslert h 4042 C***ru 
dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Ikrwani W (itauiine) pattern mkr Chryalera h 1204 Wtoderwt 

—Paul speech therapist Remedial Speech Aanociation hr 3. Jdl ! 

Bawtenbeimer Jar D (Marilyn) tool A die dmugnar Canadian lb 
Lamp h 3416 Evan* av (Sand W Twp) 

Bax Be ml* (Tina) ntudt h 77E Hall av 
n»xa Eric (SaUy) yardmn C N F.lyo h 1609 Assumption 
fiaxtor Beverley A rchr H E Guppy High Schl of Commerce h 
1841 Moy av 

—Carl W (Vyra) cash Liquor Control &jard at Ontario Ctore3 
h 238 McKay av ^ 

—Cavtd U (Mirg-urrlte) (Alpha Electric R«rfrtg<TraUon Co) 6 
Radlascn av (Sand W Twp) 

—Donald conotn wkr r 887 Arthur rd 
—Efc-nald H (kkrjorie) emp Fortlu h 310S Curry av tSand A 
—E«Jlih I dir Consumers Wall Faper h 209, 1184 Oueileto* if « 
—Eltoth (wid Walter) h 638 Windermere rd 
—Frank W (htorlon) press mn border Press h »82 Elm av 
—Harry A (Flcranee) h 3666 LoogfeUoar av (Butd W Twp) 
—Hazel L (wld John) h 1028 Elm av 

—Henry W (Dorothy) (£fc««r Wallpaper and Paints) fc 38U 
Riverside dr (R*Sldo) 

—Hilda M (wid Harry) h 3808 Riverside dr (ft“Ride) 

•Terrance dockmn Husband Trannp r 
—Theresa Mrs r JS26 Woodlawn av 

— Waiter electrical engineer r 2238 W<x«ilawn av 
—Wm (Barbara) h 1748 Tourangeau rd 

bauerle Andrew (Ellath) 3Is Art Bcetan Umlted h 638 Cam#wo 

Baughman Joyce C emp MetropaUtan Hospital r 46 flalrvlmw blvd 

—Ken Service Station (KcmiMh M Hauijhmanl I486 Erjo « 
--Kenneth M (Ednx» (Knn Baughman Service Statton) b 46 
Fairvlcw bl’nl (P’Slda) 

— Wtorvin F (Joan) telegrapher CNR b lflil tSOnm av 

Bauld Mitthvw G (Dureanl drftnmn Brunnrr Mond h 3783 Birch 
Baum BcnJ (Betty) pres Baum h Brody h tlltl Victoria av 

—OmM E (J an) acct ^ryslers h 279© Alexandra av (fland * 
--Frank ump '-TT( r L~9 Pwllzzier 


(Harry R Roberta) General Insyranrb, 44 Wyandotte 
Street East. Phone 258 9031 

—Jaa M Hilly LSpinoler Insurance Limited h 11* 

Victoria av , JKrA [ 

—Jan R r^)^* ccnsuole PoUco Dcpartnrnid r -cu» Latana.” | 
(Sand W Twp) 

-Jay U (Miinjt) ins vjt Billy L SplndUr Inn h U67 Vlcturt* © 
—Jean (whl E Brooke) h 1S39 Victoria av 
—John A (Jane) prea b genl mgr Consumers Will Paper h » 
Munsirt av 

—Johns* (Elva) yard master CPR h 1018 Oak av 
—Judith A sis elk Consumers Whll Paper r 3486 Roxtoro’u^ r 
L«Jar.d W Twp) 

-L Rusaell (Retty) eU Fbrda h 51849 Orton eras (Hand W T»F 
—N Allen (Katherine) swe-treaa Consumera Wall Taper 6 Li 
780 Ouellette av 

—Nail t emp F;rtfai h Iff, 951 Tukeaeora 
—Peter J atudt r 3811 Hiveraide ar (RTSlilal 
—Plchd (GraceI h 3 . 4855 Parent av 

—Robt D (Thelma) toolmkr Chrynlereh 814 Bedford (Sand - - r 
—Robt G (inme) off rogr J M Troupe h 440 California av 
—Robt G ((la) als mgr - Jcbtser dlv Auto Specialties h 34» 
Roxtx)rough av (Sand W Twp) 

—Roger J (lAdeton) mc Olobe Sheet Metal Co Ltd h 31T Me* 
dr (Bond W Twp) 

—Ronald F emp Chryalers r 382 Elm av 

— Wallpaper * Talnta (Henry Paster) 4591 Tecumaeh fclvfl • 

(Sand E Twp) 

— Wayne C otudt r 3182 Curry »v (D«vi W Twp) 

— Wrr J (Shirley) elrmn J M Troupe h 3417 Milieu 
Bayard Gilbert A sec Xeyntona Contractors Ltd h S, ^ 

Marwjletto av 

Bayer Arthur prar Windsor Property btenagement Ud ra* 
Boyley Arthemloo (wld Chan E) h 496 Califr-mia av 
-Arthur E (Carol) acct Bank j! Montreal fc 2Ct"> Winder**"J 
_ sr 4-i-—I k o^ap Alexandra *V (Send * 

SUDDiNLY "IT'S SOLD" Wh«n you list With 




Phon* 252-5795 



--Goo H (Neill*) proa Bayley & ElUs Co Hdh 484 Sunset av 
—Harold J (Pbyiito) elk Forda h 3500 Charlevoix av (Sand w Twp) 
—Myrtle Mrr. elk Rivard Clnrx r 3199 Mark av (Sand w Twp) 

-4 Eilia Co LW Geo H Eaytey pneii, Efaoald T Ellis vie«-pro* 
leather goods 321-323 RlVernide dr w 
Eaylia Carolyn L tanfcpr r 205?. Willirtvad croa 
—Clifford W IMarJurie) bench grinder Fordo fa 831 Howard av 
—Evert (Gwetn) lab Fordo h 546 Winder av 
—Kenneth (Evelyn) emp Win Pub Works Dept h 501 Aylmer av 
—Roy h 1, 106 Mercer 

Baytlss Clarence «mp Walker Metal h 1065 Highland av 

—Thoa i (Sharon) asamblr Chrysiers h 1450 Plllette rd 

teyn Andrew D (Diane) tr.ech Chryslers h 1531 PliUrtte rd 

Bayne Alex H h 313, 230 Fork w 

—Donald elk CNF r 2, 1301-1331 Assumption 

—Dan M dispatcher CNR r 828 Lincoln rd 

-Isabelle M h 313, 28Q Pa rk w 

Eaynham Alfred C h 218 bollepercbe pi (P’Slde) 

—Alfred 2 tool & die mkr Fords r 2ifi Bellepercho pi (R'Skle) 

—John W (Lorraine) die setter National Autc Radiator h 20*79 
Melgbon rd (Sand E Twp) 
fiaynton Chas decorator h 933 Campbell av 
—Cletus A (Ruth) emp Detroit b 704 Fartlngton av 
Bays Douglas emp CKLW h 304. 1301 Assumption 
—Jaa 3 (Shirley) a l c PC h 110 St Ifar/’c blvd (R'SMel 
—Joan E elk Union Gas r 137 Jefferson blvd (R’Side) 

—Loin Mrs h 2483 George av (Sand E Twp) 

—Nell T (Joan) prod control Chrysler) h 2540 KUdare rd 
—Regd O atut Vincent’s Texaco r 137 Jefferson Uvd OR'Side) 

—Regd V (Louise) alarm G G McKoougb Ltd h 137 Jefferson blvd 

Bayaik Stephen A (Carolyn) systems analyst Ualvac-Canada - 
Division .if Remington Rand Ltd b d23 Bedford (Sand 0 

has Alex (Edith) meek W«bfiter Motors (Windsor) h 1232 Els me re 

—Fred (Mary) gas ftr Essex Boiler & Heating Co r 1735 Benjamin 

Baxaluk Emma (wld Mlcld) h 1411 Marentetle av 
Basinet Emile P (Doralice) carp Sterling Conatn h 230 Ford blvd 

— 3uy (Miry-Ann) rprmn Romeo Mach Shop h 21, 1560 Goyeau 
—Paul E (Fcllcite) boiler mkr Romeo Mich Shop r ZflO Ford blvd 

—Ronald P (Gall) fluid rep General Motora Acceptance Corp of 
Canada Lid b 382 California av 
Saainr Adam (Joyce) aunt prof Uhtverslty of Windsor h 3108 

Basilic Steven (Olga) Inep Chryslera h 2373 Meldrum rd (Sand E 

—Victor (Cecil**) amp Champion Spark Plug h 1237 Harrison av 
Eaao Steve emp Kelsey Wheel r 1391 Maraolettp sv 
Basso (Sixth (wld Ignat?.) h 3674 Woodland av (.'sand W Twp) 

5»Ejrdlo Waller (Bernice) furnace Demin ion Forge h 1391 
Mtreniette av 

Baxylklewich Mary (wld Mick) h fill Eugenia (Rem Pk) 

Beach D.nald apprentice Canadian Engineering Tool 4 Die r 000 
Tapllcl (Rem Pk) 

—D-ruglax atudt r 06U CapUol (Rem Pk) 

—Gerald (Doris) apprentice Harold's Heating Co Ltd h 1029 

--John (Grace) h 3S1 Eadras pi (F’Siae) 

—John D fltudt r 3052 Ru; eland dr w (Sand W Twp) 

—Lawrence K (Margt) drftnmn J P Thomson Axfioclate* 

Architects h 1448 Cadillac 

—Rofct (Patricia) lab Chryalors h 207, 1338 Ouellette av 
--Wrn E (Miry) stmftr Ford Motor b 3952 Roseland dr w (Sand W 

Beaooa Ernest A h l, 30 Hanna w 
ewaeroft Domto .;todt r 1227 Kb more av 
Eaidme Dorothy <«U A If rod) t, 1918 Spring Garden rd (Sand W 

--Geo F (Mir-gt) tchr Percy P McCalium Schl b 1538 Dougall av 
-WW H hlpr Banks Alignment r 197 Spring Garden rd (Sand 
W Twp) 

Beagan Clifford A (Barbara) auprvar CPP Piggy Bock h 200 
back dr (R7?ldo) 

Beahon J Francis (Jean) maintenance Cbryaler* h 2572 KUdare 

—Jaa (Nettie) h 1237 Hickory rd 

--Jaa C (Jeannlm*) Insp Fords h 1595 Olive rd 

-Margt h 2-a, 1495 Gladstone av 

Beal Rlchd r 349 Chatham « 

—Thoa (Rita) h 721 Gladstone av 
-Afm (Ironelh I07fl Campbell av 
B*alr Catherine 2 Mudt nurse r 1619 Francois rd 
—John P atudt r 1513 Franocus rd 

—Thoo P (Helen) tfao tipper Dept of Parks 4* Recreation b 1619 
Francnla rd 

wall Helen auprvar Smlth'n of Windsor r 4fl2 Logan av 
-Belen Mm maintenance Z E Benson 3chl h 402 Logan av 
aeala Grace (arid Lavernl pnv jfc Martin, Laird, Eastern. 

Cowan It Cbauvin ). 1023 Victoria av 
‘•Harlu p mgr Amcham Prod Inc res Amherstburg 
rean Alfred F (Evelyn) trtmmer DomuiW-n Forge h 3319 Turner 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Allan W studt r 1415 fchrentette av 
-Char thech Capitol Shell Service h 3Lb* Waiiter rd 
—Harold W elk Forda h 21£«3 Parent nv 
— -Vealcy E (Alta) h 141 Rocrtmer^ av (R'Slde) 

R»a>j (Gertrude) b 4'tg, 280 tWrk-W 


—Catherine Odrs h 1617 Bruce av 

— Frank R (Rose) emp Windsor Packing h 416 Partington av 

—G C Ltd Grover C Bear pres taker* a applies 3597 Howard av 
(oand H Twp) 

—Grover C (Cordelia) proa O C Bear Ltd h 2337 May av 
--Lawrence (Muriel) mech Dingwall Motors h 1468 Dufferln pt 

— Wm C diene) )r deputy County of Essex Registry Office b 3288 

Virginia Park av (Sand ti rwp) 


LaSalle Lead Products Ltd, Rene Briacbois Manager. 

Jim Laframbulse Sales L Service Manager, Manufar - 
turlng, Sale* and Service. Tires and Vulcanizing. 

680-698 Wyandotte Street Eon, Ptvme 253-3541 (See 
adv Top Lines) 

Beard mo re Chas A < Elixtn) emp Da troll h 3159 Bruce av (Band W 

—Jas ntudt r 3159 Brace av (Band W Twp) 

Bearbope Agnes Mru r 61 Giles blvd • 

—BUftth (wld Rootlh 4. 972 Erie e 

--Murrnv slamn London Life b 137 St Mirk (31 Clair Beach) 
Bearman Frodk A p c PO h 104, 274 GUea blvd w 
-Thb» P (Florence) h 410 Pine 
bears* Ethel L (wld Roland 8) h 1430 Goyaau 
Bcaaloy C E (C B dales) ret RR #1 Belle River 
—Francla Jr atudt r 3904 Whitney av 
—Francis (Augusta) welfare jfflcer DVA u 3901 Whitney av 
-Jean h 221 Mill 

—Kxror. £ atudt r lid Virginia av (H'Slde) 

—Ranald w (Janet) mgr Bendy Cartage b 110 Virginia av (H’Slde) 
—Susan P nurse-receptionist George G George U Telenfora A 
Mar. stria r 1 hi Virginia av (R’Side) 

L*€asly Ethel r 938 Dougoll av 

Bmiw- Ernest L (Dora) btehr Detroit U 1870 GVeniale av 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Pierre (kferie) (Remington Provisions) b 604 Williams (Rem Pk) 
Beaten Donald W b (Shirley) emp Detroit h 010 Cabana rd w 
(Sand W Twp) 

— A/ayrva ctudt r 019 Cabana rd w URmd W Twp) 

Beetle Jack elect Windxer Fire Dept Signal Division 
Beato Jr.-s chef Pompel Real r 729 Janette av 

Beaton Alex C (Mclly) elk ChrynJers h 3150 Unwin rd 
—Angus D (Annie) b r(86 Mcy «v 
—David atudt r "160 Lincoln rd 

—David H (Yvonne) chemical engineer Fords h 2609 Ida rd 
—EUa (wld Robt) emp Champion Spark Plug h 859 Langioia av 

— Eva r 101, 2005 University av w 

—Geo (Barbara) emp Detroit h 3080 Rankin av (Sand W Twp) 

—Gee E (Annie E) h 160 Pradc pi (P.’Slde) 

—Hector janitor Westwood Tavern r 4280 Sanrtwtefa 
—Jack omp Candn Bridge res RR #1 Staples 
—Jas F h 2, 1165 Howard av 
—John studt r 1880 Larkin 

—John (Purethy) widr Chryslers h 1947 Ferndaie nv (Sand E Twp) 
—John A I Jessie) ger.l elk Bendlx-Ecllpoe 
—John A (Bernadette) pntr h 1150 Mercer 
—Mary Mro r 2590 Norman r-1 (Sand E Twp) 

— Mary Mrs r 1106 Ouellette av 

—Robt E apprentice Bryant Pattern ib Mfg r 2590 Norman rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Robt 1 (Mirgt) rep Ditto of Canada Ltd b 1850 Larkin rd 
—Rrvtortek (Caihrifiel amp 0«t Motors b 1579 Hail av 

— Roderick O ins adj Western-Brltlab America Assurance Group 

res RR #1 Belle River 

— Wm P atudt r I860 Larkin rd 
Beatrice Terrace apta 400-472 Logan av 

* Beattie, see nisv Beatty 

--Arthur J (Stella) emp McCord Corp b IQ70 Janette av 
—David L (Rose) main tenon cvroi Forda h 1621 Norman rd 
—Elflle M (wld Peter) coraetlero Detroit b 226 GUddon av 

—Ethel T h 1219 Lincoln rd 

—Quab M (Julia) aec-treon ft mgr Win Credit Bureau h 261 
Virginia av (H’Slde) 

—Jan (Margt) leader Hiram Walker % 9dn» h 1469 Olive rd 
—John F b 1283 Bruce *v 
—Kate (wld John A) b 108b Dougall ov 
—Lindsay G dona) wldr Fords h 420 Josephine av 
—Mnyna M sec Detroit r :i20 Glidden av (H'Slde) 

—Phoebe (wid AUred) h 20, 1260 Ouellette av 
—Rirhd 2 (Barbara! designer Chrynlera h 2900 Mark av (Sand W 

—Robt D lehr Forster Collegiate h 2, 74 Shepherd w 
—Ronald srtudi r 1760 Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Ronald J (Jeanne)Insp Fords b 1760 Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Sherman J (Muriel) bus drvr S M 4 A Rly b 1639 Dougnll av 

* Beatty, see also Beattie 

—Aiht C (Vivian) off mgr J H Ryder Machinery Ltd b 1843 Syng 

—Clair (Dorean) (Beatty Motors) h 3099 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Doreen Travel Service (Mrs Doreen Beatty) 2099 Walker rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Miicolm F (Phyllis) receiving elk Champion Spar* Plug h 020 

Mr rand l Sand S Twp) 

—lAiry Mrr r 020 Maraud (Sand 3 Twp) 

—Mirv P r 2357 Tc unmgeau rd (Sand B Twp) 

—MB tors (Clair Beatty b Douglas Tame mire) cuved care 2270 
Tecutnseh blvd e p»bd shop 066 Langlola av 
—Washer «or» Xtox Uwin mgr electrical appliances sales * 
ijervlco 071 Wynactte <• 


Beaoblen Edwin A (Rcisallnd) drvr M 4 P Transport Ltd h 3425 
Mil ten 

Beauchamp Albt (Mildred) (Al'a B A Service) b 2000 Clemonceau 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Alice fnshr Superior Cleaners r 214 Cameron av 
—Bernard ertkr Si Edmond Schl r 4943 Montgomery dr (Sand W 

—Ernest O (Anne) maintenance GUI inn Ltd h 601 Goyeau 
—Fred (Laura) atktrn Forda h 029 klaricn av 
—Harry J r 3986 R anald av (Sand W Twp) 

—Lucille Mm elsldy Smith's of Aftndsor n 806 Gcyeau 
—Patrick J (Evelyn) trimmer Forda h 2608 T^urangeau rd (8«nd 
E Twp) 

— (Cvclk) h 1835 Jefferson blvd (Hand E Twp) 

—Thos E (Kathleen) photo Detroit h 901 Gladmtne av 
—Victor (Miy> h 827 Pierre av 

Beauche Jean (Anita) deckhand Astonh Rly h 218 Aylmer av 
Beauchemln Marcel J (Vida) Internal grinder b hole lappor 
Colonial Toot b 1938 Jeff croon blvd (Sand E Twp) 
Beauchesne Omer r 85 St Louis av (RfSide) 

Beaudet Edwd G h 906 Dawson rd 

—Jacques D CPauleUe) dint ale mgr Calvaria Distillers fa 1687 
Perfcr.Uo ct (Sand W Twp) 

—Leanan h 808 Caartcn rd 
—Maurice (Reymonde) fa 643 An kin av 

—Wilfred (Marie) maintenance J T Wing b 2470 Princes* av 
(Sand E Twp) 

Beaudattc Conrad emp Cbryslers h 15S4 Langiolx av 
Beaudin Adcle L Mrs h 30, 406 Polisoier 
—Jack (Anniek) insp Forda h 444 McEwan av 
--John P (Marie) h 1730 Gladstone av 
—Joe (Lenora) pntr h 423 KUdare rd 
—Victor (Alma) elk Candn Tiro h 2417-2419 Highland av 
Beaudoin Alvin B (Genevinve) emp Chrynlera h 3586 Malflotmeuve 
sv (Sand W Twp) 

—Catherine Mrs r 417 Oak av 
—Cecilia emp Hiram Walker fa 744 CfaUver rd 
—Clifford J (Marianne) roach opr Gen I Motors h 1593 Aubln rd 
—Clinton audit Poupnrd’c Eeno Service r 2403 Ctendler rd (Sand 
E Twp) 

--Della (wid Henry) b 2403 Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Earl (Ethel) mach Fords h 2296 Dominion blvd I Sand W Twp) 
—Ernesl (Ellnth) shovel opr Sariorl 4 3on Consln Co Ltd res 

—Eugene A (Donna) oast mgr ’Win Credit Bureau roe RR #2 

—Gary apprentice Eryunt Pattern 4 Mfg r807 Wellington av 
—Gerald (Maggie) h 3238 Edison av 
—Gerald (Jear.) 4rvr-r.Lamn Essex Welders Supply h 2009 
Tourangaau rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Harvey sheet metal wkr Pyramid Mobile Homaa (1959) res 
L* Salle 

--Henry h 6, 897 Wellington av 
—Jas J atudt r 1346 Partington av 
—Janice K 8tud! r 260 Ct Louis av (R'SSda) 

—Jeanne M atudt nurse 3t Joseph's Hospital r 1340 Partington av 
—John (Loretta) deputy assessment ccmmlaakmer City of 
Windsor h 1346 Partington av 

—Laura L proof mach upr Tor-Dom Bank roc RR t: 'Windsor 
—Lawrence (Lucille) wldr White Plumbing 4 Heating h 1041 
Windsor av 

—Leo elk G G McKeough Ltd h 1554 Lesperanee rd (Tecumseh) 

—Lioool A (Juiisiie) pntr NaUonal Mint Cd h 969 Caron av 
—Lloyd K (Anna) acct Windsor Social Services Dept h 2136 
Gladstone av 

—Mary (wid Clyde) h 1185 High 

—Merle E (Ruth) mach rpr Fonts h 200 Si Louis av CR’Side) 

—Mlchl (Helen) lab WeUea Corp Ltd b 5. 223G Ontario 
—Mtch) E (Helen) lror Capitol Cab fa 816 EUroce av 

— Norman (Carol) trim rprmn Chryslero fa 3634 King 
—Ricbd plmfcr Mt.: J BrLui Lid roa Waioer Farms 
—Ronald slamn SUverwcod'a res HR #4 Amherstborg 
—Ronald J (EUstfa) sismn Reliance Auto Sales h 1588 Tecumnah 

hlvd w 

—Ronald M I Patricia) anomblr Weliea Corp b 3471 Cross 
—Sydney aaat mgr Agnew-Surpasa-Dorwin r 2270 Dominion blvd 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Theodore barber Len Dawo'u Barber Shop raa La Salle 
—Veronica Mrs h 120, 708 Ouellette av 

-- Wallace 2 (Dura) (Reliance Auto Sales) b 1&80 Tecumaeb t>lvd w 
Beaudry Albt 1 (Myra) emp Detroit h 1749 Kildare rd 
—Donald J (Florence) fortimn Candn Bridge t 2060 Woodland av 
iSthd a Twp) 

--Eugene omp Glffeln Assoclatea r 782 Victoria av 
—Go.' (Patricia) pntr National Hunting Co h 900 McKay av 
--Lillian Mr * *»mp B^mdix Ecilpoo h 104 Glengarry av 
—Raymond A (Shirley) emp Natl Painting 4t Decorating h 1057 
Aubln rd 

--Ruby (wld Louio) nurse Mrtro Genl Hospital r 1300 Bridge av 
—Simone r Halt Victoria av 

— Wm W L (Jeanne) emp Detroit b 504 Rankin av 
Beaugrand Annette M cUi Bank of Mont res Emeryville 
—Arthur W (Mtgdalene) inxp Chryaluro h 136$ Shepherd e 

—BvrnaddUe Mru bkpr Wlpptsan Serviced Ltd ros Belle PdVer 
-Erotst (Bella) h 511 St Joseph 

—Jan (Diane) metal controller Fords h 1527 Windermere rd 

—Jax H atudt r 1730 Point!* rd 

—John fndry wkr Forda r 1708 PUUtte rd 

—Jo# (Adeline) h 217^ Aylmer av 

-Joe (Mary) h 602 Brock 

--Oliver (Eileen) mgr Lttuglan Apta h207, 131 Wyandotte w 

AlphabctKoL Wbtu P ** 19 



-HrUn I'iUJyO *mgio*rr ^hryM*rJ r 17 't :*xnia- _ ~ 

—Carolyn oec Marlin H Wonder r 1342 Dowpatt av 

—Clarence pnrssmn Arcadia Prow* Lt s r«t T«mum»**' 

—SoujUU E liiricnl is ran Dramiawn Ifclar rrtwi Uindiiurl 
h iu4r :• : »li av 

--Fr*no»f (win I’TvlltK Wl It Janette tv 
-,0*0 tsfcr St Miru Ocrvitl RCtobvl r TV. U rj-rfc^f n 

—Gerald T IlfetoliM) r 8U1 Iky av 
—Gerald T l-Ml k die oiltr Valiant hkich fa Txi r IW iUi 

—UcMri E «mp Chnnler- fc 135f Campbell aw 
..Martin tfcnrbaia) niUttg rlk A M Bniun fc !*& Weetooii r4 
A P (Ban*ml genl l-reran Furt Motor C- b?5lU 
Academy or (Sand A Trpl 

—Ve« R (Aom) ctr grinder Detroit h 168I> a’«etcuu rt 
— Warren V tAraue) to 1938 Buckingham rt (fend E Twp) 

—Wm atudt r 1342 trugall av 
—Wtr V st».b r 1685 Wester*: rt 
Barklee AIM J r 3A0.J64 Ouellette av 
tockUy iophic (wid Freakl h J73? A*i*r n (Gnltt E Tvrpl 
tockman M D*l» IP tonal lecturer Cniveraity of Winder b SI! 

—Regina laid H*la-r») b Idtb Highland av 
Sylvia Mr* r IT» PUlette rd 

9**tt uo.uw Mra elk Prl»jr'fl Markt-t b 104 RaaaUr av 
-Marron IBa<u‘s Upholstering) h 3W1 Sanaa* 

-.•tanley C (Muriel) leader vandnSail »*• AW Vaughan 

3.-% tt*a Upholstering (Uu-ron h-«u 1) 35£l Sacdw.t.ii 

ftoaala Arthur I Cecil*) carp totrtnocn Cmitrsilbel h 113 ) Albert 

toettir» AUn Mru pekr Feld Industrie* r UK ~fcapimli av 
—A ndrew (Geraldine) genl Krema CaasJa Bridge lin* EC. Row av 
(Sand E Twpl 

—Arthur atudt r 1340 Partingum av 
—Bernard drvr Waffle's Elect res La Salle 
—Clarence J (Mirgt) ttefcr Lr.mtaif n .-Stored h i?85 Duffertn pi 
—Della (wid Alb*.) emp Btoal Dlw Hr.ep h SOW JtfUnsc Uvd 
(Sand E Twpl 

—Daiald J (Loretta) wtr Re* Tavern b 906 California av 
—Elmer tat Myer Constn h A, lt61-15<" Assumption 
—Eugene A (Donaa) mecn Dlngrall M&crn h 43D Eugenie (Rem P*1 
--Qec (Irene) grlndtr General Motifs t 1S0K Albert rd 
—Oornri rtudt r 2990 Curry av (Sand A* Twp> 

—Hietry (AgnewHahRcrto h 1169 Mirvntvttr «v 
••Jeanne acetg elk Bandia*Ecllpa» r VOA Joflerson tiro (Sand E 

—Joe O IRogina) jardirm CPB b 1340 l*»rtlngtcn »v 
—Uuia A (Evangeline) «Ur Ryan Cnnatit h 616 Jon*rht«* * v 
-Lyae b 60b, 615 gvyan* if (R*Slde> 

—Miurtce trkdrvr Budi Machine-Tool rea KP tl Brtlr River 
--Napolern O (lledwldge) carp IMlco Artisans Ltd h MW Cnwfcri 


.•Paul (Audrey) wtr LUko Club h 4ftfi Aylmer tv 
—P«ne pooch press opr Wlmlscr Mach % Stamping r UOE Albert 

—Robt O (Evelyn) (Bob'* Welfliag) U 13M St Lake rd 
—RusseU (Anita) drvr Thibodeau Express h 1WE Marentvttt av 
—Roth A enrp Cottage Laundry r 616 Joeephlcr av 
— Zephlrin (Rita) millwright Cbryaler* h 299C Carry av (Sand 4/ 


B^ulhe Arthur E Uamnette) io-j! grinder ChrystoRt h 19^1 PUletle 

—Donta r ICO') Marion av _ ^ ^ , 

—Jeremle E lClaire) ctr grimier Chryelar» h 1*»34 Glendal* av 
(Oand E Twp) 

p^ fTr *^ Company Ud Jack Kenny ai* mgr time e<pUpment 
4. llflU Ouellette av 

Beaumont Che* W (Chryatopell h 3915 WyawSoUe * 

—Chan W insp Cbryaler* h ISO 7 «Vyandott# « 

—Cbae *• (Pauline) lab Chryolere h 853 Raedmere av IR’Slde) 
--Edwin H (May) irk drvr Cbryaler* h IB26 Moy av 
—Prank W (Clara) furnace opr Ford* h J9b9 Ikiiwraity av m 
—Helen (wid W») h 078 Moy av 

—John (Uly) (Royal Dairy bar) h IM4 Howard av (R*m PM 
—j nn (Lilian) furnace cpr DupUte Olaas h 3625 Tsuiangeau rd 

(Sand E Twpl «__ 

-LkLei (wid Raymond) h 3060 Lloyd Oeorg. Uvd (Sand E Tap) 

-. jVendy A Win P^yM Dairy Ear r 2534 Howard av £*m ?*) 
beaune Arthur broach sharpener CoLmlal Tool re* B*il® v 

—Carl L (Lorothyl Jim-y drvr Chryalero b 3429 011« rd (Sand B 

—Douglas E atudt r 134" Rertard rd 
—Edwd C (MirtoM h 866 BeUevtew av 

—Raymond (Mtrgtl b W7 Church ^ _ 

--Huger (Juyce) lab Ctominicn Forge h 3974 lUberdy rd (Sand E 


Beauperlani Gian* (wld Peter) b 6, BOt A«iiingt°° » v 

-Mederic (berwdrtle) h 3B 7 Jotopbtoe av 

—Romeo J IMirlene) porch agt Cepe fc Ourr lAicblnery h 411 

Logan av 

—Thoa P r 36? Joaepniw av 

reaupre Julo (Deneige) elk Cbryalors b 1321 Shepherd • 

--Julie M opr DeU Telephone r ISfll Shepherd e ^. „ 

—Leo A (Ait^rrioe) feretj-n Chryalare b 3OK Morris dr (Sand Af 

—Leon J (Fleuraacel widr Utcrjuilcmi Handling Systems h 541 

Belle lale View olvd IRHide) 

—Mideleuie 3 ttepr Aseumptloo University fc 41b (X Roae av 

— Phllip\* apprentice toclmkr Valiant M*eh % Toot r 308’) MrrrL 
ur (Sand W Twp) 

BeaucoleU Attorwe 3 (Lorraine) ala Canada Bread b 2, 13« Ollett 
blvtl e 

--Armand J t»U IA;KlBt»m InJ j tries r. 2S, £ 7 1 M'y av 
-•Beatrice r 1D0 Laaglola av 
—Cedie (wid Andre) h U30 Langl^i* av 
—Kdwd b 1376 Erie e 
— Ernest h 2W8 Richmond 

-•Heleim Mro pekr Beauty Cmnaelorr of Can T» L->49 Cnurrt 

-Hmtry P elk Cm toma k Excise r 38 M y av 

—Lawrence L (iWullne) pr-?d (f rame K rd* h .tf ?l Foxbcrough av 

(fiand W Twp) _ 

—Murkw T (Theodora) alarm Stlvarwwid’* b 693 Lawrance rd , 
—Cdiloo IPirse) Chkr Cbryaler* fc 20W pemdale av tfland E Twp) 
--Haymcod (Vivian) mwch Cawln TrwUmobile h 3DM) Rlberdy rd 

-Uharitrtmr llLr* 8*irdre»*lng Shk* r 893 ^«mc* rd 
-•Yvette off war Prudential biece Cc America r 5033 Fa rod* la 
iv (cSnad £ Twp) 

Baauty Boa fWon (Mra Jmn Buck) lewuty parlor J366 Prtnce rd 


Mrs H W Juhnaoo Chairman of thr Board. T A Lyman 
P reside Rt. R G Hughr* Aaeiarant to Prraldenl. Goor*» 

Balm Secretary, Coamattra. 1400 Windsor Avanue. 

Phorw 164-4337 

luven (John Mudryi hair Hyliai 9130 Gladatm* *v 
B^Illvau! V r-nund ’ > ■» -r k A,) 0 rW 1 ^" ar r> 


Donald Pcareon Maiumpt, Canada * Large*! R»tall 
Lunil»er Distributor, 1324 Walker Road. Phone 
364-9271 (Hr* adv Top UDeal 

—Oil Company Ltd fonald J THuir-t praa, Jack J ) uttnb vioe-prwa. 
Lira Helen PiumP asc, Un Margi Piumt tr*aa * '49 
T^cas-.eah htvd e (Sind F T.p) ataLanar- 


B^avia Bertiaa ichr Pnnceea AnavSchocl h 104, U3d A}«ndi>ire 

beutlngbm Joe P ICUdye) oruggut Charte* K Frr»t C > h 33B3 
Mark av Ouxt W Twp) 

Ba Mftofi Chan W tldg aervlremn Bell Ta) Oo h 9, 133 U- Kay av 
Bee Miry (wid Antony) b 142b LangljU «v 
— 1 Thwcdore A (Dolcran) alarm Carlton Cans Lid h 843 Aeat- 
cbeater dr (H'Stdn) 

Beccblo Jo* (Cenerinn) h U<J7 Langlelc »v 

Bech Jolin N (Linda) (Hou^e oI Dmmwrk) h M2 7 Unwxd pi 

Ewchamp Ale* (Evelyn) h 3442 WjnnduU* • 

• •Plitxn (Annie) h otmbane av 

Bcchard Arthur J (Helen) *mp Kelsey Wheel l< 14ftV Ubedie rxi 

— Arthur J (Zee) mill war Canadian Hoc* Shit Co b 24» 

Cteminion blvd (Sand W Twpl 
—Augustine W (WUmn) h 228 Drc-uiUard rd 
—belle (wid Crtme) h 910 a Luke rd 

—Bruce 3 (Gail) widr Crlppa Welling Service hi) PiDeM* rd 
-Clarence J IHelwtl drvr Fords h WJ Alton rt 
-•Clifford IfiyWina) IMOh J H Ryder hhrtmery h 1414 «v 

—Clan* teUvr iTaiaadlan Imperial Bank -f Commerce b 8» * Mcy 

—DcaaidTSutn A) macb opr McKmncn Induslrjw b 462 ^nce rt 
—Dcnald J (Paulin*) trk drvr Ryan Conatn b 7U Vanter (Pem Pk) 
-SS» apprenuce nweb Stan's Cilia* Service r 3422 Little 
River rd (R'Sidel ^ _ 

—Frank (Mine) drftamn Hiram Walker* h 138# Church 

--Fred (Freda) emp Fort* h 1179 Albert rt 

--Fredk J (Mirj.iriel aaamblr ch j7**" *W>1 55T„°^ 

-- >*raid punch pretra opr Candn collorl Prod h 1H6J& Bt Thomas 

— Harvey M (Elwkmr) die aotter F-'rte b 1H0 Cak av 
—Rector D (Gail) trech White Ccoeta h (»3 Charlotte (Ram Pk> 
—Hector 3 (Mirlorlt) aff cl* Forts h WM Arthur rd 

— Henry (Bmtrice) wldr Adrian’s A'oodworta 4 Aluminum h 2460 

Grand Mtraon rd w (Sand W Twp) 

-Jeanne A amp Detroit b 2911 Wyandotte 

-•Lawrence IRutb) tnech Goodwill Induetrlee h 3471 Barm 

—Vbnjt cash Henry Dirk* 4 Ouos r 677 Mcy av 

—Harman r 1179 Albert rd 

—Oliver J (Cecil*) cik Fbrds b 1263 Alton rd 

—Oscar (Patricia) utilitynra Canada Dread b Juasphinr av 

-•Paui austutlr Cbryalar '’awu9i r 3460 Grand kfcroin rd w L^nd 

—Paul (PimUanlb^r 3t Alexander Senior Sclu-*pi t 2568 Princess 
av Om d E Twp) 

-RlChd and: MUlgram autkma raa RE #1 Oldcaatla 
—Robt E (Sylvia) h 1160 Kim av 

-.Romeo J GteUaJ trimmer Cbryaler* b 1684 Lwlral a> 

—Ranald J (Dur«n> set-up man Banner Metal Products b 342- 
Little Rlvar rd (R’fiule) 

—Russell R IFV-nroce M) trk drvr White Conatra b lo321 Ccwral 

--Stanley J (RUa* mgr toeftart % 5ona h 367 Lincoln rd 

- Victor (Miry) foromn Woodall Const ruction b 919 UJJ*n 

1 - Wm B (Marlene) let Chryalera h P.44 JartU av UPSMa) 

—Wm J (Lilly) b 8«4 MiiaonvlUe av 
—Yvonne r 34 ' 1 Harris 

- ^ Hone Stanley J toe bard mgr floor sanding 367 Liacato rt 
Bed r. Anne Mrs ewp Autb 3pedattloe h 1786 Albert rt 

—Steve (Gertrude) b 1624 Qjfferln pi 

m m. h aw u- .. 

-Louis (Luntlle) h 242 Brock 

-Lucy with Win Utilities Comma fM/ 1 ® fte) r 3J7b PMer 
—Raymond (Mary) emp Amcr :Standard Prod k *L. UOl 
—Ro*a (wtd Adolph) h 3175 Peter ln 

Beck Alfred (Nora) aaat feremn Urn Fcrge n ^84 1 lerre av 
—Alfred W (Flamingo Faanionei 
--Andrew (Anna) lai Dominion F^-rt® 6 2317 Letts ae 
-fiJSSi tSTOortcn McGrwgor 3cbl r 1SW JM*ma-to 
— EUath light aawambly Grant Uke» Sporting GoodM * 

•Jntverally ev w . ^ 

—Oeo C (Mildred) InapectLjn Fordo h l®l Cbarcn 
—Henrietta (wid Stephen) b 357 Parent av 
--Lawrence stttt r 284 Pierre av 

-Lester r 648 Cataroqtt _ 

— Wm L Ian Elcomto Engineering r 28SC- Tourongeau rt 
— Marat (wid Alfred) r M2 Ellr-se ae 
— Mirv (arid Donald) h 2, 465 Chatham # 

—Russell H (RomaInal macb : pr DomtnVm Forge h B683 Turner 

-Valeittma (Bansira) brtdyr Dominwo F-.-rge h 
-- Werner (Helen) vrrp Kerr Mlg h 6«0 Walacn av (R wide) 

ictond^^tommir) «mp Chryelera h fit Parungton av 
Berber Karl elect Fnroa h 104^ r*>u<*Ul av 
-Sr. (Ira) insp Fort M tor Co b 397- RnsaUnd ,tr e (Land W 

—Marg! (wid Jobnl h 2340 Mercer 

-Vero* atenod Cwtroii r 39 ,r ' P eielaac dr « (ttand A Twp) 
BectoSon oSl R (Marguerite) iff mgr Williams 4 Wilson LM h 
D901 Aieaandra av ia*nd W Twp) 

r^jJdittT^r St^tfneTTRcTschool r »01 Almmndro av ISand W 

— Deater E (Nettle) h 1818 Bjmg rd 
Beckett Agnes h 4, 1170 Oampto4l av 
—tortwr* otudt r 177* Cadillac 

-torry ala dk Cochrane's Bartwaro r 1342 t^tapril av 
-tor « n B21. 366 Pm W 

— Mirket (Sam) todnean) gr< =ery 4 fruit 305 Wyandotte a 
—Garni (Franree) (to*r)onan lArtotl fc 1636 Oiugall av 

—4 toertohm of Canada Lid Mrr bcrniila MutPhatt local rep 
advertising 105, 108 McDaugaU 
tockner ChriAtopher (Ida) h 1333 »rua* av 
-•Garrude etnp Detroit r 1333 Bm?e *v ^ ^ 

Beckwith Hawaii vice-proe 4 y«nt mgr Floan-* 1-Mi- n\ 

Canada Ltd res Dcarcrn 

tola Ttoa (Antoinette) millwright CWnl MMura to J40 WkU net 

Hedal Lecnara G tout fa die mar Herruler T^l 4 DM res King* 

Bedard Adelart IRtta) carp t 15L3 Ford blvd ISand E Twp) 
--Alfred W map Fort Motor Oe n I rear) 46T Hiagara 
—Arthur D (Fronce*) toll soil Windsor Cetrott Tunnel h i486 
Prince rd 

—August inrp Kelsey Wheel h 109G Bali av 

— Benedict G (Edwldgei Mb CbrynUr Canada Ltd b 984 ^ Ur ft 

-Carmell* r #44 khnmtntu av 

—Clement A (ttnmUl rrtkr Ttotverolty of Windsor fc 13 '4 
J xiepfuse av 

—DWtUae amp Detroit r 1823 Fort blvd (Siand E Twpl 
--Dennis D aaamblr Cbryolers r 2383 Flan-ere av 
--Frances aLe elk Red Robin Ud r I486 Prtnco rd 
-Gecrude cik HI ram Walkers r 944 Mirmteti* av 
-Jean r.rtrar Doreen's toauty 3al«» ^ ^ ^ • 

—Join G lPatricia) br mgr Global Life Ins Oo h FDO OurilMae 

—John r'uirm) ?l* Rlram Walkers h 412 Eedras pi IK'Stie) 

—JfThn P (Yr.*nnr) tab Kelsey Wheel fc 1644 Mar^ntetts- *v 
—Joa $ (GailI cook Nere'a Paatauraai h 1744 Klsmere av 

— Jo- 7 (Ethel) h l«s49 Riveraide dr w 

«I*c C (Catherine) )anttcr St Wtlfrwd (FC) School fc JtS> J*Jd» 
dr (fTSida) 

—Loom r 1476 Huron Line 

—Louis (Yvonne) ctofcr Purity Dairies b K47DSt Loala av (tort I 


--Milan (Eva) emp LTirypierc h 939 MtXay av 
—Neiaon P (Jean) pn'-r h 128 Janette av 

— P >> ii) Kirs asurstir Banner Metal Pn^ducta r l r 4*3 El.irr.«n * 
—Paulin* coamaUcxan Woo loo r 1118 Brace av 

-Peter A ^Kttry tO barber Hill'a tortwr Step h 426 5t U-uis a 

-R«gis (Arwcndin) cha! fk rton Palmer fc 3363 KMtnero av 
—Rubt R (Earlenel mach opr tomUx-Eclipse h 4. 360 Grand 

ittreis rt r iSand W Twp) ____ 

—Found A (Helen) shpr fa rovr Bcrtena Dairy fc 34^ Cfcariera 
av ISand W Twpl 

—Simon P (Launmaa) fc 944 Marer.tette *v 
—Simon P Jr emp L A Young r 944 IfcmMUjM 
—3tanislaw C (Vera) aurp Fred Filch fa Co h t88 Irvin** av 
—SytvU.' K (Elaan-ir) emp Detroit fc 400 Wyandctt# w 

— Wm E (Atteen) lat Chryalera fc 1316 Church 

Bedel) Evelyn (wid Clayton) alaidy Fedclct Ltd to K8 CalLena 
Bedford Artt* r 561 Cabana rd * Ouid C Twp) 

— Aodrea if Ttem^g Eank ot N 3 r 135 VlctPrU av tfdfirt 

— tortrand (Mirj-rv) afinretK'r fa <?U 3*ndwtrfc *th Twr W) . 

Cabana rt e (Sand S Twp) 

—J Gerald (Audrey) mgr - ala promotlc* dept J-ton Wyett fa ^ 

-Kbry' wr^ elrtrjpr M- rt-n Palmer !*t*i fc 1069 ' <vu v^.! ** 
itoknrtck Henry (Aimel rr* in tenant*. Pmvdis-Eolipto * ** ♦ . 

Rltordy rd (Sand F Twp) _ . 

--Janice C atudt r n « C a w tto ta rt (Sard W Twp) 

—U’ttfl J (Mitlelinr) buyer tondia-F-cllpee h n a Comttneei " 

B*A»rtkjS F (Mary) ttremn Win Fire Dept h *019 
av (=aml W Twpl 
todnsrsk- Anna h 1W4 Albert rt 

— Karen A off elk Gordian Glass r IbM Albert rt 
—Marion so-ial wkr R C Cfclblrro’r. Aid toe h l<r. IS36 

Wyandotte (RTitte) 

-Miry (wid Valentine) t 624 RUdegarta (Rem Pa) 
todnara Jo* (Eva) h UUSI Lincoln rt 
to^re Joyce elk The Detroit town WtoMor Agency r«. 
Crawford av 

— Wm emp Cbryalert h 6, IBV Craarfort av 
Bedim Peter h 12iF EItt mere *v 
beet* Christine Mr* h iTb Oueliett* ev 
—toreen B aee Hiram Wbltors b 2373 &r»gall 

BMCtoey Fredk J (Eva) h 76* Ramtolphav 

—Jcta (Ellath) aero n*gr Central Chrysler Plymouth LM •» 
Longfellow av (Bend W Twp) 

Beecinft Carl L ttfMrtey) lift tr» *g»r Hiram Walkers h 1^ 

--FdwdTj^nTeitclse dlv Dept HaUoo*) Revenue to 668 torjerf 
dr (F*Side) 

—Florence (wid Wm) r 7 Itt Mcy av 
-Fredk J (Grace) linotype engineer Wtodoor 6urh - 

Parttngtm av ^ — 

—K«* r, (Dr renel mart-. General Mttr— •* 




k & 


n SIS 







256-3445 "Professional Quality Service" 256-4002 


(Olga) (Country Side* Hardware) A IblD Stratford ct 
trmtui A Twp) 

BaesJle Jack A D aignalo maintenonceisn Win Firm D#pt - Slgnalc 
Division r Rlwr rd (Sand A Twp) 

..i u aUdt Rot* B G«e res U Salle 

.-Wilfred J r lJane) tchr Cclburne School h 343 Esdran pi (R’Slde) 
Beetner Adah (wii Morgan) h 514 Church 

-Donald A (Agnesi rwfrig rovch Purity Dairies h 920 Roselanu dr 
tooth (Send A Twp) 

—Edwin r 645 Church 

-Kenneth R (Meryl) Unemn Detroit h 55^5 Rankin ev (Sand W 

—Lester (Grace) hsekpr Eia« County Sanltoriuro h 3889 Howard 
ev (Sand A Twp) 

-Ifarrey A (Dorothy) linemn Oct Uydr b 3284 Virginia Park av 
(Sand A Twp) 

-Percy C (Jeanne) yard Corel NYC h 24C8 Mark av (Sand .V Twp) 
—Russell (Lillian) quality analyst Forda h 3525 Barrymore la 
—Violet (eld C L) h U>34 Church 
Roenekkcr Anthony (Helen) emp Fords h B2$ Brant 
Beer Oec A (iiueenle) foremn 3AA h 1851 Gltmdale av (Sand E 

—Oeo K (Jean) fir emu Essex Terminal Railway h 318 Bridge av 
—Glenda elk Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce r 30f 
Rose lawn dr (Sand A Twp) 

—Glenn (Dcuma) nenchmn Chryalcrs h 805 R.uelawn dr (Sand A' 

—John C tchr Ivor Chandler School b 20, 1918 Wyandotte * 


-fbvnarfb F (June) slsnm N Y Central h 3513 Maiaonneuve av 
(Sand A Twp) 

—Robt (Blanche) police constable Police Department h 998 
Partington av 

Beers Mayde C bxpr Bart let Rlcliardes Knight & Alison h 728 
Victoria av 

—Philip C Rev lehr Assumption High Schl r J100 Huron Line 
beeaton Albl E (Hilda) vlce-pree 4 genl mgr Lake Erie Coal Co 
Ltd h 728 Rat kin av 

Bwtemsc-n Kredk O (Olive) carp Fords b 149 Thorn peon blvd 

Beatham El wood guard Essex County Jail rex RH *3 Harrow 
—I lUa J bkpr John C McLlnter h 1224 Windermere rd 
Beaten Ellath Mrs r 381-383 Riverside dr a 
Ewgbie John R h 1825 Aubin rd 
— Lyl# b 219 Carling cres (Ft'Bido) 

-Lyi* F stonm ftatrmSTb R^ch h 3778 Hlllcrert blvd 
u&p r Hartara J sec Hiram Walkers r 4257 Kennedy dr e (Sand 
A Twp) 

-Bruno E (Alberta) uphol h ISO Bridge av 
-Douglas R drftstnn Win Tool 4 Die r 948 Ullian 
-EarlJ (Peggy) officer Cuatamn 5 Excise h 2338 Tecumseh rd 

—Janet atodt r 948 Lillian . _ . 

-Judith A sec Chryalera r 4257 Kennedy dr e t3and W Twp) 

-Read H (Helen) ernp Htrnre Walken: h 948 Lillian 
—Robt E (Jeunic) damn Shnier Co h 425" Kennedy dr e (Sand A 

B*aga Alfred (Anne) stkxnn Chrysltrd h 1005 Marlon av 
-Carman 0 (Elixth) dictaphone metm Detroit h 133 Ho medals blvd 

Begin Claire (wld Jon) h 8, 1335 Niagara 
—Donat (Virginia) (Dot's Garage) h 862 St Luke rd 

— Ferdinand (Florence) merh Fordr. h 1415 Central av 
—Gaudlas J L (Lucy) h 413 Prad" pi (R’Side) 

—Larry hipr Dot’s Garage r 952 St Like rd 

-Keml (Monique) prrduft analyst Amer Stand Prcd h 5, 1Z8& 
Firmer* »v 

Begley Donald atudt r 1659 Gladstone »v 
-Edith (wld Frank) h 1569 Gladstone av 
—Heffct (Reta) capt Ain Fire Dept h 1569 Gladstone av 
-Nelson if (Lily) emp Chryslero b 1875 Albert rd 
-Robt A (Cecelia) asomMr Chryalera fa 2318 AoodUwn av 
Bmrens Manfred (Carole) engraver n S35 ftosslnl blvd 
Behans Jenni* (wld Danl) h 1141 Albert rd 
—Leo J (Ellath) mgr Smith, Hmclinum 4 CSrytls Aasoriates 
(Canada) Ltd h 7*tf Champlain (3and W Twp) 

&»iks', Emanuel (Sophie) vartnrn CNR h 1210 Niagara 

— Am (Ann) police tonirtanla Police Department b 3134 Byng ra 

LTand E Twp) 

wilreann &*miiaj-d (Glsaia) elect Fords h 701 Morand (Sand 3 

c*;m Bermdine edvtg elk Wlndaor Star r 797 Kildare rd 
-0«a P (Eagle Printing Co) r 425?. Howaru av (Sand 8 Twp) 

—Kay tkpr Standard Stone Co Ltd r 797 Kildare rd 
-Kay M (Eagle Printing Colh 4268 Howard av (Sand 3 Twp) 

*J (Eagle- Printing Co) r 4252 Howard av (Sand S Twp) 
Beitler Alfred lab Chryslerr r IS. 1283 Elamer# SV 
—Fred (Olga) emp Zalev Bros h 12, 1388 Elamere av 
fejtx Lloyd telegrapher CPF r 872 Church 
Beke Stephen (June) test export actmlnLurwtor Hiram Walkers h 
2151 Cbllver rd 
—Steve h 22M Fraser av 

-Valerie emp Champion 3para Plug r «29Q Fraser av 
Bekclja JMm janitor N. rth*?m Crane it HoUt h 1060 Albert rd 
S*kic Mium CLyulae) janitor Matropoiv Hctni n lbB5 EUro^ av 
'•Simon (Rfiuecca) foremn V^lta Welders r 15B5 Eltrcse av 
9«itolay Paul (Margt) wldr Winder Mecnatiical Contractu re Ufl 
reo HR #4 Essex 

“•ialr Lawrence (Geraldine) emp Ryder M&ch h 1746 George av 
-Restaurant (Sami T, Alex, Phillip tt Spiro Tralcheff) 1404 
Tecumoeh blvd r 

Decider (Mary) linemn fa l.t‘" Hurr—;>i :>>____ 


Belanger Adelore J (Anne) uhpr Hi rare Waikor 5 Sons h 1*^84 
Lara die rd 

—Allan G (Dorjihy) cost arct iiatl'/haJ AHo Radiator Mfg fa 3188 
Longfellnw w (Sami A Twp) 

—Andre J LV.ffrolntd roainlenaiv-emn HlversUt Rocrcail'.n >j 
Memorial Center b 571? CUlrview av (R’Slde) 

--Angelina M amartrs Laforet’s Drapery U Slip Cover Bouse h 11, 
1A74 Ooyam 

—Anne h 1141 ChUver rd 

—Arthur nr clerical amrt John Wyeth h Bro r 808 Ottawa 
—Arthur 2 (Delia) h 388 Langlcla av 
—-Aurwte lAnn*) atkmn Olaonitfi Co h 914 Ottawa 
—Bernard J E (Eilxth) mach opr Bondix Fellpse of Can Ltd h C08 
Bedford (Sand £ Twp) 

—Ca rol A elk Onion Gas r 438 Gladstone av 
—Claude E (Constance) elk Nadalln Jales h 331 Riverdale av 

—Clifford (Marlona) a sob mb iy Une McKinnon lnd h 1781 Glendale 
av (Sand F. Twp) 

—Denise C emp Detroit r 1081 Marentette sv 
—Dennis atudt r 420 Aylmar nv 
—Dennis stud! r 1365 Cadillac 

--Donat janitor Chryalera h 24&0 Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Dorothy emp Hiram Walkers h 438 Gladstone av 
—Elle«fi Mr;! h 420 Aylmer av 

—Eleanor G bkpr Merton Bernstein fe l, BOB Gttawa 

— Emile (Laura) founlry wkr Fords h 1758 Drouillard rd 
—Emilia (wid Em«3t) b U35 Albert rd 

--Ernest B (Bartnra) slsntn Win Lumber h 1235 Giles blvd e 
—Euclid J h HI Albert tR’Side) 

— FrankLn (Sytul) alsmn SUV*rwoods h 1704 Weoteott rd 

— Freda A (Geraldine) officer Customs 4 Excise h 712 Sunset av 
—Geo (hfcrllyn) ntemn h 84 ^ M.y av 

—Gerald apprentice International Tool r 2502 Norman rd (Sand E 

--Gerard (Pella) millwright Ford* h 2502 Norman rd (Sand E 

—Henry (5hir!ey> shipping cUi Hiram ’Walker it Sens h 349 Edward 
av CR'31d*) 

—Jack pure-pak opr cUlverwood’* r 1753 Weotcott rd 
-Joan Mr? -Ik G G LfcJtecugh Ltd r 988 Lang to la 
—Joa C (Mary-May) assemtily line Chryalera n 3440 Weils 
—Julian h 104, 147 Janette av 

—Kenneth (Barbara) emp Canadian Imperial Bank of Comm h 354 

—Leo (Ella) caterer h 560 Irvine av 

—Loo (Violet) coll dept Amer Standard Product* b 1753 Wastcoti 

—Leo P (Mi ran (if-) tat Tty of Windsor h 972 Gladstone av 
—Leo R studt r 650 Irvine av 

—Lionel A Rev as.nt pastor St Theresa (RC) Church r 1881 
Norman rd 

—Louts (Isabelle) wllr Elcombr Engineering h 2433 Metgticn rd 
(Band E Twp) 

—Loulr- E (Beatrice) ertkr fit Louis School h U2 Matthew Brady 
blvd OfCSide) 

— htarcel (lrenv) furnace opr Fords h 3482 Barrymora lana 

— )Airl« (wld Eugene) h 1091 Marentette av 

—Michl C E mach opr Kendan Mfg r 1276 Dougall av 
—Otner (Lucy) h 909 Mirontetto av 

—Patricia D recepNonim Brown Optical Co h 2, 380 Cartier pi 

— Paul H (Gemma) die sinker Great Lakea Furginga h 1855 

CnanoLer rd 

—Paul J (Helen) lab Hiram Walker St Son* h 141 Albert (R'Slde) 

— FViul J (Lucille) steel wkr Candn Bridge Co h 3786 Blackburn ct 
—Hay Contractor (Raymond V Belanger) cldg contr 50M 

Me Lena Id emir*. (SAnd E Twp) 

—Raymond V (Pauline) (Ray Belanger Contractor) h LW6 
McDcnald sjurt (Sand E Twp) 

—p«a*e (Marg) roach opr Fords t. *14 03 Meld rum rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Richd iLoulae) carp h lt>99 Cadillac 

—Robt (Cecils) prtr National Paint h 1982 Jefferson Wvd (Sami E 

—Robt r 3482 Barrymcm lant- 
—Robt J (Elaine) tchr Chriflt The King (PC) School h ?64 
Rnsedaie av 

—RoM J (ATtgeilne) frit Irvr Western Freight h 3145 2t Pitricka 
dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Rctmlre H (Auralle) emp Dom Forge h 1385 Cadillac 
—Rosary (wld Roland) h 2785 Aiikin av (Sand A Twp) 

--Race (wld Paul) r 1550 Dufferin pi 
—Rosina (wld Alfred) r 312 Gladstone av 
--Vernona (wld Lcrml certified nursing aaat Grace Hoap h 512 
IMlveralty av 

_Wayne p<moh pres* opr National Radiator r 3403 Meldrum rd 

(Sami E Twp) 

— Am (Annie) h U'/2 Hlckcry rd 

BMaweta Ann* rik Bell Telephone r 1321 Gladstone av 
—Edna (wld John) h 1221 QUitetone av 
—Mfary *Mst loan mgr Associates Finance Co Ltd r 1221 
Gladstone av 

—NSirk (OpaD toyoui engineer Chryalera h 2525 Westmtonter blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Am (Edna) lab J Kovinsky 4 Sons h 081 Tuacaroni 
B^Iben A/sgelo A merit eel Smith fflnchmar. fa Grylla (Detroit) 

r 1410 Mvantatt* av 

Belcaatroflalvatore arftamn Jahnoon.-Mc'Ahlnnie Architect* r 
2153 Howard »v 

Belch 1 M (wid W i C) h Unit F-3»3, tUO Wyandotte (R'2idc> 
Belcher Gee A (Lillian) (Windsor Pneumatic Insulating Ca) h 651 
till dr gard* (Hem Pk) 


—ttotel scr Paul Rntsarts St Co Ltd res Tecumneh 

—Judith D tchr toUege r 3^ Vaughan av . 

—Karl (Linda) drvr National Radiator h 1987| Lillian 

— Am J trk irvr Gandwlch tftr .t Rydrc-Elect System h -778 

Vnughar: rt 

Beichuk John (Mirguerlto) mach opr American 3tandart h 
Morrto dr (Sand A Twp) 

-Mary Mrs elk J:hn Ajrtrth 4 Pro n 1H5 Highland sv 
—Nick (Evelyn) wldr American Standard Products h 1831 Larnln 

—Patricia Mrs adn Palace Bar r 1031 Larkin rd 
—Thoa P (Rose) arctg dept Guaranty Trunt h 213 Reedmere mv 

BSlcih ChrUtinU domestic Metropolitan Hrnprw* Huron Line 
(Sand A Twp) 

Belcoure Edwd J (June) prr. ? upr Oj^l M otors hj«l WtetCOtt rd 
—Jas H (Edith) wtoe staff Murphy Totwrm h 3476 Cross 
—Jaa S drvr Murphy Tobacco r 3476 CrotRS 
—Luuisa n«c Morp;n Terminal LU reu Amberstburg 

— Mario wirs Annie’s Dairy Bar r 3475 Cross 
B.ulcourt Berths Mrs r 28M Riverside dr w 
—Edw-1 J (Mir/) h 460 Carvn av 

— -Raymond L (June) b 3, 360 Grand Marais rd e (3and W Twp) 

—Rcsemarjf tottler Hiram Walker 4i Sons r 460 Caron av 
—Ted r 461 Bruce av 

BeIctom F-yy C LThlriey) mainlenancemn Chrysler: h 1, 1330 
Olle* blvd e 

Belec Ernest (Carmel) assembly wkr Fords h e a Malden rd 

(Sand W Twp) 

Belfry A Ray assmblr F . rda h 907 Lawrence rd 

Belinda Fashion Sho-es Edw-1 C Fonger mgr 308 Ouellette av 

Be line kl Ann (wld Mike) h 1^30 Mark av (Sand W Twp) 

—Stephen (Feta) emp Essex Terminal Riy h 2676 SI Ifiuia av 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Vincent M (Dorothy) orakemn CNR r 2876 St Louis av toand E 

Be lisle Emile (Gabriel) wldr Zalev Bros h 4” ElU.;tt a 
—Eugene T (Winifred) stk Duplate Glass h 2, 1287 Parent av 
--P-emandr. A (Cedle) h 24fi Wataon av (R’Slde) 

—Gaeton lab Zalev Broa r 47 Elliott e 
—Irene Mrs ala elk H Gray Ltd r 2229 Elsntere av 
—Raymond ntudt r 2, 1287 Parent av 

— YVettu !ws- Detroit r J48 A’atnon av (R’Slde) 

Bellveau Donat r 2855 Riverside dr w 

—Robt (Alice) elk Ford* h 628 Mirentette av 

— Roger (Judith) tchr St Gabriwl (RC) School h 508 Brileperche 

pi (R’Side) 

Boike Alex iHeton) physin-therapixl Hotel Dieu h 1710 Oneida st 

--Carl J jtudt r 1710 Cktelda cl 

Bell Allan J (Katliine) crop Detroit h 451 Bruce av 

—Archd r 300 Rlwtoin# dr (R^lde) 

—Beatrice L h 38, 1566 Goyenu 

—C Duugall (Marguerite) atsunn Aalwyn. StodgeU it Co Limited 
b 40 Reedmere av (R’Side) 

—C Edwd dLsxtm White hail Paint Tt Wallpaper r 1385 Ellroae av 
—Camille M atudt r 40 Reedmerv av (R’Slde) 

—Catherine 3 compt ->pr Detroit b 2033 Atoace av 
—Cecil (Bernadette) auprvsr Ford* h 811 Hildeganto (Hem Pk) 
—Cecil G trk drvr Lancaster Muviny u Storage r 842 R^sodale 

—CecU P (Helen) wfca* Lancaster Cartage b 642 Rosedato av 

—Cfaas A (Dorothy) (Bell It MacEachern) h 2430 Gladntona av 

-•Chas G (Dalny) h 95 Hanna c 

—Clarence E (Poena) elk Fords h 1396 Ellroae av 

—Claude janitor Rlvervlew Hoop r 1287 Parent av 

—Danl J janitor Hotel Royal# h 3317 Chappell# (R'Side) 

—Carlctifi Mrs see County of Essex Clerk reo HR # 1 C?ltam 
—David G (Iris) lab Fords b 2815 Tourangeau rd (Band E Twpl 
—Cdvid G (Gloria) preoamn ’Atodsor Herald h 810 Windermere 
—Drind LS (Carmen) rmp Detroll h 138? GranvUto crea 
—Danald R (Miry) supt Alndncr Dally Star b B, 460 Giles blvd w 
—Douglas dentist 2828 Wyandotte (HMldv) r S472 Byng rd 
—Ellath C P (wld Percy) 3#c Corp of City of Windsor U 2318 
M>y av 

—amor A (Sarah) amp Fords h 1028 California av 

—Eva A h 26, 1568 Goyeau 

—Evelyn JJ ins agi 839 Victoria av h name 

—Fuels (Haruto H Gatfield) 3168 College av 

—Gerald V (Roxanne) mach cpr Viking T-ump Cc h 5tC Carry av 

—Grenville (Ethel) h 836 hlcnmouto rd 

—Jack C (ktorjorie) tnauntamnee IODE Boapttal h 38C McEwsn av 
—Jack A (Eoonal mach M-Kirexin Industries h 480 Etilnt= pi 

--Jas G I Helen) pattern rnkr International Tool Lid h 3b55 
Virginia Pk av (Sand A Twp) 

--Jean (wid Sydney) h 3494 Woodland av (Sand A Twp) 

—John Jr drftomn Cope Tool Design r 2373 Kildare rd 
—John A (Mnxinr) mldr Auto Specialtlee h 11, 74 Hanna w 
—John W (Nell M) h 109 Mathew-Brady blvd (R’Slde) 

—Jos hi (Mine) wldr Chryalwra h 664 Marine dr (R’Side) 

--Joa P h (rear) 01b Albert rd 
—Joy Mrs h 125 Shepherd e 
—Larry siudt r 706 Dougall av 
—La urn (wid Henry) h 581 Bruce av 
-Mabel (wld Dan) h 344 Uuxot rd (R'Slde) 

--Marguerite (wid J Hu»«eU) h Lena av 
—M»r)orie Mrs janitoraes Windsor Business College r 706 
Dougall av 

—Michl ntudi r 40 Readme re av (R’Side) 

—R XX-naid (Frances) auprvar pricing It auditing dept J T Wing St 
Co h 1872 Lincoln rd 


Alphabetical White Pa|e 21 

ytind&ci tfnbu/iafice tylyewcy 


Room 102. 1015 UNIVERSITY AVENUE W. PHONE 251-1367 


—Rebecca uui h 304 Lincoln rd 

—Regd C (Miriam) vice-prea Walter toaunacf A?enry Ud b 
490 Liberty (Sana K T«rp) 

—Rom phy k aurg Silt Peliaaiar h 24M OUdslsna av 
—Ro« r MIS Tnarangcau rd lEand E Twp> 

—Bofct (Carol) Ut Chrynlers b bib ErU w 
—Rc<t (Barbara) aupt tooinr McKinnon Industrial fc *472 r.yn'j 

-Hot* R clnr Dept TebUc Wbrim h WW Riverside dr • 

-Ronald P (Eorothy) yardmn CPR b lT r 3 B»Un av (Sand W Tap) 
—Ronald H (Qrwtchim) youth pftcgnun dir Border Cltiti YV- 

YWCA h 1580 Daffkrtn pi _ 

—Rumld W Itylvia) aery ice mn Aulo malic Canteen h UK Rankin 

—Roby lw;J Earl At r «btoi Kildare rd 

—Sarah (wid O*o> h 381 Lawrence rt 

-Sarah J (wid Joel r 064 Marjorie dr 

—Sonar Mre win Wter'i Restaurant r 6?& OtmlU-tie »» 

-Telephone Cb of Can Benedict A flacld dtat traffic twpt. W» A 
Hum dint traffic a apt 1149 Ooyaau 
—TaUpbone Co af Can W H Brown dtat mgr commercial office 
236-M7 k 2U. 70 University av w 
—Telephone Co of Car. R 3 Urquharl ragr 98 University av • 
—Veronica Mrs t: ftW r’rawfterd av 
-Warren D (Sophie) btchr h 988 Oak av 
—Wlttwlmtna (wid David) h 5S>, 280 Erie ar 

— Km ltfUhaimiml fc 19U Olpodaie av (Sand ETwp) 

-A kkcEacfcem (Chan A BaU CC k Donald A Mac Extern) 1. 1. 

9 k 19, UC£ Wysadntt. • _. 

Belial re Aloynlua 0 (Beolah) tcfcr Vincent Muaey Collegiate 
IcatlLite fc 3827 C.enfleld 

—Anna M cUt Dvirolt r iflOt Central a» 

—Arthur r 341 Parkview av (R’Slde) 

—Berber Step (David P Eldon) SC2fl Tecumseh fclvd - 
—Brian otudt r I3fc9 Parrtjl av 
—Catherine typist Viking F\urp r12U McKay av 
-~CacD« Mrs r I47t Huron Unc 

--Clair* cook Sacred Heart Church r 1334 Btejamln av 
—Donald F. (Evalyn) fc l 1 *# Hlctory rd 

—SSwd /1 tehr SuSSIl (PC) School r 2109 Bruca av 
—Edmund E (Ruth) emp Chryslera h 2169 Bruo* av 

— Edna A (w;J Aagust) h 2, UVJt> Highland av 

-ilaanor kin hmOUaa Uvda 

—Harry J tJcaepktnw) top Chrynlers h l<3b -nctrai av 
-Barvev H f rbareaa) h 1M4 Dhiwroity av e 
—Hmr>tta (Wid Muirlee) rill, 3825 lUvanUda dr (ITSide) 

—Herbi i Orana) ftr Candn Bridge fc 131)9 Parent av 
..;u A luretm Brewers Afaretv.ualag h «79 Tufl^arora 


— Lawrence (Eawldge) aaamblr Chryaler* M 1893 Centml av 
--Lawrence lAlma) «mp Forts fc U?*> Uan»d«u av 
--Lloyd (fcu* 7 «*nB> drftaam A C McCrlndle h 19, 1226 Monmouth 


—ttertert A tear 3» John 2chl r Wlb lArKay av 
—Paul J (Eilvenl beliar Hartwell Bret h 1794 George av 
—Payment! tEliath) «mp tYmadtan PUtnourg fc btdaatrtea h Tct 
Campbell av 

—Pot* alum r 1369 Parent av 
-Rohl L (Nancy) r 14« Afaatcott 

Beilak Andrww (JtUlal lab A^lker Metal Prod h 1823 !Mn£mM * v 
—Martin ( Iga) emp Chryolars fc 12. 4100 ’A^jandotf* W Side) 
Bellamy Blancw» M (wld Jan) haekpr URlvemlty of Windsor h 
3ftfc9 Vaughan av 

—Ctoaa engineer Grace Roep fea Ena** 

Be Hand &*mlce (»!4 Jca) b 1700 Benjamin av 

— Donna M r 1696 Lnhadla rd 

— rranei* G r 1^03 Banjamto av 

— Frank : r 1907 Olive rd 

—Unit* A (Chriatlaa) supmr Ceatortm k Exclam a L-34 .torman 

—Louit^r prensmn Btwt Psper Boa Co r 1534 Norman rd 
—Loulaa a (W? Langloin av 

..)Ai H (AnneI lnn» Ckryalars h Benjamb av ^ 

—Thacdcr* (Alma) *rtkr Corpus Ctmsti Scfennl h IMD Lafcato 

bellaaieau Barbara Mre btiA Aaauirpt* ' 

Bella Angela (wid Alphnnsc) eicp Hurm Uadge fc 911 Louis av 
Ueda'c bC to 91.00 More (John Cmifcy) variety abnw tW 
Tecunmeh Mvd • 

Bellaaiu Oauglas P ikfartlyn) w»r Datroil h 1714 Central av 

—Earl otrp Chryalers r 1328 Goywae 

—Jean Ur. emp caniln Motor Lamp fc V.'Vf .barler 

belief* illle MlRfUa (Betty> maefc Font* IIM ^ .. 

_Holland L (Rose) Inn adjuster Detroit b 3830 Rankin av (Sand A 

BeUerum^r Emeat C (Cecilia) customer aerv rtk B*mdin- 
E rupee fc iwn* ToorangM.i rd 
-Fiwd (Annie) fc m Oak av 
—Gail atudt r 1082 Larkin ri 

--lUrtd (DoreenI pimtr Wlsdscr Mechanirai Oart h 1RH2 L»rklft 

— ^Alfred f* (Fraiscne) brake mn NYC Detroit h 2919 D.nrvrlly 
Bellaaoar* Andrew (Freon) Uh Krlsay Ahael fc ”lfi Caron mV 
_Arthur (Intsa) enp FPfda b 1506 Ford blvd (Rand E TwyJ 

— - be mar: aast mgr Ugucr Control Board of Ctet acre 162 rev 


—Elmer J (liaise) bootler Eases Terminal Rly b 6l98m»dlsm av 
(Sand E Twp) 

-Emile (Geraldine) officer Cimtoon* * Escma ft 9WJ Pierre av 
-.? rrxn.t r :>* 1 C'^Ullard ri 


—Prancols IMtrguerlle) with HI-Ho Curb Strv-^ua fc 7891 Ucr* 

Georg* »-lvd CJand E Twp) _ 

—Henry H (Miry) -later. Purity Dairies h 64 Belle late V.ew 
t-lvd (H'ZUba) 

—Leo distributor Twin Pine* Efciry MeLn»g;r 
•-Lionel lot f^tlonel Radiator r Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 
—Raymond I IMinettr) l rfttnn Woodall Ccnstrurtkn h MW4 
Furtl fclvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Rene (LoreUa) macb opr Forda fc 1696 Alealsni 

-Rose nrrp A’lmbrr TextlUm r 1M6 Fnrd Uvd (Hand t Twp) 

Ballopercfcr Alma fc 4^0 Chatham w 

-Arthur J (VeraI mn*>r Kawkanwrcd Oarage Lid h 3K. 

Campbell *v 

—ChrisU» (wid Arthur) h 1344 McKamn av 
—Curinn* M r 1139 Church 

(Laurie) wldr Volta m* tod b *16 UjU« 

—Oooald l< (Msryl with Win liUlltlae C *mmn (Hydro D.v? b LAfc 

-Earl Monarch Office Supply Lid b I5«l M',y av 

VmtKi meJh ^r^fTsiW T«r»ma*fc UVd w (£hnd * 


—Eugene 1 (&nty) oiler CNR b 1646 Central av 

DjSriS 2S SS&£Tee«. e-gre.. w 


—Norman K (Miry) off mgr fcwum k Brody h 37S Indian rd 
—Norman J (Mcrwdet) b 368 Mry av 
— Arm I! (Loretta) h I960 Tecumaeb blvd w 
beUlaa Leonard (Root) mldr Auio SpecialUes h 1041 »^rurn av 
te*lilng Peter 0 (Regina) mgr Th* Warnerk Hereey Lcuspony LU 
h 1, 1226 Olad*tr«e »v 
bell tor r Camille r §12 Riveraida dr IRUidel 
-bkry acflt chlaf opr Bell Telephcoe h 10. IbM Gcyaa^ 

-Hina (wid Geo F) fc 7, P00 ’Jnlvnroiiy av w 
BaUla Frances IwW Franklh dib Hanna e 
—Paul (Miryl b 563 Indiac rd 

belliveau Evangeline vira-prve MeUri Aa mxd a t aa Ud r 714 
Bruce av 

Bellmurw Aurei crane opr Meretrky. Buroaiiiw k Meretsky rae 

-Bernard etnp Funis h 1866 Jefferaac Wvd (Band E Twp) 

-Blanch (wid Band*) h 1466 Elamer* av 
-Eugene (Georgette! emp Caadn Bridge h ltW Francto nl 
-Gerald eirp Can-Jn Bridge rwa RR #2 dtdrtiaile 
—Jerry J (Aurorw) tnoVor annemMynm Fords h 1 l- ^aramuon 
tivd Cand E Twp) 

—John H Meant*) prvci dept t*yt«*» Mfg fc 3039 Cletwwreeu blvd 
ref ill E Twp) 

_jrra P (Lucille) emp Candn Bridge b 381 Fora blvd (RT8L4») 

—U reoao muw opr Mervtnsy, Bu rue tine & Maretsky res 

—Ikuiasae tchr Vlncvnt Massey Collegiate fast h 203, 1475 
Riverside dr « 

--M*ry (wtd Olail r 1690 Francois nl 
—Rayumnd ILt«:iU«) h 384 Choreh 
Bell-*mo Aide (Fla) ptrtr fc 2171 Buwsrd av 

Bolloi Luigi (Angela) plntr Canada Ptasterin-j b 1840 WMteott rd 
UaUows*Valvatr Ltd Jack JkilUmett mgr distributors laduntrlal 
air equip W4 Victorta av 

Bellringer Diana lab lecha Grace H *vUmI '^J* 1 }**™**" 
—Stanley T (Qoewnle) pa run a«ipreer Dept of ftorka k Racreali. r 
h 346 California av n , ^ . ma 

Belioaeo Angels (Joeephto) lab Bantam Construction h 3869 
Ro.v*mount sv 

-Armando (Amalia) l.rklyr fc 51684 Bynjfd 
-Mircelu (Leonora) die mar Artvan** MrtUnr h Tool b 1964 
kklta rd 

BeUvue Tavern (Mm Ida Bason) 1271 Riverside dr # 

Belmont AchiUr Uda> hrklyr b 1009 Bruce av 

—AnueU (Maria) h 763 Cburrfc __ 

ferment* Jo# (Anna) barter Frank Ala Modern Barber Salon h 

Belmore Lawrancv A (Catnerlnel emp Candn Bridge h 1789 
Arth-ir rd 

—Lee-Ann r (769 Arthur rd 

—Lee (Francea) h 644 Assumption „ 

—Walter J (hfcrgl) with Win Utlllllea Commn (Hydro Dtv) h 34P1 
Kildare rd 

Belem 2avertc lAngela) lathe opr Win fool k Die fc PPl 

gejlcviuSJuAi^^ (Muon) r 3808 Walker rJ (Saod E Twp) 

Below Wm E r "04 Chsihnm • _ . 

Belowua Mikr (<>igat platr Canada Plastarn b 236 M»igh<* rd 
eland E Tap) 

Belalto Joe (FUnmenfc) r 1048 Moy av 
-Paul (Dina) agt Lbrn Llf* Asore b sv 

l;*li Ikuwell 4f (Bva D) *lrrt CkuaHo Hydro h Stinj Dominion blvd 
CJand K Twp) 

Belton Edwd C (Oertrudrl b 446 Indian rd 
-.Jane Mrs h 1182 Mcnraoutfc rd 

-Laura M (wid Bertiei h 633 Elm »v_ 

Belton* Rearing Centre (J Mrhrtlle (tower) hearing aid* 12M 
Ouellette av 

twtucfc Stanley (J.'iaapbtne) mam opr Fordo b 3429 Racy 
belv«o*ru Apts 638 Glengarry av 
Ben's Dellealeuwetj (Benjamin Medlwr) *66 RHt • 

B^amto C«fcy emp DetXid n 2, 1607 Rtvemide dr . 
iM-rmri Bernard r iW- FcrJ livd Oanrl E Twp) 

Bmca Fkye emp I*treU r ‘’ST Gllau . Ivd « 

—J-ibn (Anns) lab Fords h T5 G'-bn Uvu 
rwncak Son la! Kelsry r *v 

fvmchmark Canada Limited mdustrlal fc * :mmt deter jrpi; f--r 
matalo i 4 Vlcf.rta av 

Ben-. Tlrwtrvaden IU .r*z:* K Banactte) 395 ReWen uv t a 
W Twp) 

Bencv Jt>lm gdnr h 2604 Frances rd litod E Twpl 
Benda Frank (J >annl h 1400 Aubln rd 

—Fred tab Fords h 414 Logan av _1 

i««nde:k J.hnU (Dcnna) mgr Afctc-Hfl Gorp df Canada Ltd fc * 
1691 C-iT. Vsllwy :r 

—Violet (s U Ivan) r 345.7 El Patrick dr 

FcodeL Wrr J (Florence) amssr Tor-Derr, Bank fc 3374 mtak 

Bender Cbw E lAUfia A) «mp Fcrd M lor Co h!9* LajwrH- uv 

—Edmir B (Jcawphine) h 603 Chatfca® e 
-John (Helen) leader l>.m F irg« h tt V 
—Msrtin (Judith) drvr FabriC*t»fl Eteri fc 1)91 F»rntfcilr *v 

iaafclETap) _ . . . . 

Brndera Ann* (Ou*HetM*» Baiutjf Sftoppnl m* 
fieodick Jchi, (Patricia) ansmblr McKlnorn to-utrie* I 3i- S* 
rd (Sand K Twp) 

—Jos J lEdmundineJ car aUn-.r. h *147 B.-jce av 
—Rlcbd A (Mr/) trsnsfnrt lepi F rtr fc lftn Gworg» sv 
—Rlcbd J (Kaihieenl .irftnmn Sb«jard, . Bnurl fc 

Lnr.gMu h W3 EelU Isle View IN WJ) 

-Ronald dcara) .torsi fill Hiram Walter* h 3uK Wyaufcit*» 


Sutsudiary id The Bondi* Cunwralioo. R N U«« 

Pre*idcnl and General M*iusrr. AalumoUv* Parts 
Manufac turer*. 1473 Aiyyl* »* ^ae* Temlaal 
Rly IMvjac* JM-W63, Priare Rood Plant 945 Prtnre 


Reel Estate and laavram e, B29 Gtuws Sircel. 
pfcoor 256-3445 (five adv Top Lin**) 

Ewndo L*uiS Mean) (Leu Bento R*ai Eutato k toursne*) fc 40* 
M ant Royal dr (fiand W Twp) 

Bendy* McKl (Helen) rprmn hryxiers h IMh»ngeaa rs 
l- nuarak Joan J (Annie) to ChrysWra b 2336 M*igh« rl (3M 

Bene Aim** a^mog Tt» Algonm 5tma Ccrp Ltd b li«9 OroalliaM 

.-Dunl su«s Cbryslwrs h iifcfl DnuliUrd rd 

_EUtih fr*)d r 3"© Jssepblne *v 

—Paul (Donna) lab CfcryaMra fc 2419 Mtrcwr 
—J-vter drvr O P Hamlin Co Ltd r 11U3 Elntn*^ 

--Steve (Elaine) lab Walker U»ul b WC3 FUwrdy rd (Band t 

Benedok Goo (Margtt (hwtoea Opholntorlng) h 560 Ellis av • 
—Upholdtaring (Get, &roed*s) 560 EUia av * 

Benedwt Annual* (LLry) emp Fords h. 934 Plerrs av 
—Calvin J (Fonorta) fc H93 Parkway dr 
-Ju e (Evelyn) aaamblr Chrysler# h 164k California av Oml 
W Twpl 

—1^2 A (Virginia) ale. PC). 342$ Enskint 
beoedetti LUgi iGabriei) eaoinLTr ChryaUr* b 7194 Pamtf w 
&*nedlrt Edith r las' 1 Vitoria av 
-Ruth studtr 3276 Br:«:k av Oand W Twpi 
—Wlnfrwd G G (Barters) an#.* pr«f University of STuid^rt 
32^6 Bruce av (3and A Twp) 

Hanadotto Jean r 627 Victoria av 

pcncficial Fu»nce Co of Canada 1438 CXtawa, 222-6, 44 
i>j#U*tt* av k 200. 29 Pbrk w 
Bwaaat Fred r 2333 Highland av 
-Janet Mr h m*l ILghiano av 
—Lllllaa emp Hiram Valters r 1303 Highland av 

— Mm r 600-56* Dwvonaturw rd 

Beoetaau Andre etadi r 260 V.rginia av WSIde) 

-Anaiv (W.a Adciph) h 3*6 McEwan av 
—Aaiiwny (Annwl (Horae-^lv* Battery 3erVlc*) h r,«rrew 

• • enrrara Mm ear Bail Telephone r 1260 Pierre av 
—Beatrice music lehr £8Wb Dom in ion hivd (San J K Twpl h 1 
—Choa J (Emily) InvonUry central rlk Brndls-EcUpse rte 

—Cboa luTSllai rprmn Cbryalere h 3135 California av 

—CUlns cU Detroit r 38^ Virgtoa av (R*3iilei 

• •Clara (wid Attt) fc 235 Bell*porch* pi (R‘SLMd 
.-David A (Liana) drftsmn Wtr T HllUter Architect fc **■ * 

k .Donald lab L A Y mg h 460 GUea fclvd e 
—Luoaia J (EUeen) vice-proa CetderLor Urtndu rl Ltd h 
Char level* *v (Gsnd K Twp) 

-Qlto tchr 5k Paul R C School res Wvw Canted 

— Kna Mm tchr Si Bdmohd Sehi re* R R « «v*r Canard 

—Ermine (wid Raoul) h 665 !5Gltemla av 

—Ertvnt A apcftol;* drftsmn R J Cyr CO re* HR fP T»r-te 
—Eva tend Hi*rcu1r) h 1130 Stmtmtv re av 
—Fred H (Ei«s»;r) lrvr Paul Savadjlan Ud b 36M 
-Gary (fcfcryuime) lab McKinnon bviastry b 9«fc C»!rpO*uto 
—Gerard J (Angela) auditor Unemployment In* Oamtm rr» 

U sail* 

—Barry C sorv tcehn Underwood Ltd rea Wvwr Canard 
-Hc.rir . li. Lttolia) r L^ H.-tery rd 

— 21 — 




If | 






1 E 


ll IT 



r. sa» 


7 PJ# 


'CttlW* ’ 


nif 1 

c-7 4J . FUNERAL 

<= Jj>.C i ynovu4~ service 

GILES AT GOYEAU . . . PHONE 251-8633 


.-Jean Mr« b 840 Martmiette av 

..John F. Jrflrmn Cvpe TV>^1 Design h c, *21-23 Wellington it 
••J 08 G (Awiai 1st: F:>rda b 1B33 Fern dale hv CQnnd £ Twp) 

—Karen ahull nurm> r 233 Belleperche pi (R’SMe) 

—Uwr*nco (Agneu) elect Chrynlcrr. h L373 Leonard (Sen: E Twp) 
—Lawrvnc* (K.rgeoc) engineer Fords h 382 Pierre sv 
—Leo (Eva) crane c»pr Detroit h 978 Pierre av 
—Lto lab McCord's r 136k Hickory rd 
—Leo A ILe- A Benoteau Reel Estate) r 1060 Dmilllard rd 
—Leo A Foal EnuUe (Leo A Bonetoau) 1060 DrullUfti r*j 
-Lee J (Laclllr) (Bentrtenu's Gas Station) b 210 Lantern rd 

.-Leonard apprentice mesh Art's Shell Service r 1362 Hickory rd 
—Lrster J (Aroulla) wldr Fords h 928 Windermere rd 
—Louise (wld Oscar) h 1976 Benjamin av 
—Lncien J (Kathleen) forenm Chryalera b 008 Lincoln rd 
—ltbrie nurse'» anst IODE Hospital r 1373 Oak av 
—Maurice A (Betsy) lab L A Young h 1060 Grand Marais rd a 
(Rem Pk) 

-Norman <1 (Frances) Haul Mir. Fire Dept b 244 La axon rd 

—Oacmr C (Antoinette) treefa engineer ',hu versa! Button, Co h 280 
Virginia av (P/Sldal 

—Paul interviewer Pacific Finance Credit Limited re= Tecumseh 
—Percy J (Laura) prea Master Cleaners (Windsor) Lid h 2233 
Gladstone av 

—Raymond (Vivian) h 1509 Ford Mvu (Sand E Twp) 

—Ricbd apprentice mech JerryL Aoto Electric Service r 1363 
Hickory rd 

—Rkftd stud! r 663 California av 

—Robt L atodt r 026 Windermere rd 

-Roland J (Oall) elk b w x Malden rd (Sand A' Twp) 

-Romeo F (Crmnle) surveyor City of Windsor h 3443 Turnar rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Ronald prof engineer Win J HUUker Architect ran RR 1 Bell* 

—Shirley A r 23?3 Leonard (Sand E Twp) 

—Stanley alamn Colonial Tool res PR #1 Belle River 
-Ulric (Eva) h 3592 King 

—Dlytwr (Blanche) rprmn Walker Metal baa Todd rd (Sand W 

—Vida Mrs payroll mgr Bart let bkctonald A Gow ran FP. 41 
Belle River 

—Vincent E (Eheltagh) sect Detroit h 3486 Harris 

— Whyne adminirtratcr Cliryalvrs r 066 Lincoln rd 
-WD3 (Claudette) emp International Tool* h 134 Janette av 

—.Vm 3 (Jr^ephlnet suprvsr General Motors h • a Huron Line 
(Sand W Twp) 

beneteia'a Gas Station (Lro J Bcnexeau) 1603 Unton 
oenatti Ento eirp Candn Bridge r 826 Mercer 
Eenfieid Jas R (June) dispatcher Huatond Tranfrp h 3, 1344 
Wyandotte e 

-Kttrjt S U 1141 Devonshire rd 
Benforte Petro (Giovanna) r B7? Pierre av 
Baaga Sylvie motor winder r 361 Pierre av 
rengle forts h 670 Bruce av 

Beni Roceo A (Anita) irk drvr Ajax Blilrs Huppllec h 1703 Ford 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Bminter Katherine (wid Frank) r 2661 Kildare rd 
Benjamin Dennis F east acct Royal Bank r 1363 Labatfi* rd 
--Stoaglas ?. emp Candn General Elect r 1363 Labadie rd 
—EdWd W (Ethel) maintenance engineer Fords h 14^ Esdraa pi 

—Francis C (Atyce) lnsp Fords h 1363 Lotbadle rd 
—Sultrctt (wld Decay) r 138 Shepherd * 

—'Arm h slamn Agnaw-Surpass Shoe Stores Ltd r 1383 Labadie rd 
6«dwniiorf Adolph h 3, 1428 Wyandotte a 
&snk*y wm h Hl?.| Stanley (R*m Pk) 

Bwko tnn (Mary) emp Candn. Bridge h 1813 Alexia rd 
cenkovieh Anne Mtup Metropolitan Uorpitai r 1835 Byng rd 

- Christina (wid Robtlh 1835 Byng rd 

Gerald J (Mary) chart acct Clarkson, Gordon A Co b 1820 
Grand Marab rd w tSxnd ill Twp) 

—Irving (Mary) h 228 Curry av 

benoeim Ovo H (Ivy) real est b Inc 20V, 568 Ouellette av r 1645 
South Camemn blvd (Sand W Twr») 
wonell Murray t olmkr Fords h 0, 1016 'Wyandcttr iCSlde) 

Benner Glen (Naida) mgr Seaway Tower Apartments h 113, 3825 
Rlvaraide dr (R’Side) 

t»nr .<4 John p Ub American 3tandard r ii34? Highland av 
-'vteven w (Shirley) metal fnntir Chryslers h 1766 Benjamin av 
••Tha w (Jane) itpeeial police Corp of C --mmittslanairos h 1531 
CUdatone *v 

“wwtt Addle M suprvsr Hiram 'Walker b Sons Ltd h Unit U40. 

513 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

—aim T (Jen) iprciai excise- dept Hiram Walkers h 127# Rankin 

"Alfred r 236 Janette «v 
"Annette Mrs n 4, 3261 HandwLO. 

"Anthony B r 1040 Erie o 
"Apt- 2101 Ontario 

"Arnold (Satk) custom officer CPR h l’fS4 Labadie rd 
"Arthur A (Stella) aacmblr Fords h 1833 Westminotor av 
ICand E Twp) 

" Arthur C L off Chryokra r 1833 Westmimitor av (Sand E Twp) 

--mruani B maintenance Fordo h 1868 George av 

"ftor«wnle Mrs cl sidy Mayfair Ladle* Wear b (70 Aylrowr av 
"&fvcer2246 lAuwntetto av 

Zr?* 9J * ri £asox C:),mt y 5 1086 Eaottoiw (Sand W Twp) 

. /• 'Margt) ertitr EM of Etiucatton h 1402 Bernard rd 

--an hid* curer Winds-, r Hide Company r*s Cetrolt 


—Carman A l Audrey) wldr Young Bprtng b Wire h 1067 Lincoln 

—Calfwrioe F (wld Ctcphrnl r 43!) IAnih«w«Bfidjr tl»d (R ! !Utt») 
—Cecil* h 0W Devonshire rd 
—‘CIwb h l, 474 Bruce av 

—Chan A (Rath) forerun McKinnon Industries h 1543 Redwood av 
—Chriatine Mra h 1Mb CadilUc 

—CcniiUuce dental anst Geo R Livingston res HR. f 1 Belle River 
—ta«l apprentice Hcrnltt Hattary b Elect Serv r 716 South 
Pacific av (Rem Pk) 

—Dan w (Johanna) dnrr alcmn Wouler Bakeries h TOO Charlotte 
(Rem Pk) 

—DjnaUJ F (Dnrla) of! mgr Snyder (WklkerviUe) Ltd h 3340 
Dominion t.lvu LSand W Twp) 

—Ccuglac E lab Chryalerc r 02S hLy av 

—Douglas H (Joan) trk drvr growers Wanjbearslng fa 643 Daw non 

—Edwd f* (Barbara) ntaty engineer John Wyeth St Bro h 233 
VUialr* av (R*Sldr) 

—Emma (wid J W) r 815 Partington av 
-Ena A (wid AifcU h 310, 1619 OaeUettt* av 
—Eric (l^hemaa) vmp Chryaierr. h 2246 Mareotatto av 
•-Prank M (M Heion) mgr Global General Insurance Co b 501.* 
3025 Riverside dr (R^ldo) 

—Fred L (Wanda) elk The Great Atlantic b Pacific Tea Co b 361 
Uporte av Gmde) 

—Freak (Anne) drvr Checker Cab h 2202 Marentolte av 
—G Rex (Dora) officer Customs b Excise h 3820 Howard av 
tKnnd S Twp) 

—Geo (W Marie) feremn Airport Tire b Battery Serv h 3573 
alias rd (Sand E Twp) 

-Geo M (Muriel) h 1689 Central av 

—Glass Co Ltd The Wro J Davtoon pres 1004 Walker rd 

• •Hartley h 1468 Gladstone av 

—Helen Mra r 058 Windsor av 

--Henry (Elixth) campaign co-ordinator United Community 

Services of Greater Wlndavr h 61S Matthew-Brady blvd 

—Herd L, (Sylvia) p.l constable Police Department h 3200 
Everts av (Sand W Twp) 

-Hurley (Nellie) h 1407 piarre av 

—Jac trk drvr Baum b Brody r 71C South Pacific av (Rem Pk) 
—Jaa C r 1496 Bruce av 

—Jns R (Dorothy) indue trial engineer Chrjrslers b 1336 Granvill* 

--Jean T rut* elk Ruaseil A Farrow Ltd r 2249 Mnrer.u ttc av 
—John D lab Elcomne Engineering r Pike Creek (RP. *1 


— Bernard (Marlene) wmhsemn McKinnon Induitries h 10b8 

Partington av 

—Dtwwj A sewing mte/i upprsnuce r 464 JaCferada Mvd (R'Slde) 
—Ernest (Heine) mactj opr Crush Bottling Co b L140 Albert rd 
—Gerald racker Industrial Platen: r Plwer rd (La Salle) 

—Harry L parto order control elk fiurrougna Buainetsa Machin«.i 

«w RR #3 Essex 

—Hector J (Kathleen) stkmn Ponds h 464 Jefferson Mvu (R'Bide) 
—Jennie (wid Uto) r 2325 Chari (Sami W Twp) 

—Leon A (Irene) roeeb h 3685 Virginia Pk av (Sand W 

—LeRoy G amp Chryxlers r 464 Jeffemcm blvd (R'Slde) 

—Linda lib iiapaline Co Ud r 4€4 Jefforaon blvd (R 'Hide) 
-Maurice N (Evelyn) elect Jolly U Whit* Co b U12 Cadillac 

— Malvina (wid Edmund) hsokpr r 1821 College av 

—Ray G (Velma) trk drvr Sterling Countn res RR *2 Maidstone 
—Wm P (Jane A) emp Chryslers h 312 Prado pi {P^ide) 

Benoot Jaa I (Irene) emp McKinnon lnduatriec h 607 rd 

(H Tide) 

Benore Whunettm Mm elk The Nut Hause r 710 Ktapt* *v (LaSalle) 
Benotto Angelo A (Elda) pattern b model mkr foremn Frentter 
Pattern Umlted h 3490 Church (Fond W Twp) 

—Anthony (Katherine) h 1684 Parent av 

—Elfin O (Marie) pattern mkr Modolcraft h 3075 Mount Royal dr 
(Sand W TWp) 

—Silvio reach opr Chrysiera h 676 Williamn (Rejr Pk) 

Benachop Nlootaa emp Chryslers h 368 Church 
Bensette Alfred C (Barbara) plant supt Elsaco Stamping Products 
h 1026 Curry av 

—Alfred J (Margi) 31 tarn Portia h 1086 Campbell av 
—Armnnd (Bertha) wtchmn L A Young h 629 Alexandrine 
(Rem Pk) 

—Arthur A {fcfcbe}) aisrebir Farts h 7(7 Chatham e 
—Clare (wid Emerit) h 738 Grand Marais rd o (Rem Pk» 
—Clarence (Joyce) h 730 Pierre av 
—Dorilla Mrs h 333-335 Goyvau 

—Earl J (Jane) servicvmn National Fire Equipment Company 
Limited h 2079 Byng rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Edwd Lab Forda r 542 Caiaraqui 

—Emile (MtrgD (Campus B A Auto Service! b 3272 Edioon av 
—Garnet H (Helen) emp Young Spring b Wire h 420 Jeffemon 
blvd (R'Slde) 

—Genevieve (wid Emile) h C&, 1853 Wyandot to w 
—Jas mech El retro mar. Ltd r 3272 Kdl&un av 
—Joanninc lab toe fin Detroit r 3480 Pa ter 
--Lawrence M (Ruth) wrehaemn Nattonai Gnxmrles h 737 
Chari*;. (R*m Pk) 

—Lawrence V (fcfedelelno) pres Border City Tire Led cna 
Albert lane (Puca) 

-John W r 1040 Erl* 0 

—Jaa (bkrie) handymn Sand West Town Hall h 3185 California av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Judy atudl nurse Metropolitan Cecil Hospital r 2240 Kildare rd 
—Kathleen r 3105 California av (Skivl W Twp) 

—Kathleen haekpr r 3806 Byng rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Keith S (Gladys) uec-traaa A B Boulton Co Ltd h 3080 Church 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Lorry (Mary) mach hipr Admiral Steel h 1683 Randolph av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Margt (wid John) h 716 Swuth Pacific av (Rem Pk) 

—Margt (wid Claire) with Rlverviow Heap h 3, 1286 Parent av 

— Marten (wld Geo) cash Prince Edward Hotel h 391 Langlola av 
—Marva payroll elk Board af Education h B, 1525 Dufferln pi 

— Marvin H (Barbara) lab Dudley Auto Wrecker b 2874 

Clemenceau blvd (Sand E Twp) 

-hkry (wid Paul) h 2347 Highland av 

—Maureen elk Krengee r 4112 Rote land dr » (Sand W Twp) 

-Mildred (wid John) elk UIC h 10B> Dct av 

—Napoleon h 663 Eugenie (Rem Pk) 

—Percy (Florence) h 1131 Dot av 

—Peter mgr trainee Woo too r 4112 Rowland dr w (Sand W Twp) 
—Raymond (Linda) lab Colonial Tool b 907 Chatham * 

—Ricbd (Jacqueline) emp McKinnon industries h 6?4 Lincoln rd 

—Robt A (Rosemary) emp Fords h 1214 Rankin av 

—Robt G etudt r 920 May av 

—Rosa (wid Wm R) h 1577 Goyeeu 

—Rocs W (Helen) h 1728 Parkway dr 

—Rasneil (Jean) lab Fords h 686 California av 

—Sami shipping dept Fords h 7, 1226 Monmouth rd 

—Sarah (wid Wm C) b 350 Caron av 

—Than C (Ann) suprvsr Customs k Excise h 4112 Roaeland dr w 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Vera (wld Douglas) h 020 M?y av 
—Virginia Mrs r 2285 P.lvcrakte dr * 

—W Howard (Lillian) h 24, 1666 Goyeau 

— Waiter pro)«ctLmlJst Capitol Theatre reo iJt Clair Beach 

— Wm G (Ann) elk Overland Transport h 1040 Erie e 
Bennett's llujiorior Plea Ernest Lefcort mgr bakers 2161 Ontario 
Betmetto Beatrice Mrs r 230 Stretene av 

Bcnnewies Glenn R (Lets) elect Fords h 3520 Academy dr (Sand 
W Twp) 

Banning Enid E (wid John p) emp Detroit h 1525 Church 
—Ethel (wid Wm) r M3 Cameron av 
—John D otudt r 1525 Church 

—Ricbd T interior designer Jaa D O'Neill Ltd h 2104 California 

beno Hctt W (Anna 1) tlremn ’Win Fixe D^pt h 1704 Bernard rd 
Eeau'a Barbrr Shop (Bent> Cel^ttcl f^ 7 3 rWrtingtoa av 
LWnolt Andrew (Anne M) tool Ik die mkr Forte b 1623 George av 
—Andrew S (fiarnnra) emp Service Centre (Windsor) Ltd h 743 
Picrrv av 

— Leonard E asnmblr Windsor Carburetor Co r 32?2 Edincn av 
—Louie r 747 Chatham e 

— Marvin L (Patricia) roecn Detroit h 00* As kin av 
--Norman E (Lorraine) uisp Fcrda h 3480 Peter 
—Ranald F (Carolyn) asst mgr Detroit h 106, 811 Wyandotte 


—ftoy emp Geooral Motors h 616 Bruce av 

— Walter C (AdehnaJ b 3467 Harris 

Benslc Joe (Maria) mach opr Chryslers h 1788 Hickory rd 
Bennon Daryl J (Frances) emp Walker Motal r 1918 Bernard rd 
—Douglas (Geraldine) pres Cub tom Ornamental Iron b Fence h 
3549 Peter 

—Evelyn A elk Webster Motors (Windsor) r 22^9 Meldrum rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Ck» T (Miy) aasmblr Fords r Wl Lawrence rd 
—Gerard (Eva) chef bkr Auto ml c Canteen h 4017 Riverside <lr 

—Hugh A (Jean) dental surg 31 Giles blvd e res Tecumseh 
—John H r 1725 South Cameras blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Katherine (wld Jaa) b 1096 Wlgle av 
—Mtohl (Patricia) agt Prudential Acaurance Co Ltd h 2071 
Yprea blvd 

—Rene (Evelyn) drvr Chryslers h 2270 Mtoldrum ru (Sand E Twp) 
—Thoa E aerv alamn Maurice Pierre's Texaco Service r 007 
Lawrence rd 

— Wm (Marian) mgr Prudential Aftsuranoe Co Ltd h 2315 Moy av 

— Wm D maintenance wkr h 337 South 

Benstead Harry (Marlene) coin opr Capital Vending h 1301 Janette 

Benteau Gerald mgr Zurich Insurance Co 
Bsntoam Jos (Lydia) detective New York Central Riy h 148 
Wenuninitter blvd (R'Slde) 
i-enUey f onald L r 1, 270 Campbell av 
—Edwd T lather h 1, 270 Campbell av 
—fisiher (wid Arthur) h 1126 Louis av 

—Harold W (Joan) emp Detroit h 2647 Lloyd George blvd (Sand E 

—Hattie (wld Wm Geo) r i2fT Chilvnr nl 
—Jaa W (Mirjorirt) security police Hiram Walkers b 4173 
Kennedy dr e (Sand W Twp) 

—John T atodt r 4173 Kennedy dr e (Sand W Twp) 

—Mabel ace W D Lowa Vocattenai School r 1125 Louie av 
--Robt F (Nancy) telegrapher CPR fa 2273 Mirvntotte av 
Beftton Adelaide Mn «mp Sun Parlor Advertising h 016 McKay av 
—Connie emp Detroit r 015 McKay av 
—Jaa b 2401* Byng rd 

—Jas (Virginia) (Jamas Benton 4 Co) r 2402 Byng rd 
—Jaa b Co (Jaa Benton) printing b direct mail advertising 103- 
104, 10B McCbugall 

—Laurie acat naoh Dominion Life Asauranco Co r 015 McKay av 
--Ralph elk Schlncarioi Market r 11, 816 University av w 
Benyes Yas&r (Gaily) b 906 ELimere av 

AlptubtfuaL Whitt Pagt 1) 



:«ptta Jnuilk Mn fa i f Wt Pierre w 

..J a t» lOMtl.l tnr ,p McCurd Corp ft 3610 Woodland av Ufcfc- W 

-Miehl emp factor Lamp Co r 1066 Cadillac 

^.ftwyr (MfcgdeliM) orderly Hwtel Dtou K-«*pitel t SbU 

rWfardMred (Miry) spnywr Chryafans h 336 Mack ■« 

—Andrew r S43 Assumption 

--AriEtmJ (Harrl) trim repairer Cftryilcra h uTB Bernard nl 
l?4inrt e Twp) 

--Armand J (Kellie) trk drvr Ftbfaghaue EUdtrUr Ud ft 3 4 
ftfcngfter rt (3aftd t Twpl 
—Darlene r 1361 RUrese av 
—Denise (wld Alme) ft 661 Wyaaskrtte* 

-Ement J (Minp) elect fc S3" Paytte rtj 
— Fred V (EUxtfaVfa v4M Chandler rd (Sand K Twp> 

.„H.»r.rv (Verm) pash pnir pt Forda ft IWi Ellnsee *v 
—joe A (Cjrrfael teremn Young 3p«og 4 Wire Corp at Can fa 06/ 

Fllr »* IV 

—Laurence R etedt r SC" EHroe* a* , . ... , r 

..bee (fthr.lynl lab Chrynlere ft S939 Ucyd Georgo bled <u*nJ £ 


—Rlctat <*trp Cauda Bridge r 320 LUUan 
fwrt-anotiu* Ale* (DrUMteUa) ft IMA Aufete rd 
B*rt*rfan Emanuel drftamn Win Tool 4 D4 * r &reee av 
—Keropc (Navroil di-hwaafter Nlaparm Restaurant h &- Bruce av 

berbynuk John vlce-prc* Jannate l M«al Pfpd h ®7 Aloft* dr 
(St CUtre Reach! 

-3UIU re»r»cn aoilyil ratfott ft « Patriot dr (R’«de) 

Bercia Peter (Betrctwla) ft 1391 Highland av 

Bare Ik Ann an* Detroit r 234’J beuenni OsnU fc Twp) 

-John (Hart-era) teh F.rle ft 2340 Leonard lifand fc T*p) 

Barcjflon Jack (lJfartel alnmn Dftroll ft Jllfl Avundate * *r. 
a* Twpl 

—Sae-Anne Mult r 3116 Avondale court (Sand W T#P» 

Bardan O Allan Usateil) revr Ubiaaa ft C36 Williams (Hen; Pkl 
-Rote conatn arkr r 663-665 Univertily w* 

--Ron*Id L (Jan*i engineer New York Control paliroed ft 13^5 
DaviOill #7 

Bnrec Fkiul mach Nicncb< 4 » Toot % Ola r W41 South Cairafrej 
olvd (Sand A Twp) 

&*roca Joo (ftkrjt) *nn> Highway Fumltum ft 08h Cartier dr 
I S-iry l ’A' Twp) 

Baragsaay L I Clara J lacfcn OitfarU 4 VaDat ft Ifcl ’ 

Ayacota* (HYUda) 

bento Barry at Aft r 244 Fftrkview av 

—Hyman (OertruO*) ft 631 aV 

—Loula (Lillian) tr»''h Winder &>dy 4 F«od*r ti4 ft W 

Parkview av (R'SWe) . _ . 

Baremftt Otrmr! (Eileen) engraver btemauonal TxlCttrh 

ISO IfeEwan av __ . 

-Eett aurs- a«t Metropolttan Ha *P u ^L??-v 
Ewrena Stefan (Fanny) (?ieve l s 3aroer Shop) h <^1^ 4/ 

Bern* Betty naftte’a a)d Plvenrtew 

BerwaforJ Jofta E (Thelma) toolmar Fbrda ft Y3t Bart UK dr C*nd 
A' Tarn) 

—Percy (Ida) mgr Murray Apartment* * E 

—Rlcbd (Shirley) tDmncpr Chryetera h 1320 Glendale av (Banu E 

-Row A lHaodr*) mach opr MclLnnun todanlrte* ft tom A4lk*r 

—ShirlJ? pr^LryaUra r 73S BartJet dr 

Beresa Cioj (Caiherlne) fRtrhnreid Variety Store) ft 8361 

-Biwd 1 Utorty uaml ku! h 1I»7 M 

Beraaowakl Carol teller The Toraoia-Dcmlnloo tank rl, 309 

--fttetriTAnU't hand Direct-Alntera Trannp ft a. J«* 

Bcrfr. Art!H^tLeaD 1*6 Nathcoai Rndiator ft 1078 Langtels av 
boro Eva laid Martin) ft 24S7 HUdar* rd _ d 

*3S£ oC ear rittaburgh Paint * Glana Co r 2407 EUdare rd 
..peter lErito) \oc.X 4 die tnkr Detmit ft 36B1 Rankin av «knd VI 

bergnBiTcavui Lilllng ajprrar Border Brokers Ltd r 1 ST? 

..C.utaew-^a^'* UnivrraUy of ^ i7r " 

f ,. p (tjjj*.j) rractv repairer Forts ft IW! Mrldr-r' rt 

1 J^iu«r*4sL*»»to «»«n W.U S«t*^ r "0" 

Baitori (Sand S Twp) 

—Peter A (Itenryl carp Bead Cacatro h 606 Bedluri (And H Twt 
—H J (Bertha) h l«H Ooytrau 
.Panald J (V Patricia) nlatnn D*tr-»it h IB90 Arran 

An* Te£sa> lafc l M*rcvccfcU, 4 Sen h UC? Louie av 
?SSEoSiSStolJStol Tccl r 1103 Wn av 

««P M-Kirmcn 'k h »•? ParkvUwr av 

Bergen Ucyd*3 (Ann) engineer Chryalem h VllUtew av 
(RTld*) . ., 

..Loretta a^t Cftryatera r 311 Jefferoan clvd (P 
Beraer Blatci* ff mgr Suaeftlee 'Jclfcrm h 6* D^vgall av 
— Esther tUpr Lcdla 1 Berger r 1446 Gcyeau _ 

--Hurvny (Migda) (Harvey Berje» ,tl Family Stnrvl h 164V Dulfertn 

tm «f»* 

--Raymciid M CHlUtb) oervtftemn Alndsor Vacuum ft 15» OraiW 
Bergeri^lUnVy 1 ramUy 11 ttniTmarvey Berger) ththmtj 4h Pit' • 

? 2 ssr.«r *gr^?r 

—CoMid L (Vhrgtl fer.:*- Installer Detroit h IVfA Arthur rd 
-Earl .* (Pearl) h 686 EUlott w 
— Flmor (Violet) aeamhlr F^rd* ft 11S3 '/fclkvr rd 
-Ernvm (M*rt>n) .anlu.r R P 3ch>rrr_Ud ft 
—Gary V tralntenan'emn Brrgvrai d*nrt«?e r 591ft Orlun rr 
(Sand V Twp) 

.^rja n f utyt arimter Imp Ctklfai • 'JS Pitt w 

S jS^r. abomt.r^ d^. Clvrt D«lU.n. k *W 

fay iv Uiend U Twp) 

_____iur *L._ 

—4iira J (Pu-fwlte) drvr PurUy tainr- h ’"4 Ule- hWd« 

-J iLer. E (Beverley) cU F 4 b &okkw*ft»0 BrtV Ltd ft A47v 
Menard IF Tift*l 
—Rom*!!: TT*rcti Checker C*b 

-Leonerd IFTleen) aiaim Central PlyrocMh Coftja « 

—M Fwiricta teller Can Trust 4 Baron 4 Erte M»ct r Elllctt rd 
(U Eel lei 

-Marl* (wid David) 11, tWi Gcyeau 
—Mi Ire (Mint) auHrcWr Thryaterr ft ll^i Altert rd 
—Ciwr m»inter*rvr-rrr. Bergerac Serelne r r9lh Drum cr Ua»J 
a' Twp) 

— Ovtla J (Celine) dock aopt Cottted (Xml 4 Cofta ft 3479 Baadwict? 
—Raymond r 764 GUet Uvd e 

.-Servire (Wallace Bergeron) gas :tn w i Baron Line (Sand a 
T wp) 

—Stanley off mgr water dept Sandwich Township me 
La dalle 

—Wallace J (Julia) (Bergeron Sorvira) ft 5916 Oriel) ere* ttand a 

| * 

—Walter lab Kelsey Wheel ft 21? L*aila av CP’Eldel 
Berget Clark gunl tegr Trrkel bvtulatlan Produrta Limited re* 

twrgt.siJ fcrtc X (Carolyn) ap|»renUce White Plumbing 4 Iteetim; 
h l, m f>^eau 

—Harold (Katherine) mlllwngnt Young fad r 3378 Howard av 

(Sand E Twp) _ ^ __. 

—iotas prod Chryaur* r 2378 Bowari av tflanrl E Twp) 

—Kurt A (Barbara) *ik euprvsr Aftnda- rflUr ft 134~ M.*y av 
--Ruth Ann otndt r 3378 Howard av (Sand E Twp) 

Bergolne Chris ctitef steward Army, Bevy 4 Air Pure* Veterans 
Qub (Unit 30) r 2TO Turner rd 
—Dalay I ft 2273 Tomer rd 
--LilUan (wld Alex) H 17S3 Arthur rd 
-Row (Shirley) elect Chryolera ft 1346 Aakte *v 
—Ronald W fltkmn Chryalere Can Ud f ITSS Artliur rd 
Bergrgolitai Dtno (Egle) emp Eastern C autruction h 621 Bafceu* 
nl (R'Slde) 

Bergs Andrew (Miry) emp Woodall Cawtn ft 3214 Clenamcm. 
tdvi} (Sand E Twp) 

Bergsma Hubert (B«*y) appranUce ktensaiLvml T^l 4 Die Cc 
h 469 QUea bivd w 
Bernard Fred r W2 Albert rd 
BerVr Steve (Amelia) ft 693 Lincoln rd 
Bering Pvier (Audrey) icfcr Frank A Ewglay Cchl r 8614 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

Berk rrvdk IRuth) pr*e 4 gemi mgr nhiun Mrn'fl Shop Ud ft h»° 
Ypre* blvd 

—Rwbt crop Unu'n Mens Shop r 16^7 Tprea fclvd 
—Srtvla «mc Dolor. Worn Step r 1680 Yprer Uvd 
— Am aec-treaa Onion tta's Shop Ud tm St Clair timz* 

Berttel Products Ltd Rlchd Wililam* mgr allcfag mtedtine* 

69l> Unulcta av 

Berkeley Jca (Audrey) pfty 1273 OuelUua av fa 1233 CkU«r rd 
Berkar Guenter A (JEltatb) emp Detreit ft 124 Bertha av (H ^ide) 
berkrvUa Mwrlce H (JeoneUe) pree Consumem Warehc te of 
Wlndocr Ud h 20L 3006 Wyandnde 
B*rft 3 W*kl Valerie r 600 Morand (Aand W Twp) 

Berks Carol emp kbige’u Beauty 3ak* r 3L10 Ouellette av Ciind 

—Gerald (Joyce) pfty 4 rurg 103-104, 1690 Ouellette av fa 3610 
Ouellette av tSand W Twp) 

—Tfterena ntudt r 3610 Ouelleue av (Sand W Twp) 

Berlaaty Frwik IRc-r-l fa 617 Ctelhair e „ . 

—Rmrt (DruaclUa) lab Chryalors ft 3179 McKay av (3and W Twp) 
-Jean (wld Wilfred) h 688 Drouiilart rd 
—Margt (wld Thot) ft i»f DrouUUrd rt 
-Raymond emp Candr. Bridge r 1081 

Berloth Wn F (Anne) -rikr S-*p 3choal Baard ft 3663 1A rnr dr 

rnuirig^Ttee^r^ta) lab City of Windsor fa 1103 T»cu*r*eh 
Uvd e 

Dwnnelte Itanry emp CftryUer* ft 4, 94- -Aallington av 
Bentecchl Alfred A (ftnmna) tnap Wrigley 4 * «»**l h 
Dcmtak-n idvd tfand W Twp) 

Bemachl F Harold (Miria) (Canadian Perm-Cote Congjany) ft 
vaM &nrard «v 

—Harold L (tartene) sec-trees Wtotecr Body 4 Fender Ud raa 
RR #3 Airftrrru-jri 

-Ma^rtcVnV^rial p«* Wltuleor 4 Pewter LU ft 1216 
Riverside dr (IVStde) 
ttermckl 3m ft IWS St Luke rd 
--Xatterin* Mrs r 363 Romedale felvd <-* J .vide) 

—Stanley (Yavr ^l «wp Kelsey 'Vtm *l h 1474 Fvi tester _ 

£wmadcAng*Uo Mlnevra) Ufa t omlidc* Forge ft 
bwmana Vladlalavr <Aofc>nlm>) elaci ChryaUra h 340 Itarkvlew av 

Bernard Adolf < tori la > utilitymn Chryatere h 2244 Howard av 

—Edwd C (Lillian) emp Detroit ft 13* Windermere rd 

—Eiiath IwW J*a) h >39 OougaQ av 

—EUen (wld Ivan) ft M3 Elm av 

—Frank (NUHel fa 4K Elm av 

—Goo r 1029 DruuUlard rd 

—Gerald 1 (Ccnciancr) drvr Jc ae Transpcrt h 681 Elm av 
--Harvey emp Cftryaler* fa 96P Aiovn rd 
— Helmut 9 (Aina) tool 4 mould Binder Tool 4 MjuI.i ft 4W) 
Mituiew-Brady btvd (IfBUte) 

—Jrromo 0 (Ifary) *mp Detroit ft 36» Wyandotte llfSlde) 

—Joe r 1206 Windermere rd 
—Lawrence r 339IV ugull av 

-Lionel (Lute) mach Chryalers ft 14-9 Wtodnur av 
-•Mary Mra r 614 UntvornUy av • 

—Marylyn amp Cwtroii r 1206 Windermere rd 
—ML-ftl (Eicllyl mach Chrysler* ft 519 Caagralft pt 
--Murray A (Vicky) drvr N D Supermarket ft 6W Dcwjoll av 
--Gurnn C (Elate*') mcfcir repair Csryatare h 627 him av 
—Pftul Hup ’anaIter Underwriter* AatnctetUte rr.» HP- l 

—Picfcd amp Caadn Bridge r 2344 Huward av 

--Reger maintenance Chryelora r -:c36 Riverside dr IP’SJde) 

--Rogur millwright Colonial Tool r 614 University a* • 

--Tbo Tailor (Bromalav Pacaka) 3793 T*-rume»h blvt » 

—Venance (Dofarwel rkpjrr 9 J Cyr Co t il» 3t Luke rt 

Bermril AUcnte J (AwgvUiwl fab Chrysfare fa 7- >4 Chandler rg 

titend E Twp) _ 4 

—Ang* k M (Angel*) h oil lfa*?n av (Sand A Twp) 
brnatr lo Donee tBhrarlioo A FurutU) Stlyh .undwuat 

Lwrtttt Chester I lint vico-pm Crocr. ffepplte* * Fkrrtng fa Vx* 
SterpftKri r 

—J > Ann atutl r Iflfal) 2bepft*r) e 
—kteJR r 736 *v 

—ntattei (Keith*) wpr Croat Supple 4 Paving ft : *146 Au;e 
BenwtrtM* Fern IMary £ux>) iabukt Great Latea Firings ft 1*4 


Be math r,tev* (M.r>) ea*b f rdc ft 163a Kteteerv »v 
Binete Dwald A (Fteanr.r) iteut Win Fire D*pt ft 4870 >mtaa» 
—Geo OI j'Alfa I *ftpr Dftlnco h 413 Muthew-Hr»dy ftlvd IFTlukrt 
-Harry A (Eva) ft 4660Grand finite rdo (Send H Twp) 

—Jo 7 tlamti Lu« Real Eetate 4 faauranoe ft 8M PttfaQp 


—Laarmre P alum r «t08ta»faofa 

-fatUrvd (wld Oliver) ft 33IL Char) tTacd W Twpl ; 

Beroor waUnr P IN rtra) wtchmkr Henry BtrUa 4 Stea fa 3<^4C * 
Barrymrrw fan* 

Bernhard Ales (miry r 1°J1 Alter* rd 
r-mher'k C Herman prwn Bemhardt’a furmn-re Ud ft 3, ’bv 
Wlndernrere re 

—Cwvtd G (Mhrgt) »»e-treau Bernhardt's Furniture UJ ft 
Extras pi IF Tide) 

—Estm Mra nteneg Gl mac, Suite. Hendrlktjen 4 2alev rea 

Tecumowfa * 

—J -Anne »ti*tt r ftk Fxtnu pi (R71U«) 

-Karl (Klara) moat mgr A 6 P ft <U» California av 
—ousanne off wkr DwroU r 96 Eadflu pt f 
tvmftarit'o Farniturr Ud D Herman Berafenrdt pree, Divtd Q 
Iwmhardt eoc-truas 1646 Wyandot* e 
Bemiulta fabrt m M (Uittie) r«u partner Klrnhentnum, Bembefa 
4 Randuli h 3193 Victoria av 
Bemlrkl Etonley tCarollnei h Ifelfa Paiamt * v 
rentier Gerald marft .pr Eletlrc Lite 
L-nuk V.nto (Aiwa) asamtolr Oiryalrr* b 816 Moy av 
Btmlkwr Abraham v.ew-pres EtectmUn* fafig Co Ltd ft ISSfa 
Yprvm falvd 

-NUte emp Bloctrollne Mfg Co r 1866 Yprea tdtftl 
Bernina Sewing Centre (Jaa A mat ha) eewlag machines ute 4 
service St Wyandr tte « ^ 

Bsntetefa Charlene alum r 9691 Otelfatte av (Sand W Twp) 

—Oira (wld Phillip) fa 203, 11(K> Brae* av 

j (u^annn) ortbepaecie «urg *, 142? CMellette av ft 939 

ir (r/iCJel 

—Mertvn (Hartara) ph!halmat>gtet 16. 142ft r>i*lUUe *» ft 
Viett;rta civd (Sand W Twp) 

-{fare (wld LouUi A) ft J71 Victoria av 

-aiol (Leahi (Bematete** Uirkel) h V.»l Otellette av C*nd « 

BertMrtcte? fafarket Iffaul Bernstein) S'W»ndwi^ 

Bernyk Wm (Evelyn) coach. Dominion Forge fa 1233 A at - t rd 
Bereft Paul r 196 McKay av 
Berreta Amy (wld Jutai) ft 1141 Louis av 
—fafarte tvhr 3t Angela SctU r 1141 Lo-ala av 

— Ui ir Titud! r 1141 L ute «v 

iuirrliran Etonaia E Cladtee* **l«c( desuper GlfMr. 4 Aanc-lsk 
h 34?fe Mark rr (Sand W Twp) 

-Oec (CatherineI t. 642 Windermere rd 

Berry Agnen Mra ro-ne* elk P?st Office ft 8, 1469 Pllletl* rd 

—Bryc* (Eveline) cable rprtnn Dell Tel ft 4393 Vyandutt* * 

—Ccwald E (Jeanl ctdg map Ml:higan faepwrtmn Ekirewu ft ten 
As kin av (Sand W Twpl 

—Edwd T (Gate) vt«-prr* Guaranty Trmt h ^JOL^rre^ir 
—Fred M (Marguerite) mach ehep Chrysler* h 66G3 R.vormw- 

-Onevteve •/ atufftr Wlndaor Packing ft 1337 'Wellington « 

—Ida r 217fa VirV>rfa av Cand W TwP> __ 

—Jjdilh I emp Win Utillnea Comma Water Dlv res RR 1 Rr?«r 

—Lillian r 1041 Dougrtl av 

— fafartr.n Mn h 639 Welltegb>n av 

-.far. Mrs nurse - instructor Grace Bu*p mi Lwtrolt 

— Ueivte moch twenvx; Sheet M*a! h 307 Wectmlnnter (La -al* 
--F :oaU A (Lucille) acct Detroit h 1757 Central av 

-B y C (Ida) h l&r BaU *v 

-wayne D (Nar.ey) elk Q G McKeough Ud ft Mrrrnr 

— Wm G (Miry) macr. F^rdr r 667 Ak«.r.jrte# (Rem Pk) 

— Wm H (Thefena) trk drvr Brewerr War*hr.-as* h 24« 

Barry*re fterl E (Alice) apprentice rfact :7hrrslsrc h S3»Cfci« 
Be ns ok Nicolas trkr Parent Trucklaa r ni Mrytv 

Bert's Barber 3lwp CAlbt L:r*nai) 2346 Ptllette rd (Band E 7W 
fVrta Ate* (Ellatto) h C7»- PraU pi 

BwrteUe Alvina lab Haaband Tranap r 2779 I on As rand bivd Cfaf 
W Twp) 

—Laser (Eleanor) (College Soda Bar) h 1700 College av 
—U - L (Mirlenel tred 4 die mkr Cneewe! Tool 4 Die h w 
Etemer* av (R*m Pk) , 

—Leonard appnmli r* White Plumbing 4 Heating r »0! Cnnf* 

B*rteai a )teino E (Angelica) chef Hlrasr Walkers ft *$9 Erw # 
-J^.y rmp Detroit r 639 Erie • 

BerlhaumUsu AIM (MiryI mgr Windsor Oerty* ft 717 Plerr* •» 
—Ralph uUrmn Adelmami r 7|7 plerre av 
Berthteume Atrataur G fa M80 Vlmy rr 
—Arsene fclpr Cacdn TrailmobUe res River Canard 
—Bernard J (Ann) rfatomc appraiser Coartomn 4 E*ei»* ft 
Woodland *v Osad W Twp) 

-Ctate h 1780 Central av ^ -- 

—Clifford J (Gladys) aaat porch agt Dow f^rge Ud l« 1441 
r-iffertit pi 

—Dwasis O (Bella) h 2S65 PUlette rd (ffand E Tarp) 

-Enwat (Joaepfelne) fc 1610 Hall 4V_ 

.-Francte X (Loretta) map Chry»l*r Ca»di Ud ft UrtT n-r^ 

-G^ra^MAnn) fab 3*»d Rant Twp ft 4634 Orand Marat* *• 
(Sand E Twpl 

--Henry 3 (Mtslte) t! mgr C G Rues* 11 Aroartrong h 14 - 
Ellrw* av 











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CL. 3-3551 





1695 UNIVERSITY WIST CL. 4-9261 


-w r i£ D iSuSanna) 1 flremii Win Fire Dept ft 1KU Jtrfinr&sn Livd 

—Kenttirtft H <BV*J srrvLttemn ftohvfo ScalwCb o! Cam Ltd h 3BQ 
parkview hv (R'SSiteJ 

—l*o H <mktW tufjrvrtr Cftryvkr Canada U4 ii & m ttorimui tq 

— lw;d Ltoo*j|l r £:. r ’ M*ir; jfi av 

—Mauris D (Dorothy! cnttimi artiai City Traffic E-epi ft 37B8 
rcpiftf aV 

~fiMi M r 41B *v (R'SidaJ 
—fldrtek L IBM cpT Chrjralern r l£02 PUletbe rd 
—Ravtfiwd (C Loirs) -'ll pi win Firs Department h £04 j Hi-rman rd 
-Hw (HUo) ti 4JQ Villain *v (RTjuiv) 

—Wilfred Si W ICtirctredt) district cbM tfln Ftia Dmttrtsmnt h 
130& piileti* rd 

— Wilfred U (Mirgudrito) Ii £418 Franco!.-, rd (Sand B TwpJ 
Barthbn&ii Datil R (Mary) atnp Cbryslors h £7, 4100 Wfauidtitte 


■wmevvlqft Nadu Mrs ti 2$Q Cameron av 

eerUni Gt=> laido<*lai emp Chrynlvrn ft 1*40 isn-STe aV 

—Grettowj stodt t 124& Janette av 

—SllVttiO tArjuO oichn fantjni l Property Protection; Co lid ft 23751 
WVl Lesley 

ik-nte htory CvU II PI h 730 Eugenia (Ham Hd 

BWpUfo£ ClArtfice L IDomiv) much Anwritan ^landanl Prod ft 664 


Bartocchi Piuiro CUvta) ftrklyr ft 1343 bfc-Euran av 
(ferial* l*ra Iwid Leno! ft 22bfi WetlsslJfty 
--Emil:* vnr Elurencd H&tel r. 1677 #ln 4 ijerav 
—JuHs !D€d teeftn Detroll rK14i5 MeEtougaU 
—Uo IWfcry) dk Dairen ft BODSrtrflcld av (Kans) £ rwpl 
—Uboro (Rina I Lin Fords Ii 3146 MbD^ugall 
—Lhrir. (QtapftanlaJ tray rat Lbt*L DIbj Hojjp ft 16^7 ^lcds^r av 
—Uw ISefttricflJ itap McXlftnon Inn ft tW .Al&srt rd ^ 
(Rwmllol tchr 3t LcgU Scftoc^ ft «J& Rnaaftnle &v 
Bertoli Eva iwLJ rUckl r 364- A'aftketa 

— 317a tntp Champs.: n 3^rR Plug ft 3i.4 Aiaftscetfl 

aartnUi L#t tCaU rlfliil In ft Scoftm Canfr Ud b £®47 &ynij rd. 

ILSajiti £ Twp) 

Serial In Lvuls lEnrlewl :lle cutter Rotna Til® Com pipy ft 1007 
Elnm^rn a* 

r>noUe5fti Luigi ilihrial Eaft Faian ft Sc* Ltd H 738 Elliott * 
Bertoc: Anglin ffjnfitn r L473 Artftwr fd 
Hanon ErC'-lv { L^uUaJ t?mp Dominion Farg» ft 312 Bt Louie av 
(H r Sldf > 

^-ncitll Judy iwwl Lulijll ft MftH Terunir^ft liLvd. e (Sand E Twpl 
*-Prtnf (EjtftefJ fcipr Deal! r &45fi Twmm&eli ftlvd a fSanii E Tnrpl 
ban ran- t, Etaeoc r 3^ ririftije av 
"Arnold A [Verdn) ft' 685 BlEd^girdtr f ft win PM 
-Carl M I Audrey 1 off wkr Hlmm Walkers n 61ft BotlToni (Sana S 

"Lvuijlafl tPatrols) sect 01 ram Walter iSctw ft 37ft0 
HoalfOrvuoft av (Bind # TwpJ 

“Fradk L tl^rpaftisj entp Dwiroli ft ?7 Si Uruia av (R^Sldei 
-ikitli IwlrJ Fred 71 ft AT W-.y av 
—I Tfe/iLry ( mssmtlr Chryalers ft 390 Bridge iv 
"Jai W tDgrolhyl 1*L Kflscv Wftevl ft 2261 Spring Garden m 
(Sand Jii TppJ 

"i4ar*J Mn; ft atf 1 " McKay ay 

"Kft.-n Itfrmp Hiram Aali»r <. S>iw r 383 Bridge av 
"%nci A dla :U ,-t^ Robin Ud r 77 at Win av (R'SldeJ 
—Kyy p^mt pr-, taction Cftryfiirrs ft 51M Vani^r (Rem 


—ifns (Adai ft frftO Capliol rRem Pki 
Z*> Erra Iwla John! ft £8 Si Uoln av (R^dul 
Sennuic! Albt [pjanr) h flil Lnnelnts av 
-AwiBtt* Swi'J Lvnrand) ft 1787 St Late rd 
"Dorothy R^riqusJ h 1615 Ontarlc 

' -Gfirvls (Pecto?| otafi ; jt F:4i« CirpartrrATtL ft EUlfl D&ugnll 


—Girard T (Madtieiii"! (Bertrand 'e M.vtftg A Carta^ei ft 10&1 
Jcr^pftlns? av 

-Jis 2 tfylvfni eipp r»otn>U h 3417 WcBr. 

"Jetenette ft l-7il Cadillac 

— ffi* ^-P- Rues Arsmrong !i aiilil GJao5i;ne av 

plant SJlwnpoodi r 3367 Mcrscr 
fc*rtJW* Moving u Cnrtow IGhurd T BertrimP 1061 Jo^ftlne 


*2“^ Hnccc (MiriitdlieJ etnp-Cfaryslera ft fifiB Curry av 
—aatvawro (EHztfti emp Brodl**EcUtki« ft 1137 Wellington sv 
f n f ^ W.ry Mrv f, d, : 64 Mitilila 

^nsbejjap P lAn^.l crank a haft -,pr Cftrystorn ft 147j Langt./h av 
wrSf Fronk iMargU (Frank B^rktt Upholstery! ft 1M3S Nonuft 
ra E Tvp) 

-Franit Upftftlstapy iPf^* Bertel -JA3D Norman nl Ittmd F Twpl 
'TtiAreaitJ -reiEer Cftryclnr Canada ft 1&0C mi av 
swarciiuft Metro a&^tpftlr Chrjalers r 1471 Uuigb>(s tv 
t * £ ^ 1 <Tt?nrF*j7?j wichmltr HalffJ ^niMiUsra ft 1553 Elecrure 

rsftwr* Kimnctt; 2 (Cftrolvl alamn McAvan & M^rlvy ft 3376 
H -Trry av Limd W Tarpl 

^tornh ftotaId P (RU K tft> aff mgr Natl Cash Register ft 1706 
TtHumagrou nl 

^^krwieft Mkhl IBattiv) cook Coli5niai Sft=tk llnuse ft *418 

Arthur rd CSand E TwpJ 

!!*;” f- err! * I PRuveval cetwnl fnuhr h 176 jfi i-^ui tv CB’Sidel 
Alt:t E I LiKtr,Unel off war ftsrdrt h 41C tin belle pi IF'Side) 
r”*f' K * Uja Iritrojar l. 1310 Pierre tv ft same 
_ Albt J h wtfl Tvumler 

-'fl4J>toiujE LArigeUrje-l meftil fenftr Chryjters ft Lpftil 
*«toiI 4 j (Helen) ;ikam Furliy Fairy n 3i34 Turner n! (Sami E 



--Brim altitlJ r L'j50 Luins 

Cltrencv TM&.d*!yn f crudll gtipnrsr Omklin Lumber Cb ft M56 

—Carry! Unrsf I bicftr W h D sJnpormnrtet ft S240 mv 
**ItofinLE lat. Mptnr Lamp r &bi Gayray 
—Donald G (Eilnen? emp DeLrott h 1008 PeUEJnipf 
-^Etrt drvr Jay-See Rnajiicia ft 16K A^stminstrr av ISand F 

--Edmond J (Stvllftl lat Chryaivrs h 841 &brm!euo av 
"HhjoIJ J (Anita) vtnp Rainey Ji/hetal h 3141 Spring Garden rd 
(Sand W TwpJ 

“Btrnry h 2416 Tecuxoseli blvd w 

— J',:s E Diiatino) frrfntn A'In tfUltfcte'j ''vinmii Wat dr tKv ft -Mb! 

Olemrood av {aaij W Twp) 

—Leotsini r 341 Uaruntvtte nv 
*-Atrlf ftS04, 444 Park W 

— Marvin 2 E/ean) drvr grlatnn Can Liquid Air h 1^63 Gdyetu 

a teftr Si Vincent de Paul (PCI Scftrjal r 568 Ttmmier 
—Finger A del!wry llaUa PijMtU r 1058 Lena 
—-Rcnald J r 10&8 Lent 

—Rflssm (Strut) drvr ThlbddMj Tmupori ft 4b6 Cfturch 

— Wilfred A (Myrtlnl gctnl forastm Esan Terminal Ply Pvr&ijnnri 

Bldg ft 2073 Girerdai av 

Se3sey Victor csis^ber Artistic Berber Slide res Belie Riwr 
Best Com A (wid Ttoe) Buprvnr mailing mil Icftn Wye! ft & Bro ft 
1833 Lah&dln rd 
—Donna r 1118 Chllver m 

—D -jgtan G ICtJirlotlel parts dept Fords ft 483 Bridge av 

— Fdyid (Lfri^nl b 4, 461 Caiamqiil 

“Ellsslft {wid RirtsiJ ft 1OT8 Mtyrmovtft rd 
—Eric fl (Barton) designer IhitmaUunaJ Tbol <i Din ft 1008 
Ypres bjvd 

-Ernest (Peart) ft 870 CadUlac 

—Emeai (Lantia) emp Hiram Walker ft 756 Gladstone; av 
--FraitcJa R (BottyJ mum Can Bread h IBM Aubin rd 
—Gerald (Pearl) ft 858 Assumpiinti 
—Jaftn 11 (Judith! emp Best Roofing Cd h 1, 30 Ellis av e 
—Lavrenev I H (EdlihJ (Bvrt Emfing Col ft 083 Pougall av 
—Lloyd EBlanchel tab Chrjralers ft 1038 Highland av 
—Bay 0 ocullsi 406* 374 Ouellette av h KA, IH10 DwigaU av 
—Richd C (Miry) plant protection Cftrystefo hi 3T27 Hlllcreal ftlvd 
—Roftt A iBetty) press mn Windsor Star ft 607 Winchester dr 
l& 'SSd#) 

—Roofing Co (lawrcmre j H Best ) 144 Ay lmer av 
—Warden 5 lEvrlysl Lsnp Gftrystera ft 3018 WaliiL'r rd llkadi E 


—Wm A (MtrEe) ptnrnracJst Bfg V Pharmacies h 0Cie IWE^race 

— Wm E (Delta) emp Fo rds ft 874 Church 

—Wm F (NinaI sorv aaprror Sandwich 'Went Hydro-Elect System 
ft 2806 Aaktn av (Sand W Twp J 

"Win Ft i Fky) mainimnnce &4 oJ Education ft 187D Pallasier 
Beatard Robt E (Mary) mgr Great AtlaMlc *1 Pacific Tea Co Ltd 
ft 3371 Avondale ct (Bull W Twp) 

Eester Eugene emp Pittsburgh Paints r 1248 Albert rd 
Buswict Violet (wid EmestJ k 4006 ft'-wartl ev (Sand if Twpl 
Bethel Baptlct Church Rev Alfred Luck minister 1340 Pierre mv 
-'Peniec^otoJ Church Pev Wm fl Pitch poaior &10 Untveniiity av 
Bethelenr Mary Mrs r 2SM Hivenslde dr w 

Bethunt Aague D (JncgueUsa! wtr Elmwo&l Casino ft 1334 Bridge 

—Sftarnw r 1324 Bridge av 

Bebjchel Joa b 5£0 Westminster blvd IR’Slda) 

—Jos lArlene.! itkbt Detroit h E0£ Pmdo pi (Reside! 

Battsjjy Alhi E (EUcth) cLinun ‘Wetter Mours (Wlacbo r) ft £343 
Danduronii blvd (^and W Twp) 

—Btaotey (Shirley! lab Cftryisjurs h 248 Lvrl dr CR^SIdel 
Better Gvo !rJ,irmal ihsmblr Gml Motors h Rossini blv* 
—Nanay J wire Miagar* Restaurant r 137& Rtuslni blvd 
—Step The (Florence LAmof) children'a *iar 4633 Tecumoeft 
hlvd 0 (Sand E Twp) 

Botlrldgc LydEa (wid Erftos! FFh SflQ Jos Jauiaae av 
Battd Edwd (Flbroncel emp 2 Clarke Keith ft 1003 California av 
—Jt&trlow B (VEiifflft) cimd CNR ft 1322 ElEmcru av 
--Fegd (Ruthl slSttm Anne 3a r *yer Real Estate h 1771 Riverside 
ir mutt 

Betty Anr, Beauty Salon (Ftobt Lavender) 1317 Gtodaronn av 
--lane B-mutv Valera (Belly oOhnvtetiburger! hrdrsr iDOfl 
Wyanaottr (R'Sidol 

Betty's Lunch lEUuft Dsumbaltl rest ISO! Monmouth rd 
Seuglct Cftaa F Rev asqt Church af The Imnnaeulsto Ccficeptlnn 
(RC) r IflhrejitPUe mv 

--Donna J dontal nursr hfi ltd A Hakes® r 606 Elllatl o 

— Ernest (lihirlo! eye f car, wise k Ihrdat apedaUat G0&* 1011 

'3uallcitr av ft 8280 Blvoraldi dr (R'Sldei 
--Eugene K (Mir^oerUel h 5 a Tecuirseh blvd a (Sand E Twpl 
—Gerard E [Marilyn) optam#Lrlnt 308, 1011 Ouellette av ft 233ft 
Wyandatte (R’Fidel ft 5143 Greemlalc dr (R’Slde) 

—Henrietta (ThynlciauKi Cali Service) r 746 Campbell av 
—Wkidette rva nurse Detroit r 8280 Riverside dr IR'Side) 

—Olive i wldi Henry I (Plt|slria!L= Call SartOt-e) ft 746 CampNll av 
— L ! s^Liilnr) sup^or McKinnon Industries ft 8S& Djcharmir 
{Sand t Turpi 

--Roger ntuat r n 3 Te^ttmsch bivd e (Sami E Twp! 

—Sue *-my tveftn Hfti*1 Dies ifoap:tal r 805 Elliott « 

--Tbelnra (wld Loretir..: I canft Sun life Aaaumnci- Co at Canada 
h80£. Elliott* 

Beukelman Augustinus 2 M Libvila) emp ClfTyklera h ftftt janwifu 

Item Cftrlfllma tchr HdlJ Fftmtiy pcftl res S? *1 Bella FH'f=r 
--R^tni H emp Cahdn Bridge h 3351 Pillvtte rd (Sand E Twti! 


--Rcmam H (filioanelk insp Ckryslers; ft 1571 Buckingham rd IS&nd 
£ T up) 

Be all or Anvid (Almn) ft 847 GiadEL^nv av 

“Wta lab Victoria Memorial Warn Ltd «d HR ♦! Eosea 

Bev'a Coffee Shop (Beverley Fecteftui 1D0? Droumanl rd 

Bavmcgiii Ddi*ki^u« emp Chryalers r 0U-2 JUMlUI«i av 

—Jos Ptud! t 812 Wolllngiun av 

--Rosa (wid Antmtib! h 81£ WelUngron av 

Sevan Arthur tool rojairvr Fords r 290 For* blvd iR’Sidt;) 

—Cyril (MargtJ emp Hi mm Walker ft Sms Ltd ft 304 Lnuiion ni 

—Lennar studt r as^f) Bruce av (San* w Tsrpl 

r^n?n %\ emp Detroit r 203 Ford blvd (H‘HideI 
—Edwn iCharlDlte! iwiehiinn Candn Corps ol Oftttantit Lorn ires h 
a 18 jo*'phirs r? 

-*EmTyt (June) ,ip man MoKinruv: IcdufftriVs b 536 flcllr 
Dale View bivd (R^ide) 

—Jack M (Irena) E^cai dir CTiildrefiTs Aid Society' ft 3270 Bruce 
av (Sand A f Twpl 

—Job H (Cecilia! ft 283 Ford tlv* CR 'aidel 
—Lewis G (Madeline! omp Chryclfirs ft 359 Ford blvd (R'Slde) 
--Terence D (Audrey) cwitrolicr I? P Seliarcr Ud k 3ac Eaetiawn 
b!vd (RTiidv) 

Bflveridgs Geo fi lEdith) trtt drvr City f Windsor ft 3417 
'Wilkinson ione 

*-Jchn (Patricia) ft 739 Brock 

—John W (Eatherl mgr - jwrviceB div John Wyeth k Bro ft 100 
Isack dr (R ’Side) 

--KvnneLh tchr RO-Tnlnnirl Puftllr f %fT* Mark <Sob4 W 


**L4Ponart L (Esemidette) ttk drvr Hiram walker k Sams Ud h 
14ti" Gladstone av 

—Lyanda G hrdror Smart "a Beauty Shop r 1574 Mark av w 


--Tbos r 241^ VRUttnsdn tan$ 

— Wm (Gimiiifti piani protoctiim CHrysurs li 1574 MArit av (Sand 

W Twpl 

Bevingti ui Alhi 8 (AUoel grinder hand Cope A Chirr l^chln-rry ft 
2812 Un^tciir av IRem Pk) 

—Kitanrth H b:hr r 2fll£ Lnngkui.' av (Rem Pkl 
--Kefineth J (Agriets! vmp Detroit h 1718 Eli rose hv 
J (Adi) ft 3880 Reward av (Sand E Turp! 

Bwlna Bemaxid C (Sanaa) asst foroira. Detroit h 4010 Jerome 

—John L mravft Bvr.dlit Eclipse- ft 1382 Argyiv ri 

--Leone G (flernlce) mmt Tennani Tire Service Ltd h 133'’ av 

—0iiEmn (fid EHwmoJ h W p Olivers Ely av p 

B*vk= Bernard C (Ruby! chief aiglftevr Vincvai Massey Callegiau. 

Inst h 3380 Oandurond blvd (Send W Twp) 

&?wlok P.obt W (Alice! head *it*t Mvtrop&litafr Hcsp ft 1572 
Bucldnghacj ro (Sand E Twpl 
Bvwley W» h 130, 1616 OuoUeUwsv 

BeaJey Mote 3 (Henry ft hky Kariovaky) w n Huron Line 
[Sand W Tat?) 

Boyak Pater A (Jean) mgr Prudential Finance Carp Lid fa 34, TOO 
Ouellette av 

Beyer Joar. atom r 1530 Filletto rd 

—Leonard (Mtryl nueft opr McJOnn™ foduatrire ft 1*80 PUleitc 

—Mary A Mrt otnp Detroit ft £?* 4250 wyarnici'o (R^ntel 

— Patricia 3 rtl r 1530 PlUette rd 

Heymw Edird M (Limine) aitonrotlve engineer Dotroi! b b&8 
U Porte av CH'fihtal 

Bezaire AHrkIi T (Hvibn) off elk Pam Forge h ¥7Ti Eih«jt dr 
[Sand W Twpi 

—Alma nurse fi.:.Lel Qou Bcspital fa 020 MhronSette bv 
—A iphyrvr-a (Am^iiai ?nkr Glcngarda Sdrol h Goyriau 
—Angelina tnrrp Rivard Clnrs r M l Riverolde dr e 
+-A«nene tuhr Holy Raasry Svhl r 761 ilsil av 

— Apis ID 14 Mh rente tie av 

—Archill* wrehaema Win Truck ft Etorogt- res HR #2 River 

—Arthur G llfkntl mgr G H Wockj ft Co Ud rten Tonumseft 
-*ClArenoe J (Shirley) emp Gamin Bridge h 41fi3 Bisnlnnd dr w 
(Sand 7 Twpl 

—CUffnrJ (Edna) *-mp Detroit h 751 Hall av 
—Gortons hcekpr f 2016 St Julian 
—Ebttald atudl r 7bl Hall av 
—Donald J fPhyiifo) i*b Fords ft i m Goyeau 
—Edmcmd inol 4 d!e mkr Fordh h &70 Tuirca.roM 
—ELbrth Mn» reg rmrwf Eduard J KUtnkownSd res Rtvrr Canard 
—Ernest J (Ida) tool ft dEe mkr Fords ft 3887 M: y ttv 
-Ids (vid Alfred! ft 1S28 UndOht rd 
--JacqueJlns nurse Hotel Dieu Hospital - 1443 PEerre av 
—Jca p (Elaine) acet McKinnon Industrie h 256 W WtttlnhLr r blvd 

—Kfttmatft P I Mary L! aLuift tchr h 36^3 Matchetlv nj 
--Uw J UeauftHtte) ssst mgr Mildor, Tree farm h 1575 f^rUng- 
ton avenue 

—Lioyd G (Anne) traffic elk Chrysl^rs ft 1&1S Duffvrih pi 

— Leal* A (Edith! tchr £1 Joseph's Sbftl ft (rear) K>&& Ertti c 
--Louli! J (AEVetra) Ina agt 807 EUl-nH e ft 303 tatnr 

—Uf jlBua M uik £ W 4 A R!y It 32G hiLrentrtie av 
--Mary F sLidt nun$« MetropoUiain Gent HcfspHsl r 2240 

--M3chl D ^tudt f 4133 Hasclimd dr w (Sand W Twrpl 
-Gviln J (Myrtle! ft 970 Elm mv 

—Ovila N T (LoEft) fc renin H P Schsrar Ltd ft 3400 McKay av 
ISsn4 W Twpl 

-*P June naroe's aid Grace Hospital t (rear) 1060 Erin e 


Afpftiftrtkuh Whr«» Pifli Jfl 


Fon Distinctive Dining 


PHONE 252-2741 


_H»> r trt arvr Poisson Lumber t W (U tellel 

.-Reford (Lillian) rrtkr h 1, IMJ3 OnUrts 
—RoM spot wltfr ChryaUw r IrmH 106# trie m 
—R-ger irfwnm C 0 RutweU Armatroog rm RiwCwMfl 
—Romeo (Tfcerota) punt stoop fcremn Haw*sw«*l Garag* Ud 
re a RF #1 McGregor 
uwu Joa tlr to 666 ElUou * 

1 » PtolUip Uc 2Aiev Brce p 1141 CWfcW « 

BtMi Francis R trk Jrvr Haiaod Tranap r X627 Felt* av 
«^j c - j k it-" Felix av 

ZuSto J lAgmm) IBcow of Cb«terfteltel h t, 1X37 Ottawa 
—Root drvr Ho as* of Cheatorfleltf* r 2, 1237 Ottawa 
bate* Wm (George* Confectionery) h *462 J**^i**V 
beaemr HnUoa tStoli*) aaansbir •.hryelani to 14, IfcfcC vAty*»j 
BMB»r Giselle tchr i L Y-rater Collegiate h 1169 El*mere av 
Bvwstf Bln K (Vaeatliea) b 2166 Doogall av 
--Kowxma I) 3, 1*3 Wyantfctte e 
Bcsxina Jcm Ua*’» Confectionery) to 753 Dougail av 
-Violet crop Joe ‘a Canfectlnnvry r 763 Dcuyll av 
Blafrre Jote I Anna) f-’e bony‘a Aato Body l» F«w S*> to 
3M Sunset av 

—Jo*» Jr (Raymonds) garag* mgr Jotemy o Aeto texly to «**- 
UngfrUew av Itend A’ Twp) 

Btelek Edwd P »*ch Becann Sheet Metal h Panltta av 
—Iftchl J (Ann*) oil turner man Wtoteor Mrotoanlcal Contpactons 
Lid h 277 Fan kin av 

Bialftowski Jo« (Roe#) aearnblr Chryaters h 1243 A .bar. rtf 
—Mary Mra h 1*3 CatfUlar 
—Stanley macto opr Fortfa r 1*3 Cadillac 
••Them die ostler Candn Motor Lamp r 1UW Cadillac 
Blally Jas R eff Rnwaoc CalUstm r 83® Ptfraat av 
—Kunrmh mudi r S3® Foreat av 
--•Wm (Ruby) »Wr Drtrclt h 23® Fowl av 
Blalotwaeaki Stanley «mp BentfU fcclipe* b l®* 5 fw* * v 
Blanche* autwrto tfH)vc*ia) fcxklyr Eastern Coootruetlc* h 1OT 
bynq rtf (Sand E Twp) . . __ 

lliancbi Andrew P (Mirtha) alamo ouamer Printing to 8Ht 
lawreccs rtf 

-Taiwan Opanlato tetor h 1677 Victoria av 
Rlancket Dullto (Antoinette) to 831 LangL • av 
Bianco Krla clto Bruce kferfcvt r 1408 Lincoln rtf 
—Iterlo (Laura) to 1408 Lincoln rtf 
Hhaahi Aiiina (wld Eaala) to 1B4A Hickury rtf 
—Arefed elk Ctoryolera r IW. Hickory rtf 
—Romano (Flom) metal fnafer Chrysler* to 2678 Alexia rtf 
Oujd F. Twp) 

—Tbereoa (wld Jon) b 1786 Hickory rt 
— tfllbar tEllxtfe) metal tow C try alert r 1646 Hlctory rtf 
Blaai France. (Angela) emp Nicholson Tool k Die b 1«U Langlale 

Biaautti 4 Edwtf V (Regina I tile setter CoUautl Broo to 1178 Highland 

..Ifcrio S (Jean) wltfr Nlckelaon Toot 4 Ole r 671 Brant 
—Vladiirlro (Aryla) tah WooleU Ccaurtrortlon to 2836 Partmt blvtf 
(Rem Pk) 

—Zor* (wld Lotgi) to 671 Brant_„ ^ ^ 

Bjautlc Annibale I Theresa I platr Capitol Flantertog to J656 
Elamere av (Rem Pk) 

Rife Davitf (EUxtfe) emp Cbrynlers to 8150 aecortf av 
—Jerry emp Chryalem r 3”1 My av 

—Peter ISopfele) lab Forte to 371 Mtjt av ... 

Ultesy Sidney A CAfelrwrigtot) ala mgr H D Bryant Mo torn to Unit 
N-88, WO Ayandott* (R*3lde) 
btbeau Alptm (Aneta) carp b 1066 Dr.AiUlartf rtf 
—R^ger (Clawtfette) mgr Calaae Poputairw at-Jeon*Baptlflte Ud 
to 2310 Cadillac (Sand E Twp) 

Bible Jlfilaa pntr r 384 Moy av 

HI auj jyh't (M*ry) metal fnnhr Foraa h i860 EUroee av 
BtcmntcV^toW^^Anguine) dto Cht7«l*« 

Bice Eugene A tchr Aftndaor W of Etfjc to ©11, 2® Put » 

Bldk Steve h 836 MeleaovtU* av 
a:ske Lasaay r 811 Scoftetd av Wand fl TWp) 

Bickel Oram r 1633 Felinsier 

-Barry G (Ada) to 1633 rattaaler 

- -Kenneth *mp CtoryclerB r 1632 Pels cater 

blckerrtaff Rlcftd lab Forte to ftll^ana rtf - Twp> 

..Robt (Marthai plmbr Detroit to 3*36 Turner rd 
-. MB'. -IX Caatte Pacific Kij r i86C Howard av (hem Pkl 
Bm££ An» prl» r M « 

--Catherine (wld Edwtf) b 6M McJ-ooto a» 

—('attertne tchr Xing Edward .cbl * Ewan a 

— &tnna Mrs etnp Detroit to 1»4 Arthur rtf 

^«sa«as»a. M ^ *««* 

w (KMtlMfi) h imteur btvd iSa».-l E Twp* 

r Balfour blvtf (Sand E Twp) 
llttSla Tteputy po> chief tend East Twp h 2429 3i LmU av 
(tend B Twp) 

ZSStffti 2&7ZXZZ' r Mi 3, M .T RM E 

Rickie jack* * (Jack W ftckle telle*. Scfeoal) to 1»1 Victoria av 
-Jack W Ballet 5c)»ol (Jack W Wcklel dancing InntructUm 1453- 
5"» Univeraity av w 

BtckMU Bertram A (teverly) plant 4 work* »gtimer Oenl 
fcAotoro h 59 Patrice dr (H'Sldei 
Biddle Fred A IteraW to 427 Camercn av ^ 

— Fr*d C (Henrietta) senate auprvsr Ataotfell Contractora h 03d 
Howard av (Sand A Twp) 


. Pr«d a tjt'ult r 4033 (toward av (Sand 4 Twp) 

— 4 l#o H (ktergtl lab Flnabrd.lteacn temtn to XBT* tellcur fctvd 

-Jean iSmetto) to Unit J*TL 620 (R*Sltf«) 

— Marllyr. A atudt r 4<133 Howard av (terei A’ Twp) 

-ItoU AOtoaw) marh NattooaJ Auto Radiator h 680 EdUtooroogh 
(Rem Pk) 

taddlecumbc Freda h 10, 679 Aylmer »v 
Bidlmiot Diane r 1^43 Parent av 
•Dominic F (Olga) UL L A V^ung to 3342 Parent av 

ttella) tract: opr Jandn Sirocco to 1668 Alesd* ^ 
IftTil «ch Candn toidge to 4062 Boonland dr e (tend W 

bum. uZflr IU1»> Iknrt Ow> t. 280C lkiw.M »» f*' 

—Philip H (Alice) attdt Howard Oarage to 6£7 Capitol (Ren* Pk) 
Biel* Eawtf J lab exr Auto Spedaluea r 1620 Elamere av 
-Katherine (wld John) to im Elamere av 
BislecU Frank M < Jena) mach McXlnncn Imlaatrlea to 
Jeffewn Uvd (R‘SideI 
-John lan McCord Corp r ll(K Sbepbertf e 
-.Mary (wld Paul) to 1631 Langtoks av 
Blelek Frances Un b 34S3 Peter 
Blench Angelin* (wld Mike! h 1353 AfrUlngb-n av 
—MLctd lab Chrysler* to 3, 974 Langtote av . 

—NlSolaa lBetty J) with Coutfewood Hotel to 38* K»«n ** 

cut Pv. A»rco Air Lw A 1JM W^too »» 
BieUdd Irakis twld Andrew) n ISM 31 Lake rtf 
BteUcs Bruce (Sophie) tool 4 die mkr Bendu Ecllpoe to 1466 

Pienatman'ctas*!Dorothy) aa*t foremn CPR to 867 Vimy av 
Tancrede (Mary) to 573 Pella*ler 
Wer^Ertoartf (Ellrlede) donl^er Paragon Tool h 1332 Langtol-- 

—Henry (Helen) toolmkr J 4 J Tool 4 Mold h 618 Rtatelne or 

Blertngar jJ!?(Katherine) carp luring Conxtn to 694 Irvine av 
Bleaxca Mlk* emp Fords to 1^ T- urangea- rtf 
pletoU Francesco (Tereaa) to IbO Curry |V 

(Loaiaaiunnuor Ease* College to 396 Elm av 
- Mike (Darla) emp Better Tool b 1640 DooteU ** 
-Vtol-etm^cmenica) todry Atotlker Metal h 510 Haxtfey crea 

Big Boy^?rt-to*LU Mtohl Itedy pres. Cmvld C A Many v:ce- 
* preo. Norma A Mady »ec-tre*a restaurant 4440 

recumaefe blvd e is*n 

—Chief Service Station (Gno Fhuteux 4 Arthur J Kuappl IMO 
Crawford av 4 2821 Dougall av (tend WTarp) 

-M Uundmnmn The (Emetf Spenchimk) ael! amwtcn laundry <01 

Blgaouette Units A t.’eamtlne) to IC64 Albert rd 

Billow ^rweatV (Dottfe^) (Fast Eitfl Plumbing 4 Heating I to 
3596 E C Rcw *v (tend E Twp) 

-mall 8 r 357 Indian rd _ 

• 43amet (Irene) tfrvr Inter City Truck to IS31 Ford blvtf Land E 

—Nelson S (Helena) rmrmn CPR to 1808 Latedi* itf 

-'Am (Shirley) emp Detroit to 1M4 Ferodale av (tend E Twp 

-Wn A (Rena) transp drvr Cveriand iLiSV^tltr ted 
Blggar Alex (Norah) tool grinder Ford* h <268 Canjratn dr Ctend 

A Twp) 

—David (Ann) to 1419 Prince rtf 
-Miry (wld Wm) to 708 Argyi* rtf 

Higgle*ton Howard U (Emily) emp Detroit to c.4l Bernard rf 
(tend K Twp) 

^S^^sU^^verwifte^MSO?. Surrey dr (RP *1 Wlndnor) 
—Victor G (Vhrgt) upticaan Detroit h 134- Peiiaaier 
Bltfklty Mini Id to 8. 7AfA Matilda 

Bigaei Fredrick l (LUiUn) lab Flag Fire Equipment to ^0S 
Turner rtf 

—Mfcry (wla M.rrlUt A 3190 PatAkocJ w ^iaurt* T»fl_, 

—Percy A (Itelvlnal tua drvr Greyhound Lines to 1J4 Betwara 

—Rmk M^rlth J Clark Kellt Generating Station (Gnl Hydro) r 

™ r 1M7 


Pigra* Garry appiwnUce J E Murphy Sheet Metal Co Ltd r 103. 

—Joa (Beatrice) (BAB Confectionery) to 103. 444 Park w 
Bik Alexandra (wld Stephen) h 948 Cadillac 
R..vt>f»h Mtk>) T (Winn If red) public sect h 36fc Rewimere av 

wiih iR Rictri K (Roe*) fixture mkr Uw 4 Andaman to 1018 
Mcnowndb rtf 

tiiiotr L uke (Mina) to 1194 Albert ra 

.-fdkoUui (Miry) *mv Candn Bridge to 1 7 10 AUert rtf 

BiltffSlI U*r«n;c (Margt) linemn Sandwich W*xt Hydro Elect 
Syotem h 815 Capitol 0*em Pk) ^ 

BUlck Andrew (Phyllto) furnacetan Autc Specialties to 1056 
Harrlaan av 

-Frank tot HtcSoison Tool 4 Die r 1036 Harrtoan »v 
BUltfa rfetlip I (Evelyn! tocimtr Detrou to 3449 Dominion blvtf 
(Ssiul N Twp) 

Bill's terber St*»p (Wm tetolnec) 1637 DrouilUro rtf 
-Barber Shop ( At?’ Nemeth) 862 Erie * 

-Barber ite>p (.Vc Lntoln) U-'SU*) _ 


—Btcyrtfa Shop (Wm Oliver! repairs 341 Mill 
—Cartage (Windsor) Ud Chat Bamk:tan pre* 984 FelU av 
—Confectionery (WUfraa Faibenl "'’Ob Wyandotte (F*Si.te! 

—farking Lot llteria C Middleton) Alb Gayeau 
—Sneonu Hand Store (Bootiuk Van lie) (CJ Tecum *eb Uvd * 

SUutn Hear/ rmcr. opr Chrynler* r N» ® 

Bdiett Gilbert C (Theresa) alx rep MiH>r Healty h ldv(. MirU* 
Blilev Metro (Kay) ar elk Datnlnlcn Stores h l'-H2 terriaon av 
fc.Uiny Gee J (Helen) pr*c 4 trees Q« rge T Artslte Go Ud to Ui 
Victor tfr IRTfltfel 

—(ocoell (wld Wm» to 43 Ford blvd ttfSide) 

— Miryle* K » p l Monnq The Bamc cf Nova Scotia h 307, .iw 
Wyandotte (F'State I 

Billingfeurst John atutft r 60 VllUiro av (ITSitfe) 

—Hntt G (Margt) aaaoc prof University cf eftntfror to 60 Viliam 
•v (RfEde) 

BUUntfB Own W (Beverly) vire-pnoa 4 ctoef •mgtaeer InternaUnM ; 
Project CAXcrtfteatom Limited to 3430 fit Patrick*/ dr 
(tend Af Twp) 

Billion Victor L icolmkr F^rtfw to 559 Ellictt » 

BUodeaj Raymond J lat’ Chryater* r 1067 CaUraqui 
BUooych hfictol lab Chryxleru r l«bl St Luke rtf 
BUmjc John (bteryl to 1S1« Victoria av 
BUUnnrv Apta 444 Park w 

BiUcn ." M atotft r 5(8VJ Aakia av (tend A Twp) 

-Kathryn L ntudt r 2890 Ankln av (tend W Twp) 

• • Kmnett. V (Min-xi) wU mgr Eatrm Aut: w»tfve ol London a 
'MQ As kin av (tend W Twp) 

-Uarine(wid Joa) emp Otrolt to 125” Mcy av 

Blltwrl Construction tWlndaorl Ud Jco O ^*£1***™' ***** 

Q Vawurtky eec-tnma 446 Uuwn rd „ 

Biluaack Danl (RIale) to 660 Grand Mirau rtf * (Rem Pkl 
-Geo(Fmia) lab Kelsey Whe* 4 ™ **** ** 

—Jute lab Chryttlero b 1808 WcBtontt rtf 

HUy Henry (Kathleen) meefe engineer Kcrtfs It 3820 A*kin av 

Bilyk 2 efiSi°(Nina) lab WlUf» M>tor» to 2475 Mrtgtoen ns tSantf I 

Binc»l«tt* Joa r 7. 3421 Wyantette « . _ ril ‘ 

^S^PHerB (Miry) tarter Arcade terber fltop b Piem 

binder AiwT(Chroi) lab Keloey Wheel to 1544 Pierre av 
-Carol Mm to 1956 Marwotntt* av 
-Frank (Florence) h 1669 Ooye*u 

— Frank (Ellath) (Frank The Tailor) to 1090 Pierre av 
..Trank w (Mirm>t) (Frank Th* Tailor! b 1078 Pierre av 

-Fre-ik (Iteryl proa Binder Tool 4 M.’itf Limited h 2’HQ fivettf 

—Joe (Janet* Jig-borer Hercules Tool toDUhbll BeliejwraM 

— Vteihr-* ('Eca I ©later Tool 4 Mold Limited a W6J 

—PWllHMtn?) tool 4 die mkr hinder Tool h 1800 Caban* «f 
(Sand W Twp) 

-Rosa Mrn b 1756 Kildare ri 

,.T .v| 6 M>ld L-mltetf Fretfk ©laser pr**, MtUtv* dtotfer Tire 
pres molding making »30 College 

— Wm (Katherine) with Binder Tnel 4 Mold Limited to *550 

Virginia Park av (Santf W Twpl 
Bindner Ferdinand ( Itergt) ala rep Colgate Palmolive to 3tH 
Lorraine av 

..Patrick atudt r 2047 Lorraine av 

Blag Victor R (Audrey) etk recording elk Toledo Seale h J8W 
Francois rd 

Biogley C Hicfetf r mgr Indue trial rwvetopment Bank to Jf*" 

Virginia av (H’Side) ^ ... 

— F Jan Jr vice consul Dolled States Consulate h ‘Adi X-U. 
Wyamtoue (R*Htote) 

Blniciu Mike (Ifrry) «*rop Diminlor. Forge n 1766 Alexii rtf 
Blnk Uarry ILytfU) tpecial police lUram Walker b 18OT 
Wentmiaster *v (Sanit F. Twp) 

— Leentert X H (Mariro*) eludl h 1525 Rcsaini blvd 
Binkley Waller W (Mtbel) alamo C H Beta* tC;t Utut H- , 

62-5 Wyandotte Ift'Hlde) 

Blnka Brace W (Eileen) engineer Font: to 5834 Orton cr (tew 

—Runaltf? (Helen) elamr. Multi Dairy Prod acts IWlntfa-orl IMl 
2X33 Ijom 

Blnaa Cf*s G (tentfra) elect Industrial h Machines Control IN 
h AR7. Randolph av 

-.Harold lHarriet) to 6QQ Brasil (Rem Pk) 

-llarry r U27 Windermere rtf ^ ^ 

Biflitfeetf Desodz J (Catharine) auprvsr Fcrtfs to 44? Xsscktff 

BU»dl • NikoU barber Uminion Barber Shop r U70 Ca4UU= 
©ippufi Bslcr. M emp Detroit r 1626 Elamera av 

auau John (Lomnical h 4U74 Pl«*aant pi 
Birce waiter F (Rita) b i243 Cc minlut t4vtf UJan^ W Twp) 

Birch Arleo# Mrs acc '.Tniverolty of Windsor r 25b_ McEva® 41 
.-IMrtara registrar Un,v«nuty of Windsor r 369 Indian ftf 
-Cecil A (Caroline) arct J T Wing Cd h 369 k»d**n « 

-Cecil M (Roaella) tnoc prof Univeraity of ‘ h 3» 

(iinawrt av ____ 

—Elmer H (Tereaa) aaamtlr Chryeiara b fterri^m a. 
-Fretfrtc I Patricia I studt to 1121 H°y tv 
-Gen s (Patricia) elk Chryalera to tn/- Tvomineto Wvd m 
Birdiail Oeo (Florence) tool mkr Fbrtfk fc 13S7 QranvlUV * 
—John K (Gladys) texp Fortfa to 1773 Durham pi 
— Wir-.cla emp Petroll r 1773 l>4rham pt _—*1 



Call DAWSON WRIGHT - 945-7755 

• your Best Friend — Financially • 



^ In v e s t o r s 

Sp 1 ©y md] 

__ Or CANADA. ItMlf |« 


girds* rr Geo U tWtnnifrodl parch ayt Can-in Mechanical Handling 
Systems Ltd t 3413 Dominion t4vd Wand W Twp) 

Birchard Beatrice E (wid Oral N) h3&JW Howard av l:tad 3 Twp) 
—Chai C (Eileen) mgr -traffic dept John 'Wyeth h Brr. h 135 Elm 

— Wra D h 13(- Elm av 

Bird Alim r &4*J Howard av 
—Brian D r 519 Cameron av 
—Frank (Vedal b 816 Chllver rd 

—Gerald D (Jaw D (Bird Hardware Co) & 496 Partington av 
—Hardware Co (G«rald P Bird) ”014 Wyandotte w 
—Story A (Irene) dir Wlnasor, Rive raid* U Esau C.>uMy 

Emergency Measures Organ Ixalico (Civil Defence) h 519 
Cameron av 

-Howard M CDorv.ihy) enact; opr Fordo It 1327 George av 
—Jaa D (Agnes) ntk elk ForJa h 043 HlldcgarJu- (Rem Pit) 

—Mary (wid Alex) dk-hwanhor Afoiker Metal Canteen b 1483 

—Gacar (Flnrtmcc) micron Fords h 300 Glidden av IR'Side) 

—F&nald £ (Margt) m*ch ftr Oni Hydro h 134 St John (R'Slde) 
—Waiter F (Eetella) h 90? Howard av 
ferda E J-hn h 307, 274 Giles trtvd w 
Blres John (Mary) emp Otryrlera h 14 7 S Albert rd 
Stringer Kay rlnr Crescent bowling Lancs r 694 trvinv av 
21rk John J lorrmn Hi rare Walton r 13&7 Riverside dr a 
—Mlnnt* (wld Jclm) h 1357 Riverside dr v 
—Peter F* (Josephine) tool H die designer Ford* !» 313 Esdran pi 
(R 'Side) 

Birkinahaw David M (Nancy) paaaengaT agt C P Airlines b 3, 3784 
Tamer rd (tad E Twp) 

91 rioter Carl (UseI (Windsor Construction Co) h 368 
Weatrolnater blvd (H'3idel 

—bbrtin M (Anne) (Birkner's Freob Water Fisheries Filleting 
Plant) h 3470 Tecumseh blvd a Ctad E Twp) 

Blrtoer'* Freshwater Ftatutrlire Filleting Plant (kkrtln M 
Blrkner) flah processing (rear) 34* T P Tecurcseh blvd a 
ttart E Twp) 


Fred H Reid Manager. Jeweller*, Diamonds, China 
and Silversmith*. 373-375 Ouellette Avenue. Phono 

—Lisle (wtd Jem) b 2524 Wyandotte (R'Slde) 

Bimstingi Fred (Ruth) toolmkr Fords h £363 Louis av 
Biro Alex (Irma) group leader Chryalera h 1752 Els mere av 
—Alex P (Mirjorie) tool h die mirr Border Tool At Die h 3220 
Virginia Park av (Sand W Twp) 

—Jahu (kfergt) atk elk Chryalem h 1637 Benjamin av 
—John E etodt r 1637 Benjamin av 
—Julia* r 'Id Windermere rd 
~£teve h 1635 Tourangeau rd 

— Waller T (Alma) mldr Walter Metal Product* r 1635 

Tourangeau rtl 

3mm Alice (wid Romeo) h lt>62 Stratford court (Sand W Twp) 

—Hoaair* E (Juliette) vmp Chrysler* h 3425 Longfellow av 
ttad W Twp) 

StrrtU Kenneth M (Virginia) lab Kelsey Wheel n 1945 Francois 

—Fow J (Olive) asst mgr Liquor Control Board of Ontario Store 
2*3 h 313, 1836 Wyandotte IR’Stde) 

-Roy (Adeline) h 1531 Lincoln rd 

Blrtch C Allan (Beverly) acet Candn Imperial Bank of Commerce 
b 30K, 23T Strata* av 

-Kctmeih ahwi metal wkr Cunningham She«t Metal Wte h B C 
Row av (Sand E Twp) 

Blrtchaa Jan (Dorothy) mgr Butter Nut Restaurant r 323 
California av 

2l*b Jwot B (Katherine) elect Fords h 4122 Mount Fnyal dr 
(Sand W Twp) 

auccmb Ann Mrs r 750 Victoria av 
Slsero Frank r 75 1 University av e 

dlaatto Artemlo (Fulvia) lab Fullerton Conatn h 820 Campbell av 
-Kino (Juliania) lab Candn Salt h 1 7 41 Union 
-*^rgL. apprentice International Tool r 820 Campbell av 
-Victor IPhilcrmme) h 1040 Mirentrite av 
rlahcff Helmut (Bernik) carp GosseUng Crmatn h 1020 Hickory 

l^hop Aar Mrs sec-treas Cradle Plcturea (Canada) Ltd res 

-Archie (Julie) h 1088 DroulUard rd 
-Carl IMargt) drvr Cetroit h 12.76 Wuite av 
F (Sally) h 1540 Dougall av 

-Ktdar (wid Patrick) sec Aluminum V-Scel Prod h 2160 
Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

-CfTd^n L tkfc.ry) supt Sterling Canute h 3331 Mtisanneuve av 
(3anu w Twp) 

*-vi*»noolyn Mra elnldy Sam's Dopartmun*. Store Ltd b 248 
Bridge av 

“ !xs maintenance Windsor Teachers College r "16© Dcmlniun 
_ UtM IJ^nu W Twpl 

(Carolina) b 1758 Gladstone av 
" J f °* f 3X Bail av 

*♦£« A (Viclet) dept mgr H Gray Ltd h 1252 Windermere rl 
-R»4 stud! r 1131 Church 

-£»ter ir^meia) pot conaUble Police Department h 621 Church 

-.^bt E zhvh r 2f), 137 Bruce av 

-Roland PWlnnlfrej) h 2404 Francois rd (SteJ E Twp) 

(Kathleen) elk Ford- h 882 Victoria av 
*** t- (Angela) ala rwp Trader* Finance Corp h IS. 4W 
^Vwndotte (R'Slde) 


—W Geo (Helen) engineer Fords h 406 Elliott w 
—Walter drone) ertkr Windsor (Sandwich) Pontal 3tattorn 4946 n 
476 Cameron av 

— Wm F (ELlath) Inop t«pt of Trad* it Commerce Electricity 4 

Gaa Div h 2468 He rman rd (Sand £ Twp) 

BLcikhtwlca Roman ertkr Chtppawa Houne r 3404 Bloomfield av 
Biskup Otto (EUltli M) btehr Essex Parkers n 3245 LoikmU av 
(Sand W Twp) 

fiianaire Eugeni* (wld Joe) h 117 Homedale blvd (R'Slde) 
—Gerald & bUpr Toledo Scale r 117 a^mwlale hlvd (P'Side) 

—Jeantne Mm trjxr Our Lady o! Fail me CRC) I^hool h 1010 
River aide dr (R'Slde) 

—Jaenne A tchr Dt U Sail* Schl r ll 7 Homvdale blvd 1 R'Slde) 
—Jos F tchr St Edmond Schl r 117 Ho medal* l-Jvd (R'Slde) 
—Rene aupervlning prm Rtverahu* 3ep School Bd r 1246 St Atm* 
blvd (Tecumaeh) 

Bianett Geo R (Dorven) elect Champion Spark Plug h 3400 Bvng 
rd (Sand E Twpl 

—Gordon (PhyUlal splicer Belt Telephone h 2606 Lloyd George 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Gnaydon H (Evelyn) (Elliaon-lUwan Funeral Home) h 1427 
Gladstone av 

— Macel (wld Geo Will 3534 Riberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

Ulnon Anthony (Mirla) lab Dorn Forge h 1063 Ullian 

BlsseU H Douglas (Bonnie) lab Jos Zullanl Ud h 480 McObugall 
—Olive (wid Clarence) h 890 Hail av 
—Wallace F acct CKLW r S90 Hall av 

Blsaette Marvin drvr slamn Canadian Liquid Air Co Ltd r 1263 

Bloaetto Eroeat (Elaine) emp Chryaler Canada Ltd h 168S 
Francois rd 

Biaaky Anthony (T«na) h 1867 Durhxm pi 
Blsaon Ann hankpr r 3539 Turner rd 

—Chaa Z IThereaa) insp McKinnon Industries h 1377 Granville 

—Ccmrad (Pauline) carp Economy Homes h 1418 Cadillac 
-Earl (Caroline) tool lath* hand Dominion Twist Drill h 1387 
Gladutcn* av 

— Eugene D (Judith) ahpr A revr h 708 May av 
—Francis J «mp Chryeler Can h 2530 Tamer rd 

—Francis J (Sandra) atudt In aecte Price, Miterhoun* A Co h 
626 Lounabrough (Sand S Twp) 

—Leona (wid Joal r 328b Riverside dr c 
—Richd J (Ronemarie) lab McKinnon bduatries h 2855 Lloyd 
George blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Wra (Janet «mp Kresgea h 067 fiaU av 

— Wm (Catherine) amp Dominion Twist Drill h 400 Chflver rd 
Bissonette Ronald (Thelma) lab While Conatn h 16-11, 078 Parent 


-Blanch* (arid Napoleon) hrdrar h764 Campbell av 
—Eleanor Mrs> etnp Hiram Walkers fc 123 Erie « 

—Prank J customs Dept of National Revenue h 360 Bell* lal* 

View blvd (R'Slde) 

—John drvr Smiths Transport r 233 Thompson blvd (R’Slde) 
—Martha G reg nurse Hotel Dieu r 360 Belle l«le View olva 

—Noella (wld Whiter) h 672 Niagara 

—Raymond H (Lorraine) «mp Johnny‘a Spring Service h 372 
Aylmer av 

—Romeo (Rone Ann) errrp Chryalors h 3606 Riberdy rd (Sknd E 

—Roque I (Doreen) carp Dina mo re Const h 1810 Glendale av 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Tharailie Iwid Bruno) b 54, 780 Ouellette av 
Hi*util Angel* (Cecilia) (BiauiU PUatnror) h 3230 Tamer rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Plasterer tAngel- 1 Bisuttl) 3330 Turner rd (Sand E Twp) 

Blilonti Salvatore (Louisa) h 780 Pierre av 

Blutowak! Arms r 983 Wtarloo av 

—Jos roach McKinnon Industries h 983 Marlon av 

-Max r 083 Miricn av 

BltonU Joa lab r 304 Langlois av 

Bittner Elaine tchr Detroit b E, 1100 Hail av 

—John (Katherine) toolmkr Fbrds h 1838 Hall av 

Biirar Susan (wld Peter) h 73 Dieppe (R’Slde) 

Biundo Philip h 748 EUtotl e 
-Rosalie r 748 Elliott • 

Blxier EUa (wld J*a) pree White Laundry 4r Dry Cleaning of 
Windsor Ud h 343 Erie w 

Biaem Frank (Ann) etnp Chrysler Can h 1716 Chandler rd 
Biaerc Addo (Juilatte) alamn Piltaburgh Glaaa h 2384 Louia av 
Htxnar Fred (Katherine) h 2279 Cadillac (Short ff Twp) 

BMaotto Geno lab Capital Conatn r 857 Marentette av 

— Minn (Elodia) wldr Dom Forge h 1006 Ooyeau 

BJoraman Levt D (Lecna) drftumn Dtxon Totten KUuunan A Asso¬ 
ciates h 923 McKay uv 

—Roy W (Sylvia) elixir >pr John Wyeth U Bro rea La Salle 
Bjorkqulat Eric J (Mary) toolmkr Fords h 2464 Bernard rd (Sand 
E Twp) 

--Rayround C (Eleanor) engineer Eastern Construction h 3420 
Randolph av (Sand W Twp) 

Bjoronon Arthur A relief rprrcn Chrysler# h 2038 Mrtghan rd 
(Sand T Twp) 

—Joyce Mra r n sunt ICDE h 1134 Oax av 
—Larry r 1134 Cwk *v 
—Lvnne atudt r U34 Dak av 

Black Adam euprvar Essex Cabinet Inkers res HR 41 Huron Line 

—Alex r 1375 Ungloi# av 

—Andrew lab Chryxlem h 366 Church 

—Anna B (wid Jaa) sec United Community Services of Greater 
A'inrtP-ir h 221’ Lincoln r4 


—Annie Iwid John) h 201, 1844 Wyamkute (R'Slde) 

— Archie U (Ruth) h 2104 Chliver rd 

— b*Uy K wtrs Elmwood Casino h 3. 1390 JVyanootte • 

—Brian utudt Brokenahtr* Scarff k Co r 221? Unooln rd 

— Chwa W (Joyce) (Downtown Auto Supplied) h 353 Astro av 
-Ewvid N (Miry) b (W0 Elm av 

—Donald (Canale) wldr iThrysien* h 356 Rtwrdale av (Reside) 

—Conald D (Murgt) lab Korda h 448 Cameron av 
—Donald M (Rose) erop Chryaler* h (rear) 1336 DroulUard rd 
--Eileen Mra comptometer opr Hiram Walker h 3078 Church 
(Hand w Twp) 

—Elsie Mra h 620 Cameron av 

— Faith Mrs h 616 Vanier (Rem Pk) 

--Ferae (wld Stanley S) h 1844) Chllver rd 

— Kredk (kfcrgt) with Windsor Star h 320 E^atlaam fciva (R'Slde) 
—Geo F (Jeanne) h 20b Buckingham ar (R'&da) 

—Gerald D (Roe-Anne) alamn G G McKoough Ltd h 3400 Rankin 
av (Sand W Twp) 

—Hanelore pntr Ease* Cabinet Makers roa RR #1 Huron Line 

— Helen F records librarian Detroit h 033 Broce av 
—Harbt T r 1476 Huron Line 

—Hugh r 943-7 Ottawa 
—Isaac F r 2602 Turner rd 
—Jas h 424 Janette av 

—Jis (JconnaJ guard Hiram 'Walks« h 20*7, 1475 Riverside dr w 
—Jaa E (Janice) ala rep Union Acceptance Corp Ltd h 2375 
Aubln rd (Sand E Twpl 

—Jaa O (LllUe) mech Forda h T71 Charlotte (Rem Pk) 

—Jan R optometrist 160L Wyandotte a.r 849 Kildare ra 
—Jean Mm (Beauty Box Salon) 

—John lab Chryaiera h 4, 576 Riverside cir e 
—John atudt r B, 3, 308 Rand&lpl; av 

—John H (Sally) die elnker Dominion Forge h 3690 CbarWivuix av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Joa (Superior Meat Market) r 1348 Dufferin pi 
—June V Mrs bkpr h 1668 Fktiissler 

—Kai (Barbara) drvr Gold Star Product* Co Ud h 872 Rankin av 
-Leslie E (Jean) sin off mgr - Windsor Br J T Wing * Co h 3280 
Academy dr 

--Lome H (Barbara) routemn Crunchy Potato Chip# h 1377 
McKay av 

—Lottie (wtd Stanley) h 1362 C*Uf-mia *V 
—Mirgt (wld Carlman) h 1348 Dufferin pi 
-hfery h 1UK, 288 PiU w 

— Melville r (rear) 1338 Drculliard rd 
—Paul J sludt h 5, 647 Partington av 

—Robt (Jacqueline) drfUmn Dearborn Tool k Die h 1364 Tllaton 

--Sophie sec Detroit h 231 Bertha av (R'Slde) 

—Violet Mr- (wid Wm W) h 760 Felix av 
—WkHer H (MtrgU slsom Bates Hardware h 1773 Central av 

— Wm h 1477 Windsor av 

BUckbourn Anthany tecturar Univerally -I Windc. r b 310, 1475 
Riverside dr w 

—Frances (wid Harbt) b 364 Elm av 

—Heru G (Bmara) pbx rpr Bell Telephone n 4044 Howard av 
(Sand 5 Twp) 

Blackburn Agnon (wtd Durwar)) h 1246 Gladstone av 
—Alteon elk Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce r 2348 
Chilver rd 

—Fred W (Helen) auprvar Ford* h 2870 Cfcmiurand blvd L°and W 

— Larry (Bonnie) trk drvr h 512 Rhouune dr (R’Slde) 

— MideUrw J studt r 3660 Church (Sand W Twp) 

— M^ry Mra (wid John) h 120 Edward av (ft'Sidet 

—Regd B (Rita) ansmblr Walker Mrtai Pnxlucts Ltd h 1877 
Norman rd 

—Row (Donna) aervtoemn Union Gaa Co h 610 Qrand Mirate nl * 
(Rem Pk) 

—Timothy tchr St Cecil* Separate School res Tecumaeh 
—Vera (wlrt Walter) b 102, 780 Ouellette av 
-Wilfred (Marcia) h 35W Church (Start W Twp) 

Blacker John A (June) br mgr Orcidentel Life Insurance Co of 
California h li^ Cabana rd w (Garni W Twp) 

Blackford r rertk J (phyilte) mUlwright airyalerc b 3406 
Charlevoix av iStad 'W Top) 

Bteckham Geo (Laura) h 624 Scofield av (Sand S Twpl 
tiiacWocK AUx (Helen) aaat rogr PwrifcL; Ehiry Stores #3 h 3484 
Dominion blvd (Start *W Twp) 

—Brian A W fiold ste engineer Square D Co h 406. 3015 Sandwich 
—John <M Pearl) h 60S Aakia av 
--John L nturtl r 603 Aaitln av 

Bteckmore Eroeat 'W h 1540 California av (Band W Twp) 

—Joe (Betty) emp L A tuungs b 1720 Cadillac 
—Lorraine S r 4300 Mount Royal lr (Sand N Twp) 

—Row b vice-pros Ace Roofing Ud h 3181 Glrardot av 
—WhUace C drafting T run con Steel r 3361 Dominion blvd (Sand X 

— Wallace G bkr h 514 Devonshire rd 

—Wallace G (Claudia) cthkr Ford* h 3361 Domin;r>n blvd (.tad W 

--Wm H (Judith) h 1283 LBurendeau av 
--Wm J etnp Kurds b l*.^ Riverside Jr e 
Blacksbaw Arthur otudt r 3135 Church (Sand W Twp) 

--Elittb Iwid Arthur) r Parent av 
—Harry I Margt) h 2368 LVsraard rrt (Sand E Twp) 

—Jane nunlt r 3131 Church (tad W Twp) 

—W Ronnie (Lillian) mgr T Earl Taylor hururanc* h 3135 Church 
(Sand W Twp) 

Blackton Jaa W ln«tailor Northern Electric r 17ft' r Weaic.itt rrt 
—John K ILucUle) auprvar McCord Corp n 1T6 7 Wesrtoott rd 

Alphabrw*l. Whiw P*f* 27 

--J-hn ft Jr (Uorul wldr Chrysler* t. L'dhv Ttfwr r; 

Biackwwd Us <B*na.^ with Veteran Cafc h 3*39 wa*e» 

Hal* Alfred J **se»aor S»n4 E»kt Twp r S72S M*n»« CFTUfJ 
-Allen L (Wfcrion) map Gtml M>t«ra h MW C«tf»U» 

—Cllffbrt P (Merle) (CfcaUerfact Fond Bar) b 616 Morand Owvt 

-•thmla^iiwtal pvuper Hewitt Maui- ^orp rw RR «1 f*U* Fiver 
—Donald A IFrnnee*) of! fcwU Telepliane fa 3Mt Rankin *v 

(^juU u Twp) 

--Emeol (Violet) motor ewch Overland Rxpr*** h 3^ tfaodland 
«v (Sini W TVp) 

—Franc ta (Mary) Ut> Cfafyalar* Can h 621 Cbliver rt 
- F rmncia Uronu*) let iwrtU Eclipse r 833 Parent »* 

—Burner F (Agnes) err? Kvtaey Wheel h <*U Edinbo rough (Rem P*> 

-.;«r*n P lEUath) toolmkr b iO^L Ssroero av 

-•Larry J lab Relney Wheel r 616 Edldborr*^ (Hem »*> 

—Lewrecc* ettdt Bart»'s. Service r 3627 Woodland av (Sand W 


~Uo A h t/M Vanler (R*ro Ph> 

—Louie I (Florence* «nm Fords b »? Frans av OMM*) 

—Mrteaac (Minjt) fa 163’ Highland av 

-lfcrl*r28Sd Fivsmidsdrw _ 

—Norman C (Aiks) ccacfa opr CfarynWrn * -6AS Twn&B* rd 
(Hand E Twp) 

—Sylvia (rid Wilfred) r 4360 Wyan&Mtr « 

5Ulm> nus (Elfael) (Karen's Shoe*) b 1004 Victoria av 
•-Karen stoat r 1C64 Victoria av 

Btalnoy Anna (wW Meloctime) h * 7Vp) 

-Barton J *tadt r 3fl?6 Daugell av (Sand W TWp) 

-Loony A U a Mr Force r 3C?6 XtojKjkU *gff JSJ?2e 
Blalr A lasts! r C (Agnes) mach rpr Fordo h *J33 Pored av 
—Ala* ft aaamfalr Cbryalero h W6 Janets av 
—Anthony K A (Eveline) tool Insp Forda h 3464 Tamer rd Omd 
S TVp) 

—Chan l&dMl h 1000 fabriittett* av 
—Clifford J (Irene! lac h 81* Chatham w 
—Oanl (Annlel inetaUer Bell Telephone h VT 
—f Hath J phynto-therapist Rlvenrlew Heap r 419 Longfellow av 

-EmaitUnimlStS «***» * — C h T >1 * ra *{ff av 

-Eroeai marine engineer Lanattow** Ferry r 1030 Marmtrtte av 

• •Frances A nurse Hotel Dl*u r 1164 Bruns av 

..Frank M (Janet! tab h 2616 Trenton 

—Oso A (Ullian J) e»P Detroit fa 338 Oilne fcWd w 

—Hilda (aid Wn) h 1691 Goyenu 

—Jo C (Betty) foneira Hlrarr Mkluxr U 9ona b 311 7 Everta av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Janice etrs Veaaw.c Plaasrta r 444 Camp«U av 

--John stall »* F^Uce Department h 413? Longfellow av (Band * 

-•John Jrpol consutU Police Department r 418? Umgtellow av 
(Band W Twp) „ rt „ 

—Jon M (EUath) porter Grace flnsp h 

-Murray N (Vera) appraiser OsWoina 6 Evclae fa 444 Camptell 

—Nelaoc (Flonmc*) b 13?.0 Ifcrentette tv 
—Blend (fimcyl artial h S41 Pierre av 
—ftnbi J (Frances) tmp Chryvler* h U84 Bruce av 
—Boot 0 Stmlt r UM Bruce av 

^ o-n—r cwr.fcr-E**. 
WouSlutluJriS D»Uolt n l’»* Mon»»» rJ I3wul 
•* . S Twp) 

—Beatrice M elk Ct anty of Essex BegLnry Qfftc* r 130 
Virginia av (ft’Side) 

—EUxtfa (end Fred) r 1W0 HUetta rd _ . 

-Jean L * wkr Hiram A*alkrr r S780 Jtorman nl tSuxJ t TWp) 
—John F < JVylena) millwright Genl Motors 6 £3M Cadillac 
LSaod E Twp) ^ ^ , 

-• P studt r 7^4? Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

-Jos A (Lmore) fa IX Virginia av (R*SLW> 

—Uc P rttaift r 2?4^ Nirman rd (Sand K Twp) 

• • ).1u rr+ i ; (hloam r) fndry AAllmr MetAl fa 2430 Aryandotte 
(ft 34#) 

—Natali^ (arid Jon) fa 1273 Albert rd . , 

-Rodertq <• (Biancfae) nap Detroit h 2?4~ Hannan rd (3and £ 

—Rooa A steoog Hotel Dleu Hoopttai r IS®* PUletts rd 
JSSSJl (^Sufmacfa opr C*TMotor Dsmp b U6B PUietts rd 
—W» * (Anna) eirp Cnj^alers b 1681 Laicg 

SLAK BROS BAKERY, (vwmrwaai 

Bre5c«k! . Wrddtnfe and Birthdays, 

1022 Langhda Avenue. Phonr 253 4144 (3ee Top 
Sum il end TOP Unev) 

—Patricia Mrs h 1123 Martou sv 

—Pater A (Flclv) ITeter BU‘ - T* b 1314 Dangled* av 

—Victor tUlak Brea Bakery) 1 135^ Un&M av 
— Ablter lab Fords b 1*:» Ungi-k av 
F-iaVs Prtrr £nl»ry (Pvtar A Blak) . 

Hiakzut Stefan mldr f?tandird F mdry r 1^*9 St Lose rd 
Flake Alut UUanctw) b 136? Auoin rd 

High 3cfcl n 416 * 

— Harry N (ftuth) acet ftoyal Bank h l^M! Byng « 

-Jdte W h 1&S4 My av 

—Jjdv teller Cam* Imp E»mk of Commerce r .'.0 Bill av 
k^h (PVOT) UbHini * Aailwr r Riverain, dre 
::SSTr- !niS! off SiExpr« 3 t ^7 Langtok av 
(Hem Pkl 

• •Rirbd Tt Jitt r l?W Byng rd 
..Ronald siodt r 1463 Ungl-k « v 

..Ronald B C (Caret) mach McKinnun h 1786 Own* 


-IvkU^K Rev (Caroline) pastor 3t peter'a Anglican Church h 
— A,<arrna<l utsmn :!d Fate Grocery V BMtaursnt : U4 

—wn : (Mlce?‘-ustmi S« <Ar.g) Cr.^r-r. r. " ^ Hail av 


-*A'ir F (Metric* pntr MaL nal Palntln : V Decorann j fa ’’Wl 
Tex a ra w 

Blakeley Amy twid Benj) r 2910 Alcsanom av (Sami W Twpl 
—Artiar iMibel) fa tMtt O, »C. h» **ya«. l ) (R Cau * 

-But J pattern 4 model mkr Frontier SHtkrn Umited r -h 
Cougall av (Sand M Twp) 

bUk*m re Alt* r. (hfargt) rke-pres Hayco Stamoing tvogucta 
Ltd res Tecum nets 

—Detmla E s«rv ngr Toledo Scale (Xj j* Caned* tAA 
—Rsvmood □ (AdeUe) prwr Ra-/'*■• Stamping Prwkmta Ltd * W 
Edward av (p'Ski!) 

BlaXestcn Cecils Mrs h 64d Parent av __ 

BUir Teodor ma ch opr Forda fa 32»1 Alexis rd (Head e Twp) 

Blandaaro Albertine (wld fa 167f at t«ke rd 

-FslU r 3W’ Mr Kay av (Sand W Twp) 

—Oery plant mair.te«am»:v Jornatel M»ul 1^4 r»» Belle R»ver 
—Heather otudt r l 7 83 Tourmageau rd 

— U V- rdcoe a*c Hl«m Walker St Sons r 1703 Tjurangeiu rd 
—Raymond E <L*cs»t plant proteetkn Fmo b TO Tuuraivyaau 

—Bego ()iry) brunch sharpener Cylaaiai Tool res ftR • 1 Belle 

-Rita A Mrs r 1010 Oak av 

Blanchette AIM J (Urralne) jffker Ceatomo A Eaciae h 1«M 
Rankxn av 

—Asausda (w.d Armand) r 1821 College av 

—Cha* E (Cecils) mach opr Borneo Ifcctune Shop fa 4*02 
Randolph av (l^nd 4! Twp) 

—Claire kitchen maid Eivorvlew Beep r l r ’2 t^mtral at 
—Diane studi r »4 L«ai 
-Praacot* G (Helen) fa im Central av 

..Reary J (MiriKnl merchandUe '.pr Dom Btore fa 3133 Second ev 
—Jan E (Harbor*) nUctt fa AM Rankin av 

—Jaa M Jr (Heien) epprectl^e mech Ante .Vhoel A Axle 
Ltd h 2302 Mcighec rd (Sana E Twp) 

—Jaa M (Elva) pr*a Aut5 Wheel 4 Ante Service Ud res Emery¬ 

• •Jean held R;mecl h 034 l<na 
••Jeannette emp Detroit r 834 L«n* 

..Mary A aec b-odU-EsUpee r MDb Michelle W 
—TN» L trk drvr City h 1021 College »v 

Blanchld Jaa (Phea) r 88b Victoria sv _ 

Bland CArcUiw lefar Atla C Rlchanla Scfal r 27ft Gwjrge av 
—Dmald C (Beverly) emp Detroit fa 1788 Olive rd 
—Eliza (wld Tfacal fa 1454 Pllletle ml 

—John C p r (Emllyl scfal ertkr Board of Educ Blveraia* fa lAW 
Factor Is 

—Jc4* T (Karolya) aUUtynm Llguor C.ntrol board id CM wore 
152 rev Tec-imaeh _ . _ 

-Ricbd (Mergt) m«ch R^ettt Battery % Elect Serv h 14 l. Aut.n 

—3*rol D (Gladys) suprvsr Forda t 77» V n . ll _ 1 _. I 

—Tboa (Msrguntte) punch press dpr Forde fc 1 Pellnaier 
FUnom Prank H (Ellen) h 106? 

PUndford One r 2615 Uelgfaen rd (3wd E Twp) 

—Grace B (wid Jaa) h "1, 1260 OaelleUe „ , 

—John P (Marilyn) eLect Candn Rock Salt fa 3168 Parkwood av 

Hiaaey Edgar T (Eva! Ureas Forrocv United (drtndaor) fa lfc2t 
Uncoto rd 

—Uvtngeton W (Amy) fa lf>"4 Chorcfa . 

Blank Verna F Mra reg auras Rivarriew Hoep fa 11, 38 Hw*a w 
btanksuln Ue (aid Wm J) fa UMl E. 34, 610 Wyandotte (R^ldeJ 
BUsko Emery (Agnes) Ut Mslhewv L.imber uo fa 676 - 4ia * 
torooab (Riud Fk) 

-Stephen A (Dt rothy) tchr Vincent Mi assy Cal legist. Inst fa 
12LP Mi rent «t be *V 

—Tcny (Gall) apprentice dental teefan Strong Cental Latwratery 
n 2427 tivd (5and E Twp) 

Blassctak Helen S off Plnsh^l-Mu a r 1069 ^rinc. rl 
..Jea* (Prince Boat) Tailor 3faop) fa 1368 Prince rd 
—Reman W enrp Fabrtcaied Steel r 1368 Prince rd 
Hatch]y G W airport mgr D«pt Tranap Civil Avlaiion 
--Gertrude (wU Wm) h Ct. ^Wyandotte « 

Blawasky (Miry) «mp Com Farge fa 3b4 Partmgt:»n av 
Blayden Catherine Mrs fa 17H Elm av 

Blank Lawrence (Diana) anaemtlymn General Ifctorv h 4OT 

Blaaevicn Donald Ut Mcfenlo Indiatrtsa r 2491 Un.gten rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Bieaycwakl Anthi fiy Ut Chryhlero r 1086 Msrv/o sv 
BUaaby Cfaas H (Leona) tralntenanc* forsnm Sepertent 
Petra team fa 12J7 McKay av 

-Earl L (C.cile) drvr Eaeex Packers fa 1»1 Wwaunteatar av 

Elan T^hy^is)^ Chryolera fa 1481 Msigmm nl l^nd F TwpJ 
Blcnklnsop Donald J (Miurven) pattern and (POM^mte* todutrUl 
MxUU Ltd fa 40C f7 fabunt Royal dr loani Ji Twp) 

BtMSKt aerrairon! IRC) Church Rev Vistor 1 McIntyre pnotcr 

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uSTau! 1 ^ (MwjinSw o«*^ a » MHO >nc»y « ttol W 


—rkmald T (Ruth) aupr/sr G M Trim Ltd fa 4?ft Sonr-et av 
—Marshall C (Hslen) -arp Oiryat.rr fa SDK: Ccntlnental av 
(Sand * Twp) 

ainaton Mm fa 866 CalitirnU av 
Ba»>r loader* (Utfcy) fa 1387 Viet: raiv 
blochina J^l* CTbereaal .tnp Forda fa 2473 LL yd George t?)vd 

Blwrk Agnes (t^Frankllnl mayor’s aec CUy of //indoor h 1630 
Ouellette av 

••Alfred stall r I30t Cu*ll«tU av 
Bl-rkaun UUUn (wid Arnold) fa i»' Miom.r av 
hi :«djw Svegfrisd iBarimra) wldr C H MctoaU 6 J37C Mngfarn rl 

Blok a£SSm (Yohanna) mainuaaanc. Ilvnry H) 0 *a 4 3tms fa 403, 

—John (Arlenel macn =pr Chairp^n Spar« ^>*3 6 M** GreenvUw 


Hkitndln LLmel r 606 Janette av , 

Blomrn* Hubert A (Muy) prof engineer Qnt Hydro h^* 40 •• 

B*:«nde Ben J (Anne) elk ChryrUrj h 320 Belie Die View rivd 

-Bernard (OetuevU) fa 1060 JajwitM av 

—Brian H .oclal wkr R C Children'* AW r Jl Fauwaw tdvi 

—Clare r 1030 Janet), av 

—;uytfn F I Fra*C«»! preo A Little fcmarance LU ); 

Tfaompnan blva (H’Sids* 

—ClUfatd A (Mario! 3*c Blonde fa Little Insurance Ltd h 30 
Exdras pi (R*2We) 

—t»mnla ; r »i tell. UW Vl« »«"»>*' , 

_Q Stanley (C .rnn«( wjprvzr prvhetion pUcaJng tWi31*'Eci!Joa 

h 264 Janlaee dr (R*®de) 

—Gregory J (Wbrjonr) rrx) ice mgr A A P b ITll w 

—Ore^ry L *t jdt r hell* bl« View MW n.-»-ie. 

-J r^ri lAgars) chief engineer Fendu-EcUpne b 7l» PsversUt 

-Jaa R^lSSlMtyrr CbryaUra b 21 ftl rT ^ 1 

--Kay jenl ofl Kitchen Kr»f) r^itrttutc-m r 264 Janus, dr jP J4» 

—Lyle Fn»u») aaacctat. Mood* 4 Little Insurance Ud k 4606 
Riverside dr (RTuJe) 

..M»rtrw f. n^rne w traming r 58 Evdras pi (R*2i«Ul 
-•Mary C typLi* Tcr-Oom l^nk r 2M Janlree dr (ft Hide! 

-Bulb A stiWi r 1®0 Janetta av 
- Wilfred C atudt r 67 Thcmpn-c cRnl (R^lde) 

-•fa Littl. hururanee Ltd Claytw. F Btowieprwa, Ib&KIMX I* 
vwe-prea, CU«)rt AHwk nee ins agta 4W »^Uun et 
Bundle Cleaners (Arthur J Rivard) dry cleaners 806 RXVeraldl 

biomtln^ferrer* dk P. it man's (CkiUrla) LW r 10M Lillian 
••IferM J (Aanr<') pipe Hr F*rd» fa 1064 Lillian 
—Barmidaa E malLmar;a- Hrtel Dleu H; upital fa 4, 468 ••u.-tts 

-Wc wi. a.W»* »« O" *»• 

—B tl <.< -Aral Kli -1« To«UI« 3|«<-1«1U., » J-ffl S»tr 

—Bcae Mirir Mrs -jok’fi falpr Orace Hasp fa 634 Ttrurnler Apts 538 Lrniis av 

Bloomer Annie (wld John A)» IMS Prince rt 

—Earl janitor Wyandotte Hotel 

Bloomfield Aibt lafc Forda fa '-33 Taithara « 

-AIM E r 633 Chatham * 

—Clayton C macr. pr Ford* fa 1066 UlUa* , ltr 

—Deanna hrdrng tefar Ivan ft Ml** Scfar>:>) < (Ulrdreeslng rve 
RF. #1 Mtlisti-ne 
—Edna Mrs h 3643^ ,uwm 

—Erneet h 440 Panrnt av , ^ . t.m- 

— F Kroneth (Mirgtl prea Frontier Pattern Limited t n - Talw 

rd n lofand 3 Twp) 

— Florence Mrs fa 3, 1236 Men moat rd 

— Fred G IM Roast mach Cantfn Nell Flya a 3066 Turner rd 

(Hand F. Twp) 

—GoraU drvr Lyons Transport Ud r 8 • St }*/* [* 

•-Grace A elk University of Windsor r 17CC Ubadie rd 

—Henry J (Annie) fa 3904 Ottawa 

~H«rW J (Irene) .mp Cbrysimtt h IM AoJM 

—Jaa lLinda) aaamblr Cfaryaleru I; 1XG Bm*ce av 

.-Kenneth R (J y> F fa * ^ S* 7 ’ 1 .!” f “ «a I * 

-M:rru ft (EUath E) juari Argufl PrWwctL* fa V>M Q r*k‘ 

—Ricbd r 440 Parent av 

-RoU D (Caroll) elect h 1614 Callforala av (Sand « TWpl 
—Ranald atudt r 3066 Turner rt <3anJ E Twpl 
-Stanley H (Jaxm A) drvr Dominion Auta Camera fa IBb 

Bl-jomfceld?Mirtcet (Andrew Tomcaak) groc A butcher 3678 

tauw BWTfaUw^WR StrdU fa 348 Buckingham dr arSUe) 

Blnwey John F O (Jsan) engineer Fords b 2337 'Windermere rt 
Bioaom Aibt r 408 Pitt « .. . _ 

RU-5e) Mitel A Cafe (Alex ALrahnm) w a Huron Line L*nd # 

Blu* JaT?(Batty) \-lre-prwcipal Mirlbwr «gh Liheol fc 3204 

p.-cxwell av (Sand W Twp) _. 

-Roof Motel (Wm IL^roatU) e a Huron Un* JSfandW TWp) 

H iMt w Ujuin lEppe Army Hurplua 4>*) fa jo u 

—UjiruTlSiSS) CEpft* Army Surplus Store*) fa £84^ Avondale 

•^aui WW CuelleUeav ft 636. 3801 

Blum J ^wiMkjnd) pres Cw« A Sir ate ra h «S1 Morand 

— WaiurTI m Joan) mgr Canda Imp Ban* d Com b 6^3 &l»*i* 

?4ambaJgLe«H« P *** MerJmiuail Bodies fa Accmwrk* LM , 
IM amen Selma r ** 5» Miry's falvd IR ’Sid*) r . mfl i 

Blumteigel Carl (Mitllda) whir Phil W^od Cp fa 263- Turner rt 
.•Pauline etudt r 2630 Turner rd 

munch Qeruld p'(J*nolTn-p SngwaU Mrtora fa 7W Cfailver rt 
--Jotm dial mach vpr Fort* fa 1840 PlltaHe rd 
Hlundel) CliffordH (Elsie) pret Hur^n a»*l Produeta Co UJ 
' h20 Acorn av (Sand W Twp) 

—Jot® (Lily) fa 810 Gladatnoe av 

(Mate Allrnd C (beitslel 6a> irvr 5 1/ 4 A h 3141 My ni 0* 
-Amy (wld Edwd C> fa 1381 Lincoln rd 
-Edwd ctadt r 3141 Wyandot. * 

-Laura otudt r 3141 Wyandotte w 
Blyth Furtam W stunt r LG 8 rt 
—Get W (MUdro«H ffltfer CusV^mu fa Eacice fa 30CW) Ctwrcb 
Ukusd W Twp) 

-Jack (Rachel) fc TV* Turner rd** 

—Jack IMargt) mgr • production Walksr M*Ul fc in* Drv 

-Jack P (ElUth) tchr fa 2731 Parent nlrt (Rem FhJ 
Blyll. Frra A (^ b lll< W.IU|W«* •* (j^.1 

Ik a Uiartca A (bhrstl ira tt»lray Wbral b l Wl « 10,,i * 

-AC. uSctucI rap F.--rt, h i2i3 R ‘ £ I n) r «*' 

Bmk Hobt C I Helen) emp Lewn Eguipnient Cv fa -5. L.6*rty 
Usnd W Twpl _ , a. 

m Arthur W (TwUa) torwmn Chryaters fa 31 ^ Carry * T 

I A AJ T - 

— 26 — 










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1*» ond 2nd 





1. R. GIUNS. Monoger 


—Gordon B (Jan*t) w:Ut Mm DuUttea Comma (Hydro Dtv) h 3701 
VirgiiiA Pit av (Sand A TVp) 

—Henry G (HannahI h 380 Jefferson tlvu (R'Sidet 
coal F.-tmond (Grace) h 352 'J Claj 

—Harnr (Ivy May) aaumblr M-Rlnnan toOuMrjea h 31fl7 HU*rlv 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

Benin Company (Canada) Ltd underground ■ rtrartr.n. 4-0, O' 
Cwlletie »v 

Board Arthur 5 theatric#) h 1581 DulTrnn pi 
—of Coinmlanloners Of Polio Hruc# J 3 Mi'Lcoall cMirwan, 

W Jubn AhMitun, Garden fi Stewart ^tnmiasiofiara, 

Lloyd G Licnty n*r QUA Municipal Courts Bid) City Hat: 

3guara . 

—of Education 7 Clement Afhitt air of educatisc namimutmiiv* 
office 451 Fmrk w 
—of Education Hidg 451 Park * 

Boargh Harold V *irp r 3, iX: Janetta av 
Bob's aiding (Ktt O Bmalieul U54 iU Late rd 
5jtni£ LAmlan (Barbara) mach opr Dcm Twlal Drill h 1538 Ft/rd 
tlvd (Staid E Turpi 

—Rlchd emp Ifctthewa Luthier r 1638 Kurd tied tfof yi E Twp) 
Bobnljik Steve (Juliana) dispatcher .Sterling Certain b 1087 KV y av 
Saber Aibln r 2433 Barnard rd (3an4 E Twp) 

Bobb Joke (Norma) map Chryalers t 1072 George av 
Bobbie ifichl (loonal . a laton Dare Foala Ltd h14 7 3 Hall av 
Bobblo Sergki (Ann Mario) alsrrn b 11CJ Niagara 
LwbfcLs Virginia laid Stanley) sl-ildy b 842 EUrcaa av 
Bobbitt Gordon nut nuprvar Salvation Army Men:. Social fiemce 
Centre r 340 Chatham * 

Bober Frank (Rone) h 1078 Bernard rd 

—Martin (Hildegord) snip Datrott 6 030 bridge av 

Bobeslch Frank tchr 51 L:ula 3cbocl r 1787 Chandler rd 

—Philip (Lily) emp Caodn Bridge b Pfl'r Chandler rd 

Boldc Dragan apprentice Horcule* tool ft Die r IBM) 3t Luxe nl 

—Peter carp oontr r 4001 Moon Royal dr (StaU A' Tap) 

Bobier Melvin (Evnl h 3160 Academy dr (Sami W Twp) 

Bob-la Baa ^ty SAlon (Jeannu era tan*) 1101 Droulilari rd 

Scbinac Katie (arid Ifflchll r 370 Cameron av 

Bcboaan Chan (Amelia) dnrr Chryalers h 430 Frank av (RTHde) 

Boca Peter (Kneandra) h 1323 Hickory rd 

Scan Paul (Ellxthl h 3448 Franc--.** rd (Band t Tap) 

Bjcchlal Fredrick O (Doreen) trk drvr Parent's Cartage b 868 

—Gerald S (Lynn) east atamn Grace Bucp h 1847 ILy av 
—Orlanoo (Frances) maintenance Fords b CM Elliott « 

—P Ray (Lorain*) forworn Detroit b 3100 Virginia Park av 
L3and W Twp) 

—Peter (lArj. rl«) with Ale OtiliUea Comnm lHydro Dtv) h 1105 
Randolph av 

—Raymond (Sharon) ntkrori Chrysiera b 1171 Hall av 
—Vemiata (aid Dante) h 11?1 Hail av 
Bccian MS chi (Mary) aesmtlr Chryaiern b 1341 Chilver rd 
Bscla Eiecnur art n Detroit b 700 Lincoln rd 
Bocioaga Man* (Ganriel) Janitor We*t S4do.Hj.*tai a 088 Munmc-th 
Bock Ada Iwld Afcsley) rest ft soda tsar 1586 Ayandotte e b 12BI 
Monmouth rd 

fiocto Geo (Mar> ) b 2881 Dougall av 

Socska Steve (Rcee) toolmkr IntemaUi mi Tael b 1160 Riverside 
dr sant 

Eoda /aa r 1494 Parent av 

—Jos (Etta) ma~\ apr Bendlx-EciSpoe h 1494 Parent av 
aodaly Jchc E (Vftirguenle) apeciflcstUm wriur 0i9*U Associates 
h 2470 Lincoln r4 

—M Marguerite tchr John Campbell Schl r S470 Laicoln rd 
5:dcn.c Angus W (Rita) lab Chryalera h 2141 Grove av 
—Gisuve (Elsie) h 2358 Louis av 

Baddy Alfct F t Atmu/red) M da A 3 Pullartna Canstn Co h 14T0 
Riverside dr a 

—Jenni* r Alndermers ru 

—Joan fckpr sec Reid Industrie* r 1470 Plverslde dr e 
—Rout H (Irene) lac Fordu b 128 Lauson rd (F*£c») 

-Walter £ h Prado pi CB'Slde) 

Sode Clive D (Carole) emp Detroit b 022 Randolph av 
—Denis (Sybil) amp Detroit h 1L-DJ Tecumoeh fclvd • 

—Derek elk Hiram Aalkera t 2228 Tscumaeh blvd e 
—Relga «udt r 367 Jarvis av (F \T.j*i 
—Henry (Ella) aaomtilr Chryaiera h 387 Jarvta av CR'Slde) 
fodececn Ernest B (Fbytila) wldr AbeaU *7 »4uiuiaciurlag LU t 
1302 T-ju ranges u rd 

Bodenham Harold (Cathenno) orrr Thibodeau Edprea* h 1931 
Tcurangeau rd 

-Harry N (Hilda) uupl Dflt AlniMor Tannal h 1941 Tcurmogeau rd 
—Sandra Mrs cia Aebaler Melon I Aindsor) r J558 Byng nJ 
(Sand S T*p> 

Bidle Frances Mrs h 1B02 Klckcry rd 

—Judah A Mrs aec Helen M Carefoot ft Arthur B Aeingardnn r 
^634 Gall nl 

—Stave (Vera) feremn Auto SpedaUtea h 2534 GaU l-J 
^Mcb Mlchl amp Chrysler* r 1316 Langlob av 
Sediul Am (Iter-.l ^cre mkr Walker M*tal b 1306 Glleo blvd e 
«*fcin Honald J beat treat upr buJJ kftiul Treating r*e Ball* 

^hacs Edgar A (feirlctaUnsp ItaKlwwn Iniiatriaa h Z&& 
Clfirnenc»a- blvd (Sand E Tap) 

-Gto B drvr Vets Cab Co r 154 Bridge av 

(Lethal electric furnace ;pr Fcrdu h 164 Bridge av 
—Igrle F (Morliyn) emp MrFunnuu lnduiilrina h 1504 flaward av 
hadoor Annla sty* r IBftb CadlUar 

-aao (Georgina) amp ILxtaar Marwt t 621 aV (R’JUiwi 
(B ocaar Marxet) r 14T. AU«rt rt 
^~aa I ar'.-J Jl-uvm) |j WULama (Bern ?k) 


—Freak pntr Naticoal Painting ft Decorating Ltd b 944 
kfciaenvlile ax 

-0*5 (Ann) (Bodnar Market) h 1472 Albert rd 
—Oeo (Georgina) mgr Ekxsnar Market h 1583 Victoria av 
--C*; Rev (Sugenln) prleat£t Vladinar ft Olga Ukramiaa 
Cathollf Church h lbflO LangL.i* av 
—Jubn (Annie) aaamtlr Chrjwlers h IMt Cadillac 
—ftu E ervr nlRtan BUk Broa Eaaery r 585 Victoria 
—J tm (J an) (IV.dnar P*frlg»ratlcn >rv:cr) u 161 Fairvlew bi*/d 

—J- rm(Ellrth) omp Jandu bridge b 24 Prmdu pi (R'3ide) 

—Joe (Bartara) a.namblr L A Y rung Industrie* h 2636 Ida rd 
—Juilui (Mirgt) tab AuU SpeclalGeo h 1550 Parent av 
—Kathallne (Kay Bcxtair Beauty Salmi b 168!) Third Conceaalon 
rd (Ham) A Twp) 

—Kay Beauty atkai (Kathallne Bodnar) ha Ini reusing 1580 Third 
Cuareoatos ri (Sand A Twp) 

—Market (Dominica 6 Ge- Ecdnar) gne ft meat mkt 1207 
Monmouth rd 

--Marts elk Kresgea r 1560 Langiuia av 
•-Mike (Annla) trkr Chryalers h 1441 Unglula av 
—Fafrigeratlon Service (John bodnar) 461 Fhirviaw tlvd (R'Slde) 
—Roger J atudt r 461 Fkirvlew tlvi (RTtde) 

Bodnarchuk Alexandra (wid Lecn) b 1455 Langlots av 

—John imeh opr Fords r 1263 Chitver rd 

—Mlko (Miry) h 1067 Piilette rd 

—Paul IL#- '<ml mach >-pr Fords i 1030 George av 

—'Aalter (Msrgt) stml rlagor hue T>ftl rd (Hand A TwpJ 

—Amoyl job setter Chrysler* r 14W Langlois av 

Bocnarcxak Josephine b 1693 Albert rd 

Bocoer John lab L A Young r 1&S0 MoreetcUv av 

—Jos (Amie) h 1620 Mirentette »v 

—Lao (ShlUey M) wldr Fords h 3961 Everta av ISand W Twp) 
--Nicholas r 1363 Langlul* sv 

Bodo Joe (Violet) lab tectei Chryalers b 4C3 laabelle pi OCSide) 
—Jew L * Louise) lab Kelsey Wheat b 372 Haig av 
Bodrl Jos (Eva) carp Aooisii Coostn t 2348 Autin rd (Sknd E Twp) 
--Jon (Miry) lab A ojall Constn k ITog Giadshdw av 
Bedrock Patricia (eld Me hi) h 1430 Cadillac 
B>«rogk"oti Frank (Qcma) maintenance University A (Windsor h 
lbM Parent «v 
—lasslo r 1581 Parent av 

Body Frank (Margt) blloimtb Dominion Forge Ltd b 2285 
Windermere rd 

—Frank (Juliana) lab Natl Autc Radiator Co h 157? Uagluia av 
—LaoLie (Eva) tab Chryalers h lfl70 Hickory rd 
Bccjyk Andrew (MlUla) Jrvr Unhm Gas Co b 1612 Fhrd wva 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Eiarry (Doans) Carter-Frsier rt* RR 2 Tecumeeth 

— Am (Jessie) emp Auto Specialties h 260:. Buvkmglam ir 

(3and E Twp) 

Boetim Jam (Charlotte E> tool ft die mkr SKI (Amharxtburg) b 6P 
Grove sv 

E%«hn»r Edwin M (Estelle) b 933 Chilver rd 
Bcenlsch Gaenther barber McGuire Barter Shop r IS78 Chilver 

—Peter mach opr Volta Weldara h3, 880 P*Ussier 
Bueykens M Louis# (wid Uvlnue) b 639 Qilea tlvd m 
Bcgar Andrew (kkry) b 618 Giles blvd e 

—AWndal (Verona) furnace opr Fi.rds h 25 If- George av (Send E 

Bngart Paul J it 1189 Lincoln rt 

Bogden FUsth oil ear Chryolarw b 2CS0 Wyanootte (B sue) 

—Gayle r 1830 Westcctl rt 
—Gee lah Fords h THfl St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

— Helet Mrs r 196 UrXay «v 
—Mick) A atudt r 1839 WBfttcott rt 

--Lilcr IGexmevlevil r 3026 Arardctw (R'dUe) 

—Rowe | (wid Archie) Ufi-Fafthbm Baauty Salaa) h 1830 
AMtcoU rd 

&^?s Ada tailor*#* Paul The Tailor b 884 Charlotte (Rem Pk) 

—L'avid A r 93 Riverside dr * 

— Forest F (Ellen) lab Chryaiera h 66J Crawford ae 
-•Qarih apprentice VclU Welders raa PR #3 Tecimae* 

—Gerald D (Jean) mark rpr Champion Hbark Plug On H6R0 

Memorial dr 

—Paul A < Altar*) dnrr fa 144.' Mark av (Sand A Twp) 

—Wallace r (Sarah) appraiser Castonss ft Escla* h 312" Brure av 
(Sand A TNrp) 

—Am J ertkr Mowltt Battery ft Elect Sere r 406 Chatham w 
a ghaan Geo (Ann) ranch American 3tantkirt h 008 Uncoin rd 
—Sam (Katherine) ft 1ST Albert rd 

Bogle Stephen R < Isabel la) sartenler Royal Canadian Legion 
Branch 256 h 123 VUlatre sv (RTHde) 

Bogte's Dry Geode (Bernard D Mxdelf) 3138-02 auidmch 
Bogl FUsth Iwld Jf*s) r 1840 Lorgf*llew «v (Hand W Twp) 

—Job (Katharine) emp Detroit h 2643 Rockwell ae Cftrad A Twp) 
—Martin (Chriatina) pntr h 3840 Longfellow av CSaad W Twp) 
BogUich Jca L h 1366 Erie e 

-Jos L < EU**n> dnrr 7, A ft A Wy h 1691 PU)»tt* rt 
B>gphu> Geo (Van a) (Jumbo Ire Cream Comm) h 3209 Sandwich 
bogjoov Roy (Doirnlba) foundry wkr F^rds h 016 Bruce av 
bogieki Philip R (AJrlslde) lh*p Chryslare h S836 ftCll«m 
—Staran wtn Trwi Platen* Rettta jrant r 1943 hentard rt 
—Sophie (wid Carl) fe 1943 Bernert rd 

Busier Am E (Ruth) heating tosp City d Windsor fc ITS) OUva rt 
—Am J production team burroughs Business M*cblnr* far 
La Sal)* 

B>gjoe Frank b b t VN Longlo)* av 

Bobmct Marr Mrs wtrs Elmwtx d Casino h 1949 OuelUtt# av 
Rtwszon Arrhir (Margt) t QB06 Cnivemity sv w 


—Eric J (Rath) ertkr Beard >f Education h 336 Caroline 
—Wm ckpr Ttuarts Clothe* r SWA Dnlvercity av 
buhatluk Philip lab Fordo h 885 AlaxacdrUte (Rnm Pk) 

Bohmer Karl (Josephine) tool ft die mkr Fvria It 1087 Baifuar 
Wvd (Hand ft! Twp) 

Bohnnda Jo« (Tcnay) ft 8116 Mtighen rd (Hand F. Twp) 

Bohr Mithais (Susanna) *mp Djctiinlun Forge Ltd h 1537 

Ms rentsav 

B.;hush Miry (wid )*eter) (ArUngtrm H^tel) h 803 Erl* e 
—Am mgr Arlington )L>t*l r 893 Erl* • 

Belly Emile (Bertha) emp Fords h 1284 Alndarrner* rt 
—Onil O (Lillian) rod rprmn Great Lakes Forging h 363 
r < ram grant dr (R’SLle) 
a.incran Lasslo fc 9804 King 

BdIs Arthur (Rhea) damn Empire Ice Cd fc 362 Curry av 
—Dolor** receptionist fiemple Optical Co r 382 Curry av 

— Frank D tJessie) trk dnrr i*a»rleas Dairy Storet #3 n 4C1 


—Heliodor* (Dorothy) rmp Detroit h 1145 Walker rd 
—Louis J (Beryl I (LAM Carpet Contrsctcrs) n 978 Dak av 
—Oliver (Deris) map Dora Forge ft Stamping t 409 Lausoc rt 

Bcuclsir Jean r 1102 Pierre av 
—John r 1102 Pierre av 

—Lena (wid Thca) b 1652 Burcingharo rd (Sand E Twp) 

—UuUd E (Bemedetia) h 110S Pierre av 

—Wilfred T (Patricia) malntenanremn Hl-Ho Curb Sorvua fc 1741 
To-rangaau rt 

Dernier Alfct F (Lucie) carp Caiovlno Coostn h 3341 Handwich 
—Arthur LLc-rlna) trk dnrr Maretsky, Birrusttoe ft Mervtaky h 
ion California av 

— Qarfcars atudt r 1175 Lana 

--Clarence R (Geraldine) dnrr Chryaiera b 3S8 Crawturt av 
—Donald emp Essex Packers r 1176 Lena 
—Edwd J (Jeanette) ssnmtlr Chryaiera h n • F. C How av (Sand 
E Twp) 

—Geo carp Scotnn Contr Ltd fc £% Healey (Yawkey) 

--Gerald J wldr Boren Industries r 117b Lens 
—Gordon J (Evelyn) emp Forts h 381* Mulfort ct 
—Gwendoline M Mrs fnshg opr John Wyeth ft Bro re* HR #1 
U Goile 

—Harold E (Liia) emp City of Alndoor (Partes) b 3728 ftfetrneti* 

—Harvey (Roaa) emp Fords b 1068 Albert rt 
—Isabelle (wid Henry) h 574 Utavarally av e 
—J A Eugene (Amyl I c PO b 4106 Ros«U»5 ir * <3anJ A Twp) 
—Jaa J (Julianna) wrehoetm (.'anadlan Rock Salt h Lb 10 Todd rt 
(Sand A Twp) 

—John J (PhyUis) wldr Kelsey Aheet h 406 Ftarvlew blvd (R*Side) 
—Larry P (Joanne) h 131 McEwan av 
—Lawrence R trk drvr Huafcan) Trump res Base* 

—Leo J (Virginia) aasmfclr General Mnnjrs h 3416 Loegfetl w av 
(Hand w TVp) 

—Lac J (Rise) Irvr CUy cf Aindsor h 1171 Lena 
—Lillian Mrs slaldy United Ctapir 3t r*e Ud h TOt, 305 
Omvemlty av e 
—Louise r 511 Devonshire rt 

— Mary nursing side Riversrtew Hoop r 306 University aV e 
—Mary Louisr atudt r 1001 California av 

—Morris (Llsikl emp Chryslara r 3807 Vaughan 
—Nora (arid Eowd) h 722 Bridge av 

—Omar F drone) suprvsr Chiynlen h 619 Parkview av (R'Slda) 
-•Oacar (Ida) drvr Master Cleaners h H bti Bemard rd ifhr.i E 

-Rlchd (NoraI h 1088 l^rlcn av 

—Roger studs r 2S5? Tiorman rd ISiad E Twp) 

—Jtoy J (Janet) prtrrs ipr Aheatley MTg h 1478 Lillian 
--Aharon L studt r 4106 ftoaoland dr e (Sand W Twp) 

--Thun inrr ftfesi*r Cleaners r 2626 Bernard rt Iftand f TWp) 

—Tlmmi ours* aU Rlvervtew Hospital r toi, 305 University av e 
-Vital (Elea) wldr Chryalers |i 1648 Highland av 
Bclaaonnault Eva Mrs elk Winder Social Services Dept h 1425 

—Rofct P (Violet) with Custom* ft Exclae r. 1810 Hickory rt 
BuiaaohMau Arxnand J (Cecil#) district chief Win Fir* Depart¬ 
ment h 3142 Lloyd George blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—lAodrtc H (Pauline) flromn *A!a Fire Dept r Elliott rd (Stax) A 

—Rlchd U (June) pntr Windsor Palnhi ft 1073 Aubin rd 
Boiaayitneault Gordon (Jnumln^i h 224 Lcuis sv 
—Gorton A (Rota) h 422 Pitt # 

— Wilbert (Germaine) emp Biram Walkers b 32TJ Peter 
Bolsvenua Adoniaa (Bacrlettr) n etal rpr Chryalers h 359 

Cameron av 

Boisvert Claud* Y fltudt r 1288 Wlgt* av 
-Henry (Gertrude) fc 1490 Lull Ian 

--Paul J (Hilda) pr.>ductlott McJGnnon Industries ft 1288 Wigle av 
bi. ivin ruirdwell lab Wlndat r Much Plat# Co Ud r Mfl Gladotfmr 

—Cecil* chkr Jewel Cleaners r 0447 George av <3and E Twp) 

—David A (Gladyn) millwright Chrysler* h 4182 Grani Marais rt 
•raai OonJ E Tvrp) 

—tWnla techo Robotron Electronics r 4183 Grand Mirals rd e 
(Eand E Twp) 

—Edwd L (Gertrude) atk dept Fords h 1219 Kctory rd 

— Maurice E (May) b 2447 Georg* iv (Land E Twp) 

—Nkpolacc (Mary) h 704 Jusephin* av 

—HcuMmarl# r 244^ Georgs av Clond E TWp) 

--Yvjfi tchr r 4X83 Grand Iferair rd « <3ond E Twp) 

S»>iwka Ansa Jtadt r 2264 Parent av 
—Waayl (Julia) lat Condn Salt Co h 2264 Farces av 


A)plub«tir»l. Whiw Par 






PHONE 256-4982 

BO) Aft 

Bojar Jota (ApclooM) sprit wtdr Cbr/stara it 3764 Parent blvd 
(Ren Fk) 

Eojecxko Carl V (Jenny) h I960 Ottawa 
liojlc Drago vrep Csnde Bridge h 1104 Albert nl 
Etojto John -rticr Villa l.tans r 623 Riverside dr w 
Bujk» Meter A (Marita A) h 430 Carol tor 
—Patricia K erep Detroll r 430 Caroline 

Gee (M»lire<U roerh opr tourneUonsi Tool & DU fc 421 
Eire av 

bok* Julia* (Ormcf) tab MUir Metal boiEC Row *v (Sand 2 

baklmc Em lla r 140 Westminster blvd (R’Sid*) 

Buta:wntu Berths Mrs r 14'7 Huron Lias 
Boland f J R#w uax prof Gel varsity of Wtadaor 
~L1a h 17* P- rd blvd (R'ShJel „ _ 

—Thu* A (Rachael) purch sjt Beauty Counaetora of Can h ITT 
Msithoa-BnkJy blvd CH’Sldc) 

Bold Andrew b janitor Chryntart & Rltardy rd (Sand E Twp) 
Bold jar John flAiry) crop Ford* b 1706 l&ld* re rd 
--Mery «ep Detroit r ITOft KiLkr* rd 
Bskn Sarah (wU Ben) r 1416 Francois rd 
..v«rn*> (Eltath) amp McKinnon Industrie# h 14U Francil* rd 
Bolduc Clarence E chief atr traffic roretrcltar Windsor Air Pert 
r U(W trie e 

Bales Annie laid Pauli h lb29 Cuffaria pi 
—jus IBb rt>«) (Eslec Khraetl It 690 Stan Ley (Rein Pk» 

.-Market (Joa Bo lee) groc 37U Howard av IRere Pk) 

-lAtry nurse fc 6, 1563 Court ..... 

--Wilfred M lUreeea) technical training Chrystars h U 
Spring ri (Send W Twp) 

Beley John P (Phyllis) oculist UT9 Ouellette w h 1433 Victoria 

Beige Rewkto tab Do* Forge r Ml UtwiKtli: tr 
Bolder Gerald S stfcren Candn Bridge r BP Pine 
--Joe (EUxthl drvr Turner Cartage h 1261 Ifcnmcuth rd 

-Stanley ; morenc*) h Pine 

Bollcbowakl Roeelta <wld Frwd) r 269 Praa* *v tR’SUMJ 
--Stephen (Shirley) computing cl* Natl Revenue h 268 Prank av 

Bella Peter pttr Roy A Huetvrt h l»l Elm av 

BoUe fckaric* (Juliana) forworn Auto Specialties h 366 Ford blvd 


Bolter Edwd r 872 Church 

B^ltayn Hilda ichr St Thorns* ftctil rwa RR #3 Tecumeah 
B.lcgna Frederick drvr Fuller Ccnata r 1336 Campbell av 
Bcldben Alfred anrit r 692 Louis av 

—Joe K (Marilyn) ticket dk Candn Pacific Rly (TlclaK Office) h 
1961 Ellro-H* av __ 

-Joyee M cash Riverside PufcUc UUlUtaa Ccmmuwlta r 273 
Thompson tdvd (P'Slde) 

— Mary (wid Riehdl h 642 Donator* rrl 

— Matin* Mrs with Win Olllllies Caomn IHyur- Dlvl h 680 

Campbell av 

-Mtaftta (via Tbos) b 442 Chilvur nl 

—Peter 8 l Elate I pny h 606. 816 Wyandotte (P » lde) 


—R Mrs tchr 3J Pnujcta Scbl h 2’l Crawford av 
— Raymond P (Audrey) din ainkrtr Bolton Die Co ft 3260 Stine rd 

(Send E Twp) 

—Rlchd E (Eleanor) emp Detroit h 606 Chart#* (Rem Pk) 

-Rett carp r 647 Devonshire rd ___ ^ _ 

• -R'.'fct tool 4 die mltr fniersational Tool r 3246 byng rd Ctand t 

—Renal J janitor flt James ,'lepara^ Scbi r 642 Etavcawthirv nl 
—Sarah (wM Joa) b 246 Wyaafcrtte < 

-Sunan A elaldy Metrr. 3wn» r 860 Cbilver rd 
—Warren G (Helen) with Win Utilities Commn (Hydro Dlv) h 1 
Dct av 
—Wm h 487 Parent av 

--Wm (Lynne) trcl ft He mtr InUmaUnml Taolu h -166 Mirk pi 
1^,1 £ Twp) 

—Wm H (Wlnnlfrrd) erep Detroit h 27J Tb-.ftipoon tlvd 
Boluk Wand* Mrs atett-j D M Duncan Mtchlnery Or Ltd r >3 

btarontette av 

Halua M ser r 3TU Victoria blvd (3and W Twp) 

—flora (wld Simon) h 3701 Victoria blvd (3aod W Twp) 
tcljantu Jcbn (Peggy) «np IXrc Furge h 3224 Baby 
Botsac Bernardo (Norma) *mp Win Utilitiaa Comma Water Wv b 
3871 Poplar av 

Sumac Engravero Ltd Gordon 'Wllttam* mgr Phoh' engraving fOb, 
176 University av w 

itomak Nicbntaa IMiulliie) h 3484 Peter ^ „ 

BomLanitar Arthur (Grace) stringer Earco Lc h -64| Cadillac 
—Clementtne (wid Alfred) h 3791 St Louie *v (Band E Tap) 

-Lena M r 27913t Uois av (Sand E Twpl 

-Norman A (Da) mldr Forda b 3906 Woodward btvd (3a»J E Tap) 
—Percy J (Naomi) tab Chryataro fc 266 Cadillac 
& .retain Spartaoo (V4irU» tat iay«2ee Pmd b 96f Lillian 
£«refc*m Aide (Agnes) fcrklyr h S41? Bernard rd tSairi E Tap) 
--Girolamo (Ltaetia) mech Jimmy'a Sunoco Service h 1067 
Mkrentette av 

—Santa (Virginia) r 3404 Mercer 

Borne Luctanc (Hives) traol 4 die mkr F rda b 2882 Tomer rd 
(Band E Twp) 

bomerutmeb Stepbanta Mrs sorter Win ’WIptag Cloth r 1716 

Ewmbof Paul t (Violet) tab Tecumaeft Metal Craft b 13U Central 

Bctobnn Alfred u 
—Anaata (Miry) b 1166 Erie # 

—CcnetructLm Ltd Geo N Bolafiaa prw*. fhcbotaa f^lohan vtce- 
prw*. Mrs ViCtorta Bolohan eec-treaa bldg owtr* 499 
Frank av (R'Sita) 

—Geu (Emily) h 3413 Turner rd (Band E Twp) 

—N (Victoria) pro* Bolohan Construction Ltd b 2166 Kildare 

—Betan r 3452 Turner id ISkad E Tap) 

—Lnxar Ulema) b 14P Pierre av , . . _ . 

|| «rap Bd of Health r 3462 Turner rd L*od E Twp) 
-fflaholas (Lydia) tnveetigatcr Argue ProtacUm h taveetigation 
b 992 Untie av 

• •Nlctalaa G (Eleanor) vice-prw Bolahan Conatructloo Ltd b 
454 Frank av (R*S«a) 

--Gam aaatu .lr Chryatara r 1166 Erie # 

--Willard (UUian) dk Cel rail h 1410 Halt av 
—Wm (Miry) h 1051 Kaymo rd 

Boksrtnoc Tloe (Capital Restaurant) r 543 Gitas blvd a 
Bolted Jot* cook Peter's Bot* f»r r 636 Ptlletw ru 
ta^Uor Etata dk Wm James A Sen r 6, ISIS Gltaa tdvd • 

— Fredk IWlnnlfred) (Bolter's Meat M^tad) h Ecdra* pi 

—0« A (Etbal) atan* Eaoex Packers h 246 Reed mere av (R Tilde) 
—Jau F elk r Ml Extras pi OCStde) 

—Percy J purer. *gt Townnhlp -T Sandwich Wo*t t 2806 V.rgima 
Pkar (Sand WTwp) 

Bolter's Meal Mtrket (Frwdk Bolter) 308 Wyamioae m 
Bcltoo Agneu fa 1122 UnglaU av 
-A»a* Un packer U&lvraai ButUd b 210 McKay av 
—Arthur S • Freda) cltUanaiUe <dllc«.r Cou« of Canadian 
Cltisenablp h 890 CMlwr id 

—Brian E (Fri d ) draiung Candn Bruige h l-J'X PUtaue ra 
--Brian W «udt r 273 Th^nipmHj Dirt (R'fllde) 

—awn 3 (Amberstburg-Balton Trucking) r S303 Gladstone av 
—Ckn* ; (Lhry) h 3303 Otadauuve av 

—Cavld tool A die mkr International Tod r 3246 Byng ru (Sand 

—Die c!' Htarry D S» Mrs May Bulton) die makers 3246 Byng rd 
Ukni E Twp) 

—Gloria A amp Detroit r 246 Wyandcit* • 

—Harold D (htary) engta^f H.« W C Kennedy Coll kiut h 1160 

McKay av __. 

-Barry D iMiy) «k>lt-n Die Cd h 3S46 Byng n (Sand £ Twp) 
--Harry S (Dnanne) rracb opr Bolted Die Co b 1036 Assumption 
..Hugh (Haxel) electrical engineer State-M-'Ih&it h 1400 Francou 

-Rlchd (bfcrte) b 3868 Matcbctt* rd 
B^mok Ernent elect Dumittioo Forge Co r 1078 fc Luke rd 
-Micbl (Paaltae)h 1378 St Luke rd _ , 

lkm Uusibo Omni) carp Mirk Codstn Cc h 1761 Central av 
Bonafed* Trlnitioo (Fran»c«ai) tab Chryaters h 744 Brant 
Bonafeoe Bella wtn La Grace Lunch r 1512 Parent sv; Frank (Sarah) elect Industrial S Mtchlne Control b 043 
Mi llaaier 

Bonaed Wm r 1014 Howard av 
—wm btehr Sandwich Sausage Oa r 1014 Howard av 
Fcinamlgo Giovanni (Anna) erep Win UtUltlea Caremn Water Dtv h 
AS:. Wlndeor av 

Bonaml Luigi (Vlnceaxa) b 620 Gladstone av 
-Toni (Julia) amp Cbryelera h 1191 H-^fd av 
bonanno Anlhcny (Ida) «mp Thryataro b 4^:3 Watacn av (R .ildel 
—Antonia tab Wtadacr Carburetor Ltd r 006 Ifcrentette av 
—Caisgnra lab Wlndaor Camutator Ud r 830 tamlith av 
-FVUppu (V In cecal) h 8W Mirenlette av 
—Gte J (Andcnina) erep Great Lake* Steel b 612 Beltapwrche pi 

—Orenato (Mary) erep Detroit b ? 45 Aylmer av 
-•Sam pntr East Side Plating It 806 Miretiiutte av Lorraine r 1033 California av 
&nae*o Jun at-uft r 990 Gladstone av 
—aiml (Antonia) lit r 990 Gladstone av 
Botmlo Bruno tat National Auto Radiator r 1400 Arthur rd 
—Erino (Linda) etnp Candn Bridge h 1166 ltarentette *▼ 
--Giovanni P tinea) tab Chryntare b 1409 Arthur rd 
-Ddo (Roaartal IB A L Cabinet Mikaro) h l. 1169 Hcwan) av 
Bomvia Geo (ktary) immigration officer Immigration Brancti H 
448 Watauo av (RTSuh) 

Bond A Durothy press opr Banner Meui Product* r 1; 08 
Eli roe* av 

—Betty Mrs b 1508 KUroee av 

—Betty lehr Victoria Public School b 5W Cameron av 
—Beverley off war MHor Urep r 2962 Ungiut* av (Rem PW 
—Cathertoa (arid Arthur) fc 1721 Oneida court 
—Clifford L delta) janitor Rtverview Hrwp h 1139 Elm av 
—Clothes Shop Wm Rrandee mgr meen clothing 368 OueUatxa av 
—David atudt r 2. 930 Ottawu 
—Edwrt (Marie) elect Detrsll h 47b MUl 
—Eiiath M tchr Ulewwood Public So bool r »46 Elm av 
-Frank (DeUnca) tab Starling Ccomn fc 8, 930 Ottawa 
—Gwo A (Kathleen) screen eet up Americen-tecaicnmanla fc 161. 
Ferndaie av (Rend £ Twp) 

—Gcrtcn P (Shirley) tat Hiram Wklker h 3470 Milford court 
—John 2 I M»be 11 h 646 El* av 

—Jot* J a*at pro! University af Wlnaaor r £*06 LuoaeDy 
—John W (Beverley) partainn Chryatara r. 1932 EUmae av 
—Joe L (E Veronica) h 5711 Caroline 

—Leo T (Ann) creakeren CNR fc 736, 3626 RW»md# dr (P T>lde) 

—Lenrn D Mrs n^mslng aide Rmrevtaw Hasp h l, 683 Brant 
—Mirprie (wld N;rtn*n) h USl Guyenu 

—Mlcbi tra hlpr Salvntico Army Men's Pc-tanl Service Centre r 
349 Chatharr m 

—Cwwald A ( toraren Empire State Ice C h 114V Leon 
—iVrcy (Dorothy) fwireasn ta.rder Cities Iron *' -rka b i7T-< Fora 
tlvd (Send £ Twp) 

i Centre (WmJeur) Lu r lilt." Fenutaie i 


— Warren J (SuphW) math opr Furda b :t*62 Lenglou av lPem Pk) 
—Wayne cdf elk Chryatara r 7Wf.:' Lengt u av (Hein Fk) 

— Wn: H b D T Chandler rd (asnU E Tep) 

— a-u li r 2671 Chandler ra (Sand B Twp) 

—Wm K (Julie) lectin Fjrda h 3616 Klmj 

— Wm T (Oeonjlna) pattern mir lntan»(u:r*l Tool Ud fc 1401 

Kandy AIM J iRvtuum) •*»? Walker MsUi a 1639 Howard av A 
—Alfred H (Lcittle) h 0412 Byng rd 
—Alice (wld Henry) h 904 rells av 

-Andrew purcb agt G C Mcfteough Ltd r 720 Baron l» (UDaltat 
—Arnold A J (iihlrlry A) rorewm walker Meui fc 1340 IAr*ntatii 

—Joe T (Jvyce) a I c PO h 290 Myrte ita 3all#l 
—Joeephloe (wld Genter E) fc 1241 Partington av 
—JudiUi prsr White Laundry h Dry Cleaning of Windsor Ud r 
3663 Girardci av 

--Judith A studl r S Vernon ere* (R'SIde) 

—Arthur T matmeuance M'Kintvjn Industries h 1708 Ford Mvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— BernarJ J (Rueemary) vtce-prou 6 geol mgr W • Bwuly it Sdaa 
Ltd h 236 Folrv.ew blvd CRT10e) 

—Eetty rtiblt fc 8fC Wlmtor r »v 

—Betty A owe N Tepperman Ltd r 1924 Arthur rd 

—Bryan A ftudt r 2 Vernnn •-•no (P'Etae) 

—Caroline Mrs r 3494 Milford Ct 
--Cartage LU Henry T Bendy pnm 263fc Unlop 
—Cectlia en-p Etactroline Mfg r tZ2 Bridge av 
—Clarence trawrl) erep Chryatara h 10K Aaion av 
—CUude (EUxthl taap Fcrda b 666 Couuineau rd (Sand W Twpl 
—Clayton M (Miy ktary) chief mntall.rgtat Walker Metal re* 
River Canard 
—CUfftjrd r e*»fl Parent av 

—Cllitord w (Lottie) r.ik rm elk Furtta h 1834 Unccln rd 
-Cnrrice Mrs fc 10)0 Pierre av ., . 

—Danl J (Katherine) emp Paragon Tool % Dl# fc WiT U'ryd 
Cuicrge blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Dari E (Audrey) vledrontca teefcn b 1634 Benjamin av 
—Darlene eUitt r 1304 Pierre av 
—Deray G (Jean) slamn Borden** Dairy fc 3167 W^lawn av 
IOmi. 1 B Twp) 

—Diana comp pr Purity Dalrta* r 997 j srptlne av 
--Dcnald A (Mertna) (Clark* Whimlttm * Bundy) h 290 Eauttaap 
blvd ©’Side) 

--r>jnald L tMirgll bar ateward United A'4emobtl# Workers of 
America Local 19b b l»23 BiCklagham rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Dwayne Air Force r 1M4 Pierre av 
—Earl (ELsta) slarea Detrt.U a 3740 Anein av (Sand W Twp) 
—Karl / (U retta) irvr Chrysler* fc 16X2 Howard av 
—Earl R poir S w it A Railway b S£. 1913 Wyandotte (KTlita) 
—Karl h (Yv.>nne) stamr. Sllverwocda h 816 Lincoln rd 
—Edwd (Itargt) a Z , 13U Gita* fcivd * . „ 

• •Ellath A off mgr Nor-Con Electric r 3136 Everts av C*nd A 

—Ernest ala rep The Canadian Provident re* FR t P:v«r Caaari 
-Eugene Jr (Dorothy) atamn O G MtKerejqh Ltd b 1^ Mercer 
—Eugene Sr trk Irvr G O MG> ugh Ud 
— Florence (wld Eric) h 1348 Campbell *v 
—Garfteld J (Germaine) acct Chryatara fc 231 Itatibrw-Brady 
blvd neswe) 

—Gary aaat ‘Chryatara r 1364 Pierre av 
—Gen* drvr Rename Fuels Ltd r*s RR *1 River Canard 
—Gerard m*ch Can to Trailtunfc 11* ree FR 41 River : 'an*rJ 

_GL’ria erep Hiram Walker it Sows Ltd r 96 iarvta av (P Side) 

—Gregory J (Shirtayl Lnap Wtadai.r Social Service* Dept h 306 
MeEwan av 

—Harold F (Helen) emp Detroit fc 1^7 F.ltn av 
—Harry D Uutp if store* Inspection Service* Dept ^ National 
Defvnee rwe La Salle 

—Harvey A teller Tor-Dotn Bank r 429 Huron (Ln ^Ue) 

—Harvey G (Hoc*) -rep DelroU b 19B4 Arthur rd 

—Hector (Estelta) dk Liquor Control Bwnl 636 h £34 RanaoW 

—Henry T (Carina*) praa Bundy Cartage Ltd fc l Vernon er«* 

— Ida (wid Alpbonfie) fc JoseMunc av 
—J Mi -hi eiudt r 5834 H:'wmrl av (Rem PW 
— 2mm t 342 Howard av ^ - 

—Jaa R (Eiiath) genl at?ct City Finance fc 3136 Evert* *v law • 

—John aUdt r 661 Parent av 

—John wrefcsvnre Teaaco Canada Ltd r«i Attbersttsirg 
-John V trillwrtgM walker Metal h 368 MrEwan av 
—Joa E r 421 back dr (R'Sidel ^, 

— Joe M (P^ee) alstrn tad-urtrtal Tool % Soppltaa h W» Utad*» 

—June atudt r 967 Wtadscr sv , t , 

—Katharine sec Tormto-Dum Rank r 236 Fklrvlew t iwx* tR— 
•Krorteth lab lybcdtmald 6 While Varnish h Paint rrr RF *<■ 

— KemwtfcTlHften) reach B«jdl*-EcUpae h 367 Calltornta ar 
—Kenneth f *tudt tchr r 1613 D ugall av 
—Keastatb L (Hemtber) lab Chryatara b 7, S146 Univeroity tv e 
—Lnrry (Diane) atudt in acct* Stephen* Mrlwnn fc Co h 1169 
P«li* sv 

-•Larry C Uktlly Ann) elect Cvmabock Electric h 101 Curry ef 
—Uwrtstcw J (D rotfey) tneeb Auto Sp^ialties Mfg h 2B41 W^w 
rd (5and E Twpl 
—Lenh r 3127 WyarekTtse w 

—Leo A (L rrsine) improver Border Tool fc D4* b 18041 
Jeft#n*m blvd Oand E Twp) 


fon ouAi/nr daiky products 






..Loo E (Laftfi) tool crib Chry stars h 101 John M (R'Sior) 

.—Leo T (Evan ge lino) production control Chrystara h 2609 
Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Letnar: C (Barbara J> tlromn Win Fire Depnrtnsenl h 826 
Maractette av 

—Lionel tool A die mkr Canadian Engine* ring r 101 John M 

—Lionel J otcfar h 73-1 Rooedale av 
—Urn* R lab terhn Rivorvtaw Hosp r 1304 Pierre av 
—Lome A IKone) tool grimier Kotaey Wheel h 1364 Pierre av 
—Lome J (Winnie) foremn Can Motor Lamp h 3622 RlterJy rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—beala (Tm.nne) Janitor Separate School Board h #79 Parent av 
—Loula F (Audrey) h 076 Mr Kay av 
—Uiud r 976 Parent av 

—Malcolm D (LillianI lab Chryalers h 1602 Cadillac 
-Marianne Mrs Blueprint opr Bendlx-EcUpea ran RR #1 Bade 

—Marilyn studt nuree Metropolitan General Hospital r 1863 
Pillette rd 

—Mirk T IRoae) h 2524 Chandler rd Oind E Twp) 

-kfcrtha (arid Louie) r 342 Josephine av 
—Martin V (Me tel) meat ctr A & P Stores h 3674 Rockwell av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Mtrvin let IMcdonald it White Vamiflfa A Paint rea RR #2 

—Miry wtrs Assumption University h 7, 2831 University av w 
-Merton J dispatcher Roadway Transport Limited res Woodaiee 
-Heal studt r 2660 Francois nl (Sand E Twp) 

—Nicholas R (Linda) alamn SUverwooda h 165 Ford blvd (R’Sldc) 
-Niles P (Ceeile) b 1963 Pillette rd 
—Norman A (Lena) h 467 Indian rd 

—Norman J (Eleanor) tool 4 die mkr Fords h 2634 Howard av 
(Rem Pk) 

—Orville (ELxth) (General Radiator Service) res RR 1 MacGregor 
—Or/llle (Grace) otaty engineer i C Keith h 333 Carry av 
—Otto J (Hattie) elk Canada Bread h 636 Randolph av 
-Patricia tohr Esniwa High Sc heel r 1829 Amiens av 
-Patricia E dental asst David Bc-rdoff r 236 Fairview blvd 

—Patrick H (Anne) amp Fords h 38T0 Glerdtold 
—Peter emp HSnder Tool 4 Mdd r 467 Indian rd 
-R Cliff:.ri (Lillian) elk Chrynlers h 1823 Amiens av 
—Ralph (Hortvtuse) lat> Chryutars h 826 Marion av 
-Raymond / (Nicole) h 811 Wyandotte IH’SUel 
—Raymond J ftfeoml) emp Chrynlera h UM3 Oak av 
—Raymond J (Gloria) slamn SllVerwooda b 630 El lit av w 
—Faymond L ILcrca) h 36S3 Glrardot av 
—Reiford T (Lorraine) bun drvr 3 W 4 A Rly h 3610 King 
—Richd (Helen! aerv mgr McKay’s TV 4 Appliances Ltd h 421 
Back dr (R’Sldo) 

—Richd H (Barcara) alsmn C E Marley Ltd h 1463 Rossini blvd 
—Richd J (Felice) (BOJec, McMahon, Zuber 4 Bondy) h 3002 
Radissca av (Sand W Twp) 

—Rita Mra chkr Jewel Cleaners h 968 Partington av 
—Ecbt apprentice General Radiator Service r«*3 RR 1 MeGrooor 
-R.4* atodi r 200 Matthew-Brady ttvd OVSide) 

—Bolt A stud! r 2 Vernon creo (R’Slde) 

—Rot* J (Constance) drvr Chrynlers h 1476 Grove av 
-fiobi J (Eva) trees W J Bendy 4 Sons Ltd h 200 Mttihew-Brady 
blvd (R’Sl.le) 

-Ronald E (Mirilyn) emp Detroit h 2111 ScCvrt av 
-Ronald J (U Kathleen) dlsmn Central Cbryalif Plymouth Ltd 
h 3065 Virginia Pk av (Sand W Twp) 

-Roy J (Blanche) local dir RC Children’a Aid Sac h 361 Parent 

-Russell (khrif > janitor Windsor Separate 3chool Board h 1612 
Dougall av 

—Juaaell F h 821 Arthur rd 

-Sharon M stodt r 2453 Moldraro rd (Son J E Twp) 

—Sherry studt r 1828 Amiens av 

-Suniey C (Elixth) Ut Chrysldro h 2732 Chandler rd (Sand E 

—Stanley ; (Kathleen) damn Dcmlnton Tire Stoma Ltd h 2453 
Meidram rd (Sand E Twp) 

-Susan J r 88" Josephine av 

—Terry attdt Howard Garage rea RR #2 UhcGregor 

— Theresa D sec Hiram Walker 4 Sone Ltd r 686 Randolph av 
-Tboa j sue - 2b&'j Francois rd (Stod E Twp) 

—Thoa L (Sharon) alamn Jay-Zee Food Products h 1296 Aunts rd 
—Ulysses (Nina) emp Detroit h 381 California av 
—Verne (kkrgjerito) uiatributor Candn Oil Co b 3433 Do u gall av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—W J 4 Sons Ltd Wallace J Bondy pres, Bernard Bondy vice- 
pres 4 gen I mgr, Donald A Bondy sec, Hubt J Bondy 
traaa shoes 136 Ouellette av 

—Wallace J (Gladys) prea W J Bandy 4 Son* Ltd b 3’Jt East 
Lawn tlvd (R'Side) 

—Walter D(Luulne) sunder - bcttjr shop Wefcntar Mutora (Windsor) 
h 301 Vlltaira av (R’Sld*) 

— Walter D (Le:ma) atiprvrr foremn City nf Windsor b 538 Bridge 

a vena* 

— Wayne R studt r 1612 Duugaii av 

-Was A ctk Bendy Cartage r 2 Vernon eras (R’Slde) 

-Wm J (Cryida) h 278 Bedevtew av 

Nancy see Seaway Appliance Service r 166“ Wyandotte e 
—W» w (Karen) emp Detroit h 069 Hlldegarde (Rem Pk) 
a =h«iU Eaio (Lida) loundry wkr Walker MpUiI h 040 Alexandrine 
CR«® Pa) 

B ** tb Saviour (Areuntal (Sam’s Radio 4 TV Service) h W 


—Vincent (Vincent^ Texaco) 

Bong Louie (Leung) (Sucy Ylng Chong) h 4f!4 Windaor av 
Bungnrd 4 Co Waltor M Galliot mgr otocka 4 bunds 168-168 
University av w 

—Ai Co Investment Planning Dept Edwd E Popovich mgr 168-168 
University av w 

Sjotomroe Raymond (Fiona) prntr Detroit h IM0 Rjcfitnond 
Bunilarro P^obertn M (Ida) cook Pom pel Rea tau rant h 363 McKay 

Bandn AIM lEmlly) emp Goodwill Induatrlas b 3811 Turner rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Buitoch Toni barber h 1278 Chllver rd 

Bo&lta Beautiful Shoes Leonard Hunter mgr 306 Ouellette av 

—Beauty Salon (Mrs Loretta Walsh) 180 Lauxon rd (R*31 del 

fionk John (Stella) h 1573 Roaslnl Mvd 

—Jos W (Anne) h 3280 Turner rd (Sand R Twp) 

—Nichulan J (Isabelle) pus drvr S W 4 A Rly h 1628 EUroae av 
Boa-Lyn Variety Store (Mrs Mabel Hodgkinsoo) 1278-1280 
Prince rd 

Brnnamu Jos (Geraldine) emp Chryshers b 808 ScofUld av (Sand S 

—Paul J (Lena) crane opr Auto Specialties h 2808 Norman rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—R Richd (Jean) funeral dir D E Morris Funeral Service h 3579 
Virginia Pk av (Sand W Twp) 

Bonnell David mgr Fetx Design Service Lid res Detroit 
Bonner John P (Mury) studt b 2, 2391 University av w 
—Russel S (Mtrjaret’Ji) supt Coca Cola h 2360 Tourangeau rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Bonnet! Carl (Velma) insp Dominion Forge Ltd r 1651 Francois 

—Cora Mra nurse Grace Hoop h B6 Willow eras (St Clair Biflch) 
—Gladys Mra rubber aoamblr Candn Coliord Prod r 107 Bertha 
av (R’Slde) 

—Rawaoo (Gwendolyn) emp Detroit h 1288 Partington av 
—Regd E (Mabel) maintenance wldr Fords h 101 Elinor (R’Slde) 
—Richd A apprenUce GlHels Engineering r 688 Campbell av 
—Richd A studt r 2, 1616 Wyandotte w 
—Rob* J h 1214 Carry av 

—RoM J (Ruth) die linker Dum Forge b i860 Pillette rd 
-Win F (Iris) meal ctr A 4 P Store h 243 Dormar dr (R’Slde) 

—Wm P (Leant) emp City of Windsor h 2, 1618 Wyandotte w 
Bonneville Kenneth H r 2793 Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Marie Mrs h 2356 PUlelte rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Rodolpe H (Dorla) roach opr Fords b 37?3 Norman rd (Sand E 

—Terry P counter mo Clearwater Chrycler-Dodge r 2798 Norman 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

Round Jos (Emelda) tnach opr Kelsey Wheel b 1158 Pierre av 
BonoflgHo Chian r 1440 La bail e rd 

—Frank (Adeline I lab Scarf one Concrete Contractor h 1440 

| Jtharft n fg 

— Mkrih (wld Lcula) r 1440 La cadi* rd 
B-naaii Fred r 346 Victoria av 

Bonaor Beatrice O cash linden Life h 300, 274 Giles blvd w 
Bomtorln Valerio (Roslna) brklyr Mark Connta Co h 1610 Pierre 

Bontront Eugene F (Grace) h 1107 Walker rd 
—Loala (Helen) civil engineer City of Wlndnor h 1935 Buckingham 
road (Sand E Twp) 

•-Loala J (Flora) h 5066 Royal court <3md E Twp) 

-Mirle T Idgrkpr Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce r 5066 
Royal court (Sacd E Twp) 

Brmure Peter (Katherine) (Pete's B A Service) h 1180 Louis av 
Booey Jas V (Mabel) frtmt end alignment Oliver Springs h 5420 
Riverside dr (R’Slde) 

Booker AIM J (Loretta) *lgn pntr h 228 Parkview av (R’Side) 
—Alfred J (Amy) shpr Fords h 874 Lincoln rd 
—Clifford straighienor Wind Chrome Plating rea Detroit 
—Donald J (Connie) foremn Acme Neon Slgrus h 456 Parkview av 

—Harry J erop Detroit b 1707 QUvc rd 
—Lorraine Mrs ala elk H Gray Ltd r 1148 Hall av 
—Phillip R (Martel) with -Win Utilities Commn (Hydro Div) b 815 
Lincoln rd 

Bcx>kland Co Ltd Mrs Ruth M Durr prea, Floyd J Dorr vice-pres, 
Mrs Margt Carruttwra aec-traas 2451 Dsugail av (Scuid 
W Twp) 

Bookman Lena Mrs r 338 As kin av 

—Louia (Annette) (Bookwin'E Dry Goods) h 725 Partington *v 
—Milton erop Adelroan’e b 1666 Church 
--Sam r 942 Howard av 

bockwtn Cleaners (Skm Winograd 4 Linda bo.kman) 1654-1664 
Wyandi>tte w 

Bookwln’s Dry Goods (Louie Bookman 4 Sami Winograd) 1664 
Wyandotte w 

Boom Fredk alamn Western Clothiers r 821 Vhrentnttr av 
Boomer Ted (Helen) slomn El Rancho Rambler Balsa h 1706 
Arthur ra 

—Wro (Bernadette) emp Detroit b 267 Langlola 
Boone Evelyn studt r 3618 Barrymore lane 
--Geo E (Maud) h 1674 Dttffarin pi 

—Gordon (Emma) tnach apr Chryalers h « a Huron Line (Sana W 

--Norman A (June) assessor City Assess Dept h • a Huron Line 
(Sand W Twp) 

-.Ralph (Edna) h w a Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 

—RcjM f (Evelyn) drflsmn Steel Master h 3516 Barrymore lane 
—Wesley E (Georgina) ataty engineer PiUahargh Palnin h e s 
Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 

Boncey Gertrude E (wld A M) h 303, 111 Wentminster blvd 


Booster Club Gerald George prva 701 Edlnhorough (Ram Pk) 
Booth A Winston (Elsie) hr sec Mfra Life Ins b 2578 Alexandra 
av (Sand w Twp) 

—Dtnl (Marjorie) ertkr Riverside High School h 301 Prado pi 

— Fredrick D UackoJlne) alamn Drug Trading Co Ltd h 3213 

Woodland av (Sand W Twp) 

—Geo B (Anne) instrument roech Hiram Walker 4 Sun* Ltd h 
1568 Ell rose av 

—Geo N (Evelyn) with Fordo h 16, 4100 Wyandotte (R’Side) 
—Gerald lab National Auto Radiator r 2759 Pillette rd (Sand E 

—Harold P (Carol) Irk drvr Chryoisra h 1662 Ferndale av 
(Sand E Twp) 

.-Herman (Lily) h 4dl Eaatlawn blva (R’Slde) 

—Leslie (Marie) lat Sand Eaot Twp h 2759 Pillette rd (Sand E 

.-Margt Mrs reg nurse r 889 Victoria av 

— Mary (wid Mm S) alsldy Bartlett. McDonald 4 Gow r 2929 

Riverside dr (R’Slde) 

«.Patricia A studt nurse Metropolitan G<mi Hosp r 301 Prado pi 

—Wm S (Mary) emp Hiram Walker 4 Sons Ltd h 3920 Riverside 
dr (R’Side) 

b-othrvyd Ada (wid Geo) r 719 Chllver rd 
Boots Georgina (wid Alfred H) h 230 Erl* e 
—RoM A (Fay) shipping loader Champion Spark Plug h 4iS6 
Roceland dr e (Sand W Twp) 

—Wm P (Margt) millwright Chryfllers h 127S Laurendeau av 
Boow Agnes (wid Jos) h (basement) 1062 Assumption 
—Bruce apprentice Wm T Bygrcvo 4 Sen r 2135 Forest av 
—Edwd (Kathy) ntknon Chrynlers h 1880 Ottawa 
—Olga Mrs h 2135 Forest av 

Sandra store elk While Laundry 4 Dry Cleaning of Windsor 
Ltd r 2136 Forest av 

—Thoa acamfclr Fords h 307, 1164 Ouellette av 

Bx>san John (Catherine) maintenance Chryslers h 1450 Prince nl 

—John A (Rose) emp Detroit h 1008 Dot av 

—Marie r 14M) Prince rd 

B^xa Fadah (wid Ratal!) grocer 398 ElUott e h 849 Mercer 
—Jamall r 777 Parent av 

—Khalad lab Walker Metal Prod r 777 Pareot av 
—Khodr (Hovnaytia) emp Walker Metal h 3560 Peter 

— hfchmood (Mellha) h 777 Parent av 
—Omar (Fatima) r 649 Mercer 

—Phillip (Christina) opray pntr Chryalers h 1536 York 
B^raito Amullo (Mirllla) lab Purity Dairies h 731 Elliott «t 
Borbely Albt (Ethel) h 1224 Manmtetto av 
—Bartara wrap Hiram Walker's r 1404 Uhkm 
Borchuk Geo r 1681 Factoria 

Borcic Branko (Ljubca) tinsmith Mac J Brian Ltd h 618 Lynn 
(Sand S I'wp) 

Bordeau Apt 41vK) Wyandotte (R’Sidv) 

— Marta (wld Ltanl) h 487 Pierre av 


Walkeraide Division. Davidson Wilson Vice-President, 
and General Manager, J P Handrigan Assistant 
Secretary-Treasurer, Head Office 628 Monmouth Hoad 

Milk Dept: B Plante Sale* Manager. 628 Monmouth 
Road. Phone 254-7547, Ice Cream Dept: N B HiUa 
Sales Manager, 626 Monmouth Rood, Phone 254-3281 
(See adv Back Cover and Top Lines) 

Bordenlck Dimetro cook Norton Palmer'Ho tel r 716 Goyieau 
Bordenuik John (Kathleen) lab Chryalers h 2324 Mel drum rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Mary r 2447 Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bordsr Brokers Ltd Leo H DeLarcade mgr after 720 Huron Lin* 
& 44 Wyandotte e 

—Cittas Bakery Ltd Mra Molly Lyons pres 1061 Dnvulllard rd 
—Cities Coal Co (Harold H Ghtftald) 3168 College av 
—Ciltan Co-operative Credit Union Limited Yvonne Gaunt sec 
elk V, 1922 Wyandotte * 

—Cities Furniture Ltd Meyer Wohl pres, Mra Esther Wohl vie*. 

pres, Sacha Dell sec-trees 679-685 Wyandotte e 
—Cities Insurance Agency (Jo* M Cotiun) 1010, 176 University 
av west 

—Cities Polish Canadian Club Walter Deroblckl prac 1530 
Langlclc av 


C W Andrews President. Wm A Morgan Vice-President. 
Structural Steel, Galvu Grating, Ornamental Iron. 

Bronze, Aluminum and Stainless Steel, Stairs and 
Fire Escapes. 961 Walker Rood, Phone 256-3411 

—City Shoe Repair (Louis 2ortit) 712 Wyandotte e 
--City Tire Ltd Lawrence V Bennett* preo tires 4 auto 
accessories 2600 Howard av (Rem Pk) 

—Hotel Ltd EU Outoich pres, Djuru Ostoic vice-pren, Jovn 
L)li)ak sec-treon 461 Wyandotte * 

--Masonic Temple Assn Ltd Geo K Plnnuy preu. H Russell 
Wellington a*c 980 Ouellette av 

..patterns Ltd Gordon W Nelson pres, Edwd C Shaw vlce-prmi 
4 a*c-lrww metal paltanui 2547 txiiy pi C&nd W Twp) 

—Press (Mra Elsie Flood) printers 128-132 Ferry 
—Steel Ltd Go raid M Curley pres U mgr steel distributors IBM 
Turner rd 

Alphibvtkil. White Pjfr 31 



C. CORP. AttiUant Monoger 


L VINCINT. Mono*.. 


l.A M. WICKS. A.tulont Mono*.. 

. . . TELEPHONE 252-6551 


••'Todl fa Die Ud Henry Q Shepherd prw. John Tingle 
* tpmJ ragr 2846 Walter rd (3acd E Twp) 
terdero Clair* twid Cecil) trr.r Mu-iccr 17 ft Bfitotcl h S34C 

Meltc irtit rd 

tertian Hurry <*fa*l Rivervtew h.itp 6 144" Sooth Cameron Mvd 
(flm.S V r»p) 

—H (Betty) etnp Detroit h £756 Virginia Pfa a* (Sand W Twp) 

— Walter (Theresa) emp tenrtix Eclipo* n IMS toffertn pi 
tertignon Anu/nlo farklyr Faxes V Suo Ud r 1*83 Benjamin av 
--Valentino (Agnes) omp Chryolsro h 41ft M.nmJ Band £ Twp) 
Bordino Anthony lab r PW Benjamin av 

tordman Ftiyltt# (The Paramount .'audio*) h 414. S80 Park w 
Bcrefcrff Eftvld (Miry) dentist 640 PelUaler h "Mo. 3601 Riverain* 
dr «nat 

—Jack iSunaar; Auto Part*) h 8219 Lincoln rd 

— Wendy #t-.-it r 2P.1<3 Unvote rd 
terror Jo* (Thereto) lab h 2178 Wellesley 
—Mario Ut Woodall Ccnatn r §28 LangUl* av 
te rocky Annie (wid Harry) fa 117ft St Luke rd 

barer; Industrie* Lid Rett U Rennie oar metal fabricated pro¬ 
duct* let fir. 0S4 Walker rd 

Boreakle Andrww 3 IIxlc) crur Eon W C Kennedy Coll test h 
1704 Wtotminater av (Sand E Twp) 
bnrwtnky Ale* (Helen) inrr Consol Ueied Transport fa l£0 
Westminster blvd IH'SUie) 

—Anne etnp Detroit b 2ft. 350 Eri* « 

—Waller (Sartwra M) Insp Fcfda ft lUfa Elatrer* *x 
Borg Alice prtv mc Argus Pnrtflrtlwft fa InVaeligaUcn >rv)o« U4 
r 137V Pierre av 

—Anthony (Mtr? A) but mgr I-uiLLag Service Eapicyi-*^ 
Internauanal Union Local 210 h 5. 1375-78 Martin 

— Frank preen mn Windsor Print fa Lilt*. re# La Salle 
—Joe (Sheila) mnefa Chryolars h D34 Lincoln n) 

—Josephine remittance elk Can Trust ft Huron fa Erie Mo ft r 431 

Langlot* av 

--Mary A Mr* attmtra Axsumplica University b U^g Plerr* av 
-Paul (Miry) (Tunnel Mow Stand) a *31 Ungiatt av 
Bcrgfat Ckrtc (Oracllle) tnodixr hoist East Side Plating h 660 
Stanley IBetn Pk) 

tertx- Mary M reg noree Rlverview Hoep r ft?” FTaaooL court 

— Whiter A Otory) assessor Whlkertoa Oat fa 807 FrancoI j ct 
torta* Miry (wtd Jo#) h 1279 Weatcoil rd 

toncwxki Whiter b 860 Tecuaweh blvd e 
te rUnd Ann* r 718 Windsor av 
—Jaa Br 6 W Ediat»rougb (Rem Pk) 

Borman Wu J (Rath) rpnnn Bell Tolepuooe h M3 Fhlrvlew tied 

m’SUel _ 

ikrrrrjuui Gerriard (Geras) tool 4i ale repairer Fbrda fa 732 
Qlattatone av 

Ifcnt Carrot E ilrene) emp Detroit h 322ft Mittonneuve av (Band 
W Twp) 

—Fred* (LorettaI alamo Kraft Food# a 3407 Dominion Uvd 
(Sand W Twp) ^ , 

Be-main Ann atjdt r IOTA B^iunghair rd Dand E Twp) 

—Carol teduatrial diamond sorter Wheel Truning Teal r W- 
Joeepfcine av 

-Clawwf 1 (Ann) lit* Chrysler# h 23« Welteelsy 

— Elodle Mn r aPftd Rivera Ll* dr w 

—Ernest A (Eose) press opr Fords ft WTB Buckinpair rd 
C:mi F Twp) 

—Oeo r 34fat Wyatvi tt* # ^ ^ 

— Harvey W (B-l«n) fasrber faW» TmmMft ttlvd # l^ftd B Twp) 

h 14i54 Everts av (SkwI W Twp) 

—trene Mrs unr 3t Huteri‘a dcho^l r 1386 Parent av 
—Jerry (CcrUla) ntroflr Fvrt o h 353 Bridge av 
-Jos roUr* -euthbl* Pottc* CWparttrent fa 22 ^ H^ernri av 
—Lawrencr (Gall) a la ten SUverwoola r #32 LcuU av 
—Lloyd elk Owariu Cepi of Transport r 353 Bndg* av 
—Louis off GUddena Watt r SW Bridge sv 
--Orville (L-rrainv) emp Chrysler# n M2 J ..rtstim* av 
—Ricfad : (Pat) route sLmm Bordans h 1B33 ’Wyandotte «t 
—Row r &T GUea elvd * 

--Shirley w feoatass A ft W Drtve-ki Central Av ltr 
-W» dnrr I'ackert- Super fahrkeu r 587 01lee tlvd * 

Hr.rues Lecmrd (Roaita) etnp Fcrda b 5TT7 Poplar av 
Ftrastein Clatwnrr (Mirg») ?^mrs Piul PctarU ft Co Ltd b 14PJ 
VlUa Mirta * (Tand W Twp) 

-Harry L (Dorothy) (Harry'a Clcifaing Centre1 1 8 96 av 
Borvfsky Jeer t (Annie) ( Wyandotte ForuUure) fa IM1 Elatrere av 
Boron Emii J (Albina) fa tf 10 av 

--Peter (Vera) tool ft die L A Young h ftM Ediatorough W»m Pk) 
Boros Clara twid Louie) fa 1053 ElUa «v e 
—Peter aaat f romn K*^<y Wheel fc 834 u^Uawa 
B^roald Alfred J <Mu>Yne) forettm Chryslers C 3033 Rockweli 
av <3aad W Tvpl 

-Victor (Veronica) h 1333 Elamere av 

—Wm P tPatrlna) (Bud &im* Hestingl h 2783 Dandurand Wvd 
(Sand W TVp) 

Bo rota Vsar (M»rUi) r 4Wyanidattr e 

Bcrre W H Ud(Wm R Borrel food brokers 9fti! Windermere rd 

— Wm R (J -an) (W H Bcrre Ud) h MJ •Wintfarmerr rd 

— Wm R Jr sismr. W R Bcrre Ud r ftftS Wlndermero rd 
torreda (M»ry> vhrf New Frontier h 13M Mr Ewan «v 
b-rrelU ARe elk terrain Brcut Groovry r 410 GreemUl# ar 


—Bros Grocery (Louis ft Frank Ec roe 111) #80Erie e 
—Carmen (Uura) (Coloaseo Restaurant) h 143- Flnmer* av 
--Elio (Colomwc Rentasrant) r 4lfl Grweodale dr IB*S(de) 

—Frank (Uroulal (terrelll Broa Grocery) to 415 Oreendal* dr 



Uvdo (CunaaUMi) (terr«iu Bn» Grocery) fa 41ft Grrendal* dr 

—Marin to 1024 Goveau 

—Mlcfal (Virginia) Ufa Chry»Ur« h 1434 EL: me re av 
— Peter (Rcsa) Ub Eentern Construction h 1216 turner* av 
--Santo (Vera) emp Chrymlers fa 1034 CVoyeau 
--Sylvia wtrn CoV365<o Ke*Uurant r ISIS EUtnere av 
Borrt Adels (wtd Carlo) to 23^3 EUmer* av 
—thao L Ufcncry) eprind toeofa aivwr’e aprtng Service fa 630 
iUliegs ro# (R P) 

Borrink l^rion aitcfaot hlpr Butel Dteu r 488 McDvj-jaU 
—Rr-lf L (AnneLeee) denial teefaa Leamington Lefaoratcrles fa 
469 McOwjgaLl 

tvrrowmao Una naralng aaa» MetropoUtan HsspUsi fa 
Mel irons rd (Land E Twp) 

Bora Rudolf (WUfaeitnlm) ajusmblr McKUntm Industriro h 3.»1 
lUfaerdy rd (Sand E Tarpl 

tervfcuk J«m»y (wld Mlchl) r 310 Edward av (R'Slda) 

—kLrrla (MuUU) euprvsr Fvrds fa 330 California av 
—W«r J {Rose) detective Police Department fa 3252 Carry av 

(Band W Twp) 

B e r an# KlUth (wid Paul) fa 40» Chilvar rd 

tx.rtfc»lck Brian J dnrr M*r*tuky Furniture (WUienr) Ud re# 

La ftalle 

—Ctaa O (Marten) mgr Ckedywar Servu-* <3tan» a U39 DfmgaU av 
-Jaa trk drvr tt-islaml Tranap r 287 fupertor (La Sails) 
ihu-t.'c Mrs sUU) Unrtlet Macdonald ft Gow r 1167 teitasier 
tertnlan Lcale (Pllmlri) tile tetter ri o U s t tl Bros to 224fi Fraser 


tert&UaiL Antonie lAmlrwal «mp BendU Eclipse b 9*-4 McKay av 
tertolln Angelo (Marghertu) Ufa broceenafalrv Ccnatro Co Ud 
b 3975 Alexis rd IBaad E Twp) 

—Anthony carp to 960| LouU av 
—Antonin (AngaU) b 445 Broadhead 
—Antonio (Ncvrtia) emp WcttlUtt Conutn fa 143 Merman rd 
—GLcvaimi (IfcrcelU) carp to 1478 Arthur rd 
—Gloria *mp Detroit r Tit Aylmer av 
— Mirtri (kla) Ufa CfaUurn Bros Consta a 644 Moy av 
—Pater (BUnefae) rnrp Romeo Machine Shop h 71fa Ayl»*r av 
—Reno (Beverly) «mp Ceirrlt fa 638 LcaU av 
—RoftUno (An«j*U) lab Starling Consta b 1443 (L rnsan rd 
tert L-n Penny (Hena) Ul Cavalan Construction b 85* Hall av 
• •Danny apprentice tool ft die mkr K ft A Tool ft Die r Ifltic 
ben.axr.Ji av 

--iUrry A (Anafaia) with Caraion Construction h ISW lUwiurana 
blvu (Send W Twp) 

—Wick (Emily) -wrp Ted Mirray Home Improvwmeeu fa Iftftt 
Benjamin av 

tertoiottl tiroso J (MLrgti roglnevr J P Thomaoa AswocUwx 
ArcfaUecto h 257A Eildarv rd 
-David (Miry) to 5M WUd®>r av 

—Jo* (Muna) trtdyr Mike A Inner Ccotractcro Ud fa 22^3 Louie 

-Jje (Kathleen) sere nip Smith, KlU* ft French tec h 7M 
Soodeidav (Sand S Twp) _ . 

-faterk- Gftalinr) (oremn TtOudo 3cal# fa 3301 Curry av (Band w 
Twp) _ . 

—Miry (wid Umberto) to 2416 Roasinl Urd ifknd E Twpl 
tortolotto AIM (Mirgt) prod pUftnrr Detroit fa 3218 W*Ue*l*jr 
-Aline (wld Jatm) A 2606 Parent Wvd (Rom Pk) 

--Ernest.. (LecU) «np McKinnon Industries b 13G3 Central av 
—Gnrdutt (Bianrbe) Uttw ?pr General Motoro to 2ft» Parenl blvd 
(Rem Pal 

—Linda A oftf wkr RUafaea Mumn h 2dOft Parent tdvd (Hem Pk) 

—Lcrentr (Veronica) fa 5215 Rlveroida dr (R*Side) 

—Raymond (Jn-Aane) mach ->pr General Motors ft 3639 Parent 
tlvd (Fern Pk) 

—Secondo (Irma) elect ChrysUrr* It W Mercer 

termiuns) Alex (Patricia) set-up man Foroya ltenagement h 331 

—ErweaURa^helJ Ufc Keywtcne Construction b 5167 Wellesley 
—Johanna (w’kl Jo*) h 868 Bridge *v 

terysewytorb Ann* teller Camfc Imp Bu»k of ' mmerc# r 1336 
La be di* rd 

—Harry uf! war Walkwrvlll* Brewery r iWh Utadie rd 
—Jotm (Miry) carp b 1635 Latawll* rd 
Bee Pieter (Loatte) (Pete's Body Stop) r 2187 Farkarood av 
teacarinl Aide (Marilyn) civtl engineer C-mninghans-Llmp Ltd 
b 1663 U Bell* inaad W Twp) 

—Frank ctudl r . Wfc Walker rd Wand E Twp) 

—John (Vlctonal supt SterLag ijcnatn r. 2S)4?> Walker rd L^u«d E 

-Peter (Ruth) pro* Win '.’farome Plating b 4024 Mount Royal dr 
<3and W Twp) 

—p.*netc- KJlaudU) wldr Volta AViders fa 453 tecfaav 
toaco BUgVo (BaUa) llnamn rhryeUri b 461 Eodras pi (R’Sldc) 
—Carmen (Ellath) janitor Chrysler* n S81 Plerr* av 
—DmojUIc (Ckrman) emp Chrynlera b 1473 RoxaUJ tdvd 
teseUl Lou Anne atudt r 1108 Gladatnne av 
teses Lcthar rtudt r 247ft Lincoln ri 

Bcaettl EplfAni- (CarmeU) xr*Ul fttsfar ChryaUnt b 987 M.y »v 
—Herman L (Carolyn Lee) with Win UUliUee Cominn (Hydro DRrl 
fa X0E6 Janette av 

testoer John A Clrkka) acct Snmdley ft Monaleut b «13 Bedford 
(Hand S Twp) 

tesiey Victor to 4, 303 Caron av 

Dc.myak Adam G lehr St Wilfred <RO School r 135 Lack Sr 

—Cha* (ElUttol mU fnahr lUwknswooa Oarage Ltd a 1166 Pierre 
imp Fords fa laac* dr (H’iU-fr) 

D06NYAK __ , 

—Mirj priv v* R-rom Walkers r 13F Back dr (R Plde* 
teaai Anthony P (Paulin*) wtehren Youngs teduatrUa fa 14»4 
D''iiJxU av 

—Cha .3 (TvtronilU) h tlOfc Dou^ill av 

—Jen F lM»rl n»aiat*nanoema L A Young h 870 Cafcana rd a 

LUnd W Tap* __ 

Bonai.. F^rtunata (Franroecal Ufa Domuuon Forge ft 488 Plerr* 

to**m John r 2V»4 Janette av Ukutd W Tap) 

—Jon dropalciar S.-uib Wlndncr Cat LH r 5174 Janette »v 
(Sana M Twp) 

—Hc« (Violet.) It 2174 Janette ev ISond A Twp) 

H sxy lg*..r R (Emrtara) mgr Cfaryklors fc 346 Eactlawn tJvd 

(RYOde) _ _ _ . 

tout Jrhn (GaU) *mp Delrott a 1780 F*nidal* av t^and E Tap) 

BoAitcfa (Canada) Its Jaaa Cock mgr stapling mseto rrfr* 6CM 
Victoria av . 

(ftatwwU Alberta (wld Wurtl^w) b 148 WeaUninmer Uvd (PTttde) 
Boswortfa A1W O (Wan tbe) ft V** Hall av 
—Rufay M tefar VLaana 3*dii r 156® Hall av 
tease rat John fcUnrher grinder Fords fa 1038 Csk av 
LvtM Anthuny (Miry) rngine-r Fcrdc ft 53t$ Rail av 
—Frank r 8tfc3 Chari (asm* W Twp I 
—Jan (Jana) h (roar) 445 P»ll*si*r 
—Jo* (Rone) b s262 Chart Ouid W Twp) 

Bn urn Geo chef Elmwood Ht-uil r 1443 Goal Lett* av 
Botonan Aurel (Miryannr) slcinn Frank W terror h J014 
Rankin av 

—Gregory (Rntt»l) aUmn Turlty DairUs to 1822 Ferndslr av 
(Bond E Trpl 

—Jot* (Rose) *mp ChrysUr# fa 1, 240 rmrtingicn ar 
—John (Catharine I Ufa Fcrda ft 23'ifl Howard *V 
bctsftnl Brtty A r 1812 Devonshire ct 
—Joto E (Beatrice) marketing mgr Hiram Walker n IFl 7 
Rivercvle ir IR*Slile) 

—Jo* L (Ann) genl mgr Grant Lakes Porgimp h 1815' EkVOnnttn 

-Miaro«7 opr Bell TeUptero r |f®T Rive raid# dr (R*3ide| 

- Waiter J (Jean) emp Hiram Walkorc ft 1076 P-Usrler 
Botl Geo C (Florence! guard Essex C :unty Jail b 4, 33C7 

—Lawrence (Barbara) h 1427 Ifror* av 

—Theodore stud! r 4. 3X0S Handwlcfa 

te tie rill Bruce J (Fama) elk W Y Central to 1U8 Fell* sv 

—Matilda (wid Ager) elk Red Robin Sere to 384 John B av 

—Rotot (Peggy) punl.r h 828 Cadillac 

—nu emp Drtrolt h 384 J bn B av 

totting Fred J Uc CMR r 1108 Ifcy av _ 

—Gee G (EUc*n) lab Gail Mrtcro r 3461 Byng ru (3and E Twp) 

—Weeiey R (One*) mgr The Bank of flcolU h 552 
Belleperch* pi (R'314*1 
Bottler .‘bun (wid Martini r 228£ M?y av 
tottoir Frank 5 aaxmblr Frrda r 8S2 3t Luk« rd 
Butkxme Edmi 5 (Marjorie) ft 2> Tbnmpecn tlvd (**S4o> 
teittmet Angela (Ccrina) Ufa f< Y Central Railway to S296 Tarom 

—Eleo (Barbara) a is tun Wonder Broad fa 3803 BUckfaurn et 
—M ft Snn (Marcel tottaaat) caLtnet mar? 2860 LaagiaU av 
(Rem Pk) 

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—Victoria *»p OLsonitu Co Ud r 2X05 Turner rd 
K ucterd Alptoao* atwtt r 2646 Charlee 
-Etomnett (Grace) trfa drvr McKinnon tndoatrlea h 348t Walker 
rd l.nat^t E Twp) 

-Cocfedlonery (Mrs Grace touebart) «03 Walker rd (Rand t 

-Eugmu t (Anna) »et up man Ford# r. 2646 Charles 
-Gaston (Luciitt) mgr K-Miri Depart trout fUona (Br) A 3543 
Charlevopi av UUtxl A Twp) . 

—Gerard (Lucy) toromn G«nl Mrtors h BOB teaca dr (R*3ldal 
—Jt* K (Fueetnary) emp Cfaryaler Can fa 1481 D^igall av 
—OvUa J (Eva) drvr Brewer* Warehouse to 3708 Rlfaerdy rd 
(ftind E Twp) 

—Rcsaid r 37t33 Rlberdy rd L9ao4 E Twp) 

U<ucfa*r Aurora (wid Wml to 1686 PeliaaUr 
--Blanche Mra to 2. 240 Pratt pi 

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Supply Ud b 373 Westminster tdvd (R'mdel 
—r«*ald J I Mrtwll motor proer CNR to 1838 Olandal* av tSaU 

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—E-ha M Mrr. =ik Metropolitan Uf* h 3C62 Mvctcalm 
—Garden Centre I Krnoat Uroh ft Jo* toucher) garden I 
w s IM'.Uv rd l3aM W Twp) 

—Gary utudt r "18 Uutcn rd (R'Sldel 
—Henry 'W (Yv.xwl prcvlaioo mgr Essex Factors b 877 
Randolph av 

—Jaa r 3?4»5 Rlvwrelde dr a 
•-John 0 (kVca) elk Forda fa ’’81 Janett* av 
-Jo# A (Alexattirwaal (toucher Gardaa Centre) to V S Maldee •' 
LSand W Tap* 

—Jca R (Laurrttel maintenance Chryaler# to 26IW .^ata» re 9 
Lvim 1 W Twp) 

—Larry fop Frank's Jtoltcrtal Service r 2M Detroit 

• •Lawrence I Irene) Ufa Beard of Work* fc Ji52 OjWd _ 

—Philipp* F (Eva) officer Custom* ft Eads* to 3M4 i wnau^ 

--RdUpp* J (Dora) h 83* Albert rd 
—Raymond H (Yrronel rraintcaance City of Windsor to dWW 

—Rictod r 268 Drtrolt- 




—Vivian (wJ4 Knain) r Hihkrj rjla-istatHi- av — 

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—Antonis (Evangeline) lap Fvurris ft 796 nv 

—A riband A )*t ftorda h i«Bl St t^» ro 

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»*Cliaa E {Gi-rtru set f 3 ream Win P»c iters b 404 Ruto/ph nv 
—Du&l utrbor Wm W Limteot r Vjf Lioculu m 
—D^rtuld tab Oliver Spring Service r 73-1 South a? (Keen 


"fimtni h 1323 Crawford tv 
—Emily Iwld Frink) b tJ7? McKay av 
.-Fieri* twid Jut®) h 7JJ6 Lincoln rd 
—Frank r ti?31 Si Luicr rd 

—Gmston /(Sally) mgr Adelinas *n fj 660 Cl ilea blwn w 
-t>rr> (IF jrrrjr Windsor Fn cto ry Supply kte ftUtadebitH 
--lu»vy rt^mn Cftrjralurs r 122 ft Crawford tv 
—Ltixrenr (Anheilxw) carp Petgire mstruntlBn n A7S sv 

—JUtqb (UUlapi tton'E h Rankin av 

—Pitrick (Claud lb] alto h V ft h6B Partington tv 
--PiHtr alto r 24£H Akala H (Sand = Twp) 

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—lUtymureJ i Bernice! emp Ckrnroli r -id:: McK*r *V 
-ftedariqu* lElta) ssrt mgr Jamcn Chevrolet Gtatnobll* Ltd 6 
&TJ Efcwwatr rtf 

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-*ThEBpfaxn? (Lillian) carp Capitol Bmps h 016 OUaragui 
—Victor (Shirley) omp jtards h b40 uui&ifi rd tR’Sfo*) 

—Victor ipblntefiKflce Groat Lakes Forgings n 1313 bedell 


—Victor J (ktortasna) h 306-t Eyng rd hjntp i £ Twp) 

HouffOrd Ida (wJd Emeirt) r 01 nUtm Vlvd a. 

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FcuJfurd Adrian (Wiontfrcd) ^rutn dtr-- Hime Walter h SiSik 

—Arcrlip (wdd SfeMD h Hit Cnelua ct 
-Oiffard F. (Dorothy) ir^r C « R EKpreas h fcfcKav av 
iftinrt IV Twp) 

—Eton D (Verortlctt) eo-;.Fauuurjr Chryalera n hO(l Beilis Isle 
V(«w fclvd (R p S14ai 

—EomlJl (JydlLnl ntudi n l<e ( SOUS Wysurioti* (fi‘Slmt) 

—Douglas A fibril r &O0 Belle Isle View Uva (R%lde} 

—-EUw»r (Retsi) irvr Tunnel twr B-Q h BIS Bruct- av 

—i SlDKf (Eva) li ZU S.untiet av 

— Mb* Iwid Htiniy C) r SEfisJ McKay av ISand U Twp) 

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3134 r*imaliy 

~Vml RCkl J r IfeKay iv Ifitnil W Twp) 

—Phylliis «.-mp DuttcU r 1711 *** a 
b:.'jghiii!r Ann<* (whl Ju)m) h 4 f 1630 Wyudatlv w 

— fflrfefra Ctud) r StiJS GlJkdJEteiie av 

—Chester J (Blanche) mgr Powniown Mttor Sales TVlndanr) Lid 
h 333B McirrLa dr (Gsmd WTwp) 

—£^)tvo (Ethel) slump AXuaiinutn V-Eual Prnducta r IU1S 
Vlmbrir av 

—Derek sUidt r ^^8 GUo^teno av 

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-Dorwc (wld MoviUel h uZV Erie w 

-Bncta twtd Ctaft) n £?m ctmjxh 

*-Ei!» r Huron Line 

**Evertu C (Violet) apeebt) edutalton aait Beard of Educm^-n n 
libjiti Gladstone av 

—F Cillfortl (K Fl^rtmce?) ?ran& ;pr For* h S42B T-ufunfleau rrl 
<S*nri F. Twp) 

-'Fredrick H r TSS Bevonchlre- rd 
--Gar/ r ^43 Church 
—Helen V h 330 Lilltnn 

-I Syren (Laura) prrs A k W Drive &o (Wiudfiort Ltd h 7S5 
Dewnahlre rd 

Win (Olive) vnee-prej A (k 'A Drive ks ( SHnikor) Ltd h T^t 
Devonahif-f rd 
-■rittk r H7& Huron Lijw 
-*Jag H (Janet) stmttr Ftrrda r 184)'. CadUUn: 

—Lcula S ace 1 ! Candn linperlai Bank z-T C-snims+rce r K4E” 

Kildare ra 

-Msrl-ne r Si243 Church 

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-Jtory M (wid Harold) h 316 Mitihj?w-Bmdy Uvd (R'SSdel 
—non! I (Eleujjor] lab DOm Fvrge h faTa'l Ottawa 
-Hu/ P trif dm McKunie AMdcioUvi* l Windsor) Ud r 2 i ?43 

-^ianiey G (Katharine) fcmkrrnn OMR h dm King 
“tfcymufl (Alice) (B'-vighner'c Suited Service Station I res Puct 
^lighner 1 * Sutioe--. Service (W^yman Boughnorl 3£& 

Tex'umsch hlvd w 

f Brenda) emp Checker Cafe r 0MO Turner rtl 
—^rtwd A (Ida) ^anitatl^n da?pt City of WUtds^r h 2636 Turner rd 
;-fcwi r m Bsward av 

DeoL«* M dlic Cojmda Halvnrjn i AMndsar) Ltd h 1916 Church 
—rtenajd E (Craceli tJrvr Cross SupplSrn * Fnving h 10 it Church 
ir-itlUrfft At Sheen < AJL-t Br.ul^nel nhws L&09 Tecutoseh Plvd r 
-ASti j (Oaylo) Iai EkJulUuie SiatesJ fa 3*0* Fsnldn av (Kami W 

—Alei pul eonstatile F*ollnr Depart ment ti 46V6 Kfontgomery ^ 
l^d W Twp) 

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“S?®* J (LyddBlI) dmfllng elk Oaiuin Bridge h MM ftaiTla 
-aanry j (lAtteitne) wldr Crtpp;; Welding Service h 1B37 Nonran 

■*^ 1 ^ M label -xmirM elk l?hn Wyeth k Bto r m* Lincoln 

wclftto Ben ha houfcpr r 1040 Laing 

^Uhcn A H C: Ltd Berj Ef BcnLtim pfes, Frank A pitted vlcif- 
iTt-r:, Keith 3 fkmnett ;rc*trriir, whal gr nr toha-rr: V 
Cpftfectlonery $0b-fl3£ Caron ev 
~*™«1 P- lime) j>r*5 A R Bcultam Cj Ltd fa 1890 Cherry lawn rr 
W Twp) 

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-'Jirjld t (IfarreiLi) t .mp A H Ffculton C:i b MrEwmi av 

-Shirley A ftnir atyiL.t Kay-toctrar * Cfaerrylewn rfvs 

(Hatyl WTtirp) 

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BvimEiia Alfred lEmily) h l, 329 Camera av 
K iiftotmili AlcUif? (Aur-tfel vttgmevr TermrinaJ b 177^1 
Hall ay 

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B^urcivr Jct*rtt* a U5S0 Hail av 

fcirttetta ^atrico M ^ local dir R C Children^ Aig 3oc h U£d 

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Oliophera e 

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(Band W Twpl 

—Ed* (Catherine) gtiam Chnmpkm Spark Plug fa 142i! ifhnplwrd 

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“Hoctor J (Aimliil elk Farda fa 2436 French nt (Sand E Twp) 
—*vhn C Uean) phannacifi* £fag V Pharmacia h 1L2C Bruce av 
--.Vg fawp Hwuii Credit C> rMSd UiU# fiiver rd 
—MLM 4 R r 1 S 2 P Brucv av 
—Philip F (Jean) supt Forda h 4fald iieosant p[ 

—M&yih t>g 9 (pou^l ptohr DcmunJria Stor^a h 449 Parkview ov 

--Ricnj tDusmvl usai mgr Kreagas n 3613 Queen 
—Rlcfarf-ii (Claitdettc) efnp Detroit t 2432 Franonlb rd (Sand E 

—Ronald M fatudt r 4bic PiflftmtRt pt 
—Roy (Ufraine) lap D-mtnlon Forge fa 1177 Cfcltmv 
Beurgganlii Valloa (wld Fetor) r £ 8 il Evrrlu av f;^,; w Twp) 
BourdglcuMi FmG (Anfm Ml transp tirvr MtrnBbooal CirtAuH fa 
1537 Folia av 

Bounjiiptin Cacjle Mrs fa SEE VictOHria aw 
—Dointatal IVuSc-rin*!) carp FLitc-n ConstrurUun fa 867 
M&rnntutte av 

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fa lOOt Finikin av 

B^urgauH Ralph r ll-OE Ciladstonu av 
Bourgaaw Rsma? J (Cvrothy) cik Fords fa Unit £-9* 8i0 
WyanckJUo (R'SiibU 

biiirgoviLs Leo (Thar*>3A) Safe ^ndla-Ecllfae fa Z t $9Q tlmud 
Mamla fd « (Sand W Twp) 

& .urged Adrienne twid Philip) r 1730 Albert rd 

—'Yolinde Mfth fa 380 McD-jugall 

B-ark* Eiiaan r 36fa£ CicmGnffeau falwi (3and E Twp) 

—Frank t Joaephinu) mainlamnce Kelsey Wheel Co fa 914 Co it av 
—Harold J (Alfaertinvl »mp Dirtralt h 2 &fcS ClvmencraBu Uivd 
(Band E Twp] 

—Jean ehkr Apgq Oeanere r Ekit 3 Otitarkt 
—Duyd (Ja-quBiine) storckpr Beil Telepfavnc 1 ; 1194 Modwemare 

—Tirrancr e<Jllor WlftdJu r Star r &&ft Vlatorta av 
b -umv Alvin R (EVHtyn) fa 9 C 6 1 .* 3&h Ifailve.nilty av e 
^’-ArOaar G Osat^Ud) h S934 Huwari av (Ram IHd 
—I^vlii Sts rep Cltlea 3ervicu OH C-i Lid re* London 
—Blfatth twid Jofi) r 321 Caron av 
—(Clara) ti 1071 Ottawa 

—43era(i F/ IPhylHn) nupt Chrynlerr fa LIB Onadun av (R > Sld#i 
—Joytt- r 3£L Cimtham i> 

—Kenneth (ktofaol) lab CfaryalerE fa 060 Chatham & 

—Atlrhl trk drVT Ahcdimald t* White VtrniMl 4 Paint r»a 


Bourns David C (WaryI d#pl mgr Fanie h 3l3i)Gleawh>od av 
(Gams ST Twp) 

Bobrqtai Albt (Georgina.) emp Kfart-^ih aervlco fa 1813 Otandale 
(Bifid E Twp) 

—Annand J (Jarqoftihwt) emp Detroit fa 1R)4 Central av 
—Brsioll H (Joan) sitp ©atmH fa 4(10 St toils av (H^ide) 

—BemJan r 16E4 Atifein nt 

— Bury) Vfrr. h 1572 EUmso av 

—Furtiand C {Flv-v-ticuS «inp Can-fan Bridge ti 1588 N^rtnun rd 
—Gladys r 1564 Auhln rfa 
—Harvey r 1654 Aufem rd 

—L Paso spray pat? Canadian Eirlfaga Works r 90E Jo* Janhtss av 
—tomam flvy^al aaamtlr ChryBleni h Central av 
—L^ulsnMtt tflk Agnaw-Siirpans Kfatn* Stcras Ltd rea River Canard 
—Ovldn (YVctme) snip Frank ‘j Janitorial Jjsrvlc# h flQ2 Jbs 
J wtlaaw av 

—Pauli flnrp Can-In Bridge r 501; Joe Jaaiaae av 
—Hoy C (tferjorta) w/^’ mitk uDmn Mverwooda n 3$l7 Turasr 
rd (Gand E Twp) 

—Vlrtor J (Janet) map Pim Forge h 3D60 Chndurand hlvd 
(Sami W Twp) 

—Wilfred ((Jim) cut-up man Kelsey Wbw.l h IE54 Aubin ret 

- WUfrad Jr studt r 1C&4 Aubin rd 

B^-jcsey Henry (Doris 1 ‘Irmn Wondfar Bread fa 1780 Aufaln rii 
—Olive (wid Arthur) r, 1143 Unco In ra 
—Wilfred J (Lcrrtm) taut chijjf win Fire Department n 1153 
Lincoln nl 

B'jutjuttler Efitalk art pupnrar Btodwlch East Haimnua ScIm a) Bd 
guertioo N -3 1 r lO Si Arjia (Teirumsah) 

—Harold J U« 3 hn»?) (jaglneer Cliryriurs it 12ft9 OLod&bme av 
—#m M t Mafias) ^tfap DHrsit fa 30U Houkweii av tSftnrf W Twpl 
Ek-utm Albt (Mary) aimmblr Diryelvrs kfSh29Gaorg» &v (Sand E 

**Eugia« (toilet door fir Chryslera fa 3 £I 17 £ c Ho# tv (Send F 

—Loo A (F&trkial nadh Great Lftkha Fofpfaspi fa Uftfad Byng rfa 
(SAwl K Twp) 

—tier man E (Wlnlimdl elk thtndrt Hall Go h 3H!i W;odluwn av 
(Sano E Twp) 

-►Norman J (Edith) foratnn V;x Cfawntert (Windsor) Ltd h 1571 
Franco la ri 

—BaytEt>nd asamfelr Chryalera r 2&17 E C Row av (. L jaou E Tap] 

—Rran lw(4 Arsi ng) n 090 Arthur rd 

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h 1, £SB Pratt pi 

—Dnnaiii G (Him) vlf Foma n 310 Parjcview av tR’$idi+) 

—EiWd E (Miry) pr*? BAD Appliance Part j; h 8B7 Virginia av 
tR s SM#> 

-F.rrtesl ti 7 brant 

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—TTwraian (Yglande) nravh ;f Champion Spark Plug h 43A 
Btiiinparubfi p) (E^Jdat 

—Ivy Mrs sun: Otralt h afil,, HJ!i Wyandotte (R^ilu) 

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J ai'id! r 227 Virglhia av (R\H(de) 

—MluhtU* Mtudl r 478 Paniogtcsi av 
—Pku( (taryl tool £ ddr induutrial Tool U Dupfilies fa 583. 

—Rayim-nd A (D-j stithy) light rprmn Ctiryalers h 157(5 Ollwrd 
--Rtmafal T (Lorraine) tool L lie mkr Tbiinge ,'iprttig fa 'Wlrv fa 
1070 Tjibn.l li* |rt 

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—Rpy F fitadt r 2336 l^rent av 
—Wm C wldr r 73$B Ffareni av 

--Win J IB^ rKaduile) elect Cfaryalars fa 2i38 Parent: av 
BoutiUer Gou (HarrleU rnalnttmauice Ouub Rfjck Salt fa UTS 
MiKay av 

"fbatrf jMitnr n>rrt Track fa Trailer Egupment Ltd fa IGB-i 
DraulLUird rd 

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—Iawrctsc« D tfi&m M> uln mgr Epps A rmy aurpbvs hlurae r 

Z121 Almrii* rd 

— Wm wldr AfcElniioij lad r L7C0 St Uke rd 

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Wyar.doue (p 'filial 

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Bcxitrsaa Dvrb h fe h 811 Pivaraidw dr w 
B6«ti?ca Bo uia E Lab J Koum&ky fa Sana r M5 Larry av 
—EIIcj (Marit?) maimcmmcc FmUh’a of Windsor fa ged Bruce av 
—Goo (Mary) 1st J Kuvlttsky fa Sons h 1BE Curry av 
—Marie Mrn oik Massr Fruit Go 
—hfadho) ]fib J Kevinsky fa Four, r Curry sv 
^-Phul (Ihtttdl ump KwliiAl^f fa, L n f I0fa Cvrry ay 
—Sarkh. lab 1 K&vlnaky fa Scroa r Ldd Brace &v 
Bam* Geo E (AtMUi) yardmti cm h 854 CaUlcrais nv 
--Linda L sec Elmwood Caato fa Motor lUlet r 004 C "l tf> rnln my 
knuzildc Lani (Eva) ssie Tfetizmal Grorvra ti 44fiS Wtodn«Bii-T ar 

^Fradk fChitm) aiamti CvfULraJ Chrysler Plymouth Ltd h 4, 234 
Llaii av 

—Jaa (Mirirl h 9$0 Piranl av 

--Jarry J f%lvio> oast mgr P*t fa -toll's Finn fa Chiiii t\ 4'.^ 

Gli ldeo av ffl'iUdn) 

—Victor (Carol) lab b 3* l&ae Ontario 
P'-.-yp Arthur r it*3 DroullLard rd 
B.iVen Francis h 634 Apadruptlcin 

B VEV Oertrud* prtv sec airam Walker fa Sana r 1105 Pierre av 

— Wm ( Alice) h lies l^arre mv 

tory li (JoyceI emp Detroit h G041 CffUtevnU mtf ISand W 


—John M iGiadya) oomptraUer El combe Eogtoemrlog b 2848 
Melbourne rd 

Fowdfsn ^timriae fwirr Stuart) r 31481 Turner rd. 

—Catherine Eindl r [Vfiti Wr.rmai| rd 

‘-Gerald C (Verne) camnLLiisEjDfialrci Corp of CoenfHtasJooairm 
h lTa& Normaa rd 

*--Ja3 (Edith) eogineer Norton Palmer Bo tel h 48i,b Chelae* rd 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Lcunra (wld UfflurJ) h 707 Sunne] ay 

—Morrl* R fnghitmartre Keller 1 ^ r ?Ml Turner rd 

*-Stuart J studt r K4BI Turner rd 

—01mm W (Gweetolyn) mgr BumaUt* Hardwara Lid h £431 
Turner id 

—Wkllacs A (t^helJ mp Cetrelt h 0S1 Gitas ttfvd e 
Bowon An Limited Arthur T Bowra pr&a m^nc rbthtag 3id 

—Arthur T (Gloria I prra Art Bowen LtmLed h 50’ia Brae* av 
Ifon-dI W Twirl 

—Florence fwld Waiter) h t>3, Hlrh GiafhMijn© av 
—Eydaey V (Mary) wltchmn CNR h 34^0 Raiidt>)pb nv (Sand w 

Bewer Carol L stvtwg r 611 Petoiar 
—Frank B (Ada) b 1350 Ball av 

—Geo G (Patricia N) vnu uryr Win Trurk fa Storage ft 466 CUaimi 
—Gertrudf h 4, 633 Church 
—Jtfi W fl-tnRcaal h 4J.3 EUtfi av w 

— Mirgt f 611 PoKsnler 

—targf fiiira lug .aide Riverview tiwp r U 0 & Howard av 

- Wm ( Jfesnio) h 1360 Curry av 

Bewaring CIvl-; (Mud*) crach bona Ftmta r. L127 tarotuede av 
—Chan ahull r 1127 hSanmtette av 

—Faith C nurtifl FFjiel Dieu Hcopital r U£7 birtmtetie HV 
—Keiihaeat bclllur Twin Pities Ljwiry t UE? Wtaxeniette av 
(kr«er& /dlai (Genevtuvai ttKiinilfr Paragon T^U b 125 &.irtha >v 

—Ralph W irvr Mo Anally Frelgnt-W^y- Co Ltd rea Cottam 
—Roirt C (Doreen) announcer Cattdn Brosicauiiicg Ct>rp b 2201 
Domkilfani tflvd (ikmd W Twp) 

—Theodora m-Ml r U6 Berth* av IR'Slde) 

Biiwes Etner W J (Violet) h 30M'dki:rth ftod W Twp) 

—Isahel twld feW t» h mi Francois rd 
—J talvHlo lEvelynl (Betlonv Hearing Centra) h 4(M6 Eden Jr 
(3aiHi W Twp) 

~~V Alan diat Si* rep A C WJjKclu* Limited raa HR 4 Amhurai- 

Bsiwey K\% (arid Poray) u m. Lougall av 
—Fldrrtw?# E (wid Sytbwy) r 107-0 Arraa 

—Wllacm J (targuurLii*! aer-trsftii-3caiptroller Csaaiitaa tai^r 

LAmia Co Ud h l$70 Arraa 

Bow-Kay Flowers I Mrs Rolan Edwards i flcirisi Hc5 TecuicBeb 
blvd e 

fkwker Frank s (Impel) h 347 Farliagtmi *v 
“ Jack (Ssntii) *tmp Drtroli u 4H Rankin av 
—SlwlU »Kfp cik Foirtir r 84” Partington av 
fcfcwTty il faiargjt h 801 Virt^ri* *v 

BowlErt; Ctrfff^ Strip fNichuian Fiwm) C7& Tocumeeh tlvd w 

AlplutHiuii, WhUf P**i 33 




—Mildred Mr> pin *um Smith's of WMItt r Ulft IAiUcUw 

Bowling Vert (wld C) ft J, #72 Erts * 
l\>whcx Co Lid David Buck (Toronto) pees, Milton Myers vtre- 
pnw aatcmndLi tight Art Or, 930 Walker rd 
Bowimn-Anlhcoy Limited Louis F McXerlle (Ui-vnl prwa, 

Nan Mr Lallan sec-1 won automotive supplies fc equipment 
POO Langlolx *v 

— imrtnra sumog Canadian Acceptance Cto r £836 AlaxaaJr* »* 

Ciand A/ Twp) 

— Betty «*c r £18 Gemerc* »V 

—Dcoald E Otorgt) stkrtn Chrysfera h 2839 Alexandra av Ifiand 

¥ Twpl 

—EtfcsUl D studt r 818 Hlverwld* dr (R*Slda) 

-Ellen (wid Frwd) toekpr r 3«b0 iaw, 

— G Wm OC (Heim) tarr h aot 401. 70 Untwrnlty av w ti 818 
BwnJr dr (R'Bidal 

—Gllbor. £ (Thirieyl br mgr Canadian Imperial Bank of 
Commerce H £308 Turner rd 

—Lsn&r* teller Tar-Do ib Bulk r 2634 Alena rd (Land £ Twp) 

—LUlian Mrs b ib, 1210 Dougall av 
—Ml CM J *tud! r 3**34 Free mount av 

—Patrick J (ri.xth) rnnuir Dept al Internal F.wveiw* b 3734 

—Rachel ft UG9 Vlrry av 

—Rayleea (ad Melvin) name b £18 Cameron av 
—R-xtoey 0 <l*ricnI bus dnrr Grey Hound Unws h 2288 Wellesley 
B:wn Rlcbd N (Muriel) emp Cbryalera h 1637 UlUan 
frwser aim M atudt r 230 Lari dr (FTniW) 

—Kmustfc H ILoulse) «mp Detroit h 2248 Woodland av (Sand V 

-UllianKli Henry) h 3133 hWbouroe rd 

—Lynda typle* Toledo, Scale r 10£fi Windsor av 
-Terry «np Bendia Ecllpne r 3183 Meltramr rd 
Buwaher Docgiai J {Rose-Ann) mgr purchasing eaetu* John 
Wyeth A lire b 3310 Rvwrto av (Butd W Tarp) 

-Lancelot / (AlidaJ buyer b 338 Randolph av 
—Patricia K xtudt r 3310 Evert* av tSand 4? Tarp) 

BcmakUl Arthur W (Dnn-thy) 1 c PO b 3881 Rowland dr ar 
Utond AT Turpi 

— Beatrice D key punch opr Chrysiwr* r S981 H ome lan d dr ar 
Lam I W Tarp) 

—Loan (wll Tftoa) b 1642 Marvntrtt* av 

—Tboa (Jean) work standards analyst Detroit b 2640 Virginia Pk 
av (Sand W Twp) 

ts vy«r Chaa (Florence) with Win UtllUlna Commn IHydro Dlv) 
ru FUver Canard 

—Eric (Vera) fore am funis b 3763 Howard av (Buirt *W Twp) 
-Raymond I Nora) metalier Ball Tet h 3315 Doegall av (Band W 

be.* hkrjorte 1 with Candn Fed Crow Society (Wludnor Br)b 8. 
1362 Oaellette av 

Bttall Anna awc-traaa Waffle** Elect b ftfftt Wlllistead cres 
—Mory H tebr J E Bennan iichl h 2071 Willi* tead crea 
Boy 3cout Headquarters Verna* D P ea ch so?ut executive Ronald 
H Cratte anat dial scout executive 40W Manmlwtte av 
(Sand E Twp* 

Boyce A goes (wld Wm J » h 1066 Raymo rd 
—Alfred F «mp Canin Bridge r 34Srt wall* 

—Clarence C (Lucy) jitney drvr Cbryalera h 3733 Whttney av 
--Rdwd Rev special wkr 2t Alptanaus (RC) Church r 66 Park e 
—Elake (arid Arthur) h 481 Cameron av 
—Jaa W (Murrell meeb Pbfda fee* Maiden rd (Sand M Twp) 

—JeannetU A r 3TI3 JVMsney xv 
—Lulu (arid Leonard L) h 477 Caron av 

..Ifedeltee tebr Maidatone Central ran Malden rd <3hnd W 


— Mar* J Ura IBM aey punch opr JAn Wyeth 4 Bn> h 308, 1844 


—TtacM A (Victoria) drvr Overland Eapma h 100 Elm av 
-Wm H (AoeLe) mgr Candn Imp Bank of Dom b 3488 Rank* av 
(2and WTwp) 

—Wm L dept bead Hiram Walkers r 477 Caron av 
Boycbuck (Beatrice* wtr The Three Bwrt Bouae It 1B28 
Victoria hlrd (Band W Twp) 

Boychuk France* (wld Steve) h 1188 St Luke rd 

—Frank (A gne*)mainlenan^e AUlker Metal Prod h 1037 Niagara 

—Jacqueline atudt nurse r £619 Turner rd 

—Jota (Evetie) lab ChryaUre fc 15It Wyandotte * 

—Kenneth B (MaeI brdrar Hmlthu Bmuty Shop r 1898 EUrmer* av 
—Mary (wld Nicholas) h 638 Irvine av 
—Micbl (kkry) malntemnce Fonts b 2519 Turner M 
—Mike (/eeoiel trimmer Cbryslere h l»W Etamere av 
—Peter r ID16 Cadillac 

—P hilip a ’Diana! punch prvaa opr DomJnUm Forge Co b 1274 

(ieerge av 

Bayeoa AIM E (Floeate) trk drvr Ford* b 363 Jeffemon blvd 

—Barbara r 353 Jefferacn Mvd (R Tilde) 

-Harold R (Catherine) ala elk amilb’a of Artndanr r 460 ElUctt e 
--Harold W pmtr Winder Star h 460 Elilott w 
--Lillian bkpr PlnXertca Detedlre Agonry b 4, COB Qilee Wvd e 
—RnM D (Barham) pol txmntatle Police Department h 831 
Francois court 

— Wm A IFlnrrle) emp American Standard Prod b 3191 DcmMiae 

Mvd (Bind W Twp) 

Boyd Andrew (Eliatb) wtchnm Fcrrda h dBU Gledzrtaoe av 
—Archd L (Mirgt) emp Win UtUUiee CX,mmn Water Dlv b HOB 
Lincoln rd 

—Bertha (wid M rtimerl h 43 Mii wi Lane w 
~Ct*s R (Uadal purcb -iept Cbryslara h 3194 Carry av Ufcrni W 

—D Emeflt r 437 Cbatham w 
—David McC RCMP r ll» Lincoln rd 
—Florence (wid Tboo H) h 106. 274 Giles blvd w 
—Francis cptiyllla) malnamancemn Monhwtod School h 3350 
Morris dr (Band W Twp) 

-Francis Ileubel) mlUwrlghi Chryslera b 1348 Lincoln rd 
-Geo N (Inobel) prin Prince Edward Sett h 474 Fcaedale av 


—Harry 3 (Olive) (Boyd** Barber 4 Beauiy Lcunje) h 4283 

Wyandotte • 

—Herts W D (OUdyi) pc4 agt Sand East Twp b £404 Chandler rd 
(Sand t Tarp) 

-Jaa I Olga) lab Fords b 3<M£ King 

-Jaa L (M Jmnl officer Cuctoma 4 Excise b 10, 1804 Ooynau 
—Jas M (EUsth) sikmc Chryxiero h 121» kkrentiiUe av 
—Jaa R (kfcrgt) irtkmn Fords h £388 Francois rd C'txnd E Twp) 
--Joan (wld Robt) h SZ2 Bridge av 

-Kenneth (Demi pipe Hr City of Windsor h 30S McDou^U 
—Laom (wid Wm) r 437 Chatham w 
—Leah Mm alsldy HU)ye Tuner Ud h 3, 3W* ElUetl w 
—Leooe W Mrs ft 128£ Windermere rd 
—Milter wtr 3l Clair B^tel r 63S Windsor av 
—Nora J tchr Vincent Mi«fey CoUaglat* ln*t r 474 Rccedale av 
-Norman 0 (Barbara) phy 4 xorg 8-8, «IB Uncoln rd h 194) 

—Rlcbd atudt r 1941 Richmond 

-Rett J R police Ontario Provincial Fbllce r 11C6 Uncoln rd 
—Tbos G (EUkth) assessment commissioner Tty Assess t*pt h 
1861 Oneida ct 

— Wm H asamblr Clark Coll r 1M( (L'nnin rd 

— Wm U (Joan) chief ststy engine+r Kelsey Wheel b 883 Jkwaon 


-Wrr M (Jans) acet 0 nf Windsor h M? Watson ev CR’Side) 

Boyd's Barber b Beauty Lounge (Btrry S * Mra Olive Boyd) 

4287 Wyandotte v 

Bcyde J P Rev tchr Corpus Cbrtirtl Sc hi r 191 3t Rem av (RTSldr) 
-J R Mrv k 2A. 646 Argyl* rd 

Boyer DcugUa Rev prleat Dt Palricltfl Church b 1830 Partlngtcn 
av Cand W Tarp) 

—Edgar J b IMF. Howard av 

--Ells A (Miry) pre* Boyer 1 * Campur Unee Ud b Alberta 
Utend W Twp) 

—Jean Mrs b ft 15-517 Victcrta av 

—Jo)» L (Joan) sec tc dep( <?t committees aty C]erX» iWics h 
36*>3 cnmlnlcn Mvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Leo J tVh igel rik Portia b ft, P88 Unlvaralty av w 
-Mxrg) A Mm r 1830 Partington av (5*nd W Twp) 

— Kfcude (wU Wm H) b 748 Argyle rd 

-Hapctc n J (Orrlnne) j«rp Gmtl Motors h 2324 Alexis rd (Sand 
E Twp* 

—Rcmld A (Mine) aec-traas Boyer’* Campus Lanes Ltd h 
9868 Ho »emount *v 

Boyer’* Campus Lanes Ltd Elie A Boyer pres. Mm Mar-y Bcyrr 
vlce-pma, Ronald A Boyer «sc-traas oowling alley 4 
billiards £50) Wyandotte w 
Boyce Earl 3 (hkrgt) alamn Purity Dairies h 3280 Woodland av 
(3and W Tep) 

—Harmon W district tU mgr Union Qbs h IMU Wl£, 5M 
Wyandotte IRTllde) 

—Ida (wld Arthur) h 97ft University av « 

Baykln Rcbt tchr AasumpUon High 3cbl r U» Huron Un» 

B>ykc Ale* (Anne) otkpr Purity Dairiaa b 449 B«Ueperc4e pi 

-Anttony (Ann) aupt Palaaao Apo h IX. 3801 Riverside dr e 
-Antoni b 9, 1017 Pierre av 
-Jas studt r 106. 3801 Rlveralde dr • 

—Kux r 1068 Marion av 

—Micbl specifier Cbryslara r 8, 1017 Pierre av 
—Paul J (Barbara) dispensing optician Imp Optical h 859 
Stanley (Hem Pk) 

—Peter (Dorta) millwright Oiryaler* b 830 Williams (Rem Pk) 
Boyle Alma A (wid John A) h 137ft Ouellette av 
—Carl M spray pntr Chrynlera b £75) Pradn pi (RtSlde) 

—Carl W atudt r £70 Prado pi (FTUde) 

—Carol A gen) maid Candn NaU test tor tha Blind r U469 
Barrymore lane 

--Chaa J (Jeanette) atudt b £77 hanlun av 
—Oareoce (Marjorie) aervtcenm Carl D McIntyre Healing 
Service b 206 Ufaerty (Sand W Twp) 

—David P A (Catherinei maintenance Genl Mxcrs b 400 Viliam- 
av (R’Side) 

—Edwd F (Aileecl b l£40 Marectrtte av 

—Elgin C (IVjrt lhy) aaxtnUr Fords b 3489 Barrynwre lane 

— Fredk (Hilda) serv mgr T*muun Ttra Snnrtre Ud b 1823 Aubm 

—Fredrick r 381 Church 
—Gw> (Lena) h T77 Memonal dr 

— Hugh J (Vivian) emp Candn Bridge h 266 Riverdale av (R’Slde) 
—Iran# r £312 Windermere rd 

—Ja* assmblr Hawkeswood Garage Ud re* RR ti Eenex 
—Jas (Basel) emp Cbryalera h TOOK Riverside dr (R’Side) 

—Jas lAgnaa) janitor service Young kvduatrlea h £44 D*troll 
—Jas (Lydia) stssmabip agt 3eaians= tail Corp b 301 Dormar dr 

—Jas S (IreneI fieIdasn The Domain o( Canada Genera) tea CP 
b 3591 Charlevoix av (aand W Tep) 

—Jerwne E atmftr Windsor kUchanical (?ontractjra Ud r U4 • 
Mirvtttstte av 

—John (June) mgr Royal Bank of Canada h 810 Drranahire rd 

-John F asst Chrysler* r 1240 Marenlctle av 

—Jaa L (Doris) acting auprvar 2Uverw.«d* n 1640 Central av 

—Kenneth (Rita) wldr Chryaisrs b £249 Metgbeo rd (Sami E Twp) 

-•Unto ctadt r 1043 Hall av 

—Rbrma typist Fords h 947 Lincoln rd 

—Norman D (Patricio) b»l 4 die mkr Fords b £431 Omwrcity 

av vest 

—Fotricia sec University r-t Windsor re* RR •£ Tecamseb 
—Rayicood L (Edith) head bar Adler Baking Co 41975 Arthur rd 
-Rnbt (Itory) asamfclr Canadian Motar Lamp b 332 McKay av 
—Rc« H (Dorothy) (Willoughby-boyte Electric) b 2673 byng rd 
••ftonald agt CanMchaal'a Imperial OH r 206 Liberty Cand W 

—Sami C (Marguerite) chief ope rating engineer City WiiwMcr 
b 3740 Virglnm Pk av Oand W Twp) 

--r«(rl G (Isabelle) roach rpr Colonial Tool b 989 hrUioe av 
._3ar»h (wvd Rent) ctmrvamas Security Bldg (Win) r «32 McKay 

— Wm (Carrie) r 947 Line;-la rd 

Itoyn* Geo (Irvne) auto aaamblr Chrysler* b £736 Parent blvd 

(Rem Pk) _ 

Boynton Arthur J (Minnie) mgr Burton Tbe Taller h 430 
Randolph av 

—Lloyd V (Derdhyl s l < PO h 962 Rankin av 

—Regina (wsd Harold) b 1033 Victoria av 

Boy* Young Christian Students Leo P Mirttn pre*. Frm) 

Jacques eec-tres- Catholic yoath movement i004 Olive rd 
Boyur Kenneth alnmn Jams* Chevrolet OMxmobUe Lid roe RR l 

ftviysux Nellie (wld Wm) h £389 Auhin n) Idand E Twp) 

B&a Achilla (Fraaceacal lat> Walker Metal Prod b 24"1 Meidraa 
rd (Sand K Twp) 

_i Antony r 1141 Albert rd 

Beaack Carol b 1196 McI*ugaU 

Boxanlcb Deni spot eldr Cbryalera r 1782 Drouillard rd 
—Oeo (Nettiel r 17«£ Dr^Ulard rd 
-MUlicent with Win Uulitisn Carmen (Hydro Dlv) r 178B 
Droulilard rd 
—Nick h 1106 St Luke rd 
—Nick studt r 1782 Drouillard rd 
—Root lab Cbryalers r 1762 Droulllard rd 
—Gmllja investigator In^.-Cie Tax Dep4 h l^CS Droulllard rd 
Bosanovleft eegdirn «mp Hotel Royals r 487*? wyandmte e 
EoaekOeo DArgD k P58 Langlnls av 

_John (Elsie) lab 511k ttonalartaring Cn Ltd r 1619 

Marentette av 

Buoich Mary b 2, 2230 Ontario 

Baris Wrr (Helen) ant pmtr P^st Paper Bix Ud b 23 Antunxi 
~t (Sand W Tep) 

tv cman Geo H (Zeima) b B80 Janette av 

Eceaan Elicth Mrs tfclrt toWer Forest Clnr* rw» RR i Miiiaicne 
Boxsettc mnvanrn J (Palmim) lat Nlckla** T\»l 4 Die b 924 

Bpreoexi Kathy wtr* Niagara Restaurant b 313 Gcyaos 
Snaant Aurele (Nancy) alamn Canami Bread Co b 29 Frank a* 

—David J (Lorraine) h 34^4 Handy CR’SUds) 

-Conns M Urhr (U Gabriel (RC) School r £218 Fcre« »v 
—Edwd (Delores) maintenance Kelsey Wheel h 2116 Forest av 
-Henry J (Altlna) k 3432 Handy (R*31de) 

—Jearrne (Brb-In Beauty Salon) r 3432 Handy (R‘21dei 
-Job E RCAF r £218 Forest av 

—Lao (Marion) maintenance Cbryalert b T62 Pierre ■? 
—Leonard (Rolandel drvr alamn Canadian Unsn Co h 3318 
Girardot av 

--FMuilne emp Burrrugh* Adding Michines r 3431- Hxndy HCSida) 
--Rene A (Vera) fire officer Dept of Transp h £759 Clemencrtit 
t4vd (.land E Twp) 

—Row H r 29 Frank av UTClde) 

Bnieod Uvina Mr* ft 0. 1561-1567 AamurpOon 
Brmny Jaa (Marcella) ft 485 Giles ttvd e 

Brace* Alice B (wtd Orlande) cU Wtndaor Social Ihmric** Dept 
b 943 E lame nr av 

Braccxc Frank (Isabelle) emp Windsor Gmve Cemetery h 364 

Brack Animal ifc,.pital ( Wm O A Brack) 3321 Howard av Lend M 

-Wm G A (Jean) (brack Animal H epital) . 

Bracken Anmir E (Vera) Insp Chryxlera b 3199 Byag rd (Sard l 


-Aruwr J h 31W Byng rd Utond l Twp) 

—Wm H (Dtovial work standarda Chryalers h 3198 rd 
E Twp) 

Bracarr. M*r;* V bkpr Uwvwralty if Winder re* RR *2 Belle 
Brwdac Milan IHrerUKM) x-ray tschn H- tel Dtea h 1945 Ifeugall 

BTOdacs Hri«n atom r 1868 Hall av 
—Julius (Margsreua) I-.-rvnxn Opt Hydro b 1858 Hail av 

— Mary R atudt r 1566 Hall av 

Braddrvok Nora (wad Wm) h l«79 Highland av 
Bradbury Percy (Edith) manic tear h 3307 Kildare ni 
Bradd Ja* R (Edna) ertkr Windsor :>parate £chl Bd ft IfrOD* 
Howard *v 

— Leonard L <P*art Al prcdocUtro planning coordinator Kmdii- 

EcLpac ft 1414 Hall av 

—Tbcs tinsmith Mic J Brian Ud r 1414 La b adie rd 
-Ttes N (Brenda) bream A* Fire l>pt b 1414 Laindle rd 
bradd&cs Kathleen A (wid Jan) M», 1390 OteUette av 
Braden Fredk W (Vera) elect tecbn Forda b 1244 Hall av 
—Wm A vtc*-prw* Reliance Steel Fabricator* Ud ree Royal CM 
gmdtcrd Apt* 1326 Msnmouib rd 

— Krondo M (Nets) coed CKR h l, 10U Bhrentett* ae 
—Gerald R (Dorothy) sl*mn h 121 ft Windermere rt 

—Mr: h 4, 360 Grand Iknu rd e IHand W I'wp) 
—Waiter K (Doisl *r customs dk Cbrywlar* b 326 Fall-view uv* 
Brad lew Itory (wid Owol b 1386 AUwft rd 
Bradie Ale* J acct Central Mortgage U Homing Cnrp n U16 Crt 

--Jas (Jane) h £336 Union 

—Jutm l (CUra) pan ^-pr Candn dalt Co b 610 Chip paw* 
bnwsofsky U^rri* ulsmn Ufeiem Mer.’a Sbup Ud r ST Wkta«sS» 

Bradley AIM ILcm) emp F^rda ft 704 St Antobw 
—Br.ce elect «ngj»e»r CKLW TV r 704 it Antdn* 

—Donald (Patricia) asamblr Chryslera fc 384 Hall av 
—DataU J studt r 37* 4 JAitunalm 
--Elixa (end Chas J> r 3774 Mcntoolm 
—EUztft (wid R W) sis dk aatlui’a oi Wtodoor b 9, lfttd 
—Ellxth C Mn« n 1726 3ooik Carowron r4vd (3an.l W Twp) 

—Erl* H (Anna C) cwd meet Chrynlera a 171*3 PUletle rd 
— Fannie r 642 Vanler (Rorr Pk) __ 

—hTmnr'r. Company Limited loans % liaondng SOU, 1ft My aods» 

—Lilian emp Detroit r 810 Devcoahlre rd 
-Thos (Louise) ft 4181 Wyandotte a 
—Tboa (Charlotte) lab Champion Spark I-lug b 198 Mtrenlene av 
Wilbert Urea*) lat Purus h 1-H3 Hail av 

: W measr bonk :(NT ft Mi Vanler (Rem Pk) 
—Geraldine studt r 1W 7 Wtgls av 

—Herman J Ueesie) auditor LCBO h 364ft Mainonneuvw av 
(Sand W Tarp I . ^ 

—Jas (Elsie) Instructor Wlndaor Arawuriea ft 1, 1404 





—Jessie (wu1 Patrick) h C3, 1653 Wyandotte w 
—John M r 3416 Peter 

— H (Jaw* IBM opr Forda h fl£3 Randolph iv 
—Kate (wid ffcrman) ft 3 ):*J Jondwicft 
—Uiurloe (Betty) nlamn r 207 Watson av (R’Slde) 

—Nora bter &«nett’o Piea ft 0, 1211? Monmouth rd 
—K roen emp Spotter Dry Clnrs r 341« Peter 
—Clive (arid Lr- nard) h 494 Kildare rd 
—Park putll-* playground batweer. 341:4-3476 Cron. 

—Patrick J (Uhrgt) millwright Chrytrletr h 12(P Wigik av 
.-Patrick J stud! r 129'' Wide av 
-Percy tecta: University of yvlnilaor ft 1411 Ooyeiu 
—H'jfct C (Car- line) chemist RinnhM ftfer-n Ltd h 3TM Montcalm 
—R;t»t D (JtagueUlM) parch agt Monarch Office Supply ti 3620 
Bk’-imfield rd 

—Rcnald C (Viclet) slcmn Vrigley’s ti KCI3 Windermere rd 
—Sidney *mp Chryalern h 207 Watson av tR Tilde) 

—Tbot E IFutnanne) lab Chryslero h b, 1469'Ottawa 
—Thcr J asst foremn CPR h 3416 Peter 
—Thoe L (Sandra) tab Wheatley T<x4 & Die h 3244 Bilan rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— A Warren mgr Morden A Helwlg Ltd h 1142 Cftllver rd 
-Waller E fPhyill*) suprvtrr Customs k Excttc* h 1061 Fall* av 
—’Km H (Rcsarla) mech Borden’ j Co h 1721 South Cameron Uvd 

IStcd A Twp) 

Bradshaw EUen (wid Barry) r 1682 Aubln rd 
—Elsa (wid Wtr FI h 1434 Dougall av 
—Everett J (Mabel) engineering processor Chrys(er= ft 2809 
Dacdurand blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Ian M (Jean) engineer Frda h £770 Oandurand blvd (Sand W 

—John C (Mane) (Hradatmw'e Small Animal Hospital) h 1661 
Kildare rd 

—Herman (Katherine) (Norm Bradshaw’s Meat Market) tl 7124 
Riverside dr fR’Stde) 

—Paul T apprentice tool A die Windsor Match Plate r 2806 
Dacdurand blvd ISand W Twc) 

-Phylila phy 13 ?4 PoLisaier h 1432 Victoria av 
~W» C map Ketoey WW1 r 1961 Kildare n 
Srodsliaw’a Norm Moat Market (M rman Bradshaw) Stall *3, 2B5 

—Small Animal Hospital (John C Bradshaw) 1805 Tecumseb blvd 

S«dt Edmund D (EUxtft) telegrapher NYC Riy h 1428 Bruce av 
—Gee A (Leila) b 1188 Church 

—Jahn (Khryt irvr Chryslers h 267b Clemenceau blvd (Sami E 

—Pater timesfcady International Toot r 1186 Church 
Brady AUro-i sc*d t r 2557 Turner rd 

—Dennis A (June) expeditor Fords h 257 Thompson blvd (R’3lde) 
—Donald K (Jeannette) plmbr Mar J Brian Ltd h 464 Hcmedale 
blvd (P’ade) 

—Douglas plmbr Mac J Brian Ltd r 1611 Aubm rd 
—Edith (wid Jas) h 510 Randolph av 
—Grover C (Laurence) h 1136 Marente*.!* av 
—bra D Mrs cU Sand East Put Util h 1611 Aubla rd 
—Jas (Mlmahttre-prea Merchants Speedy Delivery Ltd h 446 
Fkirrlew blvd (F.’Side) 

-Jaa M h 13.06 Riverside dr (R’Slde I 

-Jean (wid Wen) b 110. Ill Westminster blvd (R’Slde) 

—Jean (wid John PI dept mg res H Gray Ltd h 1783 Gladstone av 
—John H (Joyce) dlopaiclier Jones Transport h 521 Campbell av 
—)4rgt r Huron Line 

-Margt sum r 445 Fairview ptvd (R’Slde) 

-Matthew Holding Limited Sydney W White pres 1006, 374 
GuaiUtte av 

—?eter (Irene) swltehmn CNR h 86 Thompson blvd (R’Side) 

—fiobt (Carol) slaty engineer John Keith Generating Station h 334 
Fairview blva (K’Sldvl 
—Ronald atom, r 1783 Gladstone av 

—R;ry (L Delight) pres Merchants Speedy Delivery Ltd rea RR #1 

—Thcsx r 1306 Riverside dr (R'&dcl 

— Waiter r 14**5 Hurcn Line 

—Wn. E C (iltry) mail handler P O h 160t? Grenovlew cna 
Srwndle Edith studt r 3386 Sandwich 
-Jets Mrs slxldy The Travel Shop 

7“J3hn H (ReteccaJ lehr Lowe Vocational Schl h 3386 Sandwich 
sragg Valla Mrs emp Rautley*n Mbtcu* Sotel Stnak House r 1554 

Brwc^ *v 

sraginax Anna Mrs press jpr Hhnncr Metal Products h 1414 
Albert rd 

-*xid QUve (arid Jas) h Unit L-61, 620 Wyandotte (R’Side) 

-Win E (Florence) Inap General Motors h 1864 Larkin rd 
^'Wlord John atadt r 3166 Msrk av (Sand W Twp) 

~*°hB ^ (Afcrjorle) mgr Chryrlem h 3166 Mirk av (Sand W Twp) 
rr kihmn Jote 3 (Uargi) vstimator CoUavino Broe Conxtn Co Ltd 
t h 3310 Iferx (Sand JV Twp) 
wiilr F .rtia h 1784 George av 
r*iirfcnj ELxth nurse h 306, 710 GUm blvd c 
-**k5 Harold T (DaLie) comptroller Genl Mctorx Trim Plant h 
811, 3825 Riverside dr (R’Slde) 

Ana vlce-pres J W Braithwalte Induotrlea Limited r 
3208 Acanemy dr (Sand W Twp) 

~*n»l3 (Haxel) h 244 McFwan av 

-Arthur F (Frances) parch agt Sterling Ccnotn h 3279 Academy 
dr (Sand 'W Twp) 

**^vid tchr R-uaeiand Public School h 3276 Academy dr (Sand W 

'■fred (Barbara) ala Dingwall Motor* h 643 Weatchecter dr 
^ (R’Sida) 


—J W Industrie- Limited John W Braithwalte pren, Arm 

Bralthwaftc vW-prex, Mr? Deris Tessler z*'~trc%n 
diinetruction 70? Welltngt io av 
—Jbhn A (Lynne) ala rep Xerov of Canada Ltd h 3, 4100 
Wyandotte (R'Glde) 

—John D (Alice) mil rmgmeer ChGralern h 355 Rankin av 
—John WtCarolyn) prea 3 V Hniiti:walte Bidnttfikw Limited h 
.(S08 Acuurmy dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Judith A atudt r 3208 Academy dr (3and W Twp) 

—Kenneth L (Lila! IBM opr Chryslnm h 132 Humedale Uvd 

-Kitty vtee-pmo Dot Pam *d Children’s Wear r 677 Kildare rd 
—Laura (wid Wm) r 5?fc Norfolk (Sand W Twpl 
•-Murray (hferun) abmn Candn Llqaid Air Co Ltd ft 204 111 
Westminster elvd (R’Slde) 

—Philip (El mi re) h 677 Kildare rd 
—Pobt W (Lillian) trrar. InternaUcnal Teels Ltd h 3150 
Dandurand Mvd (Sand 'W Twp) 

—Susan E atudt r 3£08 Academy dr (Stand WTwp) 

Bmitman Jeanette h ~W GU« Wvd t 
—Leonard (Pr.ncess Shoppe) r 706 GUm tiivd e 
Hmjalcl John tool lr die mkr r 1660 Albert rd 
Brake Wm (Yvcnne) emp Dominion Forge h lid Elm av 
Brakenbury Vincent R (Georgina) axsmblr ChryulerB ft 1075 

Bramhall Edna emp House of Lee ft 457 Church 
Bnancaccir* Donald (June) emp Chryslers h 564 Caron av 
Brancaieoni Antonio (Roseauna) lab Bravo ConstractSdn ft 1654 
Parent av 

—Ougllelmo (Eida) maintenance University of Windsor ft RJ66 
Benjamin av 

--RaffaelU typist Uzare’a Furs r 1666 Benjamin av 
Sranch Douglas J (Jean) prin Genl Brock Schl h 2532 CftUver rd 
—Grace (wid Jas D) h 404, 3801 Riverside dr e 
—John H (Florence) h 3701 aienfieLl 

—Lee E mgr Frltc-Lay Incorporated (Canada) r 3791 Glonfield 
—Victor F (Eieanore) h 2667 Turner rd 

Cnuict Manuel racter East 3We Plattng r 13 PnpLir (Lwtfcingicn) 
Brand Albt (Dorothy) sis suprvar 'Tanadian Linen h 1902 
Tourangeau rd 

-Annie (wid Thos) h 1057 Oak av 

— Henry (Frances) emp Detroit h i-^4 Chilver rd 

— Herman (Edith) emp Fords h 3445} Riverside dr « 

—Ronald G (Sheppard. Masson, Brand ic Langloln) res 3l Clair 


— Wm (Alethe G) lieul Police Department ft 2440 Windermere rd 
Bmnders Antony r 70S 1 Olive rd 

Brandos Lome studi r 1810 Kildare rd 

— Wm (Lorraine) mgr Bond Clothes Shop h 1810 Kildare rd 
Brandle Audrey Mrs elk atawa Pharmacy h 1029 Parent av 
Krandner Hermaine maid r 889 Kildare rd 

Brandt Darwin R atudt r 1909 Tourangeau rd 
—Ernest S (Hedy) wldr Chryslere h 3210 Curry av (Sand W Twp) 
—Prank (Helen) foremn Walkers Metal Products ft 1009 
Tourangeau rd 

--Stella (wid Julius) r 417 Caron av 
Brandy Lome G (Jean A) h 2182 York 

Hrange! Emile E (Edna) traffic englrveerlng dept City of Windsor 
ft 823 University av w 

—Ernest L (S?i 2 xnne) (Sandhill Farm Products) h w a Malden rd 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Jos Ihhrie) U 1156 Josephine av 

—Louis (Jeanne) pntr Three Ace* Bump * FHlnt Shop r 300 
Parent av 

—Marcel mgr Sandhill Farm Products r w s Malden rd (Sand W 

Branham Earl G (Judy) emp Border City tron ft 1063 Droulllard 

Branlgan Christine atudt r 377 Ronedale av 
—Denis (Vera) tchr h 377 Rosedale av 

Enuifca Stanley (Bernice) mach Windsor Laundry 4 Dry Cleaning 
Co h 1535 Els me re av 

Bnaotptl FtwI P (Helen) detective Police Department ti 4330 
Ml Rcynl dr (Sand W Twp) 

--Gerard J (Jean) mgr Frank’s Music Centra h 32 Ftairview blvd 

—Jas (Penelope) atkmn F: rSs ft 5, 3431 Wyandotte e 
—John (Anne) h 1946 Bernard rd 

—John G (Isabelle) patrol rgt Police Department ft 4340 Ut 
Royal dr (aand W Twp) 

—Margt custom elk Fords r 877 Langloi* av 
—Mary (wid Fred) fa 857 Arthur rd 

—Thos (Bobette) /ice -p roc Dingwall Maters Limited h 440 B*U« 

Isle Vlww blvd (R^ide) 

—Thos F (Annie) h 877 Langlols av 
Branoff Chris emp Detroit ft 816 Janetta av 
—Koata (Helen) h 1340 Peiiaaier 

Branakl Helen Mrs ccok Metro (Windsor) Catkrmg fa 700 
WUliame (Rem Pk) 

Brant Byron N (Lana) tool St die improver Border Tool 4 Die h 
313b Rlfi«rdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Ronald N (Joyce) tocl St die mkr Border Tool 4 Die b 778 
Stanley (Rem Pk) 

Branton Clayton (Ultlan) trk drvr Intex-Clty b >123 Bliss rd 
(Sand B Twp) 

—Oeo Jr distributor Twin Pines Dairy r 1354 Lena 
—Geo (Rhea) sign pntr J C Teron Co h 1054 Loua 
—Harvey (Mat***)) wteftran Cftryslers ft 426 JciMphlae av 
—Harvey D (Shirley) (Dr Bran tun's Small Animal Hospital) h 
Todd rd (Sand W TVp) 

— Wilfred W (Clara) mach opr For da h 8758 Princess av (Rand £ 

PHONE 252-5727 


— Wm r 323 Bruce av 

firanton’s Dr Smalt Animal Hospital (Harvey V Branton) 

veterinarian 2&S5-35 To eunuch t4vd w (iiuid w Twp) 
Branch Leon P (Gertrude) pharmacist Detroit b 3006 Alexander 

Brascftot Nick (Theresa) tinsmith Forda ft ant Parkwood av 
Brash Carl E (Emma) a«mtlr ChrysUmi h 1472 Norman ro 
Brass Craft Canada Limited David W Lawch prea mfrs plumbing 
.-.applies 3220 MrBugh (R'Bidta) 

Brassan Giovanni (Fksca) emp Candn Battery 4 Bcnallte ft 982 
Tc-sumaeh blvd e 

Brassard Luc Urn wldr White Plumbing 4 r 1085 HlCKury 


Brasseur Marcel (Verna) rprmn Cbryalera fa 2011 Waiter rd 
(5and E Twp) 

Bratina fctery Mrs light assembly Grmi Latex Spurting Goods b 
IB1" Alexin rd 

Bratt Edwin J (ZelU Ml b 3150 Ribordy rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Inez A fa &, 23 Hanna w 
—Lauretta M b 5, 36 Hanna w 
—Miry cash Dominion Store fa 1538 Langlola av 
—Robt E (Christina) (Cue-N’ Cuafaksn BlUlards) fa 98Q Merritt dr 
Brmtty Roy W (Joan) dir >f tmgmeering City of Windsor Public 
Works Dept b 467 Virginia av (R’Sldo) 

Braukis Peter P (Hlldagarde) jig tldr Chrjrclvrs fa 131 Bertha av 

Braun Anna h 935 Langlols av 

—Anton (Rc.-e) (Braun’s Coffee Shop] ft 2220 Gladatune av 
-Frank (EUsUU (Frank's Barber Shop) fa U7 Lauxcn rd (R’iildw) 
—Basel Mrs nurse - Instructor Grace Boer h 4182 Rive raid* dr 

— Lome L (Gladys) h 3632 Sandwich 
—Mlchi r 000 Reward av 

—«RUa otudt nurse Metropr.liun Genl Capital r 2240 Kildare rd 

— Wm F (Sarah) food mgr Prince Edward Hotel fa 24f Jos Janisse 


-Wm J (Haxel) buyer City Hall h 288 George av 
Brau^a Coffee Shop (Anton Braun) 024 Ottawa 
Braunsteln Frank customer engineer Inti Bor Mich ft 3, 633 
’Wlndnor av 

— Martin 3tudl r 371 EUk>tt e 

Brauss Erhard (Anna) mould mkr Paragon Tool h 1141 
Sbepberd « 

—Werner E (Grace) alsnm Underwood Ltd h 2230 Spring Garden 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bravo Achilla (Rogina) pres Bravo Cement Contracting Lid b 
2202 Wood lx urn av 

--Cement Contracting Ltd Achilla Bravo pro? cement finishers 
3203 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Dlno (Elia) wrestler h 332 Virginia av (R’Slde) 

—Jerry (’WUma) roechl engineer Forda ft 530 Virginia av IR'Sid*) 
—Lidia irsrrkr r 332 Virginia av (R ’Sidel 
—Mario (Irene) wtr Elmwood Casino h llfl Vlilalre av (R’Slde) 
Brawley Arcfad M drftsxnn Cope Tool Deoim r 452 Rbolalne 
(3 ’Side) 

EraWhald Rclland (Mzrgt) pntr National Paint b 156'.’ Riverside 
dr east 

Bray Albt W (Isabel) elect Chryulers h 1831 Central av 
--Chon A (Kathleen) set-up man Canadian Mutor Lamp Co M«* fa 
981 Fran cobs ct 

—Gerald E (Therena) trimmer Chrynlera h 1423 Rysstni fclvd 
—Geraldinr- M (wid Wm R) slsldy Anne l^awyvr Real EsUte h 
22Srt Gladatcne av 

--Gloria tchr King Edward Schl r 1736 M y av 
—Helen r 511 Peliasler 

—Lillian A (wid Albt) h 22S1 Meighen rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Linda C aerv rep Bell Tel r 1831 Central av 

—Orval H (Rose) emp Chryslere h 408 Glidden av (R’Hde) 
—Raymond (Shirley) (Capitol Cab) h 1603 Glmdale av g 

—Roy A (LAura) ttkmn Cbryalera h 838 Lincoln rd 

— Walter E (Kathleen) yardmn Essex Terminal Riy fa 1720 Msy av 
BrmyannLs Chrinttna emp Detroit r 775 Janette av 

—Coats (Murui c&tk Michigan Lunch h 775 Jonvtte av 
—Rose emp Detroit r TT. Janette av 
—Jpyrldlon (Heleni) wtr Elmwood Hotel fa 007 Church 
Braxeau Ben H (Viola) millwright Chryalars h 1400 George av 
—Doreen £ r 1400 George av 

-Ernest P (Mary 31 eerv damn Central Chrynler Plymouth b 
800 Church 

-Leo R (Blanche) dockmn Chaa Hinton 4 Co h 1231 Tllaton dr 
—Lowell T (Gloria) drvr Amlin Cartage ft 3647. Woodward Uvd 
(Sand E INrp) 

—Maurice (Muviral (Doasinte) Mirim; 4 (v^t Works) ft 1434 
Campbell av (Sand W Twp) 
bracicr Edwd (Helen) fa 44V Vera pi 
Frazil CecUo (wid Edwd) r 588$ Campbell nv 

— Mlcftl P (Diana) mach Chryslers h 568i CampbeU av 

—Rlchd C (Helen) elect engineer Jam Randy Motion Picture Org 
ft 36” Moy av 

—Winn if rod ft 3&4 Partmt av 

Braxlll Wm R (Beata) h 127T) Curry av 

Bratton Jack (Ellxtft) atudt ft 1810 Femdale av (Sand B Twp) 

—Miry (wid Delbert) emp Candn Pittsburgh Paints ft 1702 
Labadle rd 
—Wm r 016 Moy av 

Braau Joe A die mkr Windsor Tool 4 Die r 3323 Baby 
Breault Alfred P (£n a ) emp Detroit b 3176 Wyandntte w 
—Bull L (Rita) tn»p Chryslerr h 13ft John M (R’Slde) 

—Clarence W (Katftlwn) mach opr Fords h 3667 Byng rd (fknd t 

--David Ixtcp fnroe r 31V6 A’yantt->tte w 

Alphabetical. Whitt Ptfr 15 

Sta& Scot. ‘Safouf 


1022 LANGIOIS AVE. - - PHONE 253-4344 


—Dents J (Jaixrt) <*rrp Bell Telephone Co to 1638 latoadm rd 
—Delphi* r 38*6 Hiveraid* dr e 
—LVris r Mr* elk Ufaioc Goa ft EllL* (River Canard) 

-Iwlle (JuLem*) lab Porta h lOBC Albert rt 
—Ernest (Emily) wall h a nd ler NYC Bly h 151 Curry %v 
ȣ meal (Oermaln) me eh opr General Mourn to 1881 Albert rd 
—Henri J (Wtsjica) pediatrician 601, 10U vXiellette av h 36 
ReodiDero ev IR'&dc) 

—Henry J (Lferi*) trk drvr Cbrysler* to 2944 Clemearoea b*vd 
(fiend E Twp) 

—Ida atwlt r 293ii Asicin *v (iianJ M Twp) 

—J«*nn* Mrs n 44! brace »w 
—Uvnoce :0k 0 P Berelin Cc Ltd r 151 Curry »» 

-Leo J elk tocame Tea Dept to 3MJ WcodUnd av (And 

— - Unit* *« r Tff barter* & &» Canntn Go Ltd tee KlngnviU* 

—Liicllle #i*tt r 151 Curry av 

— tfcrci j (Eiuitol oatolnet n kr to IflTfl Aestrott rd 
—Nancy to (laaemual) S20S Sardwlet 

— Paul A (Dolores) spot wldr Chryntore r 31*^8 Wyandcet* w 
-Raymond J (Joyce) niaron Purity Dairies Ltd to mi Spring 

OarCtre rd tfland W Twpl 
—Rita nurse r 151 Curry av 

—Roland R (Janet) »«?rv mgr Downtown U tor Salas Windsor) 

Ltd to 313 feabeU* pi (R’Sldr) 

—Borneo O (Thtmtl tool grinder Forte to JlTfll Norman rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Rady *®p Detroit r 444 Bruce av 

—Sami 2 fJeannel assmblr Chryslera h 433 PklrVlew tlvd 

—Tbcso a (Jc-Annc) slsrer. Webster Me tor* (Windsor) h 3163 

Everts av (Sand W Turpi 

Brefcoer Jokn W (EUalh) appraiser Custom fc Excise to ™ 
Mttlbew Brady bird iR'Slde) 

Breca Henry met* White Ifctor Co cl Canada Ltd 
Brecboow June atudt name Metropolitan Genl Hospital r 3340 
Ettdero rd 

Brectokow Anthony etnp POrds r 3E44 Peter 
-Edwd (Polly) to 3244 Peter 
—June atudt r 3244 Peter 
Erects* hfcrgt off elk Adelrean‘s r T* Vtmy av 
—2*noe (Rote) carp Waleer toletal f. 766 Vimy av 
Brecka Edwin J (Patricia) tnacfc upr McKinnon industries to 3401 
Parkwood av (Sand B Tvrp) 

—Henry J (Deanna) mech White Motor Ca cl Canada Lid h .815 

Pvmdale av (Sand E Tap) 

—John (Phyllis) ranch Champion Spark Mag* ft 2611 Parent blvd 
(Rear Pk) 

_Joe (Anno) emp Fords h 1896 Buckingfcam rd (Sand E Twp) 

-Rotot star* r 1M6 Buckingham rd (Sand 6 Twp) 

Brecteer Erteka atudt r 1251 Parent av 

—Geo (Karen) tool fc die mkr Detrutt to 1547 York 

—Geo (Sofia) wftn* mgr Candtt Roc* Halt to 2366 Howard av 

—Mlchi (Katherine) janitor Baeva Packers to 1351 Parent av 

Breen Anna L teller Guaranty Trust r 426 Ctoattoam V 

—Bartan etudi r 3470 Owrcto (Hand W Twp) 

—Gian L trust dept Crown Trust Oa r £91 Edgewawr <31 Clair 

—Jan J (Jane) h 3826 Birch 

—Jaa V district mgr Trade ra Finance Corp Ltd r 8712 Sierra 
ms (Sand W Tap) 

—Lawrence atudt r 630 Campbell av 
—Mary A «udt nurse r 426 Ctoattoam w 
—Nell p (Lbrevile) otkmn Ctoryslvrr to 434 Oak av 
—Patrick M (Denise) emp Chryalera to 881 Wellington ar 
—Percy T lFrances) appraiser Customs A Excise to 630 
Campbell av 

—Rich* R .Evelyn) mgr accessory depl Chrysler* to 3470 Church 
ifbnd WTwpt 

—Thu* A etudt r 830 Campbell av 

—Ttooo M (babel) mach opr VUOng Pump to 426 Chatham m 
Breeee John r 130 fhrk sr 

—JoNj M (Praia) opr Hiram Walter n \TZ3 Partway lr 
Biwfka Karl (Thea) tool U die mkr Wtedeor MatchpUta Co to 618 
Afutt cheater dr (R’Slde) 

Brewu&lt ltd (Dolcrraa) etnp Chryalera ft 361 Elm av 
Brtrlnr Arcold (Bertai b 49<J S«mDe< av 

—Joyce A with Win UtUlUea Gommn (Hydro Dtvl r 486 Sunavt av 
Eretre Apb 3* Askin av 

Brwlteoateji Helen 3 Mrs oil a vjr Niagara Cycto-kbsnag* r 15 l 
Hldrnry rd 

—Valentine I Carol) fore mu Helm Tackle Co to 1335 Argyle rd 
Bremner Chau r 484 Kildare rd 

— Danald K (Lillian Mi trSLlntenan'- Huron Lodge to 294 Fori Mvt 

—Oeo A (Miry E) janitor Hiram Walters to 380 Ford Wvd (R'Sld*) 
—Harold G (Borthal h 2384 Byng rd 

-Jack toremn'^Tlya to 4YJ5 Tecumseh hlvd a (Sana E TWp) 

..John (Agoec) to 23178 Forest i» _. ^ _ „ 

—Jolm (Dcrotliy) pol ccnstabU Police Uparioenl ft 1607 tx>u»U 

— fcbry I arid CMa) to 413. 230 Park w 
—W Ronaei (S Joyce) auamhlr Chryalera to 228" Paront av 
BremWroGene J (jTha«») tool fc die mkr Don Rhaaaoe Ltd h 34S 
Dc-rmar Ir (R’Sldnl 

Brenle tthrl (wld AftOeki) to 1423 Autoin rd 

i™™ on X i-noe Bc^aja r « 

-Edwd (Helen) elect Dorn Forgr to U51 McKay av 
Brtmnan AIM V (Heverlryl iato Psabody P4dg to ’41 Rural *-me 
—Edwd M»Mirlc.Anne) nighi auditor Norton Palmer Ikrtel r 

1268 T listen dr _ 


—Enmat k (Alma) lab City erf Wiolaur h 4B& Crawturd av 
—Frances (wld Harold) aoc Janlaoe Bran Funaral Hume Ltd to 28 
Ford fclvd (R’Side) 

-Frank (Darien*) elect Ihrv Electric to 2521 Asian »v Band W 

-Frank J (Helen) r 3811 Gdenflr.14 

— Frod ala exec CKW 1 * Radio fJatton r fiM Hama e 

— Fred J (Mir/) irtr Me Anally Freight-Ways Co Ltd to 3733 

Hiilcrenl fclvd 

—C.aynar «mp 'hryslwrn r 1238 TUntua ir 
—Harvey J torroen) (Nii* and Day Ccln Liundry) h 1176 Walter 

-J P r 130 Fhrk w 

-Jaa (Bertha) to 1168 Brock 

—Jas Janitor Arcade Bowling Alley rcc McGregor 

—Jennie (wid km) V l’ T 49 EUrote av 

—Joen ala girl Aielman'o r 1268 TUntcn dr 

-Joe (Vhrgt) mach opr h M*>2 fUtwrdy rd C3and E Twp) 

—Jos E emp Hiram WSlkor* r 48t Crawtord av 
—Kenneth J (Virginia) pracaim Windsor Daily Slnr to <L»43 
Hanctolpto av Ukml W I'wp) 

--Lerry (Ransmary) sudt to IfiM Olve rd 

—Lloyd mech Wetwter Motors (Wkubcr) r M83 f^rent av 

-Loolae trhr St Joseph School r 485 Crawford av 

— MyrU# (wld Gerald) r W8 Ball av 

—R EUzlto stanog Dep* thii Dalaaee (Navy) r 3878 Connaught rd 
—Ttooc f (Mary) to 434 EUtoU a 
—Tfoia F (Audrev) insp Fcrdc h 256 Cadlllar 

— Wo A IFebecoG to 3878 Oamaught rd 

—Wm J eaec 4lr Junior Actotovement of Wlnda<»r tecorporated r 
IC^J Glads tons av 

Breanen Miry elth Win UtiliUoa Comma (Hydro Ctvl r 1806 
Caccta dr 

iirssaenatutol Harold R (Rita) tool fc die mkr Steelmaator t*uol h 
315 bock dr (R*Slde) 

Krtnir Ale* smp Cfcrynlarr r 1J81 CaUlarrua av 

—Brcky (wid Jake) r 1310 Aakln av 

—Dblores (wid Frank) to 1081 Cali forn ia av ^ 

—MlctU drill press opr Kelsey Wbocl r 791 fiUdegarde IRsm Pkl 
—Mfoht lathe Colonial Tool to 1310 Aston *v 
—Pactero Ltd Eric Wulto# pres. EUseoeth Wuih* vtee-pros. 

Frank J Mleamer aec-irsas meal purkera 487 Cataraqto 
—Rbctst emp Chryslen. r 1420 Remand tdvd 
—Sidney (Juliettel emp Silverateto Produce to 1426 Honaini t lvd 
HrwtwB Anthony (Hwtaaf h I»l Felix av 
Brent Clayton O (FhyUio) off Fordo to 518 Virginia av (RUtd*) 
—Dora r 1476 Huron Lin* 

-Frank B Uob) Wtr Prince Edward Hotel a 333# Emmery av 
—Irene twld Chaa) ft 1347 Wyandotte w 

—Joyce wnh Win Utilliles Co reran (Hydro Dtv) r fld'J Partington 

—Wm I Hattie) maintenance Thibodeau Rxpreaa Line* to 687 
Partington av ^ _ _ 

Breechuk Emil emp Trasoco Steel ft "466 Norman rd Band E 


—Lee (Julia) (Lee's Riverside Sunoco) ft 3553 Chandler nl 
Band S Twp) 

firoslaw Bremen (Ruth) erap Detroit ft 3016 Do^gtol av Band W 

Bre&lln Patrick drvr Ttiitcdeau Express r 328 Randolph av 
Urweolin Auguato r 1476 Huron Line 
—Celeste (Luisa) bodymn Chryalera h 1548 Howard av 
—Jot» wldr 'Win Muml Mutter* r 43i Oik av 
firottoour Clarence (CThriatjne) cood CNR to 3F, 667 Argyle rd 
Breton Real (Gilberts) acting line aub-foremn Sandwich West 
Hydro-Elect System to 3873 Whuney av 
Brett Claude A (Sylvia) oecurity police Cknl Motor* h 133 Whinoo 
av (R'Side) 

Bretteil WBnn P (wld Jao) to 372 Riverdal# «v (R*Sld*) 

Brew Edna (vruj Wm) to 1505 Fort bl«d (Band E Twpl 
—Eileen C r S230 Turner rd 

—fiobt C (Bartwra) emp Wlndaor Bd of Edus h 2D81 Vtray av 

'-litooTciiral h S0S3 Turner rd 
-Thoa R atudt r 3006 Virginia Park av (Sand W TWrp) 

— Thoa V (Msrieta) eerv pnlfoenm General Motors ft 3vtx 

Virginia Park av (Sand W Twp) 

Brewer Allen O (EUn-re) fire run CNR h 268 Thompson blvd 

- Barmra kteoog Fasev County Autnmdhll# ChO r 365 Btortlet 

dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Deveriy (Head) emp Detroit r 983 Dougall i» 

—Brenda A ett Bnna :J fctoot r Ub5 Kildare rd 

—Pun* Mr* M0 Eastern Cooetructkw h 311. 3015 aendwt-fc 

-Darea L atadt r 366 Bartlet dr (Stond W Twp) 

—Harry R r 2383 Randolph av (fiand W Twp) 

-Helen (wid Frank Of) h 1060 Windermere rt 

— Laura ft 923 Dougall av 

-Patricia A stum r 396 Barttot dr (Sand k Twp) 

—Wallace p (Louie*) tinsmith Fbrd Motor ft 385 fmrtlet dr (Sami 

- Wm ^ 4 rv«y«r C O RueteU Armotrong res Tecumaen 

—ntc h (Margt) foremn - fan coll aasemhty Amer Stand Prod ft 
I960 Twirangeau rt k 

—Winifred dir at Christian educ Temple baptist Church h 863 
Bruce av 

Brewer? Warehousing Co Ltd Bwrwun A^ttwort dutrigt mgr 
7380 'Waiter rd retail •tore* 1700Callegaav. 2461 
Or>utell av (Sand W Twp). U46 'AUwo, 700 A 338f> 
Walter rJ . 162 'Wyandotte », 928 Wvandrtte (R'Slde) and 
before 3161 Jefferson fclvd (fiend F Twp) 


firewater AIM L (Jam) press opr Dominion Purge h 324 Prado pi 

—Confectionery (Mrs HeUU Brewster) 1278 Kris ? 

— EUkth r 1133 Reward av 

—Nettle (wld AIM) (Brrwrter Ccnfectionery) r 3361 Olenwvod «v 
(Band W Twp) 

-Victor (Halrol trainlerunce Inter City Truck Lin*a h 1149 
Lincoln rd 
— Wm B h 1138 Uceartt av 

Brexecry Ale* (Dorothy) far ctr to 3^1 ifeUtoew-Bradj Mvd 

fireeenyak John (Eva) comptroller Elmwovd Catono ft 1678 tft 
Gabriel eras (Sand W Twp) 

—Mary (wid John) r 16X4 Marentt**.* »v 

Brian AlfroJ (Dcrta) tool grinder Forte h 2166 Bruce av 

-Blanche (wld M E) ft ZU. 1476 Rivertode drw 

-t>m Jr mgr Brian Plumbing fc Healing r 1E07 Par as Id* cl 

ctoi w Twp* __ , 

-Henry A fttg nervlcemn M»: J Brian Ltd h 1774 UaporonSk ro 

.-Kenneth M (UnaI imptrar Chryalera ft 2869 Academy dr 
w Twp) 

—Kenneth V with Win UHUUm Ccmmn (Bydru Cdv) r 2880 
Academy .ir (Sand W Twp) _ . 

..14 j Umlud Milcolm J Brian pr*». Patrick f Devin aec- 
tr*aa plumbing, tsmtieg fc vwnUlaiion contra 926 
Craerfort av 

—MUcolm J (lrecs) proa M»: J Brian Ltd b 900. 3836 Rlvomld. 
Ir IP 

— Mtorgi twid Donald FI proa Brian Plumbing & Hteling l* 1M* 

Parkaide ct (au»-1 W Tap) 

-Mary a elk South Windsor Pharmacy r Ifo/' Hrtrt* cl 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Micra A (Dorial amp Utrott to 333 l»r*do pi CRTLJt.) 

-Patricia A Mudt nun* Hotel Dlro BccplUl r 2880 Academy dr 
(Sand W Twpl 

—Patrick (AdeM rrountm iWlmte r Daily Star h 725 William* 
(Rem Pk) 

—Rictxd ktudt r 908. 3825 Rive raid* dr (RTUde) 

—Tfre ft' lab Camdiaa Wrm-Cote Company r 1821 Tourangwu 

— Wlifted B (EU«n) pteinrm A f Indoor Star to 1346 Rankin av 
Briand Franx (lieUna) ft 968 Ellrooa av 

—Oeo A (U=te») drvr Muhews Lumber Co h 338£ MUien 
—John R (Jacqueline) *ia flevt mgr CLryalaro h 182 laack dr 

— Wm C (Esther) drvr fotomauncai Tool h 368 Me Fean av 
Brlant Ethel Mrs ulaldy airtiet lfciofonaid fc Dow to 11, 1314 

University av w 

Brice Danl C (Eva) aaamblr Zhryalera to 2664 Turner rt 
BrlchkJ Clara Grid Frank) b «0W Norman rd 
Brick Frank E (C» rothy) terminal mgr Smith Transport Ltd to 
66 Jefferses) tied (R'8bVi) 

-Miry (wld The*) h 96!: McEwan aw 

--Mlchi 0 dentist 316, 936 Ouellette av to 66 Jeffermm tlvd 


—Thoa r 1476 Huron Lm* 

Brtcker Arthur (Par-Tee Toy Chest) res Grocse Poi n JIJcW^al 
—Jas D (Licy) (Uver, Butt. Brtoter fc Romano) to i486 Glad¬ 
stone av 

bricklayer* fc fcfcaonn Local UWrti No 8 Glno P Troviaan proa, 
jes BartoUaU vL»-tmes, Jaa F Howard financial »#«. 
John R Rrown teCorSg ^-troas trade unkm 2203 
Turner rd 

firu'kman Oord ApplUm.v Befvlo* (Oordao Rrickmac) ala fc »n 
(vacuum fc sewing mechlnra) 1167 Ottawa 
—Oordcm F (RutoJ (G^rt Bncanvaia AppilAnc* 3erv) ft I860 
Francois rd 

-Paul O emp McCafftey'a HI-FI fc TV Centre r I860 France** 


—Wm erep Fords r JG6 Albert ri ^ 

BriakMll Mrkna M (wid Arthur) cook Adrien's Coffee Shop fc 
289 Put w 

Bridal Rental >rvtc* (Mrs Regina HUtoern) 1043 Janette »v 
Sridro Jack r ”51 Chalham * 

—Jay (Jane) Ui UiKianoo Industrie* h 284 Glengarry av 
—John (Rcuracc) emp McKismcn Inttuuirleu ft 17fl** Ford Urt 
(Sand E Twp) 

-Jotm E slamn Bob A-ad* 4 * Used Car* r 619 I’niv*rally a* f 
—Uwronce (3«n) «trp Genl Vbtore to 303 VUlalre av (RTi4*> 

— Levada Mrs ft ilfl UWVeraily av e 

Bridge Av Public tfoos* Lb) Syiwry Oherser pros too 1*1 Wac 
University sv a 

—Grocery fc Sode Bar (Mrs Antoinette Perraall) 2946 Uciwcm, 
av west _ 

-Harry P IDmalda) proa The Harry Bridge Pharmacy Ud h 
2429 Windermere rd _ ^ ... 

—Harry Ptoarmecy Ltd Th* Harry P Bridge pro.! 1402 Pflle^ " 

- Jas Q atudt r 1283 Prince rd 

—Joa W Gngeborg) «xnp Detroit It 331 Bridge av 
—View Cleaners (Harold L*sper*ae*i UQl Tecumtet blvd • 
(Hud W Twp) 

- Wm H (Isabel) off elk Cnt Hydro ft 1283 Prince rt 
BrUtyereaa Dorothy (wid J Jail h 2165 Church 

— Wm J (Annette) cu-ordu»V r Chrytlem h 3313 RkilUe.h 

(Sand W Twp) r — 

Brldgen Ltermro W (kiible) (Brldgen Service) h w a Huron Lte 
(f^and V Twp) 

—Ctaa A atudt r liW Lena _ 

—Kaanethfl (fckrgt) nmintenanc* euproar Win UttliUae uub m 
'Water Div ft 11L4! Lena 



PHONE 254-3223 


—Service (Bernard N Bridyenl &erv atnw j Huron Line C3&nd JJ 

-Xm J (Helen) merit Bridge® Service litva Huron Lin* (Sand A’ 

Bridger Margi M legal nlenog City of Windsor h U09 Lena 
Bridge? Fr*dk A' h <M38 Riverside dr (R'Sidt-) 

—Gee (Margt) :-*>d Chesapeake ft Ofti Fly h 1555 PtUssI*r 

—Helen nur.e r 23, 370 Patricia rd 

—Jean (wld David) r 3216 Carry *v Land a' Twp) 

—John 'if (Pauline) payroll suprvnr talker Motal r. “49 Allendale 
—Judy strft r 1665 PoUcaier 
—fckriiyn Ttudi r MO Allendale 
—Pohi F «rp F: ria r 0638 Riverside dr (R’Slde) 

Bridgsvlew Garage Ltd Coni Sunutx pr«, Margt stanuts treer 
aerv ata LKO x/yoniu tie w 

—Park 4 Cloth.-use s * Grov* av twt Josephine 4 Partington av 
Bridgewater Alfct (Mirlrno) r 002 Plcbe 
—Harry (Elsa) foromn Bell Tel h 203, 257 Sir* cane av 
—J:nr Ic Puct Office r l, 04~ Riverside dr e 
— J ho A’ h jd83 King 

—Roll (Vkrlcne) tnirtal fnehr *ari*twi Used Cars h 22r Secord 
a vacua 

Bridgman Eerton (Violet®) emp Chryslers h 462 Vera pi 
— Am A d! elk Dominion F:;rgc h 809 tXwrharroe (Sand £ Twp) 
Bridgwater ."'hr (Marjory! plant protection Candn Cal! h 2001 
College av 

brilscn Grace ttepr Q B Copeland Books ft Stationery h 808 Hall 

-Jo-Anne F ierv rep Sell Tel h 071 Goywou 
— May Mr: fc 1,972 Langloie av 

—Rfegd loci ft die mkr Hercules Tool ft Die h 2, 28* Tuacarora 
Frieda Francesco (Anna) brklyr Faaan ft Son Ltd h 2860 Mark av 
(Sans H Twp) 

—Louis (Carmel la) set-up man Skinner Metal Products h 1037 
Kayaoo rd 

Sriro Claude A (Barbara) emp Detroit h 2. 308 Wellington av 
—Elmer U (Basel) h 594 Pint- 
—Ernestine (wld Joseph) r 485 Crawford av 
—Isabel postal offr PO h 108. 1164 Ouellette av 
—J WUben (Caroline) phy A surg 806 Cuelietu- av h 63. 780 
Ouellette av 

—Jaa stud! r 2177 ChUvef fd 

—Noei J (Lillian* mech Byer’s Truck ft Trailer Equipment Ltd 
h 241 Curry av 

—WUben P (Ruth) phy 806 Ouellette av h 2177 ChUvar rd 
Srtens Ales dlan washer 10DE Hosp r 009, 396 University av e 
—Beatrice (wld John) h 809. 396 University av w 
Brierloy Mary L (wld Joseph L) r U29 Wellington av 
—Patrick L (Heather) wldr Young Spring A Wire h 1842 Cadillac 
-Tho« A b 1129 Wellington av 
arleae Fred (Weenie) apt mgr h 5. 1S42 Wyandotte w 
—Lloyd 14 duhureen) police oftr Sand Went Pol Dept h 1241 

—Uaicnim (LlUlan) trk drvr CUy of Windsor h 1231 Goyeau 
Brie or Ncrmar. h 477 Partington av 
Brllfa Cirme; J (Mary) »mp Candn Bridge h 319 Moy av 
—Guy r S?0 laack dr (R'Slde) 

—Vlvtan D nurse's aid Hotel Dl*u Hnep r 619 Moy av 
Srtgdens Ltd Gresmtew-Webster Advertising Artist* rup 

engraving, printing, advertising 4^8. 170 University sv w 
Brtggs CtoU R (6£able) analyst Chrysler h 1212 Ouellette av 
—EUworth d tafignon) asst prof Unlv of Windsor h 641 Parting¬ 
ton av 

—Fredk F r : 648 Morris dr (Sand W Twp) 

-Harold (Gloria) drvr Direct-Winters Trinap h 090 Duwaon rd 
-:*a B b 1. 744 Park w 

—Jas B (Antoinette) flremn Chesapeake ft Ohio Rly b 757 
Janette av 

—Jcriai (Ciinertne) Avia mgr Wehster Motors (Windsor) h 264 
Rcedmere * v {R'Slde) 

—John C (Pearl) elk Fords h 60 Isabelle pi (R'SJd#) 

—Jobe M lob Brasscraft r 60 fSabell* pt (R’Slde) 

—Rosemary serv rep Bell Tel r 2C4 Reedmere nv (R'Slde) 
srighiim Dtvld W emp Nall Radiator r 3641 Charlevoix av 
(Sand W Twp) 

3«1ght Irene M stenog Candn Imp Sk Commerce h 340 Oak av 
—Joan J drvr Automatic Canteen* r 1884 George av 
-*VM*n M stenog candn Customs h 240 Oak av 
9ri 3 ht ‘* Beauty Supply Lid Ivor Griffiths < London) sis mgr 
hairdressers supplies U90 Wyandotte t 
—Wines Lid J as A Michael mgr 631 Ouellwtte av 
brighter Nicholas J shoe ohlrw Rita Barber Shop h 177 
Maremett* av 

Srigctmore Alan servlcemn Amer Btnnd Prod r 1040 Wellington 

—Herbt P (Eva) charge hand Elcombe Engineering h 1066 Elm av 
-Jctm R (Dorothy) off wkr Fords n 1089 Elm av 
—sec Elgee, Longman U Dell fnauranco Agencies h 
1049 Wellington av 
—Linda stvdt r 1066 Elm av 
—Honey Studt r 1080 Elm av 

Betty emp Detroit r 1781 Windormere rd 
—Chan (Mabel) h 1781 Win dormer* rd 
—Qar^rvco (Florence) dept of public wka CUy of Windsor n 
2533 Wells 

;3 * r *id (May) trk drvr Catalano Fruit Co h 311 Chatham w 
-Knauct., (Verla) Ub Bendix Eclipse h 8. 024 Windsor av 
**«*by (wld John) r 6 , 777 Tiscarors 
Wm I (Uiry) h 2A. 120 McDougail 
Ellafc (w\ * Wm) emp Detroit h 40b. 3801 mwrslde dr e 
-Uoweayr. g (Olzth) caretkr Maple Apts h 3, 1290 Ouellette av 


—Raymonu A (Norms) emp Detroit u 1&34 Btratlord ct (Sand W 

BrUilnger Nell (Mary) lieu! Win Fire Dept n 3234 MlUen 
Brlmacombe Clifford L (Dorothy) door fir Cbrysiors b 1749 
Dominion blvd (Sand W Tp) 

-Joan Vtnp Detroit r l r C0 Eismtjr» ! av 
—Peter (Alice) h Elamerr sv 
—Reedie studt r 1036 Elamure av 

Brlmner John E (JacqulUw?) drvr McKinley Trnnap h 61 i Vhnler 
IR P) 

—Karen teller b Jeflgrkpr Bank of Mont r 1017 Ray mo rd 
—Marian Mrs studt n J 17 Royreo rd 
—MUc trk drvr r l. 1C27 Assumption 
—Richd L (Murton) tel Installer Auto®electric A Electronics 
C9 r 1017 Raymo rd 

Brlmaon Henry D (Bessie) h 2169 Bruce av 
Brlnncom)*- Kenneth (Dorothy) tlm^ study engtneer Young Spring 
6 Wire Corp of Can re* Ewwx 

--Ronald (Janet) Umekpr Young Spring b Wire Corp aT Can res 
R R 41 Leamington 

Jirincat Laura iab S*mahlne Uniforms r 962 Parent av 

Brindle Annie Mrs r 4S5k Caron av 

—Jean (wld Ja* P) h 1627. Highland xv 

hrlngw Jg)*n I Miry) much Kcisey V.’hrvl h 096 Gladstone AV 

Brinkman Janice studt r 2128 Wellettiey 

--Lawrence (Carol) emp Fords h 2128 WeiUwloy 

—Mary (wld Jack) r 1856 Central av 

Brinks Express Co of Canada Ltd Manley J Doran mgr 407, 

108 McDougail 

Brinsden Mabel h 1815 Richmond 

— Mary (wld Chas) r 1816 Richmond 
Brlody Anns h 508 parent av 
—Celia stenog r 503 Parent av 

Brloux Gantron W (Mur orle) emp Chryslerr h 3664 Mulford ct 
Brisco Eric F h 4, 465 Karl pi 
—Eva (wld Arthur F) h 866 Dawson rd 
—G Roystoo (Lenora) tlmekpr Fords h 818 Lincoln rd 
--Richd motor axsmhir Genl Motors of Can b 025 Windermere 

—W Arthur (Mabel) insp Fords h 181b Byng rd 
Briscoe Franco* (wld Chas) denUst oast John D McLean h 2516 
Parent av 

—Jack (Peggy) elk Fords n 330 Isab-eiie pi (R'Slde) 

—Stanley C (Doris) h 4, 538 Louis av 
-Win emp Amhenstburg r 4. 536 Louis av 
Briscoli Edith r 511 Devonshire rd 
Hrlsdnn Ronald (Catherine) h 776 Windsor av 
Hrlaebol* J b Son (Wtlbrod BrtsetKjUl geni in* li real estate 
889 Wyandotu- e 

—Jean J (Ethel) (Ethel's Dairy Bar) h 3885 Seminole 
Marie-Claire soc wkr R C Children’s Aid Soc h 312, 1B25 
Wyandotte (R'Slde) 

— Raymond R (Theresa) alsmn Dupont h 16f'3 Plllette rd 
—Rene (Gertrude) gwil mgr La Sail* Lead Products Ud h 33€ 

Rholaln*? dr (R'Slde) 

--Root M tool 4 dip mkr :^ndn Motor Lamp r 27 Thompson blvd 

—Roger (Rose) sis mgr Whealloy Mlg Ud h 0S5 Westchester ar 

—Walter G (Virginia) h S£23£ Fraser av 
—WUbrod L (Bernadette) (J Brtsebol* 6 Son) b 27 Thompson 
blvd (R'Slde) 

Brlsley Stanley W (Avia) mech Fords u 1122 Dak av 
Brlacm Minnie M deaconess Campbell Baptist Church h 10, 74 
Sliopberd w 

—Vena r 2177 Peilssler 

Brlsseau Jane Mra wtra Lotus Cardans r 1062 Lena 
—Weldon (Nancy) h 429 Loois av 

Rrlsscttf Donald emp Kirn Guard Corp r 1286 Wellington av 
—Edwd (Clara) h 1286 Wellington av 
—Ivan r 1280 Wwiilngton av 
—Joseph tchr St The rear Sc hi r*a St oney Point 
—Judy Mra emp Inti Raying Card r 2384 fdeldrum rd (Sana E 

— Maurice prod Lai. Leepo Mac*. Prod res Emeryville 
—Rbfct I Rose) h 3217 Llnwo.-.d pi 

--Roger H (Mary Jl main! Chryxiero h 2db Oak av 
Brlaeon Chico L (Otrol) rmp Detroit t 381% Whitney av 

— Clement widr Fabeo Steel r 1587 Hickory rd 
—Georgette emp Hotel Dleu Hosp h 1270 Janette av 
—Henry C {Antoinettel pntr Roy t» Hwebert h 1701 St Luke rd 
—Homer h 410 Wyandot!* w 

—John E (Ellxth) eurg 2"96 Wyoudotir. w 
—Jullen (Jeannel elk Dcrn Store h 1620 Westminster av (Sand 
E Twp) 

—Kathleen studt r 007 McKay av 

—0»car E (Lorraine) sweeper Fords b 007 McKay av 

Briefer Edna M (wld f-arry I) h 1604 Brupa av 

—Gerald M (Mary C) flremn Win Fire D*rpf h 3721 Poplar av 

Brletol Nina (arid Donald) emp Detroit h 1084 Partington av 

Brim aw Annie (wld Fredk W) h 731 Bruce av 

—Clara L (wld Frank) h llbb Chliver rd 

—Donald F elk Korda h 1040 Windermere rd 

—E<twd W hlpr A Rose Furniture Co r ,7 31 Bruci* av 

—Frank (Katharine) tnsmlh h SW* Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Fredrick aludt r 528 Bruce av 

—Fredk G (Doris) raalnt Win Star h 332 Bruce av 

—G<«> A h 1149 Chllver rd 

—Goo C apprentice Mac J Brian Ltd r 3282 Ribcrdy rd (Sand 
E Twp) 

—Lsrry G (Elltth) malm Union Gas h 3576 Diraur rd (Sand E 



--Mary (wld Wm) h 941 Louis av 
—Olive u 06« T%r*nt av 

--rtusnell (Edna) tool it dl« mkr Fords h 2363 Gladstone av 
—Shirley J Mra idgrxpr Candn imp Bk Commuree r 7, 1617 

—Waytv* lab Ford r 32S2 kibe ray rd (Sand K Twp) 

—Wm E (Thelma) hostler Essex Terminal Rly b 3789 Blrc*. 

—Wm E (Mary) much our Fords h 2282 Ribcrdy rd (Sind E Tvrp) 
British American Hotel (Ellas M Doumani) 4 Riverside dr * 

—American Hotel Coffee Shop (Ellas M Doumani) 4 Riverside dr 

--American Hotel Dining Lounge (Ellas M Detamanl) 14 River- 
aid v dr « 

—American CU Company Limited Arthur T Jones rep 

distribution centre 402.7 Sandwich. Service Stations 
2693 Dougail av (Sand W Twp), 140t Droulllard rd, 379) 
Goyvtu. s s Highway Two (Sand E Twp).. 2678 Howard 
4V (Sand W Twp). 2860 Howard av (Rem Pk), 4b6C 
Howard av (Sand W Twp). • s Huron Un» (Sand W Twp). 

« s Malden rd (Sand W Twp). 805 & 1920 Ottawa. 1106 
Ouellette av, 521 Riverside dr e, 2711 Sandwich, 486 & 
1809 Tocumseh blvd e, 2799 & 5268 Terutr.seh blvd * 
(Sand E Twp). 714 & 2001 University *v w. S199 Walker 
rd (Sand E Twp). 1291 A 4680 Wyandotte <». 406 St 2465 
Wyandotte w, 340b Wyandotte (R'Slde) 

-Billiards (MIchl SUguro) 1177 * 1179 Ottawa 
—Motorcycles it Cara (Fredk A Appleyard) sis it serv 2244 
Walker rd (Sand F. Twp) 

Britton Catherine Mrs r 680-682 Devonshire rd 
Brittoc Bertha (wld Wm H> h 8874 Donnelly 
—Doris off sec Dept of Bldgs, CUy of Win h 1636 Ouellette av 
—Edna G (wld J Boy) swtchbd opr Win Star h 1271 Lincoln rd 
—Ethel sec Hotel Dleu Hosp tv 737 Brace av 
—John F (Arlene) bkpr Rina hud-Mason Co h 3666 3t Patricks 
dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Lily (wld Chos) n 737 Bruce av 
—Mabel L h 942 Dougail av 

—Robi V (Margrot) engineer Detroit h 125 Matthew-Bmdy blvd 

—Wm tchr Assumption High Sc hi r 11*30 Huron Line 
Brltx Margt Mrs elk Toledo Scale h 7. 078 Parent av 
Srklacic Frank (Kay) sec-treas Wac Roofing & Construction Ltd 
h 2540 Norman rd (Sane E Twp) 

Brkilch Anne (wld Martin) h lh80 HJckory rd 
—Mlrosiiv (Hanna) repaint® McCord Ud h 312 Gmnvdale dr 

Brldjaclc John i (Louise) carp h 1441 Hickory rd 
—Joseph (Stella) lab Fords h 1269 Albert rd 

— Zeiiko tool mkr Trisen Tool it Dto r 1660 Albert rd 
Brkovich Allen tchr Detroit r 1237 Albert rd 
—Joseph (Mary) gdnr Chrysler* h 1237 Albert rd 
—Steve (Maria) (Steve's Confectionery) h 692 Langlnta av 
Bradjar Paul (Mary) janitor Btl of Edue n 1622 Church 
Broad Donald L (Mona) emp Loarlng Cons® h 2392 Turner 
--Edmund W (Gayle) tchr h 666 California av 

-Edwd J h 202, 444 Park w 

—Geo A (Medesa) tchr Win Teacher’s College h 4£ffl7 Eden dr 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Neville W (Marlon) foretnn Fords tx 734 Memorial dr 
—Sberdsn (Roma) lab Dom Forge h 2418 Mafghen rd (Sand E 

Rroadbent Edwin M (Inex) detective Pol Dept b 1641 PUJstte rd 
—Percy (Reta) mech police Dept h s>86 Crawford av 
-Wilfred (Thelma) elk NYC Rly h 1JB5S Plllette rd 
Broadfoot Florence h 1037 Halt *v 
—Jean elk Noruury b Lake Accountan® h 1037 Hall av 
—Keith apprentice Jeff Kearns r 1037 Hall av 
—Wm houaemon prince Edward Hotel r 1037 Hall «y 
Broodley John W (Jean) ottr Cdstoma b Excise h 3021 RacrweU 
av (Sand W Twp) 

--Martha I arid Tristram) ft 1438 Llnco® ra 

Broadwell Chas pub relations Win Factory Supply res Kings- 


—Douglas J (Helen) phy b Burg 912 Erio e h 2306 Chllver rd 
—Ferris C (Jean) genl purch deft elk J T Wing * Co h 212 Home- 
dale blvd (R'Slde) 

— Heather studt r 2305 Chllver rd 
—tAwrence R r 444 Erie e 
—Lillian (wld Frank) h 444 Erie « 

—Ron* cIk Can Trust & Huron & Erie Mort h 3rd flr. 7, 308 
Randolph av 

Brotoot M Frank pres Nutren Products Ud h 4600 Riverside dr 

Brochart (wld peter) smstrc J Brocburt b Co Ud b 2302 
Louis av 

—J b Co Ud Jos P Brother? pres, Frurvt J Flho vlce-prci 
furn upholstery b draperies 824 Tecumseh blvd s 
—Jos J p Jr (Virginia) siamn J Brocfvort b Co Ud h 1536 

—Joseph P (Theresa) pres J Brocbert b Orf Ud b 3065 Academy 
dr LSond W Twp) 

—Loronx G app uphol J Brother! b Co Ud r 3005 Academy dr 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Ricnd y (Runera) fores® J Brochert ft Co Ud h 1616 Beneca 
Brock Irenv h 1863 Plllette nl 

—Thus J (Evelyn) alset - mUltrrlght Candn Motor Lamp b 1520 
Me Ewan uv 

Brockbank David B G (Mary) traffle cik Chrysler* h 3537 
Malaotmeuve av (Sand W Twp) 

—florry (Kathleen) lnsp Ford* h 2553 Westminster blvd (Sand 
E Twp) 

Alphabetical. Whtte Pa** )7 





TltfS ANO IATTCflf5 


—R Kendall (JowepUn*) Kb* Hngn tealan Sr hi to 31® ffcUidcApA 
•v (tend W TW^t 
(Brain.*) h T44 Irvin, iv 

Brocumhirv Gladys twtd F A) to litll G - ££, 61C Wyandotte 

—jotm H (Norma) (Erataidam. Charters A Brockanahlrw l 
b 1142 »idar> rd 

••'km D tJoyc-0 credit offr Bon* zlU&k 2110 Tvrumseh b.vd w 
BroCMlttmnk a cratoant (Carolina) loremr. Owyatera ft 1969 
Unrein rd 

-Sb* 1 (wld Tran*) h 10®, S836 Rterrsld* dr (R’31<te) 

—Harry (Mu-gt) paint lab Chnsiers h US* Oak av 
-RlT Strang London Lite r 1121 Cak av 
—R Ijury (Barbara Ann) »g* Prudential Lite Ins ft — l« 

Wocdiavm « (Band K Twp) 

—Rocuid Border Tool k War 11U Oak av 

Brodttey Fanny tv Id Alfred) emp Income Tu Otto, r 124.1 
Dv ugai) IV 

Brockman Aloysio* (Kora) craw apr CPR b 987b George av 
(Band £ Twp) 

— M.Unlu utter Cam* Imp 0* Commerce r 237b George ay 

(Sand E Twp) 

— Farter (lad]d RCAF ft 124 El* »v 

brvde Bernard J (Jrabeiie) ®»p Detroit r Ml tetter *V 
—Dougina mudt r 241 teller av 

—Oc ? (Marjorie) elk Oral Motor, b 14C Prado pi fR'Sld.) 
—JoMph CPwtricU) to Uf9 Mr»jrl IR*31de> 

—Kearns studt r 140 Prado pi (H‘31de) 

-Ifictoaei 1 «adt r 140 Prado (i IR'SK*) 

-Wm M (Joaane) elk Detroit n 314 ororatete dr (R*©dol 
Bradahl Oustaf linn) Janitor Rows Rowling Alter n6ad Krt# • 
Brodrr Mary twid Pvter) h 826 Victoria w 
~F*l«r D E (Ethel) mud Dept Ball Kevraua h 44b Esdraa (4 
OtWte) , 

Broderick AIvta V (Audrey) malt agt Pol D*T* h *. 4M Cttlvmr 

—Arthur J «jgta**rirg dept Can Bread to 9669 Balteur bivd 
(tend E Twp) 

—Barbara teadi nurwe Orac® Moep r 3846 Kockwell ev (Band W 

— Ewmard R (Thelma) suprvsr rail ©non Combo to 2866 Academy 

dr (Band W Twp) 

-BrnrlRY alaldy K* interna* % CO r 996 CamjfceU *v 
—Chaa L {Bernadette I firetnti Win Fir. Dept n 506 Partington av 
—Clnra (wld Leo) h 1619 York 

-One mat ehur N Teppertnan Ltd r MB Campbell av 
—Orald R (Marilyn) emp Esaea Paekeni h 626 Campbell av 
—Jas studt r 512 Partington av 

—mate Mr* nee T terbealn A Soon Lid to 3588 Rockwell av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Jamn hntramr Caecada Beauty Salon r 956 CamikwU av 
•-Joanna tyrUt Merenanu Paper Co (Win) Lid r 1482 Rename 

rd (La SOle) __ 

—Uwrooee R (Lama) bus traffle toap 3 W to A Rly to 2207 Uoy 

—Lorraine ourse r 512 Parting j» av 
..Late L (Ida) aupt ftwiltatloc Dept of Peb Wka (CHy) h SI* 
Partington av 

—Ifictoael A srkznn Fords r 9093 Hollour tdvd (Band E Twp) 
-Ray (Anna Hors) trier n 0» Campbell av 
—Tboa G (Maude) h 2948 Langlola tv (Rea Pk) 

.-■\ m l (UarleUe) mAint CHy ol Win to 1904 Balfour tdvd (Sand 
E Twp) 

Bradeur Barbara cute r 2141 York 

-Laon (Marta) cmrwtkr tep Srtsl Bd to 390 VULatr* av (R'SMe) 
—Noel J (Frances) amp Fords to 2141 York 
—Stenley (Blath) pu« protection lUrsm Walker A flona to «3B 
Edinborough (Hem FW 

—Wilfred (fulU) Janitor Chrymers to 923 Joaeptene av 
—Willard Ranch opr McKinnon Industries r 2141 York 
Brodle Raanan (wld EteYld) r 1974 West minstrr »v (Sand E Twp) 
—ltelvia W (TbelroA) Industrial ala cnfHumr Union Gan to 141 
Rlvnrdale av (R*0l«te) 

Brodoaky Geo dnrr VW‘a Cab r 10, 491 CMlvcr rd 
Brodsky Fnanle (wld Isaac) to 74fl Plerrw av 
-Martin It studt r 1151 Wldarv rd 

— Mryvr maim Chryalsra r 740 Pierre av 

—ttorrla O (Gertruds) (Morris Dry Oooda) h 115! Klldarr rd 
—Morion I r 874 Erie «r 

—Seymour D (TUI)®) aintnn ‘JAloti Mw*a Atop Ud h 974 Erie w 
Brody Aj*a 1616-40 Wyandotte w 

—Lewis D (Helm) traae Baum A Brody to 1465 Victoria av 
—Lillian (wid 9coJ) vice-pres Baum A Brody Ltd to 1306 
VLr.orta av 

••Louis 1 QC (Simon A Brody) f 406. 274 Giles tlvd w 
Brodylo Norman IDUaa) to 419 UabnUs pi (R'3We) 

Ptrodclnakl Michaud CShlrlay) tester A wldr Auto Radiator to 146* 
Langloia av 

Broedtrs Arnold C studt r 3641 fcuvloipto av (5t»nd W Tw| i 
—Jkpne A (EUsth) costunar eagirwmr IBM t; 3640 Randolph av 
([(and W Twp.) 

Broga John tamnder Coronation House 

Brogan Ann!® (wld Geo) h 2135 Mcy tv 

—Brian tent treat opr Budd Metal Traating r 9® Aakin av 

-Dorothy (wid Leo) b 2294 Marentette av 

— Francis W (Marion) offr Custome A Excise h *945 Qsorga av 
—Joseph F (QlBto) mach Detroit h 0® Aakin av 

— Matilda Mrs to 1621 Howard «v 

—Michael 2 (Mary) suprvar Chryalsrs to 1293 Tourangeau rd 

—Thoa P studt r 3294 MarenWUir aV 

Brogen Agatha (wld Michael) to 204, ?9f Unl-.wradty av » 


—Margt r 304, 295 Chlvarstiy av • 

arol Urncrto (Lucia) tool mar Volta Wtlanrs h 1563 

Maiwntette av 

Brnkalakls Nick (Angela) servlcmm 3avtU Appllanceo n 940 
Parent av 

Brokenanlre Lkwgia# 2 INetu) engliwwrtng us B«U Tkj 
to 1846 Bernard rd 
-Joann® M modi r 1B46 Bernard rd 

svartf A Co (Jrta A HaU, Wm F Farvt®. Mvwwvll K Roberts. 
'Km R Copeland A iaa 3 aarto) chart soda 409. U 

cnlwralt j ev w 

hromsn 'Km trass East 'Alndsar Tavern LW rws Ouslpn 
nrotnar -n Larry (J«nl r 1141 Elamer* av 
—Stanley IJarktet opr IWsaro h 4B8 Srucw av 
Dram b*i l ^ jlas N (Marr.) asm tn ' *<r traas Univ of ’Win 
n 1320 Victoria *v 
-Krro (Johanna) to 1256 Me Ewan av 
Bromley Dnn anemblr Chryalers r fl«S Oameran av 
Dm C (Isabel) trimmer Chryalsrs to 863 Cameron av 

—Frate^oletl tfk drvr Sllvarsirin Produce h 3674 Wyandotte 

"SrS JSySi? TwSS* o, AQTie H«8» 

of Animals Br h 3)77 Itewrwster rd 
—Tboe stu-Jt r 8177 Manc-^ntvr rd 
Brompa* Ellen E Mra h 1, 1W0 (tearlo 
Hroostetn Allan studt r 96 Hanna * 

—Arthur (Sarah) slsmn Inti Trucks (Win) Ud A 91 Hanna w 
—OrmU S aavinpi auprvsr Candn imp 3k Com merer r 95 

BronxtJJrt Guleejfftia (wld AttUlo) cinr Koud Cteu Hoap to 5» 
Charles (Rem Pk) 

Brocut Alma Mrs tedry ter^CUrtia Ci- h_ 7' 1 ; ^14^ Jaastts av 
—Alvin W lAlice I gen) mgr Riverside JSwfrt to.«tsl h 2863 
Cteroenreau bivd (Sand ?. Twp) 

—Arnold K roerft Harold's Heating CnJM* h «6 
-Dorothy (wld John) copywriter Smith's of Win h 436 dm •*» 
-Eileen Hcpr J or* Webb Ud h l'>36 Doognii av 
—Ctec H to «?J69 Argyls ct 

— Jaalrr asc Amcr Deraicomania of Can r 436 Elm av 

—John R (Rhode) to Ml Uncoin rd 

—Joyce E tchr Prince of Wales Pub 5chl r 436 Elm »» 

—Krnnetto R (Eleanor) drftamn Bniuwr Mfss) h 38k-I McKay av 
(Sand w Twp) 

Broeacbenka Beverley emp "'ram plan Jtatrk Rug r 1169 Riehmmv; 

—Brian T stu« r 531 Etellawn bivd (R'SWs) 

—Duncan F Iftetie) vlce-prea • sales InU Raying Card h 5~1 
Eaatiawn bivd (R'SIdnl 

—EdUto Mrs elk peerless Dairy Shorts to llfff Richmond 
-Wm Rramn CPR h 1589 Labsdl* rd 

Brook® Douglas nlgM elk 9 A Men’s Social tender Otmre r 34v 

Chatham « 

—Hilda Mrs librarian Eases County Ubary Co-operative rca 
K R 42 Rutbvtm 

—Jaa H (Jessica) expstfltor Chryalers to 3176 Woodland av 
(tend W Twp) 

—Marten (wld Frank) h 975 Windsor av 
-Walter F (Beryl A) to 996 Windsor av 

Brooter Alb* J (Patricia) porch agt ckml Fin Extla-yaa^r n 829 
Belltoprrctoe pi |R*Sde) 

—Beeuiy Shop (Eagenlr Brookrrl £155 Unir**ratty XV w 
—Donald r 3157 wyxndotu- » 

—Eugeni® (Brooker Brauty Shop) to 6ftf. Fells av 
—Jaa A (June) shipping elk Chryalvrs h 2724 31 Louis av 
e Twp) 

—Lrwta <Beatrice) elect Rorlton Industrial Eirctric a 1776 
Balfour bivd (Sand E Twp) 

—Rot* L (Barbara) elect Rorla^n industrial Electric Ud h IT? 

Balfour bivd (Band E Tap) 

—Wesley A h 3157 Wyandatie » 

Brookes Alfred rai Osrtlnmtul r? (.'land WTwp) 

—Aim (arid Norman) h S566 OaU rd 

—Barbara studt mi Cosalnental av Uter.d W Twp) 

—Horace A (Marjorie) (OaottmmLd Mactoins tervlra) tons 
Contlnectal av ia*n<J W Twr-l 

—Kmart to C (Bvenlr) nap Modem Too) A Dl* h S7T1 CJemmcv-v- 
bivd (3and E Twp) 

Brooamlre Roger (Florence) emp Detroll t 1417 Uneolb rd 
Dorookmyre Verne xtudt ft 1357 Oltea bivd * 

Breeds Alan fBandra) emp Crljg* Welding h 338 Rracr av 
—Allan fornac Fords r 153 McEwan av 

—Cbaa E pros United Automobile. Aerospace A Agrtrullurai 
Imploft^r.f Workers of Aaertca Local 441 
—Charlie r 265 lurk w 

—David (Otrrry) lector Dooi Fcrgt h 1 T H Dominion bird (tend 

—Donald (Jraci lab Dorn Forg® ft 2343 Dominion Mvd (Bind W 

—Donald A (Constance) beehr (Wing Broors Meat Matretl n SI! 

Partington »v 
-Donald J to 1366 Hall av 

—Ell R (Violet) engineer Norton Palmer lte-1 res RR« 


-BdiLto to 1866 Victoria av UJan-i W Twp) 

—Edwin G lEleanor) too) A die mkr Detroit to 3650 Charlevoix *v 
(5Und W Twp) 

-Esther (wld Chasi h 1790 Rerra ev 

—Frances Mrs clouting wrsman aty Hall ft 3£37 Elamsr® %v 
—Ora Ionian) r 2237 Etewer® av 

--Gtltwrt lab Dow Forge h 2 , '4fl Victoria av Ifond •*' Twp) 

PHONE 253-3541 


• -GUirla etudt r 866 Wtndnur aw 

— - toward E (Muriel) -mi McKinnon tndustTtea to 1^9 R-*»dv.fh 

av W Twp) 

..jia A (Jam) off elk Bell Tel t. 5<0B Virginia ft «v (Sand W 

—jaa F (Frances) h l£T8 OUdstone av 
-jonn f (Uargi) b ****** » v 

—joyca alaldy Rtinweil'n KlJdl-land 

—Leonard W (Franras) cximmi xrtiat Detroit fi 3215 Randolpk av 
(Sand WTwpl 

—Mabel (wtd Rlctod) to «8I Monmoulto ni 

—Marlene emp Detroit r iC8> Virginia Park av (Sand W Twp) 
-Myrtie (wid John) h «3 McD^gall 
•Rwgd estimator hfc&mla Conewyara r £7 fb Astir, av (Bind W 

-Rote emp W*« Grand Aula W»sn r 2343 Dominiao bivd 
(tend W Twp) 

—Raty (wtd Frank) ft S66 Brae* av 
—tendra E r £343 Dominion bivd (tend W Twp) 

—Vernon orderly Huron Lodyr r MC Wl»lsaf ev 

— Waiter (JanetI h 1377 Victoria. *v (Sand W Twp) 

• •Walter Y (Martha) plant protrrilon Fords to 808 M>y av 

Wta A (Gail) ettdt b®rger» tervice to 90S, 438 PIU w 

— StegV (SirlcHT^^^du Meat Mara®!) b 462- Howard 
av (tend K ivpl 

—Wing Mwal Market (Wing F Brocut h) £116 UWwralty av w 
—Zel&i Mrs r 1475 llurtsi Line 

Broom Joan Mra dk lypiat CMrry BUeprtet Co rss Matcbwttf 
rd (River Canard) . ^ 

Braomhead Row mgr FlAto Avenue Beauty Ssions Ud r 947 

Chatham s 

Broptwy Bootle otudt r 2296 Moy av 
-ffrnry E (Marie F) to £296 Moy 4V 
—Uewvliyn 3 (Edith) to bSO QU®s bivd * 

— Itelvln E lAidora P) alamn Edwd J Carson n 34 Peking*®® 

ir (R’Slde) 

-parklnaoft (Agatha) iat» Cbrystera h t2b GUsa tdvd e 
-Parklnscr. W (Minnie) to 1041 mwaoc rd 
—Rrgd G mi eatais agt h 1368 Bernard rd 
-•Stanley M studt r 1366 Bernard rd 

-Thoa R (Sranori barr A sol 1D1S, 176 University av w t 13« 
Bernard rd 

-Thdk R Jr (Anne) barr Donaldson Charters A Brocksnshlr* 
to 1171 Churcn _ 

-Vernon L lAlfreda) aasmblr Chryalers a 2978 »wr 
Aropivy Jas A (’•nvtan) macn Husband Trsnop U 5151 Bruce av 
(Sand W Tap) 

— Michael J tooimtr eppraati?* Chryai*ra r Slfcb Bruce av 

(tend W Twp) ^ 

Broser John (Sofia) Janitor Walker Road Tavern a 3n.€ ^tyng rd 
(tend E T»; > 

-Junn GUtharln#) malm East 31d* Plating h It* Bucalngtam 
dr ( te n< i E Twp) 

-•Iflcni (Mary) (VCc Uraawr tervic®) a 3C61 Wolkar rd CaiU 

—lAkw ^«vfce (Iflchi Broser) serv jo 1101 Wyandotte * 
Hroanan Frank J yrrJ als mgr K.l#«r Jaap of Canada Ud h 336. 

300ft Wyandotte (R'8l**) 

Broaseau Laura b 666 Pxrem av 

— Uuira M (wld Frank) h 3, 1314 HsU av 
-Rlcftd mech Wateter Motors (Win) r«s EmeryviUe 
Brossolt Clara Mrs r 8, I«32 Richmond 

Brotherhood Iten't JPar* (Sami A AIM Vekicrl mm e furr-Uftlaf 
1555 Ottawa 

rtruthera Geo A lab Fords to 2571 Owiwmceau Mvd (tend E TWyt 
-John Ramp tell T*i r 9«t Windsor av 
-Marl® (wtd Thos) t. 1447 Wlntermer* rd 
—Mary 1- (styrail da SUverwooda r 1447 Wlftdrrmurc rd 
Brat harm on® Ijoia r 719 ctoUv*r rd 
Brough AI«s J IVeral lab Fords h \K9 Central av 
—crvUle (Doiorea) die se«*r Arrow Tool A Engineering *•* 
M>y av 

— Ranald B emp Dvtroii r 1329 Centra: av 
-Thoo (Mary Lou) etn? Chrysiers . 977 Em av 

Mroughtan Donald pin aetutr Puiace Rncrefttian r 86C Call-call 

—Gory V (Orace) life underwriter Ucrtt*m life Asscw C5 si 
Can to 211 -x Loula av (R'Site) 

—Harry D (Virginia) to 129C Aualn rd 
—Lais h 1137 Monmouth rd 
—Roe* (wta Marar^ui r 686 California av 
—Wm C# h 710. 39t UnivnrsJTy *v •* 

Brouiliett® Arthur A (Louind repoirmn Chrymiara ft 173 
Tourangeau rd 

—Dolores wire tey.ard Ptsxcria r 12LL Hhaesww rd ITWrajasek' 
—Franc-us Mrt 72164 Rlvenrtdc dr IR'Sldel 
— Unda wtra Skyiard risserla r 1255 Jtewn®* rd (Ter urns* hJ 
-•Louis (Joyce) l ah Walker Metal Prod to 1186 UUUn ^. 9 
-Stanley Q (Lorna! steel CbrySiers a 9M9 paaadena at tteid i 

Broultt® Raymond W IBsttyi widr Camm UrU»r h 3- W MoC ' 
aautn rd 

rW3»0;«:. Krona (MUdradi amp Otrai- h ft94 CUdatoce av 
Ursuaarau Arthur (Rlts) widr L A Young h 6» Alexandria, 


—Gerard H (Aim*) tnsp McKtemon Buoatrlec t. 5. 1292 
nrouilgam Albt r M17 Cadillac 
troowvr Wm (Dten) emp CkrysUra i 3673 Wells 
Brauyeite Carl (tessta) a^mr. Cm. travl to 3U» Turner ra 
Land E Twp I 





Over 1300 branches to serve you 


14 J dtewetftyt Miamn :m !treau Co l: f«D4 Mo ranu (Sand 
S Twt•> 

—Ipftoo C-wi-tl Stevel h lfl4 r ,' Tteurun^.m. rs 
-*R»ynjond einp Canpto Brldrr r tl2l McKay nv 
—teiilUrjr T (MafJortoJ «itij lumta bridge h STEffl IfarrU dr 
(fisnu W Twp) 

—^£SM|KMro / ({tatty) "‘rep Candn Bridtfit h ::7tt3 Jtandojpft av (tetnu 
W Twp) 

Bravchuk Ou (Acmai h 2kJ4 Mbum-n rd (Sand £ Twp) 
prow joenphlM district IrvesM tcftr Canrtn Nuti Insi (of ire 
Blind if 8, 270 Campbell av 

Brown Ctoo F (neloi ftisftr Ohryotero i, £M& A rtf air r4 (Sami £ 

—JoSib J r 2H6 Arthur rd (&jno £ Twpi 

--Mar-jt Mrs -i;tcr White Laundry h Dry C]*vabg of Windsor 
Ud h 1 „ 505 Lincoln rd 

Srewri! Dwiild G (Marjorie | c)k Cftryeters h 1207 TUstoti dr 
-Kief Vi p {Euu | fHtaJjjf Bell Tvl ft 1820 Fmcol* rtl 
Brawn A Koto (Miirllyn) *cc| Hlrem Walkere Si ;-U*ui n 3 hi: 
bted (R r H(£tr. ^ 

—A C Sfalince (Q**altiine) til, 3S7 Tuacarora 

"■Atla (wld Atea JJ h 1078 Gto4fltonf' iv 

*-Ad*Ua 14 taawft r 3&&Q Hnvhonx^n av (Sand W TVpJ 

—Agnes (wld Edwin) ft 350 Oak av 

—Ago** iwld Win) ft 1464 XauruifKau rd 

—Alt* C ttfergt) =taty engineer iSfta P*ckreg b 3560 fto after euiift 
ay (Sand V/ twpl 

-AIM W (Katohwo) h 2661 Asklii uv (£and «f twp) 

—Aides wtra Don? Cute r i0l6 Cs<JtU%c 

--Ale* (Jean) mtUwi-lghf Cftrystortft 33IS BiUtt ru (Sand E Twp) 
—Ale* Jr 1! S Murines r 321ft Bites rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Alfred (Ui=l*l iik dk Fords n 30t Hoitwilkir blvd (R'^Sd-Hf 
—Allred H (Annttl mauh apr Youfu? Spring-VArf h EBE* NoraBi 
rd (£ift-d t' Twpl 

-AlUte Fred! r ESEtr iJkylteft dr iSand W ’\rp3 
—Allilt C ff>3ft‘-ddal teftr Waikorvllle n £4fi£ Wlftdttr* 

mtire rd 

—Aiim t > i c po n ftii qunrfcftii »v 

—AlJftz {wl-ti CJIfcssa: 8f h 1&10 CitutetiMW uv 
--Amelia A ItitltlCUflord) effr UEC h J t dCb Wyaudcrtte w 

—.Aftdr-w idr«iBfi 5 A Tltrlf? .'Aore r HKtJ lY/n^ rd 
-^Amirr'jr MS IMargtk prc-cMs cn^?f Fords h &, lb Laiyr** rd 
(R l SQd#l 

—Aftpe ulent^g Mir* Lite Unr Mi Pel tester 

—Amuntei M (wld Suni) it 1009 PUlmift rd 

--Annie twid Jaat r 3614 Coftnaughi rd 

“Arthur to; 7pr U - Purler Eiii^rprlsee r 21M? ClEve rtl 

“'Artftur A (Irene) h 2, UTtS Erie v 

—Arthur C (PrterUte) comp GommS. FrnLgn 363-7 Barry more in 
“'-Arthur E (Martelle) emy. Chrysl^nt n 3606 E'4rrymar»« la 
"Arthur F (Miry)fo«tn#i Chryslers ft 13£S Urnte nl 
—CUste) oft cite Fords r, 10?S rwirangnsij rtl 
—Sartawn mirnc r IMH Otadmone mv 
“■Barbara A r 133 Janette iv 
—&irt B ntmlt r USB Francois ci 

—Beatripr E Soprvar OoUartltm Service of Wlndnr n 71B 
Suisse: mv 

“Fy.Tttlc(t (wUl Morrill it 133 Jamnie av 

W (£dUh) prtn WiDwrvllte Coltegtei-- Inat li 24W 
ChUver rd 

“Bessie (O 1 Hara The Taltef) r 323 Brure *v 
-Besate Mrn r 1311 O&k av 
*-Brwrly flk GKLW r D h 4ffl OUe* blvdw 
“Beverly Suidt r 1307 Brtuce &v 

— Bl a ine W (Gfr&r^eU®) sup* Fordsr ft 198b unund HAirnls rO w 
taint) w rm 

—Blsjdr* C (Mary) ?mp Mrrstiy Truck Unm Ud ft 911 Jos 

JiiftL&S-r -IV 

“Sdnnte L nudt ff 1£60 Artitur rd 

—Brcrtlicrn Ssnrlcs iDcKiaiil J Jeftn A brown) serv stn 2r)9b 
Tecunsneh blvd w (Eutd. W Ihirp) 

-Bruits stud: r 11144 Hati 
“Briic-t* j (Miry) stsinn ft lS9t Tdttraognaii rtl 
o 4flS Jjftielte av 

“GamUrt- (wJd Arthur) h 2*94 Muiterd ct 

“Qnw A U>4±rtoU| tdhr Win TtwcftMte Coiled ft 3M® 

Bandolpft \ j (i^nd W Twp) 

"■Clog J (Ednaj mticft fi lTBO JcflarffCiC blvd..(£and E Two) 
-Chester r 230 Strubane av 
“ChrlfliHui c h msi Rjmy ro 
“Cltriiitteo h 06 31 l^juis av (R’Slde) 

"CLinqw 4 h 104, 20fl Pitt w 

“aarence L IDorte) ear kaep C 4 O Ely h 476 Reset and Or s 
(&tftd W 7^pj 

“Ciijion A studt r 3S&' HdJfbdrough *v (Sami w Twp) 

“■^teVE T (Mary) set up num Fords h 339 VUtelr^ av (R'SIdd) 
"Clifford amp Chrystera r 3657 Earrymoro la 
^lArlizpn tab «PC):n 10DE (losp r 2155 Church 
^&ivte (CtermidtJ slamn Win Office Supply Ud h 3143 Church 
(Sand W Twp) 

pntr Ruan«ki luintlny it Oecarsilng Co Lid h iCll 
Arthur rd 

’’Davl-J studi r 693 Clarion* f fitci pRj 
-*Uvy a (Mary) nved sufri ICDE Msaiorlal Fsap h 1427 
Frtecr rd 

“Otiorfls r 3hI J 6 V/yandotte o 
^wstald aiydt r 2400 Cftllvhr fd 
■^prnald stadt r 1&36 Vlctorl* av 

“Donald u (s^urolyiti s\t Ca&dn Salt Co h 1751 Parkway dr 
‘’EMBald j (^rl.’MSrowit Bros Servlc®) h s, % Grind Marita 
rtl v (ssind W Twpf 


—Coftcvon B (Alice J| (eftr lion Y , 1 c Ifcnnvdy Coll teal h iVBl 

KVWartr rd 

*-^or«n r 2151 Foreti xv 
-- Oeroen Df troii r 3736 Peter 

**Dtpre «5 p at rr.g«; rj^trolt r 3b(if> RoK&cmugn nv (Smd W r TVpl 
--Dorin Mrs r 3»1 Dyng rd |S«id e 1Vp| 

—Dor 0 (ny (wfrl Cteofr h 8S1 M irSon ny 

—Darrkhy Mrs il&rarSvn Chtlttteii Science Rf^.liruj Boom ti S14, 
207 CinLt-iftn av 

^-Dorothy M iTustoimr *. Exrlse t BA fmd& pi tH^Sida) 

*<*lk»ig(«5 (BitiftJ goil )tiaE*)| ofir Win bmimv ft 24*.i South 
"Ecuufas (ClorLi) Inb Win De^m Co Lid 6 Wn VcitHUn 
Bittul Co ft 223 Qrmw to«iV ? 

—Dragteo (Vora) lab Chryaters r 044 Miriun iv 
--Douglas A (Dorothy) re-at mgrUbbtewk h Pfk- Barttet dr (Saad 
w r Twpl 

—Dbuolas E (Jfiftat) icFOfs bClb Mamrt (Stutd 5 Twp) 

--Dmigino H (Shlrlej-j creF DetrDlt ft 947 Ifcrrin Jr 
-^L*3vig3aa 15 ntutii r 3S2ft Ttvuijieeft bivol w 
—t»uglan L (Pforeeni (onona Fordn n 340 Mnwhaw-Rnidy Wt& 


-Editt! («ld ftfter) r JQ£0 Minmoulh rd 

-- Ediin ft 40 P 7H0 Oowllnttc- av 

-^Edltfi Mra tettr figUi^nuod Pub Soft) rea TseufftWh 

—Edith E (wld Frank) n 1125 Church 

—Edna Mrs ftfie^ir r 242 OiiJUac 

—Efttfd uEnp Otryalars r 3637 Barrymore ia 
—Fdwd. f/sim&l «np OlMl Ii 2132 Bruce w 
--Eijitfd (Lcrctus) ekpsdUor fordn h 266S Oitiver rd 
‘-Ecfwd (Stephanie) lah Chrysters ft 5661 Mullord el 
—Edwil 3 J h 317 St Lcute av (R'mrtn) 

—Edwin I Kioto) ft 116 JanMto uv 
“Edwin C I Marion) emp Deirolt h 038 Franeola et 
—Edwin E i Winifred} sjprviir Custoren 5# Excise fi 1730 
Laftadle n) 

—Edwin F (.tessle K) rrsx) mgr Pore Forgo h 234? ChUvrr rd 
—Elisth H h Zli, X BucJttegriim; dr (R^Slite) 

—ElLith L oludt r 220 CHrtetOpftsff dr (R'^ldv) 

— Elate Mrs ? Ml Bryc-* av 

“Elion C iCrmci*} sr wr«ha«®n Imp .li h 27? aaiddnn av (R'Sldaj 
—Emily o« dk Mi Tool* r 9494 Milterd cl 
“Erie 1 1 Lee) ft 176® Olrost av 

— - Ernest W (Florenrt) emp Fords ft £Ct JnStoreim htvd (R 4 8idtN 
—Eattetr S hrtpr J Kovin5Ky U 2ana ft 1,46 Aylmer av 

--Etr^l V Mrs priv e*-r Win Pte' Ubrary ft 1C?. 43»t v0)nn Ulvd w 
—Etu (winTimothy) r 1188 SJfcKay av 
—Euphfrtnte Mrn r 2088 Aludd.* rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Evs (Wld Jasi h C t *300 mite av r 
—Eva (wld Jofm) i. 27i& terntf m 

“Ev*iyn (wld David) ate elk R*>d Rjodin, Ltd h D f 407 Ollra blvd 

—Florence (wld E O ft 1056 Victoria av 
—Floyd A (Hilda) pharmacist Big V Fftarntaciea ft 009 Scoftoid 
*V (liirul S TWp) 

—FmictTS r 759 Victor la av 

—Frances (wld Eterold) cwtcftftd opr Bell Tt! ft 3626 
olvd w 

— Fran/t tedrymn Win Laundry r 720 Eagenle (Hi&Ri Pkt 

— ■'Frank M diucyi ft 705 Dtilfsrnte av 

—'Frank R, EDatey) ft 215 Lauson rd IR’Sldef 
—Frtnj ft Uvamstti.-) cunrtkr «ttglneer WLn Bd of Edur r 1404 
rouran^au rd 

—Fred (4 (Laura) (eferen fords ft 1447 ItotHt? tv 

-*Fredk mven Dc-Tmtowr. Motor SalEi (Wlo.l Ltd r 892 Wyandotte e 

—Fredk 3 (Besnifr) trk drvr Win tJimb-sr ft ^46 KDiott « 

— FFP ijf E emp Ideal Infl^iiatlng Co r WynndnUe e 

— rredk J (Irene) n 31?S6 W r y[ind«(»: e 

—Fred* J (Rji&ll *d itept Wb» Daily 3ter h 70® Partington av 
—Fred* W (MUilcetti) plrebr f« ISIS Htovard sv 
--O Win (VivianI viee-prea Find A faenoll ixumranc* Ltd ft 0W 
■jfeendale >ir (R^de) 

—Garland Q (Jean El (Bftdmdka fulls) ft lAflfi Ricsrsitte dr w 
—Gary i apprimUrt Three Ster Imperial Dll r 607 Elm *v 
—ejayte fite dih Dtrystoffi f IBiS Ur^ift pd 
**Geo fMildred) ft 4KI Ftoraiu >v 
—Geo lad r 100* Meamoutft rd 

—Gao A fUlyf mop Ess^x County Afti* dnb ft ItCdi Chaatall av 
—Oe& H r 3719 Muichntto rd 

—Geo R (Joan) oJ^ftt auo Frtn_r Eftward Hotel h 10 G? BrtaelE 
—Gnarrttea Mrs r 130 Wfflftdanje w 
—Gerald R aLrlpper '?iimTni Pmfj r 133 Janette av 
—Ortruds Mrs; h 1229 UUlan 

—Gertrude Mrts wtr® HI-Bo Curb 3erv-Ue ud or No 3 h 14€9 
Hltette na 

“Lll'idys Iwid Waiter Kl h c- a Huron Lint iSaivd y, r Twp) 

— Gordon (Brown's Are Welding) has rcmrtnantal av (Sand W 

—OoffdoiR (Fisrancej a.*at Cnrystera n 5508 Miteounnuye oev 
(S and W Twp] 

--Ocrrdnr F (Marilyn) puroti elk John Wyeth A Bro h IMS 
VAIilams lRem Pt) 

—Gordon & elk A<bnn> Cartoan lid r 6, 42f^ Wyan^tt (R'Skfe) 
—Gordon W (Marl"-i) mneft dfto itoudlj-Ecllpmj rs, 47(16 Semtnote 

— -Guy A wrr’hjEinfjn ttrodonem Cttld&onagi ft 372C MAtebette rs 
— Eadlsy J.; (UsaJ»lte) vlce-prin John h rorsiar Calleuteto 

h 163? Vlifinria av 

—Haig A UJly) vice prIn John Carante-U Sftfti ft 4^>fi4 urngtc))^ 

' av fS-Msd W Twp) 

—RhMld A (BrriM) stdtftfl MMtftewu Luiaber Co h S3S Cftic av 
** Harold J (Bvej nu±i:fi repair dialers n iftSh Church 
—Harold S Own) ft W Importe av (R'Sibe) 


—ftirry (Eva) ft SS pi (R’Ctoe) 

--Hurry CJaoditite) te'wtnUyasor drtwtacjt ttialtna N,itS Ftevvmis 
l, 41? Eaaltewn Uvd 

- Hurry J-D {Mhr^tl (orem DNR h 1844 Hall av 
“•Basel (wld C»o) oMf dte Cfcry*flAra n 471i: SfiinlnMo 
—fteien (mid Chant c IfiTf pougali av 

—Betosi Mrs HJyepalde Public IMIBIks COmmn 

--Ifirory iD^Ua B) ft lEhfi Glidistixie av 

—Itonry J (Emrnu) fi 063 '''urri’ av 

—Hcrh* fEva) Btmftr C&lTtders tj 2D Fmnk rv CR'SIdet 

—Hj4w nnp Detroit fn 5?.<? Erie w 

— Sterne* fctefda) en.jlnr*r CPP. b ES7t’ Janette av tSitoi W Tvp) 
--Ihward ELnvna.) fteamaft ft 1302 GiadKcmr av 

—Howardja r, 5i& jej Jnniase av 

—Hn3h t (Joan) pr%mtJ Rtegron* Frt?sd h 1035 Ifettarfmi ulvd 
fr^nd £ Twr>i 
—Ill I r n*0 Ar^yt- rd 

—Jajk st'jdt r l ; '} "*• Ufiilsbtifteuve iv CBanJ W Twp) 

—Jack B (Mary) (orjum R p Scherer Ltd 1) 730 K<ren«dy dr n 
t8ao0 W' Twpl 
—Jus r 826 Victoria «v 
—Jm nl k Cftrynlerk r 1510 GlddBtpne rv 
*-iM (Hilda) reach mmy WT»»| h S24 Ottawa 
--Jan C (Sarah) ft 5'3?4 Brure av I2and W 
—Jfis E (Ruth) detail retm Chareploti $park Plug h 283 Ford Wvd 

—Jas E (J^anntMtb) [jutr ft RlcStsry rd 

—Jan H (Lola) caretkr Bd of Mic h p.32 CSrareb 
—Jas J (Juan) ft 30fl Rlvnrdalf av (R0^d«) 

—Jan L '31)1 Crmne ^F?5ly r £133 Eruer nv 
—Jas L (Prlscala) otiSr? Cftryni&m ft 71ft Randolph av 
—Jas R (Hilda) h IF? VUlnljte uv (R’£t«) 

--Jaa W E llrte> erep Detrclt ft 34S Hotfie&to bird 
—Jtuwt r RE Si. Louis av tR*Mile| 

*-/ jnei stud) r 7B9 Partlngtoti av 
--JiijTi- stints r 5335 MateommivtF av (Sand W TwrJ 
—jean Mlehr AUOji L Imii Jr V&e sch) h 22, t 
Eftj cttlc^fhiiii) ar f R* 216 * 1 ) 

—Jean R lehr Victoria tt 4^1 Mount (teya) dr (S*nd W TWjd 

--Jsunnto (wld MS char!) ft 377 3riijL av 
—jeannle (wid Wm) "i 1529 York 

—Jeffrey (Gfil) E M) en^toeerteg Ball T*U ft 1220. CstrepbeU av 
-*Jeronto V (Esther) le=Ctnttr Hnlv of Win ft W* trn)orally av v 
-- Jestyh FT 450 Chsjftsm u 
—Juan fdrs l 3P7 Tiacarorti 
--Jo-Ann r ?1S 2uibsn. av 

—Jnlm ajq?Tentlee Herder Tool $ Ufa r SSlg BHsb rd (San ft E 

—John, lotchr Detroit r 382 Mtey av 

—John A IPniiUnv} iRrcsrn Brua Sirvlcs;) h 007 Frmdsls ct 
—John J (MargO enytiper Korda ft ?4l Reedtrere av (R^cte) 
--John b (Altov H) rec sec-iresas BricJUay»r» h fAanons Looil 
JMtm #6 h 633 Dmrlotte IRttm Pk) 

—John C (14m) wteftrin L A Ysmuj Co ft 1723 Ftorre av 
—John ; (Glorte) ra<jr J L Iftjiaor. h 366 Boreodale Pled fR'fttiS*) 
—John M (Elizthl erep Auio SpeclaHtojf ft Bftl ftfeDoupOl 
—Jutm T fliirle) ft 2m WftlJter rJ 
—John W etndt r 105? Roastol hlvd 
-- Joaeph A f jeani ft CSC Mount Royal dr (Sand W Twp> 

—Jrjsepftiiip (wld 7, f m J) ft 2IT) parent ftv 
—Judllft A r 1430 Elftmnre %<g 
—June I Mrs IBM opr Enroll ft 3, \4G& Ottawa 
--Keith GT.urtt r 1517 GoyKeu 

• 'Vennoih C. (Betty) ils m^r Win UlUitoo Comma (Hydro Dtvi 
h 1567 Arthur rd 

—Kenneth L LHtaul) !?o! ft iflr mkr JjatroU ft Jft} Wullii^Dn uv 
—Kenneth M (Mary) Lftdufltriui ^rmtewr Cftrysicra !l 2S7 Gi 
John (R'3to*) 

—Kenneth R (Kntrdoni) erep Cftrysterc ft 76E fit Antsln- 
—KKUMb S (OwmI) elect ChmSprs h 29W Sornma sv (Sand E 

—Kenneth W I Kay) ofl wkt Forftc n 21S1 Forr^i 

--Kenneth W (Je.inl aterrun Dorn Scolnij fAachlne Co ft rear. S7E5 

Paxmx ay 

—KlrH ^sembly wkr Ohryslera r 1644 KaL av 
—Laura (wld te'm-ira 4) fjuprvsr Huron Lodge ft 720 Prince ti 
—Lawrence sUc j& delivery F'»Lind tJd r 2(i9l ifalbar rd 
--Lawrence- D (Margii ntaty engkicer | dark Keith Oewrttltig 
Station h 05 teiiLna [Sion W 1 Twp) 

—Liwrenct Q (Margil rurinma oftr h 957 MsKfty sv 
—Lawson ENrilie] too ffnstir fordo ft 722 Rnnda^b tiv 
—Lee M (Jonl) phy ft aurg 2?}? Btu-^ ov ): 2004 Arete rat sv 
--Leo F (Mary-Lou) (pen) teremn fords ft 2011 Riviera Jr 
(Sand W Pwr) 

—Leo R (Victors ei) eftp WuboBft By ft 837 Moure out ft r j 
-- lAoruird J f|Cathoriri*f} corepotar Chrystera n KS6& Parkwwu av 
--Lconurtl R rrathsrlna) uinp -'fthitn Brt^gr h 1008 Ford hlvd 
(Sand J : : Twp) 

—Lester C (Matte) orfr Csistkiij ft Exc-sr ft 2040 cAirry ttV 
(Sand W Twp) 

—LUllsh (wld Wra) tear Jom O CaftUl ScftI ft 3£6 C&oui-ain A 
—Linda M aludt p 55^5 Cfturdi ISiind W r rwp) 

—Llewellyn (Irene) eraeli Fordn ft S>? Elm av 
—Lola sty4r r 2560 Gurilrita av (iSanJ W Twp) 

—Uifenso j (Patricia) orep Eoi&cy WfttHtl n iSillRpU u 
—Lorenzo T (Hite) stemn Can »reo.l Co ft 14W Elamfre %v 
—Lome W (Etori) toirtrfmktr -COsldtilta (iota) Ltd b Wl Rrittou av 
—LcuIbk Mrs r 511 Drvncnniru r*u 

— Luoilte E (wld Vlncpuiu elk JtosacU A F«*ruw UJ r 770 
Rcecdato uv 

—Mabel (wld Archd) h 404 Fsn^ w 

A(phabctkal. Wftcrr Pjii 19 




—tJAirirtm frroTnn Cands Skit Co ft 1&!V Lands rd 

—Jaa C ir^tilcU) oflles Dingwall Uawn h 2tt Josephine sv 

—Joan «n« r IClfl St Rost av (R'Sdr) 

—Mate* Mr* r B9 H*rttm«*r» *v (R'Ebtai 

— Mack Rev (Mildred) minUier Fins Baptist Church h 437 


— Mar* r 3 Mill 

—Itxrgt abate r 5447 Uanmirtt* av 
—Marjorie stuck n 101, lfal C^s-jrain pi 

-Uirjirl* J (wtd Harvl* 14 it 26P3 Dondurand olvd fend A -tarr) 
-Marjory (wid Hart*) r 1115 Windsor av 
—Mart (Mass I r 1556 Bros* av 
—Marinn. Mrs n 1671 Goyeaa 

—Martin fWcwltt slamr Swttt testrunrrms h 1M» Villa Marta • 

dud w t*t j 

— Mary Mrs r 43 Maiden l* w 
-Mar/ E (wld Earl) t 1967 Raaclni UiWJ 

—Mattie • J (Angalede) steflmn 6 8. 5ff7 Tecumaeft Uvd w 
-May tvt Health nurse bi of Health h A3. 1619 Uttlver«Uy av w 

— Melvin (Lavlnv) drvr (,*Uy of Win h 1427 Foils iv 
—Malvtn D stuJt r 1437 Fells av 

••Merten (DonnaI sis admin Chryalor* IB5H B»:fa*r blvi 
(Band £ Del l 

—MUM stacn r 725 lYtnc* rd 
—Miltjc (Eva) offr Ciistcms % Sxcln* b H61 Elm *v 
-Murray L elk b bxpr CatfUl Ovality Horn a LK res L» ?aUi 
—Myrt*e Ur* tress Canadian Union of Public Empioyaaa 
Local M3 has TaJtx* rd n (lUnd 8 Twp) _ 

—Nathan (Augusta) alamn Stuarts Clothes h 6?., *6C ;»*ll«te av 
—N*U barber Lore's Artistic Barter b Beauty Salon h 22*1 
Howard av 

-Newman *mp Cfcryoters h 3231 Ifils* rd fend ETWp) 

—Hormae P (Btteii mUl marh opr Win Lumber b S16 Jowepftlw 
aVOttUO . 

—Optical Co (Henry Shonflald b Rarry Waaaermao) optetnatruna 
487 Duelled* av 

—Oswald W (Constance) postal olfr PC h 2330 Clrardst av 
—p Norman (Betty) ccciructlcg avjr Cante Brtd?* h 3362 
Randolph av (Band W Twp) 

—Patricia A x-ray stud! Fora Hoap r • » Grand ferula ri • 

(Stand W Twp) 

—Paul £ stadt r 17X> Labadte rd 
—Fwari (wld Wml t 644 RwUtt *V 
—peter malnt wldr Fords b 169 Lauton rd (R'fflde) 

—Peter ft (Theresa) msch opr Kelsey Whet-i h 673 Elm av 
—R Chaa Hrv Cxaoo (PaulineI rector 3t Mary’s (Aag) Charch 
h 19M 31 Mary's Oat# 

-ROw K stud* r 9640 Church Uktftd WTWp) 

—R Wayne (Mary Jan*) consumer credit oflr Bans af N 3 h J 1 
Curry av 

—Ralph mech Wobster Motors (Win) r 950 DroutUsrd rd 
—Ray U (Dorothy) (Brownie's Whit* Rose) h 653 Charlotte 
(Rem FV) 

—Raymond A lAjoea) b 1838 Lincoln ra 

-Regina asst chUfopr Bali Til ft 409. 430 OUss elvd w 

—Rlcbd (Emily) h 1331 Erie e 

—Rlcftd C (feryl h 1, 1637 ASSUmptltt 

—Ricftd C atudt r 1677 Dcugxil av 

—Robt (fergt) emp Fords h 1535 Howard av 

—RoU off elk Win Packers r 3226 Janette av (band W Twp) 

—Robt iDorta) prtn Inti Tutoring College b 101-7 Windsor 
—Hot* C (Eliott.) ar asttmator Melanie Coo'/eyora h 25» 

Academy dr ©and W TWp) 

••Robt D (Helen) cable repairer Bell Tel h 333 parkview sv 

—Robt F elk C*n<k» Imp Bk Commerce r 476 Rcseiand dr t 
0and W Twp) 

-Robt R (Roterul aupt Hiram Walksr* h 5604 RKwralde dr 

--Robt L (Irene) agency rcgr Northern life Anace Co of Can h 24# 
Jeffers30 elvd (IfCitel 

—Robt N hatat opr Chrysler* h 6, #73 Erie e 
—Robt N swuHtmn Essex Terminal r 1288 Albert rd 
-ROU 3 fa 2736 Peter 

—Rooeric* A «u* r 365 Romedale blvd (R’Sdet 
—Roland G apprentice Crewe At Tool 6 Dl* r a a Grand feral* 
rd w fend W Twpt 
—Ranald r 1334 Parent av 

-•Ronald alamo C H Smith Dept »on» t 2132 Bruce av 
••Ronald studt r 3218 bliss rd (Band E Twp) 

--Ronald F (Mounts) process engineer Oenl Mcxors h 104, 

3835 Wwraldi* dr (R’Slte) 

—Ronald J R fRotins) h 3S Eadraa (4 (R’Ste) 

-RoaeiloJ studt r 1427 Prince rd 
—K«s C (Judith) ocet Detroit b 1Q12 Strut run ere av 
—Roy J (Emms) vtce-pres parts <ttv Chrysler Canada Lid h 3710 
Ouallstte ev UJand W Twp) 

—Jtoyol J studt r 3710 OuellsU* av (Iknl W Twp) 

--Ruth iwtd Hugh) r 4054 Longfellow av fend W Twp) 

—Sami (Clare) fern's Brcanl Rand Store) h IS34 parent av 
—Sami M 0 (EUsfh) b 32U Rlncrdy rd ©and £ Twp) 

~3*ndra atudt r 5414 Wa.dUnd av Dand W Twp) 

—Sharon lab (octal Ont Depa of Health, Prov Laboratory r D, 487 
Giles bivd w 

—Shirley A twn Coca-Cola Ud r 1677 Doggall av 
—Solomon R b 1126 Lincoln rd 
—Stanley (Catberias) cbkr CNR b 1807 Bruce av 
-•Stanley pres A darn’s Cartag. Ltd h 6, 426t Wyandotte tS’Sltel 
-aanlay A (ferjori*) bldg tnap h 4, W3 pv-Uaaier 
-Stanley A (Acnie) denttat 2T« Charten h 28B5 Curry av (Band 
W Twp) 

—Theodore (Mary) mac), spr Genl Motors h 1817 Cadillac 
—Tte* (Marlene) h ^ tfniveratty av w 

—Thon B (Mary !D msch repair Chryolera h *36 Chriatopher dr 

—Thoa C (Florence) milling tnsch apr Cop* 4 Oarr Machinery 
h 2163 WoodUwn av 

—Thoa W (Doris) alamn felaar'a h 1746 Central av 
—Trevelyn M (Temaa) mazT rrpulrmn Otryslera n 2420 
Highland av 

— ? A* IbutaeU (LlUlAl dial mgr Ball Tel h 3540 Church fend W 

-Wtalier mech Hawheawnod Oarag* U« r 441 Langiou av 
—Waiter W (Nora) express oop* CKR n 5728 »rr:. 

—Wayne M (Atsuxo) aub trhr Cowsurtinn ScW b ?VJ7 Wyanoctu' e 
--Wilbert K (febel) (ool engine^ Owynlera b lUn OueUeti* av 

( W Twp) _ 

-Wilfred h 4. 1*3 Crawford »v 

-Vital (Lynn) mop Cante Motor Lamp ii 33rt>l Edlacr. av 
—Wm (Mary H) maim man Win Rousing Authority a 2234 

-Wm RCAF r 34®4 UuUord ct 

—Wm A (Clara) de Ford* h CMf Dougail av 

— Wm D fixate! le) elect forda r. 5414 Woodland av fend V. TWp) 

—Wm E (Ruth) fix Fur da k 1655 Ypr*a htvd 
-Vital H (Evelyn) h 330 Dm «v 
—Wm J r 780 Doofal) av 
—Wm 1 Wetam) h »*6 Want av (R’SHle) 

-Wm J (Alice) emp Detrol) h 1717 Basth Caweraa blvd (Sand W 

TWfd _ _ 

Brown’s Arc Welding (Gordon Brown) welding 4 axwa nbarpemed 
b kvva mad* a a Coatlnetdal av fend W Ttap) 

Brswne Chaa R (Am) off mgr Pyramid Mobil* Horn** 
h 2155 PelUaMr 

—David O C (Janet) si a rep trainee Algotna 3i«l Carp Ltd h IC1P 
Victoria av 

—Frank J (Olds) dint mgr lnoependuni Order of Foreaier* n 3325 

—Oeo T (Valerie) engineer Msiro Hoar o 1006 South 


(Len Browne 4 Mike Browne) General Insurance 
70S Wyandotte Street (Riverside) Phone *45-2781 

-Leonard (Klaln*) (l/n Brown* Insurance) h 7C» Wyandotte 

—fery M Mr* light aanambly Great La<a Sporting Good* res 

— Mlchn*l R L (liSwSStun fcrmme Inmrance) h bdb Kaymc rd 
—Wm loremn fimttn'a Sanitation Ltd r Joy rd (Tc-um»«*d 
Hrownall Banllyn tetr Eaoex Ftab Ocfel r 338 Elltttt w 
••David (Anne) aismn r> 276 Pterre av 

-SUl B aS S fegy flteU Service r a • Continental av fend 

—Ranee L*(&eatrtc*) photo engraver Win (tally Star b 366* 
Glcnwood av (Sand W Twp) 

— Harold H (Ethel) atkmn Ford* ti 1318 Erta •_ 

—Jaa W (Jenny) timer Rlitsned Mason a 9*77 Campbell av 
—Maraha-i A (Ebile) baa Cordlnimul av (Hand W Twp) 

—Twmmre *p? remlce A'aUwr Tool 4 Dl* r 336 DUclt w 
—tfna iwtd flwre) h 30? jute«phlo»mv 
—Wm f (Brmllyn) atlk acreenlug Mercury Chemical h 
Eliott w 

Brownie's Balts 4 Sporu (Garland Brown) 1*»25 Huron Llir 4 
1366 Riverside dr w 

—Whit* Rme (Ray M Brcnm 4 Eric Malcolm) n*rv atn 3^'\' 

Witter rfl fend E TWp) 

(trowtttng Arctv) (Ua) emp Detroit h 1S37 Dougail av 
—Bruce (Joan) aenlor eervteemn Ikilm«r Typewriter Co 

uparated fcy RaUly [kiatnca* Machines Ltd ree R R S*tburg 

—aifford IRteltal > 446 Cuiaraqut 

— EllXth (wld Jute) r 3465 GlrardOt a» 

—Emily prtv mer L J Oampr»« QC r«» R K t gindaor 
—Ernest (Agtnm) lah City EKginoer* Dept h 874 Louis av 
—Gladys (wid Jo»pk) h Ubb Assumption 
—Jaa A felly) h 1775 Highland *v 

--John (Sylvia) meat etr Eaoea Pwcter* b 001, W6 University av 

—Jote A malnt ekr Candn Rock Ball b 3466 Glraritol av 
—John E r 106 Janette av 
-Jornr^h (Joyce) tot* Chrysler* h ^ Brock 
—Joseph L (Geraldine) ptea Itenllor Industrie* (Wlndtevi Ltd h 
1240 Curry av 

—MlBoette (wid pwrey) awe L J Cam pea u n # » Highway Three 
(Band W Twp) 

— Mitchell studt r 1266 A**um(Xlon 
—Paul studt r 1159 Louis *v 

—Peter (Shirley) btehr Essex Itackev* h 986 Mercer 
—Rose old* Huron Iteig* ft 3143 Jtater 
—Venu (wld Peter) r 1541 Randolr* *v (Sand W Twp) 

Brownie- Edgar (Norma) ouprvur Caa Bread ft 933 Albert rd 
-Ketmetk final odjusi 4 repair elect Mirroughs 9 usln*sc 
Machines ft 1378 Brucw sv 

—^Wayne R (Sylvia) alamn Metro Life bm h 1342 Lincoln rd 
Brownlie Dorothy Mrs h 833 Albert rd 

—Jos (Theresa) machine repair Chryslera h 1180 RoseUwr dr 
(Gand W Ttap) 

—Jbhn M (Meta) assoc prof Unlv of Win h 2471 Academy dr 
fend W Twp) 

—John (lsotel) ft 240 fteil*porch* pi (R 4 «de) 

-Kenneth (Catherine*) steel wkr h 1779 Olive rd 
—•Ham (Joyce) tea admin Hygrate Food Protects Carp h 3415 
Mark av (Sand W Twp) 

--Thos A prud tecte Dunrsaghs Bustnima Uscniass n U4M1 
Riverside dr (Tecamseh) 

Broy Evelyn Mrs bilingual ssc John Wyeth * Bro a 204. 1»44 
Wyandotte (R’Side) 

— MltftOJtl O (Marlon) chemist John Wyeth 4 Bro 5 1071 Francois 

BrosdrUds Alrx (Mary) marh repwlrmn Chrysler* ft 3<*7 
Radlssoo av (Sand W Twp) 

Oruc* Adam (Margn mgr plant protw-ilon Fords h 347 Portingtor. 

-Ales D tchr a Alexander 3r 3cbl r 342 Grove av 
—Ales R ;Germaine) acct Chrysler* ft 342 Grove av 

—Apts 640*046 Hruce sv 

—•tartars E teftr David Maxwell Set! r 193? Larkin rd 
—Douglas K (J-anm» (<*eannc Bruce Jewellers) h 3028 River- 
Blde dr CR’Stte) 

—Douglas B (Grace) sen Tor-Dow Bank ft 234 31 Paul av (ITSide) 

— Douglas E (Leona! relief man Chryalers ft 1956 Arthur rd 
—Duncan (Barbara) shipping elk Rlnohed-Mason n 1113 Randolph 


-«EU*s (wld Josrpo) ft lKM York 

-Emery sect Paimo Jewellsra r 12T) Monmouth rd 

—Gary studt r 1016 St Rose av CR’Ste) 

—Grs« R (Mkry) (Riverside Marine) h 1016 3t Rose av (R*Slde» 

— Helen M (wid MacIntyre) ft 1621 Wvsrslte or (R’md*) 

—Jaa (nancy) ~^py rdttor Win Star ft 1371 Marentnu ae 


iDoegMa ami Jeanne E Bruce) SJ7 Ouellette 
Avenue. Pten* 252-7692 

—Jo# (Tteodaj loo* 4 die Champtoe Jpotk Plug h 2241 Gtadatone 

liark E tltmr. Regal Point 4 Wallpaper Co r 1958 Arthur rd 
—Market (Laura Blanco) grocer 1411 Bruce av 
-Maurt -e A trimmer Chrysler* ft 327, 296 Pttt w 
—Rett r 1016 B» Rose av CB*3ld#| 

—Ronald (Betty) mach Hiram Waiter 4 Sons Ud h 231 George nr 
—Ronald W stta* r 1016 a Ras* av (RTSlde) 

—Wm F (Shirley) stxmn Kaiser Jeep ft 1666 rteural »v 
—Wm H (Lillian A) suprvar tool engineering Chrysler* h 3451 
Barrymore la 

Hrudnar Henry ICWdl*) iaop-N-8bop) h H»l \flctorU av 
— Ilertt (Ellen) eJmrt sect nrshmiaum. BemftoUt 4 Randall 
h 2856 ertan cr«* feat W Twp) 

Brudy iinlro Mrs sisldy Western Ctotriere r 553 Asnln av 
—Otto (Elixttf sjya. machine anop Unlv of Win h tCO Ankle av 
—Pewr teller Cands Imp Bft Commerce r £*9 Askln av 
Brugg* John (Kuihiveiil (oreme Forda ft 3717 Mer «rd (FTS ide) 
Bruggink F-ana Oj«aa) machine repair oppremtlce Chrytaer* 
ft 536 Casdtoi (H»rm 1%) 

hruim Gertatrd W feean) tool fc dl* irJcr mtl Tftoia U 4081 Mount 
Royal dr fend W Twp) 

arul* Al*x V (Florence) alamn Aftib znr Motors (Windsor) t 
1987 Hurktngftam rd fend K Twp) 

-•EmUe h 51Q lJiu olo rd 

—Lily Mrs it 13W F*mdai# av fend t Twj.) 

Brumpton Oraid P (Hnl«») tchr T D Lswe k 3T3, 710 GRew Mvd 

—Harry 0 tfommr Dept Hortt 6 IV>crr*tlan ft 1*50 Dacoxah ter 
—R Gregory sturtt r 3424 Cross *„ 

—Sydney W (Marine) cus drvr 8 W 4 A Rlj ft 5424 Crass 
Brumweil Rota (R*ffa) ft 247 MrEwsn av 
--Stanley W tUWle) n 245 IdrF.wan av 
Brun Lina (Jeanette) Idb »«rttft3 Coastn ft 1480 CJlve rd 
BruiuBge Robt T *mp Detroit ft 1, 2977 University av w 
—Wm A emp Detroit r 1, S977 University av w 
SAnm*il Models* (wld Henry) ft 6. Tvcumset blvd w fend 
W Twp) 

Bnuveil* Alice (wld Wra) h 1«6 Bett's *v (Smd W Twy) 

••Anthony fenirat lab Ftao Consth h 068 Windsor av 
—Arnold r 16SX Bell's av fend W Twp) 

—Arthur (Betty) fs.-emn C B Mclnrta Ci h UX75S Fstricas dr 
fend W T*P) 

-Artkxr lab Fnrda r I«l« Bett'a tv fend w Twrl 
—Ell (Agmie) trk drvr CUy of Win k l-'19 C utternla uv 
• •Ellxth Mrs »tra Rar.derwas Tav*m re* “> cam soft 
—Era*** (Dorothy) h 3U9 IWter 
—Gerald r 859 Windsor it 
— Henry It (Doris) ft 797 brtoge av 
Jooc.ti! (Alexlna) macit op* City of Win ft 1017 Californ ia sv 
--;.>neph W (Aic.5-1 cprayer Fsbco Steel h 1622 Bstt’s av (Sari , 
w Twri 

—t/xxlse r 18K »*«’* av fend W Twp) 

—Ktarc (Cerlle) »mi tea r Chrysler* h 4416 Wymndott- • 
-Morris J (MUdr-iUvM I at Sand V>xt Twp h w s Malden rd fend 
W' TWl’t 

••Psul OCsylerw) ahpr Essex M**» ftacsers h At 6W WliUBW a* 

—ftaymnd (Kai^-^n) flremn Cloyxlert It 1566 Adanac 
—RJrhd J apprenttrr Beatty Molorx r 1622 9*tt f X XV fend W 

-flot* asxmbtr Otryslera r 4416 wyancxkte « 

Bruner AuOrwF J receptlmlxt Peopte‘* CreJb Jswellerx r 1900 

—Boyd (Marls) tlmcxpr Kalsey r 1687 Bruce «v 
-Bruce W (Ra»sl) emp Detroit ft ISK'j Toursngemu rd 
—Cart O (RubyI real estate trkr 1451 Ouellette *» h same 
—Cixrenc* (Ailcrl drvr Orryhound Bos h 1922 Baifour cJvk 
fend E Twp) 

—Earl r 439 Aylmer av 

—£dwd W Carl 9 Bruni’r r 1451 Ouellette av 
—G ary studt r 19S2 Etalfour blvd fend E Tw?l 
—Gso E r 1475 Huron Ute 

—GsroJd revr Monarch 'Tfflce Uuppiy Ltd r 168^ Bruce wr^ 

—Gerald t (Bemadrtte) servlcemn L4ngwaU Motor* n 1226 
rtamtin »v 

—Joatm* C hriinwr 3entry r 1451 ^Uette ae 
-Katmetn C clean Carl V bnm*r r 1451 OteUette av 
--Mervtn careUr Wontere Pub Scftl n 1909 P*Ussier 
-Rrgd G T emp Fords h Bruce av 

..RcmaiJ T *Jwdal apprenttee Leamtngton Latoratortes U4r*« 

—Terrence L RCAF r I9t2 Balfour blvd fend E twp) 

—Vlotet Mrs .nary dept Grace Hoap b 459 Oak »v 
Brunet Alfred (Yvstui h 1226 Hickory rd 
—Arttair (Frances) eond Essex Terminal Tty b 233 Jan*tt* *v 
fend W Twp) 

—Della (wld Raoul) ft 247 Ungtola »v „ „ . 

—Ewild L (Gall) six r*p Egulubl* Ufo Ins Co of Can * 7 >- 

••EUoer: Mrs cUi Beauty Coonselors of Cx* res R R 47 
River Canard 

—Olver inb Farda r 247 UngloU sv 
—Philip r 190 Lincoln rd 

—PtdUlp J payroll elk Walter Mnai r 247 Langloln av_ 

—Ronald (Elaine) omp bai Tool ft w s Huron Unr fend 7 Twp 
—Yvon (Antoinette) «mc Chryalerx h 313* Cftiiver rd 
Brurwitt WUloce J (Ellen) mlliwrtgK ftards ft 1156 Elm av 
Brunette WUUs S tOrsovx) tool . die mkr Cadillac ftiotor Car «• 
h 4'J bucklnghsir. Or (R r Sl<ta) 
ftrml Angelo r 949 Marvnutte *v 
--Antco intowta) lab Chryslera h (He Mare«*ti* aw 
—G iuseppe CSatoro) *mr Walker Metal ft 98 • 

—Itetm (AngtU) breactma 3t«vm*r Baksry h 2226 Highland at 
—Daivtaorl (Marl«»• mi ? ^r-ic ft ^377' tilgiUmd av 







PHONE 252-4411 


3rmlll Mrs r atb BcofUld av (Sand F Twp) 

Brave Ronald F (Laura) h 18, 4260 Wyunootir IR*:3i>N 

Rr«xkr Emma (wtd Aibtl h S82 Plerrr iv 

~J eye** E «mf Detroit r £83 Pierre «v 

Brm»er Fr*ncla J maeti opr Ford* n 3ft? BrM-jo iv 

—Ilea E tst r 281 Bridge *v 

8ru*n#tte Bert i Mra ”14 c.ron av 

Bras: Anthony (Con*!) 1 .1)18 Charla# IRtm PH) 

—Jafcn (Velma t #ngtneor Chryslera r 018 Charlon <R«m Pk) 
grains Confectionery (Bruno Cattsarlnl) 1TMhtft Felix av 
—Wtodersft (3r.ico Koesyxn) cuk tnkr 3343 gamtwieh 
3 nnt Roy 7 (Margt) dr!#*iUtV* Pollc# Dept h 2t7C York 
Br-ii. Alvtn 1 «mp SanJwleti Library r ?(A9 Rlberdy rd tout* 

E T*rpl 

—Arctms Gr»w) h 3502 Rlberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

—8#«ri? Mrs see llnlv of Win re* R R dl otdcasUe 
—OanlUs stum m.r*e r 2337 Byng ru 

—Clarence (Mu) Ub Fwbrlealed Steel h 2, 51? Onlverilty uv • 
—Fr?a (Scaacl enne opr Northwest. rr. I'imm Fuel h 2913 

—G r sect Candn Imp Uk Comm*rw re* Am norm burg 
—Gsrfleid C (Alice) rnp Confed Life n 1330 Qreenvtew ere* 
—Harold elk O P 1 »mlln Co Ud rwRR tv. Harrow 
—Piroid F (Alice) rollew chief OJlbway Pol Dept tt 563 Mill 
—Harold F (Vivian) emp Yorng Sprtng & Wire h 1649 Ubwctte rd 
—F .my F I Lenoir-) uct mjprvsr Win UUllOes Tarnmn Water 
Dlv h 2738 fftuckUmghsm dr (Sand E TWrp> 

—Jab 3 (Donna) slimn Sllverwoad* h 448 Foot lawn blvd (RCUae) 
—John A L (Ethel) h 1777 Moy av 

—Kenneth (Helen) co«t elk Chrysler* n 324<l Morris dr (Sand W 

—Leighton (Isabel) emp IXrdt ft 2037 Ryng rd 
—Lynn L (Unis) vnglnewr McKinnon Indentrlu# h 1229 Winder- 
mere rd 

—Marvin L (Winds) see* Hiram Waiterro n 631 Belle tale View 
blvd (ITSld*) 

—Miehaci control lower time kpr f? D Bryant Motor* re* R R I 

—Ray R (Lila) emp Ford* h 418 Pradp pi (R'Bidw) 

-W® stud: r 249 7ha!ham * 

Hrmtwtt Larry (Dale) err.p Dingwall Motor* h 14ft Riverdal- *v 

Hrsiad Edwd M r :047 Marmurttr* av 
—ICkt (Anne) Ub Meretaky, Furnittne A M»m*ky h 1047 
Marentette at 

Srjwa EgicSc rmp Colsutti Bros Ltd ft 2362 wvilealoy 
—Quo (Anns) carp Keystone Contractor* h 2366 Forest av 
Sraswrau Teo h 22b Wellington sv 

—Oeo J (Dorothy) Ub Ford* h 23459 Francois ret (Bund E TWp) 
—John K (Edna) utility man R P Scherer Ud h 270b Aaatn 
ISUii ’A' Twp) 

—/aim R stud: r 2706 Anxln av (Sand W TWp) 

Sruasayal Ciars acctng elk Amer Stand Prod r 2343 Uaaard 
(Sand E Twp) 

(Matlldai emp Ford* h W4: U onard (3*nd E Twp) 
arsp&s i David (Pal riel a) weet Canon imp Bk Commerc* h 1, 324 
CaiiJornia av 

aryofi AiU arc Kondan Mttg Ltd r 188» Tourangeou rd 
—Arthur J (Gertrude) wichmn Enne* <ruolnei Maaera h 1017 
ioaui . am^ bivd (Sand A Tw^i 
—Etm. (CUrabeliel ireaa Kendan Mf ; h 3114 Longfellow av 
( S*p4 W Twp) 

•*E*rd P (Violet) h 1075 Curry av 
—<ko <Marg*i n 303, 390 Unlvitrslty av v 
—Ease. Mrs r. 1091 Dulforln pi 

—Irarte (Ruth) Uyo jt man Am«r bUndar.) n 1520 Uhlan 
—lack L hlpr Cawln TralimobUc h 12t* • CSadatone av (LaSulel 
—Xaa W r 1220 LUllan 
— etrp Otryniers ft 64C Bruce av 

—J^ai (Frances) tcalnt engineer Krodan Mfg h 1889 Tourangeau 

-Kanaeth .» B CSldlh) pres Kmulan Mfg h 3350 Academy dr 
(Sand W Twp) 

—fUs *mp Chrysler# h 540 Bruce av 
—Row (Delores) lob Chrysler# u fl, 1017 (Herrn uv 
—Robt A ease aec Xendan Mfg r 1889 TOuran^aau rd 
—Tka* (Miry M) e»np Cwtrol! h <169 Lincoln rd 
—760* G M (Ellsth) minister Knox Presbyterian Church h 620 
Partington av 

—Victor R tool crib uttdi Chryalars h 1091 Duffertn pi 

^^Tacs Carol A cash Union Gan r 2610 Academy dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Ua engineer Marlborough 3chl h S49S Aaatn av tSand W Twp) 

—Jtica (Jean) earner engineer King Edward Schl h 1027 

—Lem# r (Anna M) (Cannon Sand Blast Service) h 2610 
Academy dr (Sand W Twp) 

-ftfcrgt r 3495 Aakin av (Sand W Vwp) 

-Wa (Maureen) mech CUy h 1017 Brock 

=rrwa Alan W asst trea* Bryant Pattern It Mfg roaRRl 

W prea Bryant PaUern tt Mfg rus RR t Tecumseti 
—Dirts r 52, 1 Buckingham dr (R’Sldel 
'-Goto tt> Mover lOordon F Urynnl) 1KX) Hall av 
-Gordon F (Stella) (Gord Bryam ThP Mover) h 1108 HaU av 


8 O Bryant President, Pontiac, ftulrk, Acadian, 

Vstuhall and G M C Trucka, Ooodwllt Used Cara, 

**5 Terumseh Blvd Cast, Phone 252-7721 


-Mwrtt »Upr Qord Bryant The Mm/nr r 1108 Fall «v 
-ivrti D (Bevrriey) prva !« D Bryant Motors d 3848 Ouellette 
av ISand w Twp) 

••Jack D (Alien) «*mp Chryaivrs h IBbl Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 
'“Kathryn sec Bry»nt Patisrn A Mfg Co Ud ms R R #i 

—Louis f (Georgian tc PO h 1978 E3lrow av 
—i-ulu Mrs h L4U Lincoln rd 

— Mrrvlo duel a) h 3223 Edison av 

-Michael E trois brysro Psttarn A Mfg n 207, 3016 Sandwich 


IIMITED, A W Bryjr.l PrnUrnt. W F Dunirll 
Vlre.preaidrnt. Kaihryn UrysntSerretary. Michael 

IKFSnSSZ WogdM »“ M » ul P»R®rn», Tool- 
tow and Slokers, 223 Ku«eme St reel 

Pbww 252 ‘ Phunr J W-«831. Stoker Dmsiuii. 

-Ray olamn latl Truck# (Win) UC h 580ft UnyfeUaw av (Sand 
W Twp) 

—Rots L (/•an) *mp CwtroU h 86?.Q lilndermem rd 
—Roland E (Ludli#) cash Brewers Rruil Slore #146 res P. R 1 

—Ted IMurgU tool 4 die mkr Com Forge h 1816 Larkin rd 
Bryce AIM J r 1B2) Farndale av (Sand F. iwp) 

—Frank (Versl h 1831 Femdalc av (Band E Twp) 

—Oerald R lab Chrysler* r 1821 Femdal* av (Sand E I'wr) 
—Rachael (wld Joseph) h 2045 Peter 

—Wn L (Doris) engineer NYC h S431 Langfnllow av (Sand W 

Bryc eland Cfcvtu (Irene) revr Lob law* h WJ 3 Cameron »v 

— Mnry »mp Bnll t>l r 3435 W»U* 

—Patrick (Catherine) spray pntr h 3436 Well# 

—The* r 3436 'Wells 

Hryden W R computing elk Customs 4 PjicUi* res R R *3 


Brydget Alfred (Gladys) clh Ford# h 748 Lincoln rd 
-•Aluminum (Ray Brydges) aluminum doors 4 window* 1515 
Crawford av 

—Barbara nurse Hotel Dteu Hocp r 748 Lincoln rd 

—Bnics W (Pauline) Installer Hrydgn# Aluminum tt 9t,7 Moy « v 

—Clarwnc* «mp CNR r 1883 College av 

—Helen nurse Mrrrlll E Nettacth r J3, 2?'! Patricia rd 

—Herbt A (Ella) malm CUy of ’Ain h 6. 205-219 Stmtane av 

—K*rcn A chirr Super aty r 1516 Crawford av 

—Madge r l4?fc Huron Lin# 

—Ray (Dorl*) (Brydgec AJumlnum) h 1515 Crawford av 
—Rnbt (PeggyVrmp Chry#l#rt h 1261 Monmouth rd 
Brydon Otto A (Annie) plant elk Chryaler* h 3320 Woodlawn av 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Jo* B (Gabrieli*) aimnn Can Bread n 3274 Woodluwn av (Sand 
E Twp) 

—W Tima (IreroO stud! h 17f4) Aivsl* rd 
Bryer Roger emp Detroit b 67C Irvine av 
Brygldyr Mike (Mary) fuahr W’alker Metal Product# h 254B 
Bernard rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Vera tcr^r Moat Precious blood 3cbi r 2546 Bernard rd (Sand 
E Twp) 

Urykio Jeun off dk J P Thomson Ansoclata* Architect* r«a 

Bryllnnkl Julian (wld Them) h 2839 Seminole 
Bryntwlck Alfred ctr Herald Press r 924 Curry av 
Bryaiu Stella elk Stand Equip Bupply Ud r 174S Tourangeau rd 
Bryson Theron U nurse (n training Grace Ho*p r 2440 Aoudemy 
dr Wand W Twp) 

—Susan r 548 Church 

—Thasron M (Fottuna) h 244f» Academy dr (Sand W Twp) 

—Wm (Jesslo) emp nuunpian fiytkrk Rug* h 1703 J.utad!t» r<l 
Bryaon’c (Ug V Pharmacy Edmund *lardnsr mgr 3194-3198 

Butuiio Tho* r 1025 Cadillai: 

Bubfc* Clarence E (Olga) *uprv*r Chyrsler* b 3320 McKay uv 
(Sana W Twp) 

Buhlcwtch kdchael nmp Ford* r 1016 Cadillac 
BubUca Nicholas (Edith) h 2614 Kurmon rd (Band K TWp) 

Bubrlek Edwo W (Erma) Urtlyr foremn Alaner Ccmatn h 2333 
Randolph av (Sand W Twp) 

—John (Betty) foremn Aimer Const# h 2323 Randolph sv (Sand 
W Twp) 

—Wm (Doris) carp hlpr FUon 4 Sons h 1082 Jonsttr av 
Bubrut Constantine wlr Drop In Tavern (Windsor) Ltd h 83K) 

Mel drum rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bucar Josaph (Arm <) press opr Fordo tt 1S84 Alexis rd 
—Steve (Mary) cik Chrysler# h 1856 PUiette rd 
Oucnalla Antonio (Gluaepidna) lab Eastern Constn Co h 91C 
Marentctto av 

Bueclarvlil Qulrlno (Grace) h 250 Hall av 

Buehac Enid (wld Wm) h 935 Peilaokr 

—Jaa • Helm) plmbr Jeff Keamn h 241 fit paid av (R'Sld**) 

—IVter B (Eilat hi unat prof llnlv of Win 6 ISM DougaU av 
—Robt R (Margt ) h 1)07 Dawson rd 

Buchanan Alex (Agnes) trea* Mechanical Bodies 4 Accsssorlea 
Ud h 338 Rankin av 

•-Donald A (Ann) firemn Win Fire Dept n 2275 Lincoln rd 
—EUrth Mrs h 2021 Tourangaau rd (Sand fi Twp) 

—Kltslfl L bkpr City F inance h 228 Humedale blvd (R'Sbkit 
—Eai#* M t 2449 Wlmkrrmere rd 

—Floyd L (Clara) (Buchanan's Confectionery) h 2373 Glrartlot 

u'.t-r.j* 1 


—O Alan (Ethel) prea Lome Campbell Ltd h K440 Lincoln rd 
—Geo h 1690 Goyimu 

—Harold C (LUllan) cUr Farda h 873 Pierre av 
--Horace irk rlrvr Chrysiora r 1232 jyfcEwah av 
--lone h 331 Tuscarnr* 

-Jo* P (Dolores) tchr H t Bondy Schl h 40CD Ciairdrtll dr 
(ftwd W Twp) 

—Margt (wtd John) r 228 Ho me dale blvd (R'SIde) 

— Marvin A (Rita) rmp Detroit h 1237 Follx av 
--Raymond (Marilyn! mrtlm S*p 3chl Bd h 1184 Jooaphln# *v 
--Sami (Janet) h 988 Vlctcrls av 

— Victor V (Tilly) steward War l-*nsionars d Canada h 1282 

Me Kwan av 

Buchanan's Confectlawry (Floyd L Bucnansn) U08 CaiUonUa av 
Bucbsk Edwd tar tender Hord«r City Wish Candn dub r HIT? 

Bucklnutiam rd (M*ind E TWi») 

*-Jan carp h 1873 Bucolngtmm rd (/land t Twp) 

BuchesdU John (Katharine | goal foremn Candn Bridge It 1888 
Maiu rd 

—Lao (Barbara) patrol sgt Pol Dept h 4335 Mount Royal dr 
(Kind W Twp) 

—9Uva G (Germaine i trk drvr City h 911 California av 
BuchhoU l*ggy )Ars h ll?C CalUornU av 

Bucfchoiaer Jottn (fiunnna) malm G G McKeough Ud 6 1653 Pierre 

Buchnor Choa G (Bertha) ckk NYC Frt Off h 1048 McEwan av 
—Dalton M (Joan) alarm Mwrlln Frooen Foods h 1021 Windsor av 
—Leighton E (Nancy) flrumn Win Fire Dvpt h 3042 Avondale ct 
(Band W Twp) 

—Roger ar typist Am-r aand Prod t 1021 Wlndoor sv 
Buchok Nick (Anna) (flur Hotel) ft 819 HaU av 
—f*«ve (Funnlc) (fitar Hotel) h 788-792 Gladstone av 
(kicholta Rudolf prod lab Lrepo Mach Prod h 2602 Cti*ndi«r rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Buchynaky Alex (Natty) emp Fords h 1085 Rail av 
—Ema M otenog CUy HaU r 1086 Hall av 
Buck D Craig (Hone) pntr R u ss e ll fainting 4 Decorating Co Ud 
h 748 Aylmer av 

—Dsvtd pres Paragon Tool* Ud re* Toronto 

—Dorothy district nurse Cnt Soc for Crippled ChUdren 6 C, 

487 GU«w Wvd w 

-Ethel (wld Geo) h 19M) Cnelda ct 
—Fred -<-mp Chrynlerw r 984 Curry av 
--Geo (Anna M) emp Detroit h 984 Curry av 
—Gljm R (Marguerite) emp Detroit h 2878 Orion eras (Sand W 

—Harold E (Mirgt) vice-prea - manufacturing Inti Playing 
Card h £84 W«otmlft*ter blvd (R'Sldo) 

—Jack (Martha) opr Chryslera h 611 Wellington av 
—Jean r 801 'Jlctorla av 

—Mirgt A tchr Win Teacher* College res Essex 
—Maurice store mgr Peoples Credit Jewellers r 442 West¬ 
chester dr (R'fflde) 

—Olive (wld Ralph R> h 1883 Pierre av 

--Roily sec-ireaa Paragon Tool* Ud re* Toronto 

tiuckbo rough David C (Doreen) h B, 1CJ1 VlrglnLa av (B’SJde) 

—L Trracy elk UIC r 2918 Wyandoa* (fl'SSde) 

— Mary a (wld Lawrence) bkpr Michael Zltea k Donald p carom 
h 2918 Wyandotte (R'Sldv) 

Bookell Brenda denni ng woman Vanity Theatre r 1389 
Josephine av 

Bucklnghntr Tower# Apts l Buckingham dr (R'SIde) 

Buckler Arthur D (Irene) special t?xd*e offr Orntoma 4 Excise 
It 2378 E C Row uv (Band E Twp) 

—IXvld E (Heather) radio tec hr Airport h 8521 Dominion blvd 
( 3 awi W Twrl 

—Frank mill wkr Wal cervllle Lumber h 443 Ball av 
—Harry (Janet r 446 Hall av 
—Harry Jr Ub r 443 Hall av 

tackle* John D (Maryt shoe dept mgr Woolco Dept more h 1, 

4109 Wyandotte (R'aoe) 

Buckley Cecil J (Agnee) h 1217 tfloaory rd 
—Clarence C (Hilda) flrftsmr Fords h 4139 Rose I and dr e 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Edith (wld Chaa) h ti42 Ooyrau 
—Eric N (Edna) h 639 Bruce av 

—Oral d B (Catharine) louder Chrysler# h 3438 Wocdlawn av 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Jaa (Margt) h 674 Eogenle (Rem Pk) 

—N Kulth tchr Hvrtr,.La CoUwglate r 839 Bruce »v 
—Ronald pres* opr NnU Radiator r 1217 Hlcaory rd 
BuelowU Geo H (Etbell attdt Art Or* eri» Service »a h 2, 357 
Wyandotte w 

Buckner Alex M (Gertrude) yard master NYC h IC6 Hanna c 
--Douglas w (Loretta) h 210 California av 
Buckwheat R L mi)« '.'uatorns & Excise r«s R R #1 TWcumaeh 
—Gary emp Chrysler* r 2627 Farndale av <!3and t Twp) 

Bucsu Adam A (Barbara) emp Chrysler* h 1086 Buckingham ra 
(Sand E i*wp) 

--Frank (Annie) desk elk Rltx Hotel h 948 Marlon av 
tad Ham# Boating (Wm r> ivoroakl) heating 4 air conditioning 
2703 Dundurand Mvtf (Sand W TWp) 

Bud'* TV Home 4 Auto Radio Service (Gerald N fionnam) 1004 
Felix av 

tads Cyril (Anne) lac Ford# h 1845 Atexi# rd 
—Emily (wld Joaeph) h U60 Albert rd 
tadat Lwallo (Tt^rasuj Ub CUy of Win b 1283 Lincoln rd 
tadak France# »mp Dctrntt r 2710 Semlnui# 

—Heien #tudt x-ray teerm Grace Honp r 2710 Seminole 
—John (Dolor*#) trancp drvr u 158b Ro*#lnl blvd 
—Stave (Mary) roach opr Ford# h 2710 demtnoie 

AlphabriMtl. WMta Pa*> 41 










Windsor 252-7781 

Detroit WO. 5-4877 


tftrtaj 1 u *7 (*1i ismi ft SV4S Kir.; 

Budd Edwd A (Wir75! tr Ssgr Tnr-Dom Ben* ft 21 Iff Erven »v 
(BaiHi A TWpf 

—Gartm li (llvlml Ui*p public *cbin east tide 0a of Edve *i 

046 Ctdlter rd 

—Irtrtfcm-Taai Cn Ltd Vrtcvnt J D*<**r pres. lB:*u IWdgrwicji 
■or. ?r*<i F Decker trees k grol mgr toot 4 41* am 
2064 Devon 4r (Gind E Twp) 

-Ibui TrvuUsg Vlsse* i D»^»r fm 4 gml tty, IficM 

Bsdpvrte* m, Frwd P Decor tr*«« beat ireaiisg 2096 
Doran dr tsa*a E Twpt 

—Dttricla studi r 9UA Bruce av (Bow) W Dep) 

Mf* FUumrlsg Ud (Mrrvtc W Dm) MB Goyess 

Budimlr Qocdena «t «4t r 2^96 Curry « Oaf W Twp) 

—'.j»r!a*» (wid MCMM) pres N k D fruwrniariui Ltd •> 

Curry av LW) W Ttrpl 

-Bm (Xngvborg) rtalrm* r>(M)i 6 t> 3 <p" rmim < Ud 
CUrry « (Sand W Twp) 

Budl* Josephine twU AIM) hllH WmU«I rd 
Budlaskl Aim Cwid Jnhn) r 2W Rtolala* dr IfCSldel 
•*(*!« T forvmn A»iU*r. 6 A Ob Cmata it 226 Mbnlalse 4r 

Bcxfisaky Usdcre (Helen) wmmblr Tom* 3prtng 6 Wife ft 2371 

—Joseph C (Dolores) lift trk irvr UatiNra'a Lumber Co k 1766 

Dram »t 

BuOmvI «evi<? MU* lab Chrysivra ft 6, 690 Aylmer av 
~MUsn lAl*a*ndrat h IW? Jefferson MvO LAno K Twpt 
Burtsr OmI (Jbfcry) “*i MCOen rt Lknrf W Twpi 
RuOurtk r«a mart epe Cw Uotar Luep r 1142 Albert M 
fcukiy T»n »mp ftBftro Hoop ft 208* WUtsteed er*e 
Bwdaiuett Valtvr (Anrvi widr CTirysiers h »6M Rmslnl bird 
(Sand X Twp) 

Burtavljevlc DJuro (IrtrU) »mj Chryrters n 188* fvraant rd 
—Jaila r 2980 Beraart rd 

Dudwln BoorUn L *t.idt r 324 Mkltsvw-Hrady blvd (R'.TUei 
-P»*#r 1 Bessie) wldr *5try« lr ra h 924 Matthew-Brady bird 

—SVtnr 1 ctuil r 224 MannewBratly hlvd frSMtl 
Budxtwojsat Oianley (Mary) mart opr Fort* ft 3296 Edison cv 
Lvidrynakl KmtlU (v!4 iatm) ft 626 »«u4ry (R*ne r%) 

DuMsvida Cltr* oup Huron Lo4y rl. 7» tMvernliy m m 
-}fer;l 2 u (wid Victor) h I. 733 UUwrrsfty w e 
Hu»ryr 'Allholm IWUm«l tool ft <tt» m»r 8XD 109 h MB OllM 
btvd » 

bufCk Lrossrdo (Anconbo) r 60S Hfeoi*y ;r#s tftMd S Twpl 
ftuJ?rn EdUh rmr DMraU r 144 VUlstre »t (* 5W*I 
*»p CKR r 144 VlOnlrv »» iS'WSi 
—Uum>c« *mp Knlnry Wheel r 144 Vtllslre »» (H'filO*) 

-Um fwli (UymMd) b 144 VUUlr* » (R’SUt*) 

ftuyyn ;oo Ub MrKliman kdustries h 721 Vletcrt* iy 

9by)* Ftmii P (J«ssi«l ybir IftKro G«a Ho«p b 164! SBaery rd 

ifcnft Grace (trld Geo) ft UB7 Al^S* »v 

Ifa^lianr Ibadolpb (Isabel) *tnp tMroii h 366 Mosmauth rfl 

tUhftdlor **ihn emb* sttr Fontsiui Canum) Dmlys r 417 LnnpMe 

Ikiroy Sami r 1476 Huron Line 

tfebier BID ystr East fide Hat tag ras ft ft #9 l»« 

—Oul* sre-treas Aoboiron of C —4a Ltd res DBroB 
Bufclsi«n '«rol r «m Ftreatone Tire ft Macber r 1260 Br.c* tv 
--John C (Mtry) eme me The John Howerd Society of Windsor 
ll 221 Wi nch ester dr ()(*Slde) 

—Lse R lAtpee) barber Dees's fftasetasd Barber Sbop s 1240 

i a v 

Butne EmU (Eunice) carp YftUfter Metal Products ft SSOb 
Lincoln rd 

Ibisrer lisa rate elk Raaband Trensp res Dsrott 
EaDIdlng Service Employee* Imemattnaal tfobm Local 51 

Anthony 9org business mgr l. TGBCueDette ctr 
-•Specialty Prodocts Jofcn II Snsll pro* 370 Cabana rd e 
CSani W Tap) 

Deist rredft L IMtrgi) mgr Lose Bros a 2890 Aaala av ISasd A 

Bujck Edmund (Edadga) carp ft 338 O.ellstt* av 
feijl* Mary (add Romeo) r 417 LasgloLa av 
yu; ild Edvd j lab Canskc. foes Salt h 5ft* Irvtae «v 
‘VSonbergM* Friedben (Cstherlae) pLatr h 6S Uscoin rd 
--Otto LA&fitl plstr ft 732 Orasd ftferals rd * (Rr» Pft) 
BuftnartcU Vletar UulU) dk Fords ft 446 T* 

i av 

i AsoffUtmsv 

— Fran* alsms Win Peeking ft 2263 A> 

— Uictm*l (Lois) tool elk Chrysler* h 3 
(Band W T*p| 

--atuniejr (Mari) *l*om Rase* ivrtura a 9254 romtston Wvd 
Oand W Tvrp) 

fiftlst Driesta« CJoseptdse) tod ft dl« mtrr bdi Tool Co ft I ltd 
Highland av 

—Las (Norma) (Bulat Oftper Marten) ft 1B*7 CoDsge av 
—Dorothy «udt r 4K»» TVcumseti bird • 

••Deles held Rom) (Bulat's CMf »rv Market) ft 4BS8 Teoumseh 

—Hors* Ltre Warma'e Beeury 3sicsJ ft 910 OatepfeeU av 
—{Our ictir r Bl" Campbell av 

—Peter P (Rada) (Eur^je Hotel I ft 4090 Riverside dr (R*8Uk») 
—frpr Mtr*r« (Dan Bulat) gre ft mrass ld67 College av 
—7%d stsdt r 1156 Highland e* 

Bulat’* Self 2*rw Market (Mrs Helen Bulst) grn 4N8 Tecumse 
bird e 

tfaL-se Cyril IMu^oriel mgr KRoben JCrelt Dtstrltutnrs ft >on 
WSetcb-tser dr (R’JMei 


BuUga AMs (Helen) emp ChrysMni ft 8641 Jttvtera dr Hand V 

—John Ihertfta) casuaser engtoeer IBM ft 2®F? IBtsrU 4r C3aad 
V TVtp) 

—JBchoUa OXase) emp rnryeisre ft 882 South 
—Wtr. V I Lears) meeft arsct-WUdera Trenap ft Ml Randolph 
—Duxflra (trld Jardachil r 962 Soeth 

Bulkleertc* 9tept«n (Latte) etrg: Caitdft Bridge ft 1014 Wloder- 

r ft JWlst Sbap Ud 

Bull Cedi 5 I Mart«i pres Bui. ft GstfeMr 
ft 1677 Dett'a av (Shod A’ Terpl 
—Eoltn 1st4 Tfakwy G) ft 1648 Uossr) av 
-On N (Jtytv) •v» 7 bm*tr Fort* I Jf. IS24 'Xellette av 
—in a 7)7 Campbell *» 

—Joim IH (Burnsra) ala rep Ma^r Nssity ft 2710 Si B oa r u»wl 
(pud K Top) 

-Louis (Jean) (Dull Signal b 141V Labodl* rd 
—Murtoe U U*est peg 4 *srg 109- XH, 1280 CseDetis av 
ft 1116 ttvrrmm dr (R*fldr| 

—Norman E (Uone) esrt*mder Calculi Hotel n 2166 AR»«sl#y 
—Ronald (Lor raise) lab Chryal«r* ft 2426 Bernard rd (Sami E 

—Ronald A left Ckrjaiem r 1419 u*»4e rd 
—Roy A (Joyce) motor wtndrr WVfile's Elect ft 31UJ McKay 
av (Band W T*pl 
—3Wney r l«7fc ifuroe Lise 
-6) gu (Lout* frail) 1419 LebadU rd 

—ft Osotbler Body 4 Paint Shop Ltd recti B 9«U pres, WHfrvd 
(lautbier vice-pres 227 Erie e 
Bullard Brvwrly atudi r 1964 Marltwr-Jugt 
—darmcm (Barrtet) ts*r Forda h 1424 Central *v 
—Earl O (Margt) emp -'•ndn Bridiy* ft 167D dive rd 
—Harold (Constance) auprvsr Chryaltra ft 91, 9bl Wverslift- ir 

—UUM* (sid Thos) h 6. 1441 WyassoBc s 
—Norman E (Eva) IsdoatrlaJ relation* mgr Csnds Brtdgv ft 1364 

Sullen Orpba Mrs r 301 wustebaster or (R'ade) 

—RMS ; ILsrrahtei JM tsur E*e o .^ir.tisg Product* a 4i: 
Watmm av (R'SIM) 

—Rots J lE4m) tool grodr Forda ft I960 Aliuermer* rd 
Bulier Barbara *mp Karco Co r JTf* Dur.’am pi 
—Chester C (Csthcrtsel m*:t Aotster Motors (Ain) ft ITBI 
Durtnm pi 

—Henry A (Louise) macb Ford* h 512 Joffareon bivd IR’Slda) 
—Herman A tMargi) Mid City Assess Dept *> 406 Prado U 


—FfttrtcU Medt r 1733 Durnsm pi 

—Ray T (Marguerite 5) cik Brewer'* Wareftouatia] n 3B, 9M 
ArgyM rd 

-Mr ad H r JU Jeflkrsos bMrd (8*02*1 
—Ate L (frarah) Lr mgr Casdn lap Ba Cammeree t S56 
GUddeo av (R’3de| 

OulMy Don E (Dorothy) ;r sect Qeol Fire Katingulafter h 3556 


—I Osrald (Angel*) <0 Forda h 540 Mr Kay av 

— E4wd J (Jrnmlv) ***mhlr ford* ft 1631 S Luke rd 

-flea W ft 1466 niiette rd 

—Bactor S (Enmedse) ft 1151 Albert rd 

—Leo 2 (Rosiaa) *mj CimaaDdaiea Track Uses &.241I Pviur 

-Nora Mrs r 206 MaMftew Brady bird fR'3*| 

—Rose U (wtdChs*) r 4JdO Raeelatu: lr • tkand A' Twp) 

—Ais B (Yvettei {want CVyaier* > 212 Jaslase dr (R'Sldtt 
BolD* Arthur r 288 Css av 

Bulloch David J (Carol) assmtir Chryalera h IBS F«rs4a*e av 

(Band E Twpt 

— Otsmld V (Margt t studt Price. Water roos* 5 Co % Pllfi 
'iymtdte (R.'jJ>) 

—Onus off sen toduatrtai Tool ft applies r ISS5 Georf» a» 

—Josepfi (Mirguer(te) plater C**dr Motor Lamp b 152L Georg- av 
—Lee (Rise ir Vide) «rj Dnm Oorea ft M’ Louis »v 
BuDocs Plane Mr» excp Detrtdt ft 8J4 Lanol^ia av 

ark frl. 

—K Oe (ftfery) mgr Clriasrftal* Manor ft 

. 8C29 tWwrklVy 

Bolster AIM F lEveiyn) vlce-pre* Iftumar ft Jkrlcklaad Ltd h 
M>: . tiL Ayandtstr OYSlda) 

--Beatrice fwtd Crn-rl ft 3196 Bltoaflc;d rd 
— buaisuM Collage D C O'Brian prut 215 Fwilasler 
—Donald E (J«an) meeft Bare* Alignment * "M WCUama (Rnm 

—Donald V *pray per Daytce 10; r 17T« DrtxiUard rd 
—Dosglaa E (Joan) amp U:Klnaon todustri-a U Id Dins* av 
—Edwd R (Jhsa) nidi opr Inti Tool* h tffW Deal* (Hand W Twp) 
—Deo foa orrr 5 W ft A Rly h 2751 Pvtar 
—O* W Jr (Nasfy) alamn Ail Ikv Sr* ft mi Peter 
—Gilbert X (Huby) emp Pcroa n 34E3 Olrardot av 
—Grvovtlle L I Kit.Mean I drvr Chryalurs ft 9bff& Chandlrr rd 
(SsndX Vnt 

—Iftarjore U (std ATifredi a ll€l GUdseone ** 

—Rota F (A^veai amp Oiryal-r* It • a TVrumeeft tdvd • (Band 
E Twp) 

—Rota J praograt* opr MU Tool 4 Dla r 17W) Wsstroct rd 
—Russell E (Ada) pimffh pres* d;» Fort* * 1786 *et»o o r rd 
—'Typnert & ^r Co Ud (operated by Rlelly Business M*~ftinmi 
Ism J Hlaliy pre» 13r- ft 136 Wyandotte w 
—Venurt M (Dorothy) mart opr Fort* n 1809 Centra] av 
—ft Jtrtsftlsad Ud J Barry Srtrtlaarf pres. A F Bolmrr no¬ 
rm. Ws A WUlssn aecrtrwas gasl ft Ilfr ins 164? 
TVcumaah tdvd * 

Dump Alta O ap t a.dr Kali Aide Radiator Ul<j Co r i;«l 
FrvBcoi* rd 


—Qsrnet G ttlvat trk drvr h 13*1 Frajarci* nt 
—Ota* V (Edna) tool gradr Fort* b 728 Gladstone av 
Hunsic J RAjrmcnd auidt r 1887 a Luh* rU 
--Mary Mrs h 9, 226*7 «v 

--Valent (JasepMsei ma-ft ^ r Wtnsl k 1667 d» Latin rtl 
tftmrlck Jafts 1 (Janet) Him Mvrruaote Paper Co (Wist Ud h 
9006 Avondale eras tftaad (ft Twp) 
fhsrtart Gwo r 2342 Ball av 

rtasda Fras* (June) ftr Chads Bridge re* R R •) Haile River 

— Frank G aacr. British MMorcyciaa 4 Csrs ft 1808 Wemcuti ra 

- - Joe drvr alamo Btak Bras Henry r 31M Ryng rd tTnnd s. 

— Lfrry ear Cftift Bridge r 3b68 Rockwall av (d*u) W Twp) 

(ftmd* Jubmmra A W (kfrrta) rep Swift 4 Co (Detroit) ft 2ft66 

e^y 1I r , 

—Wm E 0 (EJtflj'i rmj Detroit b 2796 AvondMe ct (Sand W rag) 
frondock Kay (w'.-J 0»ot r 22i) tvtdra av (R (Asa) 

Hsrt PtJiltp U (Frances) earns CPR ft 38* Edward a« (K'fild*) 
Rmdy Mary Iwtd Oaol ft 1124 Ifrgftiand a« 

Bunker jurat (wtd Rob?) r 1672 Janette aw 
luniwy Arthur r 681 Wtn*erm*r>e rd 

- -Clifford S (Anne) engtsavr CKR ft 8154 Curvy av (Band W Twpt 
—Laurie A MW* nurse Main Hswp r >154 Curry ar Uard W Tw» 
—Ttsrwm C (Morji) esgtamrlsgtvoiai r an mn *a West Hydro- 
Cert f.yssem h 264^ Howard av (Sand W Twp* 
vanning Rletxl L teller frana of Iftss r 167C CWrrylawn .rea 
( 3 mU W Twp* 

—Roc* T (tout psg drpt ChryaUra h MTU OaerryMwa ows 
(&md W Twp) 

(tusnsa Anthony (Uulilcsl w)dr Chryalera n JLid Alerts rd 

^> ,^4 K | 

*k<st Andrew (ftBcoalel a 1657 WesualaeRer av Cftand E Twp) 
—Cecil T (Mlrtami (rtr WalftanriUe CoilegUl* a 60 
Rartmvre av (R'ade) 

—Howard O (Heins) ill off supnmr Can Pittsburgh Mduairlas 
ft 2464 Byng rd Gnu) 8 Twp) 

— SAchse* meet ggr Forda ft 1*21 Hlrtory rd 

—Micliaei Osv«rtM) photo Win 3tar ft 1906 Oorga ev 
--Miriam E usx prof 'Jnlv of Win r 6* Reedavrv ae iH’fflkl 
-CXlvar A (Edith) ft 2051 A'aiher rd (Send E Twp) 
jvMayan At *wtp Arg* >>san r 2771 Howard a* HMad A Twp* 
-•KvUle (wtd Thus) ft 9692 GlenfULi 

—flebt X IMariorte) rolling mschopr Ifuli-Thomats ft 2771 
tteward a* (Aaiat W Twp) 

-TMm J CUlltasi »UWMM Esdraa rt (R'ada) 

BuOt Archie (Dorothy) e 376 WyasdMia • 

Rsraa Wm (Bllmft) (Upr AutamaUc Beating 6 Cbc.ltsf Coni';' 
Mark dr (R'Didvi 

fkirtl Ifirtovi (Anne) **f Canrt BrtAga t 1544 Ch andler rd 

ftirttto Alt* (Antoinette) rJrmn nirymlrra ft rrft fttidegarde 
(Reai Ptu 

—Dtno (Carol) csgtaawr C G ffrmsel] Ansstrmsy *s TM AvondRi 

—(Ravaml (lyfcrtaa) emp Ryan Cocunn b 666 Lout* av 
-Olorta Studt r TB4 Hlldegar> (Rem Wt> 

Mirtmn Mtfllp Cftaarww) toot gradr Forts h 277 Lort dr (K'Jtdn 
Rurbora Norrr ar. attdl Ed ailscs'a >rrlr« r 1427 May av 
Mirbrldgr Carol J nurse in training Metro Rasp r ItO 
TS.urpso* blvd (R’ade) 

—Nwrsun E IFlorwnevt ;wrr“. ogt CHy of Ala h lffT camsrs « 
—Prycs O (Gladys) f .rvtcn Ckryalvra ft ?&S T ^- a m p s os tint 
(R'^de i 

—Walter C (Gertruthrt ft 3, (KK Erie • 

—Wendy L nurse Is training Metro ton* r 10 Thoaspmsi 


Boren A Joseph (Ruse Marts) «mp Detroit ft nsft IQldsra rd 
aurrteU Chan C IMargt) emp Mnun 'Walkers Ud h 1460 
Milette rd 

—Lorry mane) emp DMrolt ft 80, 41 O Wywvftkte (R'Rdet 
*-Wm (Gemftjdet aaamblr Chryalera a 14£T Bernard rd 
—Wm II emp MrXtnn'ie Industrie* r I4f? Rrmard rrt 
Burchett Gladys r I Ob. 2016 Sssdwtrt 
JWrrtdel Gladys (arid Wm A) r 769 porting?so ev 
—Tftod A (Helen) mert 3 A k A Rly ft 111* (Ms 
Borrhmar* Brian J atudi r 1221 fwlUsler 
••Mooter W (Frunreai mtvj .t*r Senttb’s of Wtadeor » 2221 

Burd Allen fwtd Ja*) a 17*2 Jefferacn tlvd (frand E Twpt 
—Walter (Rivaae) aaamblr ) rda ft 1777 Jefferson Wed f/Wnd E 

Berdan Bsruara sasrimd opr n Tapper*an Ltd r 1572 CadiiMr 
—Chaa E (Flarane-t r 1744 Wladerawre rt 
—Hilda auprvsr Bell T*1 a 1744 Atndermere rd 
-John H (Mary) h 727 Mrmartol dr 
—Itatt etrtl r 1673 Cadillac 

—Ruth Mrs rarstng side Rive retew Hart a J»71 CadUUc 
— Waynr rmp McKinnon Industries r 1872 CedUlsc 
1*4rdeny A)ra (Franreai «temn Chrysl»rt) ft IMF Olive rd 
—Peter Q (NaUlei emp Detroit ft 23TB AMdenser* rt 
frlrtrtt Alice fwtd Wmt r 24*1 Mllrtv rd OonJ X Twp* 

—Ernsm imgtnrer Esse* Meet imcsers ft 1124 Lasqlnis »» 
—Gary (Ellrlht emp Detroit a 3224 Unwnad pi 
—Oortos M (Dcrsthy) let Fwrrt ft 2481 PlUette rt Osnd F 7W4» 
-Imw Mrs da J T Wing A Co h at TVcamset, rd • 

—Orvoi G IRenvlcei mn finer r Detroit ft 9141 Danduratut Livd 
(Sand W Tapi 

-WUGrrt X (Jeeslr) inop Rards 6 : sfiA PU!ew# rd (Jrt»d X 
—Wto (Cscllaf 1172 Klterstde dr * 

--Wte C# (Mari#t wldr Fords at 19 Ltocnla rd 
(kirdetiv Wtii R (Aim*) insp Csrywlers h EC* Aesumnat^r bi^ 







OUELLETTE AVE. - - PHONE 254-5141 


Bafdfyny Ann- *» 1673 Albert rd 
Bard tfa Ct.a* H (Bema Ml h S969 Tomer rtf 
—Dul K studt r r00b Orion cr (Fsuic W Twn 
—Goraon B (Freda) mgr Rusranc Tfunsp j i!dfl6 Orion cr 
tSand Wl'Wp) 

Burdick Roy H r 1475 pyron Llw 

Burden Carry! L (June) acct Royal Ban* of Cm l| 2579 Alexis rd 
(Suui t Twp) 

—Edith n 4. ?.tL Trait pi 
—Edwd (Ellwhl ttmet Fords h 0(V} Irvins* iv 
—i Arnold (Grace) underwriter North Amir Ufa Aaace t: U44 
Hall tv 

—RaH L methods sunrvsr McKinnon Industrie* h 3263 VlrotnU 
Pk av (SuvJ W Twp) 

-Valuta (wld Gelling LI lehr h 1030 Ainace w 
—Wilfred (Ellovn) (Eileen's Ladles Tear) h 27» W/andoti* w 
BurcrK Frank (Antonia) h 144' Langiolo av 
Bureua Danaid A <Doreen) foremn DMrolt H 3096 Lnngfallow av 
(Sand W TVrp) 

Burford Fred W (Alice i K 548 Janette av 

—Sec F (Cathertna) mgr tool L J/e plant Korda h 7»& Rcaeiami 
dr » (Sand W Twp) 

—Gloria M teller Bank olMSr 79C Run.-land dr a (Sana U’ TWp) 
-Perry ; stud) r 755 Rosrciand dr a (Sand W Twj.) 
rargar Pearl E Mrs h 475 Janette iv 

Burge Geo A (Ann) much opr Inspectlon Air Gang*' Ud h 1410 

—Melvin A i Barbara) n*c-tr*ax» Inspection Air Osuge Ltd h 
1932 Mel drum rd * 

-P»W 5 Hardware (Roy L Burge) 5W6 Seminole 
-Roy L (Maaalynr*) (Burg* Paint Si Hardware) h 624 r Rivttr- 
aide dr (R'Slde) 

Burger Johann (Ka! fieri mo lab McKinnon Industries h 2745 
Virginia Pk av (Sand W Twp) 

—Somsph (Miry) Janitor A C Me Hindi* Ltd h 1633 Elam ere av 

-Kenneth A (Ann) cast acct Chrysler* h 1501 Martin 

—Tony I Kate) h 1310 Elsm*re av 

2urge*s Alice 1Arc r 5000 Sandwich 

—Clara A (wtd Rlchd) r 5854 Kbdden rd 

—Clifford (May) h 4756 Howard av (Send S Twp) 

"*Cyril T (Violet) electrical suprvsr Chrysters h M8fc 
Randolph av (Sand W Twp) 

-Donald prod lab Lee pc Mann Prod r 17% iburangeau rd 

-Donald J (OUle) h 2254 Lincoln rd 

-Hugh D (Marilyn) met ii shop ^hryaiera h fl£8 Ducharm* 

(Sand S TV/p) 

-Jonr. N telegraph opr Cheaapeakr 6 Cttb Rly re* Blenheim 
-Joyce E editorial reporter Windsor Star h 5114 Gladstone av 

-Kithbfn reg nun** auprvar Grace Reap h 3854 Malden rd 
-Kenneth V OuUrgtl custom* oftr Dept Null Rev h 17S6 Tour- 
angoau rd 

—Kenneth G (Sfdriey) service mgr Anker Cash Register n 4214 
Riverside dr (P.’Clde) 

—Kenneth W r 1706 Toorangeau rd 

-Marvin H asst acct Bank of K S rea R R #1 Huron Line 
—Sobt N (Jean) Jr acaesaor City o! Windsor h S7fi Campbell av 

—3t*nioy R (Hazel) emp Candn Imp Eik Commerce h 1794 
Hail av 

a^rgle Joseph (Varna) pattern mkr Ford* h 1496 Aubln rd 

-Joseph C atudt r 149E Aubln fd 

Surgl* W Edwd (CAmeraiand) ); 477 Indian rd 

-W» E (Jean) pharmadm JODE Hasp h 2246 Rlvertlde dr w 

Surgon Alan F (Rofcem) p c Pol Depf h B. 282 Plllime rd 

-Elbe! r 1021 Riverside dr e 

—Fredk (Irene) h 242 3l Lout* av (R’SJde) 

"Rom g (Jane-t S) *mp Detroit h 452 Greendai- dr (R'Stde) 
Surgoyns Eva r 41C2 Riverside dr * 

-Pre-4 mach Romeo Machine Shop Ltd h 4162 Riverside dr * 
«Geo R (Edna) with Win UlUlltes (Hydro Mv) h S21 
Easiiiwn blvd (R'Slde) 

—Ranald (Patricia) with CKWW Radio h 467 Rosedaic U 
Albin <Odelia) amp Candn Bridge h 1670 Alexia rd 
—Donaid (Sharon) emp Chrysler* n 1B14 Droulllard rd 

ftirx F Crtvid (Mary) foremn Champion Sparx Plug h 455. 

Howard av (Sand S Twp) 

'Howard E aftudt r 1280 Gladstone «v 
-Ifvne H r 260 Thompson blvd IR'&del 

-J Joseph (Marlene) (Morris, Burl 4 Company) h 1669 Cherry- 
lawn crce (Sand W Twp) 

-Manuel (Mary) mgr Consumer's Outfitters h 1072 Church 
-Uarvln E (Patrtcta) elect dsgnr Industrial 4 Mach Control t» 

242 Erie w 

"^rren (MxrgtJ elect Fords h 1239 Gladstone av 

Ann-Mari" emy. Enroll h 104, 1476 Riverside dr w 
“Herman Rev (Lydia) paster First Lutheran Church h 1130 
Victoria av 

“Kchd studt r 1180 Victoria av 
“RoaeUen studt r J04. 1475 Riverside dr w 
atudt h 413, 1476 Riverside or w 
*«* aarbar* studt r 1433 Victoria av 
“0#«illa M elk Can Motor Ijamp h 3l0» 3015 Sandwich 
“Garlee M Mrs h 310, 3016 Sandwlrli 
“gatne opr Hair Fanhlao* By Rlcfiard 
••evtiyn d bkpr Fr»»d a Nlcholl Ihfl Ltd r 1121 Pnntngior) av 
*rrankj (Agatha) 1ml rep United Automobile Workers, CIO h 
^_^£270 Glenwaod av (Sand W Twp) 
fregory R snxdt r 4064 Roeeland dr w (3*nd W Twp) 

M (Sandra) jwlr Turtnaiino Ltd h 666 Caron av 


—Htrry (otiarnry) h 1453 Victoria »v 
—H-rt-t W etuot r 4064 Roeeland dr w (Hand W Twp) 

--Jxs A widr Mac J Rrlon Ltd re* Amherstburg 
**Jas R (Ann) emp Detroit h 1027 Vlmy iv 
—Jean »> 2. 2223 Ontario 
—Jerome studt r 1435 Victoria av 

—John F (Wlnnifrr-4) sis rep CcmaoUdated Truck Line* h 364D 
Dandurand blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—John V (Florence) aut mgr AUanlic Acceptance Corn Ltd h 
66 (• Allendale 

— Kate h 1701 Highland av 
--Laura (wld Robt) h 1443 Goyeau 

—Lloyd E (Muriel) trnffle co-ordlnatcr Chun King h 1602 Villa 
Marla n (Sand W Twp) 

—Maurice D (Evelyn) staff *gt regular Esaex 4 Kent ScottUh 
R^glimmt h ll?.l Partington av 
—Michelle cUc Royal Bank of Can r 1121 Partington av 
—Norm/* lwld Ernnst) h 3, 329 Campbell av 
—Patrick R studt r 5370 Glen wood av (Land W Twp) 

—F%ter A (MarguerUo) foremn Chryalera n 1286 Harrison av 
—PbUlp (Patricia) tchr Win Bd of Educ r 2806 Virginia Pk av 
(Sand W Twp) 

Raymond J (Jeannette) ln*p Win Social Services Dept h 1383 
Tourangeau rd 

—Rrgd F (Frieda) iab Hiram Walkers h 410 Ford blvd (R’SldO 
—Rlchd M(Cllvfc) shpr Chrysicr* h 1515 Chappell av 
--Sandra studt r 5643 Dnndurand blvd (-•=*>n>i w Twp) 

—Sarah (wld Thos Si t 2205 Chiu gall av 

—Wm F (Anna) safety Inap Fords h 4054 Rasaiand dr w (3and W 

Burkhart Geraldine (wid Wra) b 1100 Dougali *v 
—Harry (Patricia) (Burktiart Washer Service) fc 5, 308 Aakin av 
—Ha*ei (wld Chat) h 348 Oildden av (R'Slde) 

—Ruth s*c Boy Scout Hotui^artere r 1100 Dougaii av 

— Washer Service IKarry Burkhart) washer rapalra UO0 

Dsugaii av 

—Wm W (Flossia) malnt elk Ford# h 328 Esdraa pi (R'Slde) 
Burklnarmw MarT Mrs r 1476 Huron Line 
—aaot W widr Rellsucr SMC. Fawlcators h 657 DougaU *v 
—Wm P (Dario) Job *Ht*r Chrysler* h 1438 Bernard rd 
Burko Frunk (Ida) acct Windsor Factory Ripply h 3637 Bloom¬ 
field nl 

Burxoaid A2 J (Patricia) die mkr Bor dor Tool 4 Die b 3762 
Myrtle av 

—Dennis R (Betty) tool 4 die mkr Border Tbol 4 Die h 3212 
Virginia Pk av ISand W Twp) 

--Norman D (Freda) vmp Candn Linen Supply‘h 1333 Rossini 
Burkowskl Dennla deliveryman people's FruU Market r 1087 
Campbell av 

—Edwd (Helen) li 1067 Campbell av 
--Michael (Mary) h 1067 Catr.|>beli av 
Burku* Andres (Julianna I n 1266 Ctla-wa 
BurUk Frank b 1588 Westminster av (£and E Twp) 

—John (Lucille) pattern mkr Fords r 1588 Westminster av 
(Band E Twp) 

Burleigh C Jan)a cik Dam Life Asset* r 5219 Riverside dr 

—Douglas A (Diane) wrensoma Producer* Cold Storage h 200 
BeUevirw av 

--Geo G (Donna) emp C P Exp Co h 3463 Harris 
—Gladys Mre h 333 Marcn'cttc- av 
—June r 133 Frank av (R’ads) 

—Wm G (Audrey) carp CNR h 183 Frank av (R'Sda) 

—Wm J (Mary) tchr Riverside High Sc hi h 44 Isabelle pi (R'Slda) 
Burley Cynthia (wld Ray) h 733 McKay av 
—Erlo Mrs r 1476 Huron Un» 

—Phyllis J Mrc h 388 WyaniotU- c 

Burling Addison field rep Retail Sales Tax Branch (Oat) res 

—Arnold (Joanne) lab Dorn Forge h 76(5 'Windermere rd 
—Dennis H (Patricia) physics tchr Walkerviile Collegiate h 0. 
2146 University av w 

—Elsie U Mrs see*. Crown Trust Cb h 1615 3utt Valley dr 
—Ethel (wld Arnold) elk Woolco Dept Store in* a Malden rd 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Kemwtn E (Mary) (Ken Burling’* Service) h20U Byng rd 
—Lydia Mro r 1475 Huron Line 

—Raymond (Barbara) .tftdi K<* Burling * Ssrvtce h 1106 
Riverside dr c 

—Ross drvr Candn Oil Co res Amnerstburg 

Burling 1 s Ken 3ervlc« (Kenneth E Burling) rerv atn 192C Ottawa 

Burmnc Manufacturing Ltd Colin MacKunzle prva auto parts 

2500 ctxtarlc 

Burman WUfred lab S A Man's Social Sfcrvtca Centre r 340 
Chatham • 

Buroand tterbt E (Jnannetta) tool 4 die mcr Dot roll h ZI24 
Tecumsoh blvd w 

Burnell Ragd (Edith) h 154? Moy av 

—Regd E (MnrgtJ (Wat^t 4 Burnell) h 68 '/liialre av CR'SM*) 
Burnet John G (Agnea) aec-treaa Wlndaor Furnace Lid h 2750 
McKay *V (Sand W Twp) 

—Julia (wld Waller ») h 10, 74 Shepherd w 
— Patricia emp La Poulvtl* r 2760 McKay av (Sand W Twp) 

—F»?ier h 13, 561 L/juIs av 

Burnett Anne Mrs ala elk Wonlwortns h 3, Third Cr. 338 

Randolph av 

—alflonl R (Donna) Ut> elk Chryslarn t 217P Dandunnd blvd 
UJand W Twp) 

—Hurtol W (Ruby) drvr Leamington Trsusp 5 1776 Central av 
—John R (Pearl) lab Me Core Corp h 1931 Buckingham rd (Sand 
' rwp) 

— LUrcua r 437 Wyondoti- w 

—Mircua (Nancy) emp - core room Walker IA*tai r 094 Vlctorli 

—Paul B (Ocllla) (MacPhce, Burnett 4 MacFkws) h 2704 
Raddlflon av (Sand W Tarjd 
—Stephen F» (Miudei ilcPOh 076 Rankin av 
Burnette Gordon E (Eleanor I alamn Detroit h 3681 McKay av 
(.Sand W Twp) 

Burney Qara (wld Geo) h 808y Aredemy dr (Sand W Twp) 
—Nelson Q bus drvr S W 4 A Rly 1 3680 Academy dr (Sand W 

—Russel V (Velma) ump Ckrtroit h 3571 Charlevoix av (Sand 

--Terri ntud! r 3080 Academy dr (Sand W Twp) 

Burnham AJlc* (wld Wm) b IC97 Elamcrtt r: 

— Eunice (wld Gerald) dietary aset Grace llosp b 2020 Liandloir 
av (Rvn> Pk) 

—Ja* W (Violet) foremn Champion Spark Plug h 3325 Woodlawn 
av ULmd E Twp) 

--Ronald r fill Feilnsler 

Enrol* W Ra* (Laura) h 2312 Chilvar rd 

Burning ham Brian Jr elk Candn Imp Bit Commerce r 3028 
b joidngtmm dr 

—Douglan (Mhrlul) lab McKlnnco IndustrUis h 2020 BucklogliAm 
rd (Shod E Twp) 

--Marl* (wid Basil) h 143 Cameron av 
—Oliver C r 143 Cameron av 
Burn* Ball* (wld Denton) h 860 Bruco av 
—C Russell h 3427 p^er 

—Chas p (Theresa) spray pntr Chryslars o 77 Wataac a* 

—Christina (wld Martin) h 610 Oak av 
—Corlnne Mrs r 559 Felisslcr 

—Donald (Barbare! trimmer ChryHera h 1317 Lillian 
—Dorothy (wld Wm) h 1210 Howard av 

—Dorothy Mrs aide Grape Hasp h 201, 444 Park w 
—Edith r 3924 Connaught rd 
--Florence (wld John) r 2730 Birch 
—Frances (wld John) h 4S24 Rverslds dr (R’Slde) 

—Frank L (Ruth O) malm Win UUMUes ii 10CG Randolph av (Sand 
W TWp) 

—Frank S «np Chryalera r 1924 Laiadle rd 

—Fred D (Maureen) emp Nstl Radiator h 1084 Oak av 

—Fred D (Franca) much opr Bencttx Eclipse n 1318 Rankin av 

—Gerald emp Chrysler* r 1318 Rankin av 

—Grao r 4. 554 Fill w 

—Harold F < Margo investigator HoUand Adjusting Co Ud h 2341 
Mei drum rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Harry EU* h 357 Caroline 

— Harry (Jean) emp Qni Hydro h 767 Sunset av 
—Harvey r 455 Chatham w 

—Harvey J (Josh) lab Kelaey Wheel h 968 South 
—Ian studt r 707 Sunset av 

—Ivan usst tngr Wyandctte Bowling r 1, 2202 Sandwich 
—Ja* (Mary) lab Fords h 640 Cstaraqul 
—Jas R (Grace) h 10U Ouellette *v 
—John (Edith) r 3834 Connaught rd 
—John (Haler.) ascmblr Welles Corp h 705 Josephine *v 
—John B siajnn Bordens Dairies h 4, 554 Pitt w 
—John C (Geraldine) mech Tony Plains Texaco Service h 1130 
Janette av 

—John J (Florence Ml h 1520 Goyeau 

—John J (Helen) widr Aroer Standard h 3734 Montcalm 

—Judy atudt nurse Metro Genl Kosp r 2240 Kildare rd 

—Katherine r 733 Campbell av 

—Leah (wld Frank) h 2, 395 Janette av 

—Louis (Cecilia) emp Eastern Constn Co h 1168 McKay av 

—Margt (wld Harold) (Vanity Beauty Salon) h 7. 1293 Parent av 

—Margt (wid Ivan) h 8^0 Sunset av 

—Margt L emp Detroit r 765 Josephine av 

— Mary-ELc*t»!h Mre hsokpr r 415 Bills av w 

—Mildred Mrs stenng Beatty Finance r 1130 Windermere rd 
—Nancy nurae Metro Win Health Unit r 4, 2T3 Patricia rd 
—Potrtcla A atudt r 77 Watson av (RL^de) 

—R Bruce oil ’Win Utilities r 864 Hall av 
—Rlchd G (EiiJi) barber Adolfo's University Barber Shop h 
IK» Duttorln pi 

—RdH wrehsemn Win Flah Dtstrtbutor* Ud r 1158 McKay av 
—Rota E (Patricia) attdt Howard Evans Shell Service h 3850 
Blackburn ct 

—Roy R (Irene) foremn Hiram Walker# ti e&4 Hall av 
—Russell B R lab Burmnc Mfg r Ilte McKay av 
—Shirley Mra h 1071 Dougiil sv 
—Stanley chkr ChrysUro h 3824 Connaught rd 
—Stanley C (Berntce) dint ogulptochn C N Tel h 451 Colt (oral* 

—Thos B (CUve) with Win UUilGes Comma (Hydro Dlv) h 1924 
Eitiadli’ rd 

—Tho© J (Ellsih) h 730 Campbell av 

—Thos P (Barr,tea) aunftr Chryxler* b 1020 EUrow av 

—W J insurance Agency Clayton 3 R*wltng mgr gral Ins 5Q1, 

76 tlnl veraJty av v 
—Wailore (Mary) is 2556 Turner rd 
—Walter a (F-oronca) ?mp Detroit n 377 Partington av 
Burnalde Apia 1673 Tacumtsh blvd 4 

--Barry much opr McKinnon Inductrioa r i£7E Windermere rd 
—Block 1560-1577 Twcumaefa blvd * 

-Gordon J (Doris) tool grinder Genl Motors h 1278 Windermere 

Alphabet»*1. White Page 4) 


-Hardware Ud iirry W hiurw pc** Tv - ‘ y : " 

-Wend Q IPatrtaa) h 143ft Georgs at 
Hu mm If •« U«ric« £ **pr Rwrfc 3hor» r 2396 Rimraldo dr • 

—T1t7 (rid MU*o*| h »2St HJvrraitie dr w 
Burprtca Eva <wid ;=isn) s ^ Crawford *v 
—John Jr «mp Dept of Rtgnwaya h 5© Cnw'orc *v 
HBjrnai IHrywy seat U»rnri'» Re« Intnr r 17L? Bate) 

*urr David audl* cl* h W Mvanwvli A Co r IM7 ChUvvrjrd 
—Fred A (Dor'kr.y) tchr Wilxrrvtli* CollegbH • 1867 Chllvrr rd 

-John F Unnl t m ritorr w __ . 

Durrrt! v*fM? C *>’: ClHaetu* Finance Co r !!< Tatrvlew 
wan* I 

-Dm Plumbing (Donald W Burrell) iStt 1 Aakln *v 
—Donald W CO» Burrell Plumbing) t 1EM A**i» av 
~Fr*d C (Mildrvd) amp Detroit h 306 Hirsh 
—Fredk UuMt'jul r. 661 EU1* t» o 

—J^ier (liijisw) dlv mgr Ja.pitfX lull Ttttn E^uipnicni -© h 
124 Fairrlvw blvd IR'3<W) 

—Raymond A (Dorothy) mgr Oliver** Trans roiaal an Service LU 
h lHOT lakcalngiiaro rd l&»nd t Twpi 
—Rota O IFroUa) a iS Chr y*i*r* a 44b (ireendalf dr (R'iadel 
-WaiUc. I (ftferi-orie) fU elk Ford* ft SM'J Prtac^a* iv Band 
E Twi«> 

3EK « 2Ett% S8W&*.* » 

I39nd W Trpi 

ibrrtil Agiws (wld John) ft 2, 1 W Urimirily at w 
Burris fl Arctd (M»y) aww income TW Office ft -M V 
Miry's bird (R'JQd*) 

Burmo 3 T» Business UUchlnw Ltd John McGavln br mgr, 

Gordon H Auitrraor. plant mgr ala A mnr Ice 14*N 

Ouellette ev, piast #04 McDcNgall _ 

^irtsirt (lufiA Dttftdt f Pifwoort wi 
—Frvd V/*(HeUnr) oueft da»tr Chrysler* I. 86W Bucatagham dr 

-tt^Tstl^eTdrvr TWtmmau Ejm ft M 

--Harry drrr Forda r. 66 &ril»i*rch« pi <R Wdrl 

--Jchr P Uvyl sff dit Ford* ft 82?0 TVkarood av 
-John T h 1728 BaU av 

—MUml« (wU Oao A) h 484 Rankin s* 

—p drant (Joan) lxu Co-of»r*tor* In* Amb h 13S4 

VlctorLa KV 

—RoU |Ocllu» «l*mn Coat Col* ft Stt'J ®l*a rt tSand £ T»p> 

—^Sm^ll^TrMcCalluin Traimr Ud r** R R »1 ItoUmaw 
-WlTriSiSyl rtnp D««lt ft 4029 wy»**» (R*3W.) 
ftur**r Kelnrx (Sylvia) prod Banttta Ecllpoe r IS82 Wlgl* »» 
nUSon Erm IT iJaan) oft mgr N J Uyer* Eacavattng Co ft 821 

Bur*ynV?kl^?T^itr«7«>) ^ goc^ l^ AVandott* 

—Uorrt* (Grrtrudft) farmer A eatun dir h - 40 Radlaaon ir 

—t^d i^se! Hftir«yt» Uip* Bow) h l^W Wym Qfldfta »» 

Burt Donald 0 (Dolor«) a**mLD Cftrjralvr* ft llW Byng rd 

—Edml E (Eftirt Kardarar*) ft 23C9 Bomaraftr 

-Oo 0 mndp ftr W*tt *1 tonal Unl^ Unl»*d AJtctnnftUr, 

Atroopnce k Aorlcuituta Implrmirnl Wor'**’!** o. 

Amurlca. Candn Ragloual Ctflo* (OAW r« R R«® 

—Rarowar* CRdwd l fcni 2187 Howard *v 
—Barry H (Hilda) dk Llipior Control Bd at C*t #34 h I7»i 

-Ja* A^Jtw^ental *urg 2nd fir. 1298 Grand Maral* rd * (Sind 
W Twp) n Alaaandra av {Sand W T»f) 

Hiram ^r ft W Hadlaaon 

av (and W Twpi 

—Ron* W (Dorvm) ft 160 Si John (R*3ld«) 

—W» BpcM Dvpt r ltit ArtlsiT rd 

ftorum Ada U (wid Jan) ft Sandwich 

—ftrma dett* L idgrltpr Bank of W S r 326 Jo«.anl*m> 

-Corlnn* G aarv advlaor Ball Tv* r 160t> ’Wad-rmerr rd 
-Edm* (wlO ftaland) rlOT? Moy a* 

—EiJml C Ur* *idut ft 986 Wyawtotta c 
-Fanny (wtd G*o) h 1221 Dougall ay 
-Fr«l (Edith) bniro rnrft i»r* n W40 Qwrcl* 

-Frwd Cpwarll maefe Hoi-* 8NU Uetnl h 0« Umwouth rd 
—G«* (Elnla) aspodlter Cftryalnr* ft Unjoin rd 
-G*o D (Grace) h 523 Uormd (Su»d C Twp) 

—Ja* C (Joan) ongnr Jteary’n Floworo Ltd h lvf 

—Ja* H (Dor*«n) «np D-iro(l n TW Caw*UMra<% rd L'^nd W Twpl 
—Leonard D (Ram'.) main* Ford* h Roland dr w (Sind 
W Twp) 

--Lillian A Mr a h 4, 406 UU-* Uvd • 

—cvland t» (Cora) m*t yd master CHR h 1309 Wnd«m«r« rd 
—Percy r 761 Chatham • 

-Philip stsdt Collins-Graft 4Cvm Tilbury 
-Rwgd h IV) Jan-tt- »* ^ . 

—Th* Tailor Arthur 2 Boynton mgr B® dr w 
—Tho# drvr Win DaUy 3ur r 2 £ 5 -?-f 7 Kiveraldv dr « 

—Truman 7 (Ruby) oupt custom* h Eads- h 1042 Rlwrald- 
dr - 

—Wm L (Barbara) guard Commlmdanarie* ft 2497 Turw rd 
(‘iaiul E TWji) 

Bury Alan P vtuA r U28 Dougali av 
-Andrew (H-Um) ft 1431 GPuUton- av 
—iv-nald ntudt r 1617 prtnea rd 
—John (Edna) p e CPR h 11M Do^U *v 
--Josepft (Patricia) pit fllilng Cacdr Plttaturg lndu*trt-a ft 
I960 Giandal- «» (Sand E Twp) 

—Patricia aludt r 16)7 Princa rd 

--Prtrr (Etrwl) t-strr Bendlx Erlipae ft 1421 CHiulman* av 

_c-.nK-n (jMfii Mjtrr.r. Kaiser J«*p h 1617 Prince rd 

l iur« Iflcha-l (Elvira) carp Corntn Co ft 1226 Mar«ntim* 

Susato Richd ft 212 Jeffuraon blvd (R'Stde) 

Buatoy Carlo studt r 666 Erie e 
--rhaa (Lida) teftr Detroit h 668 Erl* « 

-fSd K (Beryl) cU Hiram Walker 4 Sons b 331 l**b-Js P 

—Edwd l. h 906 Lincoln rd 
-UJy Iwid Omni h 3C8, 396 Lkiivwrstty ■* « f ta&m |Erika) aft*«d metal wkr F E Dayus Rixxftng 0 * 4.9 

“ —i w mi - 


-.>;(-^.)l,:’vr i.,:„ v. /v my dr 

W Tap) 

-Kurt fimhr Wte tfeclmnl.tai Comracmra UU r«a Kingavtil* 

—MlrHl (Annai *bop hlpr J Brochart i Co Ltd h I56C Moy av 
Busm Kttlo (Anita) cnukn w«r n 317 Elm av 
Dunffcid Arthur D UiUUn) lab Capital Home* . : hdf pir^r 
Bush Amy (wld Frrdl h 7#, 09ft 0»( orally *v » 

-Door* If <m»dl r t267 (to*w 

-©la M (wW Erne*)) ft M». 396 University av ♦ 

—Uarie Mrs * t'J67 Goyaau 

(aid VaUIt: HW Windsor -v 
—Mlcba*l (L-uoa) elk Cftrynlara h 2. E. 667 Argyi* rd 
—Homan IMar^rUol tap Ovtrvit ft 407 Falrvt-w llvdlR’Clde) 

—H* 7 tn=nd R lMary) air trafllc controller On* o! transr h 
J259 AlrjBfdtr bivd 

--Rogrr (Barbara) hr ave 5m Uf* Aawca Co 01 Can ft 4130 
UmglrtUnw av (Bind W Twp) 

— wutred H i Rita) customs d«pt McKlanun lwkiatrt«s ft 31/8 
Bruca ar (Sand W Twp) 

-Wm *wp Ckryml-ra r 1267 Ooy-aa 
—wa ettip Cnryai-ra r 079 GasUattv av 
JSm C ftnr D*p«of iv'a 9 Rscrvstlon r 1108 Windsor »v 
Buatmll Arthur W (Floraoca) ft 1006 &* av 
Buaftsr Horae- J wtr Mmarch Hois* r. 7C3 Uanmoutn rd 
—Jft» C (Oaorg-ttv) slsmn FrbWn Calculating Uaeftlnsa ft 9 
Winter ci (Smd W Twy.) 

Buai Oktvnnrl (Anna) lab Win Utilities Comma Waiar Crtv ft u.\f 
Fraanr av .... ... 

BuMch (©lan) Insulator Consr^ldaled Itxftwtrlai Insula- 
tiooa Ltd ft 1226 Argyl* rd 

Bualneas Girl Fashion* (Alec F Qoidberg) ladlss ready to * rcar 
tU Ou-litRl* av cr af.-r 5199 DougaU *v IBjttJWTjP) 
Hualasky Wrnac-1 (Mlladvl point ahop Chrysler* h 19.3 CadUlar 
t*oc (Acrai «mp Cuadh Bridg* h \SZt Lincoln rd 
Buss Pater F CA’liinlfrvd) n l4S. r < Aubln rd 
Buas-r John (B-msrdtna) «wticnstor Mclnnls Cocrveycn 
h 2636 Chandler rd (S«d ^ TWpl 
Bussey Allan (Ehlrlcy! farvmn CNR h 16S6 Ball av 
—Henry (Martha) ar/r Me Anally Fr-lgM*WtF» Co Ltd ft 796 

Duster. ^ph^A attdi Roger Jones T»*aco r 1197 Moran 
(TocBmaeh) ^ , 

—RJchd mgr Rrarurt) GTjo- 3tor-* Ltd res TVeumsvh 
BuSSu Stftsrtes (wli Namerine) ft 935 kter^LStts w 
—Cowtanc- m-d r*cords Hotel Dleu Hoop r 706 Hall av 
—Joseph (Patricia) parking attdi City Hall ft 796 Hall * v 
—Jcsrpo atu* r 932 |4arw»t*tte av 

(ftacfteTAmy mrs MUano IftwerU 9 R**r 136ft Fraiactd* rd 
—Arthur R utilities dry* Chryalera r 3784 Aloaandra av (Hand 
W Twp) ^ 

—Christopher rwindsor ronvertora) res Otroll 
—David (Wlndaor Conwriors) res Fort Cm dr. 

—Ilann.t (Windsor Convertor*) r«» LMrod 

-Earl W (Audr-y) Insp Fords h 3419 Turner rd (3and E Twp) 

—Engineering Enterprise* Lid Leslie A Batcher para*. Fred 
Butcher v)ce*pw*. Wm Butcher s-c-tma* vapert 
packaging 2nd tr. 260 Chllvar rd 
.-ppci vlce-pr*-* Butch*r Engineering Elder;rise* Ltd rna 

—GUmn (Nora) r. Wt McKay tv 

-/•sale Mra domestic ft 1776 WvUtoAOftav 

--Joan studt nurse Metro Genl llosp r 2240 Wldare rd 

-John A (Emma) h XOtC Elm av 

—John E Clsohel) uumblr CftryaUra h 2646 QftoolftFi 
—Joseph (Vina) lab European Car Repair ft (rear) Loois *v 
-K*y Mr* *mp Detroit b 1003 Ommlsw cres 
—Leall- A pres Butcher Engineering Krt-rprlsea U<* h 907 
Mlaausauga rd (Port Credit) 

--Lillian (wld Frodk) r 1743 Elsmvm av 

—Uaryt K writer CBC re* R R 41 Oldcaati- 

-•Merit H (Thelma) drvr Chryalera h 3791 Rltoerdy rd (sand K 

—KUry^STT: Curry av IBond W Twp) 

—Patrick «udt r lftB9 B*u av (Band W Twp) 

—Rjchd (Belly) emp Chry*l-r* ft 9» Bridge iv 
—31dn*y lEiisih) vlce-pma Triangle Contracting Ob Lid h 6B7 
Devonshire rd 

—Thon A (Donnal br mgr Inti Customs Broser* ti 2259 Virginia 

PV av (Band W Twp) __ 

—Wm (Grace) sec-treas BuicfjerEnglfteertng Eiu-rprtses lid ft 
4«70 Rlwrald* dr s ^ v 

Butcherd Henry <»!**! h tn Westminster blvd (R-fllie) 

—Thus dec r 175 Ford blvd OTSldri 

Bull Julias (Lydia) l*b Auto Ifpwctaltlea ft 2266 Wood!ear iv 
tftiU-r A Casaeron (Emily) cuotoos* offr h 2985 Tvcumsen blvd w 
—Ann* (wld Altrt) h 464 Krwnury 

— Archie (Flareor-) vmj. Town o) Wverslde ft 390 Dimm rd 

—Arthur E (Alice) tub- puafter McCord* h 3660 Cosnaeght rd 
—Carol r 409 Caron av 

—Ctas 0 (Kathryn) (Butler’e Boat Harbour) h 3296 Rj*»«U 
—Constance A ar arc John Wyeth 9 Bru m* R HA3 Amhenttburg 
—David J r 796 Calltorols av 
—Delmu* (Phoebe) amp Detroit b 139 Erie - 
—Douglas J alamo M G Butl-r 9 Co res R H *3 A robe rat burg 
—Flomom Un tisekpr r 626 Morand (3and 3 Twrri) 

-•On-vlev* (aid ©werl h 4. 1796 University av w 
—Gerald ? pa*aeng*f agt Air Canada h 107 C»k »» 

—o-raliUn- receptionist Klmm Walkrr* r 137 Oak av 
-Gertrude A nurse h l. 638 Glengarry av 
—Jack D (AfcrgO McCall urn rransp Ltd h 78ft CftlKoml* av 

—John M (Betty-J-an) arct W»at*n» OntBroadcasting Co h 271» 
Virginia Pk »v (Hand W Twp) 

— Lucille eror Detroit r 137 Oak av 
—M O (9 Co Ud M Geo Butler pra mill aspfillua ltSG 
UriveraUy av w 

—M Geo pvt M G Buti-r it Co Ltd rea R R 43 Amhrrrobur j 
— Mildred (wtd Oeo 90 ft 8128 Bruce av 
—N-ison A (Mar«p) *mc Detroit ft 362 University *v - 
—Horman (XWrgt) h 1911 Iroq-jols 
—Norman 5 lEUsth) suprvsr Customs 9 Esrlse ft 5416 

Danourand t«lri UUnd W Twp) _ 


ayrTslamn 11 J H-lns Co h aiC Mali new Brady Uvd 

—Ranx-J r 423 Causal on dr (B’Sldel 

-TEari mutral «np Cbrysicra h 9?7 OMItoWUiW 

—77)06 (ttorla) auprvsr Fsrda b 423 *me*ic»drm P 1 -V) 

-•no.a on «jr uo Mr * ^ 

—W Kenn-th (Dorothaa) hr mgr ^k»dn l»? » ^mmerx n 
T'iT# Grand Murals rd « (Rem 1%) 

D (uXi OrtSm <X*nmn 9 Esclm D-pt ft 
911 Francois e» 

—W» rvema) 8 1173 Wtoflsor av lt w *- 

—Wm E dk IGcls Trave. Barvlce lid fi 4214 Riverside dr 

BaU«'i H £ 2?i.n» U r ICh- D Butl-r. OO..U-nr n« Hu«U 
Butnarl Constant (Cassandml h 1277 Aabln rd 
..©) (Mary) h 1499 Pierre av 

-Leo (Pamela) ctr grndr MrKlnnn. mdu*tri»e b 407 Mttift*,w- 
Brtdy tied (R’adol 
—ttvr. iff elk Fords r 1277 Aubtn rd 

ButmfLnda s~ lAicPb-rmro Prtncr 9 Geddr* rva L-amln^on 
almElmer G (Margi) (Lever, that. Brlcker 9 Romano) res 
HRS? Aroheratburg 

-Ernest C «mp Detroit t 1441 Bernard rd 
—Gordon E (Yvannol ft 966 MalsanvUl# av 
--GorXm W R*v OfeUD) minister Victoria United Ourm n 
Utah RM. 810 WyandotD (R’Sldel 
-htoiwi (rid Wm) h 1878 DcngaL av 
-l+cman N (UUUnl h 916 Howard w 

-RoW B (Rosemarie) irk delivery Osneau 2teeD r HWT -ollege 

Butter Nut Restaurant Jas ©riches mgr 2306 DwigaU av (5*nd 

Btfterflri-nKhl-en »wld Wm J) h , v .^ 

—G (Kalhl-cn) rmp I>troll h 3631 Chartcrot* *v 1^*" 1 
W 7*0111 

—Wte J llHtrtdat alsron Jas Richardson 9 Asia ft 3642 
Woodland av (Ssnd W Twp) 
faitterl-y Aael- (wld Arthur) h 677 Gladstone av 
fUSSSrtJE:uhf Pri«- Edward Srhl r 077 GUdMm av 
BiittrV Construction Ltd Wm Butt*ry pres w s llurcss Line 
Cland W Twp) 

-Earl F r 1241 Erie t 

—Bale (wtd Fr*J B) b I24t Erl* •» 

--Jo trn a (Patricia) gerl mgr Buttery ConstruflIon Ltd ft 4634 
Talt>a fd 

—Ptdilp G (Vlvlsnl tr* drrr Dept of Parks 9 Rscremllos h 2139 

— Wm (VDni*^r*> Sundry Cowetr.nlcn lid h 3*7r Church 
(Dtnd W Twp) 

Buttssi Victoria tis-kpr r 791 

Butts Murray F kismn Ldagwall Mot-ms r ull Frank a 
Butmr Ann Mrs t-kpr ft 1681 & Lu** rd 
-David W ovstor llv Tryricrs r K* 

-G-^tai (! Ilteimi olfr Candn Customs kT SjaariAm av 

-Gordon V tAanl* E) • ab uwner Vewrar. Cab ft riPmqw * 
--Harry (M«.;-»i mwfti Caadn Pittsburgh Pate h 2k4S ©gluand 
-Mima r 416 Mctwar. av _ 

Bung Estr-ua nurse Hotel DHu Hosp r V <T. DougaU as 
Buc on 'Gordon Ku«W. DJugaL tv ^ H 

Sy-RH# Fteriiuf* Ud l);rny ^r«mihal ptws. Mr* Dorothy 
OfSfSDal sec-tiT-as lOS2-10a:> WywwkJO* • 

BcyweClsu F ft 501«) Rivarsl^ dr (R*S^l ^ 

Bnmx Albt V (U*r;Ori-> -mp DntroU ft 298 Edward tr (icsw-! 

«»»■« ,v 

«talTJ2Sr!J? J- VW4W. • 1«41 Mirth 

'em- ran blvd ISand W Tsrp) 

BtussslU Anysle (Annai gen) rontr 979 Ung.als * v ^ 

Bu»-> America lab Wsword \»W of Windsor r 6 X 2 i.allforsU 

—Amenta *ia»dy Wvstem Clothier* r 64ft Brvc* av 
—Laura aiudl r 682 CalllomU av 
—Loreto (Bsama) ft 84ft Bruce tv 

—MLcbclr (Ansa) emp Candn Soil Co h 622 California av 
—Vti*ntlno (Vincis xl) r 94L Bruce »v 

By-rynakl Adolf (Ella) carrikr 3» fwt«r * Anglican Charett r. I . 

—Edwin (Emm*) forsma Lowry >rillf n 58tT TVrnsr rl (S»M 

—Waltsr Dt f Ford* r Turner rd LSand t Twp) 
tty- Rot* I (Marl» E) lumn h 625 UainsbWugh (Bead *TJP< 
J^V*. M^nt) crop Drirait b 2096 Radlsaun av (DMd W 

Byerley 4*rlsllw M rik Bank of Mow r 341* FklrVlrw «vd 

—Rost fiuii) «mp tetroil h 

.-a_.r< w (FltvlP) aiamn El Rancnn fiarahl<r Sale* ft 34 

Fatrvlvw blvd (R*Rlde) _ ^ 

9y«rs Jonn A lOilvr) im*. Byers Truck 9 TraUvr bgetpm-** 
n 141 Victor dr (R’3lde> 

--Murray F iMarlanm-) «mp l^wra truck 9 Trailer F.gdpo 
Ud 2T94 Princes* av Wand K Twp* 

-Truck 9 Trailer EgoUsnent Ud John A dyer* vm l 6 T,l 

Bygrrorff^wd A (EU«» »i» Cttract-Winters Trsnsph 4 

Virginia av (R'Slde) virtsefi* 

-Howard A( Ellen) slstnn Dim* winters TTonap ft 4 /ir«*w 

By g r m* VJtef ^(Msrgil elec? Cmnstoea n 1663 Raadoiph 11 
( 3 *m! w Twp) 

-Kaye (wld Robt M) siudl r ^ Geu fge ev &J| 

—Wbn V »51IU fc fkm IFdmund F Wesley) gss 9 oil burner 
•4 aervlco TV 7 Vcum*«b blvd e 
Bytes ©its (Wld Altai ft 1)8? Mritsy av 
Hyng Oeo A (Atory-luwl teftr Wveraid'* *** Be* ft W Hr*** 

-Jack B (GaUHchr Win 9 d of Eauc h.k£H Matiirow Hrady c.vt 

-Wm *!»■* terile* Macttanald 9 Oow h 1647 U**» 

nyrt Leri# L (Shirley) mf.i-r readrr Win Utilities -ommn 4^ 
DlV ft 1621 fsmreell »v (tend W Twp) _— ' 




Famed For The Finest PRIME RIB ROAST BEEF 
We also Specialize in 7-Course ITALIAN DINNiRS - Choice of 6 ENTREES 
755 OUELLETTE AVENUE • PR£( parking • PHONE 254-3392 


— MtUon offr Custom* l Esc Ute f Dueharme (3and 3 Twp) 
—Vers <wld Aifr- a» m*tro« Whitt Cleaners u L.ywmrtrs (Hr) 

♦» 032 OiCiisrute (£ind £ Twp) 

Byrr.v Alfrr'i A (Florence) h 342 Pilrvt*** blvd m*3tdrl 

— Bernard (Ruth) mach opr Fora* h 107] George av 

— Brian B I Leona) millwright Fords h i Ul Winder m*r*- ro 
—>C Harold (Jvanl l-ster f ord* t. 2tSfc Highland nv 

— Dinl W (MirJorl«>) t-mp Borden* Ddry ft 3825 Bsrrymor* La 
—Datnlo E fV-intbi) svprvar Cltjr Asnaao £»pt h IBll Eilrose %v 

— Edmund Er£f Meal Uv<i (Sand W Twp) 

—Grace (wld EnnlJ !, S46 Moy *v 

-Harry G (Mary Lou) mgr Dingwall Motor# h 797 Pierre »v 

— Henry J (JeaniuMe) asst meat mgr Lubiaws ft 948 Moy av 
—Dean (wiu Hvnry) r 947 May hv 

—4 Emmett (Miry) chief - Flrv Prevention Dlv Win Fire Dept 
h 2207 York 

— Kathleen (wld Vincent) h 1, 772 Victoria* 1 / 

—Kenneth slamn Bart let Macdonald & Cow a 1 4*9$ Lincoln rd 

—Elisey atudt r 54L Moy av 

—Lots 4 studt r I 421 3* Patricks dr (Sand W Twp) 

-Margt nurse Vernon R lesser » ' J Hickory rd 

— Marylou etc nog Central Mortgage 4 Housing C'nr? r 7V7 

Pierre »v 

—Maureen E sec Stairum-Pope Ltd r 1871 Georgv av 
—Michael F (IfeutHten) acm Chrysler# it >17 v.yar.aatte (R'Slde) 
--Patricia Uc tec an Hotel Dlcu r 2421 a Patricks dr (Jana W 

—Ruasol (Shirley) vmr Chryslcro n 1427 Bruno tv 
—Sidney (Edith) h 4*8 Glengarry av 

—Stanley 2 (LUltanl ota It tup Prudential Ins of America ft ?42! 
Si Patricks or (Sand W Twp) 

—Waiter (Margt) drvr Win Ambulance t i960 Mirentette av 
Byrnes Edmond (Wlmifred) tooimkr Die Ca Mould V Tool Co 
ft 12, 951 Riverside dr w 

— Harold T (Ruth) damn Bright's Wltura Ltd b 20?” Vlray *v 
—Lynn lirftamn W C Oroabl* Architect r ELS. VImy uv 
-Ranald (Alva) siamn Slelns F.ggs h 1602 Richmond 

Byron Blueprinting Service Ud Paul J Byron pres, Michael 
Hrtgewlck sec Fellssier 
••Frances W genl ins 510 Qoyeau ft 406, 3 4$ ilandwlch 
—Liwreacv L (Mary) h 3, 961 Tuscarora 
—Paul J (Inge) pres Byron Blueprinting Service Ltd bvs 
Maiden rd (Sand W Pep) 

Bystryk Joseph (Bystry* Motor Sales) re* R ft #2 Maidstone 

— Motor Sales (Joseph Bystryk) used cars 1877 Tecumaer. blvd 

w (3and W Twp) 

Byalck Caroline Mrs n 1011 Howard *v 
—jvurl J (Tri-Ml Beauty Salon) r 1011 Howard av 
Etdiluch Carolyn emp Detroit r 2267 Chari (Sand W Twp) 
—Stanley (Katherine) la& Kelsey Wfceel ft 2287 Chari (Sand W 

Baulk Hlckolas J (Latino) cook Rivervlew Hoop h 1506 Ford 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 


C A C Realty Limited E Walter Ditimar mgr mortgagee 45S 
Cucilette av 

C B Sales (C E Beasiey) mfrs agt, cutting tooln, precision 
guuges 1830 Langlols av 

C 4 S P Radio radibr'sadcaeilng stn Windsor sis office base¬ 
ment, 1180 CuvUette av 


(Weatcm Ontario Broadraattnn Co Ltd) S C Rltrhle 
President and General Manager w H Gatlield Treasurer. 
Stewart Clark Director of Engineering. W5 Riverside 
Drlv^Wesi pfumr 254-US5 

C E W W Radio Station Rot* Wlllan sis mgr local alo off 308, 

17F University av w 

C L Rental* * Equipment Lid Cedi Lu*oomc» pres St mgr 
const* - quip rentals 341 Tecumash blvd e 
C t D Service (Jos Cinmmfc h Mike Dletwsch) garagw 1290 
Tecum*en blvd e 

CAS Fine Foods Ud Chuck Gnn pres, Wayne Gan irtce^pres 
rest A tavern 33 h 43 PUt • 

Otba Gary J (Joan) tool 4 41* mkr glactramar Ltd h 8, 138 
Ellis av r 

—Jeaee J (Flnle) Customs A Esetso h J05 Hall av 
—Josepf. S (Irene) pros Electromac Limited n 2617 DanOirand 
Mvd (Sand W Twp) 

-loulBr f sec r 261? Dondurnnd blvd (Ennd W Twp) 

** Mide'.m*-' (wid Frink) h 1376 t Anal ole av 
Cabadian Constance (wld Victor) h 1080 Windsor av 
^banu Arthur A janitor Er.sox College h 1286 Curry av 
‘-&ani*y «mp Fords h 1200 Caddilac 
Ckbuniii Joaepii Lab Goodwill tndimtrlefl r 480 Aylmer *V 
*‘Vblct (wld J P) h 480 Aylmer av 
Catanbut Ffcoete nurse Grace Bosp h 414 Crawford av 
C*bi* Wlnford (Mab.*l) b UC, 430 Olios blvd w 
c: *bot Construction (Attlllo Rsncsto. Giovanni 6 Umberto 
Omgglotto) how* btdrs 284S Howard av (Rom Pk) 

^d«o Club John i Comlsso pres, Gina Marcorcnln vice-tree, 
Aido Dunelon sec, Frank Pwdovan treas Z176 Parent av 
Sheet»vtll»nt Emliia r 2327 Howard *v 
-schera Bernardo male nuraw Howl Dieu r 1563 Church 
-*M Girth J C dk Seminole library res 5 S »l Tecumseh 
—Elec B sec Carling Breweries res a Clair Bruch 
r^Mya photo Win Star r 826 Rossini tdvd 


♦•Mtrju. rlt* (wlu Ht ctor) fivKir V.y muon w 
—pitrlk-u L (Eva) U s(2C Rcaainl liivd 
C Mlirotio parry F ILoulso) Orvr Hlg V rtarmjrlea ft WO 

iamrtie tv 

—Herd E (PhUgmonv) tab Fores n 36Dii ^utdwlcs 
—Hera F (BurmukHU ) drvr Nat) Orooer* n 1874 Hickory rd 
—Louis (Fioy) car«*Ur a iaw IRa i“tr4rcn - J(W Tecumtsit 
blvd w 

—Mky (wld WaLocoi h 148 Laucor. rd rR’Slde) 

—toy 4 (Loretta) emp Fords h 668 Chlcpaw'* 

—Wallace J (Rosf-Marif) emp Duplnte *. 1673 Balfour blvd 
(Sand E Tap) 

Cidurlon John (Mary.) Ub Chryalvrs r 76S Chatham • 

--Peter (Julia) iah Chrysiers h 7fi3 Chatham u 

—Peter 3 (Doris) drlU press Chryslorx r. F, 416 Lincoln rd 

—Tbny C (Constance) wtr Drop Inn h 1366 Wyandot to « 

Cade Wm W (Rut>y) nuprvsr Detroit h I'»43 Uoyd George blvd 
(Sind E Twp) 

CaAau 3aro stk poy Jotawtel Mntul Prod r 664 Moy av 
-Sami (Laura) (Windsor Driving Sch»U !i K4 Moy av 
C idcra Karl (Martha) masseur 1416 Pierre av h same 
Cidettf MHdrtii .Adkpr U 7?1 Chllvar rd 

Cadieu* Barbara L tchr Holy Family 3chl r 2432 Buckingham dr 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Dariene surv rep bmi Tel o 231b Byng rd 
—Doona R emp Drtrolt r 1727 I lilettc rd 
—Loonce E (Rortmce) customs offr h 1727 HI let! e rd 
—Paul 2 emp McKinnon Industries r 1TO7 Hllotto rd 
—Rhoai C (Doris) machine set-up John Wyeth k Bro ft 3280 
FarKwodU av (Sand E Fwp) 

--Roger (Dorothy) tr« drvr Zakoor prod h 480 Vera pi 

—Roland (Theresa) janitor HI-Ho Curb 3crvut r 1662 Buckingham 
rd (Sand E rwp) 

Cadlilar }jht> i Mrs Amu.' Wojtowloz 2498 Dougali av (3and 
W Twp) 

Cadn:on Doru.d H (Delores) tool 4 die tnkr Border Tool 6 Dl* 
h 5787 Bircn 

Cady Curtis M emp Flram Wilkem r 1636 Ottawa 
—Dtano r 488 Church 
—Lianna h 212. S60 PUt w 

--Mervylo J (Bernadette) stk control elk Loepo Mach Prod 
h 1636 Ottawa 

Cadrovska avln» Mrs cinr Can Trust Bldg r 381 Elm av 
Caesler Eugene (Christina) tool & dir mkr Central Tool & Die 
b 1451 Riront av 

Caffery Jus cook KUlsrney Tawrr, p 4S7 Chatham w 
Caffray Jas RCAF r 3291 Mark av (Sand W Twp) 

—Jas (Georgina) foremn Candn Salt Co h 3291 Mark a» (Sand W 

Cahill FrincU M (Haienl amp Cham pi or Spark Ping n 9^30 
Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Geo M (Mab«l) h 1416 Lobadle rd 
—Ina M h 365 Cartier pi 

—Jane (wid Eugena) h 2636 Rlveralde dr (R'fflde) 

—Laurie F (Audrey) h 534 Partington av 
—Marylytt studt r 1219 Oak av 
—Mavis A emp Disunite r 1310 Oak av 
—Rsdmona J (Cmd) foremn Carling Brvweries h 1310 Oak av 
—Rlchd r 1319 Oak av 
—Vlvioa E r 5W Cull dr pi 

—Walter R (Ramice) arc! Hiram Walker 4 Sons ft 113 Patrice 
dr (R’Sldo) 

Call Fred H (Grace) janitor Masonic Tompie h 7. 1246 Dufferln 

Cslll* Armand (Irene) spray potr fktrUy Dulrten n 1264 McKay 

—Artnur J I Germaine) set-up man McKinnon tad h 1637 
EUrose av 

— EftmadiMU’ (wld Edgar) h 983 Oak *v 
—MiwloUe J visa oust United fiutea Consulaie r 80S <*.ak av 
—Roland drvr 3 K Automotive 3upply Co Ltd r 989 Oak av 
—Wilfred J (Dorothy) plant wkr Bc-rdenn Dairy h i860 

JitfiKtte uv 

Cain Euine studt r 61 GUn hlvd e 
—Jean Mrs emp Detroit r 932 Rankin av 

— John r; 2, 1196 Campbell av 
—Myrtle cinr Capitol Theatre r 180 Bruc«- av 
Cainwi Geoffrey F (Barbara) mgr - credit section John Wyeth 4 

3ro ft 727 Sunset av 

—Waiter H (Veronica) h L S7d Fsirids rd 
Calra Antonio (Angela) lab Candn Rock Salt Co ft 1798 Randolph 
tv (Sand W Twp) 

—Beoglo (Flan) rumen* fnshr PollUco Eros ft 1467 Goyeau 
—Frances emp Kresgea r )56S Goyenu 
—Hector (Victoria) Installation n.rch HoowyweU Controls Ltd 
"486 Tourongeou rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Ltlgl (Marin) lab A Lombardo 4 Son Ltd h 16£»n Ooywtt 

— Maria pick., cook Big Boy Drlve-ln Ltd r 1565 Goyeau 
Cslrd Alex (Hottle) commissltmoln' Rlvcrvlew Hoap r 1240 

Dougnll av 

—Alex (Sophie) elsron Nfillsona h 891 Bruce av 
—Jo* (Catherine) h 16170 CttaWn 

Calmgortr. Apts f£4 Pin w 

Calm* Dennis (Monica) wrehsemn A H Bolton Cb h 244^ >4cKsy 
av (Sand W 7Wp> 

—Doreen M swtctibd opr Union Gas r 441 McKay av 
—John (Catbrrins) elk Forts ft 961 Farms nv 
—Noel M (Stella) dlv mgr Woolco h 429 Etdras pi (R’fBdep 
Cnlase Msrgt F (wid Lean) h !77) U'lndermer^ rd 
—Populalre St-Jeon-Baptiste Ltd Roger Btbnu mgr credit 
union 1856 Drauitlart rd 


csisslr Joseph L (n*tw> I c PO ft 1761 Lsbadle rd 
—Josephln. tmrw> Hotel Weu Hosp h 3563 .‘fcmlftoli* 

—Leo emp Wati Fumigating Cc r»s LaSalle 
—Sylvia Mrs elk Discount Bakery South Windsor Ltd r 1936 
Central uv 

Coiarak Peter lab Fords r 18X6 fflexory rrt 
Cujt<- Bernard L (Haxel) mgr Turnbull Elevator of Can lid It 
4376 Howard av (Hand W Twp) 

—Ethel L (wld Chun) r 166L DufErln pi 
—Glen A (Ccnstince) fipileer BeU W p 864 9t Paul av (R'SIdr) 
Cax*'i»r<iad David C studt r 1510 VTetorla av 
—Gao F (Yvonns) pn» Central Cftrynier Plymouth Ltd h 1516 
Victoria av 

—9bsan tchr Herman Collegiate r 1516 Victoria av 
Cakovlc Tony h 696 CaUrugul 

Col’s Lunch (Wre Goswtck) rest 320 Eugenie (Sand W Twp) 
Cuiadra OuJneppw (Francene) lab Kohcn Box Co h fi7£ Elnmarv 

—Vito tool 6 die mkr Trliwn Tool St He Ud r 872 Elstnere iv 
Caiomlta F. monocle Ur Conti Cutltom 'I'aUors r 770 Erlr r, 
—Felice (Caterlns) painter Chrynlern h B36 Mercer 
Calsndru Carlo (Rosalia) l»t» Konnn Sox ft 929 Mtrenteuc av 
Calsrco Antonio (Concetta) lab McLeod Plumbing 4 Heating n 
1028 Windsor av 

Calbock Arthur G slsmn B^ngar4 4 Co r 660 Josephine sv 
Calcagno Lm» Mrs (Caterlna 4 Lens hair Styling Studio) r 606 
Hanley erts (Sand S Twp) 

CsLcot Hotel (Edwd Marsh 4 Tadeus Ponlatownkl) 2615 Howard 
av (sand W Twp) 

CsJcntt Cathy studt r 212 Eastlawn blvd (R^de) 

—David studt r 212 EastUwn fclvd CB’fflde) 

—J Robt (Janet) pros Morton Tobacco Ltd h 212 EasUawc blvd 

Caidarelll Glullu (Carmela) lab Fuller Constn h 1128 Louis av 
Colder Carolyn 1st techn Hotel DUu r 328fl Woodland av (Sand 
W Twp) 

—Geo I: 2303 Parent av 
—Geo (lien*) off elk CNR h 236 Lincoln rd 
—Jan A (Mary) agt Sovereign Ufv Asace Co of Can b 2164 
Curry av (Sand W Twp) 

—Rob! teller Tor-Dom Bank r 3296 Woodland av (Sand W Twp) 
--Wm (Irene) foremn Ont Hydro h 3290 Woodland av (Sand W 

—Wm S (Helen) layout leader Elcombe Engineering h 1644 
Greenvlaw cres 

Calderwood Bernadette B (wld John) h 470 Randolph av 
Caldwell Alfred D (Helen) 1st Pittsburg Industries h 1238 Goyeau 
—Benj A (Mirjarle) punch pres* opr Natl Radiator b 2002 
Turner rd 

—CuthLert C (Belle) carp h 2*5. 286 Pitt w 
— Frank (Phyllis) h 962 Curry av 
— Frank E (Patricia) elk Chrysler* h 2677 Turner rd 
—Gory mech Bsnnon Sheet Metal res Sudbury 
—Geo lMarguerite) lab Ford* h 1217 Louis av 
—Geo (Eva) lab DupUte Glass h 2207 Meidruro rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Geo tool room Auto Specialties r 963 Curry av 
—Gordon mudt r 10, 74 ElUs av w 
—Janet (wld Jos) r 692 Janette av 
—Tho* (Polricla) poilcsmn Prow Police & 314 HsL av 
—Wlnnlired Mrs emp Detroit b 1C. 74 Ellis av w 
Calhoun Dorothy siswomin Singer Co of Can r 1107 Hall av 
Calhoun’s Smile Hat Shops Ltd, The Kenneth 3 Downs mgr 
323 Ouellette av 

Cuilbsba Arthur (Alice) Ub Fabricated Steel h 035 Cotorsqul 
—Lee (Sophia) trie drvr Fordo ft 2626 Lloyd George blvd (Sand 
E Twp) 

Callch Aiex (Olga) foremn Candn Rock Salt Co ft 3006 
Dominion tlvd (Sand W Twp) 

Callfcino Anleiic (Brigida) UL Emidr^ Hanna Coil n 347B Cross 
•TiUiglure Ralph (Josephine) (Getuuco Col h 1218 Kby av 
Callagan John E (Ann) assoc prof Unlv of Win h 366, 415 
Sunset sv 

Callaghan Agnes (wld Tbas) U SC17 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 
—Harry r S2&-S27 Goyeau 
—J F Rev asst prof Unlv of Win 

—Jas (Doreen) assmbir Chrysler* n 21ie Verrhereo av 
--J.ts (Julia) lnap ChryoWra ft 2600 Alexia rd (Sand E Twp) 
--Marjorie (wld Edwd) typist Border Brokers Ltd h 2229 
Flow ini av 

—Tho* J apprentice dental tochn Strong Dental Laboratory r 
3017 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Thyrsa (wid Gordon) b 677 Josepnioe av 
—Tbyrss priv oec Goodwin Glass Industrie* Ltd r 577 
Josephine av 

Call an fra, gins (Elian) amp Detroit n 1552 Lincoln rd 
--Glen (Jessie) »*mp Detroit n 2290 Malsoncetiva av (Sand W 

Cal lard J Edwd (Lucy) foremn Win UUHtlaa Comma Water Dlv 
h 2162 Windermere rd 
—Jas *mp For da r 2103 Winds rmere rd 
—John stud*, r 1218 Argyie rd 
—FWrcyS (Ethel) h 1218 Argyie rd 
Call as Domrtru Mrs ft 480 Cbalham w 

—Stephen (Frances) sis Detroit Free Press ft 3420 Mr Kay av 
(Sand w Twp) 

Callaway Cho a (Frances) turn fnshr Detroit ft 406 r d w 

(Sand W Twp) 

Callegarl Jerry (Karens) urderly IODE Hosp h 2, i)2fi Howard »v 
CaUeghcr Dante (OdUla) tnrch Candn Rock Hail Co ft 032 
Mo rand (Band 3 Twp) 

| Cullen Pttter flftmn Sandwich West Fir*- Hall rea L*3aiit» 

AlphkbtticaL Pt V 4$ 






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-Ralph (Patricia) tadgrt analyst avrjnl*n h 23ft Wataem « 

—Rsgtf *m (Wbrtafl) widr Chrysler* ftwsraon «•« liras*) 
calory B Lorraine itc Oroil 6 CrcU r MM H»r«nt tv 
-Loretta A f«t« Tfcos) ft 1. IBO Bnjo* »* 

-Loretta M (wtd I-w-rnardl h 47C iuft »v 
--Normin F iVbrUl Jiramn Wl* Fir* h U4c* LouU »v 
--Th* J (Jocelyn) *wr Detroit ft 3CTC Jtonkin *v L 3 and W Twpl 
-Wm J (Roe*) h l*A Pirmu »» 

Colllhan Uw 3 UflM! coiunn wkr ft 464 t aron «v 

Callln* Eugm* etudi r 1944 GUmsnle •« (ftuxl E Twp> _ 

.-ij.'® (Settoa) -n»r* sh8r Chryalera h i#94 Glendni* av • i&M 

rorpmrellmi Ud Bdwtn L Hunter m<jr plastic tooling 
1057 Walker rd 

Callow W Graham (LUrgtt funeral <ftr P K Morris Funeral 
3»rvtc* H 5»1 Rockwall w <MdW,W . 

Uoyd aim mtr !!*rdy 35» Co r 090 Victoria a* 

Colsavara lota (Eauu) toolmkr Ctrt&n Lina Tool ft 148 

-Joaep^KOmma) fervmn Cftryt-»r* n 3870 Hoscaud dr ■ 

—ijtn (Dwmi) assmMr (Tiryaler* ft 3K? Hds*1«wr dr (Band W 

—Louis P (Danila) pres Center Tool & Mold ft JMM CMC rd 

—Ottorino L (Rose) ft 901 Uaramett* «» , _ 

Cajvar praam lolwUer Hiram Walker h »*# r 3000 Woodlewn 
av (Sand E T“*l) 

—Un (Lurt»*) widr Chrysler* ft 3M0 Woo*sum *v ISuvl T. 


—Tv** rtutft r JO» Woodliwm W (3*nd E TVpl 

divaniaa Baldassarv Ub l^rsmld Mobil* Homs* (19691 r 1WL 

Calvary Unltrd march Rev 3 Carrara Harwood minir»*r !3W 

Calver Arm M Mrs hrdrssr Fmr# Coiffure ft 1246 Hickory rd 
Culvun Chas (Moreen) Uoo opr *ta 3t»r h 4026 Edm dr (Sami 

—Gary etwt r 993 Bridge *v 
—LeooerJ w r 6S9 Watson av (R'jn m> 

—Walter (UaSelrto*) employment c«ffr Mali Employfwet 9ur»ia 
ft 36 If McGreTor (Sami W Twp) 

—Waller (Eleuaorl wtr Arilmpam I*o<sl ft 9. 970 Parent to 
CalvurfO Franc (7>bontromol «8p West End Auto Wa*» ft lf®7 
W»ms9l<m or 

—Joseph etsp Conklin Uunlwr Co r 1GG7 WMllnspon w 
—Sal/ltore (Rani r ICC? WftUlwjton iv 
Colnavan ftortoio (Maryi h f M Laa^lota or 
Caisstto Anthony P stadt r UV- ATlwn rd 
—Antola* fEUl*» **t ap man 5 K D Mf j ft UDu Albert rd 
iranle Un ft 1614 Brace av 

-Jooeph (Jean) vlce-pre* L McOGl AUan Ltd ft 6S3 4A»rond 
(Sani S Twpl 

Com trie Martp ft t. IBO Bruce av 

OmbaU Joorpc F (Mart a I ranch ford* ft 1664 Cbam£*r ra 
—Joawph P (Maryl aud Reull Boies To* Branch IQnt) ft 2279 
Aleds rd (Band K Twpl 

''vnbor Frank (Mary) noldcrar N«u RadUiar *i iail Franeota rd 
Cambourio fOcttos (Mary) ianltor ft 1^24 Ddugall av 
Comtrta Sports Produrt* Ud Howard J Klyjs pm spannwear 
rrants, designs etc 3rd Or, III Wvwmlde dr w 
•Cambridge Deles (arid Robti nj* 7 T bftiton Manor \{U ft BJl. 

71Q (Wen blvd e 

-Jon V retail sis rep Imp CU ft 7ft ji Monte rd t» Clair Beach) 
—I eosnhnlds Llratted Morris Toboehnick pres property 
tnwnttsetttn 4T4, SOI OwUett* *V 
Camel Ales <mp Oetd Motors r 1321 av 
Cameo Bar-lk-C (Geo Peters % Chris YmbroukU) rwa\ ? 21® 

-Beauty Solon (Mrs Mapdelflna Krl^ri 1008 Wynndmte - 
Csmeraisnd (W E Burjlft) photmjrarhld supplies 1444 
Tecumseh blvd e 

Camsrtm A Edwd rmv Cftryslsrs r 4» Cameron »v 
—Ales (Sharant alsmn Rudrm's • Drtntt n 410, 896 University 

-Ann cook torssblrv Fish k Chips ft 6, 3147 Teotmsek blvd » 
(SaadE Twp) 

-Barry (Joy=*> tohr Win Oniv t N1 Barnet av 
—Bruce (Money) s-prvsr Fords ft 0446 Charktvols *v (^md W 

—Odbisrt (Catherine) mech Doanrtcwti Motor Baits (Windsor) 
Ud t 1W(5 Gladstone sv 
—Donl J mUlorrifr* Fords r 960 Banfcth sv 
—David Rev (Ulllan) rector Cfov* fnptlst Church ft »’7 

--Dkvrsoo 3 (DorothyI div sis mgr Loorlntj Constn ft 206 Loti 
dr (RTDdsl 

—Donald M (Betty) IBM opr Dorn Faryt b &S3 Belln*Tf-h» pi 


-Duncan (Disresal «np Pordn ft 9» fcmkln sv 

—Duncan (KatiwrttJ") fumoce man Dnplute Gloss h IflW Moy av 

—Elittft r 2719 Aiesaniirs av (Band W Tsp) 

—Ell si ft teftr H E Oupry High 3ml of Comm h 29, 16 EUls sv • 
—Elsie (aid EsilB) ft 1209 mwrsttfi dr ©’Side) 

—Eva Mrs r "f« Vletorls av 
—Gso A (Isssel) sloran Borden Co h 13TC Argyle rd 
—Bsmld T Wsrfls) sprsy janr mrysMrs ft I3t? Itarrtson ct 
— Harold l (Josepvdne) guard IODF Hasp h 912 McEman tv 
—Helen ftsekpr Metro Gsnl f*cnp r H90 Bytxj rd 

—Henry D (Eva) ft 1167 PeUssier __ 

—Ian (Jddith) oritlyr Alawr Cantractors Ltd ft IJJft Byng rd 
— 1 ^,-a A in: »-avl cond CUR h ^61 Reginald 

-Jean hrid Donald) ft £566 Tun»«r rd 
—John !• (Edith) ft 1171 Dougsll «V 

-SsJim C ifirl-yi pmf «5^er Fora, ft 3W3 KUdar. rd 
-Katherine elk Allen's Uhrket r 1660 Moy av 
—Malcolm r 349 Chat ram • 

—Murray Ona) ft 1, 993 PsUssior 
—idirray H studt r 1, 993 Peilcslvr 

—pairlrts D Mrs elk Victoria Mswortai Assn Ud rvs Escnli* 
■R also (Dorothea) (Camvran*# Book Utorvl h 866 Chilver rd 
—Raymond (Dorrsnt product mgr Cwn rU 

—Ro« J (Ms ten maty engineer Fanis ft 22.* 

—Hoy J regional caamlcer (Cmt Dept of Insurancel Credit 
Union Esamtoatlon Board 
—Shirley A ft 1293 Victoria av 
— visit (wld John) ft 946 Curry sv 

rvr-nm‘. Bam Slow <H atm Oimrcni ^ * 

.'-•unilierl Phillip tssmhir Chrysiert k >21 victoria tv 

sho- Repair (Com111o Dt Giorgio) *660 Howard *s 

IRtbi Fk) __ 

Csmilmto Hsldt I Ells) pres ft genl mgr CoUsum Bros Ud & 

• 178 WoodUvn av 

—trnu* receptkmlsl Colsattt Bros r «7» Woodlswn at 
—Louis G (Ptertiui b 16T7 Herrs sv 

ry.n« Joseph (Nora) «rp ChryaJenr ft 121F Lourendsou av 
—Victor (Bartnra Ann) titmn Ifcn ;r. Tobacco h 809 rd 

Casuntdga Godfrey (Dorothy) rigger Candn Machinery Movers 
Lid h 1074 Francois rd (Bond E Tsrp) 

_Gorg'C L (Murgii sec Chocksr Industrial Runner % Tire b 

19X3 George sv 

-Rod (Winifred) ft University «* 

—Than G (Heather) drOumn GUIs Is Associates r 177 Csmercm 

Camp Horry of Canada Ud Mrs MUllcrnt Kamsr mgrss milUnery 
132 Ouellette sv 

Camps Elio (lAchallna) tap Vince 6 Ttmy*s Qulk Our ’Josh r 
1191 Erls e 

Cun peons Aritsir likms) ferttlyr Bor Toppna h 907 Berner* sv 
-Conwlin (Nertas) vmp Chryslers k 1664 Windermere rd 
—John (Ellnura) .ar Oiryslers h 2260 Uuls sv 
--Mary cost) Bpence's Markets (Win) Ud r £266 Louis av 
—Kino (Enrlcal ft 2366 Forest av 

Campmmolo VUo (Neill*) ft 7X7 Assum pti w 
Campans ElvUw (ULtra) carp Ascon Canssn Ud h 1703 

—Renee wldr Fabrtnded 3Uel Products Ud r 1763 Hiletterd 
Dampanoro Antonia (Maria] (Mllanc Plcntria rad Restaurant) 

L die mkr C B Mrlnels Co Udt M T 

Windermere rd 

Campbell A pea H h SC, 1210 Dpugoll av 
—Altt (Gertrude) h MS at LouU sv (R'Sld*) 

—Alberta (arid Wledsrsrd) h 106V Honard sv 
-Ales r 3746 Va^gfcsr 

—Ales (Lbry) wldr Chryslnrs h 346 Harm av 

-Ales (Pearl) yard cond CNR ft X4« EUr^mav 

—Ales A (Yvonne) lervran Chryslers ft 1046 Byng rd 

—Aline (wld Clsrunca) h U01 Elm sv 

—Allan (Eleanor) ft eS4 Rosedale av 

—Andrea sinldy Sartlrr Macdonald k Gow 

—Andrew (Annie) enginrvr Norton Palmer floral h 1164 Doagoii 

—Andr*-w C (Loisl Installer Bell Tel ft 1649 Church 
-Andrew F ft 901 Gcyesu 

— Andrew M r 1104 Dougnll av _ 

—Angus (Jean) msrfc Hiram Walkers h SSBC* Curry av (Sura 

—Ann r 3746 Vaughan 

-Anna J ticket seller CHR ft 3, 706 Victoria av 
-Aratls Mrs n DM Ooyseu 

--Archie E (Joan) Ins adjustor Reliance ms Co Detroit n 34r. 
Woodland av (Sand W Tsrp) 

—Arctds J tool k <fl«mhr Bryant Pattern A kffg r 664 awpnerd e 
—Aubrey guard Eaees County Jail r*s Amlwrstfturg 
•■Rtttlri Oturcft Rev Jotm U Wst: pastor 1011 Wyandotte w 
—Baptist Cburcr. Oirlstlsn Education Sdg Rev John I! Wst. 

In charge «29 Josephine sv 
—Beatrice M b 066 Chalk a in * 

— Bruce (Joyce) tchr Riverside High Beni n 406C Edm dr (Grad 

w ivr.) 

_‘I .U. h JiMlU av 

C'S; (aster ft Joseph*. (RD Church h 45M Semin** 

-ensa Hb 1160 McKay *v _ 

—Chss J (kftria) mark Fords h 649 Lrag^cU av 
— rnss ti (Cecilel lsh Rlvcrnlde Fisheries Ud b 7S6 Brant 
-Claim >rvi^ Limited a Ilford A Campbell pres A geni mgr. 
Mrs QsU Gilchrist vtcw-pres. Mrs 3hlrl»y Campbul 
Bvc-tfetu ins odjiaders 4, 4?5 Psllasiftf 
—CUlre r 1678 Bruce sv 

—Clarence (Dorothy) raach l»«utl* Eclipse a 6, 366 Partington 

—Claude E D (UorjU barber Larry's Barber 3fet)p ft 3S26 King 
—Clifford A CJhlriryt pres U mgr CtmrkwlJ Claim ftrvic* 
Limited h 6C-1 RhoUlnr dr (R'Sbie) 

--Colin lima Sandwlcft Went Fire Kali r«* River Canard 
—CalJn R (IViarxlev) 1 c PO h 3083 3lrrt 
—Cynthia etenog 7- fcarlln C araptwil r llUa KUdsre ra 
—lerafnrd W GCaUJaws) (Mudem I^coratnrs) b 8362 Chandlvr re 

tljACd E Twp) 

_M (Betty) v*»rmaclst Malrttr Hatrmary I. W Carling 

cron (R'Sini 

—Devtd mac* yjrut*ra ’far*- 7 "~ ! .v r k-.i M * ■ 

-luvtv M (Gloria) lot Chryslers ft 3283 Rlberdy rd (Sand E Teg. 
-Donald (Mary) cooler Walker Metals h 2344 Randolph av 

—DonaMwipAdiims Furniture *ont ft 3rd fir. 6, 466 Cbcua 

-DooalTiAcne) lino type «pr Win OUr ftlU4 HaU sv 
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